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MarkZ: "I believe that may be tier 5" (Tier 6 Anyone? LOL) 7/24/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "I believe that may be tier 5" (Tier 6 Anyone? LOL) 7/24/21

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MarkZ: "I believe that may be tier 5" (Tier 6 Anyone? LOL) 7/24/21 Empty MarkZ: "I believe that may be tier 5" (Tier 6 Anyone? LOL) 7/24/21

Post by RamblerNash Sat Jul 24, 2021 8:47 pm

MZ: Today we are getting word from banking sources and a couple of paymasters . They are all agreeing and believe this to be accurate on timing. They are hearing that they are going to try to finish all bonds over the weekend .

MZ: they have meetings in the afternoon …one is at !:00, one is at 1:30 and one is at 2:00 pacific time. These are group leaders starting to process.

MZ: I have heard some chatter on the delivery side. That CMKX finally are to be positioned. They do not know if it’s going, but to be prepared to go Sunday evening.   We do not know if this means it a go guys….Don’t read too much into it…... we have been here before.

MZ: But the static today has been really good.

Member: There is a rumor that banks will start on august 2nd.

MZ: I believe that may be tier 5…I have great hopes we will have gone before then. None of us know the timing….but we hope and we pray and are crossing our fingers…..I am as tired of this as you all are. 

Member:  We're all beyond ready MarkZ.

Member:  . Holly says that pre-lims will be done by Monday

MZ: Basically that is it in a nutshell and what I am hearing..

Member:  Still thinking by July 30 then?

MZ: I am hoping so…the chatter is great on the paymaster side, the international side and the Iraqi side. In Iraq I spoke with a contractor there and  they are expecting new pay on Tuesday.

MZ: So there is a lot of things pointing to early next week with activity happening this weekend on the bond side and possibly PP’s and settlements.  Cross your fingers and lets hope. .

Member:  Holy smoke what a day. my head hurts, God help us all ...

Member:  Hey Mark Z Are you popping in Saturday for a quick stream?

MZ: Yes, I will do one at 5 pm est tomorrow….I am expecting movement on the bond side…something we can measure.

Member:  Everybody here (and Mark) have a SAFE, SANE, CALM, and RESTFUL weekend

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