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MarkZ: "My bank sources think it will be much sooner" (Can That Be Verified? LOL) 7/13/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "My bank sources think it will be much sooner" (Can That Be Verified? LOL) 7/13/21

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MarkZ: "My bank sources think it will be much sooner" (Can That Be Verified? LOL) 7/13/21 Empty MarkZ: "My bank sources think it will be much sooner" (Can That Be Verified? LOL) 7/13/21

Post by RamblerNash Tue Jul 13, 2021 9:08 pm

Member:  I'm surprised it hasn't went by now. I thought surely it would have gone before the 4th of July. Hope It goes before Christmas!

Member:  We are so close let’s keep the positive attitude.

Member:  Are you still excited by what you know and cannot share... Sounds like the rollercoaster is heading back down or ?? I guess I need Hopium fix

MZ: Very quiet on all fronts this morning…..quiet from Zsurich….quiet from Hong Kong…..quiet from the middle east and Dubai. …quiet from Reno.

MZ: The only chatter I have heard has been from a number of folks I know with bonds that have added theirs to bond groups. And they have been asked to update their banking information for payout…..this makes sense. On bond transaction, unlike our currency they are not setting up special accounts for them….they are simply sending the funds where they belong….The attorneys handling this as paymasters are asking for the updated banking information.

MZ: Nothing yet on CMKX or Prosperity packages. . Very quiet overnight last night

Member: Let’s hope it’s the calm before the RV storm

Member:  Yesterday, I spoke to a friend who said, her mentor, who has been in this for over 20 years, is already under an NDA.

ISAAC 7/12 Nobody is liquid yet nobody. Lets hope tomorrow I will have positive news after talking to my buyers. Tomorrow I will talk to US treasury , hsbc and the Chinese

MZ: We know bonds are moving and the process has started. Sit back and let things roll out.

Member: Are your contacts all whales?

MZ: Yes they are whales.

Member: I know you say its underway….iyo how long can this be drug out?

MZ: Weeks? Maybe imo…..but to many key players are seeing money for them to hold it much longer. My bank sources think it will be much sooner.

MZ: There is so much mis-information going on…do not fall prey to “Chicken Little” ….Disinformation agents are posing as gurus saying stuff…..I hear even “Poof” is being channeled now….that should tell you what the  deep state  thinks of you. Don’t over react when you read something…..wait a day or even a few hours and you may find it was from some paid troll. They are messing with folks on purpose.

Member: Will we still be able to walk out of our appointment with $14,000 in cash?

MZ: We do not know that answer…. I don’t think we will walk out of there with any cash…It’s a logistical issue. Think about the extra security required if they do that….I think we will be leaving with a version of a debit card , an air card……a new version of a debit card….that has instant access and extra security.

MZ: A number of my contacts agree with me that it does not make sense from a security standpoint. ….

Member: There is talk again of Iraq dropping 3 zeros from their currency.

MZ: Isn’t that neat?  Dropping means they change value and don’t need the large 3 zero bills anymore. History has shown us how that works.

Member: Does Sheila have any idea why the CMKX info has dried up?

MZ: It’s doing what we expected it to do….We assume we are right here at the end so it makes sense for information to dry up….people start tightening the screws …especially in Reno you cannot get anyone to talk anymore….They are still there….they are still working….but not talking about exchange stuff….IMO that means we are really close.

Member:  Mark, when the Kuwati Dinar revalued, did they also have Paymasters back then, or did they just rely on the Forex for rates and Banks for exchanging?

Member:  It was 30 years ago….Im sure they used forex and banks.

Member:  You mentioned last week a member had been quoted a price of .80 for her dinar. Do we know where that was and if it is still available?

Member:  PLEASE Can you tell us how they know we are T4 and 5 all that how do they see that?

Member:  we are all 4B here. 5 are the people out there that have foreign currency but are not aware of what’s going on.

Member:  T5 are all the people who look at you like you are crazy when you tell them about the RV.

Member:  ALERT.... tin and aluminum massive shortage all around the world..... found that all the people in charge of the RV are all kicking the can down the road…lol

Member: No more can kicking…..time to release everything!!!!!

Member:  No one knows the timing of all of this, it's much bigger than the RV and it'll be done on God's timing

Member:  What about all the chatter about other countries announcing gesera? True or false

Member: Cannot wait for the debt forgiveness.

Member:  Mark this happened on Monday. I received notice from the IRS showing my tax debt had been reduced from $2970 to $200. Showing a $2770 payment had been applied The same thing happened to my best friend. He had a larger debt but 90% has been paid off and not by him.

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