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The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights 7/8/21 - Basically we are looking at this thing rolling out (Is He Selling A New Line Of Products? LOL)  DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights 7/8/21 - Basically we are looking at this thing rolling out (Is He Selling A New Line Of Products? LOL)

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The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights 7/8/21 - Basically we are looking at this thing rolling out (Is He Selling A New Line Of Products? LOL)  Empty The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Intel Highlights 7/8/21 - Basically we are looking at this thing rolling out (Is He Selling A New Line Of Products? LOL)

Post by RamblerNash Fri Jul 09, 2021 11:02 pm

Bruce’s Big Call Reply LINK   Intel Begins:  1:05:35


Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight - it is Thursday July 8th and you’re listening to the Big Call – thanks for tuning in and we look forward to giving you quite a bit tonight intel wise –

Ok let’s get into the intel – let’s talk about where we are – it’s Thursday night and we did get some good information – I’m going to try to give you everything I can recall from today and yesterday –

What I found really interesting was we had all new rates on the front screens as of last Monday – this is in the banks – not talking about Forex – this is talking about the bank screens – what’s cool is the dinar came up and it was changing like 14 times in the period of a day – it would be up and go off – then come up again and then go off – the good news was – every time it came back up it was a little bit higher –

So you get the impression they are trading it higher – and that’s good for us – of course -  and ultimately it will be good for Iraq –

Now – the other thing that I thought was fascinating was – we’ve got 3 new countries that came in and were added to the front bank screens last Monday  - meaning – United States – it probably came in overnight Sunday – and they showed on Monday – guess what?  Here’s the 3 countries – are you ready – North Korea – Iran -  Iranian Rial – and that will virtually be on par with the Iraqi dinar – now as a front screen rate the so call preferred rate that we are going to be entitled to – as tier 4B – internet group -  will be different and higher

But for the purpose of front screen rates we should see the Iraqi dinar the same as or very close to the Iranian Rial - so Iran was on there – and is still on there and last but not least – Venezuela - the Bolivar – so we are up to now about 34 currencies we think – and that’s a really cool assortment of currencies that are going up in value – and we have 3-4-5- maybe of these – some people have more –

The main thing – is if you have dinar – dong – you’re in really good shape obviously – if you have zim you are in great shape - and just while we’re speaking – Zimbabwe has their new currency which is their dollar – it is on par with the US dollar or USN - which is coming out – but that is what we knew 2 years ago

Zimbabwe said their new currency was going to be on par with us and they have and it is – and it’s out and it’s being used

Now that does not change what we know about our Zimbabwe dollars – which are sort of a hybrid currency and a bond – we’ve called it a bond to distinguish the difference between their regular everyday currency and the special currency that we hold – So enough about that -

Now – the other information that we’re getting is that overnight tonight all the liquidity is supposed to start flowing – and by that I mean that the paymasters of the adjudicated settlements - the paymasters of the fines and penalties =- which are extensive – the longer they have waited – which is a long time like 1 ½ yrs -  to pay those out – the longer that’s taking – the more – the higher the amounts have become as we understand –

What’s interesting is starting tonight we’re supposed to have the paymasters of those fines and penalties as well as adjudicated settlements – CMKX – prosperity packages – farm claims - all of those things are to be started to pay out like dominoes - in other words when fines and penalties start paying out the next one will start paying out - and then the next one - and that should take place through Sunday –

Now what else is happening like that is the bond paymasters  - the people that have sold bonds and are waiting for their 1% of totals – they are supposed to have that sent out with their notice of liquidity – notice of access – as an email supposed to go out early as tomorrow or Saturday – with availability of funds or in other words access to funds on Tuesday –

So you see how they have it set up for notification tomorrow or Saturday – for bond holders – and then oh yeah you have your notification – you got your email – then its going to have a pending notification until Tuesday –

Now what’s interesting is you say that’s all cool – for the bond holders – what about us???? What about tier 4B? Tier 4B is probably going to be notified Monday or Tuesday- of next week – there’s a chance we could get notified Saturday – but really what they’re trying to do is coordinate that I believe so we do get a shotgun start along with the tier 3 and the bond holders that are going to receive their notifications and have access to funds on Tuesday – I believe that is going to be our start date – ON TUESDAY
Now do we get notified prior to that? With our emails on Monday? Possibly so -  we just don’t know – but they are going to do this thing sort of sequentially – starting with fines and penalties overnight for tomorrow and so on like I had laid out - so we’re there – it’s just that we are finally at a point / at a place where they feel comfortable with the clean up on aisles 3-4-5 and 6 –

In other words – they don’t have everybody that they are going to get but they have enough of it to where they feel secure in the fact that we can go ahead and get started – only next week – focusing more on Tuesday –

That is the long and short of that –

Next, let’s talk briefly about the non disclosure agreement – that we’re going to sign at our redemption center appointment – or at our exchange center – if you’re exchanging dong and dinar not zim

The NDA’s a lot of the language in it that is probably what you would assume would be there – and that is about not speaking to other people about this – not sharing anything about the rate – totals – or anything regarding the structured pay out – basically it’s  just shut up and don’t talk about what you went through with anyone – that’s basically it – you will have very few exceptions – to whom you can discuss this information with – and if there is anyone – on your team – that you are doing projects with - and you think some of the information may be pertinent to them you would want to exclude them in writing and put that in your NDA – you better have a list of people – maybe spouse – children –

Now what is in the NDA that might seem new to us is the fact that we talked before about letting the bank know right there at the beginning – how much money you need or believe you will need in the first 90 days or even through the balance of this year – you need to let them know and this is primarily about your projects –

Now – let’s make one thing clear – you do have access to plenty of your own money – because that is what this is -  but here’s the thing – look at it in the form of 3 steps – step 1 – take care of any debt you have – get new car – upgrade home – buy a new home -  and beyond that the needs – phase 2 – secure land – for projects -  deposits on land - and basically anything you plan to do that they hear you talk about in your presentation – they want to sort of hold you to that so that you don’t get too far off of what it is you’re looking to do with your projects –

So in other words they want for you to be clear on the amount of funds you need and then you let them know when you need them first 30 -6- 90 days – what they want to make sure is that people that are requesting certain amounts of it – they obviously don’t want to flood the market with too much too quickly –

What they are sort of trying monitor it a little bit and they don’t want you going off in left field and all of a sudden doing something completely different than you indicated in your presentation -They want it to be consistent – now they do have a way to feel you’ve abused and violated your NDA – they would come back and possibly freeze your account – they could come back and issue strikes against your account - first strike – freeze second strike they might say ok we are going to assign you a wealth manager that can monitor and help you with the allocations of your funds – strike 3 would be you are totally messed up - doing opposite of what you said and could be facing jail time –

This NDA stuff has some teeth in it – it really does – but as long as you do what you say you’re going to do and don’t swerve off the path too far you should be ok - take  your time reading the NDA – I believe it could be 6 pages long – but whatever the true length of it is – just make sure you understand it – and ask questions at  your appointment – It is supposed to be in everyday language – so we will find out when we get there –

Now I am going to bring  up something that a couple people called me about today – and that is the situation with Wells Fargo – it was reported on several stations – I want to make sure as much as I know about this that what  you heard you understood accurately –

What it amounts to is – there are certain things called a home equity line of credit – home equity loan – these loans as you now are tied with the collateral of your home – a certain amount of equity that you have in your home – and they loan you money based on that and your credit rating – but these are no longer going to be extended past August – it will not be renewable from what I understand –

We think ------ and we are waiting for verification – we believe this is all tied into NESARA – in fat we know that it is – so for some reason Wells stepped out and put this information out that was received from a very credible report –

Now the question is -----did the TV stations accurately represent what was in that report ????   - Did they do the right thing??? It is hard to say – you are going to have to be the judge about that   but this is coming into alignment with not only NESARA – which is kind of underway now and will show up bigger and better in the rest of this month and the first week of August should be really good – and also this is reflective of Basel 3 Basel 4 compliance –

This is nothing derogatory or negative – it could be perceived that way – but it certainly isn’t designed to be that way - I just wanted to bring that out and bring some clarity in case you did not catch it or understand it –

Basically we are looking at this thing rolling out – one domino falling at a time – like I mentioned through the weekend – bond holders getting notified Friday or Saturday – with liquidity by Tuesday – and we should  be on our way Tuesday  - That is really the most important part of what I had to offer .

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