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MarkZ says - This could be it 6/16/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ says - This could be it 6/16/21

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MarkZ says - This could be it 6/16/21 Empty MarkZ says - This could be it 6/16/21

Post by RamblerNash Wed Jun 16, 2021 9:56 pm

MZ: I got a text from Sheila…..will read it first.

Sheila:  Hi Mark, I believe all adjudicated funds and F&P recipients will be notified this week. Today is a huge day. Enjoy and take good care of yourself….I believe the 4B group will also take place at the same time. Wwg1wga

MZ: I am hearing the same thing….talked to a number of paymasters from different areas yesterday afternoon…..They have tremendous anticipation. They believe the first liquid funds will start today. If it does…I will tweet immediately if I know of any money actually changing hands . .

Member:  Carly Simon singing ANTICIPATION

MZ: A number of paymasters are refusing to go back to the bank unless they are guaranteed the money …well, banks are guaranteeing the money so they will go back in today. We will be watching this closely.

MZ: The news from all the paymasters has been exceptionally good all around the world. Lots of talk about liquidity beginning today…….

MZ: This could be it…..I hope so……We are all tired of this game…the up and down…the back and forth…but buckle up…we are so painfully close

MZ: The last update I got from Isaac was early yesterday and he was saying watch the next 48 hours….thats what he was hearing.

Member:  Texas Snake last night: MORE: Everything looks positive but no actual start tIme as yet

Member: What is a paymaster?

MZ: A paymaster is like a esgrow agent….but on a much larger scale. They are licensed…..many are attorneys….they aggregate funds to distribute. Example: Let’s say there is a large church group….they would employ a paymaster …they aggregate funds and distribute payments…..most get paid after they do their job. Think of it as an attorney at a closing on real estate. He pays the people who did the inspection..he pays this bank…that bank…the seller…..all those things….that’s what a paymaster does.

Member: I think paymasters are under NDA’s

MZ: Some are under an NDA…my understanding is the only ones under a NDA received some of their labor money up front to stay in place.  A bunch of them were just going to head home…say screw this because of the delays and I think the banks got a little desperate. Some banks  were willing to pay some of their expenses to keep them in place….

MZ: Most of the paymasters were in place on their own dime because they usually get paid after they distribute. So you had a number of them say they could not afford to stay in place anymore….A cheap hotel in Zurich is $300 bucks a night.

Member: So do paymasters have the funds and are just waiting for the OK to go?

MZ: I have been informed that some paymasters are sitting on funds and waiting for the OK to go…but some do not have funds yet…….but they are prepared and will probably only take 20-30 minutes for the funds to be ready to distribute….

Member: So if Mr. C has not entered the codes yet…how do paymasters already have funds?

MZ: Some paymasters work for different groups. ..maybe the Chinese who are buying and trading over time…like dinar for groups…..things like that. They can move their own funds as they are coming from a different pot.

Member:  if not today …I pray the RV will be tomorrow??

Member:  Would love for this to end today...............


Member:  FOMC meeting notes today at 2pm so market could really tank hard then

Member:  JUNE 28 ….BASEL 3….The End of paper contract PM manipulation schemes

Member:  There are Gold Atm’s put in place…cash spits out… Gold in Dubai and 6 other Countries…. it's a Go

Member:  Almost 1000 Military planes over the USA yesterday....its stirring up ladies n' gentlemen. Maybe something pops tomorrow with an event....

Member:  There are lots of DC buildings boarded or closed

Member:  at 10 a.m. yesterday Southwest cancelled all 500 flights for the day and it appears they may be doing that again today the question is how much money did they lose for 1 day of shutting down

Member:  the other thing that not a lot of people are talking about is the trains just stopping all over the country

Member:  we all know that planes and trains are supposed to stop for three days so could this be day two or was yesterday a test-run

Member:  Things has been really quiet for over a week, things has to be going down....

Member: I hope our position is really better than before.Thx Mark……

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