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Kuwait: We are committed to rebuilding the liberated Iraqi cities DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Kuwait: We are committed to rebuilding the liberated Iraqi cities

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Kuwait: We are committed to rebuilding the liberated Iraqi cities Empty Kuwait: We are committed to rebuilding the liberated Iraqi cities

Post by claud39 Sun Jun 13, 2021 2:47 pm

[size=36]Kuwait: We are committed to rebuilding the liberated Iraqi cities[/size]

Sunday 13 June 

Kuwait: We are committed to rebuilding the liberated Iraqi cities 2093687

The State of Kuwait affirmed its continued support and assistance to Iraq in the field of reconstruction of the liberated cities and the creation of infrastructure.

This came during the visit of the Ambassador of the State of Kuwait in Baghdad, Salem Al-Zamanan to the district of Fallujah in Anbar Governorate, at the invitation of the United Nations as part of the ongoing efforts to remove explosives and mines from the liberated cities.

According to a United Nations report, which was revealed at the beginning of this year, the military projectiles in Al-Araf are estimated at about 50 million.

Unexploded projectiles claim dozens of lives annually, dating back to the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s, and the explosives left by ISIS during its occupation of Iraqi cities in June 2014.

Al-Zamanan said, in a statement to Al-Ain Al-Akhbariya, on the sidelines of his visit to Fallujah district in Anbar province, that "the visit came at the invitation of the United Nations, to see its efforts to remove mines and secure areas after their liberation from ISIS, and to spread awareness among children and minors." of the dangers of remnants of war.

He added that "his last visit to Fallujah was two years ago, and today it is much different from the past, and the construction and rehabilitation efforts are clear."

Al-Zamanan continued: "I always wish for the Republic of Iraq security, safety and stability, and I hope on my next visit to see all mines and war remnants removed, and families returned to their homes again."

Al-Zamanan pointed out that "Kuwait is always present with Iraq and interacting with all issues that concern Iraq, and after declaring victory over ISIS, Kuwait announced the organization of the (Kuwait Conference for the Reconstruction of Iraq) and pledges were made by some countries to help Iraq, and it was estimated The sums are thirty billion dollars, of which two billion dollars is Kuwait's share of these pledges."

He concluded his speech, saying, "We are cooperating with the Iraqi Prime Minister to implement infrastructure and other projects, and we also have great efforts and cooperation with the Affected Areas Reconstruction Fund, and we donated one hundred million dollars to the health sector, and I believe that there are many projects and large sums that have been allocated to Anbar Governorate."

The occupation of the Iraqi cities by ISIS and the military operations that accompanied the wars of liberation caused the destruction of most of the infrastructure and the collapse of public institutions and buildings.

The Iraqi Ministry of Finance revealed that the cost of rebuilding the liberated areas, after the final victory over ISIS 4 years ago, amounted to about $88 billion.

In 2018, Kuwait hosted an international conference to provide financial support to Iraq under the so-called "donor countries", in order to help accelerate the reconstruction of the liberated areas.

The conference witnessed the participation of about 76 countries and regional organizations, as well as hundreds of companies and representatives of the private sector, and they pledged to provide about 30 billion dollars in loans to help rebuild the areas destroyed by the occupation of ISIS.

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