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MarkZ: "so from what I am hearing….everything is a “go” now" (Just Like Last Year And The Years Before! Reruns Suck, Don't They? LOL) 6/8/21  DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZ: "so from what I am hearing….everything is a “go” now" (Just Like Last Year And The Years Before! Reruns Suck, Don't They? LOL) 6/8/21

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MarkZ: "so from what I am hearing….everything is a “go” now" (Just Like Last Year And The Years Before! Reruns Suck, Don't They? LOL) 6/8/21  Empty MarkZ: "so from what I am hearing….everything is a “go” now" (Just Like Last Year And The Years Before! Reruns Suck, Don't They? LOL) 6/8/21

Post by RamblerNash Tue Jun 08, 2021 9:57 pm

MZ: I still cannot find a bond dealer with Cash in their pockets yet….I do know they have been doing a lot of “due diligence” on bonds……making sure everything is good……but nobody with cash yet.

MZ: On the banking front I am being told that they have cleaned up all the logistical issues that they needed to…..so from what I am hearing….everything is a “go” now. We are watching things closely.

MZ: We have a couple of good calls later this evening when Asia wakes back up….hopefully I will have some news for you….if its good I will tweet it out. Or we will talk about it in the morning. ….

Member: Are we still in a 24-48 hour window?

MZ: We are knee deep in that last 12-24 hours right now…this is from what I heard on Sunday….….

MZ: No news on Pp’s or CMKX today

Member:  Isaac said no bond liquidity yesterday, but very hopeful soon

Member: Many internet sites are down…..wonder if that means anything?

Mod:  Major global internet outage ongoing. Reddit, Twitch, CNN, The New York Times, The Guardian, The Financial Times, and many more are down. …This was early morning

MZ: Yes…a number of government and military sites are down…..I wonder why some of our key government sites are housed n cloud servers in Europe?  As a security issue I find that interesting…..but a number of government sites in the UK and the UN are also down. Also some big conglomerate companies were down this morning for hours.

Member:  BIG BREAKING NEWS 🇺🇸 US House of Representatives hit by a Ransomware Cyber Attack.

Member: Any news on rates

Member: Of course, the rates don't matter if this is still waiting on "whatever" month after month...It needs to finally happen. We are still waiting for whatever is supposed to be, being done, even though not long ago, everything was already done....tink tink

MZ: Keep in mind the banks always have to be ready…..

Member: I bet they are just as frustrated as we are with all these delays…….

Member:  IMO NO ONE knows the exact timing on the release of the RV,,,,,,, NO ONE knows the exact rates on any of the currencies,,,,, you'll know at your exchange appointment, not before!!!!!!

MZ: I heard they would release the VND dong street rate at about .47 cents….then allow it to float up….but, we would be covered in a contract rate of the low #2 range……

Member:  if the dong is 1-1 I'd be happy …any more would be magical


Member:  Russia is dumping US dollars

MZ: Yes and that is one of the reasons I think we are quickly going gold-backed. We are not going to have a choice


Member:  The bonds are taking longer than everyone expected due to all the fraudulent bonds being presented. These mother boxes are sealed and should not be opened. If a fraudulent bond inside, means tampered.

MZ: I still have not seen any bond redeemers with cash in their pockets.

Member:  Dave Schmidt says that US & China still negotiating on final release date for RV!!!!!

Member: Will the Venezuelan Bolivar be in the first basket?

MZ: I cannot get an answer on that for sure….

Member: I heard it will be in the second basket.

Member: How about the Indonisian Rupiah?

MZ: I hear is will be around $1.50 give or take.

Member: What do you hear on the dinar?

MZ: I still hear the street rate will come out at just under $4……and we may see up to $8 on the contract side….

Member: How about the Zim?

MZ: I am still hearing about 36 million per 100T note. Maybe more if you have projects.

Member: How long do you think the NDA is?

MZ: I hear 30-90 days on the rate we get…personally I think they should make it longer   we don’t want people to get in trouble sharing their business . but I think you should count on 90 days.

Member: So what is the latest hold up?

MZ: I am still hearing they had been clearing up many tech issues when they went live with many banking software and systems around the world on June 1st. ….The goal was to get the new system up and running June 1st…get all the bugs out by the middle of the month and then launch…it appears they are working hard in that direction. …....

Member:  Here’s an intention to call the RV in. “Every day in every way I am Prosperous and receiving Abundance”.

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