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Judy: "the new US Treasury now headquartered on an Indian Reservation near Reno Nevada" (She's Off Her Meds!!! LOL) 7/21/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Judy: "the new US Treasury now headquartered on an Indian Reservation near Reno Nevada" (She's Off Her Meds!!! LOL) 7/21/21

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Judy: "the new US Treasury now headquartered on an Indian Reservation near Reno Nevada" (She's Off Her Meds!!! LOL) 7/21/21 Empty Judy: "the new US Treasury now headquartered on an Indian Reservation near Reno Nevada" (She's Off Her Meds!!! LOL) 7/21/21

Post by RamblerNash Wed Jul 21, 2021 10:32 pm

Judy Note: The Deep State was still out to kill a huge portion of humanity and enslave the rest, their latest efforts concentrating on the CV-19 virus and it’s vaccine. Millions have died from the Cabal’s man-made bio-weapon CV Virus. On Tues. 20 July after 45,000 persons were found to have died within 72 hours of receiving a CV vaccination shot, Frontline doctors and Lawyers filed a lawsuit against the US government.

The main stream media continued to ignore 2020 Election Fraud evidence coming out of audits or requests for audits in Arizona, Michigan, Georgia and Pennsylvania, paid no attention to mounting Stock Market and Bitcoin crashes and food and water shortages across the globe.

The Deep State Cabal was using HAARP to manipulate weather conditions across the globe and create earthquakes, floods and Tsunamis, setting the stage for worldwide gas and food shortage crises. Recent massive floods across Europe and the Middle East were affecting nuclear plant leaks and power outages.

Floods included destruction of China’s Three Gorges Dam – the largest dam in the world. Three Gorges housed Bitcoin, Big Pharma, Child Sex Trafficking and Adrenachrome production headquarters and was connected by deep underground tunnels to Wuhan and the Wuhan Lab, creator of the CV-19 virus and vaccinations.

The Stock Market and Bitcoin were on the verge of major collapse as the Bitcoin founder was arrested. Revolutions against communist governments were going on in the UK, Cuba and France, while Cyber Attacks continued on banks and businesses across the globe.

Worldwide crises events were expected to soon require activation of an Emergency Broadcast System that would combine with over 50,000 mass arrests of mainly child sex political and global elite perpetrators and coincide with release of the RV.

No one was privy as to the exact timing of the Global Currency Reset and Restoring Republics of the world to concepts of the original US Constitution, though Tier 4B release of the Secured Website and 800#s to make exchange appointments could still come at any time.

The Restored Republic / GCR was a military operation. Disinformation and fake narratives were needed in order to allow the White Hats and Military to operate efficiently and effectively. Thus, there were often conflicting reports:

Tues. 20 July Fleming: On Mon. 19 2021 the Chinese Elders made some changes in the exchange/ redemption process. The Safe Link Website and 800#s were still coming out, but now foreign currency exchanges would be taking place in bank financial centers instead of Redemption Centers, which were closed. Zim Bond redemption would take place sometime after currency exchanges have taken place. Tier 4B, who were getting special rates on their exchange in bank financial centers may be going at the same time as the Tier 5 General Public, which would exchange at the street rate at a bank teller window.

Tues. 20 July Bruce: On 15 July the Forex was trading a gold-backed USN. Funds for the Church Groups, CMKX, Sovereigns, Farm Groups and Adjudicated Settlements were with their Paymasters and awaiting to be paid out. Bond payments went out last Fri. 16 July and other bonds were still being paid out. The US Treasury wanted Tier 4B to be notified by Wed. 21 July and start exchanging by Thurs. 22 July, though it was up in the air that would happen. Redemption Centers were still actively ready to go, though those responsible for payment of those centers may have changed.

Charlie Ward: On Mon. 19 July I was told everything was Done, Done, Done and to expect it anytime.

MarkZ: “On Mon. 19 July Rod Steele sent me an update, ‘Other bankers say its imminent or are not talking.’ The Iraqi holiday goes through the 24th and the Iraqi Prime Minister comes to DC for the second time on the 26th. The Treasury Dept says it will be done by the end of the month.”

Q has referred to Christmas in July and a McAfee Clock countdown that would begin on Fri. 23 July 2021. McAffe (said to have committed suicide, though was believed to be in a witness protection program), created a computer anti-virus program that proved that the 2020 Election Fraud was headed by the Chinese Communist Party in collusion with the CIA and Democrat leaders.

On Fri. 23 July the Summer Olympics begin in Japan and the EID holiday ended in Iraq. These Olympics were a prize the Japanese Communist Party won for their well-planned 2011 HAARP-caused earthquake and tsunami Fukushima Nuclear “Accident” – though as late as this week these same Olympics were in danger of being cancelled due to the Deep State so-called Covid Crisis (the communist parties of the world already having collected huge amounts of monies for hosting games that perhaps would never be held).

Sat 17 July was consideredValue Day when new Global Currency Reset Rates were locked in; Thurs. 15 July NESARA and GESARA went into effect and on Wed. 14 July the USN was put on the Forex to begin trading.

The Federal Reserve and IRS have been absorbed into the new US Treasury now headquartered on an Indian Reservation near Reno Nevada. Washington DC has been abandoned, with all federal offices closed and the White House and US Capitol Building standing empty – none of which has been reported by the Cabal-owned Main Stream Fake News.

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