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Adviser to the Iraqi Prime Minister: The elections will take place in a calm atmosphere DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Adviser to the Iraqi Prime Minister: The elections will take place in a calm atmosphere

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Adviser to the Iraqi Prime Minister: The elections will take place in a calm atmosphere Empty Adviser to the Iraqi Prime Minister: The elections will take place in a calm atmosphere

Post by claud39 Sat Jun 26, 2021 10:02 am

[size=42]Adviser to the Iraqi Prime Minister: The elections will take place in a calm atmosphere[/size]


[size=42]Adviser to the Iraqi Prime Minister: The elections will take place in a calm atmosphere 1027756815_0:313:3500:2207_1000x0_80_0_1_439047313d1460956cd84317a95d947a.jpg

Hussein Al-Hindawi, adviser to Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi for elections affairs, confirmed the Iraqi government's ability to control the security situation in the country during the early legislative elections scheduled for next October, pointing out that a high security committee that includes ministries and bodies related to the electoral process has It was formed to secure the electoral process and ensure that it runs in a calm atmosphere.

Baghdad - Sputnik. Al-Hindawi said, in a statement to “Sputnik” about the fears of some armed groups in the country interfering with the electoral process , “The Prime Minister intends to implement the Law of Political Parties and Alliances with Article 32, which prohibits the use of any kind of violence and possession of weapons and explosives, and the Law of Political Parties applies Especially on the elections, and the government is concerned with providing a safe environment for the elections,” noting that “the government is aware of the great difficulties in a country that has undoubtedly problems, but it is determined to provide an appropriate environment for elections.”

He added, "A higher security committee has been formed from all relevant ministries, including the interior, defense, national security, intelligence, the Peshmerga, the Popular Mobilization and all other intelligence agencies, in addition to the Elections Commission."

He added, "This committee works on a daily basis and vigorously in all governorates in order to provide a safe environment for the elections on three levels, firstly, to protect the offices of the commission and also the commission's property from stores and others, and secondly, to provide protection for the election staff, especially the mobile teams that are currently distributing voter cards and also in preparation for On election day, polling stations will be protected in all of Iraq."

Al-Hindawi added that "the government is working hard in all directions to ensure that there is a safe situation for the elections, stressing that the security situation currently is not as bad as some are talking about."

And he added, "During the first elections in 2005, the country's situation was more dangerous, and the same was true in the last elections, when ISIS (the terrorist banned in Russia and a large number of countries) was controlling in different regions," noting that "there are always fears, but the government believes that Things will be under control."

Al-Hindawi also stressed that "there will be no foreign assistance in securing the elections, and there will be no international security intervention in this field. The Iraqi government is an independent government, and there will be absolutely no prejudice to Iraqi sovereignty in this field."

And on whether there are discussions between the government and political forces regarding security plans for securing the electoral process , Al-Hendawi stated that "all forces agree on the election law and the application of the law, and therefore there is no need to discuss this issue."

And the media had reported last week, quoting Iraqi political sources, as saying that "Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi is determined to hold a round of meetings with the various leaders of the main political blocs in the country, to agree on a document stressing the importance of preventing armed factions from interfering in the electoral process in any way. shape or image.

On June 17, during his meeting with the ambassadors of the European Union in the country, Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi confirmed that the government had prepared all the requirements for holding early elections on their scheduled date, on the tenth of next October.

A statement by the Iraqi Prime Minister stated that "Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi received the ambassadors of the European Union in Iraq," noting that "during the meeting, Iraqi-European relations and ways to develop them were discussed, and the importance of European support for Iraq in its war against terrorism and in the field of terrorism was emphasized." Observing the elections, and renewing European support for UN Security Council Resolution 2576, which supports the international contribution to monitoring the Iraqi elections.

Al-Kazemi stressed during the meeting, according to the statement, "The government has prepared all the requirements for holding the early elections on time, next October 10, and providing the appropriate conditions to ensure that their results reflect the will of the Iraqi people."

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