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The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights 7/13/21 - How Many Lies Can You Spot? DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights 7/13/21 - How Many Lies Can You Spot?

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The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights 7/13/21 - How Many Lies Can You Spot? Empty The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights 7/13/21 - How Many Lies Can You Spot?

Post by RamblerNash Thu Jul 15, 2021 11:07 pm

Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK   Intel Begins:  1:03:30


Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it is Tuesday July 13th and you’re listening to the Big Call – thanks everybody for tuning in on this Tuesday night – it’s kind of a surprise for us to be here  but I think when you hear the whole call you’ll be pleasantly surprised – as I am - So….. I am jacked up and ready to go – hope everybody is

So….. Let’s get into the intel a little bit – I am pretty much excited – I do believe this is going to be our last call – at least I have been told that today – that this is it - I have been told that before – well I believe tonight we could be there – and the reason is because items that we have learned over the last few days that are pointing toward an actual end to what we have been waiting for –

Alright – here we go – first of all – we are in a process where certain things take place in order – it’s like – one example is dominos – you line up a bunch of dominos and that first one falls then the next one falls and the next one and so on – you create this chain reaction – that is sort of what this is –

The first domino that we had fall was the fines and penalties being paid out last Saturday morning – at 7:30 am – most of the time when I give you times they are going to be Eastern  daylight time – that started the first domino –

Then we knew after fines and penalties paid out – that the adjudicated settlements which do include CMKX – farm claims – the Indian claims – and other adjudicated settlements – were next – to go – and at the same time we had  prosperity packages that needed to be delivered –

Now we are at about  67,000 prosperity packages – I thought we were at 60,000 but it appears it’s more like 67,000 and those we had Sunday afternoon at 4PM – we had 11,000 delivered by email  - so they were notified by by email of that – and many – many – many of these prosperity package recipients will get their money through direct deposit

Now – that was Sunday afternoon – Monday afternoon at 4PM another 18,000 emails went out for prosperity packages – so now we got 29,000 – almost halfway home – more went out yesterday  - today – and probably still some tomorrow – I don’t know what time but I believe they will complete the prosperity packages either overnight tonight or sometime tomorrow (Wednesday) – so that’s all good

And there’s a certain number that will be delivered and have started delivering  yesterday at 10AM - and there’s a certain amount that have been and will be delivered hand to hand – meaning hand to hand to the recipient by a county  sheriff - and those are going out - I do not have a total – but there’s a good number of them –

Now, beyond that - that takes us  up to where we need to talk about the bonds and bond holders – remember we in tier 4B are to go after the bondholders receive their notification that they have money from their bond transactions in their account – and they not only know the amount but they have “access” to it –

They’ve been emailed twice in the last couple of days to tell them about this and not it stands where they are looking to the email that they received this morning for it to open up and be available for them to read it tomorrow afternoon / early afternoon –

Now – once they do that – the system is designed for us in tier 4 A & B – to be triggered whereby we would receive our notifications as they gain access to those emails – and those emails were created by the computer so that no bank person could actually see what was in it and they’re designed to stay sealed until a specific time tomorrow afternoon at which time they will be allowed to be opened and then that information can be seen by the recipient –

Now – we understand that those bond holders that are going to get access to their 1% of funds will be able to see that tomorrow afternoon but get access to those funds on Thursday afternoon – and it could be a simple 24 hr period after they are able to see what’s in that  email – tomorrow –

In other words what it makes it look like from this perspective – is that the shotgun start that we’ve talked about for years – is about to take place with notifications to the bond holders tomorrow afternoon and we “should” get our notifications tomorrow afternoon also whereby we set appointments tomorrow afternoon/evening for exchanges and redemption of zim – beginning Thursday – July 15th

Now – what is significant by the 15th of July? That is also the date that NESARA and GESARA are to be notified – we are to receive notifications in some way – some form some fashion – I don’t know how it’s going to be announced or brought to us – but that’s when NESARA and GESARA are to begin on the 15th – Thursday –

So this is a very important time for us right now to get everything completed before we receive our numbers – set our appointments and go – for exchanges and redemption –

We know that we’ve been close many times before – and we know that we’ve had some false starts – we’ve had a lot of arrests – a lot of clean up – over the last several months – and there’s no let up in that – in fact you would be amazed at the numbers that we’re talking about and they are ongoing -  but we do believe we are at the point now where the Homeland - DoD and Treasury – are all in alignment for this to be released –

We think the cabal is far enough in check to go forth with this final step which is our notification – remember Wells Fargo is the lead bank in North America - and will do the emails – approx. 2 million - I don’t know of anything else for us to do but watch/look for the emails and if for some reason they don’t have your email  because you’ve been gifted currency - that’s ok – that‘s where I come in and the Big Call will  come in because I’m supposed to receive the toll free numbers for those who have currency only and  those who have zim -  so that you can call to set appointment with the call center and then once if you’re a zim holder – you are routed -  to either  directly linked to the redemption center – in your zip code indicated – speak to a live person there who will actually set your appointment with you - that is your first contact – with the redemption center personnel

It’s possible they will give you another number to call – in some areas – or you might be given another toll free number to call to go directly to that redemption center and complete your appointment –

The emails should have the information enclosed in it – if you do get an email from Wells – you should also have a small 1 - 1 ½ page non-disclosure agreement set as a part of a 3 page email – so 1 page could be the NDA – and 2 pages could be information about the appointment –

And this is your preliminary NDA – that you would use until you got into the redemption center and did your appointment and then there’s another NDA 4-6 pages - depending whether you are a zim holder

This time line is coming from one of the highest sources – and we believe and we believe it’s accurate – let’s just believe as we pray this call out – because I’m very excited and do believe this is finally “IT” – and one reason I think so – I think the 15th is significant as we’re supposed to have our asset backed / gold backed currency – the USN in play on the 15th as part of NESARA / GESARA - that’s a very important part of it –

The rates for these currencies - we’re talking about 34 currencies I believe – that are going up in value -  significantly for a lot of them as you know – those rates were locked in yesterday – Monday AM –

Now there is a slight trading range within each currency whereby it can still be traded and go up or down accordingly - and I do believe we are going to get very good rates - better than we thought – and there may be a few surprised we did not even know about -

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