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Holly's Hopium Update 7/3/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Holly's Hopium Update 7/3/21

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Holly's Hopium Update 7/3/21 Empty Holly's Hopium Update 7/3/21

Post by RamblerNash Sun Jul 04, 2021 11:54 pm

We have dreamed the impossible dream and yet have kept on dreaming. Never giving up on our dreams.   Keep dreaming for our dreams are ready to come true. 

We have been experiencing all sorts of delays over the course of this ride, but one that needs to be discussed is the role of paymasters in this process.

Part of the events of the past week which see us now looking towards another week has been, in part, due to paymasters attempting to insert themselves ahead of their turn, jumping the line, trying to get their access ahead of others.

So far, this is happening in the higher tiers, as that is the level that is currently in play. Once the activity reaches the other tiers, there are far more paymasters to reckon with.

For anyone able to comprehend what has happened to those who had delusions of grandeur at the expense of others   in the higher tiers, know this to be your warning –

a) All transactions are monitored, and offenders will be, and as those before them have already been...dealt with.

b) All you are doing is delaying the inevitable transfer of grace for those who would bring real progress to humanity.  So, for those who might be considering putting yourselves ahead of those who you committed to serve - You might want to reconsider your choice.

This has been the delay and arrests have been ongoing. Because of the nefarious actions of these people we will be looking to this coming week for the final release.

Enjoy your 4th of July weekend and pray these crooks cease to stop holding up humanity.

This is a transition not a transaction. Never, ever give up.

When you sign your NDA be quiet.

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