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Bruce’s Big Call

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Post by Ponee Fri Jun 11, 2021 9:34 pm

Bruce’s Big Call Replay LINK   Intel Begins:  1:14:30

Welcome everybody to the Big Call tonight – it’s Thursday June 10th – and you’re listening to the Big Call - thanks for tuning in once again - I didn’t think we would be here on tonight’s call but here we are – I’ve got a great bunch of information to pass out to you tonight – so we look forward to that -

Ok let’s get into a little bit about where we are from an intel point of view – we got some good high quality information today – first of all – imagine a conference call that was global in nature – between banks globally - that started yesterday at 2:45 PM eastern and went until 9:45 PM – that’s about 7 hours conference call – do you think they might have discussed some things relative to our start? And relative to the beginning of us doing our exchanges and zim redemption? The answer is an overwhelming “yes”

They probably also did talk about bond payouts because today in the mid to late afternoon the bond holders were finally notified by emails and other means that their bond holders would be being paid out today into their accounts that would give them access – some of the people over the weekend – and some getting access on Monday to those funds –

Those amounts were between 1-2% depending on whatever factors - the amount/volume - number of – etc – so at least that finally is in that time of fruition –

Now – to satisfy the World Court with what we’re doing – they wanted tier 4B to be notified and to get started by this week – let’s say by the weekend - I don’t know if that would include – my opinion it would be we need to be notified by “Saturday” –

Now we got word from one of our lead banks today that we will be notified either tomorrow or Saturday and we will be setting appointments to start Monday after 10:30 AM – times based on eastern daylight savings time –

So we do believe that we are finally to satisfy the World Court by getting us started underway as tier 4B and have our appointments set - we could set them tomorrow – Saturday - - but I don’t believe we will go before Monday – anything is possible – so we’ll see – but I know they really wanted this to go this week for us –

I think we might just make that happen if we’re notified Friday or Saturday - I am going to say this was the week – you know as well as I do – getting those email notifications – getting those 800 numbers – establishing those acquaintance’s – setting those appointments - that is golden - that is golden – we get that done and know we are on our way – we know that this thing has happened for us - and we know it’s just a matter of our appointment time as to when we go in for our appointment – that is the bottom line –

So I am very excited to get this news today – the bondholders have been notified – they will be receiving liquidity on Monday – we will be notified Friday or Saturday – from what I’ve been told –

I am the messenger – I did not make this up – I am just telling you what I’m hearing – Monday – starting with our appointments – and you know what? That is pretty darn close to a shotgun start - isn’t it? So that is wonderful

There was to be a couple events to take place yesterday – and we know of two of them – one was that the NESARA legislation which affects the United States did get signed off about 1 PM yesterday –

The other piece of news we found out today that occurred yesterday had more to do with clean-up on aisle 3in at least 4 Eastern countries –

I really don’t want to get into the specifics on that – suffice to say that this is an ongoing situation with clean-up – we had major clean-up with paymasters regarding the bonds – we’ve had other clean-up – you know – it’s just ongoing – it’s just something we’re not going to see the end of any time soon

I believe President Trump will get his birthday wish which was to get us started by his birthday which is Monday June 14th - so Happy Birthday President Trump and thank you for your effort in getting this put underway so that we can get our Humanitarian projects that we know about started –

My understanding is that it’s not just us doing Humanitarian projects for the world – it’s also important that we of course help ourselves – our families and our local communities as well – and that is a very big part of Rebuild America –

I think what we’re getting today clarified some things – it made good sense to me as to the satisfaction of the World Court by getting tier 4B underway – and that’s what I understand that was the order of the court to have that done this week –and I believe we are going to make it – barely – but we should make it –

Even if we start with exchanges Monday after 10:30 AM – by getting notified tomorrow and or Saturday that is enough – evidently to satisfy what the court order is – so we’ll see – Let’s be positive and look forward to that – I’m so excited about that information – because the bond holders have already been notified and they have their liquidity either over the weekend or on Monday – so we’re all kind of in that shotgun start approach right now – very encouraging

I think we’re going to have some incredible stories - Now remember – ha – I had to catch myself – we’re going to be under a non-disclosure agreement – we’re going to get a preliminary NDA with our emails that we need sign and get it back to the center and then we’re going to supersede that email with a new email at the time of redemption appointment – or at the exchange appointment – we’re going to have an opportunity to review – probably a deeper and longer NDA and sign that and then boom – you’re off and running –

Remember they want to get us in and out in 30 minutes – 30 minutes – that is everything – from getting in – KYC – know your customer information – counting and verifying currency – listening to a 5-8 minute presentation of your projects – setting up a new account – get credit / debit card lined up – going over perks – for the particular bank – maybe 3-4 pages – to take home and ponder over - then follow up appointment to get with wealth management team – and possibly set up a private family office – It’s going to be a new game -

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