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Ministry of Oil: We are keen to adopt digital transformation applications DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Ministry of Oil: We are keen to adopt digital transformation applications

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Ministry of Oil: We are keen to adopt digital transformation applications Empty Ministry of Oil: We are keen to adopt digital transformation applications

Post by RamblerNash Mon Jul 12, 2021 11:41 pm

Ministry of Oil: We are keen to adopt digital transformation applications 915107-ef2f14a7-d775-4305-bd9f-2de63acccd90
Monday 12 July 2021 17:24
Baghdad / NINA / - Undersecretary of the Ministry of Oil for Extraction Affairs Karim Hattab affirmed the ministry's keenness to develop administrative and technical performance in all its formations, according to the adoption of modern systems and programs for management in the oil sector, with the aim of achieving the highest financial and economic returns, through developing, enhancing and sustaining production rates.

He said during his attendance on behalf of the Minister of Oil, Ihsan Abdul-Jabbar Ismail, a workshop on digital transformation. Organized by the Department of Training and Development with Schlumberger International: "This scientific workshop comes to enhance the Ministry's plans to support the adoption of modern technology in management, planning, implementation and speed up the adoption and dissemination of modern digital mechanisms and programs and their applications in order to develop work in all facilities of the oil sector, which is positively reflected on the plans of production rates and in enhancing financial revenues, in line with sustainable development plans that support the national economy, noting that the adoption of modern software and technologies will reduce spending and errors, in addition to accelerating work and achievement thanks to the high flexibility that it achieves at work.

Hattab added that digital transformation is one of the priorities of the Ministry for its adoption in all administrative and technical sectors of work. Important and advanced steps have been achieved in this regard.

Director General of the Department of Training and Development, Basem Muhammad Khudair, said that the ministry adopts modern training programs and implements cooperation plans with international expertise houses that aim to raise the level of performance and sound management in a manner that achieves the goals with the least financial costs and physical effort.

He referred to the work to attract all sober scientific energies and employ them to achieve the goals of raising the efficiency and skill of the workers, especially in the administrative and technical performance, as well as working to gain experience in order to develop the joints of work in all the formations of the ministry, noting that the workshop that was held in cooperation with the "Schlumberger" company I dealt with one of the important topics in modern management.

For his part, the Vice President of the Schlumberger branch in Iraq Saad Al-Damen said during his introductory speech to the program that digital transformation will improve performance and open great prospects for growth through the use of modern technologies, and that digital transformation is an overlap of technologies, large information and artificial intelligence, and leads to the development Performance for the better, adding that digital transformation will give flexibility and speed in performance, shorten time and increase revenues, as well as modernize the work of institutions and make them more efficient, noting that digital transformation contributes to developing competencies, reducing spending, accelerating the way of work and increasing productivity. He added that the company is ready to conduct training courses in cooperation with the Department of Training and Development for the competent staff in the ministry to implement the digital transformation program.

During the workshop, a review of the technology of digital transformation was presented by Schlumberger, in which it emphasized the many benefits as a result of using digital transformation programs, and showed how to deal with it to improve work performance, increase field production, monitor production processes, work development steps, integrate information, store it, the degree of confidentiality, and how to maintain and operate programs Deriving conclusions from information and other topics.

The workshop was attended by a number of general managers of the oil formations and representatives of the companies and departments of the oil sector and the media office./End of 7


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