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Bruce says - it will be like Christmas iin July 7/2/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Bruce says - it will be like Christmas iin July 7/2/21

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Bruce says - it will be like Christmas iin July 7/2/21 Empty Bruce says - it will be like Christmas iin July 7/2/21

Post by RamblerNash Sun Jul 04, 2021 11:52 pm

Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK   Intel Begins:  1:05:30


Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight it is Thursday July 1st start of the second half of the year – a new quarter – start of NESARA - thanks for tuning in to the Big Call tonight – from all over this beautiful globe – we call Earth – thanks so much  for tuning in once again all over the globe whether it’s live or on the recording replay –

Well let’s talk a little bit about intel tonight – I am very excited about what has been happening and what’s been coming  - especially today – even up to a half hour ago – before the Big Call started – we’re in a progression of events that‘s happening – we know that the new financial system – which we know is connected – that globally – not just here in the states but everywhere around the world will be connected to it – completely by tomorrow night at 10pm Eastern - That’s kinda our completion time and day - July 2nd  10PM Eastern –

That is a very good milestone - to hit that we’re all hitting – who was the last country to complete and come on board with everything by that 10 PM time frame tomorrow – It is Indonesia – and they will make it – they will be the ones that get the gold prize for hitting that – and there is a reason why they are in that position -  I can’t get into that -  but that is a good thing –

So everything – have you noticed how we have dates and they come and go? Even I get dates I am pretty confident in and they come and go – a lot of that is put out there on line on the blogs – to confuse the people and to allow them to do pick up and drop off – or as we call it – clean up on aisle 3 -- a lot of that has been done on purpose – even though the last information that we have is dealing with this being the month of July – being Christmas Eve in July for us -

We will have the equivalent of Christmas in July – and I believe for  us it will start right after the 4th of July -  now we know the 4th of July is on Sunday – we know it is a bank holiday on Monday – and we know that some banks not all – will actually stay closed on July 6th Tuesday -

However some banks that are closed on the inside – retail banks – through the lobby - but open in the drive through – for transactions  -

They have been testing ATM’s to be able to receive deposits and pay out cash  - receive a deposit in 10 seconds – and send out cash in 10 seconds -

The idea of using cash as a deposit – I don’t really see us doing much of that – I don’t see that for us at all really – but it is there for somebody – most will not be depositing cash but withdrawing it –

Now what about the timing? I mentioned that the retail banks are closed on Monday the 5th and some if not most will be closed on Tuesday the 6th

If you are a Zim holder it makes no difference because the redemption centers  will be open – we expect from what I’ve heard – to get our notifications sometime Monday and if early enough we could possibly go Monday afternoon - but I really think whenever we get them we are going to set appointments and yes they will have staff in the redemption centers to talk with zim holders to finalize their time for appointment to start their exchange and redemption of zim on Tuesday -       

Yes even though it is a bank holiday on Monday – staff will be in the redemption centers to set appointments for zim holders -

Now – this is very important – let’s say you are not a zim holder and you have dong – or dinar – or another currency – you would do better to set your appointment using the toll free number to set it the week following on Monday the 12th – because the rate – if somebody comes in and does not use the 800 number to set appointment and they go into a retail bank next week and the banks are open – they will not get the higher rate for dong or dinar but they would get using the reservations system that you would make – with the toll free number starting on the 12th of July –

So that is a word to the wise – if you are not a zim holder – only have dong or dinar or other currency – some people I know will not care and will want to just go and get their money now – If you are patient and set your appointment for the following week you should benefit greatly from a better rate –

Why are they doing this?  Because they want the zim holders to get in first and for the rest of that first week – we are looking at a 30 minute presentation – maximum 40 – and that would be if you had a certain amount of currency that took a little more time – or some reason you are slower getting account set up – its not going to be this big drawn out long process – it’s going to be – and I hate to say it -  In and OUT – 30 minutes – with one account probably with a debit card – and you’ll have to do your transactions starting the following week -  with your wealth management team – or someone else at the bank –

The bonds – bond holders that had their paymasters in Europe – primarily in Zurich – they already started paying out their bond holders globally - we have evidence of that –

In the US the bond holders that were working through Reno and Miami – are to be notified of their liquidity in their account either late Saturday morning or early Saturday afternoon – that’s when they are getting the heads up – and their emails on the liquidity in their accounts –

Remember the bond holders are getting access to 1% of their totals – and then they will get certain percentages down the road for approximately 12 months -  so they will be able to draw down on additional funds as time goes on –

We have a different situation -  we’re going to let them know what project money we intend to use in the first  -90 days – 6 months – in other words through the balance of 2021 – that is what we should prepare for –

I’m excited about the timing – I’ve been told not to disregard the weekend – there is a possibility of a surprise for us over the weekend but the latest up to date information this afternoon and tonight for me - and this is from a redemption center personnel that we’re looking at notifications Monday and the start of our exchanges and redemption of zim on Tuesday  the 6th

So it will be Christmas in July for us  - you know it’s going to be Christmas in July for a lot of people – because older Americans that are receiving Social Security or retirement from a pension – they will be notified of their so called birth certificate money – which is similar to a bond –in the sense that they will receive monies that were obtained by the use of their birth certificate in trading without their knowledge – without anybody’s knowledge until just recently  and that account  will be available to older Americans 62-65 + - you should see that coming in the next 2-3 weeks into your account if you are already on Social Sec -  it will be a nice piece of change –

I want it to be like Christmas morning and it be a surprise – and this is going to hydrate a lot of people – especially older Americans that are not involved in the currency like we are – to us it is going to be something we notice and say oh that’s nice - whatever – it’s going to be a nice piece of change – don’t get me wrong -  it’s real money – but absolutely dwarf when you talk about billions and trillions of dollars for zim holders –

So its good news – NESARA effectively kicks off – I would say starting tomorrow – I believe midnight tonight – so what are we going to see? Everybody regardless of age will get refunded back interest they paid on loans like – credit card debt  - car loans and mortgage loans – they have those numbers already calculated – and you’re going to be notified of that –

I’m excited about where this puts us – in terms of our timing – in terms of getting this – and I’m hearing Monday very strongly - would be our notification day – so remember if you are a currency holder but not zim – you would probably do much better to set your appointment for the week of the 12th  and you will be compensated with a much higher rate on dinar – dong – etc  than if you jump the gun –

Beyond that – what I think we’re going to do is not have a live celebration call  but I think we might have a call that we record and put out with an email – which will be a celebration email -  probably a short call -  that  you be able to have a link in  your email  and click on and listen to us as a so call “send off”  a final call -

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