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MarkZ: "This is the long term strategic plan Iraq has put into place to bring them into prosperity" (But No RV LOL) 7/8/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "This is the long term strategic plan Iraq has put into place to bring them into prosperity" (But No RV LOL) 7/8/21

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MarkZ: "This is the long term strategic plan Iraq has put into place to bring them into prosperity" (But No RV LOL) 7/8/21 Empty MarkZ: "This is the long term strategic plan Iraq has put into place to bring them into prosperity" (But No RV LOL) 7/8/21

Post by RamblerNash Thu Jul 08, 2021 10:29 pm

Member: Are we there yet?????

MZ: I have 5 really solid bond contacts . 2 of them are now under NDA’s. They won’t tell me anything except that they are under an NDA…1 of them has actually flown away….i do not know if they are sitting on some kind of dollars.…but if they are leaving I believe they took some type of deal…

MZ:  3 of them continue to get their appointments pushed back. The latest appointments are 11:00 AM tomorrow Zurich time  I should know by tomorrows AM stream if they are allowed to keep these appointments or not.

MZ: Could Bond redemptions be happening before the reset?  I believe there could be. It could also be someone is buying these bonds because they know they are about to be worth more shortly . Maybe someone made them an offer and the bond holders were tired of living out of suitcase and accepted it. 

Member:  “Tomorrow, tomorrow, I’ll love ya tomorrow, it’s only a day away!”

MZ: Nothing on CMKX or currenciy redemptions….Still getting stone walled from US bankers…..no leaks.  They are prepared…..Redemption Center contacts are on call to be there within 2 hours. Just a skeleton crew right now. 

Member: What are the white papers?

MZ: This is the long term strategic plan Iraq has put into place to bring them into prosperity. It’s kind of like the plan to rebuild Germany after World War 2. It requires a higher value for their currency. When we see them executing their white papers it is huge news for us because it requires a new currency rate.

Member: I wish they would just let us all go in and exchange for SKR’s

MZ: I wish they would. But, they are worried people would leak the locations of the redemption centers. It would sure be easier on all our nerves if we had those safe keeping receipts and just wait for the funds to show up in our accounts. That would be awesome. But they believe people would share to much and create even more currency holders if they did that.

Member:  Morning Mark !! R we close ? Some people think we're far away from the RV release.

Member: What are the bonds people are talking about?

MZ: These are historic bonds …The German bonds are owned by people who invested in the rebuilding of Germany after World war 2…There are also historic war bonds from China, From Mexico. This used to be how governments would fund projects. They promised a certain rate of return on these bonds. Kind of like US Savings bonds. To cash out in the old system we need to pay those old bills. People who bought these bonds should have been paid many years ago. Bonds have been accruing interest for a long time . These are historic bonds that we talk about.

Member: Are Chinese Railroad bonds included in this redemption?

MZ: Absolutely…there are many different bonds….maybe 30, 40 or 50 different types of bonds. . Here in the US Trump signed a Executive order that all US Bonds are to be paid. So anyone whoever invested in a US savings bond or any kind of bond will be paid. He was obviously preparing for this.

Member: And the Fines and Penalties are because its taken so long for these bonds to be paid……

Member: Well its Thursday already…guess its time to kick the can for another week

MZ: Earlier this week it appeared they were aiming at Thursday/Friday to redeem bonds…..it does get old……but no one knows the exact timing.

Member: Will all the exchange rates be set or a float that will go up over time?

MZ: As I understand it we are covered under a contract if we exchange at redemption centers….if we just go to a bank we will exchange at the rate it is floating  at ….. I believe our exchanges …we will exchange under a set rate. So holding onto it would not make any sense for us. This is what my bankers have told me.

MZ: if you are worried about a float wait and see…..make a decision for yourselves…..either way it will be a tremendous blessing.

Member:  How will we verify at our exchange appointment we will have spendable money?

MZ: As I understand it they will be giving us a “aircard” version of a debit card….very secure. And you will be able to check your balance before you leave.

MZ: Another reason to exchange at set redemption centers is because they have the equiptment to check all your currency when you exchange and issue special debit or air cards for you that are very secure and cannot be accessed except by you allowing it.  Not like debit cards where someone has a reader and if it gets close enough they can read your chip and steal your money. This special card will allow you to access your funds safely and securely is what I was told.

Member: Is it true the banks will get a percentage of our exchanges?

MZ: I hear it is figured in on the back end of the Gold Treaty and  the banks will be paid less than 2% .It will not come out of your side….it is already figured into the transaction. This is how it was explained to me.

Mark, what is the significance of the $50.00Zim...please?

Member:  come on y'all, it's simple, the New 50 dollar Zim note is obviously do to a ReValuation of their Currency...

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