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Coffee With MarkZ (Should Be Kool-Aid With MarkZ! LOL) 7/26/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Coffee With MarkZ (Should Be Kool-Aid With MarkZ! LOL) 7/26/21

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Coffee With MarkZ (Should Be Kool-Aid With MarkZ! LOL) 7/26/21 Empty Coffee With MarkZ (Should Be Kool-Aid With MarkZ! LOL) 7/26/21

Post by RamblerNash Mon Jul 26, 2021 9:40 pm

Member:  Over the weekend I cut Nothing burgers out of my diet...

Member:   what's the word Mark??????  Have all the bonds been paid?

MZ: My bond folks have not completed in Zurich yet. Hoping to get an update this afternoon. They are still being told to stay very close and that they will get a very short “heads up” when they need to go to the bank to redeem those bonds.

MZ: Very quiet in Reno and Zurich and Hong Kong….….A number of people who had been hesitant to come to the table on the group side are now in position. They are very much preparing for the inevitability of this.

MZ: One of the key things to watch right now is the Iraqi Prime Minister Kazemi is in DC right now. Working on what?   We are they are working on the implementation of business deals between the US and Iraq. Also some security issues and removal of some US troops. . So watch today because Kazemi is in DC with members of his government cutting deals. Hopefully also talking about the release of the RV and the exchange of their currency.

Member:  Mark, Getting tired of "Nothing Burgers" switching to "Nothing Ka-Bobs!"

Member:  I was talking with a banker from CHASE in FL & he knew about the change to gold backed currency & upcoming RV

Member:  I did get a call from Wells Fargo several weeks ago…introducing himself as new bank manager… asked if we needed any assistance or if we needed a Wealth Manager

Member: What are church groups

MZ: Some of the biggest currency aggregators are in church groups…..a lot of churches invested in this many years ago …This spread at an early level 15-20 years ago….A number of larger churches and denominations put their currencies together and invested in this. …..They tied in with other tier 3 representatives…. joined with other groups like the Indian Nations directly with Chinese banking families to pool thses funds and do great things with it…...They brought in attorneys and are tied in with the sovereigns. Many of these are in Tier 3 and will go before 4a and 4 b (us)…not much before us…maybe hours before is what I have been told. Watching these groups closely lets us know how close we are.   .

Member:  Are the new US dollars ready yet?

MZ: The new USN’s are not in circulation yet.

Member:  Appears lots of BS is being spread around lately.

Member: supposedly they changed the format of the RV to some kind of card delivery system…..

Member:  Yeah… this card business delivered by FedEx makes no sense whatsoever!

MZ: Seems like every time you turn around they change things…..But, I keep getting reassured the protocol is still the same. An amazing amount of detail goes into these stories that are out there.. That is always concerning. I don’t read rumortel out there…..if you have a question about things they wrote…you should ask them.

Member:  everyone says it gets crazy in the end...when hasn't it been crazy???

Member:  Just think about the roll out of this RV. It is something that has never happened before in history. It is happening but it is taking awhile to the vastness of what is happening. Keep the faith.

Member:  Aug 15th is to the day 50th year anniversary... The day that Nixon switched us OFF...goldback dollar, this Aug 15th, inaguration/rv? I think it will happen sooner, 20 days and counting

Member:  Whosever responsible could probably make this real easy … by just finishing

Member: Did Nesara start?

MZ: No…..but they are positioned for it. You will know when it starts….there will be mass disclosure…. Announcements that the military is in control…..big people stepping down…..new tax laws…..everything will change.

Member:  People are reporting school loans, home mortgages and IRS debt being wiped clean

MZ:  Do I think Gesara is leaking out in parts of the world…..yes. We have seen testing on what Nesara is going to look like with Debt forgiveness in other countries.

Member: Someone needs to rip off the bandiads……I am so sick of hearing the people need to be woken up……wake them up by showing everyone the truth…..let them deal with it .

MZ:. There is blatant disinformation being sown on purpose here at the end to get you guys to give up, get rid of your currency or just to cloud the timing.   Just don’t participate in the drama.

Member: Will we get debit cards when we exchange?

MZ: I am told we will get a new “Airgap card” that will be used with our QFS accounts. It will be very secure. A more sophisticated debit card. Works on biometrics so nobody else can spend on your card.

Member: did the banks have their big meetings today already

MZ: Most banks don’t have big meetings until the afternoon so that the people on the west coast can join.   Mondays we usually don’t get much info until 1 or 2 in the afternoon.

Member:  Chancellor of EXCheque here in the UK says he is changing the banking system to take crypto coins.

MZ:  We know it’s happening…Also we see Central Banks around the world moving away from the US dollar. A lot of them moving towards the Yuan…We are watching it all play out


MZ: Keep in mind the biggest currency winners will be in the first basket.

Member: Will we pay taxes on our Zim?

MZ: I am being told we will not pay any taxes on this. But I am prepared if this information is wrong. The reality is we don’t know 100% for certain. The reality is if we get a new tax system…..this will change…

MZ: The US Treasury owns a lot of foreign currency in their own reserves…a lot of VND and IQD and others…....i do not think they will need to tax us on these exchanges.

MZ: Just FYI I will not read emails on the weekend…I physically cannot read them all…...Please stop sending them to me…..All I do is delete them……Hopefully this will go this week and we don’t have to wait through another weekend.

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