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The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Amps it up and falls flat again 7/6/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Amps it up and falls flat again 7/6/21

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The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Amps it up and falls flat again 7/6/21 Empty The Big Call w/ BS Bruce - Amps it up and falls flat again 7/6/21

Post by RamblerNash Thu Jul 08, 2021 10:21 pm

Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK   Intel Begins  1:01:25


Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight it is Tuesday July 6th and you’re listening to the Big Call – I hope everybody had a wonderful celebration for the 4th of July and the extra bank holiday on yesterday – Monday and we’ll share a little bit in the intel section about that –

And here we are – on the 6th of July – we made it through the 4th holiday and the bankers had a 3 day weekend –Saturday – Sunday and Monday – Lot of businesses were closed as well – but here we are out of that – and into another week – now the second week of July –

So let’s talk a little bit about where we are and how this thing is moving for us – focus first on about where Iraq is – we do talk to people in Iraq - – we have contacts in Fallujah – Baghdad – and a few other places – this last comment came out of Baghdad from some of our people and it indicates that Iraq has now a fully convertible new Iraqi Dinar – or new IQD - and that means that it is digitally available and exchangeable globally- in other words its convertible to other currencies

So the fun thing though about it is their position for everything to be fully digitally completely on line with everybody that wants to trade with them starting – was going to be from 7:00 to 7:30 am - Iraq time tomorrow – they did push it back to 11:00 to 11:30 am Iraq time tomorrow – so that is to be completely convertible – as a currency tomorrow - Wednesday –

The cool think is they have the digital capability just like our currency with our USN has a component called  United States Digital Currency USDC – Iraq’s will be a convertible digital currency as well –

So this is occurring and we know that speaking of the Dinar – even though yesterday was a bank holiday and banks were closed – most I believe were completely closed – the bank personnel did have – at least with one major bank – maybe others – there was a conference call for 2 hours yesterday afternoon that included a Treasury rep and included a Dept of Defense – and also a corporate “top of the heap” personnel from New York   -

So this was a call I think was system wide at least with one major bank and it may have been the same way with all of the other tier 1 banks – they all have this type of conference call but I think they’ve done a conference call where everybody is pretty much up to speed

Now – I will say this about the banks – we found out in the last few days  that one major bank had a 6 page Non Disclosure agreement that all bank employees  had to sign – they all needed to have it and signed and it’s very seriously been taken

The other bank had one similar and it may be virtually identical – but we know that at least 2 of the banks have DNA”s that are 6 pages log that all employees – obviously they let the tellers in and every employee of the bank in on what is going on and what’s about to take place for them to have to sign the DNA – it’s a very good sign of how close we really are to going –

So we have understood that because of that information  that we sometimes get has been reduced and it’s a little bit quiet out there probably because of that –

When it comes to what we do hear – we did hear that the fines and penalties were started to be paid last  Wed/Thurs – prior to the holiday weekend – then for some reason they did not continue and the understanding is that it will resume either tomorrow or Thursday – with those Fines and Penalties and I am going to say hopefully that the rest of all adjudicated  settlements – bond holders keep getting the delay tactic from their paymasters - although we do have confirmation that all of the bond paymasters have liquidity ready to go when they get the green light  to the participants of what I call the bond sellers that have exchanged or traded their bond – that is to happen we heard over night tonight or tomorrow – That would be when they receive notification from their paymaster that their funds are available and accessible in their accounts -  so we’ll see how that pans out tomorrow (Wednesday)  to see whether that comes through for them –

When it comes to us – we had information over the weekend that was pointing to us being notified with our email notifications – and also toll free numbers today up until about 3pm and if it did not occur - it was changed to 2 pm  then we would be looking at something tomorrow – mid morning – that may or may not still be in effect -

We have new information that was pointing toward this happening in 48 – 72 hours for us - that would take us to Thursday or Friday –

Now this is the kind of information that is just moving us through the week – we have to hope that is not going to be going beyond 48-72 hours – but as of right now – it sort of puts notifications for mid morning Wednesday in jeopardy

I think we have to consider the latest information that I’ve received late this afternoon which points more toward 2-3 days away –

So that’s not the best news – it’s not what I wanted to bring to you tonight but it’s what I’m getting and all I do is repeat the information that I get as I try to glean through what it is we are hearing to try to find the truth in it – that’s my job – that’s what I’ve been doing for 10 years and that’s what I want to impart to you on the Big Call

We don’t like the waiting – we know that things are happening – there is a lot – and I mean a lot of clean up on aisle 3 – aisle 4 – aisle 5 – it is continuing –I can’t talk about it in any great detail but it’s major stuff – major “political figures” have been cleaned up and is ongoing -  that is the only thing that I can think of that could be holding this up –

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