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Fleming: "The RV GCR has been taken out of the hands of the “paymasters”" (Was It Ever In Them? LOL) 7/24/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Fleming: "The RV GCR has been taken out of the hands of the “paymasters”" (Was It Ever In Them? LOL) 7/24/21

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Fleming: "The RV GCR has been taken out of the hands of the “paymasters”" (Was It Ever In Them? LOL) 7/24/21 Empty Fleming: "The RV GCR has been taken out of the hands of the “paymasters”" (Was It Ever In Them? LOL) 7/24/21

Post by RamblerNash Sat Jul 24, 2021 8:53 pm

As of the past week, the banks stopped giving out information about the RV GCR, SKR accounts, and rollout/exchange. They have been as tight-lipped as a priest in confession. With good reason. There are many details which are still being written in cement. Suffice to say, all parties to the original Agreement are patiently waiting for this to start and confident that it will. When is not given, only that, “T4B start is dead ahead at any moment.” We can hope it’s today.

Reason for all of the grumbling among various published individuals, is that they don’t like the new protocols, or they are simply not informed.

The RV GCR has been taken out of the hands of the “paymasters”. It’s been simplified and brokers involvement has ended. The ability for aggregators to steal other’s currencies, has been eliminated right along with the opportunity for hidden fees/charges/splits. There will be some corrections taking place and it will all be handled easily.

For example, 1), there are a lot of people involved in this Exchange/Redemption process, that are holding assets of account for currencies turned over to another party, that will be very pleasantly surprised. The amounts they receive will represent the live rate at the time that notifications for Tier 4 begins. While a lot of these people had previously agreed to accept pennies on their prior negotiated contract. Some of these Agreements were written over a decade ago, it doesn’t matter. The adjustment to equal parity across the board, facilitated by QFS, is something everyone will have to get used to. Some benefit, a few (middle-men) don’t, but most involved will.

For example, 2) the FINES AND PENALTIES – adjudicated accounts, including CMKX, CMKM, Farm Claims, Omega, etc., have all been moved into this Quantum Banking System to be managed via the rollout, along with all of Tier 4. There are no further private deliveries taking place. Once the 8 million receive their cards, they will go online, authenticate that they are the proper owner of this card, and viola! Their assets under these Prosperity Programs, and penny stocks (CMKX), will all be displayed. If not, they can call the 800#, or visit the Safe Link that Fleming and other information providers will provide. They will make an appointment with the private banking division, to manage their issues in person.

The DoD is in charge and have a lot of explaining to do to everyone but, it’s not time for this disclosure yet. The 40+ questions we asked a couple of days ago have not been fully explained. Once these questions are answered everyone will relax and be very happy. Answers have been committed. We can know that the Quantum Banking System in control here, taking action as needed in milliseconds, makes everything simple, irreversible, unstoppable, and fair. “Fair” is another term for parity. No one has advantage because of entitlement/good-ole-boy connections. Everyone benefits equally with generous rates.

There will be a 15% tax implemented all over the world, for “investments”. FinCen reports will be issued for anyone talking about “investing in currency,” so be aware of this. “Currency exchange” is not an investment. But, we can know that bonds are always purchased for investment. Always were, always will be. Post exchange many of us will be buying bonds as an “investment” and it makes sense. So, be prepared to pay 15%. Anyone discussing Zim-funded projects will be discussing an “investment” vs a currency exchange.

Bottom line is that it’s all being fairly managed, for optimum results. This is the watershed event to lift our world to a healthy state. We’ll have a few large waves to ride out but in the end, it’s going to be plentiful and for everyone, in every nation state.

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