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MarkZ: "All of my banking contacts right now are prepared" (Banks Prepared? LOL) 6/15/21 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "All of my banking contacts right now are prepared" (Banks Prepared? LOL) 6/15/21

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MarkZ: "All of my banking contacts right now are prepared" (Banks Prepared? LOL) 6/15/21 Empty MarkZ: "All of my banking contacts right now are prepared" (Banks Prepared? LOL) 6/15/21

Post by RamblerNash Tue Jun 15, 2021 10:13 pm


Member: Where are we, and what have they done with that RV this time????

MZ: This is what I am hearing. My conversations with paymaster’s , bond dealers, attorneys is everything is ready and they are waiting for permission to distribute. We do not know when that permission is coming, but they are confident it is any moment. .

MZ: My best banking contact returns back to his bank about 1 or 2 this afternoon , so hopefully this evening I will have a better update….If its anything pressing …If it looks like it could occur before tomorrow morning I will come back in and will let you all know.

MZ: All of my banking contacts right now are prepared and looking for permission to distribute funds

MZ: One CMKX update says they are ready…...

Member: The first thing to trigger everything according to storm rider is financial crash

Member: What about nesara?

Member: Unless proven otherwise consider cabal still in control because no noticeable arrests.

Member: Who decides when the RV funds are dispersed?

MZ: I hear we are waiting on grandfather of the Golden Dragons to say ok…let ‘er rip…. …he has the gold.

Member: Do you think we're waiting on an event which triggers mass public arrests, then Tier 4B starts? Mr C did say the Golden Dragon wants to see arrests happen first, so maybe that is that what we're waiting for?

Member: Hearing FBI building in DC is boarded up and Marines are moving into the area.

Member: News that they have arrested a bunch of the people in the Costa Rica government …so arrests are beginning.

Member: mass arrests in Europe and Australia . 800 busts in 700 locations made simultaneously . News just breaking now !

Member: Have you heard anything about some 400 paymasters being arrested and replaced?

MZ: No…I have not heard that number…..but have I heard that a number of them have been cleaned up…absolutely. I know they like pump-fakes….when they do pump fakes….they catch people…..right now Interpol is trying to find the folks who have been trading our skr funds for years and making a fortune on those….there has been a lot to clean up. .

Member: What was the skr for?

MZ: A skr was given for people to folks in Tier 4a who have already aggregated and turned in their foreign currency.

Member: Does this depend on the EBS going off?

MZ: We hear it will light up like crazy. Be used for education…it will be another cog in the wheel….

Member: Will secure website be the first contact or will Zim holders be the only ones talking live to humans on the phone?

MZ: We do not know 100 percent how its going to work….we assume we will all be talking to human beings because as I understand ,it the secure link will give us a number to call based on your region. So you call the number, and I am told they will ask you what currencies you have (not the amounts) .

MZ: Also if you have Zim….or if not yet been seen with CMKX or are a bond holder… ….and you have it…then let them know this. This may determine where you are going for your redemption. I am told because of projects that Zim people may not exchange at the same place as those who just have dong and dinar.

Member: Will bitcoin or cryptos save the federal reserve?

MZ: i do not think anything will save the Federal Reserve. …its toast

MZ: A number of people keep asking me how they get a email when the reset happens….how do people get their email address and know they have currency?

MZ: We have been told that they will use aggregating sites like Dinar Recaps and Intel Chronicles to distribute instructions when its time. I was told they will send a email to Recaps or whoever for them to post saying the RV has occurred – here are the instructions…..and please send this to your entire mailing list.

MZ: So if you are concerned…go sign up at Recaps at www.Dinarrecaps.com , and no I do not work for them….I am not affiliated with them…..they have just been the easiest for me to work with over the years. If anything was posted that was wrong…I can just send them a quick email and they will immediately fix it.

Member: Also if you signed up years ago for the Generals group or the WF Private group you should get an email from them with group instructions……

MZ: Last night Rod Steele sent me an update for me to read to you guys.This is what he is hearing

Rod Steele “Monday’s News….i am hearing Iranian currency will be very good. They still had to do 2 more things as of this last weekend. Something is suddenly going on with it. The rate has to be close to the Iraqi dinar for it to be in parity. Many sanctions on Iran are still in place but some were lifted .

All the news in Iraq is about the coming exchange rate. Their budget was based on approx.. $42-45 dollars for a barrel of oil. Oil is now $72 a barrel in the US. This is a substantial surplus for the Iraqi people.

The Iraqi people are starting to make threats again. The Kurds say if this isn’t done by the end of June they will sue Iraq.This is likely just more theatre Iraq is doing more public education campaigns to prepare the people. The CBI will put more US dollars back into circulation on Tuesday to drive the dinar rate back down.

The World Bank bank is pushing Iraq harder to implement something in that regard. Also, The Dinar International rate put on Master cards/Visa’s for contractors ect… is over $4.00 on Monday morning.

US Banks in Texas expect it to happen this week again…for tier 4b…not the general public.

I spoke to some wealth managers at the largest WF in Ft. Worth and in Dallas a few weeks ago and they still sounded clueless.

Still getting a base rate on the Zim of about .11 to .33 cents per million. Keep in mind that different banks with different contracts with the UST may have different rates they can negotiate with…..This is a wrap.

MZ: This was Rod Steel’s update….i do not have an update from Sheila yet.

Member: IRAQ lets get this done before INFLATION eats our RV LUNCH......

Member: Ok 11 cents per million zim- so a ten trillion note would be exchanged for?

MZ: if Rod’s numbers are correct then we would get about 11 million dollars per 100T note. This is the lowest I have heard. I am still hearing we would get $36 million per 100T note if we want the lowest rate….no humanity project….no paperwork……

Member: Time for me to run, but remember...2% of the passionate will defeat 98% of the indifferent 100% of the time. See y'all tomorrow.

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