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Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday Night 1/9/20

Call Transcribed by WiserNow

Welcome everybody to The Big Call tonight – It is Thursday Jan 9th and you’re listening to The Big Call – Thanks for tuning in again – we appreciate you from all over the globe and we’re looking forward to having a great show tonight

Ok let’s talk a little about intel - what we’ve got happening now – as you guys know this intel – this whole thing with this blessing is a moving target – we get information and we think we’ve got a pretty close time line to what’s going on and then all of a sudden we get thrown a curve ball with something else or slightly different timing or – this is taking a little longer than we thought and so on – that’s sort of the situation we’re in now

We’ve got a good idea in the last few days of what’s happening – and what’s happening is the Dept of the treasury and the Dept of Defense have more or less signed off and authorized certain groups and certain financial groups, adjudicated settlements- fines & penalties and so on to begin a 4 step process or 4 phases of the payout situation -

It starts with notification – then delivery of packets – then it goes to taking any information to a bank – setting up new accounts with the information and so on – it’s like 4 different phases for example –

Now, I have to say Thank You to Ron who sent emails to correct me about the information I put out back on Tuesday and the previous Thursday about CMKX – first of all, my understanding is it is properly said CMKM?? I don’t understand where the CMKX came from I still don’t know that -

but what’s interesting about that settlement is that it had not been paid and I realized that actually after last Tuesday’s call – I realized oops, sorry, it had not been completed and Ron sent me something that clarified that a little bit -- and, we’re in a process – that process, from what I understand is the hardest thing in the world to prove out or verify what stage it’s in or what phase it’s in but I believe it’s in the early starting phase of the pay out to those individuals that are a part of that settlement

Now, in addition you’ve got fines & penalties - you’ve got the other adjudicated settlements and so on being handled – they are also in we think the 4 phases of completion ok, so I don’t know what phase they are in right now but we know they’ve started

Now, cut to the information that came in fairly late last night and that is that we’re looking at the go ahead having been authorized by the treasury for the key officer of the groups out west have been given authorization to begin funding those group participants by using the paymasters and in that particular case most of those accounts as far as I know have the money residing in new accounts and the people that are participants are just waiting to be notified as to that account information so they can see and have access to those funds –

The understanding was that they would have access to 2 % of the transaction amount and then in 48 hrs have access to the remaining amount – let’s call it the “mother lode” - as I tend to use the term “mother lode” for the largest account we have after we exchange or redeemed, in the case of the Zim

So, now that is coming for those people – Now getting evidence of it, I can’t prove it but the understanding is clear that the authorization was issued yesterday and confirmed last night to have been received

Now, beyond that, I can tell you that there are Zim platforms about to be processed in 7 different cities – New York, Miami, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, Zurich, and Hong Kong – These are platforms that have been set up months and years ago well I am going to say at least a year or more ago - Nothing that an individual Zim holder at this stage takes part in at all - it’s not for us - so you have to have been invited to be a part of that a long time ago and those are about –

Now here’s a bit of clarification I go today – those cities – and this is to just show the movement guys – this is to show the momentum and the movement forward in this whole blessing – this whole RV / GCR

What also is happening is the trustees for those Zim platform groups have been invited to go to the cities where those groups are based and stay in the hotels - and their hotels are being covered – their living expense - meals and so on - are being covered as they prepare to be funded so that they can move forward with the participants in those platforms those groups ok

I know that’s a little different, quite a bit different really than what we are going to be doing – I’m telling you this to give you an idea of what is happening out there – what is the timing and how we fit into it

The next part is we have major funds moving into place from both the (regrettus trust ????)??? and the Saint Germain trust – these could be used for some NESARA funding as you guys know or should know we are looking at some major debt jubilee coming up for us here not only in the united states but around the world – that would be under GESARA –

What WE are looking at is under NESARA – that would include some debt relief also include the funding from those trusts may also be for us in tier 4B – Now, it’s hard to say exactly and when huge amounts of funds are moving to central banks of countries; our central bank would be US Treasury which as you guys know the Federal Reserve has been completely reformatted and to become a part of our Treasury as well as the IRS – both have been reduced in staffing substantially - and will become a part of our US Treasury so that is happening too

We’re in a position it looks like to have certain of these groups paid out - the fines & penalties and adjudicated – CMKM paid out – perhaps that has to happen before we even get started –

I would say this is a time to get prepared – we’ve got a few days here and there left I think – I think we’re going to get started and they want this to be started before the 15th which I think is going to be Monday/Tuesday which is 13th / 14th - I believe that’s going to happen based on the intel we have now –

That pushes Joe Public tier 5 out to the 24th of Jan – ok, but we will still have at least 8 or 9 days when we start to do our Zim exchanges at the redemption center throughout the United States/ Canada / and even Mexico

Now, trying to think if there’s anything else – oh, the other thing I wanted to mention is the concept of the QFS System – The Quantum Financial System is a new system that we, as far as I can tell right now has completely transitioned over to from the Swift System – We were running parallel with the Swift for about a year and I think we are completely off of Swift and onto the QFS

Two benefits for us - 2 benefits that come out immediately No 1 the speed of transfers and they use the term ledger to ledger transfers for as opposed to sending wire transfer – but whichever way you say it, these transfers can occur in 28 – 52 seconds; even globally – around the world – that is fantastic speed –

No longer will the banks hold our money while a wire is coming in or say well it’s going to take 9 days or 11 days to get here – those days are gone - We are under a new banking system – We are going to see a lot of change in that –

The other thing we are going to see is with our accounts – and I am going to say especially if you’re a Zim holder; but with our accounts you’ll have 3 things to access your mother lode account

#1 you’ll have a biometric finger print reader to read your finger or thumb print – whichever it is which is security and access

#2 secondly you’ll have a titanium card that you will have to enter into the reader, the card reader for information

#3 thirdly you’ll have a pass code that you’ll have to know to get it

Now, those 3 things are things for you only – they are NOT for the bankers to see – You’re going to be able to see a bank screen by yourself when you enter that information I just mentioned – that is for your protection and security – so no one else that you don’t want to see will see - unless you want somebody that you absolutely trust to be able to access your account with your card and with your thumbprint or fingerprint – that is up to you -

If you have 1 or 2 people that you can trust with that and can see your account but it is designed for you to see it individually without anyone else seeing it and without anyone else having access or getting access to it

I am sure they will give you a complete tutorial when you get there just be aware that is what you’re going to be receiving if you set up a mother lode account – Certainly with Zim and maybe with other currencies as well

Now, that will give you security – you will not be able to access your funds on that account at home – you can forget about that - You would only go to a specialized office with Wells or Chase or with HSBC or whatever bank you choose to work with and you would only go to one of those private banking centers which we’re supposed to have a week or so after we start exchanges -

We’re supposed to have about 2,000 locations for each bank; each of the major tier 1 banks that we can go and access our accounts

The only reason you would access that mother lode account using those 3 things is when you’re moving money – that is the only reason you would need to do it – when you’re moving funds – from some place to some place else - moving to another bank or whatever ok -

I’m sure they have ways for us to set up our accounts where our interest is paid automatically into what I call a spill over account from the mother lode account to the spill over account and then from there into other accounts – it could be used to pay bills – to purchase things - to pay off credit cards and so on

You will set that up with your private banking team - just be aware of that specialty with the QFS o no body at the bank, no teller, no retail person, no private banker, nobody will have access to your account except you – unless you give that access to another individual -

You are going to want to keep that titanium card as well as your password in a very, very safe location – NOT in a safe deposit box in a bank by the way - NOT there – in another location only you know about

Now, I’m going to say we are very close – I thought this morning (Thursday AM) we were closer than we may be but you know – it’s a long race – it’s a Marathon – you guys, we’re still in Mile 26 – we are just about to the tape – we’ve got to hit the tape hard – we’ve got to stroke and hit the wall hard if we’re swimmers and we’ve got to slam that backboard if we’re basketball players –

So, I really think this thing is coming – I gave you the timeline that I’m hearing - remember, I’m only giving you what I’m getting and trying to gleam the truth out of everything I hear – I feel good about it - I would have felt better if it had been today, yeah but I think we’ve made it this far we’ve got to tread water a little bit longer and then we’re going to be home free – It’s all going to be worth it

Remember tier 4B is the only group that doesn’t have preset rates - we have privately negotiable rates and that’s the way the Chinese Elders wanted it – that’s what they wanted us to have because they know we have the projects that are going to help humanity

So with that I am going to say thank you for listening, all over the globe; thank you for transcribing our call and thank you guys for praying for the prayer request sent in today – thank you for keeping the faith for this to happen - Everybody have a good night
by RamblerNash
on Fri Jan 10, 2020 11:38 pm
Topic: Bruce’s Big Call Intel Thursday Night 1/9/20
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MarkZ: "The Iraqi side is still looking at the 5th or 6th" 1/3/20

MZ: We are still in about the same place we were yesterday. Our banking side here in the Us seem to think we will see it at any moment.

MZ: The Iraqi side is still looking at the 5th or 6th.

MZ: Military sources agree with after the 5th. Through the 15th.

MZ: I am hearing some very good things on package deliveries….I hear the plan is to release them this weekend starting late tonight. I am staying home so I monitor potential deliveries.

Member: Once initiated cmkx should b a done deal. Been preparing it for nearly 20 years

Member: Here’s an interesting stat 5% of bank failure in China will require 20% of they’re GDP. Their banking system is double the size of US and 483 banks are in freefall!

MZ: They are in complete freefall….which means they have to force this reset. We are already seeing banks fail in Europe……and they are trying to hide the statistics here. …chase is on very rocky ground right now.

Q: So do you think the death of Sulemani will have any effect on our investment?

MZ: I do expect a couple of rocky days which is why I am looking toward the 6th-ish…rather than right away even though my banking sources still swear its now. I think they need to see if there is any fallout from this. Keep in mind that Soleimani is key to the infiltration of Iran’s reach into Iraq. He also whipped up the attack on the US Embassy. I think him being gone is a good thing.

Member: Iraqis were running in the street with Iraq's Flag and USA flags. Chanting USA.

Member: Yeah... Trump poked the bear with that last air strike. Fortunately it’s only a koala bear & our military is full of GRIZZLIES! If Iran tries anything, I’m afraid we will have to CRUSH them!


Member: Trump did great keeping quiet what he was doing and the media found out as we did! Lol

Member: The dead of Qassem is a statement that say any escalation will be on the leaders who planed/organize/lead an attack to USA and not to the people

Member: Not only did we kill the #1 man but we got the #2 man as well.

Member: Breaking News: Iran commander: Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani, eho led powerful Quds Force, Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, killed by American MQ-9 Reaper drone missiles fired at convoy leaving Baghdad airport. IMO Hurts Iran efforts to control Iraq.

Member: POTUS said Jan. National Human Trafficking Prevention Month...Ending with National Freedom Day, Feb. First!!!


Member: When we hear major arrests have occurred then we will RV

Q: is there a source to see when arrests are made? there isn't much on the news channels…

MZ: When the big arrests happen it will be everywhere….imo it will be so big even the MSM cannot hide it anymore.

Mr. Cottrell joins the stream about minute 15:00. Please listen to the replay for all the details on George Bush Sr. trying to assassinate his own son George W.in 2004….more than once, the death of Soleimani , his phone being tapped right now, arrests, rats and much more……….

MZ: I will be close to home watching for potential package deliveries this weekend. If anything happens I will tweet and do a stream…..Have a great weekend.

Mod: THANK YOU, SNAKE, PLANNING QUESTIONNAIRE: https://www.mmbb.org/docs/FinancialPlanningQuestionnaire.pdf

Your straw man (Strawman) is an artificial person http://freedom-school.com/aware/your-straw-man-is-an-artificial-person.html

MZ: Video on PP’s and Farm claims: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAL0exvL45Y

Mod: Dr Shabibi answering questions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ol8wve53-ME
by RamblerNash
on Fri Jan 03, 2020 4:05 pm
Topic: MarkZ: "The Iraqi side is still looking at the 5th or 6th" 1/3/20
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Here Is What The Horowitz Report Should Conclude Dec 9

[size=13]Authored by Larry Johnson via Sic Semper Tyrannis blog,
You do not have to wait for the Horowitz report. I can give you a preview of what he should have found if he conducted an honest audit.
Topics tagged under 1 on Dinar Daily Comey1
The following is not my opinion. It is based on the flood of information that has come out over the past two and a half-years surrounding the plot to destroy the Presidency of Donald Trump. When you read these facts it is easy to understand how dishonest and corrupt the FBI were in presenting a FISA application to spy on Carter Page. Helen Keller could see this is wrong.

Let me take you through this piece-by-piece (except where noted I am quoting from the first FISA application).
Topics tagged under 1 on Dinar Daily 212002_0
Let's start with the FBI claim that Carter Page was an "agent of a foreign government."
The target of this application is Carter Page, a U.S. person, and an agent of a foreign power, described in detail below. The status of the target was determined in or about October 2016 from information provided by the U.S. Department of State.


What information did State supply? Information provided by the notorious Christopher Steele. The Washington Examiner's Daniel Chaitin reported on this in May 2019:
Steele met Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Kathleen Kavalec on Oct. 11, 2016, 10 days before the first warrant application was submitted, and admitted he was encouraged by a client, the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee, to get his research out before the 2016 election on Nov. 8, signaling a possible political motivation. The meeting was described in notes taken by Kavalec that were obtained by conservative group Citizens United through open-records litigation. The notes show that Kavalec believed at least some of Steele’s allegations to be false.
Government officials told the Hill that Kavalec informed FBI Special Agent Stephen Laycock about the meeting in an email eight days before the FISA warrant application was filed. Laycock, then the FBI’s section chief for Eurasian counterintelligence, quickly forwarded what he learned to Peter Strzok, the special agent who was leading the Trump-Russia investigation.

There it is. Not an assumption. A fact. State passed a false report from Christopher Steele to the FBI and the FBI ran with it. A competent FBI Agent would have asked about the identity of the source of the information. Either the FBI failed to do this or it lied in the FISA application. The FBI had a responsibility to note that Steele was the sole source for the claim that Page was an "agent of a foreign power."
The application reiterates its basis for this assertion:
This application targets Carter Page. The FBI believes Page has been the subject of targeted recruitment by the Russian Government to undermine and influence the outcome of the 2016 U.S. Presidential election in violation of U.S. criminal law.


This is based on the false report from Christopher Steele as well as "cooked" intelligence provided by CIA Director Brennan. Brennan was passing off a low level Russian bureaucrat as a high level source with direct access to Putin. That was a lie.
The application then tries to bolster the lie by attributing the FBI's credulity by citing the U.S. intelligence community (an ironic oxymoron).
In addition, according to an October 7, 2016 Joint Statement from the Department of Homeland Security and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence on Election Security (Election Security Joint Statement), the USIC is confident that the Russian Government directed the recent compromises of e-mails from U.S. persons and institutions, including from U.S. political organizations. The Election Security Joint Statement states that the recent disclosures of e-mails on; among others, sites like WikiLeaks are consistent with the methods and motivations of Russian-directed efforts. According to the Election Security Joint Statement, these thefts and disclosures are intended to interfere with the U.S. election process; activity that is not new to Moscow - the Russians have used similar tactics and techniques across Europe and Eurasia, for example, to influence public opinion there. The Election Security Joint Statement states that, based on the scope and sensitivity of these efforts, only Russia's senior-most officials could have authorized these activities.

This was a lie. The US Intelligence Community aka USIC had made no such formal determination. If they had there would have been a written document. There was no written document and no evidence that "all 17 intelligence agencies" had coordinated and approved such a document. The Intelligence Community Assessment would not be published until January 2017 and only the FBI, the CIA and the NSA signed off on that piece of fantasy.

After stating that Carter was a Trump foreign policy advisor the FBI insists in the application:
The FBI believes that the Russian Government's efforts are being coordinated with Page and perhaps other individuals associated with Candidate #l's campaign (i.e. Trump).

That belief was based on the bogus information passed to State Department by Christopher Steele. It was a lie. They had no evidence and, more importantly, obtained no validation as a result of spying authorized by this outrageous application.
The FBI continues with this charade by outlining Page's previous cooperation in helping gather evidence that led to the indictment of two Russian intel officers in January 2015. Worth noting that Bill Priestrap, who was now running FBI's Counter Intelligence operations from FBI Headquarters, was the supervising agent in that operation and knew all about the role Page played in helping get the Russians. But the FBI put this into the application merely to foster the perception that Carter had an in with the Russians.

The FBI then disingenuously introduces Christopher Steele (i.e., Confidential Human Source #1) as the source for evidence about Page's supposedly nefarious activities:
According to open source information, in July 2016, Page traveled to Russia and delivered the commencement address at the New Economic School.7 In addition to giving this address, the FBI has learned that Page met with at least two Russian officials during this trip. First, according to information provided by an FBI confidential-human source (Source #1), reported that Page had a secret meeting with Igor Sechin, who is the President of Rosneft [a Russian energy company] and a close associate to Russian President Putin. [Steele] reported that, during the meeting, Page and Sechin discussed future bilateral energy cooperation and the prospects for an associated move to lift Ukraine-related Western sanctions against Russia.

This was a lie designed to bamboozle the FISA court Judge. When you look at the footnote for Christopher Steele, we catch the FBI in another monster lie:
and the FBI is unaware of any derogatory information pertaining to Source #1.

The FBI fired Steele as a compensated human source within days of this FISA application. Getting fired for leaking information to the press without the approval of the FBI is "DEROGATORY INFORMATION. Why did the FBI lie on this critical detail? Let us hope Horowitz addresses this.
The footnote related to Steele also contains this disingenuous whopper:
Source #1, who now owns a foreign business/financial intelligence firm, was approached by an identified U.S. person, who indicated to Source #1 that a U.S.-based law firm had hired the identified U.S. person to conduct research regarding Candidate #l's ties to Russia (the identified U.S. person and Source #1 have a long-standing business relationship). The identified U.S. person hired Source #1 to conduct this research. The identified U.S. person never advised Source #1 as to the motivation behind the research into Candidate #l's ties to Russia. The FBI speculates that the identified U.S. person was likely looking for information that could be used to discredit Candidate #1's campaign.

The FBI knew that Glenn Simpson was working for Hillary Clinton. They failed to mention this. Instead, the FBI opted for the white lie of pretending that Steele, under Simpson's guidance, was just doing opposition research. The FBI can pretend they were just incompetent, but we now know that they were fully aware of Simpson's ties to the Clinton effort using the law firm as a cut-out.
The FBI continued feed out the lies of the Steele Dossier pretending they were verified facts:
Divyekin [who is assessed to be Igor Nikolayevich Divyekin] had met secretly with Page and that their agenda for the meeting included Divyekin raising a dossier or "kompromat"  that the Kremlin possessed on Candidate #2 [i.e., Clinton] and the possibility of it being released to Candidate #l's campaign.

This is an unverified claim. Regular Americans know it simple as another damn lie.
Then the FBI turns its attention to creating the propaganda meme that Donald Trump had cut a deal with Putin to lift all sanctions and hurt Ukraine. This is breathtaking in light of what we now know about real Ukrainian efforts to hurt Trump:
July 2016 article in an identified news organization reported that Candidate #1's campaign worked behind the scenes to make sure Political Party #1's platform would not call for giving weapons to Ukraine to fight Russian and rebel forces, contradicting the view of almost all Political Party #l's foreign policy leaders in Washington. The article stated that Candidate #l's campaign sought "to make sure that [Political Party #1] would ot pledge to give Ukraine the weapons it has been asking for from the United States." Further, an August 2016 article published by an identified news organization characterized Candidate #1 as sounding like a supporter of Ukraine's territorial integrity in September (2015], adopted a "milder" tone regarding Russia's annexation of Crimea. The August 2016 article further reported that Candidate #1 said Candidate #1 might recognize Crimea as Russian territory and lift punitive U.S. sanctions against Russia. The article opined that while the reason for Candidate #l's shift was not clear, Candidate #l's more conciliatory words, which contradict Political Party #1's official platform, follow Candidate #l's recent association with several people sympathetic to Russian influence in Ukraine, including foreign policy advisor Carter Page.



Receive a daily recap featuring a curated list of must-read stories.

This was false information (i.e., A LIE) being fed to a pliant media by Clinton campaign officials and supporters. And the FBI buys it hook line and sinker. 
The FBI then brings Michael Isikoff into the act, who also is passing along information obtained from Christopher Steele. This is nothing but chutzpah by the Bureau. Shameful:
About September 23, 2016, an identified news organization published an article (September 23rd News Article), which was written by the news organization's Chief Investigative Correspondent, alleging that U.S. intelligence officials are investigating Page with respect to suspected efforts by the Russian Government to influence the U.S. Presidential election.· According to the September 23rd News Article, U.S. officials received intelligence reports that when Page was in Moscow in July 2016 to deliver the above-noted commencement address at the New Economic School, he met with two senior Russian officials. The September 23rd News Article stated that a "well-placed Western intelligence source" told the news organization that Page met with Igor Sechin, a longtime Putin associate and former Russian deputy minister who is now the executive chairman of Rosneft. At their alleged meeting, Sechin raised the issue of the lifting of sanctions with Page.
According to the September 23rd News Article, the Western intellig nce source also reported that U.S. intelligence agencies received reports that Page met with another top Putin aide - Igor Divyekm,, a former Russian security official who now serves as deputy chief for internal policy and is believed by U.S. officials to have responsibility for intelligence collected by Russian agencies about the U.S. election.

The FBI is pretending that this is another source to corroborate Steele. It is not. It is Christopher Steele talking to Isikoff.
The FBI at least made the pretense of giving Carter Page a chance to deny the allegations and he did in the strongest terms possible:
On or about September 25, 2016, Page sent a letter to the FBI Director. In this letter, Page made reference to the accusations in the September 23rd News Article and denied them. Page stated thatthe source of the accusations is nothing more than completely false media reports and that he did not meet this year with any sanctioned official in Russia. Page also stated that he would be willing to discuss any "final" questions the FBI may have.

The rest of the application is blacked out and presumably contains the FBI's explanation of why they believed Carter Page was lying. But it was the FBI who was lying. If those blacked out portions are declassified then we will almost certainly see that the FBI was claiming it had multiple sources contradicting Page when in fact, it only had one--Christopher Steele, a retired British intelligence officer. 
I draw this conclusion based on the FBI's stated conclusion in the application:
(U) As discussed above, the FBI believes that Page has been collaborating and conspiring with the Russian Government . . .Based on the foregoing facts and circumstances the FBI submits that there is probable cause to believe that Page [and others whose names are blacked out, probably Michael Flynn] knowingly engage in clandestine intelligence activities (other than intelligence gathering activities) for or on behalf of such foreign power, or knowingly conspires with other persons to engage in such activities and, therefore, is an agent of a foreign power as defined by 50 U.S.C. § 1801(b)(2)(E).

The American people must wake up and understand how dishonest and stupid the FBI was in writing and submitting this baseless application to the FISA court. And we are not talking about low level flunkies who changed an email. Jim Comey signed off on these lies. Andrew McCabe signed off on this lies.
Topics tagged under 1 on Dinar Daily 5a6eb183f3faf.image__0
I will reiterate, if Inspector General Horowitz fails to highlight these clear and pervasive lies then it will be up to Attorney General Barr and Prosecutor John Durham to set things right.[/size]
by kenlej
on Sun Nov 24, 2019 11:58 pm
Topic: Here Is What The Horowitz Report Should Conclude Dec 9
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Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Nov. 20, 2019

Judy Note: Release of 800#s was expected between now and Thanksgiving Thurs. 28 Nov.

Bruce: On Mon. 18 Nov. there were groups in Reno receiving funds, which was expected to continue through Thurs. Nov. 21. One of Bruce’s Far East sources said, “Hang on, all your dreams will come true on Wed. 20 Nov.” Many believed that this would come about or be completed by Thanksgiving, Thurs. 28 Nov. They were expecting Zim redemption to be completed within 4-5 days of 800#s release.

MarkZ: On Mon. 18 Nov. a number of people were flown into Reno for currency exchange appointments scheduled for late Tues. 19 Nov. through Thurs. 21 Nov. MarkZ believed the 800#s would be released sometime between now and Thurs. 21 Nov.

Last Week the over 500 page FISA Report was completed. Before the report was released to the public anyone named in the report who faced a criminal referral and possible indictment was allowed to read the section that applied to them. This has delayed release of the FISA Report now expected around the first week in Dec. There were individuals named in the report who were now willing to provide additional evidence and testimony in order to avoid more serious charges like Treason brought against them.

Sun. 17 Nov: US Banks were told that the reset would happen by Thanksgiving 28 Nov.

Sun. 17 Nov: Fox News announced that the FISA Report release was changed to the first part of Dec. Inspector General Michael Horowitz was scheduled to testify before the Impeachment Inquiry Committee on 11 Dec and by law his FISA Report had to be released before he gave that testimony. Rumors suggested the report would be released prior and around the time of the anniversary of JFK's assassination (Nov. 22nd) and JFK Junior's birthday (Nov. 25th).

Mon. 18 Nov: The Iraqi Auction of fiat US petrodollars to Iran stopped, while the Iraqi press announced the RV of the Dinar. (That couldn’t happen without the Global Currency Reset).

A. Nov. 19 2019 The Big Call, Bruce: Thebigcall.net: 712-770-4016 pin123456#

1. On Mon. Nov. 18 a group in Reno received half a billion $ and another group received 4 sextillion $.

2. The Zim platforms were getting ready to go out – 12 sextillion $ was moved in Reno for that.

3. There were 11 Zim platforms in the US which would be paid out of Switzerland. That was going on today, tomorrow and Thurs. Nov. 19, 20, 21.

4. One of our international sources in the Far East said, “Hang on, all your dreams will come true tomorrow Wed. Nov. 20.”

5. Many believed that this would come by or be completed by Thanksgiving, Thurs. Nov. 28.

6. They were expecting Zim redemption to be completed within 4-5 days of 800#s release.

7. Bank information has been completely sealed off.

8. The currencies of all 209 countries were live on the bank front screens.

9. The green light has been turned on, while the Pentagon has been given the responsibility to release the 800#s when security was secured.

10. Funds were in place. Redemption Centers were ready to start.

B. Nov. 19 2019 Morning Chat with MarkZ: https://www.twitch.tv/theoriginalmarkz

1. On Mon. 18 Nov. a number of people were flown into Reno for currency exchange appointments scheduled for late Tues. 19 Nov. through Thurs. 21 Nov.

2. MarkZ believed the 800#s would be released sometime between Tues. 19 Nov. and Thurs. 21 Nov.

3. In Zurich Issac had an appointment with his buyers on Tues. 19 Nov.

4. Rumor was that over the weekend another murder attempt was made on President Trump through poisoning his food and that was the reason he went to a hospital for tests.

C. Nov. 19 2019 1:45 am Operation Disclosure Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure: GCR/RV Intel Alert for November 19, 2019 (Disclaimer: The following is an overview of the current situation of the world based on intelligence received from several sources which may or may not be accurate or truthful.)

“The Harvest [crop] has been prepared and soon will be delivered to the public for consumption. A Higher Loyalty [Y]. Hunters become the Hunted. Treason. Sedition. How do you remove a liability? Six o'clock can be dangerous. Family proud?” Q

1. Sources claim the FISA report is the crop being prepared for harvest.

2. Many officials within various positions of the government including the CIA and FBI will be exposed of committing treason and sedition.

3. Rumors suggests the FISA report will be released around the time of the anniversary of JFK's assassination (Nov. 22nd) and JFK Junior's birthday (Nov. 25th).

4. John Radcliffe claims the FISA report will contain an indictment for Adam Schiff.

5. The release of the FISA report will be the long awaited payback against the Khazarian Crime Syndicate's Deep State Cabal.

6. Child-sex-predator arrests have increased in 2019 signifying that the Khazarian Crime Syndicate's global human trafficking network is being taken down. https://archive.is/kiZjZ#19%

7. President Trump has successfully caused a global phenomena where citizens worldwide are now rejecting corruption.

8. According to sources, a "Black Swan" economical event is expected to occur in the near future.

9. Recent claims and documentation proves that the Federal Reserve has committed fraud and has placed itself above the law. The Federal Reserve is expected to be audited in the near future.

10. Phase 2 of the transition has now begun. All options to break the fiat financial system are now being considered by the Alliance. Phase 2 of the transition will shake up the fiat financial system by causing a crisis in energy, oil, and paper currencies.

11. The crisis will force countries into backing fiat money with oil which will be called "Black Gold." This will cause Gold to skyrocket and eventually force all countries to transition from Black Gold to Gold as the world transitions from an asset-backed monetary system to a gold standard monetary system.

12. Both Iraq and Iran's government are expected to be overthrown.

13. As for the RV, the Iraqi Dinar is expected to be the first currency to revalue.

D. Dr. Dave Janda discussed the envelope receipts during the George HW Bush funeral: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDXubXJQkgM Dr. Janda discussed why he believed that the envelopes delivered to the Clintons, Obamas, Pences, Bushes and others during the Bush funeral contained information about their indictments for Treason.

E. Tues. 19 Nov. 2019 One Reader’s Take on the FISA Report:

1. Inspector General Michael Horowitz, was scheduled to testify before the Impeachment Inquiry Committee on Dec 11th. This meant his long anticipated written report must necessarily be released before Dec 11th! Otherwise, by law, he wouldn't be able the offer such in person testimony.

2. I'm guessing most likely his report will come just after Thanksgiving weekend to give the public an opportunity to read and digest it ahead of his testimony.

3. I also understand the delayed release is due to many individuals named in the report are "flipping", providing additional evidence & testimony, in order to avoid more serious charges like Treason brought against them.

4. The report is complete. In fact, last week anyone named in the report who was facing a criminal referral & possible indictments, were allowed to pre-read their portion (the sections specifically applicable to them) pending public release.

5. After reviewing, many are now stone faced & in emotional shock! Adam Schiff looked like he had just seen a ghost! They never dreamed it would come to this end. We must remember their political corruption goes back decades & through multiple generations like the Bushes, the Pelosis', the Clintons, etc. They are a custom to getting away with m_ r _ d_ r!

6. Now I understand WHY Hollywood hated the initial possibility of Donald Trump becoming President. Recall this humorous montage of Hollywood elites? Enjoy Trump will never be president: https://youtu.be/UecianS561w

8. President Trump had a successful #1 rated show on television for over 15 yrs, and donated to both Republicans AND Democrats candidates prior to his election. I’m sure Hollywood elites thought he was one of them. In light of many in Hollywood's sick, twisted and demented ways, someone must have tipped them off eventually claiming, “Oops, he's NOT one of us after all!”

9. The next few days are gonna be interesting. Darkness to Light

F. Nov. 19 2019 1:52 am EDT: SerialBrain2 The Coup against POTUS. A Smokescreen and a Sham https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hn3FFccJlzs

a. Part 1https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTcjw... A Democratic Coup against the Trump Administration has been designed and carried out by Obama.

b. SB2: https://bit.ly/2Oueasm Rosenstein, Kelly and Tillerson started the coup. Adam is only trying to finish it.

c. Bush Cabal Video: https://bit.ly/2r4nfjF How the US faction of the Illuminati headed by the Bush family, aided and abetted Hitler.

d. Democrats putting politics, policy and socialism before country: https://bit.ly/2Xr0AKs

e. McCabe on 60 Min: https://bit.ly/2OvuXLY Andrew McCabe: Rod Rosenstein brought up 25th Amendment – or how they planned to get rid of Trump (60 Min).

1Rosenstein, Kelly and Tillerson started the coup. Adam is only trying to finish it. (self.SerialBrain2SerialBrain2

Q is back! How about celebrating with another SB2 confirmation from POTUS? The Maestro confirmed my decode entitled “The Whistleblower: a C_A operation planned and ordered by HUSSEIN” with a tweet posted on November 9 2019 at 10:44 AM. Enjoy: Img1 - Mir1

From my previous posts, we know the C_A whistleblower was activated for a coup that was planned and ordered by HUSSEIN.

What if I told you that the comms revealed the identity of other bad actors that are positioned higher than the whistleblower in the coup chain of command?

Did you catch Nikki Haley’s explosive revelation in her new book that John Kelly and Rex Tillerson tried to recruit her to undermine POTUS? Let’s watch: until 7:30

As you can see, John Kelly and Rex Tillerson were trying to save HUSSEIN’s Iran deal and were therefore working to preserve the classified ‘satellite’ Nuclear facility in Northern Syria that we went through in previous decodes:

Q1306 What if Iran created a classified ‘satellite’ Nuclear facility in Northern Syria? What if the program never ceased?

Nikki Haley also revealed that Tillerson went behind POTUS’ back to release half of the aid to Palestine. If you’ve paid attention, you know the Palestinian issue is a hoax, a MOS/C_A/MI-6 deception created to justify US aid that never reaches the Palestinian populations and that is diverted to finance black ops in order to maintain conflict zones for the facilitation of child trafficking and other criminal activities.

This is a fascinating subject that I’ll write about one day, God willing. It starts with the hijacking of the Mufti of Jerusalem position by the MI-6 and the Hitler connection. When Bibi tried to talk about it, HUSSEIN asked him to stop…

For now, we’ll just deduce that John Kelly and Rex Tillerson were working for C_A interests.

To go further and find the connection with the whistleblower operation, we need to analyze the last tweets the Maestro dropped on November 10 2019, the starting point being where he mentions Nikki Haley’s book.

Before we dive into these tweets, do you like Greek Mythology? Do you know the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice? Here is a summary: video

We are now equipped to decode the first tweet: Img2 - Mir2

As you can see, with Orpheus, the Maestro confirms Nikki Haley’s allegations on the lack of trust he had in Kelly and Tillerson. Future proves past. Both of them attacked the Maestro with disgraceful remarks. Rex Tillerson allegedly stated POTUS was a moron, to which the Maestro responded: “let’s have an IQ test”: video

Are you ready Rex? Here is the IQ test: Img3 - Mir3

So Rex, did you solve or is your brain still trapped in corporate linear thinking? You should know better: pipelines are never straight lines…

Let’s now take a closer look at John Kelly. He kind of gave it away when he stated months after he was fired that he would have served under Clinton if she’d won in 2016: article Let’s also notice how the Fake News unanimously tried to sell the fact that no one wanted his job after he was fired link. Knowing this, what do we do? Yes, we decode the Maestro’s tweets referring to his departure and discover the real reason he was let go: Img4 - Mir4

We now have strong confirmations that Nikki Haley’s statement about John Kelly and Rex Tillerson are true. Let’s look at the second tweet of the series and find out where the snake that bit Eurydice was hiding: Img5 - Mir5

The Maestro gave us an additional clue at his rally in Monroe, Louisiana on November 6 2019. Let’s watch until 18:14

Here is the Washington Post article the Maestro is referring to: Img6 - Mir6

Let’s decode the article and discover their agenda for the coming months and who their secret hero is: Img7 - Mir7

Are you surprised they are secretly referring to Hitler to galvanize their troops? You should not:

Q1941 Was 'Nazism' ever truly destroyed? Was it merely a sub-division within a larger organization? One finger attached to a hand? Did ANTIFA organically form? Flag design coincidence? Socialist push in US/WW coincidence? Global power struggle.

I asked you in the past, I’ll ask you again: who won WW2?

Can you see through the veils and understand the meaning of the EU Commission’s first president being Hitler’s former Secretary of State?

In a previous article, I told you about the creation of the European Union by the C_A (quietly declassified) and the following:

The EU was created and firstly presided by a Nazi in 1958. His name was Walter Hallstein. He was the Dean of the University of Rostock in 1936 and in June 1938, Hitler and Mussolini commissioned him to create Das Neue Europa, the 'New Europe'. He was captured by American troops in 1944 and in 1951 they recycled him as Germany’s Secretary of State under Konrad Adenauer. From there, he ‘microwaved’ his 1938 project which became the basis of the EU as we know it today. To make sure the EU Commission would take the direction the Cabal wanted, his puppet masters appointed him as its first president! So you think the Nazis lost WW2?! Think again. I summarized the work of French presidential candidate Francois Asselineau in this video (French)

Ask yourself a simple question: how in the world did Germany, after losing WW1, with a country in ruins and a destroyed economy become the world's biggest military threat 15 years later? Where did the money come from? If this success story was real, shouldn’t this economic model be the find of the century? They’ll never tell you what really happened in the schools they control. The truth is Hitler was financed by a network of US businessmen activated by the Cabal. One of them was Prescott Bush, GW Bush’s grandfather: video

So you thought the US was immune to Nazism? How about Operation Paperclip? How about the Hindenburg?

Q142 What happened to the Hindenburg? What really happened to the Hindenburg?

Q3157 Are you awake? Q

What are we currently witnessing? Watch: video

We have a Dems kangaroo court in Congress targeting the President of the United States with fabricated claims and with the complicity of the Fake News. Before that, he was targeted by 18 angry democrats piled up in Mueller’s Special Counsel and tasked to find something, anything to remove him from office. Before that, they targeted Candidate Trump with FISA and other illegal means to prevent him from winning the elections.

Now question: if they are doing this to Donald J. Trump, a billionaire who became POTUS, what do you think they have in store for you?!



Future proves past. The “FACILITATE RECKLESS ENDANGERMENT” that we decoded from the WaPo article was confirmed by attempts to assassinate POTUS and by the collection of proofs that this was discussed internally at the DOJ: Img8 - Mir8

2. The next tweets and current events confirm the plan summarized by Img9 - Mir9

3. Their common denominator is pedophilia: Img10 - Mir10

4. The Maestro’s warning: Img11 - Mir11

5. Rosenstein was surveilled: Img12 - Mir12

6. Rosenstein committed treason: Img13 - Mir13

7. Rosenstein the Fabricator: Img14 - Mir14

8. Let’s watch McCabe describe how Rosenstein brought up the 25th amendment: video

9. Now you are equipped to meet Rosenstein the Spy: Img15 - Mir15

10. The trio Kelly-Rosenstein-Tillerson: Img16 - Mir16

11. All the pieces of the puzzle are collected, we can now extract the Maestro’s message: Img17 - Img18 - Img19 Mir17 - Mir18 - Mir19

G. Nov. 17 2019 10:32 am EDT: The Oriental Review: About Trump The Oriental Review: About Trump, “Because medias and education are both controlled by the handful of billionaires that are running the planet, we don’t know anything about our history that’s been twisted dry by the winners, and we don’t have a clue about our present world. As he stepped in the political arena, Donald popularized the expression «fake news» to convince the American citizens, and the world population as well, that medias always lie to you. The expression has now become commonplace, but do you realize how deeply shocking is the fact that nearly everything you think you know is totally fake? Media lies don’t just cover history and politics, but they have shaped your false perception on topics like economy, food, climate, health, on everything. What if I told you that we know exactly who shot JFK from the grassy knoll, that the foreknowledge of Pearl Harbor was proven in court, that the CO2 greenhouse effect is scientifically absurd, that our money is created through loans by banks who don’t even have the funds, or that science proves with a 100% certainty that 911 was an inside job? Ever heard of a mainstream journalist, PBS documentary or university teacher telling you about any of this? 44 Presidents came and went without even raising one word about this huge problem, before the 45th came along. Trump knows that freeing the people out of this unfathomable ignorance is the first step to overall freedom, so he started calling mainstream journalists and their news outlets for what they are: pathological liars.”

H. International Child Sex Trafficking:

A common denominator of the Cabal was pedophilia: Img10 - Mir10

I. Predicted Restored Republic – Global Currency Reset Events:

First part of Dec. 2019: The Justice Department Inspector General's report on Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Abuses (FISA Abuse) would be released. The report was said to be as thick as a phone book and contain charges against 80% of the Democratic Congress, plus several prominent Republican political elites. Dramatic changes and reforms within the US government were expected to take place thereafter.

Jan. 1 2020: A National Retail Sales Tax Code would become effective at the beginning of the new year, replacing the bankrupt Federal Reserve and IRS tax system. A 17% tax was expected to be levied on new items only, with no tax on earnings, food or medicine. On 3 July 2019 President Trump signed an Executive Order, content unknown, covering tax laws until 1 Jan. 2020.

March 2020: Arrests of anti-constitution/NWO/Cabal/against President Trump would be expected to wrap up by March 2020.

End of the year 2024: Restoration of the US Republic completion was planned for the end of President Trump’s second term in 2024.

J. Judy Note: WARNING on Counterfeit Zim and Currency: There was concern that counterfeit currency and counterfeit Zim Bonds were being sold through individuals, businesses, eBay, Etsy and especially Zimbabwe Currency Collectibles.

A recent WARNING was put out on MG Holdings in Texas under CW Abshire and his two employees. Evidently he was taking currency and giving false promises. Prosecution was planned against them.

Don’t Be a Victim – Take Action: It was advised that if you suspected your Zim and/or currencies were counterfeit, do not expect others to rectify the problem for you – Take Action: verify the counterfeit bonds or currency through one or more of the below instructions, purchase more from a valid dealer or bank (suggested dealers for Zim by readers shown below, banks were a valid source for currencies) and then report it to the US Department of Justice: https://www.justice.gov/news.

It would also be helpful if you let Dinar Chronicles know where you bought it with a subject line of “Insert Post: Counterfeit Zim, Currency.” Email UniversalOm432Hz@gmail.com

To Authenticate Zim Notes as per Templeton Collectibles: Not all authentic Zim notes pass the black light test: 20% of authentic earlier serial numbered Zim Notes do not pass. There were 21 unique features we used to authenticate notes in our service and a black light test was a minor one since it was not reliable. email franktempleton@optimum.net or call 631-867-2677 Cost: $19.95 for authentication of up to 10 notes, or during Nov. say “Friend of IDC” or “Friend of Judy” and the fee would be waived.

Authenticate Zim or Currency ($15.00): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5dUPh8K8NY

Homemade Methods (not considered completely valid, see above):

Wrap a blue plastic bag and a violet plastic bag over a flashlight, and shine through the bond in a dark room. Fluorescent specs should show up.

Metallic Strip and half circles that said '100 000 000 000 000' when held up to the light.

Rayovac UV (ultraviolet) flashlight $10 in the sports section of Walmart.

Reported By Readers To Be Valid Zim and Currency Dealers:

Templeton Collectibles: http://www.templetoncollectibles.com/
Great American Coin Company: https://www.greatamericancoincompany.com/
Bank Note World: https://www.banknoteworld.com/
100 Trillions: https://www.100trillions.com
Banks were considered a valid source to buy foreign currencies.

Zimbabwe Currency Collectibles may be selling counterfeit Zim Bonds: https://www.bing.com/shop?q=+Zimbabwe+Currency+Collectibles.+&FORM=SHOPPA&originIGUID=DEBD4B74AB784553A6D8CD65933892BA

K. Judy Note on the 800#s: The below was a compilation of information from various sources and should be considered rumor. When the 800#s were released official instructions on Zim redemption and currency exchanges was expected to be published on the approved websites as below.

As of 9 Oct. 2019 the 800#s were in place and operational. Each country and region worldwide has been assigned certain 800#s. While the 800#s would be placed on certain websites as below, the US Treasury and banks would also be emailing Zim holders an 800#.

Call the 800# for your region or bank, tell them the bank you wanted to exchange with (Zim holders would need to redeem with either HSBC or Wells Fargo unless your bank had made special arrangements to redeem Zim. HSBC ran the Exchange Centers and would have representatives there). They would then transfer your call to the proper Exchange Center to talk to a live person and make your appointment.

L. WARNING: When you call an 800# DO NOT give out the serial numbers of your currency or bonds, nor how much you had. The only things the person or computer on the other end of the line would need to know was the bank and zip code where you wanted to exchange and what you had (Zim, Dinar, Dong, etc.) so you could be directed to a Redemption Center in the proper area to speak to a live person and make your appointment.

M. Currency Exchange, Zim Bond Redemption Rates: We were promised to receive specific instructions on exchange and redemption opportunities prior to our appointments. The below should be considered rumor and could be very different from what the instructions would be:

N. Exchange and Redemption Appointments: Important information on how to exchange and redeem for participants worldwide would be on certain websites authorized to publish the 800#s so you could have a firm grip on appointment strategy prior to going in.

If you obtained your appointment through an 800# you would automatically receive the Contract Rates (with the exception of Zim holders, whose bonds were worth so much that Contract Rates would likely be saved for others).

Currency Exchange: On Tues. 12 Nov. 2019 a major bank said that updated currency rates came back up on the screens – Dinar: Contract Rate of $28.50, with a cap of 10 million, after which $3.91would be paid on the rest. Dong: Contract Rate of $8.00, with a cap of 10 million, after which $.47 would be paid on the rest, although you could get up to $2 on the rest depending on how much you had and how long you agreed to leave your monies at the bank.

The 800#s for currency exchanges would be out for 8-10 days. You would have those 8-10 days to make your currency exchange appointment and then 30-45 days to go to your appointment at a Redemption Center. After that you would need to exchange at a regular bank at a rate appearing on the Forex at the time of your exchange, plus Contract Rates would no longer be available.

Zim Bond Redemption: Since bonds were to be used for humanitarian purposes you would receive 20% of your Zim redemption for yourself, while 80% would go for humanitarian needs, with the exception of those 70 years of age or older who chose the walk away rate.

You don't need a Humanitarian Project to redeem Zim, though if you did, your rate would be determined by how much you needed to do your project. Zim would have a walk away rate (default package) for those without specific Humanitarian Projects.

Those 70 years of age or older could receive all their monies up front with no long term payout if they so wished, could receive the higher Contract Rates on their currency exchange, though a lower walk away rate on their Zim.

If you picked up Zim prior to Feb. of 2018 you could be eligible for a higher redemption rate.

With the exception of those over 70 years of age, all Zim would be paid out on a long term contract, with your choice of five to fifty years. The longer your contract period, the higher the interest rate you would be paid on your monies left at the bank during your contract period.

At your appointment you would be offered the opportunity to invest in global humanitarian projects, with interest paid on the monies you invested during a specific time period.

The 800# appointments for Zim redemption would only be available for a short period of time, said to be ten days. After that you would need to make special arrangements to redeem your Zim. You could exchange both your currency and Zim at the same time, though only at a certified Redemption Center.

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[Editor’s Note: This essay by Derek Swannson became the voice-over transcript for the documentary film of the same name, which can be found on YouTube at: https://youtu.be/1KumLgto_eo ]

[size=34]Introduction: WHY DIG DEEPER?[/size]
[size=66]The Rabbit Hole can be found at the intersection where deep politics and high weirdness meet in a head-on collision. It’s the psychic abyss that opens up when you discover things about the world that seem like manifestations of pure evil. Like how the Rockefellers used their ill-gotten oil monopoly fortune to fund anti-human endeavors such as MKUltra and Operation Gladio. Or how the CIA’s Project Artichoke was designed to create just the sort of patsy assassin that Lee Harvey Oswald claimed he’d been made into — which, if true, made the appointment of ex-CIA Director Allen Dulles to the Warren Commission the political equivalent of putting the fox in charge of the henhouse, and then allowing that fox to write the official history of chickens.[/size]
Another Warren Commission appointee, Gerald Ford, had coincidentally co-owned a modeling agency with a guy named Harry Conover, who at that time was married to the famous World War II pin-up girl, Candy Jones, who would later claim she’d been tortured and exploited as an MKUltra courier. What are we supposed to make of that — or of the weird fact that the Navy Rear Admiral who commanded the U.S. naval fleet during the false flag Gulf of Tonkin Incident on August 4th, 1964, happened to be the dad of The Doors’ famous frontman, Jim Morrison?
I’ve been burrowing deep into the Rabbit Hole for almost thirty years now — ever since I interviewed William Randolph Hearst Junior as a young journalist and found myself face-to-face with the most appalling example of the human species that I’d yet encountered. In my experience, the ruling capitalists are a vicious bunch. Inflamed by greed, seething with unwarranted egotism, incapable of empathy or self-criticism, and made indifferent to human suffering by the numbing insularity of their obscene wealth, they’ll Fudge you over with the same lack of guilt that a pampered house cat feels when slaughtering a mouse.
But we’re not mice, and the world doesn’t belong to the ruling capitalists and their whorish henchmen any more or less than it belongs to you and me. This video series is dedicated to exposing their Deep State stratagems, in the hope that exposure will lead to widespread social activism and political reform. But of course, this is exactly the sort of project that usually gets suppressed by U.S. corporate media outlets, so I don’t expect many people to watch it.
You might ask: “Why do it then? Why keep going deeper into the Rabbit Hole when what you find there is so thoroughly depressing?” My usual answer is that I don’t like being lied to. I want to know how the world really operates before I die. But there’s more to it than that. It has something to do with the Jungian concept of shadow work. As Carl Jung wrote: “One does become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” I’m convinced that our only path toward collective enlightenment is to confront our collective darkness and expose it to the light of public consciousness. If we try to avoid or ignore the shadow side of society, it will only get worse.
You don’t have to just take my word on this — or even Doctor Jung’s. The Toronto scholar and public intellectual du jour, Jordan B. Peterson, goes a long way toward justifying any random trip down the Rabbit Hole with what he says here:
[size=21]JORDAN PETERSON: The world is carnage — a place of carnage, but that… that… you can accept that. And if you can’t accept it, then what that means is that you’re not integrated enough — because if you’re integrated enough, then you can accept it. It’s like the test of the integration. So your character isn’t forged sufficiently if you cannot tolerate that. And it’s not like it’s an easy thing to tolerate. Often what people do is they just don’t think about it. They just push it out of their mind. And no wonder! But they pay for that with shallowness, and with self-contempt, and with the inability to bear suffering nobly.[/size]

So if you’re up for finding out a little bit more about the world you thought you knew — if you’re ready for a skanky glimpse at “the God of Terror who dwells in the human soul” (that’s Jung again) — then here we go….
[size=34]Part One: THE DEVIL OR THE DEEP STATE[/size]
[size=21]The majority of politicians, on the evidence available to us, are not interested in truth but in power and in the maintenance of that power. To maintain that power it is essential that people remain in ignorance, that they live in ignorance of the truth, even the truth of their own lives. What surrounds us therefore is a vast tapestry of lies, upon which we feed.
— Harold Pinter, Nobel Lecture, 2005[/size]

[size=66]Inhis 2018 State of the Union address, President Trump was applauded by craven congressional ass-kissers as he took credit for the huge gains — in employment and in the stock market — that had occurred since his election. He was then awarded an even bigger round of applause — a standing ovation from the Republican side of the room, actually — as he talked up his tax cuts, which will overwhelmingly benefit the rich at a time when the richest 1% of Americans already own over 40% of the nation’s wealth. This comes after decades of prior legislative favors, regulatory coup d’états, and jurisprudence giveaways (like the Supreme Court’s disastrous 2010 Citizens United decision) that have helped the rich amass their wealth at the expense of almost everyone else.[/size]
On the third day after Trump’s State of the Union address, the Dow Jones industrial average closed down 666 points — its worst day since Trump took office. That happened on a Friday. The following Monday, the Dow shed another 1,175 points — the most points it had ever dropped in a single day (although not the biggest one-day drop on a percentage basis; that record still belonged to the 1987 Black Monday crash, generally thought to have been caused by the then relatively new — and still little-understood — program trading bots).
The stock market is so massively manipulated — and now dominated by sneaky high-frequency trading algorithms — that predicting where it will go next is a motley fool’s game, unless you happen to have insider information. But it seems likely — to me, at least — that the Dow’s 666-point drop signaled the end of the market’s historic nine-year bull run. Why do I say that? Well, even if you’re not superstitious, or a believer in the occult, you have to admit it’s a bit odd that the peak of the previous bull run in the world markets occurred on October 31st, 2007 (Halloween, of course…) and after that, the S&P 500 — the world’s most widely tracked index — kept falling until it hit rock bottom at 666 on March 6th, 2009. That was the day to get back into stocks for this latest bull run — buying in at 666, the devil’s number, the Mark of the Beast. So when the Dow dropped 666 points on February 2nd, 2018, it could have been a signal to all the Wall Street demons to reverse direction — to sell their long positions and go short.
All those 401(k), retirement, pension, and college savings accounts that President Trump was talking up? They’re low-hanging fruit, ripe for the harvest from a Luciferic gang of short-selling financial marauders.
You could never get away with any plot line so outrageous and unsubtle if you were writing fiction, but if you’re just reciting the weird facts… well, who can argue? 666. You almost have to believe that someone (or some thing) massaged the numbers. But who could really accomplish that? Was it the devil, or the Deep State?
We’ll probably never know for sure… but if you’re curious, I’ll be taking a look at some of the more likely culprits in what comes next.
[size=21]Debt is a happiness killer. None of us can be truly happy if we’re saddled with debt.
— Forbes[/size]

[size=66]Forbes magazine estimates there are just over 2,000 billionaires in the world today. According to a 2017 Oxfam report, the world’s top eight billionaires own as much wealth as “half the human race.” If you want to know who runs the world, you can start right there — at the top of the pyramid — but you have to assume that at least some of those 2,000 billionaires are just doofus inheritors of their extreme wealth (like the second generation Walmart heirs), without much power beyond the ability to hire and fire their maids and chauffeurs at will. Others might not be billionaires at all (or at least they don’t advertise it), but they nonetheless belong among the ranks of the power elite.[/size]
So, for argument’s sake, let’s say there are eight or nine thousand people at the top. Some you’ve probably heard of, others you haven’t: the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Koch brothers, George Soros, Larry Fink, Ray Dalio, Robert Mercer, Peter Thiel, whoever…. They’re the coddled vampires of this world — the ones who feed off the rest of us.
The shadowy netherworld of the global financial system plays a huge role here, of course. To be a major player in that system — among the upper 1% — you have to keep your conscience in a suitcase (like Alfred Jarry’s King Ubu). You’ll be dealing with governments, multinationals, intelligence agencies, arms dealers, drug cartels, and terrorist groups. Global finance is organized as another pyramid, with the Bank for International Settlements (or BIS) at the top. The BIS is privately-owned by 60 central banks, representing countries around the world that make up roughly 95% of world GDP. From its headquarters in Basel, Switzerland, the BIS acts as a mother ship bank for those 60 central banks, with a balance sheet of over 240 billion dollars.
During World War II, the BIS was used as a trading center for gold looted by the Nazis. Its Headquarters Agreement states that the BIS is inviolable and has complete immunity from all laws worldwide, giving it absolute monetary power. It’s a Free State with its own police force — like Vatican City, the City of London, or the District of Columbia. From within that Free State, decisions are made about global interest rates and the worldwide money supply. Those decisions travel down through the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, down through the privately owned central banks (like the Federal Reserve), down through the national and regional banks, and finally, down to the bottom of the pyramid, where all the real wealth originates — labor, natural resources, scientific breakthroughs, and technological innovations — all of it exploitable, all of it vulnerable to being snatched up and turned into more wealth for the bankers and their billionaire overseers.
Their game is called Financialization. The goal is to get as many people as possible at the bottom of the pyramid into just the right amount of debt — not so much that they give up and die (or declare bankruptcy), but not so little that they can easily pay it off. The ideal situation is to have them slowly but steadily trading away their real wealth for more and more loans and mortgages — new debt contracts papering over the financial holes left by old debt contracts, each contract requiring fees and interest payments that suck away at the debtors’ real wealth like “a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money…” as journalist Matt Taibbi once memorably described the machinations of Goldman Sachs.
The interest paid on all those debts gets sucked from the bottom of the pyramid straight back up to the top, with every bank involved getting a portion along the way. And the really wonderful thing, for the bankers, is that 90% of the money they loan out is now digital — just ones and zeroes in a computer network’s ledger system — and the rest is fiat currency, backed by nothing. It’s almost as easy for the central banks to increase the money supply as it is for you or me to change the numbers in an Excel spreadsheet. That’s why the cost of almost everything (except TVs) is always going up. The bankers want to see some inflation in every nation’s economy — via increases in the money supply — because inflation, for them, is the next best thing to outright theft. Inflation is really about ensuring that your wages will buy less and less. That makes it easier for the bankers to exploit the labor and resources at the bottom of the pyramid, by forcing more people there to take on more debt.
That’s why one person could support a family with a regular job thirty years ago, but now both adults in the family have to work — or one person has to work two full-time jobs — just to pay for food, utilities, and a modest place to live. Soon, the kids and the family dog will also have to start slaving away — all just so some cabbagehead banker can have new slate tiles in his gourmet kitchen, or spend the weekend partying on some Mafia hovercraft scooting around Hawaii.
(And why, you might ask, do TV prices keep dropping while the cost of almost everything else is going up? Well, the virtual authorities want you to have a TV. As Bill Hicks said: “Watching television is like taking black spray paint to your third eye.” TV promotes a false consciousness that keeps you clueless and docile, easier to manipulate with propaganda.)
Financial fuckery of this kind is the primary source of all the misery in the world today. But it obviously works out swell for the bankers and for anyone else loaded with excess capital. Meanwhile, unjust laws, military and police forces, and criminalized intelligence agencies have been put into place to keep the people at the bottom of the pyramid suppressed, enforcing an ever-widening moat between the rich and the poor that will ensure that there’s never a crowd at the top — just eight or nine thousand vile, unrepentant, bloodsucking greed-monsters.
Like the old Gershwin song goes, it’s “Nice work, if you can get it.”
So, to sum up: debt is a weapon, used to control nations and their citizens by the psychopaths and intraspecies predators at the top of the pyramid. When a nation’s government can’t print its own money, and instead funds its deficits with debt, a simple manipulation of interest rates can create economic booms, or recessions and depressions. All it takes is a word from Basel — or in America’s case, the Fed. It doesn’t matter whether you, personally, have taken on debt; your nation’s leaders have already committed you to a huge debt burden without your consent. It’s a debt that will never be fully repaid — a debt that will be passed on to you and your children and their children’s children in countless ways: not just with rising taxes, but also with disintegrating infrastructure, an inadequate healthcare system, and the gutting of social safety net programs like Medicare, unemployment insurance, and Supplemental Security Income — which will eventually lead to mass starvation, riots, wars, and so forth. Any reasonable country would do everything it could to avoid putting its people into debt to those extortionists, the bankers. But as we all know, our top politicians and lawmakers can always be bought off — or blackmailed into submission. That’s the trouble with democracy, with communism, with socialism, with any –ism or system of government, really:
Too many bad guys rise to the top.
[size=21]Debt is, by its very nature, a cancer on economic growth. As debt levels rise, it consumes more capital by diverting it from productive investments into debt service. As debt levels spread through the system, it consumes greater amounts of capital until it eventually kills the host.
— Lance Roberts, “There Will Be No Economic Boom”[/size]

[size=66]Due to skyrocketing college tuition rates, more and more of our children are entering the workforce already in debt up to their eyeballs. For most, that means there’s no time to travel, or experiment with alternative ways of earning a living. As soon as they graduate, they’re forced to trade in their hopes and dreams for mind-numbing work routines and a subscription to Netflix.[/size]
Forbes magazine recently estimated that “the average American household with student debt owes about $49,000. Graduates in their twenties spend more than $350 per month, on average, on student loan payments and interest. Since the average ‘entry-level’ job was worth about $50,000 a year in 2016 for new graduates, ‘truly average’ college grads in America can expect to see their earnings garnished by between eight and ten percent for roughly ten to twelve years after they graduate.”
That’s assuming you can find a decent job and keep it, which is no sure thing in our post-industrial, financialized economy. Even with a college degree, you might find yourself working as a dog groomer at your local Wee Beasties Pet Emporium, or as a men’s denim specialist at Macy’s. And thanks to lobbyist-crafted legislation signed into law by Bill Clinton in 1998, unlike almost any other type of debt (such as home mortgages, car loans, or extortionary medical bills), student loans are now almost impossible to discharge through bankruptcy procedures.
So student loans might be better described as indentured servitude contracts, rather than debt, because there’s no escaping them.
It doesn’t end there. Credit card debt is piling up nationwide. Health insurance costs have doubled, or even tripled, for many middle-class families since the oxymoronic Affordable Care Act was signed into law in 2010 (although it’s been a tax-subsidized boon for others). And if you were foolhardy enough to buy a home in a state with high property taxes, you might have found those taxes being used against you to make your home unaffordable. That’s what happened to me in New Jersey, where a long history of government corruption has resulted in some of the highest property taxes in the nation. “The Sopranos” was filmed there for a reason.
It’s no coincidence that our collective financial fate has grown worse as the technocracy has assembled its ever-evolving surveillance horror show (as revealed to us by those two exiled enemies of the State, Edward Snowden and Julian Assange, among many other brave whistleblowers…). As former Assistant Secretary of Housing, Catherine Austin Fitts, has explained:
[size=21]CATHERINE AUSTIN FITTS: When you look at what’s happening with debt, something very new is happening in the last twenty years that we’ve never seen before. We’ve seen debt used as a control mechanism, and we’ve seen financial entrapment of nations — and economic hits on nations using debt — for centuries. So the game is old as the hills. But when you combine digital systems — y’know, payment systems, phone systems… with, um, artificial intelligence and relational databases, and now the cloud — what you’re talking about doing is being able to run economic hits at the individual level, globally. Okay? So — and this is why the Snowden revelations were so important — because if you look at them in combination with debt, we’re talking about a much more invasive entrapment system. That system can now literally reach through sovereign nations and start controlling everything from municipalities to households directly.[/size]

Corporations like Amazon, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, and Microsoft have become the eyes and ears of an Orwellian Big Brother that’s forever spying on us. The technology for totalitarianism is already in place. It’s only a matter of time before someone (or some thing) turns the key.
[size=21]I’m disgusted by what we’ve become in America. I truly believe there is brain death in this country. Everything we see is designed to sell us something. The only thing they want to do is take our money.
— John Carpenter, Writer-Director of They Live[/size]

[size=66]There’s an argument to be made that John Carpenter’s campy but politically-subversive sci-fi satire, They Live, was deliberately suppressed right after George H.W. Bush and his dim-witted sidekick, Dan Quayle, won the 1988 Presidential election. They Live was inspired by Ray Nelson’s short story “Eight O’Clock in the Morning,” which had caught Carpenter’s eye after being adapted into graphic novel format in 1986. The original story depicts a colonizing force of butt-ugly space aliens hypnotizing the people of Earth into subjugation, primarily through the use of television and subliminal advertising. (We didn’t have smartphones back then, but I’m sure the aliens would have glommed onto those, too… or even invented them for us.)[/size]
Carpenter’s brilliant twist was to turn the aliens into Young Republicans and other assorted corporate sell-outs who, when viewed through a pair of magic Ray-Bans, look like skin-flayed, bug-eyed, Upper One-Percenters. In other words, Yuppie Skeletor Motherfuckers aligned with the U.S. political establishment at a time when Reaganism and Thatcherism was all the rage. Carpenter has described the film as counter-propaganda — a way of “giving the finger to Reagan when nobody else would.” He’d carried a small but intense hope that it would help persuade American voters not to elect another union-busting, middle-class-hosing, Deep State stooge as their president. Tragically, for all of us, that’s not the way things turned out.
They Live was the weekend’s top-grossing film when it debuted on November 4th, 1988, four days before the election. It was generally well received by film critics (with the notable exceptions of those two pro-establishment propaganda outlets, The New York Times and The Washington Post). The movie easily made back its four million dollar investment over the first weekend. By the second weekend, it was in fourth place at the box office, earning an additional 2.7 million — pretty decent numbers for those days.
They Live’s distributor, Universal Pictures, had been running an ad campaign that depicted a skeletal alien in a suit and tie standing behind a podium, as if campaigning to a crowd of unseen voters from beneath a sleek toupee that bore an eerie resemblance to Dan Quayle’s real hair. Soon after Bush and Quayle won the election, co-star Keith David observed: “Not that anybody’s being paranoid but… suddenly you couldn’t see (They Live) anywhere — it was, like, snatched.” They Live supposedly bombed at the box office after its second weekend, but a film can’t make any money when it’s not showing anywhere. You have to wonder if then-President Reagan called in few a favors from his film industry pals like Lew Wasserman and Jack Valenti to get They Live pulled from theaters. It’s since become a cult classic that’s looking more and more like a documentary every day.
[size=66]Okay, hold on here a minute… I have an update: On April 22nd, 2018, my friend Matt Alford got in touch with John Carpenter and asked him for his thoughts on this They Live suppression theory. Matt’s a British academic and the co-author (with Tom Secker) of National Security Cinema, so he has the kind of credentials that seemed likely to elicit a response from Carpenter (even though Matt has been known to wear goofy hats, dress up as Pocahontas, and cavort in public with Pussy Riot’s parents). Carpenter ended up replying to Matt on Facebook. In their email exchange, Carpenter explained that They Live’s rapid disappearance from theaters was likely just due to bad marketing. According to him, the studio executives were surprised when They Live opened at #1 at the box office during its first weekend and “they got so excited” that they “decided to tie the film to the elections and changed the ads the second week to being more political than the original ads.” When the picture art changed, it changed the dynamics. “Meanwhile, they had already dialed back the ad buy, anticipating a not great response to the movie. The combination of smaller, black and white ads in the movie sections that didn’t reflect the ad campaign made for confusion.” Carpenter concluded: “Some things are not dramatic — just stupid.”[/size]
Of course, even John Carpenter would have no way of knowing if They Live’s marketing director had been given a tap on the shoulder and told to deliberately screw up the ad campaign so the movie wouldn’t reach a wide audience. Stranger things have happened via Operation Mockingbird and its offshoots — but that’s another story.

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Frank26: "#1. The pictures and descriptions of them #2. The change in the rate" 10/22/19


IMO the lower denoms can't come out until:  #1.  The pictures and descriptions of them #2.  The change in the rate.

by RamblerNash
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Mnt Goat News Brief 9/10/19

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.

So today we have an interesting and very controversial article from Sept 7th to review and clarify.

We are now hearing yet more international organizations getting involved with Iraq. Even the oil minister has stated Iraq is ripe for international investors. Really? Now even China even is stepping up and announces its willingness to invest in Iraq. This could lead to an economic revolution within Iraq.

How can they survive and transfer funds to and from Iraq with this currency auction still in place? Do they want to mess with these 3 zeros? Don’t they want a normalized and simplified currency denominations to work with? The answers are Yes and Yes and they have already told Iraq this is the case. This is why the finance committee is pushing the CBI to complete the project to delete the zeros.

So what is the holdup?

Who the hell said there is any holdup?

More news….


Iraq, OPEC's second-largest oil producer hit record production figures in August with an output of 4.88 million barrels per day (bpd), according to the latest figures from S&P Global Platts.

Iraq's highest-ever production count has contributed to what may be OPEC's first monthly output rise of the year, throwing a wrench into the 14-member organization's plans to limit global oil supply and keep a floor under declining crude prices.

"The recent increases in Iraqi production turned what was a sort of minor headache for OPEC into a fully-blown migraine," Dave Ernsberger, global head of commodities pricing at S&P Global Platts, told CNBC on Thursday.

More news….


I posted a special video set on my FB site on Sunday from the Finance Committee in order to help us sort through a recent article from a Sept 7th news media broadcast from Iraq. See full article below in the articles section. This article led us to believe that in fact it has been postponed again. Is this true? I want to clarify this article for everyone today.

Did they really just tell us they postponed the “project to delete the zeros” again?

Video #1:

https://www.facebook.com/ 281127528889313/videos/516526525827565/
So we know the Finance Committee has made the effort to tell us in the past weeks, with a barrage of articles that they were considering going ahead (and will probably go head) with the project. Why all these recent past articles if they intended only to postpone it again? This does not make any sense.

Video #2:
https://www.facebook.com/ 281127528889313/videos/527560858007891/

What other conclusions supports the craziness of this recent Sept 7th article?

1)I also know that they are now re-educating of the citizens via billboards and televised broadcast on the how the project to delete the zeros will work. This is now ongoing inside Iraq. But remember they have done too in parts in the past and then postponed it later again. Always due to something.

2)Iraq CAN NOT go much longer without the reinstatement and the launching of the smaller category notes. Today we have three (3) other articles telling us they are connecting with international organizations for the purpose of doing business with the international world.

3)The citizens are entitled to a better explanation than in this Sept 7th article, if in fact, the project is delayed again. We as investors are also entitled to an better explanation.

4)We are told in the aforementioned article that it has been postpone due to budgetary issues. Really? Funny how just recently they also told us they would use the “supplemental budget” from the 2019 budget surplus to re-mint the coins. In this article they are telling us they have a deficit. Really? We happened to know that in 2019 they had a budget surplus and even put together a supplementary budget on how to spend it.

5)Are all of these recent past articles, including the Sept 7th article just “opinions” from members of the Finance Committee or is this all policy that they are going forward with? Remember also this is not coming from the CBI but from the Finance Committee and other parliamentary members.

6)We also must remember that there is an effort by the UN through this Agenda 21 plan to bring down the US dollar and scale it with other currencies. The US dollar in their eyes has been king too long and they can not continue with their plans if the US dollar dominates the global markets.

We know there is a larger plan to bring down the US dollar and control it by this North American Alliance project with the UN under Agenda 21. The Us is too strong and this because of the finance clout and wealth of the US.

Under this plan the US would join a “Union” similar to the EU, then institute the AMERO (North American Alliance currency). Under this plan the Amero dollar replaces the Us Dollar, Canadian dollar and Mexican pesos. Good bye US sovereignty and good by US dollar. This would be the breaking point of the US and UN One World Government slavery. Do you see now why they need to do all this?

So many of these so -called intel guru jackasses come on their intel calls and make believe this is all so good and has to happen to get the RV. Really? I have to tell you that if the UN plan had been executed, as it would have under a president Hillary Clinton, you may as well just throw away your Iraqi dinars.

So, this too is why they used the de-facto peg of the Iraqi dinar to the US dollar in the first place. They did this because it is the most stable currency in the world and they needed to stabilize the dinar. But now they have been sucking on this proverbial tit too long and are too used to it. Corruption has set in and it is now hard to get off it. Also the US too is used to it as it draws a constant demand for the US dollar.

Any economists can tell you that supply and demand can bring the value higher. This is the problem with the US dollar being used in Iraq. The dinar must compete with the value of the US dollar. This too is why they often do these de-dollarization projects in Iraq – to limit the dollar and keep the supply low. The US does not want to stop this demand in Iraq for the dollar, as it is being stifled by other countries throughout the world already this is easy pickings for the US, as they control this aspect already. Will the US let Iraq stop these currency auctions? Will the US give up this demand for the US dollar?

All we can do now it sit tight and watch what happens next. Keep your eyes open for yet more articles on this subject matter.

More news….


Hear is an article that everyone should read. We all should stop this foolish nonsense about Mahdi leaving and being replaced. We should stop acting like immature children every time something like this is in the news. STOP and THINK first before reacting about what is really going on!

This is all politically motivated nonsense. Get it? I keep telling everyone there are elements in Iraqi politics that parallel the USA. These are elements of the “deep state” and do not want stability in Iraq or USA. Just like this constant ringing in our ears of impeachment, impeachment in the USA with Trump they are doing the same in Iraq with “No Confidence”. In Iraq there is a constant bashing of Mahdi. For the most part they just ignore it just as we have to ignore the democrat bashing of Trump. Oh – but like the Iraqi citizens we will also remember this slander of our president come 2020 elections and who are culprits to this. It will work against their best interest. It will backfire on them.

Article from Sept 8th:

Politics 08.09.2019 23:54 364 Editor: ms
Baghdad today – special

The legal expert, Tariq Harb, Sunday, September 8, 2019, the decision to withdraw confidence from Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, within the House of Representatives needs the approval of 165 deputies.

“The services provided during this period were modest not as stated in the government program of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi,” Harb said in an interview.
He said that “despite the presence of these indicators, but the parliamentary effort required to withdraw confidence from the government has not yet mobilized,” stressing that “the decision to withdraw confidence needs the approval of 165 deputies.”
The deputy of the alliance of Sairon Rami al-Skini, confirmed, Sunday, September 08, 2019, if the silence of Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi, in the face of weakening the state puts him in front of two options either resign or withdraw confidence.

More news….


BAGHDAD, Sept. 9 (Xinhua) -- An Iraqi economist said that the upcoming visit of Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi to Beijing later this month could lead to an economic revolution in Iraq through opening broad investment prospects in various fields, state-run al-Sabah newspaper reported on Monday.

"The prime minister's visit to China is of major significance for Iraq and could ESTABLISH PARTNERSHIPS OF MAJOR PROJECTS WITH CHINA, WHICH COULD LEAD TO THE UPCOMING ECONOMIC REVOLUTION IN IRAQ," the al-Sabah newspaper quoted the Iraqi economist Ghadeer al-Attar as saying.

"Abdul Mahdi is likely to agree with Chinese companies on the construction of roads and railway projects and the establishment of new international roads linking Iraq with neighboring countries, as well as the establishment of major industrial cities in the country," said al-Attar.

Al-Attar is also a member of the Iraqi National Business Council, an independent organization concerned with the development of the Iraqi economy and infrastructure.

On Sunday, al-Sabah newspaper quoted China's Ambassador to Iraq Zhang Tao as saying that "Chinese side attaches great importance to developing relations with Iraq, and looks forward to seizing the opportunity of this visit to make joint efforts hand in hand with the Iraqi side to further consolidate and deepen Sino-Iraqi relations."

The volume of the trade exchange between China and Iraq exceeded 30 billion U.S. dollars in 2018, according to Zhang, asserting that "China is the biggest trading partner of Iraq, and Iraq is the second biggest oil supplier to China, and the fourth biggest trading partner of China in the Middle East."

Formal Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations they do not print my RED colored fonts or italics, so my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I will preface my comments with “Mnt Goat” so you know I am jumping in with observations. Also, I separated the articles with asterisks.
Articles Begin


The Central Bank of Iraq has BEGUN STEPS TO JOIN THE OFFICIAL FORUM OF MONETARY AND FINANCIAL INSTITUTIONS (OMFIF), an independent global think tank for central banks, pension funds and financial institutions with investment assets worth $ 36.2 trillion.

“Membership in this forum provides insight into the key topics of investment in two integrated channels of analysis and meetings, through high-level practical exchanges and content, as well as participation in meetings held in cooperation with the IMF,” the bank said in a statement. International Bank of England and the German Central Bank. ”

“The accession process also benefits from capacity-building opportunities for mid-level and senior staff.

(Mnt Goat- What? And you think they are postponing the project to delete the zeros again? Give me a break!)



Oil Minister Thamer Ghadhban said on Thursday that the government and the ministry are keen to provide suitable conditions for the work of international companies and encourage foreign investments.

"We commend the national effort and its ability to manage oil fields and facilities efficiently," Ghadhban said in a statement received by Alsumaria News. Sufficient experience through their involvement in field work and specialized courses.

Ghadhban added, "The various events, challenges and circumstances have proved the professional and national responsibility enjoyed by engineers, technicians and workers in the oil sector." "According to the latest international standards.

(Mnt Goat- What? And you think they are postponing the project to delete the zeros again? Give me a break!)



The Iraqi Council of Representatives and the political and economic circles are preparing to evaluate the implementation of the government of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi from its government curriculum.

In the midst of the ongoing discussions now requires the above to not separate between what has been achieved during the past years and what has been achieved during the year in which the government assumed the responsibility and bright points achieved by some of our economic and financial institutions during the economic and security shocks suffered by Iraq, which the Central Bank of Iraq had a leading and fundamental role In supporting the national economy and achieving economic resilience. In order not to overwhelm the rights of those who took direct responsibility to face those circumstances, difficulties and challenges.

The support provided by the Central Bank to the national economy during the economic and security shocks suffered by Iraq due to the economic and financial crisis and the war on terrorism is a bright spot and an honorable success experience in a country under harsh conditions and at a historic stage that is the most difficult in facing the economic and security challenges that no country has experienced. In the world, such as what Iraq went through as the management of the Central Bank of Iraq and his team and cadres proved that they had a prominent role in promoting economic resilience and moving steadily towards economic stability.

- What are the steps taken by the Central Bank in drawing up its strategy?

Through the wise efforts and prudent measures in the application of monetary policy and development policies of the Central Bank in the difficult economic phase of Iraq were able to draw a strategy for the years (2016-2020) and a clear road map human capital through important achievements made during the years (2015-2019) and still ongoing most notably:

-Maintaining inflation by not more than 2% and;

- a level of adequacy of foreign reserves within acceptable rates according to the latest criteria of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) increased by more than 160%, which is considered a sufficiently high percentage internationally as the foreign exchange reserves of Iraq amounted to 72 billion dollars until 30/6/2019, and;

- maintained the stability of the exchange rate and;

-stimulated the banking sector regulatory, supervision and control and the establishment of new units within the organizational structures of banks Such as compliance, combating money laundering, financing of terrorism, managing credit and operational risks, issuing money laundering law 39 for the year 2015;

-developing payment systems, implementing all retail and mobile payments, establishing a national exchange and working on applying international standards in report.

-In line with the principle of transparency and disclosure in addition to the Bank's daily efforts to stimulate financial inclusion operations and focus on the initiative to localize the salaries of employees for the purpose of raising the financial inclusion rate of the population who do not have accounts in the banking system, which actually increased from 11% to 22%.

According to the World Bank Bulletin. The Central Bank also announced recently to begin the completion of its investment banking projects for the years (2019-2023).

What about the measures taken by the Central Bank for the purpose of restoring public confidence in the banking and financial sector in Iraq?

For the purpose of restoring confidence in the banking sector, the Bank re-evaluated and classified banks IN ACCORDANCE WITH INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS and standards in evaluating business results and measuring the efficiency of performance.

The bank is taking its initiative to finance small and medium projects and is currently taking measures to implement the Council of Ministers Resolution 245 for the year 2019, the second axis of it paragraph (1) concerning facilitating investment and reconstruction operations and presenting a new initiative. Satisfied with investment projects in addition to his supervision and leadership of community initiatives funded by banks such as the Baghdad project and support the Iraqi Drama Fund and the launch of Islamic finance pooled national funding for large projects and the establishment of a fund enable and take regulatory and structural measures and the establishment of a depository center in the Iraqi market for securities The establishment of a national center for credit information. And the Iraqi Payment Council.

- What are the central tendencies to develop its relationship with Arab and foreign financial institutions that have been cooled by the financial crisis experienced by Iraq?

At the level of international banking relations, the Central Bank was able, WITH THE EXCEPTIONAL EFFORTS OF THE GOVERNOR AND HIS TEAM, to restore relations with Arab and foreign central banks and to deliver the achievements achieved during the past years to the ruling international financial institutions such as the Financial Action Organization, which contributed to the transition of Iraq's classification from gray to normal follow-up and finally out the Governor's visit in 2017 to the United Nations Security Council, presented by the achievements and organizational and structural developments, technical and compliance with international standards in financial reporting and enhance confidence in the Iraqi economy and Iraq's ability to adhere to international credit benefits and praises of the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the Financial Action Group have had a clear impact in promoting economic resilience and financial victory.

All the successes above make the Central Bank of Iraq and its team deserve the right word neutral service to our national economy and the Iraqi banking sector.

(Mnt Goat – Again this article is nothing more than the CBI governor Allaq “beating his own breast” and “patting himself on the back” on his way out of the position. I fully expect we will hear the announcement soon of the governor of the CBI and it will be official. Of course, like I said before there are opponents to this change. They liked the way it was so they can take advantage of the currency auctions and shift dollars to Iran.)



Saturday 7 September 2019 03:54 PM

BAGHDAD / .. The parliamentary Finance Committee, a study to delete zeros from the national currency, but they ruled out the application at the moment for several reasons.

“The proposal to delete the zeros has been (Mnt Goat – had been meaning in the past) submitted from the House of Representatives to the Parliamentary Finance Committee in order to study the change of the national currency and all categories and the printing of new coins, but the preliminary study (in the past) showed that the costs needed by the project is great,” the committee’s rapporteur Ahmed al-Saffar told reporters.

He added that “THE BUDGET DEFICIT FOR THIS YEAR AND IRAQ’S DEBT IS ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT REASONS THAT WILL LEAD (Mnt Goat -or led) TO DELAY THE DELETION OF ZEROS (three zeros),” noting that “the Finance Committee has assigned specialized bodies of monetary policy to study the project carefully to submit to the Finance Committee to be the main lines of this project, which Its beginnings go back years. (Mnt Goat - Yes they did and it was already decided to go ahead. We learned this by multiple articles over the past weeks.)

Al-Saffar pointed out that “deleting the zeros is a project with psychological effects rather than being actual, as the citizen will feel that his money is compatible with the requirements of his life and the movement of supply and demand and equal to hard currency.

(Mnt Goat – This article is now very controversial. It is NOT telling us they are postponing again the project to delete the zeros. What gets lost in the translation from Arabic to English is they are telling us in the past this is what happened and why it was postponed. Why do I say this? First of all Iraqi did not have a deficit in the 2019 budget. They had a surplus. So they are not talking current year.

I know it may read differently to many of you but I assure you this is not the intent of the article to postpone now but to inform us a PAST History of the project. So relax. Many of you are making more out of this article than you need to.)



Ahd News – Baghdad

The Finance Committee in the House of Representatives, on Monday, the date of sending the 2020 budget to parliament, expected to be November this year as a date to send from the government to the House of Representatives.

Committee member Mahasin Hamdoun told Al-Ahd News that discussions are still extensive between representatives of the House of Representatives and the Ministry of Finance to come up with an appropriate formula for the budget next year.

She stressed that those discussions will continue until November next to send from the government to the House of Representatives to discuss, read and vote on them.

(Mtn Goat – if for some reason we have to wait for the 2020 budget to get passed in order to re-mint the coins, then we are in for a long, long wait. )


Articles End

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ,,,,,
Just the FACTS!

Disclaimer: All information in this newsletter is not intended for investment decisions / purposes. Mnt Goat is not a financial analyst, planner, banker, attorney or associated in any role with giving out professional investment advice.

In ending I want everyone to know your constant prayers in the fight against evil (ISIS) and now the corruption in Iraq have worked. God has guided these young men and women on the battle field. He has guided the honest, patriots of Iraq to fight for their homeland. So this new war now on our citizens is underway. New battles are raging every day over corruption. These are battles to save our societies from the corrupt politicians and secret societies who are bent on taking what they want from our current wealth and from future generations without our permission. We must keep praying for the end to the rapid corruption and enslavement of people in Iraq and also in the United States. We must pray for our leaders that they may be anointed by the Holy Spirit and guided to do God’s work. We must stand by them and let them know we are still there to support them, even after the election is over. I have composed a prayer maybe we can all pray today in our own way and until the reinstatement of the Iraq dinar occurs.


“For all leaders of all nations, that they may be anointed by the Holy Spirit to do God’s will to bring about abundance and prosperity to all.

To fight this waging war on corruption, our freedoms, our liberties, socialist plans and injustice.

That the FREE WORLD may be a shining example for the rest of the entire planet.

In the name of Jesus Christ our King and Savior, Amen”

Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,
Mnt Goat
by RamblerNash
on Tue Sep 10, 2019 10:18 pm
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Guru Jeff: "That means they have to change the rate in September" 8/31/19

Guru  Jeff  

...the CBI said back in 2014 that their #1 thing they were seeking was political stability.  So they're telling you that the formation and complete government is the linchpin...the UN clearly announced that there's one position remaining - the Education Minister...this whole thing is scripted...we have them attempting to complete the government in September...3 weeks ago you had them bring a ton of reconstruction money into Iraq specifically for the 2019 budget...there's only one quarter left. Any reconstruction is post rate change event.  If they're gonna use that money in Q4 then they have to walk into Q4 with a new rate in hand.  That means they have to change the rate in September. It's very cut and dry...

by RamblerNash
on Sat Aug 31, 2019 10:19 pm
Topic: Guru Jeff: "That means they have to change the rate in September" 8/31/19
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Mark Zerfoss (aka MarkZ): "Iraq contacts are very excited expecting the new rate late tonight…they expect the rate to be $3.91" 8/13/19

Topics tagged under 1 on Dinar Daily Scree372

MZ:  Spoke with Mr. C…we had every expectation everything would go last night…he’s frustrated today and off beating up some tennis balls…

Member:  Hello Mr. C smash one for me!! Lol

MZ: Spoke with paymasters…they also are scratching their heads because they expected funds last night as well…There are a lot of very upset people this morning

MZ: Many Attorneys flew into Reno for “Guaranteed” Zim swaps yesterday……..They were told they would be able to leave with money in hand……they are angry.  


MZ: Iraq contacts are very excited expecting the new rate late tonight…they expect the rate to be $3.91

MZ: The Iraqi people have really suffered…..they need this badly

Q: Can Iraq go without the GCR?

MZ: They can….it would only be an in-country RV because of the Gold treaty…… That’s what Kuwait did…they kept it in-country and quiet for 10 days before it went international

MZ: We were told CMKX packages deliveries Tues-Thurs. So will be watching that starting today

MZ: No update from Isaac and Europe exchanges as of yet today

MZ: Military guys still feel very good about today

Member:  How can they be reporting to call centers if Mr C has’nt been paid

MZ:  It will take about one minute for Mr. C to do his job….they need people in place all over to start as soon as he does….so it makes perfect sense they keep getting ready and keep being in place.

Q: What about the Chinese Elders? I thought they were on our side?

MZ: Mr. C wondered the same thing……when is enough –enough?   When do they get mad and just go …and consequences be damned?

Member:  ELDERS need to release this NOW, its that simple

Member:  I believe it's very likely All this goes down whilst POTUS is on "Vacation".

Member:  Somebody just mentioned Trump tweeted China just gave us a huge gift

Q: Do we need an announcement for everything to go…


Member:  From another Source: Investigate Interbank Forex. something's a-brewing!being told that Call Center and Exchange Center personal are reporting to "location" today. [Hmmmm, I wonder?] smile

Member:  I agree Mark the collapse is quickly approaching. There is panic in the bond market. the 2 -10 year yield is within 5 basis points. the overnight Fed funds rate is higher that the 30 year bond rate. A huge train wreck is in the making.


Member:  Trump said September a big influx for America

Member:  The Zim and China connection I believe let’s them go in the first basket.

Member:  ZImbawe has great natural resources including Gold, They are #1 US is the 2nd in Gold resource

MZ: They have a tremendous amount of gold “off the books”

Member:  The pyramids were covered in gold and they have been stripped. That gold would be included as "off the books"

Member: I hear they want the dong rate close to the Dinar rate?

MZ: I don’t see how what could happen…..I am still looking for dong rate to be around $2 to mid $2’s

Member:  Islamic World has holiday this week. I feel we should look to next week. Trump returns from his "vacation" on Monday too.
Member:  Did you hear Dinar Recaps is going to be down some and you may lose access to their newsletters when they redesign their website???

Member: Recaps is changing Web Hosts.

Member:  Just received a notification from Dinar Recaps that they are taking their website down for maintenance and they are not sure if the will be allowed to release or email 800 numbers.

MZ: I had not heard that….They are one of my favorites…..They were here at the beginning and I feel they will be here at the end…….and no they do not pay me……

Member: I think its fishy that Recaps is doing this right now when we are so close.

MZ: They may just be getting prepared….They may be getting ready for what we do after the RV?

Member:   Maybe they are going to put their fireworks page up so testing site over @ Recaps

Member:  Only reason I kept my email so long is for WF group or I would have deleted long ago

MZ: Recaps is posting fireworks when it resets…I plan on posting this picture of a nest with cash and a golden egg in it…..and the 800 numbers on the blackboard behind me ..I will tweet to let you all know the golden egg picture is up.


Topics tagged under 1 on Dinar Daily Scree373

by RamblerNash
on Tue Aug 13, 2019 10:36 pm
Topic: Mark Zerfoss (aka MarkZ): "Iraq contacts are very excited expecting the new rate late tonight…they expect the rate to be $3.91" 8/13/19
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Frank26 and KTFA Members Tuesday Night 8-6-19"They Say Very Soon"

Frank26 and KTFA Members Tuesday Night 8-6-19"They Say Very Soon"


Doc Magee:  Just a quick reminder how easy it is for a country to revalue or devalue their currency.

In the past 24 hours, China devalued their currency, our stock market took a big hit, Trump called them out, they revalued their currency back to what it was earlier in the day, and now our stock market is on the rise again.  Devalued and revalued in 24 hours.  

So, when the CBI is ready, they can add value their currency immediately.


Talia:  https://m.thebaghdadpost.com/en/Story/43300/IMF-demands-Iraq-to-apply-reform-package


Video #1:  https://youtu.be/3qQwkkcy0Ww?t=1

Video #2:  https://youtu.be/j3kXXzzKZHU?t=1

Don961:  IMF demands Iraq to apply reform packge

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has called on the Iraqi government to cut spending on the electric power sector, in addition to a comprehensive reform of the banking sector.

It also called Iraq to seize the opportunity to improve the security situation and high oil prices to implement structural policies and reforms to ensure economic stability. The IMF stressed the need to implement the reduction of subsidies to the electricity sector, considering it a priority in controlling expenditure, and to protect the poorest and lowest-income groups from being affected by the financial controls.

The IMF also requested the Iraqi government to undertake a comprehensive reform of the banking sector in order to maintain financial stability by restructuring and strengthening the control of large state-owned banks, and increasing its control on them.

The Iraqi government supports the electricity sector in the country, benefiting the various segments of society in the domestic and commercial categories. On April 30, the Iraqi government signed a contract worth more than €14 billion with the German company Siemens to develop the electric power sector in the country.     link

Samson:  Integrity: Sentencing of former officials in Nineveh damaged public money by 59 billion dinars

2019/8/6 13:46

Revealed the integrity of the details of the judgments issued against three former officials in the province of Nineveh, indicating that the defendants have done a deliberate damage to public money estimated at 59 billion dinars.

According to a statement of integrity received by the Euphrates News, a copy of it that "the Department of Investigations in the Commission, in talking about the details of cases previously investigated by the Commission and referred to the judiciary, to the accused, who was the Director of the Department of Social Welfare in the province between (2007-2009) to approve the unlawful disbursement of funds to persons contrary to controls and instructions, based on false medical reports, as well as the addition of other persons not covered by wages salaries, pointing out that the value of damage to public money as a result of this act More than 57 billion dinars.

In a separate case, the department added that two former members of Nineveh Provincial Council were convicted for deliberately damaging public funds by disbursing funds to a number of provincial departments, contrary to regulations and instructions. the cities. 

She pointed out that "the Nineveh Criminal Court / the third body reached the conviction enough to criminalize the accused in the two cases in accordance with the provisions of Article (340) of the Penal Code in terms of the articles of participation (47, 48 and 49), after reviewing the statements of legal representatives of the Department of Social Welfare and Nineveh Provincial Council and report The External Audit Division in the Integrity Commission, in addition to the report of the Office of Financial Supervision and Administrative Investigation conducted by the Office of the Inspector General of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and the Provincial Council.

The court found that the evidence obtained was sufficient and convincing to convict them, as well as the presumption of escape from the face of justice. In early July, the defendants were sentenced in absentia to seven years' imprisonment, in addition to issuing arrest warrants and denying them, while supporting the seizure of their movable and immovable property, Affected by the right to seek compensation before the civil courts after the decisions of the judgments have been given a definitive degree.   LINK
by Ponee
on Tue Aug 06, 2019 9:34 pm
Topic: Frank26 and KTFA Members Tuesday Night 8-6-19"They Say Very Soon"
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MarkZ: "things went live at 4:30AM in Asia and expecting it to be moving our direction" 6/27/19

MZ: Wow- over 22 countries on our streams…amazing

MZ: We are hearing things went live at 4:30AM in Asia and expecting it to be moving our direction

MZ: In Zurich- they have not gone in yet but have big expectations.

MZ:My contact in  Reno was up early…6am…….He is waiting in a conference room right now to “go”…. Big expectations today is the day.

Member: Reno is the boy who cried wolf

MZ: It’s the banks in Reno calling wolf- and they cant afford not to be on “alert”  You absolutely may have banks “jumping the gun” but it’s not a proper RV until verified Iraq has gone …imo


MZ :  Historically Thursdays are a very good day for Revaluations.

MZ: In Iraq- as of 9am this morning Iraq did not have a new rate. At least the people on the street don’t have it….

MZ: Last rumored street rates we are hearing was $3.62 in Iraq…

Member:  my understanding that the 3.62 was the rate that was being paid to our contractors that doesn't mean it has to be on the street but that could be the rate they're being paid for their labor

Member:  here is an article from Iraq that Delta (he works with Frank & is in the ME) posted of the announcement of new CBI Gov as the current CBI Gov Alaq is set to run the AMF (Arab Monetary Fund)   Link

Q:  how would iraq be able to go to the G20 meeting without a revalued currency would they not look like a kid sitting at the grown ups table

MZ: Mr. C has not processed…..yet

MZ: We are at the edge…it’s painful how close we are…..I plan to have some kind of update tonight……we are that close.

[i]Member:  I[/i]n ZURICH NOTHING HAS HAPPENED BY TODAY 4pm. i know it, because i sit in Europe and i am connected with whale clients there and with all 4 big security houses. no activity

Q: If we are supposed to have a shotgun start- how can some people in other countries be exchanging?

MZ: It’s a few banks…maybe exchanging just a few ……..It is supposed to be a shotgun start……

Q: So has the can been kicked again?

MZ: No ….I think its just logistics…..when one thing gets changed or moved ….it changes other things.  

Q: Are the Chinese elders in control now?

MZ: That is the rumor we are trying to prove or disprove today.

Member:  You must remember... the CABAL still controls the banks.... they are a dying breed and they are trying to kill the RV still.

Q: Are people working at Redepemtion centers today?

MZ: Yes- they arrived at 8AM today I was told.


Member:  As POTUS Promised (2 WKS) Yuge Announcement After ]Golden[ G-20

Member:  Did you really think President Trump would allow anyone to steal his Thunder prior to his promised Yuge G-20 Announcement?

Member:  l believe EVERYTHING will happen on July 4, EVERYTHING
mber: Nothing will happen until we have trade agreements with China


MZ: I believe all those Chinese trade agreements will be done at G-20 over weekend

Member:  (Reuters) - The United States and China have agreed to a tentative truce in their trade dispute ahead of a meeting between leaders of the two nations at the G20 summit this weekend, the South China Morning Post reported on Thursday, citing sources.

When Kuwait Rv’d they were able to not release rate internationally for 10 days

MZ: I have thought about that, and this is a different age with the internet and instant information. I do not see how Iraq could hide this for very long….imo

Member:  MarkZ check this out is this the new USTN. https://youtu.be/nmtw8grnnUM

MZ: I really like it except that it says “Federal Reserve on it.  They may do what Russia did…..their Treasury absorbed the central banks….Our treasury is absorbing the Fed. Reserve…….but maybe they are not changing the name as of yet?

MZ There is a rumor we will see the new currency July 1st

MZ:  Everyone should check out Article 1 Section 10 of the US Constitution

Quote #1. Clause 1. No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts; pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto Law, or Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts,...

Member:  Article I Section 10 US Constitution: No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts; pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto Law, or Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts, or grant any Title of Nobility.No State shall, without the Consent of the Congress, lay any Imposts or Duties on Imports or Exports, except what may be absolutel

MZ: Remember Mr. Cottrell has agreed to come on our stream to give a brief, accurate “History Lesson” tomorrow morning – if the RV/GCR has not happened.   If it happens Mr. C will most likely be sequestered and call would not happen ….

MZ: I need to get busy…I will tweet the time of tonight’s stream when I have more news….
by RamblerNash
on Thu Jun 27, 2019 10:50 pm
Topic: MarkZ: "things went live at 4:30AM in Asia and expecting it to be moving our direction" 6/27/19
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Mnt Goat News Brief 6/18/19

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.

It really looks like we are now on a full force to getting the reinstatement completed sometime in June. Really? Could this really happen?

With all the news we are now hearing a new timeline CBI target has been identified and it is showing the target by the end of June. Let’s all pray that this is our last timeline ever.

Remember that I stated this new timeline not because I am just repeating with some other guru has said. I am not a parrot. I substantiate all my claims with solid and clear evidence. Go read my past couple newsletters dated June 11, 13 and today’s news. It’s all there for you to read as to why I am telling you this today.

I do not bring FAKE bank stories or some rates on a screen in the “backroom” nor about news from some jerk in Iraq who doesn’t really know anymore than we do. Just because he is from Iraq makes all his news correct? Really?

Instead, we cannot forget what the CBI and the finance committee told us in the past, then to connect it with what they are now telling us now. Sometimes we must go back to past news and relate it to what is now happening. Today we go back to 2011 when the CBI first announced the “project to delete the zeros”. What did they tell us? Are they now prepared to pull the final trigger and bring this project to a conclusion?

Let’s look at the proof then, shall we:

1. They just told us again the CBI was successful in the reduction of cash on the streets. They just told us they got the 140 trillion dinars from 2011 down now to 39 trillion.

2. We know they have been stocking the banks with the new coins and infusing yet more of the small category notes out in the ATMs and banks (250, 500 and 1000). Just recently they issued the 50 dinar note back. WOW! The banks also have the 100 dinar notes but we have not yet seen them on the streets or ATMs.

3. We know that certain Iranian factions within the government appose the project to delete the zeros and have helped to block in the past any way they can.

4. Just recently parliament passed the “Financial Management Law” which is the support by the GOI that is needed for the project to be successful. Remember they needed to isolate the cabinet and the prime minister from the project and take it out of his hands entirely. This new law does that and works only with the finance committee and the CBI. The PM has no influence either way. Get it? Now, can they carry through with it and implement it? But they need the rest of the cabinet formed first. Can Mahdi to this in time?

5. Sadr is putting great pressure on getting the remaining ministers out of proxy and qualified (non-Iranian) candidates ratified by parliament. This is scheduled again for a vote on Saturday. Folks there is not many more chances to take on getting this done. They are at the end of the line. After this Saturday June 22nd there is only a week remaining in June.

6. We now know the end of this currency legislative session and it ends the end of June. We know that Mahdi must form his government with the remaining positions by then or else be subjected to a no-confidence vote. He does not want this to happen. Lessoned learned from the Nori al-Maliki days in that THEY ARE NOT GOING DOWN THIS PROXY ROAD AGAIN.

7. And….of course there is much more at stake now with getting an honest non-Iranian selected for the Interior and Security ministers. Iraq must now get this reconstruction plan going. It is almost mid 2019 already. Another year wasted.

8. They already moved the dates from 2018-2022 to 2019-2023 for the term of this project. So, half a year is already shot with no substantial investors willing to lay their cash on the line due to these reasons. Another reason is the free-flow of capital in and out of Iraq. How in hell does Iraq expect foreign investors to go through the currency auction process every time they want to move money around? This last year they tried it already and it did not work. Investors want no part of the corrupt currency auction process. How many investor forums and seminars do they need before it sinks in their thick heads – THEY NEED A VIABLE CURRENCY TO MOVE FORWARD! Investors want a value assigned to the currency that they can deal with and prosper from. A realistic value and nothing more or less.

It’s coming and it has to come soon!

More news….

UPDATE ON THE ONGOING ELECTION SAGA (please read- it’s all good news)

The legal expert Ali al-Tamimi said on Thursday that Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi will face dismissal and replacement if he fails to complete the cabinet by the end of this month June, while Abdul-Mahdi failed and exceeded constitutional terms to complete his cabinet already.

June 15, 2019
Halabousi announces the inclusion of the completion of the ministerial cabin in the next session which is June 22nd

The Iraqi Council of Representatives, Saturday, its session today to the 22 of June. A source familiar with the {Euphrates News} that "the House of Representatives raised its meeting to Saturday, the 22nd of June, at 11 am."

The source added that "the Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohamed Halboussi announced that the agenda of the upcoming meetings will include a vote on the completion of the ministerial cabin and the termination of the Agency and special grades until the end of the legislative term."

The Presidency of the Parliament announces the vote on the Cabinet Cab and the termination of the proxy in the coming sessions.

Parliamentary wisdom also demands Abdul Mahdi to implement 4 points, including the completion of vacant ministries and currency reform.

More news….



My advice is to STOP listening to ABC, NBC, CNN and the other FAKE news channels.

So here is more of the game the FAKE news is playing again and again. My only amazement is that TRUMP fell into their little scheme. Because Trump wants to be so transparent and honest it is easy to misinterpret this recent interview but only if you are an idiot. Even an idiot can see what they are doing to Trump and twisting this recent interview.



So in the interview you watched, on the above video, Trump merely used common sense and said he would “listen” to any information from a foreign country about a candidate. This is far from using it to rig an election. Why would the president not listen? Get it? He was using his common sense and there is nothing illegal about it. He is representing the highest office of the country and would have an obligation to listen. It is his responsibility.

If you were in his shoes you would do the same. Why wouldn’t you? But as usual the FAKE news channels puts their spin on it and left out the fact that the president also said he would and should notify the FBI, if warranted. But how do you even know if the FBI should get involved unless you know what they are saying.

Oh - but the ABC journalists and their buddies of the FAKE news media always want to leave out this part. Instead they twist the TRUTH to bash the president. STOP LISTENING TO the FAKE news they are liars. Telling half the truths is as good as lying if you intentionally know it is giving a false impression. Get it?

More news….


So here are the articles from the past below. The status of these coins has not changed. The new coins have not yet been allowed into circulation but we know there are to be new coins and they are stamped and waiting at the banks for use them, but not yet.

Here are the articles if you don’t believe me. I don’t know why these so-called intel gurus can’t read. Did they even pass first grade? They idiots just are taking advantage of you and twisting FACTS for their own purposes for the purposes of making up some intel top tell you. Get it? Again these rumors of the coins being in circulation is just a BIG FAT lie.

They say the coins are now in circulation. Really? Not true and a lie and I am proving it to you today. Oh – you don’t want FACTS just some hype and lies?

Yes, some of the canceled coins going back to 2003 may be still around. How can th CBI ensure all of them are gone when they cancelled them? But how can you use them? Who is going to take them as payment? Even if they would take them for payment this still does not satisfy what we are looking for. We need the newer smaller category legitimate fils (coins) that will be used going forward after as part of the “project to delete the zeros”. Get it? This is what is significant. Who the hell cares about these other coins. They are NOT going to use them going forward. They will remain cancelled. Get it? Stop telling people the coins have been circulated.

Will they choose to use the same coins from 2003?
No, we are told the older coins are not going to be used and are going to remain canceled. The CBI has changed the design and markings on the coins and so they have already contracted with a vender to stamp newer coins.

Why did they cancel the older coins?
They canceled them because the did not think through what they were doing when they issued them prematurely. The black market took the coins and simply melted them down for the value of the precious metal. The coins cost more to stamp then the face value. These are always recipes for failure of a currency in the long term.

I am now presenting to you four (4) articles from the past to justify what I am saying is HONEST and TRUTHFUL. I don’t need to lie to you. The FACTS are all in the articles and they speak for themselves. We don’t need some bullshit form an idiot in Iraq who doesn’t know the hell he/she is talking about. I listen to the CBI and when they talk ----- I LISTEN!

Article #1:

Thursday March 14, 2019

The Central Bank published pictures of the currency and metal issued by the Central Bank of Iraq to trade after 2003 did not succeed, which was decided to cancel.

The paper currency was withdrawn in the category of 50 dinars, which is from the issuance of 2003, which was the front face of the Basra silo and the back of the palm leaf.

With the withdrawal of the currency with the issuance of 2004 of circulation for categories 25, 50 and 100 dinars for not circulated by the public.

The following are the pictures of these currencies and drawn by the Central Bank of Iraq: (not shown here).

Article #2:

June 2012

The Central Bank decided to adopt some of the landmarks and images to be placed on the new currency after the deletion of zeros.

The agency received a copy of the Central Bank's book, which included cultural and historical landmarks and images to be placed on the currency with the implications of the nearby to the minds of the public and the culture of the Iraqi.

According to the book:
The paper currency included a number of monuments and images, the most important, a picture of the bridge of the imams and the significance of the significance of high value if the bridge reaches between the two sides of the Tigris River and on both sides of the observers Imam Musa Kadhim (p) and Abu Hanifa Numan (Raz).

200 dinar-The book of the bank entitled to the Directorate Nation for issuing cabinets: that this image allocated to the highest class of the new currency,
a category (200) dinars and two hundred dinars on the back of this paper put a picture of the school Mustansiriya in Baghdad.

100 dinar - He added the central bank: (100) dinars, one hundred dinars, pictures of the Zouaiya area in Baghdad, one of the ancient areas in which the bridge was built suspended one of the achievements of the Iraqi state .. Iraq is one of the leading countries in the construction of this type of bridges and shows in the picture building the Central Bank of Iraq , In addition to the building of the University of Baghdad, which is the oldest scientific institution in Iraq in the second half of the twentieth century, while on the back of the paper image (Zaqora), one of the features of the Iraqi architecture at the dawn of history.

50 dinar -The book of the Central Bank: (50) dinars (fifty dinars) picture of King Claudia one of the most famous kings of the dynasty The second pillar (the twelfth king) is the god of growth and fertility, while the back of the paper included a picture of the fortress of Ahkaydir, an archaeological fortress dating back to the Abbasid period and the unique defensive fortresses in a desolate area such as the one built there. This fortress is located to the southwest of the city of Karbala. central bank :

25 dinar - In the face of the paper of the category of (25) dinars (twenty five dinars) put the image of King Hammurabi receives the law .. This son is the father of the spiritual father of human legislation as he wrote the rules governing the life and transactions in his famous Muslim either the back of the paper has included a picture For the agriculture of Kurdistan Iraq contributes with the men in the preparation of the field of agriculture.

10 dinar - The Central Bank: Put on the face of the banknote of the category (10) dinars (ten dinars), the image of the dinar Arab Islamic and represents this dinar, which was minted under the Umayyad state The Islamic state that strikes inside the state is one of the features of the state Sovereignty and economic independence, while the back of the paper has placed a picture of the lighthouse of humpback in Mosul, one of the distinctive features of urban in our beloved Iraq.

5 dinar - In the category of (5) dinars (five dinars) has placed on the face of her paper a picture of a total waterfall on the Iraqi Kurdistan, a reference to the interest of the state water and its sources in addition to interest in tourism and the environment either the back of the paper has been placed a picture of Nakheel Iraq is a sign and property for each land The central bank said in writing:

In line with the best applications and global experiences, decided to stop the basic features of banknotes of the categories (25,000,10,000,5,000) dinars Currently in circulation in the new series (25,10,5) dinars for the public a thousand with it as it was imprinted in his memory.

(Mnt Goat – so the new smaller notes of 5,10 and 25 are replacing the 3 zero notes of 5,000, 10,000 and 25,000 accordingly. This is a 1:1 RV in Iraq. I said within Iraq, did you hear me? In addition they are also issuing a 50, 100, 200 dinar notes of smaller category. Remember they already issued the 50 notes way back in 2015 in the anticipation the reinstatement was going in January of 2016)

The Bank pointed out that it is keen to choose designs for coins that are general and comprehensive and have a positive impact on all the Iraqi people. The coins are shown on the map of Iraq and highlight the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. The map shows a circular area to stabilize the coin coin category.

Of the coins included: there are 4 new coins a 250 and 500 fils, 1 and 2 dinar

2 dinar coin - first category (2) dinars, a picture of (Deir Mti), a historic and spiritual site located in northern Iraq, and taken by the Iraqis from various sects and religions a place of tourism and tourism.

1 dinar coin - While the category (1) dinars picture taken from the fact that the displacement of the Faily Kurds was designed by the Ministry of Culture.

500 fils - (500 fils) was placed on a modern dam on the Euphrates River. It was intended to highlight the importance of water and its storage and organization in Iraq.

250 fils - In the category of (250) fils, pictures of the Kut dam were placed on the Tigris River for the same purpose. ) Fils, a picture of the Lion of Babylon symbol of strength and violence of the Iraqi nation.

Article #3:

Sumerian news/Baghdad
The Iraqi Central Bank, said Thursday that omitting zeros still stands, indicating that the amount of money in the market amounts to 44 trillion dinars.

Release Manager, said Abdul Karim Hasan agency cupboards Shannon in an interview for alsumaria news "project delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency still stands," he said, adding that "THE PROJECT WAS SUPPOSEDLY LAUNCHED IN 2014 BUT ISIS PLANNING CONTROL FIVE PROVINCES LED TO POSTPONE IT."

Shannon added that "special project delete zeros be deleting three zeros from the current currency with the introduction of major currencies and the introduction of special coins dinar parts."

Shannon noted that "monetary circulation in large markets with 44 trillion dinars," noting that "Iraq did not use technological methods of payment process so the small categories of perishables are currency to be used extensively.

Put the Central Bank in 2011 draft delete zeros for structuring currency which the Bank will bring Iraq from country trillions to billions, that the project has received considerable objection by professionals and politicians in Parliament.

Some economists believe that Iraq is presently configured to delete the zeros of the Iraqi debt, noting that the deletion needs to security and political stability as well as the stability of the economy.

(Mnt Goat – So the CBI is confirmed just what I told you in a previous Newsletter that they plan was derived in 2011 and then postponed the last time in 2014 due to ISIS. The mere fact that: 1.the CBI is now taking action on the issuing of these new formatted smaller category notes; 2.this news in this article; 3. along with the timing of all of these items is telling us that the CBI is going ahead not with the project to delete the zeros; 4. Confirms again the need to shrink and they did in fact shrink the money supply from about 130 trillion dinars to 44 trillion dinars. Now they next move is to convert the 44 trillion to 44 billion by dropping 3 zeros.

44,000,000,000,000 - goes to 44,000,000,000

We should expect yet more news about these new denominations and coins.

This is all VERY good news and we should all be very happy.We should be jumping up and down and getting our champaign chilled. Again I say let’s look for the 50 and 100 dinar notes to come out along with the coins. This will be our sign they are about to reinstate the currency back to the global exchanges for public trading.)

Article #4:


Confirmed to the Committee on Energy and Oil parliamentary member Ugaili Aziz, said Tuesday that "raise zeros from the Iraqi dinar will not affect the low oil prices, the fact that specific prices in US dollars.

Ugaili said in a statement to the press, seen it (Iraq) that "the value of the Iraqi oil prices are in dollars, but the lifting of the zeroes will lead to an increase in commodity prices in the country.


He criticized a number of experts and specialists in the financial and economic affairs, the central bank's policy of issuing new editions of major categories of the coin, while warning of this procedure being will increase inflation, causing a state of economic confusion and stagflation in Mahlah.ocdoa market, according to news agency DINARS ON IMPORTANCE OF MOVING AND SPEED UP THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE PROJECT TO DELETE THREE ZEROS FROM THE CURRENCY AND NOT TO RESORT TO PROSTHETIC SOLUTIONS ISSUING NEW EDITIONS, (Mnt Goat – but they did this anyhow and chose new editions which has slowed down the implementation) the fact that this project will overhaul the currency and increases the strength and improves performance both locally and regionally.

The central bank had earlier announced that the project to delete the zeros is still standing, but the date of its implementation is specific, as revealed its intention to issue a large categories of currencies as a group (50) thousand dinars, and (100) thousand dinars, and restore the current currency printing until the project application. In the financial and banking affairs Mohsen Ali, said: "The project to delete THE THREE ZEROES FROM THE CURRENCY IS ONE OF THE STRATEGIC PROJECTS AND RELIED ON BY THE CENTRAL BANK, HE WILL OVERHAUL THE IRAQI CURRENCY AGAIN AND REDUCES THE MONEY SUPPLY because it will reduce the large numbers and billions and other ". (Mnt Goat – So we see them in today’s most current news telling us the reduced the money supply now down to 39 trillion dinars).

He added that "this project will serve the country in many ways, including, to create a balance in the inflation rates, and facilitate the preparation of the annual budget process for the State, ministries or provinces, and reduce errors in the big financial accounts, as well as he would the Iraqi dinar to the regional and global stature." He pointed to: that "the central bank when a promising project to delete the three zeroes from the currency HIS GOAL WAS TO REDUCE THE LARGE MASSES OF CASH and create a balance in the market rates of inflation, it can not issue new editions of major categories, because it is considered prosthesis solutions are irrelevant to the country, but it would hurt the economy terms of increasing stagflation in the market.

While economist Dergham Mohammed Ali, pointed out: "The subject of restructuring the currency would be useless without the implementation of the project to delete the three zeroes from the currency for the purposes of legal, administrative and regulatory at the same time." He explained Muhammad Ali in an interview that "the issuance of currency with a large class safety specifications for high discharge the need for the project to delete the zeros of the budget, which will be transferred Alterellnah box to box Alumblyaria, which are commensurate with the budgets of neighboring countries and reduce the differences between the dinar and the regional currencies, including re-consideration mathematically and value judgment of the Iraqi dinar. "

He said: "THE TWO REPLACEMENT VERSION OF THE NEW CATEGORIES IS A PARTIAL AND INCOMPLETE RESTRUCTURING OF THE COIN AND NOT MEET ALL THE IRAQI MARKET NEEDS, but the urgent need to implement the deletion of zeros, the fact that the Iraqi dinar exchange rate is witnessing relatively stable, what makes the ground, paving the issuance of new categories." He added: "THE DELETE THREE ZEROS FROM THE CURRENCY HAS BECOME A MATURE PROCESS AND APPROPRIATE CLIMATE to her, CALLING ON THE CENTRAL BANK TO "SPEED UP THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE PROJECT TO DELETE THE ZEROS and not to issue large categories editions because it would hurt the market."

The decision of the Commission of Economy in the previous parliamentary session, former deputy Mahma Khalil, see "reason not to implement the project to delete the zeros by the Central Bank that the previous government stood against Tnfiel decision of this project on the grounds of fear of currency counterfeiting," calling it "is not justified." especially that the regional climate is ripe after Iraq out of Chapter VII and raced global investment companies to invest in Iraq, as well as the stability of the dinar exchange rate.

He criticized Khalil in an interview, "the central bank for the issuance of new editions and new paper with large groups of measures, because it would hurt the Iraqi market in terms of increasing inflation, as well as hamper the process of implementing a project to restructure the Iraqi currency after deleting three zeros from." Referred to the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers announced (April 12, 2012), wait for the application of the process of removing zeros from the national currency, which had to stop all actions related to the transaction mentioned until further notice.

The Central Bank of Iraq, previously revealed his intention to issue coins small categories, indicating that those currencies will be written in Arabic and Kurdish, confirming the existence of a proposal to issue Banknotes great worth fifty thousand Danar.okan former central bank governor Abdul Basit Turki had said, Earlier: The Central Bank currently operates in accordance with the tables and under the supervision of specialized committees to issue new coins with large groups. And that the largest category of coins now available is the 25 thousand Iraqi dinars and the purchasing power it does not exceed $ 23, so there is more of a proposal to the Central Bank, to put more of the existing currencies, such as issuing currency up to 50 thousand dinars.


Formal Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations they do not print my RED colored fonts or italics, so my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I will preface my comments with “Mnt Goat” so you know I am jumping in with observations. Also, I separated the articles with asterisks.
Articles Begin


June 15, 2019

The “block” backed by the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr on Saturday and bindingly to the presence of Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi and his cabinet to the House of Representatives to show the stages of completion in the government program.

This came during a joint press conference held in Hanan Najaf Saturday evening, the head of the alliance of Hassan al-Akoli, the head of the reform and reconstruction bloc MP Sabah al-Saadi, and the secretary of the Communist Party of Iraq Raed Fahmi, MP Majed Tamimi and MP Anam Khuzai.

“After the follow-up and control and not to change much of the reality of service, security and economic failure to create jobs to eliminate unemployment in the program, which pledged to the Iraqi people,” said Akkuli, “We must invite the Prime Minister and his cabinet to attend the House of Representatives of In order to provide a detailed and complete report on the percentage of completion of the government program and explain what are the obstacles that prevented its implementation.

He added that “members of the Alliance bloc are continuing to submit a request to host the Prime Minister and the Cabinet to attend the House of Representatives to provide the reality of the implementation of the government program and a detailed and realistic explanation based on accurate figures.”

“The government has committed itself to the House of Representatives in the first session of the second legislative term to file the files of corruption committed by the trial of the corrupt senior public money through the 40 files placed before the Supreme Council to combat corruption, so we point out the need to inform the Iraqi people on the procedures Combating corruption from the presidential bodies, headed by the Integrity Commission and the Bureau of Financial Supervision and the Anti-Corruption Council. ”
“The implementation of the government program is one of the priorities of the government, with regard to the parliamentary opposition of the government, the parliament was worse, whether it was in power or not, it should exercise its role,” the head of the reform and reconstruction bloc told Sabah al-Saadi.

“The files of anti-corruption and the provision of services and levels of security, economic and social imperative must be committed by the government, and immunity for the government and the Ministry will be unsuccessful and do not provide services, and we call the Prime Minister and his cabinet to submit his report, and we have our own report and our diagnosis and therefore must See the government report and then boycott information for each recent incident. ”

“We are in any case coming to the government for deep reforms,” Communist Party Secretary Raed Fahmi said in his speech.
He said that “the security ministries must be taken over by professional security elements with the specifications that can gain confidence for all citizens and able to manage these important joints.”

Fahmy added that “(s) confirms that it is time and should finish this file, and will be helpful to end this file provided that these sites take elements and personalities with the information mentioned.”

The House of Representatives Speaker Mohamed Halbousi announced earlier in the day that the agenda of the upcoming meetings will include a vote on the completion of the ministerial cabin and the end of the Agency and special grades until the end of the legislative term.

The House of Representatives raised its meeting to 22-6-2019 at 11 am.
The Iraqi parliament voted on October 25 to grant confidence to 14 ministers in the government of Abdul Mahdi.

There are still 3 portfolios in the government of Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, despite the passage of more than six months on the formation of the government, namely defense, interior and justice.


Sadr calls for Abdul Mahdi to complete the cabinet cab in 10 days

Called the leader of the Sadrist movement, Moqtada al-Sadr, on Monday, the political blocs to authorize the Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi to complete the cabinet cabin within 10 days, while calling for the block to keep the public interest.

Sadr said in a statement seen by Alsumaria News, “It is not shameful and shameful to see this stabbing on positions in the House of Representatives and in the Council of Ministers alike, but the rest of the other posts … It is forbidden and forbidden to lead to the injustice of the people who suffer The scourge of power outages and the control of some hardliners who are brazen about his destiny, the fate of his family and his life, and even because of the disobedience to the orders of reference, directions and directions. ”
Al-Sadr called on the bloc to “take into account the public interest and have signed some injustice and injustice, as it used to … and will gain the satisfaction of God and the love of the people and this is very proud in this world and the Hereafter.”

He called on all political blocs to “authorize the Prime Minister to complete the cabinet within ten days only,” noting that “Abdul Mahdi must take into account the interest of the homeland and be a choice in accordance with integrity and efficiency and specialization or I will not support him.”

He pointed to “the need to speed up the MPs to vote on the remaining parliamentary committees .. Otherwise we will have another pause. You know our shortcomings.


The adviser of the Center for Strategic Studies, Ghazi Faisal, recalled the suspicions of corruption in the work of the Central Bank and the money smuggled out of it.

Faisal said in a statement to the "News", "The President of the National Congress, Ahmed Chalabi before his death, revealed many facts about the smuggling of funds through the Central Bank, and REVEALED THAT THE BANK, WASTED $ 320 BILLION could have been a very important reserve of the economy Iraqi.

He explained that "a member of the Integrity Committee in Parliament, Adel Nuri, revealed in an official report, that during the period of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, spent 600 BILLION DOLLARS WITHOUT RECEIPTS and this is not in any country in the world," noting that "NO ONE KNOWS WHERE DID THESE 600 BILLION DOLLARS GO? "

He pointed out that "the former central bank governor Sinan Shabibi, revealed corruption in the bank through the smuggling of 800 billion dollars in specific years, EVEN IF THESE BILLIONS SPENT ON BUILDING IRAQ, IRAQ WOULD BE ONE OF THE BEST IN THE WORLD."

With regard to the subject of contracts, Faisal said, "220 BILLION DOLLARS, SPENT ON FICTITIOUS CONTRACTS AND COMPANIES AND BANKS for more than 90 thousand imaginary projects."

(Mnt Goat – When is the corruption going to end in Iraq? Are they ever going to prosecute those responsible? This is the key. If they know they will never be touched then they continue the corruption freely. Why not?. We now see the same in the USA with what is going on with the democrat and the exposure of the corruption during the Obama administration. Wil they go after Obama, Hillary and the rest of the gang? )



June 17, 2019

The Central Bank of Iraq revealed on Monday the amount of cash mass outside the Iraqi banks, pointing out that it is more than 39 trillion dinars.
The bank said in an official statistic it was briefed by Alsumaria News that "the amount of currency outside the banks amounted in January of 2019 by 39 trillion and 796 billion and 700 million dinars," noting that "this amount fell from the month of December of 2018, which amounted to 40 Trillion and 498 billion and 67 million dinars. "

The bank added that "the highest level of currency outside banks during the past three years was in December 2016, where it reached 42 trillion and 75 billion dinars, while the lowest level of currency during the month of February of 2004, which amounted to 5 trillion and 431 million Dinar".

The Central Bank in 2011 put forward a project to delete the zeros for the structure of the currency, which the bank considered it would transfer Iraq from the country of trillions to billions, that the project was met with great opposition by the specialists and politicians in parliament.

(Mnt Goat – okay so here is an article from Monday and so it is very recent. It is the very last paragraph that is the most important of all. Did you read it. This paragraph is the connection and proof that the reduction of dinars down to 39 trillion is the effort of the project to delete the zeros. I am presenting this FACT to you because there are still some idiots who do not believe me when I tell you that back in 2011 this was the plan. How could they do it? They tried many aspects to get the larger 3 zero notes off the streets. It was not until they introduced the electronic banking and Key cards the this finally became a reality. But it took time to get this in all the provinces. So the CBI now pays out salaries, pensions and retirements and now ALL government paid out monies are through the key cards. So the CBI does not keep issuing wads of dinars each time and recycling the cash back out into the streets. Get it? Can you see now what the CBI is doing?

So why tell us all this again and again. This has got to be the tenth time already they told us this in articles. This is an updated. They got the currency from 41 to 39 trillion. In 2011 it was 140 trillion. So to reduce the dinars by 2/3 means they only had to get it down to about 46 trillion dinars. But they just told us they got it down to 39 so they are below the levels they wanted even. So the banks now are taking these large three zero notes and buying the smaller category notes. Are they also buying the coins. Yes, I believe the CBI is now issuing also the coins but not in massive distribution as of yet. The banks are buying them and they do plan to use them very soon. People I got to tell you Iraq is planning some HUGE change in their currency in the near future. I only point out the evidence I can not help any delays. I still think that new CBI target is now the end of June when the supplemental budget and the rest of the govt will be formed. Sadr is putting great pressure on them and even now theatens to cut off electricity to the politicians so they can feel what the average citizens is experiencing the 120 degree dry summer heat without AC.)



Leaks revealed that a large parliamentary gathering in Hananah would pave the way for the launch of the opposition project within hours to oust the government of Abdul Mahdi, and appoint Abadi as prime minister.

Informed sources said that the deputies of the Alliance are going to hold a meeting will be followed by the announcement of the formation of an opposition bloc to adopt the dismissal of the current government and the task of former Prime Minister Haider Abadi to form a new government.

The sources confirmed that these preparations come in conjunction with a conference held by 150 politicians in the home of the leader of the coalition of national Saleh al-Mutlaq and the presence of the President of the alliance victory, Haider Abadi, which is held for the same goal is to overthrow the government of Abdul Mahdi.

(Mnt Goat – Are you freaking out yet? Don’t! This is NOT going to happen. It is of course planning stages just as in USA the democrats would luv to get rid of Trump. Mahdi is going to get the rest of his government formed. The session is scheduled for Saturday and I am confident they will get it done in this session this time or before the end of June at least.)



Revealed the parliamentary finance committee, Monday, for their quest for the drafting of the budget law supplementary to the current year in collaboration with the government to address the dysfunction of the federal budget, noting that the budget will be based on the surplus of oil money without the use of foreign loans.

He said bite of a commission craving capabilities in a statement to news, that the government and the Finance Committee in cooperation during the coming days to discuss the confirmation of the approval of a supplemental budget to rectify the mistakes of the ports of the federal.

He added that the budget will be based on the surplus of oil money without the use of foreign loans, noting that THE BUDGET WILL INCLUDE THE LAUNCH OF APPOINTMENTS AND INSTALL CONTRACTS, AND SERVICES PROJECTS LAGGING IN THE WHOLE COUNTRY.



On June 17, 2019, legal expert Ali al-Tamimi revealed that there was only one way to delay the .termination of the special grades beyond June 30
Al-Tamimi said in an interview with "Baghdad Today" that "the appointment of agencies, contrary to the Iraqi constitution, ACCORDING TO ARTICLES (61) AND (80), WHICH STATES THAT SPECIAL GRADES MUST BE VOTED BY THE COUNCIL OF MINISTERS, and then sent to the House of Representatives, by the majority, revealing" the presence of more than 600 people were assigned to special degrees of the agency.

He pointed out that "the vote of the House of Representatives, to terminate the agencies at the end of June, is a legal procedure applicable throughout Iraq," noting that ANY DECISION TAKEN BY THE DESIGNATED PROXY AFTER THE END OF THIS PERIOD, IS CONTRARY TO THE LAW and can be challenged before the Administrative Court ".

He said The legal expert said that PARLIAMENT CAN EXTEND THIS PERIOD, BY VOTING ON A NEW LAW, the legal rule says (the law is not repealed and amended only by law), so there must be a new law, not a decision voted by Parliament," explaining that "this law comes Of the executive branch, because the budget came from the government.

On Monday (June 17, 2019), TORAN deputy head Hassan Tauran confirmed that the proxy administration would not end by the end of June.

The acting state administration will not end at the end of this month, and then we will ENTER INTO LEGAL PROBLEMS BECAUSE OF THE BUDGET LAW WHICH THE GOVERNMENT COMMITTED TO COMPLETE AT THE END OF THE 30TH OF THIS MONTH," Turan said in a press statement.

(Mnt Goat – So here we go again. More delays have rippling effects downstream. Delays in getting the govt formed out of proxy is now going to delay the budget. )



Frequent power cuts in Baghdad continue as temperatures rise, forcing Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi's government to speed up its promises to improve services and resolve the electricity crisis as electricity is increasingly needed for domestic, economic and public utilities.

The leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr, said on Sunday that the current Iraqi government headed by Adel Abdul Mahdi, unable to repair electricity in the country, calling for cutting off electricity from government officials so as to feel the suffering of civilians.

Sadr leads the Sarsoun bloc, which topped Iraq's last general election, and has 54 seats in parliament out of 329.

"I am sure the government will not be able to repair or improve electricity, so I suggest cutting off the hands of militias and parties controlling the Ministry of Electricity and power plants," Sadr said in a statement, referring to repeated accusations of popular mobilization.

He called for "cutting off electricity from all government officials so that they feel the suffering of civilians and the transfer of energy to hospitals and schools."

Sadr said the statement of the Minister of Electricity in the government Abdul Mahdi, who confirmed that the electricity will be improved in October, "mockery" of the Iraqi people.

Iraq has witnessed a major deficit in the energy sector during the past years, despite the possession of large reserves of oil and gas, which contributed to fuel public anger, especially in the south and center of the country.

The Iraqi cabinet approved last April a plan to produce 11,000 megawatts of power in four years, in cooperation with the German company Siemens, as part of the country's efforts to emerge from a severe crisis in the energy sector.

The suffering of Iraqis, especially the thousands of displaced people in Iraq's various provinces, is compounded by poor power supplies to homes and camps for displaced people who lack the basic necessities of temporary housing.

Power plants and transport lines have been severely damaged by the fighting in the provinces of Salah al-Din (north) and Anbar (west) between the government forces and the militants of the organization "Daash" for two years ongoing.

IRAQ SPENT ABOUT $ 40 BILLION OVER A 12-YEAR PERIOD ON THE ELECTRIC POWER PORTFOLIO, according to a government report issued in 2013, but most of the provinces still suffer from power outages for more than 12 hours a day.

Observers believe that the electricity crisis in Iraq is paralyzed by a shocking paradox and the title of corruption, waste and mismanagement of resources, as it is not reasonable for a country that is so rich in oil from the energy crisis.



A source familiar with the prime minister formed a joint committee of the government and political blocs to resolve the decisions to install special grades and general managers.

The source said that the committee consists of the membership of: -
1 - Abujad
2 - Hamid al - Ghazi
and advisers from the Prime Minister 's Office and the political blocs:
1 - Hassan al - Sunaid State of Law
2 - Abomrim Ansari conquest
3 - Amir Kanani
4 - Ahmad al - Fattalawi wisdom
and that the agreement stipulates that the general managers will remain in office if they do not have a negative sign from:
the former
minister, the new minister,
Inspector General
Accountability and Justice,
and between: will be installed and the appointment of the first meal of 117 Director General of the agency shared by the political blocs according to the election and these sites will be provided by the Prime Minister To the blocks two days before the presentation on The Council of Ministers then the other sites will be installed after 3 months.

The source explained that the Prime Minister options for several positions without reference to the blocks and these positions are: -
1 - Central Bank
2 - the intelligence service
3 - Accountability and justice
4 - Office of Supervision
5 - Integrity Commission
6 - National Security Service
7 - National Security Adviser
8 - Popular

Articles End

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ,,,,,
Just the FACTS!

Disclaimer: All information in this newsletter is not intended for investment decisions / purposes. Mnt Goat is not a financial analyst, planner, banker, attorney or associated in any role with giving out professional investment advice.

In ending I want everyone to know your constant prayers in the fight against evil (ISIS) in Iraq have worked. God has guided these young men and women on the battle field. The major war with ISIS has been over since Dec 2017. Let us all know that there is a new battle now to fight. A battle to save our homelands from the corrupt politicians and secret societies who are bent on taking what they want from our current wealth and from future generations without our permission. We must keep praying for the end to the rapid corruption and enslavement of people in Iraq and in the United States. We must pray for our leaders when they are being guided by the Holy Spirit. We must stand by them and let them know we are still there to support them, even after the election is over. I have composed a prayer maybe we can all pray today in our own way and until the reinstatement of the Iraq dinar occurs.


“For all leaders of all nations, that they may be anointed by the Holy Spirit to do God’s will to bring about abundance and prosperity to all.

To fight this waging war on corruption, our freedoms, our liberties, socialist plans and injustice.

That the FREE WORLD may be a shining example for the rest of the entire planet.

In the name of Jesus Christ our King and Savior, Amen”

Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,
Mnt Goat
by RamblerNash
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"GCR: Following Events" - Insider Anon Intel Update 6/17/19


Following Events

Once the “trigger” transactions (Dubai 1 – Reno T3) herein after D1-T3 releases are completed, there will be several other activity paths that are started.

[size=18]Path #1 (Exchange Center Path)[/size]

Within about 24 hours after the release of D1- T3 Reno T4A will start. This involves 2,200 individuals being provided the locations of Exchange Centers to which they may take their currency for redemption. These 2,200 individuals are referred to as the "Test Group." The processing of their currency will enable those operating the Exchange Centers to evaluate the adequacy of their procedures with this first group of actual sellers presenting their currency for redemption at the centers.

It is currently estimated that it will take about two weeks to complete this evaluation and make any changes or additions to the operating procedures for the Exchange Centers.

At the conclusion of the evaluation activity, the 800#s will start being released. Once a holder of any of the basked currencies gets the 800#, he will be able to call that number and set up an appointment at the Exchange Center closest to his place of residence. At that appointment he will be able to present his currency for redemption.

[size=18]Path #2 (Currency Redemption Path)[/size]

There are a total of 27 files in the first block of currency files that need to be closed in order to provide the quantity of ZWD needed to satisfy the first Contract the Chinese have with the Zimbabwe Government under which ZWD will be exchanged for the assets that were used to back up the currency.

Immediately after Dubai 1 & 2 are completed, the additional files in the remaining 27 will be processed.

After these first 27 files have been processed progress will continue in redeeming the currency in the backlog queue. That queue is sorted with the largest (dollar value) file at the front of the queue and the smallest file at the end of the queue.

[size=18]Path #3 (Global Settlement Path)[/size]

About 48 hours after the completion of the D1-T3 releases have taken place the releases of the Global Settlement will begin. The Global Settlement involves a number of different elements such as Farmer's Claims, Fines and Penalties, Prosperity Group (Clyde Hood Data Base), and others like Leo Wanta.

[size=18]Path #4 (Release of Funds Path)[/size]

As quickly as the D1-T3 release has taken place, an intense effort will come into focus with respect to the removal of the Court imposed block on the thousands of bank accounts around the globe that are to be used in funding both the currency and Historic Asset redemptions. Good progress is now being made with the court to enable this to take place. However, it will not be possible to secure all of the documents needed to present to the court until after the D1 closing has taken place

[size=18]Path #5 (Historic Asset Path)[/size]

In order to begin the redemption of the Historic Assets (HA) there are several prerequisite steps needed before the redemption of the HA can actually begin:

A. There are required Logistical Steps that need to need to be accomplished:

1) Setting up the Global Headquarters. This location has been selected and is available. Finalizing the establishment of the location and bringing it into an operational status is essential.

2) Review of readiness of all Compliance Teams needs to be assured with additional training as needed. Bringing these teams into an operational status will be essential as well as the scheduled a activation of additional Compliance Teams as required in accordance with the general schedule.

3) Opening and or reactivating regional offices on a global basis as required to meet the scheduled facilities “ramp-up” plan will need to be undertaken.

4) Review readiness of Equipment and Flying Redemption offices and crews.

B. Upon completion of step 5A above, the next step will involve processing the HA held by the Six Dynasty Families. Completing this project will eliminate a title cloud that now exists on all Chinese HA. It is estimated that it will take about six to eight weeks to complete this project.

C. Upon completion of 5B (above) will enable the beginning of the general redemption of HA. It is anticipated that initially, the largest files will be first in processing queue.


P.S. This is the most reliable information about the GCR. Everyone in this activity should know the truth.

UPDATE: QFS was activated for payments on 14th ET for Dubai 1 closing.


Victory of the light!
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3 reasons to invest in Baghdad:

here are my 3 reasons to invest in iraq. #1 a strong corrupt gov #2 a currency that you cannot by a piece of toilet paper with and#3 a very secure  country that you can walk around without being killed or stepping in a land mine
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TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by AZhombre) 6/14/19


Wed Highlights (per AZhombre):  PS, don’t forget to review the bank procedures. Trust question: Ray/we were informed anything over $50 million granted into a trust would be a taxable event!  Tony/I got $400m and I go to my exchange and put it in my name.  Done, I know what the rate is, and now I want to put it into a trust.  I’m going to have to pay $200m in taxes?  Ray/no, you’ll pay tax on $350m is what we’re being told, if the trust keeps it. Just because you put it there doesn’t mean it’s going to stay there to be taxable, unless you don’t know what to do with it. Based on that, it would be taxed on the $350m, because it’s over the $50 m threshold, that was reported to us. T/if I take that same $400 m and just left it in my name during the exchange, it’s not going to be taxed!  Right?  That’s what we’re being told.  R/yes, if the exchange is not taxable, yes.  T/ So again, if I took that same $400m and just put it into a trust to start with, because that’s where I wanted it to end up anyway, now I’m not paying tax on it again, because it’s within the first exchange, right? And the trust is doing the exchange, not the individual.  R/right.  T/so now I’ve got my $400m in my trust. And I can break it off into smaller $50m donations into other trusts that I can control again without it being taxed. Is that correct?  R/yes!  T/Because it’s $50m or less!  OK, so we’re avoiding the taxman!  Think about what you’re doing people.  Because at $350m, you just gave away $175m just because you just made one mental mistake.  That’s going to be costly!

Ray/Tony, It’s Friday!  Gooooood morning TNT. The week is over, but the fun is just about to begin.  Everything’s been quiet.  Not a whole lot of news.  We do know the banks are still on standby right now. Trying to find out (at 2 banks), banks still excited about the weekend.  Iraq didn’t name the actual ministers.  They don’t do things on Friday but will do on Sat.  Back in May Mahdi said all the reforms would be completed by June.  MC’s will be used everywhere July 1st.  Actually, able to do currency exchanges thru their card.  Haven’t received anything from committee guy, treasury.  Saying could be at any time, but everybody agreed this month.
Questions Wed, June 12, 2019: https://tntshowtime.activeboard.com/t65623043/questions-for-ray-cc-061419/" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">https://tntshowtime.activeboard.com/t65623043/questions-for-ray-cc-061419/">https://tntshowtime.activeboard.com/t65623043/questions-for-ray-cc-061419/
Fuze: Do either of you personally believe the CBI is waiting on the Cabinet’s completion before announcing the new rate?  If the US Treasury believed the cabinet naming is the issue, why would they encourage the banks to be on high alert for the last few weeks when the cabinet issue has been stalled for months?  Ans: So many months we’ve told, article 8, ministers, and every time we get achieved nothing happened.  Mahdi is saying all the reforms will be completed this month.  The US wants to know who’s going to be in charge of all this money.  Situation with Iran doesn’t help.
Arro: I would like to know what currencies will be in the next round? Is it possible to get that info?  Ans: Ray/look at it like you’re at a banquet.  Eat #1, then #2, then #3.  T/most of you won’t qualify.  $10m min for US investors.
Mac0929: On Mon’s call you mentioned the bank creating “3 non-interest-bearing trust accounts and 1 working account” before doing the sweep later into different accounts.  Can you explain what a trust account is?  Are they forming a trust for us?  Or is the word just the same and this doesn’t have anything to do with a trust.  Ans: R/asked and answered.  Trust account, not an entity.
SunStar: Can a trust be set up as a non-profit?  Whoever sets up a trust for you would they also provide you with W2 tax information quarterly or yearly?  Can a trust receive government grants?  Ans: R/yes.  If arrangement made.
Jiminkc: (1) Do banks know if this is a non-taxable event, or will they know at the time of the exchange?  If so, will they provide written proof?  (2) Ray, what info will we need to bring to set up the trusts the bank wants us to set up?  (3) Section 4 of the steps you gave Mon sends us “to a different part of the bank.”  Is that for a much-needed restroom break after all we have done and realize our lives have dramatically changed?  Can you now tell us why you left that part out?  Ans: T/don’t know what banks are going to do with regards to tax.  Been told “non-taxable event”.  Haven’t received any “proof”.  Ask your tax advisor and be prepared for it to be a taxable event.  If not, you win! Don’t know about banks setting you up in trusts.
BurbankLou:  Have the prices of dinars in Iraq changed anymore?  Could Iraq be waiting for the prices to get closer to the new value before they go public?  Or, what is it that the US wants done before they permit the RV?  Ans: T/no price changes since last one.  Gradually going down.  Might do that next week.
Evergreen:  Tony or Ray, do you know of a US bank that has multicurrency accounts?  Since MasterCard and Visa have provided cards for the Iraqi people living both inside and outside of Iraqi, could we possibly assume they have re-instated?  If so, there are banks in the US that do ofer multicurrency accounts.  Could we not open up an account there and order one of the Iraqi MasterCard or Visa cards?  Ans: T/WF does.  They are doing something with their MC using them outside the country with different rates at 7 countries around them.  May not be official RI.  R/you can chk w your bank if they have multi-currency accounts.  Ray faded in and out!  T/we have no clue what you said.  R/changing mike.  Hold on. (Tony trying to get info from contacts and Ray trying to be heard more clearly).
Jm8653: Are you hearing the Treasury has been the holdup and the Chinese is giving Washington until midnight the 16th to get this released, otherwise, they will take it over with HSBC, Wells, BofA and Chase.  This came from one of the egotistical intel providers.  Ans: T/been hearing the Treasury is the hold-up.  The Chinese directing the Treasury is ludicrous.  They aren’t going to take over all the banks.  Why haven’t they done it in the last 10 yrs?  Nobody is taking over our gov’t tomorrow and having a “new republic”.  Trump’s going to be our new “dictator”?  Please, doesn’t make sense. R/fades in and out.  Q&A, if you’re not asking question you’ll get kicked off!
404/CIA Lady! No references of high alert.  T/high alert, maybe this weekend.  C/what’s your favorite time (Fri after market?).  T/they didn’t give us a time frame.  Something today or tomorrow.  Don’t know with the Madi situation.  Don’t look for it to go the last day of June, with international cards first of July.  All the banks are still on alert this weekend! C/happy fathers-day!
281/Houston, TX. C/good news all banks on alert. Asked CPA, knows about currency.  Advised them not to touch it for 1 to 3 yrs. in case taxes in future. T/better safe than sorry.  Let it sit there and collect your interest.  Everybody I know who have already exchanged, never during this exchange process over the past 10 years, were taxes taken out.  C/if given currency with a verbal and non-written statement, do they have to give it back?  T/not attorney.  If we make a verbal agreement and we go to court, it’s like a contract and will probably stand up.  If there’s a witness to the verbal agreement it can stand up in court.  Possession is 9 tenths of the law.  I gave you 1 note, I gave you 10 notes, etc.  People will do crazy things.  Example of baseball player shot by somebody for $8k.  Be careful.  If somebody gives you something that has no value now, give it back.  If not, they will see you did well and will want to come after you.  If they want it back, give it to them.  Still have time today to buy currency today, if they want.
Tony/ items in Iraq haven’t changed much over the month.  Told daily about the Lower coins.
386/ Have rates changed?  T/no. R/Dinar 3.63, Dong 47 cents, Rupiah 1.08, Afgahni ???   Zim 22 cents, Rial 3.24 (?)
209/ Stockton, CA. T/in Jan they had a card and people in US could buy things on the internet.  In July they’re coming out with MC/V that can be used in and out of the country and unrestricted to all point of sales internationally.  C/what’s importance?  T/international currency!  Article telling them over it will be trading to 1:1200 Dinar (current rate), then later saying 1:1.3 = 83 cents.  Their cards and their rates.  A different rate we’re going to exchange at banks in USA.  C/Mon a man talked about 1% compound overnight banking.  Giving you this money and you’re making 22% or 200% a month.  Caller said she went to bank and asked how much $ she’d make on millions?  They didn’t know about fractional banking.  T/we do this because we’re planning out our futures.  They work at the bank.  Google “fractional banking”, “sweep accounts”… I know more about your bank than you do, and you work here.  Everybody going to the bank today will get the same thing.  1% a month compound monthly or …. Compounded pmt. is better.  C/how does bank make 22%.  T/ compound interest!
972/Dallas, TX. Danny in Dallas.  C/the exchange hours?  T/most banks are going from 7am to 11pm the first 10 days. Trying to get as many people through as possible.  C/After this exchange, short time before 2nd basket?  T/about 6 months.  C/will you be giving general info?  T/you think after 10 yrs. of this you want to go thru it again?  Don’t know what the NDA says.  They Do Not want to go thru this again.  People will know people who made money, so millions will get involved.  We’ll talk about things that may not be the next basket.  C/who do you think would also have access to that material?  Find such info?  T/go to wealth manager.  Would have to be somebody who wanted the people to know.  No internet site like now.  Probably try to move a lot faster.  Not rebuilding countries, etc.  We won’t be directly involved.  Wouldn’t do it again!  C/I believe.
281/Houston, TX. Mtgs in May talking about general budget for 2020.  A lot of people said they should have new rate.  Did you get to see articles like this?  R/aware it should have the new exchange rate.  Somebody saying we have to wait for 2020 for this to happen, we’ll have to wait until Jan to see our RV.  C/will the budget be put out before the end of the month?  T/no.  By June!  Coins, cards in 1st wk of July., We can say that just like he did.  But we didn’t know 2 oil tankers would be bombed!  They aren’t living up to dates and time frames.  C/I feel everything is done, every time we’re close, they could come up with any excuse. What’s your opinion?  How long can they continue?  T/until they do it!  Not the best thing for the country.  At some point people in Iraq will get too upset and something’s going to happen.  Everybody loses but Maliki.  Hope Mahdi can do something before a war breaks up.  Who’s going to be in charge of this money?  (Minister).
954/Fort Lauderdale, FL.  1st time caller.  Do we have to wait for our election?  T/don’t think another country’s election has anything to do with this revaluation!  Hasn’t been part of the GCR or anything else.  Has nothing to do with countries voting.  In place for over 50 yrs.  Nothing to do with the Chinese telling Trump to do it.  Who does that make sense to?  Some Guru’s have talked about certain people getting paid and no proof to it. If you can give me some proof, I’d gladly accept it.  Most of them don’t make sense.  Be careful who you’re listening to.  How many times have these guys received the 800#’s?  They don’t even have them.  There’s only 5 people who are supposed to get them.
610/Gman in PA. (TNT ad removed)
Wrap-up!  The bank is still waiting.  Feel like something is going to happen over the weekend.  Tony waiting for calls from 3 of them right now for updates.  Done, ready, and RV is on the way.  All the reforms will be completed by June (Mahdi). Enjoy your weekend.  Ray/members have created a 21 pgs. booklet. http://tiny.cc/prep4xchange " target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://tiny.cc/prep4xchange">http://tiny.cc/prep4xchange  good compilation and what to expect.  Some pages are worksheets.  Not being sold.  T/go get it!
Ray, keep believing.
Interesting Recent Comments & Questions (AZhombre’s picks):
R/members have created a 21 pgs. booklet. http://tiny.cc/prep4xchange" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://tiny.cc/prep4xchange">http://tiny.cc/prep4xchange good compilation and what to expect.  Some pages are worksheets.
R/ Don’t put your money into entities too fast!  Look at 3 ways of giving; A, B, or C.
R/ We all should have a “distribution list”.  X amount of $ or currencies.
R/ You have options & opportunities, so you can pick the best investments.
T/ We’re still looking for all this to be over this month.
T/With new international cards, they can go international & w/draw from machines.
T/ Still must dial 800# with a 5k note, can’t just walk into the bank to exchange it.
T/ I’ve got 4 banks that are saying they will exchange the Zim notes!
T/ I’m going to try and get contract rate on all my currency!
T/ Heard you can get contract rates on all the currencies regardless if you have Zim or not.

Latest Rates; Dinar: $3.50, $3.63, $4.43.  Dong: $0.47 – $2.23.  Zim $0.22 – $0.33 cents.  Afghani $2.39.  Rial $3.24.  Rupiah: $1.08-$1.30 ($1.20).
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Becky McGee/Oootah Scam-A-Thon Continues! Don't Miss Out On The Lies 6/12/19

Tomorrow's OOOTAH Conf, Intel and Q&A Call w/Becky & Pastor David

Jun. 12th, 2019 :: 7 PM EDT / 6 PM CDT / 5 PM MDT / 4 PM PDT

*Note: Donations are needed to help an additional family with their Electric Bill of $532.00
Tomorrow's Special Call will present two guest speakers!,

**Click below to download the Zip files to review and/or print from speaker #2

Zip File link = (Link removed)

To be prepared and then be able to ask any questions

** ATTN: ZIP FILES requires you to have more memory in your phone or computer... Go to Library & open it. Transfer them to a USB or extended Memory Card. And sometimes your laptop needs to be compatible to open ZIP files or it will go to the "DOWNLOAD FOLDER/FILE" ... look for Downloads Folder... Look for the name "BECKY ALL TRUST FILES ETC" or simply type this ZIP file name in your search after clicking download (YOU HAVE TO WAIT FOR over A MINUTE to allow it to download)... Go online for how to "Open Zip Flies" or watch a YouTube video. ***

#1. Asset Investing (Gold & Silver)
#2. Asset Protection (Name, Home & Money)

Tomorrow's Call Timeline:
Call Starts @ 7 PM EDT / 6 PM CDT / 5 PM MDT / 4 PM PDT
7:00 - 7:10 Call Intro and Pastor David Prays Call in and Teaching
7:10 - 7:40 - Speaker #1 Asset Investment
7:40 - 8:00 Asset Investment Q&A Session
8:00 - 8:40 - Speaker #2 Asset Protection
8:00 - 9:00 Asset Protection Q&A

*Please be in the call 5-60 Mins. before call time Starts! , to avoid being Lock Out!!!
**Check Your E-Mail Or Website 2 Hours Before Call Time for Current Access Code #
Dial-in number: (605) 313-5148
Participant Code: 946126#

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WHNT's "Iraqi Dinar: Fact or Fiction?" (5/11/2014)

Iraqi Dinar Investment: Fact or Fiction?


[size=14]This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


(Video plays after News Station ad)

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Across the country and in the Tennessee Valley, people are buying Iraqi dinar.  They’ve been told it will one day rise sharply in value against the U.S. dollar, leading to a financial windfall for them.

Albertville resident Tim Jones is one of those who bought in, along with his pastor and several church members.

Years later, the payoff still hasn't come.  A WHNT News 19 investigation also uncovered warnings from state regulators, the Better Business Bureau and financial experts calling dinar investment a scam.

Despite the warnings, many people remain invested.  They continue to hold the physical currency - often purchased through private dealers at a markup - and point to specific claims as justification for buying in.

So are those claims, used to promote dinar as a good investment, fact or fiction?

WHNT News 19 took action to find out.  Here's what our investigation found:

[b]Claim #1: There will be a "revaluation" or "RV" of Iraqi dinar, raising its value against the U.S. dollar and leading to a payoff for the investor[/b]

Currency expert John Jagerson, of LearningMarkets.com, tells WHNT News 19 a "revaluation" of Iraqi dinar "could not happen" and "is not planned to happen."

Jagerson, who spent years researching the subject and authored an e-book called [i]The Iraqi Dinar Scam: Why Buying the Dinar is for Dummies[/i], adds that many of the "facts" dinar investors believe are actually false.

Jagerson thinks many dinar promoters are "perpetrating falsehoods" to increase the attractiveness of dinar; perhaps profiting off connections to dinar dealers, or exclusive website memberships and online advertising.  State regulators agree, warning dinar promoters will "misrepresent history" to try to prove profits are possible.

As Jagerson explains, it's not in Iraq's interest to allow the dinar's value to rise - even through a small appreciation - since it would make it harder for the country to pay off debts, more expensive for foreign companies to do business and limit Iraq's post-war growth.

"Why would Iraq want to do to their currency what no other country wants to do?" Jagerson emphasized.  "It would be like standing on your economic brakes with both feet.  No one does it because it makes no sense."

He points out that dinar speculators also often confuse the economic terms [i]revaluation[/i]and [i]redenomination.[/i]

In a redenomination, often done when inflation has reached untenable levels in a country, old bills of larger denominations are swapped for new bills of smaller denominations.  An old 25,000 dinar note could, for example, be exchanged for a new 25 dinar note.  Under this "dropping the zeros" scenario, the purchasing power (or value) of the new note is the same as the old note.  Nobody makes any money.

As Reuters reports, Iraq is on record as saying it eventually intends "to redenominate the Iraqi dinar to simplify financial transactions in an economy that is still heavily centralised."  WHNT News 19 could find no credible reports of a stated intent to "revalue."

The U.S. State Department was also quite clear on the possibility of a "revaluation" in Iraq when contacted for comment.  The State Department is sometimes blamed for holding up Iraq's "RV" along with various international bodies.  Spokesperson Noel Clay however, gave WHNT News 19 the following statement:

[i]"We are unaware of any plans by the Iraqi government to revalue the Iraqi Dinar.  Iraq is a sovereign nation and the U.S. government plays no role in determining Iraq's [/i][i]foreign exchange policies."[/i]

[b]Claim #2: There was a "revaluation" in Kuwait that shows something similar is possible in Iraq[/b]

Banking and financial experts confirm to WHNT News 19 that while market forces did cause Kuwait's currency to fluctuate in value during and after the 1990 Iraqi invasion, there was never a revaluation like many describe.

"Historically, a revaluation where your currency suddenly becomes worth many times what it used to be in the foreign exchange, that's never happened. Ever," Jagerson said firmly.

When Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990, the Iraqi dinar replaced the Kuwaiti dinar as currency.  Kuwaiti dinar was essentially relegated to black market status.  As explained on the Kuwaiti government's own website, banking stopped inside the country and invading Iraqis stole huge amounts of Kuwaiti dinar and riches.

After liberation, Kuwait's dinar was restored as that country's official currency and new banknotes were issued to keep all the stolen monies from being used.  During this issuing, the pre-invasion rate was simply reestablished.

Iraq's history and circumstances are also very different from Kuwait.

A top executive at one of the nation's largest banks spoke on background to WHNT News 19.  The executive explained that while it's possible some people may have profited from holding Kuwaiti dinar during a market-led appreciation post-liberation, expecting anything similar in Iraq is totally unrealistic.

A March 2014 Wells Fargo "International Strategy" memo explains further.  It describes, in detail, why both 1960s West Germany and Kuwait are "poor precedent for Iraq."  The memo also warns of elevated risks of illiquidity and fraud for dinar buyers.

[b]Claim #3: President George W. Bush's Executive Order 13303 gives Americans special legal rights to hold or invest in Iraqi dinar[/b]

As you can see here, 13303 specifically protects the Development Fund for Iraq, as well as Iraqi oil products and interests - including ownership by U.S. persons - from any legal attachments or liens.  It does [i]not[/i] mention dinar, or investment in dinar, at all.

In this 2012 federal indictment against "BH Group" for fraud in the marketing and selling of Iraqi dinars, a grand jury also charges: "Any assertion that Executive Order 13303 promotes, protects, or regulates the sale of or investment in, Iraqi dinar is false." See page 5, charge 14.

[b]Claim #4: The U.S. Treasury holds a large position in Iraqi dinars[/b]

The same federal indictment against "BH Group" states that, in fact, the "U.S. Department of the Treasury does not hold any Iraqi dinar for investment purposes and holds only a nominal amount for use."

[b]Claim #5: I bought my dinar at a bank and it's a real currency, so it's clearly not a scam[/b]

Different U.S. banks appear to have purchased and sold dinar at various times in recent years.  At time of broadcast, WHNT News 19 could find no banks currently exchanging the currency, although they may exist.

Those with knowledge of the banking industry tell WHNT News 19 banks are under no "official" restriction when it comes to buying or selling Iraqi dinar and that some may have stopped due to concerns over dinar speculation.

Jay Lawrence, Southeast Communications Manager for Wells Fargo, provided the following statement to WHNT News 19, explaining why the bank does not deal in dinar:

[i]"Wells Fargo does not offer any consumer exchange for Iraqi dinar.  Wells Fargo provides a wide range of foreign currency banknote services, generally for travel-related purposes to meet the needs of our customers traveling abroad.  [/i][i]We do not, however, expect a high number of customers traveling to Iraq for business or leisure purposes in the near future.[/i]
[i]As a result, we do not trade Iraqi dinar and we have no plans to change this policy in the future.  [/i][i]We are aware that some websites or blogs promote the purchase of Iraqi dinar as an investment strategy.  We disagree with the view that holding Iraqi dinar banknotes is a sound investment strategy."[/i]

The statement directly contradicts claims from dinar promoters that "1-800" numbers are, or will be set up at Wells Fargo, to exchange dinar for customers.

Jagerson, along with state regulators, emphasize that it's not Iraqi dinar itself that's the problem.

 "It's the investment in the currency as a way to make profits that’s the scam," Jagerson said.

[b]Claim #6: There's a "Global Currency Reset" that banks, governments and global players like the World Bank or IMF are secretly coordinating and/or holding up[/b]

"That's probably one of the biggest fantasies in the scam - that there is some kind of government conspiracy behind it," Jagerson said.

A high-level executive at one of the nation's largest banks also laughed off the idea of a currency reset.  The executive told WHNT News 19 private banks do not play a role in sovereign countries' exchange rate management.

The creation of any new global economic framework would also almost certainly have coverage in the respected financial media.

The International Monetary Fund's mission chief for Iraq, Carlo Sdralevich, was even more blunt, sending WHNT News 19 the following statement:

[i]"No such a thing as a 'Global Currency Reset' exists. [/i][i]The IMF has no role in managing the Iraqi dinar or Iraq's exchange rate system.[/i]
[i]We work with the Iraqi government and central bank to provide policy advice and technical assistance as part of our ongoing dialogue with them. Decisions on the exchange rate are taken by the country authorities in full independence and sovereignty.[/i]
[i]There is no external constraint imposed preventing the Iraqi dinar's revaluation or devaluation. The stability of the dinar is the result of Iraq's own monetary and exchange rate policies."[/i]

Representatives from both the World Bank and U.S. State Department said the same, when asked by WHNT News 19 to clarify what operational powers they have in Iraq.

The State Department [url=http://www2.gwu.edu/~nsarchiv/NSAEBB/NSAEBB198/FOI Economy and Infrastructure.pdf]also addressed this document[/url] specifically, which some dinar supporters argue shows an official goal of a 1:1 exchange ratio of Iraqi dinar to U.S. dollars.

State Department spokesperson Noel Clay said of the document, "I am not familiar with it and cannot vouch for its validity.  Regardless, it is from June 2005 and Iraq has undergone significant change since then.  I would suggest that the document would hold little relevance to Iraq today."

[b]Claim #7: Iraqi dinar is still a good buy, even without a "revaluation"[/b]

Even without an "RV" or "Global Currency Reset," some investors believe Iraq's oil reserves and development potential make dinar a good purchase.  Some investors argue the market could drive a strong appreciation in the future.

In 2009, CNBC financial host Jim Cramer appeared to give dinar investment a green light, commenting on the nation's potential for growth post-war, especially with regard to oil companies.  "I'm always in favor of owning the currency as a play," Cramer said.  Click here to watch the clip.
Currencies don't behave like stocks though and as Jagerson points out, a rising GDP doesn't guarantee gains.  In fact, history shows that for countries like Iraq, "Having a growing economy and growing oil exports does not equal a growing currency.  Generally, it's exactly the opposite," Jagerson explained.

Jagerson started researching Iraqi dinar after a close friend invested, then turned to him for expert insight.  Jagerson said he spotted the red flags immediately and wants to use his currency acumen to keep others from falling victim.  He's produced several online videos to explain, in simple terms, why the arguments in favor of dinar investment don't add up. Click here to watch them.

After reading the findings above, some dinar investors may be feeling misled.  Concerned individuals can contact the Alabama Securities Commission, which recently issued a statewide "Investor Alert" addressing dinar.

If you purchased the currency and feel you were sold false claims about its potential to rise in value, call (334) 242-2984 or 1-800-222-1253.  You can also email asc@asc.alabama.gov.

To read the warnings WHNT News 19 uncovered about dinar investment from state regulators, the Better Business Bureau and financial experts, click here.
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4 injured in shooting at San Diego synagogue during Passover celebration: Police

San Diego police have detained a man in connection with a shooting incident at the Chabad of Poway synagogue, where at least four people were injured during a Passovercelebration.

The four victims were transported to Palomar Medical Center, but the hospital would not confirm the extent of their injuries.

Topics tagged under 1 on Dinar Daily Shooting-2-abc-er-190427_hpMain_4x3_992[size=12]KGTV[/size]
[size=12]Police are at the scene of a shooting at Chabad of Poway synagogue in Poway, Calif., April 27, 2019.[/size]

There are no known fatalities, a law enforcement source told ABC News.

The suspect appeared to fire more than 10 rounds before leaving the synagogue, the source said, noting that it all happened very quickly.

"A man has been detained for questioning in connection with a shooting incident at the Chabad of Poway synagogue," the San Diego Sheriff's Office Poway Station tweeted.

Topics tagged under 1 on Dinar Daily EEqu9MLL_normal

Poway Station@SDSOPoway

[ltr]Update #1: A man has been detained for questioning in connection with a shooting incident at the Chabad of Poway synagogue. @SDSOPoway Deputies were called to Chabad Way just before 11:30 a.m. There are injuries. This is a developing situation.[/ltr]

3:30 PM - Apr 27, 2019

Police are actively working to determine if the detained person is the one who carried out the shooting, the source said.

Topics tagged under 1 on Dinar Daily Shooting-1-abc-er-190427_hpMain_4x3_992[size=12]KGTV[/size]
[size=12]Police are at the scene of a shooting at Chabad of Poway synagogue in Poway, Calif., April 27, 2019.[/size]
The sheriff's office said that deputies were called to the synagogue just before 11:30 a.m. on Saturday and asked people to stay away from the area as deputies do their job. Relatives looking for their loved ones and synagogue-goers who were separated from the shooting were advised to go to Poway High School at 15500 Espola Road.

The FBI said it was aware of the situation and deploying agents to work with the San Diego Sheriff's Office. The ATF was on scene, too.

The shooting comes six months to the day that 11 people were killed in a shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh. It also occurred on the last day of Passover in a synagogue whose members are part of one of the largest and most widely known Orthodox Jewish communities in the world.

With the Chabad movement based in Brooklyn, New York, the New York Police Department said it was "closely monitoring" the situation and increasing patrols and presence athouses of worship out of an abundance of caution.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

on Sat Apr 27, 2019 5:03 pm
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Mnt Goat News Letter - Additional 4/22/19

Dear Loved Ones:

There is lots of chatter about the Dong currency and whether it is planned to revalue. Remember Vietnam was considered on the “underdeveloped” country list of the IMF and so it is one of these countries they want to bring forward because it has great potential, as the video today tells us.

So to answer this question about an revaluation of the Dong, you must understand the process. Again it is all about educating yourself as an investor and to stop listening to all these ignorant so-called intel gurus and all the foolish nonsense they put out on their calls and sites.

The State Bank of Vietnam has been giving us signals for almost a decade now that they plan to get rid of 3 or up to 4 zeros from their Dong currency. So, we know something is up. But what we don’t know is just exactly how they plan to do it. This really matters since it is the difference between getting rich or breaking even on your investment in this currency. Let me explain. This is important so pay close attention.

From experiences in dealing with the CBI, for the Iraqi dinar, we now know that there are two courses of actions that Vietnam can take in this regard:

1st Option: Do a “lop”. This means issuing a set of smaller category notes and then recalling the larger notes, assigning a simple value to them before the “lop” occurred. Then cancel out the older, larger notes, much like Zimbabwe did with the ZIM.

2nd Option: Apply a process to withdrawal the larger notes first. Then do a redenomination but allow some of the larger notes to remain in circulation and to “coincide”: with the smaller category notes. The banks will most likely use these larger notes then as they are not usually highly circulated.

In doing option #2 we may maintain our value of the larger notes we hold plus the revaluation value.

Using examples I find clarifies this best. For examples of each scenario:

500,000 Vietnam Dong note today equals about $35 USD

Option #1: 500,000 Dong changes to a 50 Dong note (they “lop” off 4 zeros)) and the smaller note launched equals $35. You are then told to come to the bank and exchange the 500,000 for a 50 Dong note. You will have a time limit to do it. After that the 500,000 notes are expired and illegal tender and they are worthless. This is what happened in Zimbabwe with the hyperinflated currency. The Bank of Zimbabwe gave $25 USD for each 100 trillion note brought into the bank. When the time limit expired they then became worthless.

Option #2: Bank collects a large % of the 500,000 notes out of circulation. There are many tools they can use to do this. Bank then also launches the smaller note of 50 Dong. The 50 Dong is assigned a value equal $50 USD (1 Dong : 1 USD). The 500,000 remains in very limited circulation and thus will have a new value of $500,000 USD (500,000 Dong x 1 USD). This is where investors can get rich. Then, if a major revaluation happens and Dong goes beyond 1 Dong = 2 USD, the 500,000 Dong becomes worth 1 mill USD.

The most consistent rate of the Dong on any Bank screen has been about 47 cents so this would be my expectation.


Article to follow:


August, 15, 2011

HA NOI — The State Bank of VietNam plans to increase the value of the Vietnamese Dong against the US dollar over the next four months in a bid to protect the value of the domestic currency, State Bank Governor Nguyen Van Binh told Sai Gon Economic Times this week.

"Since February, the real value of Vietnamese Dong has risen slightly," Binh said.

"If necessary, the central bank will consider further adjustment of the exchange rate," he added. "The primary target of foreign exchange policy is to stabilize the Dong and keep it under control, not to fix it. Confidence in the domestic currency has been fading and we must immediately restore that confidence, which is vital to economic stability."

Binh advised the public that holding onto the Dong was the best policy to keep people from flocking to invest in gold and to reduce dollarization of the economy.

Strategies to protect the Dong would include deposit interest rate reform that created predictable interest rates at levels of around 14 per cent for Dong deposits and 2 per cent for US dollar deposits, he said.

Recent dollar speculation on the foreign exchange black market was a move to take advantage of soaring global gold prices, he added.

"In fact, the demand for dollars to pay for imports is not high, and even petrol importers are not demonstrating a high demand for dollars," Binh said. "The nation's foreign reserves are sufficient to offset any imbalance in the supply of and demand for dollars."

The central bank bought up over US$4 billion in the first seven months of the year. At the Consultative Group Meeting in June, the International Monetary Fund estimated that Viet Nam's foreign reserves totaled $13.5 billion, equivalent to 1.5 months of imports. Yesterday, banks quoted buy/sell rates of VND20,814/VND20,824 per dollar, while the greenback traded for under VND21,000 on the black market.

Last Tuesday, as domestic gold prices soared to an all-time record of VND46 million ($2,203) per tael, the dollar was traded at VND21,300 on the black market and around VND20,810 at banks. — VNS


(Mnt Goat – Just so everyone knows this has NOT yet happened and now it is April 2019 already. So this announcement is now about 8 years old. Did somehow the plan change? What is now the current plan? All we can do is look at the news as it progressed over the years. It appears the plan is still to delete the zeros and launch newer smaller category notes. But the BIG question still is when? The latest talk I have is from a 2017 article just less than 2 years ago. Still nothing done on it. So are we watching the process unfold and just thinking we are close or are we watching with impatient anticipation and listening instead to all this crap from these gurus? So today we get some FACTS to go by. This is all we know. Rates on bank screens mean ABSOLUTELY nothing to us. Get it? These rates are constantly changing and will keep appearing and changing. They mean nothing for the timing of this event.)



The new version of the Vietnamese Dong will cut off the four VNDs of the old Vietnamese dong, which means that the 1st shield of the new VND is equivalent to what we are using now. 10,000 shields of the Vietnamese Dong. The new version of the Vietnamese Shield includes 1 shield, 2 shields, 5 shields, 10 shields, 20 shields, 50 shields, 100 shields and seven denominations of plastic coins and 0.1 shields, 0.2 shields and 0.5 shields (should be 10Xu.20Xu and 50Xu). coin.

The transition period is from eight months between January 1, 2015 and August 31, 2015. During the transition period, the new version of the Vietnamese Dong and the old version of the Vietnamese Dong can be used at the same time. People can exchange the old version of the Vietnamese Dong with the old version of the Vietnamese Dong. Beginning on September 1, 2015, the old version of the Vietnamese Dong only received payment and officially withdrew from circulation.

The current banknotes used in Vietnam are 200 rupiah, 500 rupiah, 1000 rupiah, 5,000 rupiah banknotes and six plastic banknotes from 10,000 rupiah to 500,000 rupiah. This version of plastic banknotes has been issued from 2003 to now. No changes have been made. Small denominations of banknotes have been in use since 1990.

At present, 10,000 Vietnamese Dong is equivalent to about 0.5 US dollars (about 3 yuan). If the new version of the Vietnamese Dong is put into circulation, it is equivalent to 1 Vietnamese Dong can be exchanged for 0.5 US dollars (this means that 1 Vietnamese dong is more expensive than 1 yuan next year).

I believe foreigners who come to Vietnam will not be in Vietnam anymore. The shield was huge and felt dizzy. The sale of four thousand Vietnamese dongs in a bottle of mineral water in the supermarket will become history. However, people who want to experience “becoming a multi-millionaire in Vietnam” may be disappointed.

The new version of the Vietnamese Shield has a maximum face value of 100 rupiah and is equivalent to approximately $50 at the current exchange rate. An official of the National Bank of Vietnam said that Vietnam’s recent economic development is in good condition. It is believed that there will be no serious inflation in two or three years, so there is no plan to print new banknotes higher than 100 guilders. Photo: Vietnam currently One of the largest denominations of the banknotes used (VND 500,000) will be replaced with a new version of 50 rupees after the currency reform.

The new version of the Vietnamese Dong is still a plastic banknote (this is more advanced than the anti-counterfeiting technology of banknotes, but also more durable than banknotes) but the banknote design has changed a little. The chairman of the banknotes on the front of the banknotes is unchanged, but the back is no longer a tourist attraction in Vietnam. Instead, the portrait of a famous figure in Vietnamese history is adopted.
New version of the Vietnamese Dong banknote pattern:
1 Shield front: Bust of President Ho Chi Minh
The opposite: Vietnamese politician and revolutionary Fan Wentong (1906-2000)
2 Shield Front: Bust of President Ho Chi Minh
The opposite: Vietnamese politician and revolutionary Li Sun (1907-1986)
5 Shield Front: Bust of President Ho Chi Minh
Negative: Former Vietnamese Minister of Defense Wu Yuanjia (1911-2013)
10 Shield Front: Bust of President Ho Chi Minh
The reverse: Vietnamese Confucian Zhu Wen'an (1292-1370)
20 Shield Front: Bust of President Ho Chi Minh
The opposite: the King of Vietnam in the Light (1753 - 1792)
50 Shield Front: Bust of President Ho Chi Minh
The opposite: Vietnamese anti-French hero Zhang Ding (1820 - 1864)
100 Shield Front: Bust of President Ho Chi Minh

(Mnt Goat – Of course this did not happen. Why? This is another case where they need to rethink what they are doing. They do not want a bunch of new billionaires overnight. They must first “withdrawal” a certain % of the current larger notes out of circulation, the same process of the project to delet the zeros that Iraq is now going through. The only way to do that is to go electronic banking, just like Iraq did. This is now in the process as one of these articles today told us. They plan to accomplish the conversion to electronic banking by 2020. So could this be a target? You tell me. Will Vietnam follow the same model as Iraq to do this transition? I certainly hope so but we just don’t know. )



Oct 24, 2017

The Vietnamese Dong is one of the highest-denominated currencies in the world. At the time of writing 1 US dollar was equal to 22,728 Dong. It takes US$44 to become a Dong millionaire.

The only official currency that is higher is Iran’s, where $1 is equal to around 34,000 rial (now about 120,000). The highest unofficial currency is the black-market rate of the Venezuelan bolívar, which passed 29,000 per dollar in September 2017.

Vietnam has the distinction of having the world’s highest-denominated banknote. Nowhere else in the world can you get a note for half a million of something. With so many zeros, such a note is needed.

Once you start getting into big-ticket items, those zeros start stacking up. Lottery prizes and properties are in the billions. And only the bravest publisher dares to quote in Dong when talking about mega-projects like the Ho Chi Minh City Metro, where Line 1 is costing an estimated 2.4 billion dollars; US$2,400,000,000 in Dong looks like 54,548,400,000,000 (that’s 54 trillion). Apart from most people not being able to comprehend such a figure, it would be easy to miss or add a zero, and completely ruin someone’s career or bankrupt a government department.

Countries never start off with high denominations, and Vietnam is no different. The Dong experienced rapid inflation during the 1980s. In 1986 the rate was 1USD/23VND, by 1987 it was 78VND, 630VND in 1988, and 4,500VND in 1989.

Most countries that have had their currency inflate into high denominations eventually re-denominate. Turkey dropped six zeros from the lira in 2005, and Indonesia is now considering a currency adjustment.

The Indonesian rupiah is one of the highest-denominated currencies in the world: US$1 is more than 13,000 rupiah, so to be a millionaire you need about $75. The Indonesian government has proposed a re-denomination that would remove three zeros from the currency, so the current 1,000 rupiah note (about 75 US cents) would be 1 rupiah.

The argument for re-denomination
A contemporary model for Vietnam is Belarus. In 2016 the Belarusian ruble was re-denominated by taking four zeros off the currency. Before re-denomination, US$1 was about 20,000 rubles, making it comparable to the current Dong. What was 10,000 BYR is now 1 BYN, so 1 USD is about 2 BYR.
The new currency is modeled on the euro, with coins similar in style to the euro also introduced. The smaller denominations are easier to remember, and spending low denominations feels more sensible as a consumer.

Removing four zeros would turn a 10,000 Dong note into a 1 Dong note, and US$1 would equal about around 2 Dong.

To give an idea of the change, notes currently in circulation would convert as follows:

500 = 0.05
1,000 = 0.10
2,000 = 0.20
5,000 = 0.50
10,000 = 1
20,000 = 2
50,000 = 5
100,000 = 10
200,000 = 20
500,000 = 50

The new Dong would pave the way for a reintroduction of coins (not counting the rare coins currently in circulation). If Vietnam plans to go cashless by 2020, then maybe coins will be redundant. But at least the option would be there.

A re-denomination would have positive effects such as becoming a currency that is taken seriously. Large projects would be quoted in Dong instead of US dollars, as Thailand quotes in baht for its big projects. And eventually you might be able to exchange your leftover Dong at exchange booths around the world, which most places won’t deal with.

If Vietnam is to maintain its economic success, and aspire to being ASEAN’s “Silicon Valley”, it is time to consider re-denominating the Dong.

(Mnt Goat – So our main concern is this – Will Vietnam decide to do a redenomination or a “lop”. Not once in any of these three articles did they refer to a “lop”. The term redenomination is referred to over and over again. Why is this significant? If they “lop” our currency is worthless. If they just redenominate and also let the remaining of the older notes “coincide” with the new smaller categories they these notes we hold will retain this value and we can exchange them and get rich. So the type of change is now speculative at best but evidence in these three articles says it will be a “redenomination”.


I hope everyone learned something from this presentation today. I will try to add other articles about the Dong into this post as they come in. Thanks.

Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,
Mnt Goat

by RamblerNash
on Mon Apr 22, 2019 10:39 am
Topic: Mnt Goat News Letter - Additional 4/22/19
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Mnt Goat News Brief 4/19/19

Hi Everyone,

I bring you little news today.

The news about our investment is very short today. Not much really happening. I will conclude this week with a short summary.

I want to wish everyone a very happy and Holy Easter this weekend. Like Christmas, we also need to remember what Easter is all about. It is not just about eating Cadbury chocolate Easter bunnies or peepsters.

More news….

Short Summary of the Week:

We know that corruption is a major factor in attracting investors thus holding back the Iraq 5 year investment plan. This plans was supposed to engage investors from 2018-2022. Now they already moved the plan to 2019-2023. Go figure what is next.

We read some good articles as to why the resistance of investors to come into Iraq. The government does not want to hang out their dirty laundery for all to see but we have seen it better than most. We know since we are watching them very closely. I even criticize the new media in the west for the news mistakes they make. I know better and I can tell they are not as engaged as us investors.

But this news is not new to us. We know that the CBI needs to attract investors by putting their foot down and think about Iraq first and not Iran. Just like president Trump has said many times that he is going to “Make America Great Again” but this means making America his first priority. Iraq needs to take this same mindset to move ahead. It is time for them to shine but I keep waiting for the rain to end.

So here is where they sit today:

-We keep hearing stories of cleaning up the corruption but little to nothing ever happens to fix it;

-We keep hearing about how Iraq is “open for business” and how they want to “go international”, but nothing ever happens;

-We keep hearing about how the CBi wants to progress with the project to delete the zeros, but nothing ever happens. The project just gets delayed over and over again;

-We keep hearing how Iraq wants to complete its government and seat the remaining four ministers. Next month will be year already since the election cycle, but nothing ever happens;

-We keep hearing about the billions of $$$$ being stolen out of the CBI reserves through these currency auctions and how this discourages investors, but nothing ever happens to fix it;

-We keep hearing how they want to prosecute Nori al-Maliki and his goons for the crimes against Iraq, but nothing ever happens;

-We keep hearing about how the Iranians are screwing over Iraq and how dangerous these Iranian militia are to any real growth in Iraq, but nothing ever happens.

As an investor many of you are getting fed up with this investment. I hear about many who want to sell their dinar and let go. Many have already done this. This is your choice. Maybe we should all go to the bank and sell out dinars and they can ship them back to the CBI in a very big box with a nasty note stating “Good Luck with your stupid country- You idiots”. Is this what it will take to wake them up? But of course I am kidding.

More news….

Vote on the draft law of financial administration. (Finance Committee).

This is NOT so huge news. Why?

“Because of this from March 20th “the Committee is keen to enact the law of financial administration as it gives a complete road map of the financial policy in the country in terms of management of money and cash in the state,” pointing out that “the change will raise the exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar against foreign currencies while maintaining the stability of inflation In the country”.

We have heard this kind of rhetoric soooooooooo many times already and yet we sit and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait and wait!

Why do you get so excited? They talk big about financial reform but we are learning this is all it is - just talk!

Unless we see real progress to rid Iraq of the Iranian influence and kick those militia out, we will not be seeing any reinstatement. Get it through your head. This Iranian corruption must end. They are stalling everything good for Iraq. They do not want Iraq to take the lead in any way in the middle east. Iraq is not poised to do so but can't. In January the CBI wanted to reinstate but couldn’t due to the corruption. They are getting political pushback on ending the currency auctions, as they call Iran their friend. Iranians are deceiving little bastards. They are cunning and only think about what is good for Iran. Iraq is being lulled into their plan for Iraq and not Iraq’s plan for Iraq.

Our hope now is that the US and our Saudi friends are working together with Sadr to clean up this Iranian mess. It could take some time.

More news….

So here is yet another one of my readers that comes on to my Facebook site and wants me spoon feed them. I don’t mind answering questions when you make the effort to first look around my site, watch the videos, read the notes and newsletters. Then, maybe I will answer a question, if I have not already covered it.

Here is the question and I quote:

“Can I ask you a question ... I know the Zim is a joke and will never happen and your main focus has always been the Iraqi Dinar.... could if it were to revalue could the dong happen without the dinar? Just a question..... thank you and so grateful and thankful for all that you do.”

So should I not get angry as such a question, even a little bit angry? I say this because I do not change my answer. It is the same today and will remain the same tomorrow. This person wants me to say what they want to hear and will keep asking around until someone tells then what they want to hear. They go from guru to guru. What do they want to hear in response to their question? They want someone to confirm the Dong is going to RV soon and the new rate will be high. Again just searching for a date and a rate and not wanting to learn about the investment they have made.

There are many currencies that revalue and devalue every day. That is why the currency exchange marketplace it there such as FOREX. Get it. There is NO such thing as a GCR (global currency reset). I know these gurus want o put the Vietnam Dong in some imaginary basket of currencies to RV.

This is all FAKE news and being said by these idiot so-called intel gurus to get you excited and to pump these other currencies. The ZIM is also a perfect example. For years I have been telling everyone and showing 100% proof and evidence of what I said that these 2008-2009 hyper-inflated ZWD notes were no longer legal tender and expired notes. The sites to which you buy them even stipulate that they are “only for collectors”. The rate at the banks is for the 2016 and greater notes. Why would anyone in their right mind think this rate is for these defunct other notes? Because the bank says they are going to take them? Yeh- right. I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale too….lol..lol..lol…. Nothing but lies….

So now we play games with the Dong. The Vietnamese Dong is a highly speculative currency.

So all we can go by is what we know for FACTS about the Dong situation:

FACT #1: The new rates are also on the bank screens. But how can Vietnam revalue these huge inflated note values without also issuing some kind of lower denominations too, just like Iraq has planned? We do not see any indication of smaller category notes coming out anytime soon. If this was the case the news media would pick up on it and we would know about it. They are not doing anything is secrecy. Get it?

FACT#2: We know the IMF is working closely with these undeveloped countries and want to make them more “sustainable” for the future. They will have to raise the value of the Dong eventually to do it. Vietnam economy is on the rise and progressing nicely according to the IMF statistics. I have friends who recently even went on vacation to Vietnam. They came back and told me half the hotels and restaurants are closed but the ones that are open and nice, clean and modern. The food was very good and the prices very reasonable. They also saw lots of warehouses in the main cities and lots of trucks transporting. They did not see lots of factories producing.

FACT#3: We know that the US and China are about to make a huge trade deal. Vietnam is a main labor force for China and is in their backdoor. China wants to keep the labor rates cheap and so there is no incentive for China to promote to raise the value of the Dong. This would put China out of business in Vietnam. Get it?

But the good news is if China also raises the value of the Yuan along with the value of the Dong this could work and the Dong could rise significantly in value overnight. So it is a touch and go situation. This is why it is highly speculative.

FACT#4: We also know that China was money laundering US dollars thru Vietnam thru 2010 -2011 and so Vietnam was asked to stop it and did not. The IMF held back a prior planned revaluation earlier and put a hold on it. But we are already past this moratorium period and so now what? We sit and wait and wait and wait and wait….

FACT #5: We know that the war in Vietnam is over for decades now and so why is it taking so long to finally recover their currency? The value prior to the war was much higher. The country is much better off than before the 60’s and 70’s war. We are seeing the same thing now in Iraq too since sanctions are “fully” lifted for them too since December of 2016. So why has Iraq not already been reinstated by now. What are they waiting for?

So, to RV Vietnam must somehow recall these large notes we hold. There are only two ways to do this. 1)an official recall and exchange for lower category notes after an RV, 2)indirectly as Iraq did using electronic banking to such them back the Central Bank. We have not heard of any future policy to do either of these.

Remember Iraq has been sucking in these large 3 zero notes “unofficially” when they went to electronic payment system. By means of not redistributing these 3 zero notes over and over again during payrolls, they essentially were able to collect nearly 2/3 of them and get them out of circulation. The remaining 1/3 the CBI says will remain in circulation and “coincide” with the newer smaller category notes. So far they are using three denominations of the lower categories 250, 500 and 1,000.

We wait for the CBI to make the next move and launch the other needed smaller categories. This is when we go to the bank. They will have to raise the RATE (of exchange). Note I did not say VALUE since we all should know the value is already in the Iraqi dinar. What we want is a reinstatement to the global currency exchanges and with this a justified new rate to coincide and to reflect with its current VALUE.

So if you waiting for any more news on the Iraqi dinar or the Vietnam Dong there is none.

More news….

Clarification of more guru bullshit:

Here is the latest rumors that are clearly just recycled over and over again when the gurus have nothing else of anything to say. I quote from the rumor control network of TNT –

TNT Rumor: “We received information that the contractors were paid and it was under the new rates”.

Mnt Goat: Where is the solid proof? Just all rumors. Folks, we have heard this now for years and years each time it is time to pay the contractors. Where does someone get this garbage into from anyhow? When will they stop recycling these same old nonsense rumors.

TNT Rumor: “More lower denoms are trickling out on the street and that the new rates are set. Time Will Tell”

Mnt Goat: Really? Yes, time will tell. Some day the RV will happen….lol..lol..lol.. But not on your clock Mr. Guru!

Funny how this was first said more than a month ago and they are still trickling out..lol..lol..lol… How stupid to even say this! Remember once you spread these rumors, and then nothing happens, its hard to take them back. So, what do the gurus then do? They just keep it going over and over again since they are ashamed to admit they are idiots and lied. This is exactly the case with these two rumors. Of course we all know who is spreading this stuff too. It’s the King of rumors, king of bullshit TNT Tony and his merry little brainless gang of idiots.

More news….

I have recently published yet another one of my video sets. This time exposing the real Maxine Waters.

There are way too many of these representatives that get lazy and cocky. They feel they are entitled to get re-elected over and over again. Then the power goes to their heads. These are the ones to get rid of. I assure you that you will be much better off. After all what the hell are, they doing for you anyhow. Why not give someone a chance to prove themselves.

How do these idiots ever get elected anyhow? No wonder why our government is so dysfunctional. We need to use our power of the vote better and get educated on these people before we vote.

Sure maybe we might listen to their rhetoric and vote them in once. But why keep putting the same useless person in the same position over and over again when they do nothing for you. Why not give someone else a chance to prove they are worthy of your vote? But then when you do vote them in it is your responsibility to keep tabs on them and demand progress. They congressional representatives WORK FOR YOU! Get it? Not the other way around.

So the 2020 elections are coming up soon and we all need to step back and ask ourselves just what has our representatives at all levels congressional and senatorial have done for our districts and states. Are they in need of replacement?

One reminder - don’t vote just by party. Vote for what the person can clearly accomplish. Also be careful of all the “pies in the sky” promises. Be practical and use your judgement. If you are hearing too much of these FAKE promises, too much bashing of other candidates, this should be a red flag to you to stay away from this person.

Next if you feel some candidate is really good then tell others about them. Invite them to come and listen along with you to them speak. Try to ask them questions when they speak about issues effecting you and your community.

Here is the link all about Mad Auntie Maxine.


Formal Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations they do not print my RED colored fonts or italics, so my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I will preface my comments with “Mnt Goat” so you know I am jumping in with observations. Also, I separated the articles with asterisks.
Articles Begin

The Central Bank of Iraq (CBE) launched a branch of the Basra branch on Thursday to develop a window from the issue division to provide small groups of 250, 500 and 1,000 dinars. The director of the Central Bank of Iraq Branch of Basra, in a press statement briefed by the "Covenant News" , said that in view of the small groups of Iraqi currency traded in the markets, the Iraqi Central Bank branch in Basra sought to provide these quantities for the purpose of facilitating the deal between a single trader And the citizen. He stressed that the provision of cash from all groups will facilitate the sale and purchase between citizens and owners of shops.

Al-Fahd added that the distribution of small categories through bank withdrawals, which are delivered to citizens through personal accounts and salaries will revive the local market and will be in the interest of the national economy and turnover of the wheel of monetary movement.

It is noteworthy that small groups have been implemented from the market significantly recently, and this gesture re-ease of dealing between citizens

(Mnt Goat – This is really the only article worth showing today of any real value to us as investors. So we know that these other smaller category notes such as 25,50,100 etc.. are not NOT yet launched. I don’t care what these idiot gurus are telling you. They are NOT yet out. They can make up their “trickling” stories all the want but this article is proof enough that the only smaller categories out are still these 250, 500 and 1000 notes. Get it?

But here is what these smaller categories can be used for in Iraq and so we know these are still cumbersome to carry around and use.

pack of gum 250 $0.30
2 pks of gum 500 $0.60
soda 1,000 $1.20


Articles End

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ,,,,,
Just the FACTS!

Disclaimer: All information in this newsletter is not intended for investment decisions / purposes. Mnt Goat is not a financial analyst, planner, banker, attorney or associated in any role with giving out professional investment advice.

In ending I want everyone to know your constant prayers in the fight against evil (ISIS) in Iraq have worked. God has guided these young men and women on the battle field. The major war with ISIS has been over since Dec 2017. Let us all know that there is a new battle now to fight. A battle to save our homelands from the corrupt politicians and secret societies who are bent on taking what they want from our current wealth and from future generations without our permission. We must keep praying for the end to the rapid corruption and enslavement of people in Iraq and in the United States. We must pray for our leaders when they are being guided by the Holy Spirit. We must stand by them and let them know we are still there to support them, even after the election is over. I have composed a prayer maybe we can all pray today in our own way and until the reinstatement of the Iraq dinar occurs.


“For the Iraqi Prime Minister and the President of the United States, that all their cabinet members, and deputies may be anointed by the Holy Spirit to do God’s will and bring the free democracies of the Republics of Iraq and of the United States of America to the much-deserved prosperity and abundance.

To do this thru justice and freedom from oppression and corruption. That they may be a shining example for the rest of the middle east and to rest of the world to follow.

In the name of Jesus Christ our King and Savior, Amen”

Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,
Mnt Goat
by RamblerNash
on Fri Apr 19, 2019 10:56 pm
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my brother bought me Iraqi Currency (Dinar) for my Birthday and Christmas


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my brother bought me Iraqi Currency (Dinar) for my Birthday and Christmas
« [b]on:[/b] December 27, 2017, 08:09:47 AM »
My brother reconnected with a female friend from grade school about 9 months ago and they are going to get married in May 2018. She is a nice girl with a good heart. However, she is really excited about the Iraqi Dinar RV (re-evaluation) that is going to happen within the next 3-6 months (according to her). 

She pretty much brain washed my brother into buying into this idea. My brother has a 4 year degree in Business Entrepreneurship. He is all about the high risk and high reward type of thing. He tried and failed a few MLM businesses over the last 5-10 years. She graduated high school. They are both 36. 

However, this type of business scheme is a little bit of a stretch for my brother, but not entirely uncommon. 

My brother bought me Iraqi Dinar for my birthday last June and for Christmas. He also bought it for my wife and 1 year old son. We have about 400,000 of Iraqi Dinar, which I think is about 325 US dollars. He is giving me a hard sell to buy some for myself or I could miss out on some big profits of 100 to 1, when it re-evaluates. 
The best article I could find out about it is below. 


1) Any chance that I could politely tell my brother to stop buying me this crap?

2) Any chance that I could politely tell my brother to stop buying it for himself? 

3) How do the sellers make money? Do they just give the buyer a poor exchange rate?

4) What is the best way to convert my Iraqi Dinar back into US currency? 

Thank you.
« [i]Last Edit: December 27, 2017, 01:35:31 PM by clarkfan1979[/i] »


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Re: my brother bought me Iraqi Dinar for my Birthday and Christmas
« [b]Reply #1 on:[/b] December 27, 2017, 12:32:17 PM »
Good luck getting him to change his mind...

As for converting them to US dollars, ask your bank/credit union. There is usually one bank in the area that specializes in currency. In my area (Salt Lake City) it is Zion’s Bank. Call first. 

Good Luck

Miss Piggy

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Re: my brother bought me Iraqi Dinar for my Birthday and Christmas
« [b]Reply #2 on:[/b] December 27, 2017, 01:11:14 PM »
Did anybody else click this thread thinking the Iraqi Dinar might be some kind of cool foreign kitchen gadget or something else to get excited about?

That not being the case, here's my thinking, for what it's worth (which should be very little, since, as admitted above, I have zero familiarity with the topic): If there's even a small chance of the "100 to 1" valuation, why not hold onto the stuff for now, just for fun? 

As for your questions:

1) Good luck with that. Forbes is well-known and as far as I know has a good reputation; could you send him that article?

2) See (1) above.

3 & 4) No effing clue. 


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  • Location: Sydney, Oz

Re: my brother bought me Iraqi Dinar for my Birthday and Christmas
« [b]Reply #3 on:[/b] December 27, 2017, 01:22:33 PM »
So when the Iraqis lop off a couple of zeroes off the currency, you'll basically be left with monopoly money.

The old banknotes obviously cease to be legal tender, with new ones issued in replacement.

People are still falling for Zimbabwe money scams. Looks like the scammers are expanding their repertoire...


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Re: my brother bought me Iraqi Dinar for my Birthday and Christmas
« [b]Reply #4 on:[/b] December 27, 2017, 01:37:20 PM »
Quote from: Miss Piggy on December 27, 2017, 01:11:14 PM

Did anybody else click this thread thinking the Iraqi Dinar might be some kind of cool foreign kitchen gadget or something else to get excited about?

That not being the case, here's my thinking, for what it's worth (which should be very little, since, as admitted above, I have zero familiarity with the topic): If there's even a small chance of the "100 to 1" valuation, why not hold onto the stuff for now, just for fun? 

As for your questions:

1) Good luck with that. Forbes is well-known and as far as I know has a good reputation; could you send him that article?

2) See (1) above.

3 & 4) No effing clue. 

I modified the topic. Thank you for the suggestion.


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Re: my brother bought me Iraqi Currency (Dinar) for my Birthday and Christmas
« [b]Reply #5 on:[/b] December 27, 2017, 01:59:24 PM »
On a side note, don't lend them money, and don't let them know how much you have. Just in case.


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Re: my brother bought me Iraqi Currency (Dinar) for my Birthday and Christmas
« [b]Reply #6 on:[/b] December 27, 2017, 02:07:08 PM »
Oh, the glorious Christmas gift of ENTERTAINMENT!   ClarkFan1979, so sorry you had to be the conduit for this pile of chuckles.  At least he is giving to you, not (so far) trying to get you to buy his wares, as so often happens in MLMs.  In my own mind, I will classify him as Kindhearted Bro until further notice.

Re your questions:
1. Of course you can tell him, but why rain on his parade?  He is not going to learn from you, only from experience, if at all.  He will, however, feel the love or disdain in your response.  Tell him you admire his bold spirit, and ask him if he's going to take you to Acapulco or Dubai when his dinars revalue.

2. See 1.  

3. I was wondering that myself.  I can only assume they sell above the exchange rate, or sell counterfeits, or sell the old notes that have been replaced by new ones when the Iraqi government lopped three zeroes off a few years ago (I read that Forbes article).  Best guess: selling the valueless old notes at the price of the new notes.  Great margins, plus they can appear to be giving zero markup.

4. Exchange it for Bitcoin!  Bwahaha, my whole response was just to make this one brief joke.  

Quiet times here, hope this offered a shred of amusement.  In all seriousness, I once had a friend whose financial schemes ranged from wild failure to just being broke on a regular basis.  The choice was to enjoy to his merry ways at the price of observing his failures, or block him off and wonder what was happening.  I chose to enjoy his merry ways.  Even more so, a relative is someone you don't want to block off unless staying connected is actively harmful.  Good luck getting rid of the bills or coins.  And having lost a relative or two in recent year, treasure your brother for who he is, even if it's not (fortunately!!) who you are.   Cheers.


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Re: my brother bought me Iraqi Dinar for my Birthday and Christmas
« [b]Reply #7 on:[/b] December 27, 2017, 02:47:28 PM »
Quote from: Miss Piggy on December 27, 2017, 01:11:14 PM

Did anybody else click this thread thinking the Iraqi Dinar might be some kind of cool foreign kitchen gadget or something else to get excited about?

Yes, huge disappointment. :p

+1 to exchange for Bitcoin.
+1 for being supportive to Kindhearted Bro, who sincerely thinks this will lead to mega riches and wants to share that prospect with you.

Answers to 1 & 2)
Explain that although you support him, you're a much more conservative investor and would prefer index funds instead... or traditional gifts such as clothes, gift cards, gadgets (even if you don't like them/need them it would still be preferable to his MLM stuff).

Car Jack

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Re: my brother bought me Iraqi Currency (Dinar) for my Birthday and Christmas
« [b]Reply #8 on:[/b] December 27, 2017, 04:16:39 PM »
How does everyone NOT know this scam.  This is older than the Nigerian prince scam.  Go convert all that junk into real money.  Tell your brother that's what you did and if he gives you any more, you'll do it again.  Your brother should sell Amway.  Way better chance of making money than with this scam.


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Re: my brother bought me Iraqi Currency (Dinar) for my Birthday and Christmas
« [b]Reply #9 on:[/b] December 28, 2017, 02:48:45 AM »
I had some left over from Iraq deployments and eventually sold it all on Ebay. 

Ask your brother this... how can he explain the 100 to 1 value increase?  So you're saying an Iraqi could take his dinar and suddenly be 100x richer if he changes it to dollars (after the valuation)?  We're about to be flooded with Iraqi millionaires then. 

Secondly, if it was a real 'investment', then real rich folks would be buying every single dinar they could get their hands on.


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Re: my brother bought me Iraqi Currency (Dinar) for my Birthday and Christmas
« [b]Reply #10 on:[/b] December 28, 2017, 06:30:38 AM »
If your brother is anything like mine, tell him this is the best idea he’s ever had and you wished you thought of it. Tell him you support him 100% and you’d invest everything you have except you can’t but that he should right away. Cause if your brother is anything like mine, he’ll do the opposite of whatever you tell him and reject all of your advice.


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Re: my brother bought me Iraqi Currency (Dinar) for my Birthday and Christmas
« [b]Reply #11 on:[/b] December 28, 2017, 07:19:07 AM »
This scam has been going on for almost a decade. 

I have met quite a few people over the years who have tried to get me to "buy in". 

Good luck.


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Re: my brother bought me Iraqi Currency (Dinar) for my Birthday and Christmas
« [b]Reply #12 on:[/b] December 28, 2017, 08:32:11 AM »
Say thank you for the gift. Turn it into USD and invest it. Leave the issue alone. You are not going to solve your brother's problem.


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Re: my brother bought me Iraqi Currency (Dinar) for my Birthday and Christmas
« [b]Reply #13 on:[/b] December 28, 2017, 01:29:25 PM »
It's ironic that this is getting posted today. I was listening to NPR this morning and they had a segment on the Iraqi government's estimate on the cost to rebuild the destruction caused by ISIS. Unfortunately, no one is willing to help them finance the reconstruction effort and I imagine the Iraqi dinar will take a bigger hit when the government starts printing more money to rebuild. 

Zimbabwe Dollars though...those have value. I keep a few of those notes around around my MegaCorp office just in case we have a bad quarter in terms of revenue. For some reason my bosses don't seem to derive much comfort from the fact that if we're behind I can give them 10 BILLION DOLLARS!!!1!


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Re: my brother bought me Iraqi Currency (Dinar) for my Birthday and Christmas
« [b]Reply #14 on:[/b] December 28, 2017, 01:47:20 PM »
Oh this brings back memories of a nutter I knew a few years ago. I think the north Korean currency is the other one these folks also say is set to explode.  

I suppose it could be entertaining reading.

Michael in ABQ

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Re: my brother bought me Iraqi Currency (Dinar) for my Birthday and Christmas
« [b]Reply #15 on:[/b] December 28, 2017, 02:28:57 PM »
I bought some when I was deployed in 2004-2005. About $200 worth (250,000 dinar). Last time I checked it's gone up in value to about $210. I suppose that's better than if I had left it in a savings account but had it been in an index fund it would have doubled or tripled since then. I can't recall what the rate of return has been but it's something like 1-2% over 12-13 years.

It was neat to pull it out and show my kids as I had a mix of various bills. That's about it though. It's just a souvenir at this point. Maybe I should sell some of it to your brother?


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Re: my brother bought me Iraqi Currency (Dinar) for my Birthday and Christmas
« [b]Reply #16 on:[/b] December 28, 2017, 06:48:28 PM »
Sell it to your brother Smile


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Re: my brother bought me Iraqi Currency (Dinar) for my Birthday and Christmas
« [b]Reply #17 on:[/b] December 31, 2017, 08:53:21 AM »
Thank you for the help. I will continue to support my brother with his business adventures, but not contribute any of my own money. 
I'm going to try to exchange it within the next 2-3 days. Not all currency exchange businesses will exchange the Dinar. I'm guessing there is a higher risk of counterfeit. Hopefully my Dinar is not counterfeit.  I will find out soon. 


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Re: my brother bought me Iraqi Currency (Dinar) for my Birthday and Christmas
« [b]Reply #18 on:[/b] January 06, 2018, 08:52:45 PM »
I exchanged the Iraqi Dinar currency today for US dollars. An internet search today claims that $400,000 Iraqi Dinar is worth $337 US dollars. I went to the currency exchange in Denver at the Cherry Creek mall. They gave me $230 US dollars, minus a $5 fee for a total of $225. I have heard that a currency exchange will change 20%. However, this was a 33% fee. 

Maybe the fee is higher because of a higher level chance of fraud? When I looked at their board of exchange rates it looks like they charged only 15% for more legitimate currencies.


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Re: my brother bought me Iraqi Currency (Dinar) for my Birthday and Christmas
« [b]Reply #19 on:[/b] January 06, 2018, 10:52:03 PM »
Quote from: clarkfan1979 on January 06, 2018, 08:52:45 PM

I exchanged the Iraqi Dinar currency today for US dollars. An internet search today claims that $400,000 Iraqi Dinar is worth $337 US dollars. I went to the currency exchange in Denver at the Cherry Creek mall. They gave me $230 US dollars, minus a $5 fee for a total of $225. I have heard that a currency exchange will change 20%. However, this was a 33% fee. 

Maybe the fee is higher because of a higher level chance of fraud? When I looked at their board of exchange rates it looks like they charged only 15% for more legitimate currencies.

They'll just be profiting on the currency spread. They might sell that 400,000 dinar to someone for $400 later on. The more common currencies that'll be easier for them to on-sell (and potentially less volatile) will probably have more competitive rates. Smile

I've got some Sri Lankan rupees I've been meaning to sell from when I was there last year. They're valued at 120LKR to the Australian dollar at present (based on xe.com rates), but the currency conversion place will buy them at 140LKR to the AUD. I paid about 105-110 when I bought them Smile


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Re: my brother bought me Iraqi Currency (Dinar) for my Birthday and Christmas
« [b]Reply #20 on:[/b] January 07, 2018, 05:43:33 PM »
Wowza, the spread on Polish Zlote (PLN) is about .02-.03PLN per dollar, or about one cent. 

33% sounds insane, so does 15%. 


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Re: my brother bought me Iraqi Currency (Dinar) for my Birthday and Christmas
« [b]Reply #21 on:[/b] January 07, 2018, 08:39:04 PM »
The thread reminded me that I have a butter tub of Saudi Riyals from Desert Storm.
I'll have to count it and see what it's worth.

by RamblerNash
on Sat Mar 30, 2019 7:23 pm
Topic: my brother bought me Iraqi Currency (Dinar) for my Birthday and Christmas
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Iraq Dinar: true or scam?

Iraq Dinar: true or scam?

  • Last Updated:

  • Sep 4th, 2009 7:03 pm

[size=10]Sep 2nd, 2009 9:33 pm[/size]

tasamy [OP]Deal AddictTopics tagged under 1 on Dinar Daily 36631_1470311364 Dec 23, 2005 2644 posts 135 upvotes Calgary

[size=10]Iraq Dinar: true or scam?[/size]

I came across an ad in the newspaper today, a website sells Iraq dinars 1M Iraq dinar is around $1.5k. I tried to investigate more, I found many sites that sell the dinar and actually the price varies. Some other sites warn about old and new currency or fake dinars. They compare the situation to Kuwait although very different. I think 1 dinar = 1 USD is impossible!!! 
That is fishy. Topics tagged under 1 on Dinar Daily 687474703a2f2f666f72756d732e726564666c61676465616c732e636f6d2f696d616765732f736d696c6965732f7468726561642d616e6772792d31362e706e67

BBB Warns that Iraqi Dinar Investment is Creating Concerns and Complaints!!!! 
http://www.bbb.org/us/article/bbb-warns ... laints-690

Can we buy the dinars from a Canadian bank? 
Is there a tax obligation after buying them? 
Is there a tax obligation if I want to sell them?

Can anyone share his experience with us? Topics tagged under 1 on Dinar Daily 687474703a2f2f666f72756d732e726564666c61676465616c732e636f6d2f696d616765732f736d696c6965732f7468726561642d7361642d31362e706e67
[size=11]Life is life
When we all feel the power
Life is life
When we all feel the pain
Life is life
It's the feeling of the people
Life is life
It is the feeling of the land. Opus Topics tagged under 1 on Dinar Daily 687474703a2f2f666f72756d732e726564666c61676465616c732e636f6d2f696d616765732f736d696c6965732f7468726561642d72617a7a2d31362e706e67


[size=10]Sep 2nd, 2009 11:44 pm[/size]

mr_raiderDeal Expert Feb 29, 2008 21027 posts 2328 upvotes Montreal
I suggest you restrict your forex trading to countries not on the verge of military and political collapse.

[size=10]Sep 2nd, 2009 11:48 pm[/size]

liorsyncroDeal Addict Oct 30, 2008 2120 posts 58 upvotes Toronto
Scam or not, even if it's a real dinar it won't be worth much anyway. And yes, you should be able to buy from any respectable forex place. Try bank or even Money Mart.
[size=11][size=12][b]Lior Hershkovitz[/b]

Broker at Mortgage Edge, specializes in construction financing and private lending
Construction rates start p+2.5%, 2nd mortgage start 5.99%, private financing start 7% max. 95% LTV[/size][/size]

[size=10]Sep 3rd, 2009 2:07 am[/size]

ThaloDeal Fanatic Jul 1, 2007 8068 posts 902 upvotes
Why the f*** would you want to buy Iraqi dinars?

[size=10]Sep 3rd, 2009 10:34 am[/size]

tasamy [OP]Deal AddictTopics tagged under 1 on Dinar Daily 36631_1470311364 Dec 23, 2005 2644 posts 135 upvotes Calgary
Thalo wrote: Why the f*** would you want to buy Iraqi dinars?

I don't know if it is true or scam but anyway it is like gambling

1M Iraq dinar -> $1.5k
If Iraq dinar went to $1 (half of its value before war)
Then the $1.5k will be $1M ... but will that happen? Nobody knows!
[size=11]Life is life
When we all feel the power
Life is life
When we all feel the pain
Life is life
It's the feeling of the people
Life is life
It is the feeling of the land. Opus Topics tagged under 1 on Dinar Daily 687474703a2f2f666f72756d732e726564666c61676465616c732e636f6d2f696d616765732f736d696c6965732f7468726561642d72617a7a2d31362e706e67

[size=10]Sep 3rd, 2009 11:03 am[/size]

ImpossiblesDeal Addict Jun 7, 2005 4276 posts 66 upvotes
tasamy wrote: I don't know if it is true or scam but anyway it is like gambling

1M Iraq dinar -> $1.5k
If Iraq dinar went to $1 (half of its value before war)
Then the $1.5k will be $1M ... but will that happen? Nobody knows!

This thread made me do some wiki research.

Iraq of the 70's and early 80's is quite a different place than today. In the early 90's the value was much lower, like 4000 dinar to 1 USD.

But hey, its your money.

[size=10]Sep 3rd, 2009 11:12 am[/size]

DanielCarreraDeal AddictTopics tagged under 1 on Dinar Daily 108431_1470311385 Jul 31, 2007 1938 posts 3 upvotes Earth
tasamy wrote: I don't know if it is true or scam but anyway it is like gambling

Yes, it is. So you might as well just go to a Casino. You'll probably have more fun there, and you'll be less tempted to think that you are investing.
[size=11]I'm not overweight, I'm undertall.

[size=10]Sep 3rd, 2009 12:51 pm[/size]

AllWheelDriftDeal Addict Feb 9, 2005 4167 posts 14 upvotes
You should also consider the Zimbabwean Dollar. If you buy it and it recovers you'll make even more money. Don't forget they already did a 10,000,000,000:1 reverse split so when you compare it to the historic exchange rate, you need to multiply your predicted gains by 10,000,000,000. That means if the currencey returns back to where it was, you will make $10 billion by buying just $1 worth of Zimbabwean Dollars. Heck, even if it only went to 1/1000th of it's original value, you'd still have made a million dollars from your $1 investment.

by RamblerNash
on Sat Mar 30, 2019 10:58 am
Topic: Iraq Dinar: true or scam?
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Mountain Goat 3/27/19

March 27, 2019 Mnt Goat News Brief

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.


Faleh al-Fayyad has officially moved away from the post of interior minister," al-Fatlawi said in a press statement. "The agreement will be between al-Fath and others on the assumption of a suitable person for the post of minister."

"There are several names of the security corps as well as civilians for the post of interior minister, but the matter will be RESOLVED IN THE NEXT FEW DAYS, especially after the withdrawal of Fayyad and the tendency to grant him the post of deputy prime minister for security affairs."

No new date given when parliament intends to vote on these positions.

More news….


Just so everyone knows I just updated my Facebook Notes section on the Mueller Report findings. Please take a peak. The recent updates are posted at the end of the note page. I sincerely hope this helps everyone clearly see the TRUTH behind this Russian Collusion investigation because you deserve to know the TRUTH and someone has to say it.


More news….


Article #1

Remember last week the article by Omar Abdel Latif about going forward with the currency reform. In the article he said that the parliamentary finance committee, in the current legislative term, is moving to develop mechanisms to change the country’s fiscal and monetary policies, in coordination with the Central Bank of Iraq, and this to raise the exchange rate of the dinar and maintain the stability of inflation.

What is the currency legislative term? It is expected to go until May 1st.

Then what pops out this week? Two articles below.

Article #2:

A list of the active currency showed by the Central Bank of Iraq , Monday 3/25/19, bank notes that are still in circulation are currently issued in 2003 and 2013 for sale to the amateur associations and relevant and which are sold to amateurs at prices ranging from $ 5 to $ 60 per cash category.

Article #3:

From Alsumaria News / Baghdad – The Iraqi Central Bank law puts judgments of the person who coined or prescribed to prepare counterfeit money Mint a fine of 50 million dinars and imprisonment. Article 50 (Preparation) stipulates that anyone who hires or initiates the preparation of false money for committing a felony punishable by law shall be liable to pay a fine not exceeding 50 million dinars or Imprisonment for a term not exceeding 5 years or both.

We know they are been having counterfeit problems all along and so this a reminder to anyone who thinks to counterfeit now if they raise the rate. Finally this IQD currency may be worth something significant.

This is three articles in two weeks on the currency. Why now. We have been waiting for months with no news and now we get 3 articles. Is the CBI getting ready to change over to the smaller category notes? This is the early part of their re-education program. Remember these older 3 zero notes are to coincide with the news notes for up to 10 years.

We can expect articles to explain and show us the smaller category notes. This is what we need to really see and we will know we are right on top it.

More news….

Remember this article? It came out earlier this year 2019.


The Central Bank of Iraq that the project to delete zeros from the Iraqi currency is still standing.

The director of the issuance and cabinets Abdul Karim Hassan Shannon that the project to delete the zeros was supposed to start in 2014, but security events and the control of the state regulation on five provinces led to delay, pointing out that the project is to delete three zeros from the current currency with the introduction of large currencies and currencies metal.

Shannon confirmed that the current cash volume in the markets is large at 44 trillion dinars.

(Mnt Goat – Article is telling us the CBI already collected the needed amount of IQD three zero notes out of circulation and is ready to proceed but had to wait due to delay due to security events and the control of the state regulation on five provinces by ISIS. Why would they tell us this if they were not now ready to move ahead again? Oh – but they did tell us they are moving ahead again. See article #1 above.  We just need to wait a little longer as they complete the final touches on this process. The target is still to go by the end of March. They need to pay the Kurdish salaries and other payments and benefits to other citizens in Iraq. They need to open the 2019 budget.).

More news….

The head of the parliamentary reform and reconstruction bloc, Sabah al-Saadi, said Tuesday that a group of deputies from various political blocs have submitted a proposal to deduct 10 percent of the oil money and distributed to citizens.

Al-Saadi said in a press conference held by the House of Representatives and with the participation of a group of deputies from various political blocs and attended by "Al-Ghad Press" that "MPs from various political blocs submitted to the House of Representatives the proposal of the law of the citizen fund to put 10% of oil and distributed to citizens through a fund in the Ministry of Finance, noting that "the money of the oil and wealth belong to the Iraqi people according to the Constitution and most of the money went wasteful to mismanagement,"


Formal Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations they do not print my RED colored fonts or italics, so my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I will preface my comments with “Mnt Goat” so you know I am jumping in with observations. Also, I separated the articles with asterisks.


Articles Begin


Alsumaria News / Baghdad – The Iraqi Central Bank law puts judgments of the person who coined or prescribed to prepare counterfeit money Mint a fine of 50 million dinars and imprisonment.

Article 50 (Preparation) stipulates that anyone who hires or initiates the preparation of false money for committing a felony punishable by law shall be liable to pay a fine not exceeding 50 million dinars or Imprisonment for a term not exceeding 5 years or both.

According to the Central Bank, Article 51 (possession) of the law considered that any person who intentionally knowingly cheating (buying, accepting or offering to buy, accept or acquire) was brought to Iraq) Counterfeit money for a crime punishable by law to pay a fine not exceeding 50 million dinars or imprisonment for a period not exceeding 5 years or both.

Article 52 (Promotion of counterfeit money) of the Act, paragraph (1), is that any person intentionally knowingly cheating (the promotion of counterfeit money or his willingness to promote counterfeit money or to use it as an original money, export, send or accept counterfeit money outside Iraq) The perpetrator of a felony punishable by law shall be liable to a fine not exceeding 100 million dinars or imprisonment for a period not exceeding 10 years or both.

Article 53 (token money and coin-like coins) provides that any person who knowingly knows (manufacturing, producing, selling or possessing) any object intended to be used for fraud acts in lieu of coins or coins designed to Shall be guilty of a felony punishable by a fine of not more than (25) million dinars or imprisonment for a period not exceeding two years or both.



Former Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi was surprised by the increase in the salaries of Kurdistan region employees by "one-and-a-half" more than he was approved in his term of office without increasing the oil revenues sent by the regional government. On the interests of the country in return for the continuation of the office.

Abadi said in a televised interview today that "during the period of his presidency of the previous government, he sent a neutral professional committee to the Kurdistan region and obtained information from the staff there, through which to reach an appropriate level of salaries, His government in the disbursement to them last year, "pointing out "The salaries have been increased by 50%, and by the amount of trillion and 600 thousand dinars, than was approved in his reign, without increasing oil revenues by the Government of the Territory."

(Mnt Goat – They are getting ready to open the budget and pay the salaries. Once they open this budget will be our deciding factor… How can they afford to increase them so high without oil revenue increases? Do they know something we don’t?)



The head of the Saudi-American Relations Committee Sabrak, Salman al-Ansari, attacked the role played by Iran in Iraq, stressing at the same time that the Saudi-Iraqi rapprochement preserves the stability of the region and the world.

Ansari accused Iran of being the cause of the destruction of Iraq and the sectarian and sectarian spread in its territory very maliciously, he said.

He said in statements today that it is necessary to achieve a strategic partnership between Riyadh and Baghdad to confront the common enemies who tried to employ the interruption of relations between Iraq and its Arab region to spread sectarianism and sectarianism and employ the Iraqi street to be a dagger in the back of his Arab brother.

Ansari did not rule out that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman would visit Iraq, but not before intensifying visits by Saudi leaders and officials to Iraq. On the contrary, if Saudi Arabia is the heart of the Arab world, Iraq is its president through which the Arabs breathe, Proving to date what has been circulating about the upcoming visit of Ben Salman to Iraq.



The Secretary-General of the Iraqi Council of Ministers, Mahdi Alaq, on Tuesday, that the private sector needs the energies of young people contribute to activate and move the wheel of the economy, calling on unemployed youth, specifically graduates and holders of higher degrees to invest soft loans launched by the Central Bank and harness their energies to enter into Labor market.

The Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers said in a statement, read by the "Economy News", that "the government gives the file of graduates a great interest and issued a number of decisions in this regard the most important approval of the Ministry of Higher Education to separate teaching staff in the morning and evening studies at universities to allow the rest of the teachers to take Their roles ".

He added: In addition to "other decisions at the public level that will stimulate citizens to move to the private sector, most notably the distribution of land plots and the adoption of the Social Insurance Law."

This came during a meeting with the Baghdad competencies group of the independent high school graduates, to discuss the demands of the elite of the assembly.


Articles End

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ,,,,,

Just the FACTS!

Disclaimer: All information in this newsletter is not intended for investment decisions / purposes. Mnt Goat is not a financial analyst, planner, banker, attorney or associated in any role with giving out professional investment advice.

In ending I want everyone to know your constant prayers in the fight against evil (ISIS) in Iraq have worked. God has guided these young men and women on the battle field. The major war with ISIS has been over since Dec 2017. Let us all know that there is a new battle now to fight. A battle to save our homelands from the corrupt politicians and secret societies who are bent on taking what they want from our current wealth and from future generations without our permission. We must keep praying for the end to the rapid corruption and enslavement of people in Iraq and in the United States. We must pray for our leaders when they are being guided by the Holy Spirit. We must stand by them and let them know we are still there to support them, even after the election is over. I have composed a prayer maybe we can all pray today in our own way and until the reinstatement of the Iraq dinar occurs.


“For the Iraqi Prime Minister and the President of the United States, that all their cabinet members, and deputies may be anointed by the Holy Spirit to do God’s will and bring the free democracies of the Republics of Iraq and of the United States of America to the much-deserved prosperity and abundance.

To do this thru justice and freedom from oppression and corruption. That they may be a shining example for the rest of the middle east and to rest of the world to follow.

In the name of Jesus Christ our King and Savior, Amen”

Auf Wiedersehen

Much love to ya all,

Mnt Goat
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RayRat/Tony Call Notes 3/18/19

Topics tagged under 1 on Dinar Daily Tony_c11
(Cliff Notes by Sunny)

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


Ray: . . .(No updates over the weekend) We went into the weekend. We can start from there.

Tony: Goooooooooood Morning, TNT! Everybody thought something would happen Saturday. . . We know now that supposedly they have four names for the four positions. As of this morning on TV they are saying they have agreed on the names and will take the vote on the 23rd.

The only update I have for you that is they expect us and this rush of people going to the RV from the internet to end April 20-24th. They expect the mad rush to be all over between April 20-24th. They expect it to start when? The whole process is to last about 30 days, whether they start it on the 20th or 24th. That’s their plan as of yesterday morning. If they vote as they are supposed to, the whole thing gets kicked.

Not hearing anything from the banks again. No updates this morning. Rates the same. No information from Iraq. A very quiet weekend. Nothing on Sunday because nothing happened on Saturday.

Trying to use the ministers as the reason it’s not happened. . CBI said they are done and waiting for the GOI to do what they need to do. Said they are stable and secure.

That’s basically where we are right now. Today is the 18th. Can we wait five days, if we have to wait that long?

Ray: (Congressional) Committee is still saying on the ZIM, years 2016 and higher is going to be exchanged.

Tony: That’s the part they don’t want to hear. We do have a guy that did an exchange last Thursday and it did include the ZIM. HE DID EXCHANGE ZIM!

CURRENT WINDOW: Tony: . . .they are predicting somewhere between March 20th and 24th. . . They are considering us TNT (internet group) as an educational group and we are going to go in four (4) (group designation) . . .Number 5 is supposed to start on April 24th for the “general public.”

Tony: Some young guy put out a video saying the dinar was a scam. Got a call one of her friends listened to what was put out and was so distraught he burned up all his dinar because he listened to this guy none of us have ever heard of before.

Twisted Christian was his name. He’s a ‘twisted idiot” is what he is. As soon as the guy burned up his dinar, he committed suicide because this guy (Twisted Christian) did this video and he listened to him.

There are people out there who don’t understand that words make a difference, that knowledge makes a difference. Call yourself a guru or christian and don’t have a clue what’s going on. I listened to all of it (the video)

It’s a roller coaster, a hard drive and we want it to be over every day. We have to continue on and don’t give anybody, don’t give Tony, 100% of your faith that will let you do what he did this last weekend or what Studley did. Nobody should have that kind of power over your life.

I’m going to do the best I can. This idiot did not make any common sense.

IRAQ: The Iraq currency has seven (7) security features to prevent fraud. It’s in three (3) languages to represent the three languages in their country.

Tony: We been doing this for over 10 years. Watching their country grow . . . so it will be a solid foundation and sustainable for years to come. We have been teaching them how to fish; to live in this new democracy; how to protect their money both in the system and from their crooked politicians. . . we are closer to the end than the beginning.

CBI: says they are waiting on the GOI. That they themselves are “stable and secure.”

Lower Denom’s: Suddenly quiet on the LD’s. Nothing being reported in print or broadcasting about the LD’s.

Parliament: Mahdi has four names for the four minister positions to fill the GOI cabinet and the vote is supposed to happen on the 23rd. Tony: The vote is not till the 23rd but it could be tomorrow. . . If they take this vote and get these four people then everything else falls into place.

Projects for rebuilding and reconstruction can only begin when the rate changes. They had the money but due to their corruption the money was stolen. New funds have been pledged but will not be received until they RV their currency.

Media: Article this morning Sadr and others blaming Mahdi saying he’s holding it up.

INTERNATIONAL: Tony: Every country that participated in the Iraq war to get rid of Saddam received Dinar. This is why George Bush said, ‘the war will pay for its self.’ Their entire government was destroyed . . . rebuilding a government and . . . a financial system their people could understand . . . is why it’s taken so long.

GCR – Global Currency Reset: Over 190 countries are participating. The start of it is right now. The Iraq dinar is being used as the foundation for it to start with. Tony: It will take years to complete.

FOREX: rates were frozen on the USD/IQD (dinar) when the FOREX opened last night. It was unclear if that is still continuing today. The rate on the IQD was expected to be live this weekend and that did not happen. Forex contact: Tony: I have not spoken to him yet.

Currencies: No update on the rates.


Banks: No bank update so far. Tony said if he gets one later he will tweet out an update.

Taxes: No change in the previous information that it will be a non-taxable event.

800 #’s: No release of the numbers or information regarding their release.

Group Exchanges: Tony: There are no groups being exchanged. I’m telling you it’s not happening!

EXCHANGING: Tony: You have a two year period to exchange. After they delete the three zero’s there is a two year period before they (Iraq) say it is worthless. . . it won’t be on TV or on the internet.

Exchange Fee: 1%? Tony: If I’ve got 1-2 million I’m not doing it. Not giving you $100,000 for 15 minutes work! Not going to be ridiculous and I don’t think they are going to either. Don’t give them your money. . . if the bank tries to charge me $1 million to do my exchange they are not going to be my bank! Never, ever going to be my bank!

Some banks have a flat fee. Like $7.50.

ZIM Information: The Committee is still saying only the years 2016 and higher for ZIM currency will be exchanged.

Tony: We do have a guy that did an exchange last Thursday and it did include the ZIM. HE DID EXCHANGE ZIM!

Q & A: TNT Forum

Q. – Is the “Yearly Gifting Amount” limit allotted for one spouse to give the other higher than the 15K to 30K (up to 30K when both spouses gift to the same person, ie a child friend, family member)? (There was discussion between Tony and Ray but I did not hear an answer – will relisten – Sunny)

Q. – What happened to the $3.72 the Iraq’s over here were getting on their cards? Have their cards been reduced to $2.86 now? Tony: The guys who exchanged over here got $3.37. We can’t answer the question but will try to find out.

Q & A: Callers

Q. – If my math is correct (on the dates Tony gave) that gets us sooner than??? Tony: That means they are predicting somewhere between March 20th and 24th. They gave me a breakdown of how they are going to do it. That’s who will be going in those 30 days. Number 5 is supposed to start on April 24th for the “general public.” They are considering us TNT (internet group) as an educational group and we are going to go in four (4). I was listening but I was drinking . . .scotch so gave you as much as I got.

Q. – Canada Caller: Been trying to get on the call. Have a friend in Iraq who said the rate was higher in Iraq and he bought his mother a house. He is a school teacher, government official. He got lower denom’s back in November. Then he heard they have revalued the house he bought his mother. I think I can get more information. Tony: If you can we would appreciate that.

Q. I’m a psychotherapist and have wealthy clients. It’s dangerous to give funds to people who’ve not handled it before. That don’t know how to manage money. I have seen people impoverished literally overnight. It actually put them in physical danger, because they were marked by other kids who didn’t have money. These kids were so naive by the time they were in their 30’s they were almost broke. It was pathetic. Ray: #1 don’t give them anything. If you going to give, give responsibility. It’s human nature, once you give it to them is I don’t have to listen to you . . . and I’ll do what I want to do. We didn’t know any better. Our grandparents didn’t know any better. If we stop giving them things and giving them responsibility on managing things that is something that can be controlled or taken away. Responsibility can come with conditions – With you being involved and make sure they follow the projected plan.

Tony: I set up mine with five year payouts so they get funds and can learn. Watch for the true effect it has on your family, not just you.

Q. – Trust for protection? Will I create a tax event when I move funds, fund, a trust? Ray: Doing something for protection why do we need to do it post RV when there is nothing to protect. It takes a good 30 days to initiate a law suit and get it started. We’ve had people that say there top notch people say the first $50 million is exempt.


Tony . . . All right guys. We are just holding on. Waiting for the 23rd now and see what happens. They said somewhere between the 20th and 24th we should be started. Maybe before that. We will go first and go fast.

Go through the call and make sure you are ready to go so you don’t have to plan. Right now while you are of sound mind. You’ll be out of your mind when this is done.

Banks ready to go. CBI sitting ready to go. They are just waiting for a vote. Enjoy your day, I’m gong to enjoy mine.

Ray . . .That plan Tony is referencing – make sure each plan of action you can answer why. If you can’t answer the why then use this time wisely to find out the why of what you want to do at each step of the way. It will help your plan work if you can answer that why. Keep believing, we sure do. (played “I Believe.”)
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..Security Checklist Tips Posted by SoftKitty at TNT 3/10/19


SoftKitty:  BE READY SO YOU DONT HAVE TO GET READY Checklist for being secure and obscure and ready for the bank exchange!


Bulldog75 "45 Security Tips" from OOM&F Forum Part 1



The last few years have witnessed an all-out assault on your personal and financial privacy. Credit-reporting agencies, schools, Internet marketers, medical clearing-houses, and dozens of other private organizations, Government all now maintain detailed records on us. The worst offender has been the U.S. government.


Herein are Great Ways To Protect Your Privacy:

#1. The first law of privacy is: TO STAY QUIET, particularly when one is in public, on the phone, or sending faxes or e-mail. DO NOT TAKE THIS PERSONAL; IT'S ALL ABOUT BUSINESS AND YOUR SECURITY! IT ONLY TAKES ONE PERSON TO 'UPSET YOUR APPLECART".

In fact, electronic communications are now so vulnerable to interception by government agencies, private investigators, and other snoops, that one shouldn't say anything in these communications you wouldn't want published on the front page of the New York Times or recorded by the IRS.

One can now get hacked into from your printer. Use separate computers and printers. One for on-line and one for off-line, IMHO.

# 2. Don't flaunt one's wealth, particularly if you have a lot of money. If you own a fancy home, make sure it looks as modest as possible from the outside. suggestion to buy cars under $75,000; Keep new homes/apartments/condo under 1 million. There is no need to advertise wealth.

The IRS regularly searches car-purchase and property records. If they suspect tax evasion – real or imagined – they can freeze your assets, and seize your car and home. When traveling overseas, you have to be even more careful.

Driving a fancy car or dressing like a "rich" American – i.e., the way you normally dress – can make you a target for robbers, kidnappers and anti-American terrorists. Also limit your credit card use. Every time you use your credit card, thieves could steal the number and rack up huge charges.

It could take months or even years to get it all sorted out. stick with a car no higher than a LEXUS, to 75k, or one's draws serious attention.

# 3. Shred or burn important documents. The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that it's 100% legal for snoops to rummage through your curbside trash and keep any papers they find.

So never throw any important papers in the trash without shredding them – including bank and credit-card statements, utility bills, letters from Social Security or other government agencies, information from your stock broker, etc.

Make sure and use a cross-cut shredder ($100-$150) which reduces documents to confetti, rather than a less-expensive shredder that cuts paper into strips which can be pasted back together. For ultra-sensitive documents, nothing beats burning them.

# 4. Isolate sensitive computer files from snoops. As we use our computers more and more to keep sensitive records and correspondence, it becomes more important to protect them from snoops. The #1 threat to your sensitive files is your modem, fax, or DSL Internet connection – anything that electronically connects your computer to the outside world.

Thanks to cookies, e-mail wiretaps, and other techniques, when you're browsing the web or reading your e-mail, snoops at the other end can download files from your computer hard drive.

The only sure way to protect yourself is by keeping all sensitive information on a different computer (or at least a different hard drive with its own, separate operating system) than the computer you use for web browsing.

In other words, you use Computer #1 to browse the web and send e-mail; and you use Computer #2 for word processing, accounting, and storing important information. Computer #1 has no important files or sensitive information.

Computer #2 has no electronic connection to the outside world. To minimize expenses, your two computers can share the same keyboard and monitor, by the addition of a network hub (about $100). Warning; Now as of 11/11 printers can now be hacked into.!!

# 5. Keep your web browsing and e-mail private. Whenever you contact a company or organization on the Internet, the computer at the other end will often insert a "cookie" into your computer – enabling merchants and government agencies to keep track of your web browsing.

The information that can be collected about you in this way is absolutely mind-boggling and includes your name, address, phone number, detailed information on the type of computer you are using, your Social Security number, credit-card numbers, a list of your friends and business contacts, and much more.

To keep your web browsing private, use an anonymous connection service,

For further protection, encrypt your e-mail, using high-level, 1024-bit encryption software, such as Pretty Good Privacy (PGP). http:// www.pgp.comZero Knowledge Systems (ZKS) offers software called "Freedom" which also uses 1024-bit encryption and which: Allows you to use multi-pseudonyms that can't be traced to your real name Prevents the receipt of Internet cookies Provides multi-layers of encryption.

# 6. KEEP YOUR HOME ADDRESS & PHONE# PRIVATE! This is the single MOST IMPORTANT step you can take to protect your privacy though all items within this POST are urgent for your welfare. Government snoops can't nose around your home, bug your computer, or listen in on your calls, if they don't know where you live or your phone number..

To keep your home address private, rent or buy your home in the name of an out-of-state corporation (Delaware and Nevada corporations are best). Also put your utilities in the name of the corporation, as well as your phone, and magazine and newspaper subscriptions.

This is precisely what TV personalities, professional athletes, and film stars do to protect their privacy. And it's not expensive. A Delaware corporation can be set up for as little as $150 and maintained for $50 a year!

Take your names off your local country tax rolls and replace your name with "property Owner". this is crucial!!!

# 6 B: Receive all MAIL personally addressed to you at a nearby mail drop, such as Mail Boxes, Etc. (about $15 a month), or an Executive Office Service ($50 to $150 a month), or at the address of a friend who owns a nearby business (free). Then use this address for your driver's license and car registration.

Naturally, your car will also be registered in the name of your corporation. Properly set up, a Delaware or Nevada corporation can also dramatically lower your taxes, if you're an independent contractor. (Please consult your attorney.)

For a private home phone, use a company name when setting up a new phone account, rather than your own, and make sure and get caller ID, complete blocking. To add a further level of phone privacy, purchase a prepaid cell phone – such as those offered by Trac Fone through Blockbuster, WalMart, and Staples.

No name, address, credit check, etc. is required to set up an account, and you can buy phone cards for cash to add more time. As of 11/11 Wal-Mart sells i-phones for less than $100 and Unlimited internet, text and talk for $55 per month. This is a fabulous rate!!!

#7 A.) (TWO PARTS) . Keep your medical records more private. Information in your medical files can be used to deny you insurance, jobs, and legal benefits. It could be even used by a government just slightly more authoritarian than the one we now have, to take away your children or commit one elsewhere.

Unfortunately, each time you see a doctor or check into a hospital or clinic, they will usually demand your Social Security Number, which in turn will be used to file and locate your medical records.

You can protect yourself from unwanted snooping by getting an alternative Medical photo ID from ID Network (IDN). No SSN is required, and medical records are kept in your own handwriting. $9.95. Call 1-888-329-3686 or 314-416-7411, http://www.idnetwork.com.

#7 PART B: In the civilized society, we each have a crucial zone of privacy shielding us from outside snooping and control. Privacy is about keeping more of what you earn – protecting the sensitive information in your computer - avoiding being hassled by the IRS or police – protecting your children – and minimizing your chances of a 2 am visit by a machine-gun-toting SWAT team.

The battle for your privacy is the battle for your freedom. Ultimately it is a battle we will win. AMEN.


#8. EXCHANGE TIME : these are suggestions to consider; you decide what IS BEST UNDER YOUR SITUATION. THERE ARE MANY OPTIONS HERE FOR PRECAUTIONARY MEASURES. The wolves inside and outside the bank can be few to many in different clothing. Your Life and Your Life Savings may be at RISK.

# 9. Do not park in the bank lot. Why show your car tags to others that will jot them down and trace u? A camera can take a photo of you and your tags for blocks away. Take a taxi or rental car to the banks.

# 10.. Go with someone to the bank; spouse, best friend who is a fellow Dinarian. Caps and glasses are nice. Make no new friends at the bank or locally who might discover your fortunes.

#11.. Make an appointment , if required, to make the 'exchange'.

#12. Know your rate before you go. Have a predetermined game plan. Shop your rates. Seek investment angles, advice also from maybe Smith Barney, Scottrade Inc, etc, various options.

# 13. Watch your body language, look and play the part of Investor. MANY maybe WATCHING. Use dressy attire but no jeans or T's.

#14.There is NO rush to cash in; supposedly many weeks and option days to have the possible 15% tax advantage with no audits (this is still a rumor; will be confirmed sooner or later next week). Seek competent tax and legal advice.
#15. If your deposit is in an acct "non interest bearing savings acct" this should be Dodd-Frank. check with your banker. NIB accts are usually unlimited in coverage.

#16. SMITH BARNEY or MORGAN STANLEY INC. OR SCOTTRADE INC ET and others can re-insure your accounts somewhere in the $600,000 TO ONE BILLION $$ range per account.



# 18. ONLY USE YOUR PASSPORTS FOR IDS: IT DOES NOT HAVE YOUR HOME ADDRESS, SOCIAL SECURITY # TIED IN. Avoid using your Drivers License for anything but the cops and court when or if mandated!

#19. Use UPS postal drop for home address or your attorney's office work address until you get things squared away about physical addresses. Never use one's home address for anything, especially: mail, fed ex, UPS, !!! Have your bank statements go to a Po Box! Never let one's attorney know how much money you have.

#20. IMHO, "Irrevocable Business Trust" or a "Irrevocable Spendthrift Trust" saves your wealth, health and happiness from the tax man. . It's Worth every penny and more. Trusts are much more apt to protect large estates. Revocable Trust hold little or no water with the IRS & States.

#21: IMHO: Legalshield.com or in some states, PREPAID LEGAL INC.: for family, business, Wills, IRS audits, Citations, legal situations. 100's of legal help issues that may give legal piece of Mind and ease the pocketbook too. Attorneys are assigned within your State to handle your cases. Some situations are outsourced to qualified attorneys within your state and they contact you. Fees average $17-49 monthly.






#23 (#23-36 WERE ADDED 7/16/12): Reduce Your Risk of Identity Theft: Traveling (for business or pleasure) can increase your exposure to financial risk. Here are some simple tips to protect yourself and reduce the risk of identity theft as you head out on your summer vacation.

#24: Clean out your wallet: Take only your essential documents, like your driver’s license and just 2 credit cards – one to carry and one to leave in the safe at the hotel in case your wallet is lost or stolen. Don’t carry your social security card in your wallet – ever. Leave your extra credit cards or identifications documents at home. Men – keep your wallet in a buttoned pocket, women – wear a purse with wide straps and locking clasps, and don’t hang it on the door when you use a public restroom.

#25: Leave your checkbook at home:  You shouldn’t need it if you have credit cards. Leave your bills and private papers at home, too.

#26: Make a copy of your travel documents: Copy your passport, driver’s license, airline confirmations, etc. Leave it with a trusted friend in case you need help, or keep a copy safely tucked inside a suitcase pocket in case the original gets lost or stolen. Make a list of what you have in your wallet, along with the phone numbers on the back of your cards.

#27: Stop your mail or have a neighbor pick it up: A full mailbox with bank statements and credit card bills is a sure sign for hackers and thieves that you are not at home. Also, stop the newspaper, and don’t broadcast your travel plans on social networking sites.

#28: Alert your credit and debit card issuers: Let them know where you are traveling, how you may be reached, and when you will return. This helps the fraud department stop charges that may not be yours, and reduces the risk that your cards will be “frozen” due to unusual activity when you are away from home and can’t be reached

#29: Keep an eye on your cell phone: Many people are storing user ID’s and passwords and other personal information on their cell phones. Secure your phone with a security code so that it can’t be accessed if it is lost or stolen.

#30: Consider a temporary credit freeze: A freeze will deny access to your credit history, so ID thieves can’t open accounts while you are away. Setting up a freeze through the three credit reporting bureaus – Transunion, Experian and Equifax – takes time and money, so this is the most beneficial if you are planning a period of prolonged travel.

#31: Look for safer ATMs: If you need cash withdrawals, ATMs in bank lobbies are less vulnerable to devices used to capture your information, and are usually better lit and safer in general. They are also more likely to have surveillance cameras.

#32: Be careful with computers in hotels and other public places: Don’t access your financial data on hotel or other public computers or public Wi-Fi networks. Public computers may have spy-ware or malware installed which could record everything you type. Be sure to log out of any sites that you may access before leaving the PC.

#33: Beware of front desk calls: If you receive a call from a “clerk” saying that they need to re-enter your credit card number, hang up and call the front desk yourself. You don’t now who is at the other end of that call.

#34: A few simple steps will go a long way in protecting you and your information and prevent your vacation or business trip from turning into a headache. If you have any concerns about your personal information, notice any suspicious account activity, or experience a customer information security-related event, contact your bank branch immediately so that they can assist you.



#37: Any major ideas or investments, always bounce it off someone you trust like your CPA, Attorney or Investment advisors. Many are ashamed to admit they've been taken advantage of or conned. Do not be over-trusting, nieve or gullible.. When or if someone tries to interest you in a venture involving money /investments, say, "I'll discuss this with my real estate agent, CPA or lawyer and get back to you." Then talk with someone you trust.

#38: further info on personal identity: Scam-proof your communications by taking control of your personal information. Put your phone numbers (home and cell) on the Do Not Call Registry. Opt out from the sale or sharing of your personal information by contacting the three credit bureaus, your state department of motor vehicles, the Direct Marketing Association and companies with which you do business. Thieves cull your information and use it to open bogus accounts that can ruin your credit scores, credit and make your life absolutely miserable.

For more information on how to remove yourself from these databases, see the Federal Trade Commission's Web page on sharing your personal information.

#39: Don’t Trust Your Caller ID: Never do business over the phone, unless you initiate the call. Here's why: No matter what your caller ID might say, you don't really know who's on the other end of the line. If you place the call yourself, divulging personal information isn't as risky. If you receive a call from someone who claims to be with your bank, insurance company or some other place where you do business -- unless you recognize the caller -- say you'll call back. That will give you time to make sure the number is legitimate. Simply call the company's published number and ask to speak to the individual who called you, or to someone in the appropriate department.

#40: Ways to make using a debit card safer include the following: Run your purchases as credit so you don't have to input your PIN. & Always double-check your card when a clerk, cashier or waiter hands it back to you and make certain it's the same card you handed over.

Be suspicious of people who want to stand too close to you when you're using your debit card, particularly when they are using a cellphone. They could be recording your debit card information with their camera

#41: Regard All Links With Suspicion: Social networking can be a great way to keep up with friends and family, but scammers have found the Internet a gold mine of opportunity. Most of us know not to click on links in emails from people we don't know or to acknowledge those silly get-rich-quick schemes from strangers, but you should never underestimate a con artist's creativity.

For instance, a recent scam on Facebook involves a fake game based on the "Twilight" series. Fans are prompted to click on the link, exposing their personal information to scammers.

Best rule of thumb: Be on your guard and never click on links of unknown origin. Check on them by running a search with the relevant keyword (in this case, "Twilight") and "complaint" or "scam."

42# Safeguard Online Activities: Don't join the thousands who fall victim to online identity theft schemes each year. Some are as simple as planting a keystroke logger on your computer to copy your private information, while others involve complicated email exchanges.

Here are some of the best strategies for avoiding online fraud:

Don't ever respond to emails asking for your account information since they are almost always fakes.

Never click on links embedded in emails (even a friend or relative can accidentally pass along a virus). If you must see that funny video, type the URL directly into your browser.

#43: When you decide to purchase from an online merchant, always make certain that you're dealing with a reputable site. Check for complaints and never click on a link; instead, as with email links, type the company's correct URL into your browser.

Make it a habit to double-check that order forms are secure before completing them. Instead of the standard "http," the URL will begin with "https," which indicates a secure transmission.

#44: DOUBLE REMINDER : Don't forget to maintain up-to-date, functioning security software and a firewall WITH latest up to date Online Protection.

#45: Guard your medical insurance information and ALL PERSONAL INFORMATION OF ANY NATURE with the same zeal as you do your financial data. the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association says the fallout from medical fraud can damage your credit rating, open you to litigation and even result in your receiving improper medical care. "Always examine your explanation of benefits for treatments that you didn't have," he says.

THE LESS INFO there is out there about you, the harder you are to target. Make the con artists' jobs difficult by avoiding their scam tactics. They don't deserve to score off your hard work.

* #s 37-45 contributed in part by : Former policewoman Carole Moore,author of "The Last Place You'd Look: True Stories of Missing Persons and the People Who Search for Them."

Read more: 8 ways to avoid getting conned


by Ssmith
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RayRat/Tony Call Notes 3/6/19


(Cliff Notes by Sunny) Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029# AUDIO REPLAY

Ray: . . .(Read Saturday’s Update) RAY’S TNT UPDATE, Saturday Evening, March 2, 2019 Iraqi TV reports Parliaments’ first session is rescheduled to Saturday, March 9, 2019. The vote/session that was SUPPOSED to take place on Monday, March 4 was already announced moved to Tuesday, March 5 and now gets shifted to Saturday? [Hmmmmmm?]

It is alleged that the Supreme Court informed that Parliament can vote on all ministries with the exception of Defense Minister due to it being under investigation. Iraqi TV is reporting that the CBI is saying that a fully seated government is needed for full move to international status. Time Will Tell on that one too. #wearethepeople

Tony: Goooooooooood Morning, TNT! It’s been quiet, quiet, quiet all weekend. Nothing from the banks . . . our committee guy . . . Iraq or Kurdistan. It’s been really quiet until this morning when he called and told me we should probably see the lower denom’s sometimes this weekend. That is what he’s been told at his level. Remember he told us about the rate change, the 35 dinar to 100 USD, the market price changes. “He is higher up so he does get it first. He said everything has been reloaded in the ATM’s. He gave me a date and I’m going to tell you guys.

It’s supposed to happen this weekend.”

Ray: Yesterday they broadcast on TV stating cabinet selections will be completed by the end of the month. This morning they are broadcasting they will be completed in two weeks. All of us don’t subscribe, to the cabinet has to be completed before the RV.

CURRENT WINDOW: Tony: (Referring to his Iraq contact) He is higher up so he does get it first. . . It’s (lower denomination release) supposed to happen this weekend. . . I say “maybe” this weekend because the banks are really, really quiet saying “can’t talk about it now.” (Tony stressed near the end of the call he was only talking about the release of the lower denom’s was to happen this weekend and he was NOT saying the RV was to happen this weekend. Then he said, “It would make sense for it (the RV) to happen this weekend.”)

Tony: All . . . (Tony’s Iraqi contacts) say the prices are going up. I thought because of the rate change they would go down, but prices are going up. Doesn’t make sense to me. Sadr and Emir met over the weekend and came to a compromise of the minister positions and how the GOI is supposed to be run. Sadr is not putting out anything, not calling for demonstrations. I guess he’s saying it’s like it’s supposed to work now.

Broadcasting on Iraq TV during this call: Tony read from a text during the call what is currently being broadcast on Iraq TV. “Zane MasterCard cash just on Iraq TV. Launching today. It’s a new MasterCard that allow Iraqi’s to use this card any place in the world.”

Tony: They can use it anywhere in the world because it’s electronic. In this system they are converting it at the $2.86 rate. “Zain MasterCard cash just on Iraq TV launching today their new MasterCard which will allow Iraqi’s to use card anyplace and anywhere in the world you can pay in Dinar or US Dollar. It’s linked to the new Zain phone app showing the advantages of this card letting citizens know.”

IRAQ: CBI: Lower Denomination’s and fils to be released this coming weekend per Tony’s high up Iraqi contact. ATM’s have been reloaded.

Tony: We know they started trickling out two weeks ago. Parliament: Iraq TV broadcasting the remaining Cabinet Ministers to be settled by the end of this month or within the next two weeks. Sadr and Emir seem to have come to a compromise agreement. Ray does not believe it’s necessary to have them in place for the RV to show up Internationally.

Tony: On the 9th is when they are supposed to vote the Ministers in. US bases in Iraq: An agreement between the US and Iraq for the US to establish bases inside Iraq has been in place for sometime. Only Iran is causing disruption about it and they seem to be losing ground.

INTERNATIONAL: WTO (World Trade Organization): Tony does not think it’s a requirement for Iraq to RV to be a member of the WTO.
Tony: They have already RI or RV in country. . . Banks are already taking it as we know.

Ray: I have a list of banks already taking it and they don’t care whether it’s in the WTO or not.

Canada: Best to exchange in the US if you can. Suggested you travel between the US and Canada by private plane. Restrictions, custom’s, etc that are applied to commercial flights appear to not apply to private planes.

Currency Rates: Dinar, $4.43 on bank screens; in country $2.86; Dong, .47 to $1.00. Contract rate of $2.00 for the Dong.

Tony: Final rates will be within the ranges we gave you (previously). Nothing posted in the Gazette (as to rates). Quit listening to everybody and decide who your going to listen to. The rate of money changes every day on Forex. The dollar rate changes every day. It’s not posted in the law books every time there is a rate change because it’s not a law.

UNITED STATES: Banks are very quiet. Tony: . . .saying they “cannot talk about it now.”

Taxes: No change in the previous information that it will be a non-taxable event. 800 #’s: They want us going to the bank within two hours. Gift Letters give the recipient a paper trail to prove when and where they got the currency.

EXCHANGING: ZIM Information: Humanitarian Projects are required to receive a higher rate for the ZIM and they have to be connected to an approved Zimbabwe charity. This could take up to 3 months or more before you are approved to receive payment for the ZIM 100 Trillion or 50 Trillion notes.

Q & A: Callers

Q. – What does the Vietnam Dong have to do with the Dinar RV?

Tony: The Vietnam Dong, ZIM, and a whole bunch of currencies are in the Global Currency Reset. Actually over 100 currencies will be affected in the reset. I’m saying go buy Dong because it’s easy for people to get. The Dinar is the foundation for the GCR and the Dong is part of it.

CLOSING STATEMENTS: Tony . . . All right guys. Not a whole lot of news in the news. I read to you what was on TV. There will probably be some more announcements on their TV throughout the day and tomorrow. Ray will send those out to you. Let’s be ready so we don’t have to get ready, but it’s here. I’m not really looking for anything until this weekend personally, which is when they think they will come out, on the 9th is when they are supposed to vote the ministers in.
Maybe it will all come out at one time together. We are looking forward to the weekend. I am. If anything happens, we will tweet it out and blast it out and we’ll get it to you. Until then go buy some more Dong.
Ray . . .You want to consider. Protecting your principal . . . means not spending it. Try not to spend any of it. If you need to do some spending, spend OPM. Other peoples money. Be ready to know what you want to do when this exchange comes. Who to give to and more importantly how to give it.

Also look at, – what you should do before you give anything away. You have to take care of #1. Number one is you. So take that money and establish a budget on how you will live. That will be your monthly cash flow. . . Once you do that. If your exchange is 10 million and you were going to give 3 million away and that leaves you with 7 million. Will that 7 million give you the standard of living you want to acquire? So you may establish a portion each month to give away. Let that money determine your lifestyle first and then you’ll know what you can give away. . . pre-calculate this information and know as much as you can know instead of trying to catch up on the back end. In the meantime, in between time keep believing, because we sure so. (played “I Believe”).
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"A Trojan Horse?" by TJ - 3/5/19

"Re: A Trojan Horse?" by Martha

Yes TJ, the sanctions were extended for 2 reasons.

#1 is that they will be protected for no US Bank can redeem them for self gain thus HSBC of Hong Kong has been tasked to redeem. They are bonds again not currency thus 1:1

You can still ask for what you want. Yes go buy more for they are not stopping the sale. You can take a lesser rate but remember this is a bond and NO ZEROES come off thus even at 0.40 a 100 trillion note is 40 trillion.

#2 All of this has to start shortly. My understanding is once all the zim has been redeem, the sanctions will be lifted by President Trump.

If you are not notified by text or email then use the 800 number and state you have Zim. They will direct you to another number to set your appt in your area.

Almost forgot the bonds are 2008/2009 and 2016 All DENOMINATIONS. I also recommend you utilize the services of HSBC, especially lawyers, accountants and financial planners for they are prepped for NESARA and can set up your trusts and foundations.

Also I am not a guru and cant tell you when the redemptions will start but there is definitely forward motion. Windows of opportunity are given but it doesnt mean it is definite. There are things going on way above all our paygrades. Im impatient too but it will happen when the time is right. Our safety is guaranteed but there are still geopolitical issues and the need to be GESARA compliant is one of them. Patrick is doing a great job keeping everyone aware on a daily basis. Please read the RESTORED REPUBLIC for the most up to date info. Yes we all make mistakes but not one of us is perfect yet.

by Ssmith
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Topic: "A Trojan Horse?" by TJ - 3/5/19
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Questions for Adam's Update (2/26/2014)

Last week I posted FS4enthusiast's answers to the questions submitted to Adam Monana at Dinar Vets.  I thought it was such a good idea I decided to give it a shot this week.  If I were "Adam" this is how I might answer this week's questions.


What's up Adam...Just to get your insight on a questioned asked of me, while tryin' to explain the situation in Iraq, concerning the value of the dinar...What is the main reason(s) the CBI is waitin' on to make their move to RV/RI the dinar in correlation to the HCL issues...and if it's not just the HCL what's your take on the issues involved...

The HCL has nothing to do with revaluation.  The CBI raised the value a total of 26% from 11-1-2006 to 1-1-2009 without it, and they only did that because they had to in order to bring the inflation rate down.  The CBI has never said they're going to RV/RI.  That's what the gurus are saying.  The CBI said that they're going to RD (lop).  They've also told us what the holdup is.  They're waiting for things to stabilize somewhat in Iraq because they need security forces in place to ensure a smooth currency changeover.  

Adam, it is possible that Maliki will be reelected as P.M. It's been said that he has a "weak dinar" policy...desiring (for whatever reasons) to keep the dinar at it's current low value. If Maliki is reelected, do you think this will delay the RV?

There's no RV to delay.  See my last answer.

Thanks Adam for all you. My question is what is your Intel is telling you about RV sometime this year? The reason I ask is because we are seeing the same thing regarding Iraq year after year and no RV. Patience can only go so far but after 10 plus years and still do not see any light at the end of the tunnel is getting very frustrating.

I have no intel.  All that stuff about having a CBI contact was just a ruse to sign people like you into my VIP program.  Thanks a lot, by the way.             

Adam. When you bought your first dinar were you thinking they would increase to the point you could get out a little ahead.......or...... did you think the dinar would open for a dollar or more? Or less?  My "influencer" into the world of the dinar was convenced it would open for at least a dollar but hoped it might reopen for what it closed at before bankruptcy was declared.

I had no idea what would happen, to be honest.  I knew nothing about currency speculation and still don't.  (Isn't it obvious?  I can't even do basic math!)  I just figured I'd give it a shot, and then when I saw how many people were buying dinar I figured I'd probably make more money off of them than I would with the dinar so I started DV.  By the way, there was no "bankruptcy" (Chapter 7 refers to the UN sanctions) and the dinar hasn't been worth more than a tenth of a penny in about 20 years.

Hey Adam, You made the comment a couple of times that the dinar we are holding has increased from the time we purchased it.nnI have been in this for 5 years and at that time the value of the dinar was .00085. Where is the appreciation. I paid roughly $1000 for a million dinar.  What is keeping the kurds from settling up with Bagdad and getting the HCL completed and getting this RV completed?? News articles have stated how countries, businesses want to enter Iraq and start business relations. Are these people to "blind" to see the desert through the trees?

I say lots of things.  LOL!!!  Doesn't mean they're true.  Like I said earlier it did go up in value from 2006-2009, but if you bought after that you're in the hole and will probably lose money.  As for the Kurds, they don't trust the Shias and Maliki is a Shia.  They also don't trust the Sunnis and Saddam was a Sunni.  And the Sunnis don't trust the Shia and vice versa.  See how this works?  They don't trust each other and they don't know how to build a modern, thriving, capitalist society and it will probably be another 20 years or so before they figure it out ... if ever!  Meanwhile you're holding their currency thinking that somebody is gonna push the Easy button and fix everything and make you rich.  And if somebody tells you it ain't gonna happen you call them a dumper or anti-guru or troll.  Gotta love it!

Adam: With currencies in Turkey, Greece, EU in general, Argentina, South Africa losing their value and hyper inflation taking place, and now Ukraine going through Bank runs and civil unrest (brink of war) , home sales plunging 14% to 18 month low, China economy showing signs of collapse. The Fed, IMF and other controlling interest throughout the world are propping up countries with temporary loans. The "stimulus from the Federal Reserve" reversing course on the amount of money they "Place" in the stock market monthly which is one cause of the currency crashes which withdraws support for foreign countries. Talk has been discussed of a Global Reset on all currencies. I assume this would mean "all" currencies . What view would these factors have on your thinking the IQD would be involved at the same occurrence as mentioned earlier or would the IQD be independent of the imploding countries?  

The Global Reset is a bunch of hooey.  The only ones talking about it are conspiracy nuts and dinar gurus.  The only currency that affects the IQD is the USD because it's pegged to the dollar and backed by the dollar.  And as long as people buy gas and oil Iraq is going to keep pumping it and selling it for dollars.  

Whats your say on the LOP, do you believe them or is it just smoke?

You're banned.  MODS!!!

Adam, are there any exactly specific steps to be made by either the CBI or the MOF or the GOI that we should be looking for that will tell us that progress is being made toward IQD International Tradability at a new rate?

The only steps toward making the dinar internationally tradeable would be building a diverse economy and producing products that have international demand which would then generate a demand for their currency.  There's no easy button for that, either.  It will take decades.

It appears that Maliki is trying to pressure the Kurds to pass the budget in exchange for him to have a third term as PM. Do you think this is likely? If it IS, I think we are in BIG trouble!

It doesn't matter who Iraq's leader is, just like it doesn't matter who is running the CBI.  They're not going to RV and make you rich.

Adam.....can you explain the difference between USD & UST, and how will that effect our speculation? 

The USD is the US dollar, and the UST is the US Treasury that prints the dollar, and neither has anything to do with dinar speculation other than the fact that the dinar is backed by the USD.  It's all about economics and math.  You can't back 85 trillion dinar with $80 billion USD and RV more to more than 1/10 of a penny.

Would we see the Budget and HCL approval announced in the gazette? How about the RV?          

The budget?  Maybe, maybe not.  HCL?  Probably.  RV?  What RV?  Again, see answer #1.

The weekly Adam Montana Thank-A-Thon may now commence.


And now for my question of the week to Adam.  

In your book Real RV Intel you stated that you "invested in the Kuwaiti dinar at the right time" which presumably was during Saddam's occupation of Kuwait from August 1990 - February 1991.  And in your interview with the ladies from the Earth Secrets blogtalk show in February 2011 you said "I had some money in the Kuwaiti dinar and I was able to buy that at the right time and made some money on that".  Now since you couldn't buy Kuwaiti dinar on forex or through any bank while they were under occupation, and seeing as how you were born in 1976 I would very much like to know how you managed to get your 14 year old self over to the Middle East to conduct a little currency speculation on the Kuwaiti dinar during Desert Storm?

P.S.  There's a battle currently raging between TNT Tony and three guys - the owner of Baghdad Invest, Mr. IQD, and a guy named Mike Diston whom Tony has been harrassing via his followers.  I've stayed out of it so far as I'm more about informing than pounding the pavement.  But I think it would be good to lend them our support as they hold this scammer accountable.  



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"Suddenly Something" - Mon. PM KTFA Thoughts/News 2/11/19


Samson » February 11th, 2019

Central Bank "fabricated" a channel of payment to Tehran to address the debts of gas and electricity

MilitiaMan » February 11th, 2019

Data in this above article has information that is imo a follow up from Frank and Delta's recorded call from this weekend. They spoke of a continuation of Iran and Iraq's relationship.

It is imo in stone and the mechanism is in place now. Iran said they didn't want the IQD in the past and now that has changed. They know when they rate changes both sides may benefit and biggly too. lol.

They have a continuation of Financial agreements.. As in past tense. So, with the budget behind us and Frank suggesting they are working it effectively backwards, therefore, in the coming hours, days, etc.., could be very eventful, as from the looks of it an announcement, 2nd article and rate may be all that is needed now.

They told us they will have the borders prepared to get taxes and tariffs by 02/17/209.. imo Keep in mind they we have been told over the years once implemented with an international calculation the income may be equal to the oil revenues...

So, they are now apparently on board for this now to come to fruition. imo.. Fascinating times... imo ~ MM

FaithBlossums » February 11th, 2019

Maybe the Nothing...Nothing...Nothing ...Suddenly Something is where we are with the rate/budget...Mon Tues Wed...

7-FA » February 11th, 2019



Samson » February 11th, 2019

America is returning to the moon ... and "staying" this time

10th February, 2019

The United States appears to have not waited long after the intentions of Russia, China and the European Union to establish "permanent bases" on the moon have been announced, announcing its intention to establish its own manned base on the ground base, media reports said.

NASA director Jim Brydenstein has announced plans to "go to the moon and stay there," the Independent newspaper reported.

Brydenstein said the aim of the plans was to permanently send astronauts on the moon within the next decade and called for "the brightest and brightest American industry to help design and develop vehicles for landing on the moon." "What we mean by going back to the moon is not as NASA did 50 years ago, but to stay, using new technologies and systems to explore more sites on the moon," he said. "This time we will go to the moon ... and we will stay there."

Brydenstein has set up next week to begin the scheme, which will initially invite private sector employees and everywhere to attend a meeting at NASA headquarters to discuss ideas about spacecraft for landing on the moon.

So far, NASA has contracted nine companies to send shipments to the moon, with the ultimate aim of developing spacecraft to transport astronauts from Earth to the moon and vice versa. So the four-way space race for the moon, preceded by China, Russia and the European Union, was launched.

The head of the ESA's Lunar Exploration Team, ESA, James Carpenter, has unveiled similar plans, noting that the moon's increasing interest in recent times "goes beyond purely scientific targets." "There is a long-term motive or motivation of permanent human existence in space," Carpenter said. "If we want to live and work permanently and economically away from Earth, we need to learn to use the resources there."

For its part, the Chinese space agency hopes through the mission "Zhang E8" to lay the foundations of a lunar research base, including the construction of housing on the moon using three-dimensional printing.

"Exploring the unknown world is part of human nature, and China is on the way to becoming a powerful space nation," said Zhang I, the first architect of Zhang I's duties. Last December, Russia announced its plans to send robots to the moon to carry out the major work of its project by setting up a base on the moon, starting with the launch of the Luna-25 planned in 2021, noting that the "lunar" program will extend until 2030."

"We planned to land on the moon in 2021, and the drilling will begin and collect samples of the moon's soil and bring it to Earth for study," Russian Space Agency chief Russ Cosmos Dmitry Rogozin said. LINK

IBBC signs MoU with the German Counterpart

11th February, 2019

IBBC signs Memorandum of Understanding with the German Liaison Office for Commerce & Industry

The Iraq Britain Business Council (IBBC) and the German Liaison Office for Industry and Commerce in Iraq (DWI) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to increase cooperation between the organisations to support and grow trade between the UK, Europe and Iraq.

The cooperation will involve reciprocatory promotion of events, the organising of joint events and invitation to major events.

The German Liaison Office for Industry and Commerce in Iraq (DWI) Baghdad and Erbil is the representative office of the German economy in Iraq and accomplishes the tasks of the German Chamber of Commerce (AHK). It was founded in 2010 and is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) of the Federal Republic of Germany.

They currently support about 600 companies, among them about 30 German company branches working in Iraq or in the autonomous region of Kurdistan. In addition to representing the interests of German companies, the German Liaison Office for Industry and Commerce in Iraq supports the economic exchange between Iraq and Germany.

IBBC is delighted to have signed this Memorandum of Understanding, which further boosts our growing international network for the benefit of our members and the people of Iraq.

For more information on DWI, visit: http://irak.ahk.de/en/about-us/

You can see the full list of IBBC partners here.
by Ssmith
on Tue Feb 12, 2019 9:28 am
Topic: "Suddenly Something" - Mon. PM KTFA Thoughts/News 2/11/19
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"Rapid Implementation" - Thurs. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ DELTA 2/7/19


DELTA » February 7th, 2019

Iraqi PM Urges Rapid Implementation of Banking Deal with Iran

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – Governor of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) Abdonnaser Hemmati said Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi has voiced “his firm support” for the banking deal reached between the two countries on Tuesday night and called for its rapid implementation.


Tinman54 » February 7th, 2019

This may have been discussed ad nauseum, idk. I can't imagine the USA signing off on a banking deal allowing Iran to get billions of dinars at a program rate, then have all those dinars available to them at a revalued rate. Any thoughts? If they want rapid implementation wouldn't the ri be near?

DELTA » February 7th, 2019

BINGO....(thumbs up)

Lambchop » February 7th, 2019

Delta, does the Gazette have any affect on banking deals with Iran or other countries???

DELTA » February 7th, 2019


Director of studies and operations in the Bank of Rashid Abdul-Muttalib Abdul Jalil to (Tigris): raising zeros reduces the monetary mass and needs a decision from the top

02-06-2019 05:13 PM

The director of studies and operations in the bank Rashid Abdul Muttalib Abdul Jalil said in a statement to (Tigris) that raising zeros reduces the monetary mass and continued that the adoption of this resolution needs to be the decision of higher bodies and not the Central Iraqi Bank

The Abdul Jalil details misled by the media, including what remarks on the Rasheed Bank wondering who are those bodies that have been spotted

He added that Al-Rasheed Bank offers banking facilities in the discount and overdraft, explaining that the subject of the sponsor is not as is customary, but he only signs the bill of interest for the first six months

He pointed out that the housing loans come in two forms, first of which is the liberated areas, which the government required to contribute to the reconstruction of liberated areas and was distributed between the bank of Rashid and Rafidain Anbar, Ninewa, Diyala and Salahuddin

He pointed out that the 30 million advance is exempted from interest in the first five and five years and bears a benefit of seven percent

Kavsha said that the loans of employees depend on the amount of salary and range from 5-10 million dinars. Abdul Jalil added that the loans of small projects up to 50 million dinars maximum

Stressing the cancellation of the mortgage and replaced by a bail in granting loans and continued interest in the bank is less than other banks or parallel to them

Abdul Jalil announced the advantages in the Rasheed Bank, where he fired a master cadre of palm to pay the salaries of employees owned by the bank and not contracted with companies and denied the cut of 21 thousand for the payment of salaries exaggerated and not true, but a free service to encourage people on the electronic card

He added that the payment of salaries through the system of electronic clearing does not delay one day, unless there is a technical defect in communications

Abdul Jalil pointed out that the Rasheed Bank is heading towards the implementation of the comprehensive electronic system, which protects the customer with an international number, stressing that the commission issuing MasterCard card in the bank Rashid only 10 thousand dinars


Topics tagged under 1 on Dinar Daily A-500euro_orig


Alert and Disclaimer in the recent period a counterfeit Euro 500 class was promoted and this edition was very close to the original edition so that the counting and examination devices did not exclude them but it was originally done!!

So we warn the cashiers first and the citizens second of this counterfeit currency (500 euros)

Don961 » February 7th, 2019

Hey brother ... does not Iran have a reputation for counterfeiting ? ... and isn't it curious they now will be dealing with Iraq in dinars and Euros ... and we see articles like this ..

Salamon69 » February 7th, 2019

Brothers and Sisters,

Watch the DOW

I know how to read technical stock charts and the DOW is making a lower high. There is a reversal coming shortly to the downside.

In December the DOW dropped just below 22,000

This time it will make a lower low dropping to the 200 day moving average which is just above 20,000

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 20,000 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Remember the Prophecy of Kim Clement. He linked the DOW Jones at around 20,000 and there being a SHAKING of the financial markets in the Middle East with the Dinar.

We all felt that the connection was back when Trump first became President and it crossed the 20,000 marker, but it looks like the connection with the Dinar and the DOW at around 20,000 was meant for now.

Makes sense since the Markets will be SHAKEN and then we will see FINANCIAL BREAKTHRU in a part of the world IRAQ that was least expected by most people! Except us of course. LOL

Yes, I know that the DOW is now over 25,000... But as one who knows how to read technical charts a reversal is coming very very soon..... IMO

Bebop » February 7th, 2019


Statements by Secretary Mnuchin and Advisor to the President Ivanka Trump on President Trump’s Nomination of David Malpass to Serve as President of the World Bank Group

February 6, 2019

Washington – U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven T. Mnuchin and Advisor to the President Ivanka Trump issued the following statements today following President Trump’s nomination of David Malpass to serve as President of the World Bank:

Secretary Mnuchin

“President Trump has made an excellent choice by nominating David Malpass to serve as President of the World Bank.

David has worked closely with me at the Treasury Department and understands the President’s pro-growth economic agenda that has led to the strongest U.S. economy and job market in generations.

As Under Secretary, he successfully negotiated a capital increase and reform package to focus the World Bank on its core mission of lifting up the standard of living in lower-income countries. I look forward to continue working with David in his new role.”

Advisor to the President Ivanka Trump

“David’s extensive knowledge of the World Bank’s challenges and opportunities make him a uniquely qualified steward of a great institution that is operating below its full potential.

David’s leadership was invaluable in the design and implementation of the World Bank’s Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative (We-Fi) and I look forward to continuing our work together to realize the mission of the Bank, to eliminate poverty and build prosperity, by economically empowering women in the developing world.”

View Under Secretary David Malpass’ bio.

by Ssmith
on Fri Feb 08, 2019 8:17 am
Topic: "Rapid Implementation" - Thurs. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ DELTA 2/7/19
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RayRat/Tony Call Notes 1/28/19

TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by AZhombre)

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029# AUDIO REPLAY TNT Ray-Tony Call 2019.01.28 Mon bullet pts by AZhombre: Monday, January 28, 2019 https://tntshowtime.activeboard.com/t65268137/tnt-monday-conference-ca​ll-all-notes-replay-links-january-28/

Tony/Goooooood morning TNT. Can’t see anything on my crystal ball. Too many pieces in the puzzle. News? Nobody knows anything! They are making it look like they are disorganized, but they really are not.Told you Friday expecting something Sat or Sun morning (lower denoms were supposed to happen over the weekend. Sometime 2 days to 1 week ahead, but by the end of the month!

Contractors were told they need to pay their people by Feb the 2nd. Let’s take what we have and see what they would get. 1st said 299 billion then came back and put 133 trillion (several announcements). Came out with $4.44 or somewhere around there! Didn’t happen over the weekend. Preparing to happen.

Bank personnel have been assigned new positions. Rate is $4.44. Called other people and banks, didn’t say this week, was supposed to go yesterday. These are the next 2 days on their schedule. Bank rate is $4.40. This is what they were briefed on this morning. Can’t tell you what I think could be better. Right where we need to be. Can tell you between now and Feb the 2nd. Trillions/billions gave us the right rate, … it is this week. Not today Monday. Strong banking days are Tue thru Thr. Best time Friday after 3:45 pm.

Board Questions:

Tish: if Zim goes will the AB series of the 100’s and 50’s trillions be accepted as well as the AA?

Answer: yes!ZIM AA & AB. 2008-2009.

Rvalready: how much US oil credits have been sold?

Tony/don’t have the number. 30-year deal to buy oil at $2 a barrel.

Bap/ I attend an “intervention” w/a friend that his family has planned?

Ray/tell them to schedule it for next week then don’t worry about it. Go to that intervention and 3-way me in. Would like to hear that conversation.

Tony/a bunch of people have gone thru that already, including myself. Kids bought it and wife thinks Tony needs counseling. Be respectful about it. We’ve done the history. Can’t predict when nor control it, but know it’s going to happen.

Jiminck #1/, waiting for 2/02 date given to contractors next window? Ans/now waiting for something happening this week! If they want it done this month, that’s 3 days. Scheduled for 2 of those 3 days. Not hard. Fri 1steverybody gets paid new rate on Sat. Has to be prior to that day.

#2/ Zim? Bbanks say Zim is still on the screens.

#3/ Dong? .47-$2

AZhombre/Ask each other a good question.

Tony/ Ray, if the rate was really $4.40, would you be the first to go exchange?

Ray/No, unless there was a leverage opportunity. Sit on rate to appreciate. Tony/ so Ray how are you going to leverage $4.40? Only way is offering a deal that offers “layaways”. Other currencies I would exchange and buy more Dinar for future purchases. If didn’t appreciate I just moved my money from one currency to another. Sounds complicated but really not. I have Dong and Dinar. Dinar comes out at $4.44. Do I just go exchange my Dong? Or let’s say I exchange for $1m and then go buy all the Dinar I can get. Wait until it went up to $5, $6, $7, $8, and doubled my $1m worth! If I watched it go up, I would instantly double my money. Leverage! Everybody could double their $ in 10 days!

1General. For those in “prosperity” programs, when those funds are released would it prevent us from “double dipping”.

I don’t know which programs you’re referring to.

CoachT/someone exchanged but called back to return the money and kept the currency. Could that be a concern with Zim?

Tony/no! Bank messed up. They said exchanger tricked teller. Our currencies will be in more than one location, so the bank can’t get away with that.

Iray/would you put your currencies in separate accounts?

Ray/No, not necessary!

Tim/tool man. Exchange rate $4.40, would sell rate be lower?

Ray/buy rate is higher.

Tony/Look at sale vrs buy. How much is it going to go up? Anything over that is a profit.

Live Callers:

951/So Cal. Was that a siren on the intro song?


C/any symbolism on that?


C/Who will make the announcement?

Tony/don’t know. Just know the 2 days it’s scheduled for. All I care is the 2 sec’s after the announcement.

954/Fort Lauderdale, FL. Any truth it’s stopped because someone doesn’t like POTUS?

Tony/no! Was for Hillary to get the credit. We’ve had 3 presidents. Just how to be released.

C/gov’t shutdown ended so release could take place.

Tony/some ridiculous scenarios again. Govt shutdown effected more than expected. Everybody could see where it was going. Had nothing to do with the RV.

C/if by Feb 2ndwe don’t see the RV, what happens to the contractors and people who need to be paid.

T/they will give them a new date, just like they have for years! Nothing is guaranteed in stone. Contractors are to pay their workers the new rate. If they don’t have a new rate, they’ll have to sit and wait for the next time! They do have a date.

805/Oxnard, CA. What have you heard about taxes?

T/anything over $200 was to be taxable. Been told taxes have already been paid. Put 50% aside (in another account, making money), just in case it is a taxable event.The IRS is going to get paid with the money that your money makes!

C/how were “contract rates” initiated?

T/starts with the Treasury.


XXX/ Why would they revalue?

R/to be worth something! When we started it was to revalue 5 cents, grey to 47 cents. When I heard about the Dinar I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Was supposed to be $3.41, people got paid ridiculous amounts of money. Said that isn’t possible. Then the Dong. Contacted by the Treasury and told it was real. Banks saying here it is. This is what I got! Then I got the contract rate from China for $21.50. Turned out to be real deal. 300 different groups doing what they wanted to do to get what they wanted to get. Things aren’t fair in this world. Don’t know of any groups with the Dong.

C/if I give a mil Dong to a family member what’s the best way to do it so they don’t lose it?

R/put them on an entity position where they can manage it and have a salary. Foundation is best because you get a write-off when you put it in a charity and they run the charity. Children paid to run the charity!

727/St. Petersburg, FL.

C/do you think we’ll have a call on Friday?

T/if it goes on Wed or Thu, and people are going to the bank, we’ll still have a call and learn from one another. I’ll be here as long as I can be here.

240/Germantown, MD.

972/Dallas, TX. Small town where he lives probably have 200+ owners of currency!

T/ scheduled for this week! Don’t be afraid of texting us!

509/Spokane, WA. LD’s were to be released?

T/yes, this past weekend. Now they have 2 new days.

C/positions filled in Iraq?

T/no, they don’t need to be filled by June 30th. If they reach an agreement earlier, they will do it earlier. Still have 3 positions.

407/Orlando, FL. Is Zim going to be in the first basket?

T/told it would and rates on the screen. Whatever happens don’t throw your Zim away. You’ll know when you make your appt they will tell you.

205/Birmingham, AL. $2.65 for Dong on back screen?

T/don’t remember $2.65 at all. Dong 47 cents to $2.37. Even $2.10 would be wonderful.

610/Gman in PA. Make checks out to “Ray Renfrow P.O. Box 1748, Elm City, N.C. 27822. Electronic donations now accepted at: http://www.tntsuperfantastic.com/or http://cash.me/$TNTSuperfantastic thank you for being a part of our TNT Family and your Donation!

404/CIA lady! Last 4-5 yrs. the US stopped the RV. US and EU are the two biggest players. Yrs. ago,

Tony put Champaign on ice. In the pentagon they popped the Champaign bottles open and it didn’t go. Anytime after 2 min it can be stopped. This year is the year of the “pig”, symbol of wealth. Iraq is planning for the year of the pig by celebrating for the Chinese New Year!

Tony/did you get paid for the past 2 wks?

C/ hahaha!

413/Springfield, MA. Nope!

209/Stockton, CA. Do we still need a “verification” at the bank?

T/in smaller banks they may have to send it off to another location to be verified. That’s the reason for the verification.

708/Cicero, IL. “double dipping”, cash-in on dong and go back and exchange dinar. Can we always buy currency?

Tony/yes! When rate changes and it’s $4.40 it’s that rate.

MA lady in South FLIs it true we can take out $7k and up to 5 checks that day?

T/once set up, should be able to leave with cash and debit card.

Ray/I wouldn’t pay-off debts the day of exchange. You’re going to pay the bills but why rush on the day of exchange? Know the opportunities.

907/Anchorage, AK. Did you get a lot of donations?

T/R no!

214/ Dallas, TX. Hoping the bank has 4 tickets for her for the SuperBowl. Concerned about Iran, how are they going to revalue their currency?

T/When Sadam was in power, the Dinar was worth $3.+. Iran is the same thing. They are going to say what it’s worth. Won’t be accepted in the US.

Ray/we can’t use it in the US.

Tony/none of the countries we deal with won’t take it either. Could possible exchange in Iraq.

C/? to Ray about a living trust.

R/only for probate. No legal or tax status until the grantor passes.

Closing Remarks: Tony/3 days, somewhere in there, the end of the month. They let it slip out. And now we’re on to it. And I verified it. CBI contact. Now everybody can figure out what the rate is to be. Now we’re just waiting for the day.

Contractors told they need to pay the new rate. Davos mtgs said by Feb the 2nd. If you planned well all your dreams should come true. Some of the best plans don’t go right. Life happens, so have a back-up plan. Plan A and B. So, you’re not sitting like a deer in the headlights. If Ray/Tony can’t come back to the forum, others should be able to. What are you doing in your community? We won’t be scared to blast it out. See you Wednesday!

Ray/thinking we would be having a different conversation today. If going after the contract rates don’t wait.
by Ssmith
on Tue Jan 29, 2019 10:23 am
Topic: RayRat/Tony Call Notes 1/28/19
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"Behind the Scenes" - Mon. PM KTFA Thoughts/News 1/21/19


Article: "Trump" for the first time .. Renewed protests, "Basra" and turn it into a ticking bomb in the face of "Abdul Mahdi"! Sunday 20 January 2019 link Full Post Here

MilitiaMan » January 21st, 2019

This article needs to be looked at with the eye on who is behind the scenes. The translation is purposefully imo misleading. But, the root is from the neighbor.. imo .. Stirring the snakes den? It appears it is working. Though, sadly there are innocents losing lives, lacking clean water, employment, etc.. That is an issue, however, the neighbor instigating the unrest is noted and is clearly being brought to the forefront by asking for USA help..

Thus, we did see wording on urgent measures to be taken, forcing, etc.. We see the biggest firms in the world with the CBI and parliament on notice to hop to....

The citizens want what is rightfully theirs and apparently finding that it is in a mode that is now push come to shove.. They know that who ever is trying to stir the pot needs to be eradicated and now.. The promises need to be filled..

The meeting with those who dot the I’s and cross the T’s were ate the central bank today and word is there was cargo leaving the banks at night.. Makes one wonder at this present time why? Don’t forget, the central bank issues cash... all imo – MM

J49 » January 21st, 2019

How in the world can countries keep asking the US for military help when we the tax payers are paying for it. We/US are still owed Millions from Iraq and surrounding ME countries for our part in their freedom. If Iraq would finish the MR and RI their Dinar it would help in funding these groups that want our help.

Our Gov is near a shut down and close to declaring a State of Emergency. We need help as far as Finance to run the USA , In the many years that I have been with KTFA, this Question has been asked Ill bet 100 times, When are we going to shut them off from using our Dollar and Make Iraq stand on their own two feet?

Now this is a question of study not negative so please lets not go there. I know some have tried to answer that ,but we are still in the same place we were years ago as far as waiting for Iraq to figure out how they can stand alone but we still are the crutch that they lean on.

Yes we need to help those in trouble but we have to stop doing it for free. We want paid back simple as that.This whole post is IMO

MilitiaMan » January 21st, 2019

I see the theme from Nusairi over the last few months has been about what we have done and are doing.

Today's, is effectively past tense as well. It is, what has been done since 2015 - 2018. This article along with many others leads to us up to this one.

We just watched a few of the largest firms in the world have a meeting with Alak today. All in the same room. This article is most likely why they were there. Iraq is ready and they had to get on the same page for whats coming now, as it will be different than before. imo..

This evens speaks of issuing cash. Well there was an article talking about cargo at night being moved over a couple day period.. I find that to be very interesting.

Regardless, this is the first post from Nusairi for almost 1 month.. Looks like we are in a good place.. ~ imo ~ MM

This one precedes the above.. fwiw


Samson » January 21st, 2019

The Central Bank of Iraq and the objectives of monetary policy

20th January, 2019 by Samir Nusairi

Monetary policy has been and continues to be a vital issue in the country's economic life. It is a reflection of the general performance of the state and its seriousness in avoiding difficulties and emerging dilemmas and making them consistent with the goals set

Before 2003, monetary policy was an extension of the government's self-deception. Hence the need for radical reform of the Central Bank and the new law of the bank was issued in 2004 and its amendments in 2017, which affirmed independence and established its primary role in protecting the country's resources

That the task now is to comply with international banking and accounting standards and face money laundering and attempts to finance terrorism, which stand at the forefront of the challenges facing the Central Bank of Iraq.

It is also essential to ensure the safety of monetary operations through the sale of currency is essential in the performance of the Central Bank and the installation of principles and rules of dealing in the project in a healthy atmosphere of control and supervision

The preservation of the independence of the bank and enable it to perform its task without government intervention and make it an effective institution and guarantor of the interests of society as a whole

The sale of the currency needs a deep understanding in light of the large accusations against the bank without evidence to prove the existence of suspicions of corruption or money laundering or smuggling of currency. The proposition that the sale of the currency is a waste of public money is a description of the economic illiteracy of the relationship and that there are many countries exercise this process, one of the main functions of the central banks in the world

The Central Bank of Iraq exercises multi-dimensional functions. It is concerned with financial stability, managing the system of national payments, management of foreign reserves, licensing and monitoring of banks and financial institutions, and setting up preventive controls, in addition to other tasks related to issuing cash and publishing data, indicators and economic forecasts

A central task of the central bank is to manage monetary policy, which aims to control inflation, stimulate the economy, make full use of the balance of payments and achieve monetary stability

The achievement of the objectives of monetary policy depends mainly on the independence of the central bank. The independence here is the ability of the central bank to control and control the size of the monetary mass (as a fundamental element of monetary policy).Although the rules of central banks in most countries of the world, but this independence In real and practical terms subject to other influences and challenges, to varying degrees affecting that independence

Therefore, it is noted that the Central Bank was able during the years 2015-2018 to achieve the objectives of monetary policy at a good level, despite the challenges faced by the most prominent deficit in non-oil revenue and deficit in public budgets and deficit in the balance of payments and dealing with cash and the rise of cash in circulation to the limit of 48 trillion dinars And 77% of them outside the banking system and the lack of fiscal policy of the government and its expenditures are specific to the expansion of money supply and poor coordination between the financial and monetary policies and the weakness of the banking sector and the weak role of some monetary policy tools and their effects on the increase and decrease Monetary bloc and an average interest rate of the legal reserve and other important challenges is the decline in domestic investment and increased foreign savings due to the security, political and economic conditions

We can say that the Central Bank of Iraq exceeded most of the challenges by drawing up economic, scientific, technical, structural and structural policies and procedures that contributed to achieving its objectives in stabilizing the exchange rate, reducing inflation, rebuilding adequate foreign reserves and increasing the percentage of financial coverage and thus working in a team spirit to lead the national economy and achieve monetary and financial stability. Economic stability

* Economic and banking consultant LINK

MilitiaMan » January 21st, 2019

#1 is dated 12/26/2018.. Same day this was out from Nusairi on progress of Iraq.. Now keep in mind there is one for today, as aforementioned today from him as well. The same day that 3 global firms were at the CBI.. imo ~ MM



Samson » January 21st, 2019

Including Iraq .. The most important Trump decisions within two years

2019/1/20 23:16

Documented media reports the most critical decisions taken by US President Donald Trump, until the moment of the period of his administration, which belong to many of the files internally and externally, in addition to the crises faced by some of them still exists so far.

Two years have passed since President Trump was appointed president of the United States on January 20, 2017, replacing President Barack Obama. The ceremony was held in the western part of the Capitol, the headquarters of the United States government in Washington, DC. The reports added that the most important stations of President Donald Trump in 2017 and 2018.

1. Trump's visit to US forces in Iraq - December 26, 2018

President Trump visited US forces for the first time with his wife Melania. The visit followed Trump's decision to reduce the number of troops in Afghanistan and complete withdrawal from Syria.

2. Government closure - 22 December 2018

The government's closure began on December 22 because of the Trump-Democrat debate over the budget, with the president insisting on financing the wall with Mexico. In the absence of a budget agreement, many budgets are automatically blocked.

3 - Decision to withdraw from Syria - 19 December 2018

The White House announced on December 19, 2018, the start of the withdrawal of US troops from Syria, after President Donald Trump said that the United States succeeded in defeating a supporter in that country.

4. Trump and Kim Jong-un Singapore Summit - 12 June 2018

President Trump met with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on June 12, 2018, in Singapore. The first meeting between an American president and a North Korean leader. The summit included talks on Korean missile tests.

5 - Transfer of the US Embassy to Jerusalem - 14 May 2018

On May 14, the US State Department announced the inauguration of its Embassy in Jerusalem in response to a decision by President Trump earlier. The number of US officials, including the daughter of Trump Evanka, a White House adviser, attended. ​

6. Washington's withdrawal from the nuclear agreement - 8 May 2018

On May 8 , President Donald Trump announced the withdrawal of the nuclear agreement between Iran and the 5 + 1 countries, and announced the re-imposition of economic sanctions until Tehran changed its hostile policy in support of "terrorism"

7. Air strike On Syria - April 13, 2018

The United States, France and Britain fired 105 rockets on April 13 after allegations of a poison gas attack in Syria targeting three facilities the Pentagon said was a research center in the Barzeh district of Damascus and two installations near Homs. Trump then wrote on Twitter "We think we have attacked the heart of the Syrian chemical weapons program with a specific strike," he said.

8 - Imposition of customs duties on Chinese goods - 6 April 2018

Trump issued his instructions to the US Trade Representative on 6 April to consider imposing an additional $ 100 billion on customs duties on Chinese goods in a dramatic escalation of the trade dispute between the two countries.

9 - Sanctions on Russia - 16 March 2018

The Trump administration charged Moscow on March 16 with a complex plot to break through the US electric grid, factories, water supplies and even air travel through electronic piracy. The United States has responded by imposing sanctions on alleged electoral interference for the first time since Trump took office. The sanctions list includes a freeze on Russia's property within the United States.

10. Keeping Guantanamo Open - 31 January 2018

President Donald Trump signed an executive order on January 31, 2018, to keep the Guantanamo Bay prison open, a reversal of his eight-year-old predecessor Barack Obama's efforts to close it.

11. End of provisional closure - 22 January 2018 

On 22 January, Trump signed a bill that reopens the Government, ending a 69-hour government closure. To a dispute over immigration policies.

12. Recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel - 6 January 2017

On January 6 Trump announced his administration's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the transfer of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, in a move that drew opposition from Arab and Islamic countries.

13. Imposing sanctions on North Korea - October 21, 2017

On October 21, Trump imposed new sanctions on North Korea after it was declared a state sponsor of terrorism.

14- Withdrawal from the Paris Convention to Combat Climate Change - 1 June 2017

President Donald Trump announced on June 1 the withdrawal of the United States from the Paris Convention on Climate Change to "protect America and its people".

15 - Riyadh Summit - May 2017

The Riyadh Summit was held in 2017 in the presence of President Donald Trump. The summit included a bilateral meeting between the United States and Saudi Arabia and two other meetings, one with the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and the other with the Arab and Islamic countries.

16 - Shelling of Shaareat Airport - April 2017

The US military shelled Shaareat airport in the countryside of Homs in central Syria, in response to an order from President Donald Trump, who ordered the strike after the Syrian regime used chemical weapons. LINK

Samson » January 21st, 2019

"Iraqi participation in Beirut Summit fruitless", MP LINK

Sleepy2432 » January 21st, 2019

Hence the need to show that your Article 8 and show that new rate ….imo

MilitiaMan » January 21st, 2019

He is right, especially when Iraq unfolds like a rose.. ~ Imo ~ MM

Samson » January 21st, 2019

Iraq should not depend on oil, Minister

21st January, 2019

Iraqi Foreign Minister Mohammed Ali al-Hakeem pointed that Iraq should not depend on oil as the main income for the country.

He stressed the importance to resort to the private and production sectors to establish strong economy.

On the other hand, he called to establish joint trade zones and changing the borders into investment projects.

He warned that the economic deterioration in some regional countries will lead to jeopardizing security and stability in the region. LINK
by Ssmith
on Tue Jan 22, 2019 8:09 am
Topic: "Behind the Scenes" - Mon. PM KTFA Thoughts/News 1/21/19
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Mountain Goat 1/7/19

January 7, 2018 Mnt Goat News Brief

Hi Everyone,

I bring you some news today.

Again this period the news is scarce as there is not much news coming out of Iraq. We wiat for Jan 8th when they expect to so do something with these last three minister positions in Mahdi’s cabinet. Will they finally vote in the candidates.

Don’t let anyone tell you that Madhi is stupid when he keeps submitting the same candidates over and over again. Yes, Sadr will not allow this guy Faleh al-Fayadh to have such an important position in the govt as the Interior minister since he will be handling all the reconstruction contracts and the allocation of funds. Do you think he can’t see what Iran is trying to do?

This is the delay and the only delay we are seeing. But Mahdi is doing it for a reason. We need to stop second guessing and giving opinions and then to find out the real reason. Mahdi is a week leader and it is showing more and more everyday.

More news….

I have a really good Mnt Goat Video Pick of the Week for you today. I hope everyone can educate themselves on the TRUTH of the 911 terrorist attacks. Please support the 911 TRUTH MOVEMENT. You may not have the time to spend investigating and educating people, but others do and so they need your support on this matter. As you all should know by now there is a 911 NYC district court Grand Jury hearing on the evidence of the NYC attacks coming soon. So today I bring you some of the evidence that the Pentagon attacks do not fit the overall government version of what happened.

Here is the link to my latest video on Facebook.


It is a VERY long video and very informative. I assure you it is well worth watching and will WOW you.

More news….


January 4, 2019

Baghdad today - Baghdad On January 4, 2019, the coalition of the building coalition, Amer Fayez, confirmed that his coalition will go to direct vote on the candidates of the Ministry of Interior and Defense, if the .differences over the two positions continue.

Al-Fayez said in an interview with "Baghdad today" that "differences are still continuing around the candidates of the Ministry of Defense and Interior, which is unlikely to pass them ".in the next meeting in this current circumstance.

He added that "the construction coalition is thinking of going to direct voting in order to pass the candidates of the ministries and not to impose the will of the other party and the "exclusion of others earlier, the House of Representatives, on Monday (24 December 2018), passed the Interior Ministry candidate Faleh al-Fayadh after breaking the quorum of the session

the Council rejected the candidate of the Ministry of Defense, Faisal Fener Aljraba, and postponed the vote on candidates for justice and the Interior.

More news….


Iraq is the sixth largest economic country in the Middle EastSaudi Arabia topped the Middle East as the largest economy in 2018 in terms of gross domestic product (GDP) at current “nominal” prices of $ 784 billion.

According to the analysis of the report unit in the newspaper “Economic” based on the data of the site spectator index and local statistical bodies of countries, Turkey came second with a nominal gross domestic product of $ 713 billion.

In third place came the UAE with a nominal GDP of $ 432 billion, Iran with $ 430 billion and Egypt with $ 249 billion.

Nominal GDP is the market value of the total final goods and services produced in a given country at current market prices.

Saudi Arabia’s gross domestic product (GDP) is expected to grow at current prices by 6.4 percent in 2019 to 3.13 trillion riyals.

By returning to the Middle East nominal GDP ranking in 2018, Iraq ranked sixth with a domestic output of $ 230 billion, followed by Qatar with $ 188 billion, Kuwait with $ 144 billion and Oman with $ 81 billion.

Lebanon ranked $ 10 billion, followed by Libya with $ 43 billion, Jordan with $ 41 billion, Bahrain with $ 39 billion and Yemen with $ 28 billion.

The Middle East is a geopolitical term for a geographical region located in the western part of Asia and part of North Africa. These countries are characterized by the Mediterranean, the Red Sea, the Arabian Sea and the Gulf. This term has been used since the 1950s 19th century AD.

More news….


Alsumaria News / Baghdad

The Central Bank of Iraq showed on Sunday, bank notes and coins metal canceled in previous years for sale to the amateur associations and relevant.

Below are the canceled and traded banknotes and metal coins of the coin issued by different years and sold to amateurs at prices ranging from $ 100 to $ 250 depending on the cash category for each.

(Mnt Goat – Of course many of these ignorant and stupid intel gurus are going to try to tell you that the CBI is releasing coins and thus the RV is happening. So I am warning all you intelligent people to ignore all this rubbish. So far we have NO signs of a reinstatement as we expected to see by this time. But January is not even half over and there is still much time. Let’ see what really happens. I am still hearing the CBI is targeting the end of January.)

More news….


(Reuters) - A member of the Finance Committee, MP Ahmed Haji Rachid, announced on Sunday the allocation of 50 million dinars to Article 140 of the Constitution, pointing out that discussions on the budget will begin this week.

Rashid said in a press statement that the Council of Ministers allocated 50 million dinars to Article 140 of the Constitution in the draft budget budget, such as previous years, but not been used as in previous years, pointing out that the mechanism of disbursement amount requires the formation of committees around him.

He added that the parliamentary blocs will return on Monday to Baghdad to attend the session of the House of Representatives scheduled on Tuesday, adding that the discussions on the financial balance for the year 2019 begins again.

(Mnt Goat – So folks here it is again Article 140. Do you wonder why now and we project the CBI to reinstate by the end of January? Go figure Article 140 and HCL HOT in the news NOW! Don’t let anyone tell you these are not important to have the reinstatement of the dinar. The FACT is we were told many years ago that the new Iraqi constitution MUST be fully implemented to get the currency back online. Get it? So these are mandated by the constitution. Get it? Their words NOT my opinion! )

More news….



The expert on economic affairs Salam Samisem, on Sunday, that Iraq is acting as a follower of Iran in politics and economy. Smisem said in a statement to (Tigris), that 'Iraq on the brink of a hole from falling to the abyss and unable to develop its economy'.

Pointing out that 'Iran considers the Iraqi markets a backyard and the transfer of corrupt goods and expired markets'. Indicating that 'the state is in critical condition and the government to take the necessary measures to save the country'.

More news….

I need to come today and clarify yet more of this guru bullshit. These idiots want to weave a thread into a yarn on any news now from Iraq. They are desperate for news and desperate for something to grasp on to in order to feed their audiences, even if it amounts to lying.

So there are two juicy articles that came out recently that they grasped on to. They cling to their stupid reasoning like a dying person who jumped off a bridge and then decided not to do it, so he is hanging on for dear life. How else are they going to get people to come to their calls and give donations or sell vender products? They have to tell them something, if even lies. They are making millions while we sit waiting for Iraq to reinstate the currency. These idiots (namely TNT Tony) even tells you the dinar is already reinstated. How foolish is this. Really? Better let the CBI know about this …ha, ha, ha, lol, lol, lol.  Yes they are all very “Super”Stupid”astic”.


Iran pushes Iraq to maintain trade without US dollar.

This is nothing more than Iran exerting considerable pressure on the Iraqi government to compel it not to abide by the US sanctions that have been imposed on Tehran in order for it to change its policies in the Middle East and abandon its nuclear program. They would luv to use the Euro. That didn’t work out after the US shut that idea down. Remember?

So, these pressures continue and now include using the Iraqi dinar and Iranian rial in the trade exchange between the two countries. This is reversal for Iran only because it would prefer the US Dollar or maybe Euro but knows it can’t get them. So what else can it use to trade with Iraq. Get it? In desperation they will take the Iraq dinar. What other choices do they now have? What the hell else can they use? When you read these articles stop telling yourself it is policy already. Much of this stuff from Iran is politicking and nothing more.

This has NOTHING to do with the CBI determining when to reinstate the dinar. There is absolutely no connection for pressuring the Iraqi central bank. Will a reinstatement of the Iraqi dinar actually be good for this situation? Actually NO, and so why would the US push the CBI to use the dinar in place of the US dollar. If it were a good thing the Central bank could they just end the currency auctions and use dinar to trade with Iran. But the fact is it is NOT that simple and the other reasons why Iraq has not yet reinstated their currency still exist. Get it? They can’t just RV or RI cause they need to trade with one country in the middle east. It does not make any sense. Get it?

The US will delay and delay in giving any answer to the CBI in this matter of using the Iraq dinar to trade with Iran.

What the US really wants is Iraq to cut-off ALL TRADE with Iran but we know this would be impossible at this time for Iraq and hurt Iraq even more than Iran. So the US has given Iraq time then to adjust to the demands of the sanctions. We already heard that they have a 90 day sanction waiver to get their own electric grid back up and running.

In the long term this pressure from the US to have Iraq more independent from Iran is the BEST thing that can ever happen to Iraq.

I know many of you investor don’t believe this but it is true. This is part of the problem with Iraq in that they stall and stall and do not do what they are supposed to do when they need to do it. Instead the politicians steal the funding and these projects simply never get done. Restoring electricity is one of the very basic essentials post war era.

This lack of electric power self-sufficiency did not occur just because ISIS bombed out these provinces. Instead it is still left over from the bombings of the 2003 war. Get it? So why has this grid not been already up and running. It has been 15 years already.

We keep hearing about them using gas to power these plants, a FREE fuel for Iraq as it is just burned off today in the oil extraction process anyway. This would also meet the global emissions standards. Why are they not running their grid already? Well we know that Nori al-Maliki had purchased many of the needed generators but they sat onsite for nearly the entire 8 years of his administration. Parts from these generators were cannibalized (stolen) by the citizens to repair their own generators. So go figure. Will Iraq ever get their asses moving? So we know that Seimans and the GE now have contracts to get these power plants running.


Iran’s central bank has proposed slashing four zeros from rial.

DUBAI (Reuters) - Iran’s central bank has proposed slashing four zeros from the rial, state news agency IRNA reported on Sunday, after the currency plunged in a year marked by an economic crisis fueled by U.S. sanctions.

Okay so many of you readers equate the Iraqi dinar “project to delete the 3 zeros” to the this recent announcement of a PROPOSED action of the Iranian central bank to drop 4 zeros from their currency. This is irrational thinking. I assure you this is like comparing apples with oranges – not even close. Many of you have been in this investment with the Iraqi dinar long enough already and should know better by now. Don’t you think that after years in this investment that is long enough that you ought to know better. Shame, shame, shame on you!

Many of you want the rial to RV along with some imaginary GCR and this stems the root of your problem in your thinking. Again this insane idea of a GCR strikes again.

When you heard something long enough by too many people does not necessarily make it FACTUAL. It simply means is a wide spread RUMOR. It does not make it REALITY.

I am saying this because Iran is VERY desperate and is looking for alternatives. If they can’t continue trade with Iraq they are sunk. You all should know this by now after reading all these articles on the rial and US sanctions. You can read can’t you? I want to give everyone thinking these insane thoughts a good hard spanking today.

I know for a fact also that Iran is pumping out massive propaganda to get US investors in the west to continue this insane buying of worthless rial thinking it will someday soon RV. I warned everyone about this junk already many times. Why is it that most of these so called GCR basket of other currencies are all junk?

Are you one of these suckers? Any Iranian rial now you find on the internet and delivered to your home in USA has been smuggled out of Iran and is dangerous to even own due to US sanctions. So be careful.

I also want to point out that dropping 4 zeros, on the rial, if Iran did do it, does not guarantee that the older hyper-inflated currency notes will coincide with the newer smaller category notes, when they do issue them, like is the plan for Iraq. Many of you as investors own these hyper-inflated notes. Usually in a “lop” the central bank expires the old notes after giving a short time to turn them in.

Remember we know Iraq has the plan to coincide the smaller category notes with the larger 3 zero notes together. We know this because the central bank of Iraq itself has told us. This is what really is going to make us rich someday. Get it? If Iraq was going to just “lop” they would have done it already. So this would be different with Iran.

Iran is much different than Iraq and they are actually planning to do a “LOP” since, unlike Iraq, they do have massive inflation. The Iran Central Bank is very cautious is using this terminology and a “lop” is a dirty word. They are slick! They don’t want to tell you this is really their plan. They know you in the western society are dumbed down, ignorant investors and don’t know any better.

You must remember the definition of these terms such as “lop” vs “revaluation” and what they mean. This is why I keep telling everyone to get educated on your investment. I have been trying to help you but many of you simply are either brain dead or idiots. I do not mean that I am the educator. I want you to go out research and teach yourself. Hello…anybody home…..THINK, THINK, THINK! I only here to try to help and inspire you.

But let us also look at yet another reason not to concentrate on Iran’s actions with the rial currency. If they did do a “lop” this is NOT a precursor to some mythical GCR. Some idiots actually believe that this action needs to be done in order to put the rial back on track in the GCR notion of a basket of currencies. And that this is holding up the Iraqi RV. Really? How dumb can you be?

These same people say perhaps this is the hold up with the Iraq dinar reinstatement too since they want all these currencies in the first basket to go together. Really? Are you so dumb?

So they think this recent article is a good sign and shows the Iraqi RI is insight soon. Really? What drugs are you taking?

So, this mindset is NOT very sound reasoning and productive as the gurus will lead you to believe. But if you chose you can go down this stupid road of opinion and reasoning by these gurus and it will lead you nowhere again just like all these other illogical reasoning you have heard in the past. By now according to them, some RV should have happened every day already.

I rest my case….


Parliament for the speedy passage of the 2019 budget in the coming days



A member of the Finance Committee Representative Hoshyar Abdullah, on Friday, the assurances of the government not to appeal the budget paragraphs after the amendment by the parliament for the speed of passage in the coming days.

Why must we go down this stupid road of having the “RV rate” in the new budget once again this year. First of all the dinar currency is not even reinstated so how can it revalue?

Next, haven’t we all learned our lessons from previous years that getting the budget passed is an insignificant target to look for? How many times must we hear this? How many years must we go down this stupid road?

This is just as stupid as watching the UN Operational rates. Do you really think that you are going to see a change in the operational rates to include the Iraqi dinar prior to anyone else knowing that the reinstatement has taken place? Really? Are you that stupid? But you can continue to waste your time and effort on this one too.

So we can conclude that the Iraqi 2019 budget is NOT going to contain the new rate and will not be based on a new rate. This passing of the budget is NOT holding up the RV. Get it?

We all should know by now that the budget is based over 90% on oil revenues thus the price of oil. Until Iraq can get it’s economy privatized, they cannot revert revenues from an oil producing nation to the private sector. So again, these gurus want to convince you of the relevance of the getting the 2019 budget passed like it has come bearing on getting the reinstatement. Again, just another false target to be looking at. These gurus need these targets to string you along, even it they amount to just lies.

I challenge anyone (yes all you gurus out there) to show me proof that the 2019 budget has any bearing on whether or not the dinar currency is reinstated. Go ahead I am waiting…. 


Formal Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations they do not print my RED colored fonts or italics, so my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I will preface my comments with “Mnt Goat” so you know I am jumping in with observations. Also, I separated the articles with asterisks.


Articles Begin




A member of the Finance Committee Representative Hoshyar Abdullah, on Friday, the assurances of the government not to appeal the budget paragraphs after the amendment by the parliament for the speed of passage in the coming days.

He said in a statement received "Trend Press" a copy of it, "since we are in the Finance Committee will begin next Tuesday to discuss the paragraphs and items of the financial budget law for the current year and finalize it and meet with ministries and bodies and specialists to ensure the budget process and accurate, we call all political blocs to put their differences aside and away from the conflict over positions and ministries remaining from the government cab, even temporarily, and the current focus on the budget law to be able to complete and submit to vote as soon as possible.

"It is very important that the Finance Committee is currently chaired by Parliament Speaker Mohamed Halabousi and supervises its meetings directly, since it played an important role in this committee during the previous session. The issue of the chairmanship of the committee has not been resolved to this day.

Difficult problems within the budget law, including the fair rate of the provinces and the allocation of areas affected by the aggression of Daheshi and the share of Kurdistan, and the resolution of the oil file between the governments of the Center and the region and the extent of the commitment of the provincial government for the specific export through the company Sumo, and Peshmerga Functional and other degrees, "stressing" the need for Parliament from now on assurances from the Prime Minister that the Aatan materials that Sngerha as he did the former prime minister. "

(Mnt Goat – Folks please let’s not go down this same old stupid road that all these idiot gurus take each year when the budget must be passed to get some RV. The reinstatement rate of the dinar is NOT in the budget so relax. Passing the budget has NOTHING to do with the reinstatement. Get it? The 2019 budget has been passed already and just need tweaking for the excess oil revenues since it was originally based on 45 a barrel and oil has gone up to 59+ a barrel. So what does Iraq do with all this surplus oil revenues? This excess money has sparked many of the MPs to talk about giving the money to the people as part of the HCL, thus we are hearing a lot about HCL now. Also these MPs suggest paying out to Kurds under Article 140 and so thus we hear lots about this now too. So we can see two things going on here. 1) that they are delaying the budget until they can figure this all out and 2) they know the need to “fully” implement the constitution too and so this is a good opportunity to use this surplus money to do so.)



(Mnt Goat – So this article proves just want I have been saying that any decision to formally use dinar in place of US dollars has not yet been given and is still not now the process. So how is Iraq now doing business with Iran? Read the article it tells you.)

Iran is exerting considerable pressure on the Iraqi government to compel it not to abide by the US sanctions that have been imposed on Tehran in order for it to change its policies in the Middle East and abandon its nuclear program. These pressures include using the Iraqi dinar and Iranian rial in the trade exchange between the two countries.

IRAQ SERVES AS IRAN’S ECONOMIC LIFELINE, and Iran has great influence in the political and economic decision-making process. In addition, it uses the Iraqi territory to achieve its interests in the Arab region by supporting fighters loyal to Bashar al-Assad’s regime in Syria. This comes despite reservations expressed by some Shiites who recently set the Iranian consulate ablaze in the city of Basra. During demonstrations against the rampant financial and administrative corruption, PROTESTERS CHANTED SLOGANS CALLING ON IRAN TO STOP ITS INTERFERENCE IN IRAQI AFFAIRS.

The Central Bank of Iran is struggling to reach an agreement with Iraq on the use of the dinar or the Iranian rial for trade with Iraq, BUT IRAQ NEEDS THE APPROVAL OF THE UNITED STATES, WHICH IS STILL TO BE DETERMINED to allow Iraq to only import natural gas from Iran for electricity supply for only a short time.

A source in the Central Bank of Iraq told Al-Monitor on condition of anonymity, “An Iraqi delegation that visited the United States in December and that included executives from the Central Bank of Iraq and several ministries such as the Ministries of Oil and Electricity discussed THE EXCLUSION OF IRAQ FROM THE US SANCTIONS ON IRAN.”

The source added, “THE DELEGATION FAILED TO ACHIEVE GOOD RESULTS, and it ONLY ALLOWED IRAQ TO BUY IRANIAN GAS FOR ITS POWER PLANTS IN RETURN FOR THE DINAR. The government pledged to do so and opened an account for the Iranian company at a government bank in the dinar currency."

According to the same source, “THE UNITED STATES HAS CATEGORICALLY REFUSED TO ENTIRELY EXCLUDE IRAQ FROM THE SANCTIONS and it only allowed natural gas exports from Iran. This exception may include electricity in the coming period because the United States considers Iraq as an economic lifeline for Iran.”

“The United States is working to enable Iraq to exploit gas for the production of electricity, all the while putting an end to dependence on Iranian products and goods,” the source added.

WHILE THE US DOLLAR IS STILL USED FOR TRADE BETWEEN IRAQ AND IRAN, all transfers are made outside the Iraqi banking sector through foreign brokers or banks in Syria and Lebanon. The dollar is also being smuggled through primitive ways in southern governorates. The vast majority of trade between the two countries is comprised of Iranian exports to Iraq, SO TEHRAN WOULD LIKELY PREFER EURO OR RIAL-BASED TRANSACTIONS.

Fadel al-Hamdani, head of the Iraqi-Iranian Chamber of Commerce, told Al-Monitor, “Trade between Iraq and Iran is still ongoing and has not been affected by the US sanctions imposed on Tehran given the ongoing negotiations between Iraq and the United States.”

He added, “Financial transactions are ongoing as per the normal procedures, and it is traders who are behind the changes that may have affected such transactions. If the Iraqi government makes any decisions related to trade with Iran, then the Iraqi private sector will abide by such official decisions.”

Al-Monitor has repeatedly tried to get the Central Bank of Iraq to comment on the use of the dinar and the rial in trade between Iraq and Iran, but to no avail.

However, a high-ranking Iraqi source told Al-Monitor on condition of anonymity, “THE CENTRAL BANK IS COMMITTED NOT TO SELL THE DOLLAR TO IRAN AND REJECTS ANY IRANIAN ATTEMPT TO DO SO.”

The source noted, “The CENTRAL BANK ALSO REFUSED ANY COOPERATION WITH IRAN AIMED AT CONVERTING THE IRANIAN RIAL TO THE US DOLLAR,” stressing that the Central Bank of Iraq even refused to sell the dollar to Iraqis wishing to visit Iran in order to dodge any sanctions that could hit the banking sector and financial sanctions.

Following the latest amendment to the draft budget of 2019, which is being discussed by the Iraqi parliament, the Iraqi government reduced allocations for the import of electricity from 424.6 billion dinars (roughly $357 million) to 70 billion dinars (roughly $59 million).

THIS MEANS THAT IRAQ WILL NO LONGER BUY ELECTRICITY FROM TEHRAN, and this may spark popular protests similar to the ones that erupted in several provinces after Iran cut off its electricity supplies to Iraq last summer.

IF IRAQ IS APPROVED IN USING THE DINAR IN TRADE WITH IRAN WILL LEAD TO AN INCREASE IN THE VALUE OF THE IRAQI DINAR DUE TO HIGHER DEMAND, especially considering that the trade exchange between the two countries reached $8 billion in the past eight months,” freelance researcher and writer Ahmed Hathal told Al-Monitor.

He said, “IRAQ’S FOREIGN RESERVES WILL INCREASE AND THE CENTRAL BANK WILL BE IN A BETTER POSITION TO DEFEND THE DINAR IN THE EVENT OF A HIGH DEMAND OF THE DOLLAR IN THE FUTURE, especially considering that cash reserves cover the country's needs for more than nine months, thus exceeding the standards set by international financial institutions.”

Hathal added, “Iraq's foreign trade with Iran requires another currency, namely the dollar. Hence the US rejection it will face.”

Annual Iranian exports to Iraq account for more than 22% of the total Iraqi imports, which exceed $35 billion from several countries.

How will the money transfer occur between Iraq and Iran?

The private sector pays for these Iranian goods either through dollar transfers made by exchange companies or through means not accredited by the Central Bank, or by simply transferring cash by car. IT IS ALSO VERY DIFFICULT FOR IRAQ TO BAN THE DOLLAR DUE TO THE IRANIAN HEGEMONY OVER THE AUTHORITIES.



The political analyst Ahmed al-Sharifi said on Saturday that Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi will not open the files of previous corruption.


Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, announced after being given confidence by the House of Representatives that he is ready to hold accountable for the corruption of his government and not the previous governments," Sharifi said.

He pointed out that "the movements of Abdul Mahdi shows that he did not care about files of corruption in previous governments, and this is a negative, because there are files of corruption and large and dangerous in previous governments."

The head of the "Enough" political group, Rahim Darraji, said earlier that the Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi can not extend his hand on the files of what he described as "dinosaurs", in reference to their corruption, while stressing that extending the hand of Abdul Mahdi means withdrawing trust him, and that is why he fears it.

(Mnt Goat – This last paragraph is telling us that there is still majority of crooks in parliament and the new prime minister is still walking a dangerous path if he opens the files of corruption. So much for his campaign speeches. Just more of the same old, some old once again in this new administration. When will it change? The only time it will change is when someone is willing to stick their neck out and challenge it at the sake of their own safety and well being. This corruption in the world govts has to stop.)


Articles End

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ,,,,,

Just the FACTS!

Disclaimer: All information in this newsletter is not intended for investment decisions / purposes. Mnt Goat is not a financial analyst, planner, banker, attorney or associated in any role with giving out professional investment advice.

In ending I want everyone to know your constant prayers in the fight against evil (ISIS) in Iraq have worked. God has guided these young men and women on the battle field. Let us all now know that there is a new battle now to fight. A battle to save our homelands from the corrupt politicians who are bent on taking what they want from our current wealth and from future generations without our permission. We must keep praying for the end to the rapid corruption in Iraq and in the United States. We must pray for our leaders when they are being guided by the Holy Spirit. We must stand by them and let them know we are still there to support them, even after the election is over. I have composed a prayer maybe we can all pray today in our own way and until the revaluation of the Iraq dinar occurs.


“For the Iraqi Prime Minister and the President of the United States, that all their cabinet members, and deputies may be anointed by the Holy Spirit to do God’s will and bring the free democracies of the Republic of Iraq and the United States of America to the much-deserved prosperity and abundance thru justice and freedom from oppression and corruption. That they may be a shining example for the rest of the middle east and to rest of the world to follow.

In the name of Jesus Christ our King and Savior, Amen”

Auf Wiedersehen

Much love to ya all,

Mnt Goat
by Mountain Goatee
on Mon Jan 07, 2019 10:44 pm
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RayRat/Tony Call Notes 1/2/19

Topics tagged under 1 on Dinar Daily Tony_p12
(Bullet pts by AZhombre) 

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


TNT Ray-Tony call 2019.01.02 Wed bullet pts by AZhombre


LINK ONLINE http://tobtr.com/s/11136359 or https://t.co/NSKD4Ok9ct or http://www.blogtalkradio.com/rayren98/2019/01/02/tntsuperfantastic-conference-call–wednesday-january-2-2019

Opening Comments:

  • Tony: It’s Jan again. Have between the 1st and 15th with Iraq trying to push it thru. Not going to say RV is done like everyone else. RV has not started in China. You’re going to get paid the same time the “groups” are going to be. We’re still waiting on the RV. Banks still waiting. Votes going to be on the 8th if new names submitted. Waiting for that vote. Banks 5,6,7 new window. Bank rates still on the screen. Recommend buy Dong. Between the 1st thru the 15th like all the past years! Gov’t shut down shouldn’t have any effect on it. Only negative effect is price of oil. Iraq need oil at $56+

  • Board Posted Q&A: Ray/effective today, anybody will be a “candidate” to be banned if not using Q&A for Q&A’s only.
  • Top 3 roadblocks: T/price of oil #1(fallen below what they wanted, hard to overcome). OPEC will try to drive the price back up to where Iraq need it. #2 ministers, #3 Iran lost economic battle in Iraq and pulled out all advisors.

  • Are auctions still going? Tony/extra exchangers on street corners, died.

  • Any news on the Zim, screen rates? Tony/not on rates, or whether it’s going or not. No changes at all of today.

  • Are the banks going to limit the contract rates to those with $10m or less? T/no.

  • Any new training? Ray/nothing we’ve already addressed. Any CBI news? T/ nothing as far as the RV, quiet holidays. Gov’ts starting to meet again. Corruption committee moved everybody out of Parliament government housing.
  • Any early exchanges occurring? T/not one single exchange over the holiday. Not one in Reno (have plenty of people there). They did not get any money!

  • Any downside for Iraq not to revalue? T/yes, their people are dependent on them to rebuild their country. Instead of a surplus they have to borrow from 15 different countries. Investors aren’t going to lend them money until they get an RV. All the education showing them (citizens) how this process (with pending lower denoms, etc) is going to work won’t work if they don’t do it.

  • New Confessions of An Economic Hit Man. Get the book and read it!

  • Live Callers:

  • 312/Chicago, IL..Prime Minister Madi still coming to DC? R/yes. Iran articles criticized US (wouldn’t leave the base and disrespected the PM), trying to get the US out. He’s coming to the US because of the sanctions. 80% is imported from Iran. Even if they have $ they can’t buy fuel, etc. Coming to negotiate to make it work. Caller wanted to know why the meeting. T/need to see each other to better understand one another!

  • 404/Atlanta, GA.PM’s visitor at time of RV? T/yrs. ago they took pictures in what looked like he was overseas (often do that). Whether in country or not, don’t know if it’s required or not. This time it’s just supposed to happen! CBI’s job. He’s to be here on the 4th. Trump did the same thing visiting Iraq for only 3 hrs. He could do the same thing! 5-7th is before the 8th.

  • 951/S.Cal Guy.Intel supporting 1-15th? T/historically tried it thru those dates in the past. C/banks don’t want to give you any rates? T/Dong and Zim still on the screen. Will try and get rates from banks again. Just worried about it happening. C/who has the final say “flip the switch”? T/UST are last one to give OK. Waiting for price of oil to go back up. Matter of “dominos falling”. We’re the ones holding it up. C/banks saying 4,5,6,7thexciting!

  • 610/Gman from PA. Brand new bills to pay! Please donate: www.tntsuperfantastic.comaddress: Raymond Renfro, PO Box 1748, Elm City, NC 27822. Cashap: $tntsuperfantastic (make donation electronically).

  • 360/Vancouver, WA. Do you think Maliki is involved w his ability to create a civil war? T/has the ability to, but why? He can try and get a position in the gov’t to avoid prosecution. With Iran backing him Iran has influence in the gov’t. If not him, they want “integrity” position. If he’s wanted, and they can prove it, that’s a different thing. Supposedly his passport taken, etc. They had 300 other politicians leave the country. Would fight with his options before leaving the country. He won’t get one of the ranking positions but will push for others to get in. They’ll eventually find out his corruption and change their culture once they get this thing started!

  • 503/ Portland, OR. T/you scared them!

  • 509/ Spokane, WA. Questions on filling positions. T/ed minister resigned today because they found out she had connections with ISIS. Only justifiable not doing it if the rates are wrong. C/? on price of oil. T/thought it was going to be around $100. C/do they have new candidates for the important positions? T/no new names, nor “hints” of it. Have to wait and see what happens over the next 6 days.

  • 708/ Cicero, IL. RV is about to take place, and I’m going to tell you why. Today is the day I finally got on the line and now it’s going to RV! If we want the “contract rate”, both husband & wife, how concrete is that? T/not to get the contract rate, but the NDA you must sign. You’re married. If it’s your $, create another entity (trust) and you give the money to them to take charge of it!

  • 586/ Warren, MI. Thinks it’s going to be stopped again, because of Iran playing a bigger picture. “They” wanted it done by the end of the year. Who’s they? T/US. C/I think Iraq is being asked to play a bigger role between them and the USA. Somethings we won’t fudge on. They’re goal is to work this issue out with Iran and bring them back to the table.T/I understand, now hear me. I agree Iraq is playing a bigger roll. This isn’t the first time this has happened. (Secrets of an Economic Hit Man). USA needs Iraq to stop doing business with Iran. We could get it over with quicker. But don’t want to starve their own people with them. Get our country back but starve our people, etc. We can’t cut them off. Need more time to work with other countries. When we were at war, Iran was the only one to help them. That’s Iraq’s dilemma now. We need them to survive! We do want Iran to come back to the table. We’re trying to force them to go another direction. The carrot and the stick is the RV.

  • 214/ Dallas, TX. C/? about Lebanon. Once the ministers are in place, they’ll have purchasing power also. Looking forward to seat their cabinet also. T/send me the articles so we can put those pieces of the puzzle together. T/I’ll send you my e-mail so you can forward the articles to me to look at. C/also had info on Zim.

  • 501/ Little Rock, AR.Who set up the 800#? T/UST. We don’t know, then banks will make a profit. The numbers have been completed for years.

  • 918/ Tulsa, OK.

  • 864/ Greenville, SC. Sanctions against Zimbabwe? Tony/where did you see that? C/Dinar Chronicle. Fines, jail time, etc. T/you’re going to go to the bank and the bank is going to give you money to complete the transaction then come back and arrest you? What bank is boing to be involved with an illegal action? There’s not a bank in the country that will do that and go to prison also. They would take it off the list if there was a problem with it.

  • 240/Germanton, MD.Is it just this issue or a summation of things around the world? T/going to move so many 3rd world countries up. Other issues effecting Iraq. The Dinar is the foundation and that’s what they’re waiting on.

  • 413/ Springfield, MA. Busy talking to someone else!
  • 503/ Portland, OR. Thanks for teaching us about the

  • non-operational vrs. operational foundations. Feels like you need professional management running it. Over 1k foundations in OR were closed and many fined. Not functions of violations! Ray/these people weren’t doing it, not difficult, very easy. Different types of operating and types. It isn’t for a non-operating foundation.

  • 615/ Nashville, TN. Should my grown children’s funds be placed in my trust? Ray/absolutely not! “Comingle” isn’t a good idea. As adults, they should have their personal trust.Set it up for those coming behind us.

  • 561/ West Palm Beach. Long time fan, RV taken place and countries trading, Iraqi citizens being paid, street level currency not being paid yet. US and Iraqi citizens only ones who benefit. Why would they want to make a bunch of US citizens rich?T/3-4 countries started trading Dinar. Obviously have an exchange rate. Cars, appliances, selling at different rates. How are they doing it at the program rate? Definitely some things going on. 13303 gave us the same right as Iraqi citizens, along with other countries that participated in the liberation of Iraq (England, etc). The average citizen doesn’t know how wealthy US citizens will become. Originally only 5k people knew about it. Officers in the military were told not to tell the enlisted people to know about it. Because of the time-line, it’s like a small snowball growing to a giant avalanche. 99% of Iraqi’s have no idea what’s happening. C/Bank story:

C/Bank story: I talked to a personal banker in West Palm Beach and asked her what she knew. She listened to me over a long time. She once told me to come over and see her when I was done with personal banking. I went to her office, and she closed the door (never done that before). Said she had a customer with a large yacht. Used with VIP’s all around the world. Captain of the yacht said he had a very powerful politician on the yacht. Was given an envelope with a lot of Dinar and told to hold on to it. Caller, maybe this will give some hope to others who are thinking nothing will happen!

  • Tony/people have told us for years this will never happen. It’s 2019, we can’t change the past. All we can do is look for the future. The banks tell me 5,6,7 is their window. We’ll see what happens after the sanctions. Between today 2ndand 15th looking for it to go through.

  • Ray/in Jan 10 will be in SLC, UT, have some fun in the cold weather!If something exciting comes out, we’ll post it in the forum.
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on Thu Jan 03, 2019 9:23 am
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Mountain Goat 12/10/18

December 10, 2018 Mnt Goat News Brief

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.


A “veto” imposed by Moqtada al-Sadr on the candidate of Binaa Coalition for the post of interior minister, Faleh al-Fayyad, and on giving the education portfolio to the Arab Project, which is led by Khamis al-Khanjar, has prevented a vote on the remaining candidates in the new government in particular the minister of the interior.

The parliamentary vote on the last of the ministers in Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi’s government was postponed last Thursday as a result of the veto imposed by the Sadrist movement on Fayyad.

The source told Asharq Al-Awsat that attempts are underway to convince Sairoon coalition and Sadr in particular, to lift the veto and approve Fayyad as the only candidate for the Binaa coalition.

“The problem is that Sairoon also rejects keeping the education ministry within the share of the Arab Project, which is part of al-Mihwar al-Watani Sunni Coalition and currently has the defense, education and planning ministries,” the informed source explained.

He added that Binaa also insists on granting the education ministry to the Arab Project.

Head of Qarar Coalition Osama al-Nujaifi is also attempting to obtain the education ministry.

However, Nujaifi, being part of the Reform and Reconstruction Bloc, means that the government will find difficulty in reaching consensus until next Thursday's session. The source stressed that the dispute on the remaining portfolios will likely continue.

Why Faleh al-Fayyad?

Iran insists that Ataa Movement Leader Faleh al-Fayyad be chosen as the Iraq's new interior minister, a political source said. Iran is seeking to have Fayyad, who is a close associate of Tehran, chosen as the interior minister to ensure that trade with Iraq through land border crossings would take place after the United States imposed a second batch of sanctions on Iran, the source revealed. But is this the real reason?

The white-haired Faleh al-Fayad, was the national security advisor to Haider Al Abadi's Iraqi government. He worked hard to coordinate the Iranian backed militias with the Iraqi security forces to overcome ISIS. ON Aug 03, 2016 al-Fayyad, became the head of the new National Guard.

So he sounds like a very good pick from Mahdi to me. So why so controversial to Sadr?

Remember that the interior minister will be handling the large sums of money to be used for the reconstruction projects. In the past this money was squandered over the 8 years during the Nori al-Maliki administration. It has been said that the amount of money stolen over this period that Iraq could have been reconstructed 3 times over. So I believe Sadr is just being cautious and standing his ground in not wanting ANY Iranian backed figures in this new government. Can you see it now? Another 4 years and all this investment money, yet Iraq does not progress by the year 2022? What then?

So anther attempt then on Sunday Dec 9th to vote on these last 8 ministers but they did not get a quarum and so they postponed the vote until a Thursday session on Dec 13th. Maybe 13 will be our lucky number?

More news….

So I need to come on and clarify yet more rumors and garbage intel we are all hearing. Yes, these idiots are at it again….lol..lol..lol..

Rumor #1: The IQD market rate is now 119 : 1 in Iraq.

Funny how a couple weeks ago the rate in the CBI was 1120 and they told us it was 120 : 1 . Then when the rate in the CBI went to 1190 they told us it was 119 : 1. Doesn’t this even seem weird to you? Don’t you think something is fishy here? Why pass this on to anyone without first investigating it?

This is the most ridiculous rumor of all as of lately. How anyone could believe this crap? I am shocked that a grown man who supposedly is saying he is on top of Iraq intel and what is happening will take this rumor and spread it. Time to get another source for your information from Iraq. Yes, fat man TNT Tony I am talking to you.

So I had to investigate this rumor when I heard it. It appears someone in Iraq is giving this guy Tony a run for his money and is really jerking him around to make him look stupid. It is working too. The market rate for the dinar is still 1190 dinars to the dollar, up from 1120. Seems someone over there in Iraq is looking at some site on the internet that is showing the rate as 119.00 incorrectly thus this jerk is spreading the rumor instead of getting off his ass and walking down the street to check it our for himself with the street venders.

Rumor #2: Iraq is showing educational programs on TV, billboards and having street presentations on the newer lower category notes.

Yes, they are and I can’t dispute this rumor but unless you ask the VERY important question to your source they are not going to tell you. What is this VERY important question?

The question is this – WHAT CATEGORIES?

Hello anybody home? Anyone bother to ask this VERY important question?

No, of course not. This jackass TNT Tony just takes the info at face value and hypes it up again wanting you to believe it is the new smaller, smaller category notes. But in reality they are still just talking again about the newer smaller category notes of 250, 500 and 1000. Get it? The CBI just did a new format for these notes and they need to educate the people. But the good news is this is exactly the kind of education we want to see on the other smaller, smaller category notes. But remember they are not just going to launch then all at once. The CBI will slowly phase them in as the economy grows. So we can expect a constant stream of an educational process to take place.

The CBI has told me many times that they can not just launch these very low. lower denominations like the new polymer 5,10,25,50 100 and coins until the economy is suited for them. So how do they get the economy suited for them? They have a plan. First they must slowly make the 250, 500 and 1000 in demand, use electronic banking for larger purchases, then as the economy grows begin to launch these other notes. I would be looking for the 50 and the 100 notes next. At some point they will reinstate the dinar but we don’t know just at what point of equilibrium it will be. To do this means an educational process of what these newer polymer notes look like and how to use them.

But we can see that they have surely moved already to the next level and important step. For years and years they struggled just to get the banking reforms in place. Not they have the ATMs running, electronic payrolls, electronic POS, credit cards, and emphasis on just petty cash and not wads of cash in pockets the day on and after payday. We see the banks are now liquid and loans are being given based on “credit rating” criteria. So this economy is slowly being converted over to the global banking systems. So much progress has been made towards the “project to delete the zeros”.

So why this constant insistence to tell everyone all these lies of rate that are not true or immanency of some RV? It is all just a game by these gurus to get you to come to their calls, forums and sites. They must keep you pumped up. This is so they can profit from you when you click on their sponsors. They need you to visit their sites to build up visitors to substantiate sales of sponsor links. But you are the sucker believing this crap over and over again. You are just buying into their madness every time you click on their sites or attend their calls.

Rumor #3: The IQD is now international

Folks I will tell you one more time that the IQD is NOT yet international and if it was it would have to be “reinstated” first and if it was reinstated we would all be at the banks already. Get it? It is that simple.

Don’t buy into this stupid reasoning that some guru gives you that we are just waiting to see a rate we want and everything else is done. NOT correct. Oh – the banks are trading the IQD too already. Really? NOT true again. The banks are just selling and buying the dinar just like the internet brokers. So why didn’t they tell you way back in 2014 that the dinar was international then since the internet brokers were selling it then. So the banks are acting like these internet brokers now. Nothing more. Why not, since there is millions to be made in the selling of this currency. I lose respect for anyone who lies to you about this issue. Trust me, if it was international already thus “reinstated” it would have to be back on the global trading platforms, we would not be waiting so long for the rate to rise since the traders, through demand, would bring the rate up already by now. Get it?

But these same idiot gurus have been telling you this now for over 3 years already that the dinar was already international and so where is the increase in rate then? Yet these are the same idiots who also tell you that it will not come out low and rise slowly. But they tell you it did come out low since it is now only 1190 and this is a very low CBI rate still. Then they tell you that we are just waiting for the rate to “flip” all of a sudden to the rate on the bank screens they are seeing. Really? They say we are waiting for it to “revalue”. But it isn’t even reinstated yet so how can it “revalue”? Besides the term “revalue” is really a technical term used by the IMF that means that a currency must be already on the global trading platforms and exchanges. Then undergoes a significant upwards change in value. Since the dinar is now not even reinstated, to have a “revaluation” would be impossible.

So again I say “you can’t have your cake and eat it too”. It either has to be one way or the other. So which is it? This is so typical with these idiot gurus. They even contradict themselves and this shows they don’t know what the hell they are even talking about. This is the typical TNT flip-flop.

So did the dinar come out international already or not?

You see they are very mixed up and what they say does not even make any sense on what occurs. They seem to think it is already reinstated at the 1190 rate and we are waiting for a sudden triggered revaluation at over $3. Really? Technically this is impossible. The CBI itself has told me and still tells me they are waiting to “reinstate” the IQD. I am not the one confused. So who do you believe some internet idiot who calls himself an intel guru or the Central Bank of Iraq. You tell me. This is at the heart of all the confusion out there in trying to study this investment. These people make it very difficult for you investors to stay on track. They are the cause for many of you giving up and selling out of your investment.

Yes, TNT Tony I am talking to you again. You idiot! – “Who does this make sense to?” This guy knows I am correct too yet he is so stubborn and will not admit to mistakes. So he continues to pump his lies over and over again.

Rumor #4: The IQD is international since the CBI and other exchange sites have changing the representation of the IQD rate now with five decimal places.

This change may very well be in preparation for the future reinstatement back to the global markets on the currency exchanges, since they operate with this level of accuracy. So this is a good sign but please don’t overrate it and go hysterical over it. It does not yet mean the IQD is already international.

Rumor #5: The IQD rate is $6+ and the Dong will be around 8% less than the IQD.

Again this is just garbage intel from this jerk Bruce from the Big(stupid)Call. He has nothing ever to back up his claims. Someone is jerking him around and he is too stupid to realize they are doing it. He should be ashamed of himself for even passing out this kind of intel to everyone. Remember this is the same idiot who told everyone just a month ago that “the RV is done and China is exchanging and we are just waiting for it to go around the world to get to the west”. Really? So where is it then, if this was true? But we all know this is just not even a logical thing to happen for many reasons and so Bruce should also know this. Why doesn’t he know it? Is he really that stupid? Yes, in listening to many of his calls I believe this guy is that stupid or either mentally retarded. So which is it?

Rumor #5: The ZIM rate is on the bank screen but we are told it is no longer in the basket.

Folks again I am telling you the ZIM was never in the “basket” and there is no such thing as a “basket” Get it? The rate of the ZIM on the bank screens is solely for the newer, lower category notes issued in 2016.

These 2016 notes they want to get to up to par 1: 1 with the US dollar again. In 2016 these notes were issued and initially came out at 1:1. This did not last long as the mismanagement of the monetary system in Zimbabwe again soon devalued these newer notes. Before they issued these newer lower category notes in 2016 they recalled the hyper-inflate notes meaning the 100, 50 trillions, etc..etc. They offered up to $25 US dollars for each 100 trillion note. I have the article I can show you. They then official expired these notes. This means they are NO LONGER LEGAL TENDER! Get it?

So the first lie to induce you to buy these expired notes was that they swore they were BONDS. Really? Now to get the 2016 newer notes to 1:1 Zimbabwe had them “bonded” But this has nothing to do with the older hyper-inflated notes. This is solely the 2016 notes.

I proved to everyone without a shadow of a doubt that these old 2008-2009 expired notes were not in FACT “bonds” of any kind and they are not redeemable on demand. So then their tune changed and they realized they were wrong. Then they came out and told everyone they had to be 8 x 11 paper. Why didn’t they tell you that before they told you to go out and buy all this defunct, expired currency under the pretension they were ‘Bonds”?

Of course none of the gurus apologized for misleading you…did they?

But why did they tell you this in the first place if it was not accurate?

Was someone pumping ZIM? Did they start this rumor?

Ye of course they started or at least they continued it without any real proof or validity of what they were saying. Then with my relentless campaign to inform everyone of this scam, these gurus got scared and are now backing out that these 2008-2009 expired notes as they are now NOT going to be taken at all by the banks. They come up with a fake excuse and say that it is Zimbabwe’s fault as they had a change in govt. IN fact Zimbabwe did have a change in govt but I assure you it never had nor ever will effect these expired, defunct ZIM notes.

So I have compiled a list of all these gurus who spread these false claims about the ZIM. I have names, addresses and conference call recordings of everyone involved. Yes, a nice complete file to turn over to the FBI.

It is not going to be good enough later to say you just “repeated” what you were told from some intel source. This is not going to get you off the hook. Get it? We heard it from YOUR mouth not someone else’s. So YOU are going to be investigated and charged with fraudulent currency schemes. According to the law, this is a felony and up to a 5 year imprisonment term.

So these scammer gurus are afraid of law suits afterwards and believe me when these FBI investigations begin, if these are not bad enough, wait till you are served on these class-action suits. Yes, legal action up the ass!

So any of you who where stupid enough to fall for this ZIM scam and ran out to buy these expired 2008-2009 notes you are stuck with them. I warned you and so I am warning you again today. Stop all this foolishness and hype over these expired ZIM notes. You are not going to get rich over these notes. Stop buying them or worrying about them. This is only a scam and you are the victim. Get it? It to too bad but I tried to warn you. Did you listen? Are you listening now?

More news….

Many ask me if Iraq misses the EARLY 2019 timeframe do we wait yet another year to 2020?

Well if you knew about the IMF and Iraq 5 year reconstruction plan from 2018-2022 then you should not be asking if it will go to 2020. Right? Shame, shame, shame on you! The answer should be apparent. Are you doing your homework or just want to be spoon fed?

Everyone by now should know about this plan. There are multiple past articles on this subject matter in my newsletters.

What does this 5 year reconstruction plan tell us? They already wasted almost 6 months out of the plan with this foolish bullshit with the elections and all the recounting crap. They were supposed to reinstate the currency back in Dec 2017- Early 2018 to kick-off the plan. But they failed to do it due to a violation of the mandated 2% currency spread. So the IMF pulled back for 90 days. Those 90 days were up in March of this year. Then the elections come upon them and I told you this would interfere and it did.

So a complete year is gone from the plan already. The plan will NOT work unless they are in article 8 and to allow ease of transfer of funds and profits in and out of Iraq for all these projects. The CBI will need to stop these damned currency auctions and reinstate the currency. It is not an "if" they want to do it, but they "must" do it or the 2018-2022 project will fail. fail.

They must migrate to the private sector and get the 95% of the citizens off the government payrolls and let the private sector take care of them. Once they do this the oil revenues can go into the reserves and be used for many other projects, such as a much needed military, defense, security and national guard units.

Did you read the article from Saleh months ago on the Iraqi Sovereign funds (SWF)? There is over 200 billion dollars in these funds that Iraq will begin to tap into come February. Yes, the SWF are real.

Defined sovereign wealth fund (SWF):

A sovereign wealth fund (SWF) or sovereign investment fund is a state-owned investment fund that invests in real and financial assets such as stocks, bonds, real estate, precious metals, or in alternative investments such as private equity fund or hedge funds. Sovereign wealth funds invest globally.

More news….


Grace with Glory, from Chicago - Witness the Winds of Change

Oh this woman could sell you the shirt off your own back. She is a really good scammer. One attribute these scammers have is that they can sweet talk you to death. She is real good at it too. They have their pre-canned sayings to cover just about any situation. Have you noticed this with any other intel “gurus”?

In my Dec 5th newsletter I analyzed her objectives for having her conference call and what she was really up to. What is her cause? What is her real intent?

So recently she had to lash back at me and use the sexist, racial card again like so many of these other charlatans do. This is typical and shows her real nature. Really Grace! They feel this is the only recourse to bashing me since they have nothing of factual substance to debate on the context of what I add. They must attack my sex and call me a man. She should go talk to my husband and our two beautiful children on this subject matter. Enough said about this these stupid allegations.

This time she even tells everyone I am some bigot that is stalking her down. Really? Just like the other idiot Becky McGee, who recently admitted to being scammed on her intel and is ashamed of it. This Grace with Glory idiot too will soon find out that creating FEAR in people is not the answer. She is also being used and has an agenda. Her claims to be some “light worker” really sums it all up. Another looney tune! Really? Is this what these people do they go around scaring people and crying out - “the sky is falling…the sky is falling”? Then they claim to be all holy and say they are “graced” for bringing you the bad news. Oh boy!

How can you come on a call twice a week and be happily excited about the world’s economy crashing? What is so exciting about the possibility of massive joblessness, homelessness, and even civil disorder. What will this resolve? This is sadistic by any stretch of the imagination.

Yes, I think we all should be aware that there is going to be a check and balance coming soon to the world’s economy. Simply put, a global crash is coming and it will be much worse than they first one. Why? Even the many older prophecies and recent prophets tells us this is coming. The way of massive debt simply cannot continue unchecked. But is massive debt the real underlying problem here?

But this debt is not at the heart of the problem. This worry is not what we should be dwelling on. This is NOT at the heart of the problem.

Instead massive debt and mismanagement of internal affairs of the USA and other countries is only one of many symptoms of the real problem.

The FREEDOM and SOVEREIGNTY of nations is at stake. This is the real battle. Who cares if your rich or poor and you don’t have LIBERTY and FREEDOM. What the hell are you going to do with all this money?

Oh – but many of you really greedy people think you are going to buy your way into the elite. To become the same as those you hate so much now for taking away and restricting your wealth. You say a “transfer of wealth”. Really? Do you for one second really believe that entities that are so snug and secure with their laws and financial manipulation are just going to let you walk into billions of wealth and begin to make decisions that impact and effect their wealth and little nest eggs? Really is this what you think? So this is what I mean by toothless crake-heads. They listen to these gurus and are lead down this path of stupidity and hysteria.

Just look at all those rich Jews in Germany during WWII. You only need to look at this realistically. What good was all their money when they are on a railcar heading for Auschwitz? Even money is not going to overcome a ideology that some are bent on applying to the world. This ideology is coming slowly as the new war is really on you and me again to restrict and fully control us.

To survive as FREE and SOVEREIGN nations we must weed out those crocked, treasonous politicians who do not have the best interest of “THE PEOPLE” in mind when they govern. But rather some world agenda to mold the planet to their liking. So yes, this is scary and we all have to wake up to what is really going on behind our backs now for many decades. It is time to wake up and as Grace says “winds of change” are coming.

You see I am a realist and I point fingers at those guilty of making this mess in the first place. The world is run by people not by magic somehow. If you don’t cut the head off the snake, it will only grow back and come to haunt you yet another day. There is only one way to rid ourselves of these charlatans:

1. Expose these charlatans and their plans;

2. Educate the citizens on what is really going on behind their backs;

3. Bring them to justice for their crimes. In other words just impose existing laws and stop this double standards when it comes to enforcing the law. There are ample laws already in place but no one is enforcing them. Get it? They always go after the little guy and us them as an example while the “big fish” still roam the streets freely.

4. Put measures in place to ensure any new charlatans are restricted from high government positions. This means screening who you vote for very carefully and getting rid of the “deep state” within the govt so your vote does count.

This is my point with people like Grace. They do not address the heart of the problem instead they induce FEAR MONGERING then to make it worst they claim to be some “light worker” and use this excuse to sit around on the sofa all day using your donations to live on. Oh – what a life!

I have to tell you I work very hard all day at the gast haus then most nights I take the time to read and research the best information on the subject matters I bring to you. I do not charge even 1 cent for any of my news.

Why do I do all this?

Read my mission statement for my Facebook page. It is very clear of my mission. Do I claim to be some “light worker”? Am I egocentric? Do I use this as an excuse to neglect my responsibilities for my business and family and then put a tin cup out for donations?

No! I do it because I walk the talk, not just talk about it and then do something else. I do not claim to be so holly and be some self-righteous “light worker”. I do it because I am compassionate about the human race and I can see how we are being abused and manipulated by the powers, that we supposedly elect to govern us. This is an absolute abuse of power at the lowest and highest levels. This is not as God intended us to live. This is imprisonment only you are lulled into it so little at a time you don’t realize it is even happening to you.

So maybe if this lady Grace “with Glory” would only take some time to read my hundreds of newsletters over the years and learn about my mission she might understand. Oh- but they don’t want to understand about telling the TRUTH.

Then this other issue Grace “with glory” (and others) so often bring up is about my anonymity. So why are they do bent on exposure of my family and friends to these toothless crack-heads who purchase this currency. I hear what they say on the forums. I hear their stupid constant hype on the conference calls. These people are not normal and I guess greed brings out the worst in people. So I choose not to want some crack-head showing up at my door with a baseball bat (or worst a gun) in the middle of the night, demanding intel on the RV. It is all about protecting my family. It is too damned bad if you don’t like it. My attitude is in thinking of my familyand loved ones FIRST instead of my own self-gratification, egocentrism, or of getting all the “glory”. It is not about getting “glory”. It is about non-selfishly helping people. Yes, Grace even says she wants all the glory and so now you know her kind of “glory” she desires.

You see my time in the military intelligence has taught me many lessons about people. We would get even the hardest of military brutes, then when under real fire, they coward like little frightened girls. So I know about human nature. I really see it too when some ask me to come and visit with me. They seem so kind and gentle and only want to come and say hello. Really? What they really want is to trick me and resolve my identity and compromise my family. Do you think I am that stupid? So let’s stop playing these games. I have a daughter now going to college in the USA and another to enter college next year. What do I want for their future?

So I am compelled to talk about Grace’s conference calls and motives for her calls. I have listened to many of her so called “winds of change” (or better “wings of change” ) calls and I have determined that this woman is nothing but a bum who is resorting to scamming people for donations. She is using her channels thru this fictitious GCR notion (as many others do too) to take donations from people to live on. Do you really think this is a nice thing to do. She is homeless and refuses to work. She claims to have some great financial background. Really? I doubt it and so if true then use it and GET A REAL JOB!

More news….

Oh- so today I went out to the ISX (Iraqi stock exchange) and checked the rate of the IQD. Here are the results:

foreign currency

U.S. dollar

1 USD = 1,190,300 IQD

1 Iraqi Dinar = 0.0008 USD

So today these idiot gurus report 119.03 dinars to the dollar. Am I missing something here?

So where then is this 120 dinars to the dollar (or 119 today) we keep hearing on the TNT calls? Again on their last call they specifically told us it was 120 dinars also showing up on the ISX for the market rate of the dinar. This is simply not true and is a lie. You can see it for yourself. Go figure!

This is merely a mistake made by placing the decimal in the wrong place when reading the rate. This was done by one of TNT contacts in Iraq which is to typical of these idiots and all the mistakes that have led to misinformation to us about this RV process. Why does anyone even listen to this crap from these idiots over in Iraq?

Oh -so now some are bashing me for listening to it and ask – so why do you listen to it?

I listen to it because if I don’t try to clarify this crap then who is going to do it? Are you? Do I see you stepping forward to help those aged people or people not smart enough to see through the lies. The world does not evolve around you and what you only want. There just happens to be almost 8 billion other people on this planet. Get it? This kind of sarcasm is going to get you banned off my Facebook site and I have banned 2 people already last week.


Formal Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations they do not print my RED colored fonts or italics, so my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I will preface my comments with “Mnt Goat” so you know I am jumping in with observations. Also, I separated the articles with asterisks.


Articles Begin


Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, and the alliance of Surun led by Moqtada al-Sadr , attacked the leader of the coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki. Maliki stressing that his coalition WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO REPLACE THE CANDIDATE FOR THE INTERIOR MINISTRY OR ANY OTHER MINISTRY.

The leader of the "coalition of state law" in a press statement: "We will not allow the Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, or any party, replacing the candidate of the portfolio of Interior Faleh Fayyad , nor any other candidate for the other bags," asserting that "the replacement of Fayyad means the imposition of will by the coalition "Pass" on the parliament and the government, and unconstitutional ways, which is a threat to the political process.

He called on al-Sadr's alliance to "clarify its position and view that it is pushing to reject Fayadh's assumption of the interior, and to abstain from voting for him in parliament," stressing that "if the Fayyad does not get the votes that qualify him to take over the Interior Ministry, Parliament, it means that the people are the one who chose him for this post. "

He pointed out that "according to the Constitution, the selection of candidates to take over the ministries whether or not to vote within the dome of parliament, and not through chaos and threat and intimidation."

The Al-Fath Alliance (the representative of the Popular Popular Militia) accused Al-Fayadh of nominating the interior portfolio to create a political crisis. This nomination was rejected by a categorical rejection of the Sadr Alliance, which refuses to negotiate.

For his part, said the leader of the alliance, "Sawn" Ali al-Khazali for "the new Arab," that "Maliki is trying to impose his presence in the Iraqi political arena, and earn the spotlight through his statement," asserting that "the alliance is not obliged to justify his position to the owners."

Al-Khazali stressed that "our position is consistent from the portfolios of defense and interior, and we have already announced, we do not accept any person who is partisan to take over," stressing that "as a coalition we break the rest of the session of the parliament that circumvented Maliki and others, trying to pass Fayadh, Parliament ".

He added: "We have waived his entitlement as a larger bloc under the conditions are not negotiable, which is to form a government of technocrats of independents, and this condition will remain," noting that "must change the Fayyad and change any candidate is partisan, and Abdul Mahdi to submit new candidates for passing in parliament "He said.

Maliki's statement comes after a visit to the commander of the "Corps of Jerusalem" Iranian Qassem Soleimani to Baghdad, during which he met with politicians from various parties to the political process, and pushed towards support Fayadh to take over the Interior Ministry.

(Mnt Goat – So everyone should be aware by now that this article is telling us what is at the heart of the issues in holding up the formation of the final pieces of the Mahdi’s cabinet.)



The former Iraqi prime minister, Haider al-Abadi, said that Iran contributed to his removal from the presidency of the government for a second term, indicating the existence of a conflict of wills in Iran.

Abadi said in an interview with the channel "Eastern" that "the conflict of wills in Iraq and inside Iran created an atmosphere that led to the removal of power," pointing out that "the internal conflict in Iran was reflected on us."

As for Iran's assistance to Iraq in its war against Daqash, Abadi said, "The role of the Iranian side was in the guerilla war against an oppressive organization, where they trained elements for that because they have experience in this field, as well as they handed us a weapon but we were buying it as we buy it from others."

"The former president Barack Obama told me that he is not enthusiastic to participate in a fighting," he said, pointing out that "Obama came to the presidency by adopting to withdraw from Iraq."

"The US side also provided us with a weapon at a time when we did not have the possibility to buy arms so quickly."

And the causes of the fall of the city of Ramadi, the center of Anbar province, but the organization is urging during the receipt of power, said Abbadi that "there was deliberate in the fall of Anbar complete by the organization," pointing out that "will be the details of all what happened in his memoirs to be published in the future.

(Mnt Goat – so here it is in black and white from a news interview with Abadi as to why he was not so far selected for the position of PM. But they missed something we also know to be true in that the US was trying to influence the elections and the people did not like that, so Abadi became a hot note of contention and had to be bypassed for a more neutral candidate.)



The head of the Iraqi Trade Bank, Faisal Al-Homs, said on Monday that investment with US companies will rebuild the destroyed provinces and infrastructure in the country.

"The initiative to invest American companies in Iraq will be rebuilt," he said, adding that "Iraq needs this initiative to rebuild more than a province in addition to the restoration of infrastructure."

He pointed out that "the interaction with the countries of the world is in the interest of the country and the building of the Iraqi state and provide a decent life for the citizen," pointing out that "the IRAQI BANK FOR TRADE IS A LINK WITH THE BANKS OF THE WORLD, WHICH FACILITATES THE ENTRY OF INTERNATIONAL COMPANIES TO WORK IN IRAQ through guarantees and will have an active role in this field".

On Monday morning, the US Chamber of Commerce in Baghdad, attended by US Ambassador Douglas Silliman and Vice President of the US Chamber of Commerce, Steve Lotus, announced a US initiative to cooperate with Iraq and the introduction of several US companies for investment and reconstruction.

(Mnt Goat – US companies finally getting onboard or at least we are only now hearing news of them. Remember the 5 year reconstruction plan calls for 2018-2022. A year has already been wasted for this mess of an election process. They are now behind. We know they wanted to reinstate the dinar way back in last Dec and early Jan. So what will they now due this Dec and Jan? Will they miss the opportunity again?)




The source of the parliamentary, on Monday, the formation of three sub-committees to investigate files of the work of the Central Bank, including the issue of seven billion.

The source said in an interview for the «orbit», that 'the First Committee was formed from the members of the House of Representatives to view the window selling the currency of the Central Bank, composed of (Naji Saidi, Hoshyar Fateh, Ahmed Safar, Muthana Samurai, Anam Nazil, and Mohammed Tamim) .

He added that 'another committee, was formed to see the contract for the building of the Central Bank and the approvals issued and the stages of implementation, composed of deputies (Haneen al-Qaddu, Ahmed Rashid, Faisal al-Issawi, Shirwan Qadir)'.

The source, who preferred not to be named, that 'the Third Committee was formed to investigate the damage of the financial amounts of Rafidain Bank and the Central Bank, amounting to 7.5 billion Iraqi dinars, and consisted of deputies (Faleh Abdashi, Haitham Jubouri, Majid al-Waeli, Jubouri, Muthanna al-Samarrai, Jamal Sidu) '.



Ali Alak Governor of the Central Bank. “Economy News”

Economy News – Baghdad

The governor of the Central Bank Ali Al-Alak said Monday that the bank maintains a high level of foreign reserves, pointing out that the bank continues its efforts to stabilize the local currency.

Al-Alak said in a speech during the opening of the fourth annual conference of the Central Bank in Baghdad and attended by “Economy News”, that ” coinciding with the first anniversary of the victories of the security forces on the organization is calling, this annual conference is looking forward to the sustainable development of the Iraqi economy,” noting that ” Continue his efforts in stabilizing the local currency. ”

“The central bank maintains a high level of foreign reserves,” he said.

And began on Monday, the activities of the fourth annual conference of the Central Bank of Iraq, in conjunction with the anniversary of the Iraqi victory day on “Daash.”



Economy News Baghdad

US debt has become the focus of attention recently after it has been exacerbated by the extent of the degree of astonishment of the extent of continued discharge, which makes the trick of gold looming again.

A report published by the Daily Reconciliation website highlights the current US debt and deficit, as well as a glimpse of US national debt from President George Washington and Alexander Hamilton in an article by James Rijkards on Weekly Standard.

The US debt ratio stands at the highest level in history (106%) except for the post-World War II period.

But at least in 1945, the United States won the war and its economy dominated global production, while today there is debt without global domination.

The United States has always been willing to increase debt to fight and win the war, but the debt has been reduced and contained once the war ends.

Today, there is no war comparable to major wars in American history, yet religion is growing.

US debt has seen a steady increase and decline, but there has not yet been a view that deficits are not important and can be increased indefinitely.


It is noteworthy that these historical efforts to manage US debt were supported by both parties.

Although Republicans Harding and Coled have previously reduced debt, and Democrat Andrew Jackson removed debt in 1836, today there is waste on both sides He writer predicts the PROSPECT OF AN AMERICAN DEBT CRISIS SOONER rather than later. THE US BUDGET DEFICIT UNDER THE ADMINISTRATION OF PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP IS CLOSE TO $ 1 TRILLION A YEAR, SIMILAR TO THAT OF HIS PREDECESSOR BARACK OBAMA IN 2010 AND 2011.

This is the result of tax cuts, cancellation of the spending ceiling, high student loan defaults and inaccurate economic growth estimates by the Budget Management Offic.The annual deficit appears to exceed $ 1 trillion next year, taking into account projected spending.

As the impact of economic growth begins to fade after Trump's tax cut, with no new tax cuts in 2019, the debt-to-GDP ratio now stands at 106 percent as debt grows faster than the economy.

The US national debt grew 8.8% annually, but only 6.3% of GDP.

But this situation is unsustainable and it is not entirely clear whether GDP will be able to eliminate the gap between its growth and debt acceleration.

In a simplistic way, the United States is heading for bankruptcy, the author said, but stressed that what he says is not intended to arouse fear, but rather an honest assessment based on the figures.

At present, the United States has about $ 21.6 trillion of debt, compared to a $ 20 trillion economy, which means that the debt is bigger than the economy.


Economists Ken Rogoff and Carmen Rhinehatt conducted a historical survey that retrieves data and experiences some 800 years ago, looking at countries or empires in some cases, which have been bankrupt or have defaulted on their debts.

The researchers found that the risk zone in debt to GDP ratio was 90%, and once they reached it, they found a turning point. At this point, the dollar return of debt is less than the dollar yield of production, debt becomes a real obstacle to economic growth.

As the US debt to GDP ratio is 106 percent, the United States is deep in the red zone, facing a deficit of about $ 1 trillion plus more spending.

"We have become more and more like Greece, WE ARE HEADING TOWARDS A SOVEREIGN DEBT CRISIS, that is not an opinion, it is something that depends on the numbers," he says.

How to get rid of this crisis?

For the elite, there is only one way out at this stage - inflation - they're right. Tax cuts will not do that and the structural changes of the economy will not. Both will help if they are done correctly but the problem is simply too big: economic growth must go well beyond current levels, which is not available.

Leaving only one solution - inflation.

The Fed has printed about $ 4 trillion over the past several years but there has hardly been inflation with the fact that it has started to accelerate recently.The reason for the LACK OF INFLATION THROUGHOUT THIS PERIOD IS THAT MOST OF THE NEW FUNDS THE FED HAS GIVEN TO BANKS HAVE TURNED THEM INTO DEPOSITS WITH THE CENTRAL BANK TO REAP INTEREST, which means that those funds have not been pumped into the economy to trigger inflation.

by Mountain Goatee
on Mon Dec 10, 2018 12:10 pm
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"Money Supply" - Fri. PM KTFA Thoughts/News 11/23/18


Samson » November 23rd, 2018

Al-Rafidain releases the salaries of local employees through MasterCard

22nd November, 2018

Al-Rafidain Bank on Thursday launched a new meal from the salaries of employees of the State Departments, which ranged between five and ten million dinars through the MasterCard card International

The bank's information office said in a statement received by "Economy News" that "a new batch of advances of State Department employees has been disbursed to more than 1,184 employees whose salaries were settled at the bank and obtained the electronic card

The statement said that "the payment of this advance was by informing the employee by sending him a text message informing him of the advance payment, after he completed all the legal procedures to grant it and disbursement through electronic payment tools, which have been filled with the financial balance LINK

Rafidain launches a new meal of the predecessor of the staff

2018/11/22 8:16

Al-Rafidain Bank, launched a new meal of the advance of employees of the State Departments, ranging between five and ten million dinars through the card MasterCard International.

The bank's information office said in a statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of "a new payment was paid from the predecessor of the employees of the State Department to more than 1184 employees whose salaries were settled with the bank and got the electronic card."

The statement said that "the disbursement of this advance was by informing the employee by sending him a text message informing him of the grant of the advance, after he completed all the legal procedures to grant it and disbursement through electronic payment tools, which was filled the financial balance to it." LINK

MilitiaMan » November 23rd, 2018

This is a snippet from the CC from Delta and a link to support it.. We were told weeks ago that there would be new cards and Master Card is international.

The cards can be used just about anywhere in the world. They are telling us here they are settling salaries with these cards. Just as Delta Points out! This is where the cards come into play in helping with exchange... imo Load the card with the employees salary, then go to ATM to get some smalls for buying goods and services or just pay electronically for your restaurant bills, getting your hair done, getting your pills at the pharmacy, hospital stays, pipe shop, lol etc, etc..

All electronic and digital into the future. It will make the transition for easier than one might think imo. ~ MM

"Delta: This is what he said: Basically this project is very, very important because the
people’s notes – there’s about 6 billion of them worth about 44 Trillion. So what they’re
trying to do here is to basically reconstruct the currency. How is Iraq going to do it
without them basically lopping the currency. They need to basically increase the value
which is to lift the 000’s #1, and we talked about this a while back, that when they start
doing that they’re going to adjust salaries. ~ Delta

"Now, here’s the catch here….if you have a million dinar, and you go to the bank they’re not
going to give you a 1,000 dinar because that’s a Lop. They’re going to give you a million
dinars worth of LOWER DENOMINATIONS because remember what they’re trying to do here is they’re trying to use all this money supply. ~ Delta

The only way you can do that is to raise the value starting with their employees because
remember they’ll have to go back to 40-50% of the salaries to the government employees
and any other employees and then Remember, you’re going to give them a million dinar and get a 1,000 dinar and that’s going to be worth the OLD million dinar which is worth $840 USD. And this is what they basically are trying to do." ~ Delta

Post 103 by Samson: New ministerial instructions for beauty centers, restaurants, pharmacies and tourism companies

22nd November, 2018

The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers addressed a number of ministries and authorities the need for electronic payment tools in the entities under their supervision

The Secretariat said in a letter addressed to the Ministry of Health and signed by the Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers, Ali Al-Alaq, and received by "Economy News", that "in the framework of the plan to switch to a digital society, led by the Iraqi government, and in particular the tendency to use electronic payment tools, Salaries and allowances to employees of the State Departments, which are guaranteed by the Council of Ministers' resolutions No. (281) for the year 2017, and the decision No. (270) for the year 2018

The book called on the ministries concerned, the Ministry of Health and Culture and the National Investment Authority, to oblige the formations under their supervision to "open a bank account in one of the banks approved by the Central Bank of Iraq and the use of points of sale (POINT OF SALE ) in obtaining the amounts electronically for services provided by them" Pointing out that what has been related to the access of entities covered by licenses or "licenses to practice the profession as well as renewal of licenses to practice the profession of existing entities

The book states that the entities covered are the travel and tourism companies, the cinemas, the theater, etc., affiliated to the Ministry of Culture, hotels and entertainment venues, foreign clothing agencies, foreign branches of restaurants, etc., affiliated to the National Investment Authority

The book also includes (beauty centers, restaurants, pharmacies, hospitals, etc.) of the Ministry of Health

Samson » November 23rd, 2018

Algeria issues paper and cash currency in a new way LINK

Purifiers » November 23rd, 2018


Samson » November 23rd, 2018

The Central Bank and the Association of Iraqi Private Banks sign a memorandum of understanding in the field of training

22nd November, 2018

The Association of Iraqi Private Banks signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Center for Banking Studies at the Central Bank for cooperation in the fields of training and research

The Executive Director of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks, Ali Tariq, in a press statement received by "Economy News", "The Association of Iraqi private banks signed a memorandum of understanding with the Center for Studies at the Central Bank of Iraq at the headquarters of the Central Bank in the areas of rehabilitation, training and research to develop mutual understanding in the areas Practical and applied training

He added that "the memorandum of understanding provides for cooperation between the Central Bank and the Association of Iraqi private banks to exchange experiences in the fields of training and professional and institutional to raise the professional level of trainees." He pointed out that "the memorandum of understanding aims to benefit from international expertise and specialized to promote the workers in the banking sector

He pointed out that "the memorandum of understanding aims to cooperate and consult in determining the required training in the coming period as well as the delivery of all training programs for all banks operating in the country LINK

Abdulmahdi gives parliamentary blocs 24 hours to nominate candidates vacant portfolios

22nd November, 2018

A parliamentary source reported on Thursday that Prime Minister Adel Abdel Mahdi gave the political blocs 24 hours to choose candidates for vacant ministerial portfolios.

The source said, today (22 November 2018), in an interview with "Nass", that "Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, gave the political blocs, 24 hours to choose candidates, vacant ministerial portfolios."

The source, who preferred not to be named, said that "Saturday will be the deadline for the submission of final names, to vote in the House of Representatives."

The House of Representatives voted on half of the ministerial cabins for the names presented by Adel Abdul-Mahdi, which has failed to vote on the candidates of several ministries, most notably the Interior, Defense, Culture and Justice. LINK

This is a wonderful idea for when our blessing comes

Indian actor Amitabh Bachchan pays the debts of thousands of farmers

23rd November, 2018

Indian actor Amitabh Bachchan has ended the suffering of thousands of Indian farmers by repaying their debts. Bachchan paid more than $ 560,000, the total debt owed by some 1,400 farmers to banks.

"The feeling of gratitude raises the desire to remove some of the burden on the farmers who continue to suffer, and internal peace is completed only when the desire is complete," he wrote in The Post. "Banks have issued farmers one settlement document and a certificate of this."

Indian farmers have suffered in recent years from numerous difficulties, including the loss of their agricultural crops due to monsoon rains, high fuel prices and the lack of adequate government support, and thousands of them are now under debt. LINK
by Ssmith
on Sat Nov 24, 2018 8:01 am
Topic: "Money Supply" - Fri. PM KTFA Thoughts/News 11/23/18
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KTFA CC Notes w/Frank26 11/19/18


KTFA Monday Night CC Notes 11-19-18

Denaridori - THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR NOTES!!! She has been typing all day Tuesday and all afternoon Wednesday to get this done so everyone can have it

Greetings, Ladies and Gentlemen!

Are you ready for the Part 2 of our call tonight. I welcome almost 1200 people on live stream and another 1200 on our phones. God bless all of you. And to those who listen to this recording later on, I ask for the Holy Spirit to envelope me and guide me and help me present the conference call tonight in a dignified manner.

Ladies and gentlemen, the last time we were with you last Monday, we told you that the project of lifting the 000’s from their exchange rates still exists. And that was actually a quote that came from the exchange from the Central Bank of Iraq itself. Why? Because we told you that we don’t see any delays.

​I’m reviewing a little bit from my Monday call. I’m going to talk to you for about 30 minutes, maybe close to about 9pm and then Delta’s going to come in and he and I are simply going to tell you we told you so. WE TOLD YOU SO.

There are no delays we told you Monday, so now we’re retroacting back to Monday’s call. You know how I do it. I start on Monday then I take you to Wednesday and then Friday’s Team Chat and then I walk you into today’s Monday’s call.

Last Monday we told you that the flipping of the 000’s project still existed but there was no delay for it, there was no postponement for it. There was nobody saying a NO GO, there is nobody saying we’re not going to lift the 000’s. Nobody was denying it.

There were no excuses, there was no negativity. We told you to look at the face of the people that were coming out of the CBI with nothing but smiles on their faces. Remember all of that? Of course, you do.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, there was a very strong reason for that. There was a very, very strong reason to tell you that because the CBI is telling you the truth. Then on Wednesday I prepared you with something. I called it “the contradiction of information on the monetary reform”.

I compared it ot he China Syndrome of 1995, but I also added a caveat by saying to you, you are now going to start seeing as of Thursday and Friday contradictions of the monetary reform minus denial. What I meant by that is they’re going to give you every reason in the world for you as Iraqi dinar investors to change your mind and back away from this.

This whole conference call is in my opinion, by the way. Everything I say is based on the articles and opinion. This is a speculative investment, we do not offer you a date and nor do we offer you a rate. That is beyond stupidity to even consider that.

We do offer time frames to which, by the way, I tell you today is the end of your time frame. I really want to capture your attention…I really want you to listen to me. I know I say that all the time, don’t I? I suppose there’s a good reason for it. Today is the end of your 4-6 weeks IMO for what? --- The 2nd Article.

So, on Wednesday I told you to prepare yourself and what did you see on Thursday and Friday? Ahh…we are not going to have Allak as the Governor of the CBI. Really? After all we said about Allak.

​What else did you see? A guy that was an economic comes out and he says …yeah, I don’t think they’re going to lift the 000’s. Really? Who asked you? Are you the CBI? No. Contradictions, family for the monetary reform for the next two days …then boom boom! Very quickly!

Contradictions make no sense. Iran making $1 billion from Iraq? How? Yemen stands up and they say that we will run the $1 billion through our banks. Impossible! How? Saudi Arabia will give Iraq the electricity? No! You know very well that was brokered in a completely different area.

Oil dropping in the heat of the winter? Gas is under $2 now! Why? This is a brilliant plan by Donald Trump. All of these things that we told you … Iran, says Donald Trump to Iran, you’ve got 45 days. Hmmm…Just before the end of the year, huh? I’m glad you’re listening radians (?). I’m glad that most of you are listening. You won’t be listening to me much longer.

There are many denials out there and we’ve prepared you on Wednesday, then on Friday, we started talking to you a little bit deeper about a completely different subject. Now, what we wanted to tell you on Friday was that there was ….well, one of our fireflies…(Hold on, you guys are crashing on livestream – we’re over 1200 now)….Let me know when we crash.


We have a firefly—you know what a firefly is – This individual has been communicating with, you know, some very important people that we believe that we can get some information about what’s going on with the Iraqi dinar. One of them was sent to the Chamber of Commerce. I’d like to read a letter to you (from the Chamber of Commerce of Iraq):

Greetings Sir: Thank you for your interest in Iraq’s finance and for your comments (Can you imagine the questions we asked). Nobody knows the answer to your question (quote) “when things will change” but I can give you my opinion on what is going on.

(I bet you you can, you’ve been well educated. Ha! Go ahead What is your opinion, Chamber of Commerce of Iraq? _

Iraq is going through a positive evolutionary process that will provide better business opportunities than what it was in the past four years.

Sure, Frank, what’s up? -- In the past 4 years? Yeah, the project was successful. You know about the project? You guys have been bragging about it. Not us, the CBI has.

Ahhh—4 years, huh? It was successful? Tested? Yes, yes. Tried? Yes. They told us that. And they’re ready to implement it now, aren’t they? Yeah.

Ladies and gentlemen, the title of our conference call is “IMPLEMENTATION”, Implementation, IMO, of course. Let’s not put anything up on what I’m talking about right now. Let me explain it and then we can put up anything that you want, okay guys? Okay.

So, once again, you caught the 4 years, you caught the hint? All right, let’s go.

​The Prime Minister, he says (this Chamber of Commerce guy), the Prime Minister – you mean Mahdi or Abadi – No, no, no, Mahdi. (Ok)

The Prime Minister picked up few new candidates for his team and he’s trying to use the rest of his team under huge pressure from political parties. (Family, what did we tell you on Team Chat?) that Mahdi selected financial experts, remember…etc, etc., etc. Next paragraph.

As you know PM Abdul Mahdi’s interest is economics. (What did I tell you Friday? His goal is what? Jobs and the monetary policy, nothing else.) His goal-- is his interest in economics therefore he will get involved and, therefore, he will certainly get things moving! (LOL He has.) (Thank you Chamber of Commerce, is there anything else you want to say?)

Well, the time of the event is excellent.
(The what?)

The time of the event is excellent.
(What event?)

The new Prime Minister and new Minister are fresh to develop links with national and international business organizations. It is certainly an opportunity that should not be missed.

(LOL - I agree with you! LOL… I don’t think they’re going to fudge this up this time around.) No, and I strongly suggest that you should consider choosing a Sponsorship Package. I will be more than happy to send them to you, if you are interested. Kind regards, Abbadas al Hassoun Fani (???)

(Yeah, send it. Knock yourself out.)


The attitude in this Chamber of Commerce, representative is very, very obvious – a mirror image – of almost every word from our conference call, wouldn’t you agree?

Now, our firefly also has more, but I am running out of time. I’m simply running out of time. Our first hour takes more than an hour, as you know now. What we do have now is another communiqué between our firefly and the Trade Bank of Iraq. And, also, literally a communication of the Trade Bank of Iraq with JP Morgan. --Hello, how are you JP?

In the beginning there were 4 banks and the Bank of America picked you, Chase Manhattan. And you picked Wells Fargo, didn’t you, and they protected themselves by denying it with the greatest force filed they could ever create…it’s a scam!

It’s not a scam, but people were scamming so you were legally within your rights to say that. Hmmmm, fascinating!

Tell me Citibank, how’s the weather over there? So, we will talk to you about this type of information, family, later. Not tonight, because what we have is even 10 times more powerful than this. You know why? Because we told you so.

Firefly also sent letters to the CBI and also to the Embassy in Iraq, besides the Chamber of Commerce. He also sent letters to the Investment Conference, besides the Trade Bank of Iraq, besides JP Morgan. So, and the interesting thing these letters were sent in February of this year. They’re now just responding to them. Hmmm….

Yeah, I agree Chamber of Commerce, one does not know the answer to these questions but we are evolving and over the past 4 years it has been tried, tested and proven and ready to be implemented. Yeah….A lot of positiveness…I don’t see any denials, do you? Hmmm…

We also prepared you a week ago last Monday, in our opinion, Donald Trump wants to meet with Mahdi. Two days later on Wednesday, you see an article that says “ TRUMP WANTS TO MEET WITH MAHDI”. -- Oh, HELLO! Yeah.

You see, these were important things to prepare you for. I believe that Trump wants to meet with the Prime Minister of Iraq to put his foot down and tell Iraq and Iran to depend less on the American dollar.

But, I also believe he’s going to put his foot down very hard on the monetary policy that the USA is in control of. But Iraq is a sovereign country who has the prerogative to initiate it. Chew each word carefully with me…do not swallow until you are fully understanding what’s going on before your eyes.

Martial Law was introduced, no doubt, to you Iraq, but not for an eternity. And if you look at the 2 years Maliki and Obama wasted, merged, then we are on course for the 10 year cycle that this takes. It is mirrored with our stock exchange. As I said everything is in my opinion. What do I know?

Trump is brokering, I told you on Friday’s TC and privately outside of TC, he’s brokering all these deals with Iraq. That’s why, IMO, Trump wants to meet with Mahdi and he’s going to do the following things that I just told you. I also want to tell you more things that Donald Trump is going to do, but I’m going to save that for a little bit.

Trump is brokering deals with, for example, Yemen and their airport in Iraq. Trump wants this monetary reform to come forth. Why? Because Trump wants the citizens of Iraq to commence in the sharing of the wealth of this country.


That’s within the HCL and that’s what’s within all the deals that Trump is doing right now with oil companies and to explode those numbers So that the citizens of Iraq receive more of the wealth through the HCL. ---Fascinating, isn’t it? trump is a genius.

You see, Obama could have done this, but this what not Obama’s goal. This was not his agenda. It was not his 8 year candidacy. The last thing he wanted to do was to helpAmerican citizens.

Donald Trump is brokering all of these deals and they’re actually large deals…TRILLION deals. You know what I’m saying, but they’re not going to be paying anyone, IMO, until they have a change in their exchange rate.

Mahdi’s goal, like I told you, is to increase employmentship. Bring in those oil companies and also to initiate the new monetary policy for the IQD. By the way, as I told you on Friday at TC privately, there’s a lot more between the relationship of Mahdi and President Trump right now. There are many things you’ll never ever read and they’ll be many things I’ll certainly never know.

Mahdi is front and center with the pressure to follow through with the monetary reform with his goal. And the front and center pressure is now coming to him, the POTUS.

There’s a package of laws that are being pushed through right now and there’s 17 or 18 of them. It’s called the PACKAGE OF LAWS and one of them is the HCL that I believe Donald Trump is going to SHOVE through.

On Friday we also told you I know you’re looking for the 2nd Article. I know you say every morning to me…Good morning, Frank, where is the 2nd Article? -- Where oh where art thou, 2nd Article?

On Friday’s TC, I said to you, ladies and gentlemen, for my teams: “It takes a little time to read the news for it to come out to be put into print.”

From my teams I shared on Friday’s TC: “IT’S PRETTY MUCH HERE.” Walkingstick said the same thing – “IT’S HERE”.

From my teams I shared on Friday’s TC: “IT’S ALREADY IN PRINT. YOU JUST DON’T SEE IT YET.”

For example, I gave you…Art. 8 Compliance that was accepted and used to maintain the 2% compliance. You just never saw it, but you saw what I call the fossilized evidence. The 2% compliance being kept all year?

I told you my opinion the RI of the IQD occurred in the first quarter of this year as much as I was mocked. And as the months have gone by – 10, 9, 8, 7,6, 5,4,3,2,1 is not a launching before it’s in print, zero is the ignition sequence that starts the liftoff that starts the clock. WELCOME TO ZERO, my KTFA Kona Family, IMO.


INTERNATIONAL financial experts are already working to increase jobs and to create a financial introduction of the IQD into the international markets of this world. For example, on the 18th the Iraqi Stock Exchange (ISX) started selling national bonds. – Well, now that’s interesting! Yeah, it’s interesting all right.

On Friday’s Team Chat I told you in a very private manner too that the CBI, IMO, is being attacked. I called it a “Mafioso style” to destroy the knowledge, the education, of the lifting of the 000’s as told by the CBI to the citizens of Iraq.

We told you on Friday that this attack on the CBI through the media has a lot of electronic hackers. There are even fake demonstrators outside of the CBI right now still demanding nonsense. he CBI website was difficult to log into.

This attack knew that they were going to put up more security on the CBI website so they started to attack it in a physical manner by protesting outside and in an electronic manner to interfere with their website in a social manner by trying to say things with the idea that we told you be nothing more than contradictions and lies.

The CBI is trying to protect itself from falseness right now. They are trying to make the CBI look bad so we thought we would warn you about these hackers. They would do anything to keep the cash cow…those who are doing this.

This Mafiosa style to destroy the hopes, the knowledge, the education of what the CBI is doing – to postpone it, to cause it damage. The Sugar Daddy is about to go away. Their cash cow is about to go away. But the Board of Directors of the CBI got their orders from the west to GO INTERNATIONAL NOW!

Secure your website NOW! Be secure, CBI. Be professional. Be safe because your website is making you vulnerable. And, many of you said – Oh, yeah well, they’re just renewing their license.

Okay, well that’s good and that’s wonderful, but I hope you understand what I just told you because many out there want to destroy and stop the monetary reform, not just in Iran, but in our own government.

​I find it ridiculously stupid. I find it childly immature. I find it a sore loser sucking his thumb. The lifestyle of those who don’t want the monetary reform of the last 13-14 or more years is being destroyed on both sides of the pond. It reminds me, like I told you, the Pharisees. They wanted to use the temple to make money. That was their cash cow.

That was their Sugar Daddy. Jesus comes in and tears the place apart and says – Are you crazy? That’s not what this place is for. Donald Trump goes in and says – Are you crazy?

This is not to run the world’s finances…this is not the way to do the monetary reform. Are you crazy?

Prices of oil in the heat of the winter are going down crazily. Now, you explain that to me because I’m not crazy….I find it brilliant! –Oh, you think you’re going to make money off of selling oil, do you? You over there, and you over there. Really, you think so?

​Iraq, just be silent. Iran, shut up all of you. China, where you gonna buy it from? Huh? Huh? Huh? I’ll tell you Iraq..be silent. .​

Look, Iraq, be silent. Iraq, you can use the oil. Iran, we’re going to work with each other…I’m going to broker some deals. Just shut up. Have you heard anything from Iran lately? -- Hello! And thank you very much.

$1.99 a gallon – yeah, okay. Look, all of you – ALL OF YOU – all of you and you know it. All of you work with President Donald Trump and you will be rewarded like the 8 countries that Trump is allowing to (LOL) to buy oil from Iran right now CHEAP! LOL -- I’m trying.

So, last Monday when I talked to WS, he basically pretty well put me in my place.
WS: Stop asking questions, Frank, I already told you 4-6 weeks.
FRANK: But, but, but, the 6 weeks ends next Monday when I do a cc.

WS: Stop asking me questions, I told you stop asking me questions, I told you, the 6th week
look for the 2nd Article.

FRANK: But, but, but it’s coming down to the wire here. LOL That’s next Monday – today, by the way. What do I do? WS, you made a comment. You said that it was already here, or something like that. Why would you say something like that? Were you told something to convince you even further than this last week we’ve been together?.

WS: Umm…Yes.


WS: Yes.

FRANK: Sir, can I talk to you about Donald Trump?

WS: Yes.

FRANK: Why is Trump now – I mean, I just gave the family my opinion – Why is Donald Trump NOW asking to meet with Mahdi?

WS: First of all, Frank, understand that what you’re reading are translations.

FRANK: You mean he doesn’t want to meet with him?

WS: Oh, he wants to meet with him. Didn’t I tell you that last Monday?

FRANK: Yes, and I told everybody.

WS: Okay – you saw the article.


​​WS: Frank, it’s more subtle that Mahdi will come to visit Trump in Washington then it will ever be so that Trump will go visit Mahdi in Iraq.

FRANK: And, it hit me – and I told him, I said, oh, that’s right. The logistical reason would be astronomical for our president just to re-arrange everything . He’s coming to DC, when???

WS: Frank, you asked me WHY.

FRANK: Yes, sir.

WS: President Donald Trump wants to deal with Iran.

FRANK: Ohhh…and Mahdi is the man who’s doing it for him.

WS: Yeah…that’s right. President Trump is going to beat the monetary policy in front of Mahdi, senseless. He will pounce on it, scream on it and he will do everything Donald Trump – LOL – has brokered …ahh … Donald Trump has brokered the exportation of oil from Kirkuk lately, recently – it’s a done deal.

FRANK: Yes. He’ll be dealing with that too,

FRANK: Okay.that’s three things you’ve given me. Anything else?

WS: He will be doing something with the hydro carbon law

WS: Yes. Donald Trump prepared himself by saying give the citizens their share of the wealth. He wants the wealth to be distributed because he brokered the deals and Iraq is about to be flooded with oil companies and jobs.

FRANK: WS, can they do the HCL at a program rate?

WS: Certainly, they can, Frank.

FRANK: They can?

WS: Of course. The HCL is not about you or me…it’s about the inside of Iraq. But when the HCL is enacted, you will see, maybe oil and gas people, countries, people come into Iraq benefiting the citizens as well as their share of the HCL increases.

WS: Do you understand what Donald Trump is doing for the citizens of Iraq through the monetary policy – that there is no denial that the 000’s will be lifted from their exchange rate – and we believe in our opinion INSIDE OF THIS YEAR?

FRANK: Yeah…yes sir. I do, I do.

WS: Is there anything else you want to tell me about Donald Trump?

WS: Umm…there’s an investment law being passed and approved that he is pushing
tremendously right now.

FRANK: What is it?

WS: It’s an investment law – a precious minerals and metals to bring in companies to establish the mining in Iraq.

FRANK: More wealth?

WS: Yes, so that more wealth can be spread.

FRANK: Well, that’s right – that’s under the HCL, right?

WS: Yeah. Frank, I want to tell you something.

FRANK: You want to tell me more? What else do you want to tell me – you’ve already told me 6 things about Trump and wanting to talk to Mahdi.

WS: Frank, the reason you want more and more about President Trump is because what President Trump wants right now from Iraq…and Iran.


WS: Like I told you it’s one thing to go to the USA, but it’s a completely different nightmare of logistics for Donald Trump to go to Iraq but note that on our last Monday cc we told you that this trip was possible, IMO, remember that?

FRANK: Yes, sir, I told them.

WS: ….And, no one in the internet even suspected it.

FRANK: No, sir, they didn’t.

WS: Frank, the bonds.

FRANK: What about the bonds?

WS: It’s not important.

FRANK: I know it’s not, but the reason I have it on my list is because I want my KTFA family to understand it better.

WS: Okay, look, your family is confused.

FRANK: They are?

WS: You have to understand first of all the gentleman –(hold on we’re being flooded and shut down..it looked like we’d be broken…it’s amazing we haven’t)….WS said concerning the bonds, your KTFA family is confused.

FRANK: Confused? Well let’s help them.

WS: All right…Tell them the following: Your analyzer, Militia Man, brought you a good study that he had, and MM, along with your KTFA family, what they needed to do is scroll down a little bit further to the site that MM gave them and they would have noticed serial numbers for Iraq.

WS: If you would have taken those serial numbers and put them in then they would have given you two different other bonds.

FRANK: Really?

WS: Yes.

FRANK: What do you mean?

WS: These were bonds that were actually from a few years ago – they’re different. THOSE were international bonds and they are backed by American dollars.

WS: One of them was actually set at 1 Billion, yeah…a 1 Billion bond that investors bought up very quickly. It was a total of 2.7 Billion but they were bought as internationally bonds and they had a maturity date of 2023.

WS: There is another international set of bonds that will mature in January in 2028. The other one I told you matures in March of 2023. Both of the international bonds – and these international bonds were sold at $1,000 USD each.

WS: Now, what the CBI has announced is NATIONAL bonds and the national bonds are going to be sold through the Iraqi Stock Exchange, but they will not be USD’s… they will only be in IQD.

WS: I don’t know the mature date on them, but I believe they might in one year, but that information is unknown now.

WS: The face value of the national bonds is 5 million at a 5.8%. At that rate, these national bonds are being introduced at a PROGRAM RATE to draw in any of the last IQD’s from the citizens of Iraq.

WS: The reasons for these national bonds being sold inside of Iraq, and for that matter, anybody who wants them from the ISX, is to draw in liquidity from the IQD from the citizens and also, #2, for the citizens to stop hoarding the local currency, #3, to draw in the interest of these local national bonds, in lieu of interest in foreign bonds or foreign currency.

FRANK: Also, like in 2016, they were made but this announcement was made also prior to the launching of these national bonds. WS even brought us articles back in 2016 explaining it. – Interesting.

WS: You see, they promised Iraqi’s a good return on their investment.

FRANK: I know – almost 6% -- that’s amazing!

WS: …because it’ll stay at a PROGRAMMED RATE, Frank.
WS: Oh, yeah….

FRANK: Even when they change the exchange rate?

WS: Next question, Frank.

FRANK: Even when they change the exchange rate?

WS: Next question, Frank.


FRANK: Oh….Umm…okay, then they’re selling the national bonds on the ISX only in IQD’s. This is obviously an indicator of trust. In the government of Iraq and in the Central Bank of Iraq by the international community while they still bash Allak. Trump has confidence with the citizens of Iraq that even with a programmed rate, we know you won’t keep your promise.

WS: They will, Frank…it’s just not out yet. It’s all over the social media, all over the TV in Iraq. And, I know you have some people that say…Well, I’m in Iraq and I don’t see nothing! It’s jack! You know what, Frank, leave them alone…they will soon.

FRANK: Yeah, okay. And Allak?

WS: Leave him alone. They will soon.

WS: They’re blaming him for something that he had nothing to do with back in 2013…the destruction of 7 billion dinars. Besides, they weren’t destroyed, They’re exaggerating. … Which by the way, I told you on our Wednesday dessert, that a blanket contradictions would start family. Allak is just one of those examples.

FRANK: Isn’t it amazing how so much comes out to prove, so much that we shared with you. How we doing family? Are you bored?

WS: Yes, these bonds, Frank were ready last year to be sold but were held up to be sold at a suitable environment when it’s ready in Iraq. And it’s ready in Iraq, wasn’t it Frank? It was tested and tried, Frank.

FRANK: Wow!!

WS: Printed in 2017 but now being sold right now.

FRANK: Hummm…fascinating!

WS: Frank, just be careful of the possible denials of BS that’s out there right now. By the way, YES THIS IS THE END OF OUR TIMEFRAME STUDY AS OFTODAY, KTFA FAMILY.

WS: Do you want another time frame or would you rather complain about missing the last time frame? Time frames are for logic…a date is for the weak minded.

These bonds, these national bonds, should logically fail at a programmed rate, but, IMO, the advanced education of the citizens and to the world will create the suitable environment to buy them with confidence with trust, with cooperation by the citizens to the CBI and to the GOI,,,a loud voice from the citizens.

FRANK: And, WS said to me – Frank, I told, you they can afford….we hope they can afford to buy these bonds, but it’s not that they can’t afford because they don’t have the money, it is not the affordability of the value, but can they afford it – I said in my posting, and I meant – Can they afford to trust the CBI and the GOI?

FRANK: Hooah, yes!

FRANK: Don’t you love this suitable environment? I only want the strong to be with me. The rest are slowly methodically being removed from KTFA swiftly or simply are being silenced among us.

By the way, once again, the bonds are a programmed rate and they ‘re very telling, and it’s challenging, but you simply have to keep your eye on the CBI on Article 2 for it to come out and ignore the demand of those who are constantly tormenting us asking when, when, when?

​Bad attitude of when, when, when is an insult to us that know that such a question is not a part of this investment – it’s an insult. And, by the way, the national bonds…part of the smoke screen we suggested from now on? NO! They simply were the next step of the monetary reform of the re-instatement of the IQD.

These national bonds that the citizens we believe will buy these bonds at a programmed rate because of the confidence in the CBI and the GOI are like when you bought your dinar years ago at a programmed rate.

************************* ​

Investors come in many colors and for many reasons. We have a member on our forum by the name of BIG D…How ya doing, Big D? I read every post. I read every post in Team Chat and on our thread.

Big D, that was a very good idea of yours. If we were willing to buy dinars at a programmed rate years ago by faith, why shouldn’t the citizens buy thesebonds by the knowledge that they have from the CBI…from the promise. I’m going to have to speed this up – it’s getting late. Ladies and gentlemen, the value…Can the citizens value the CBI and the GOI?

When we purchased the dinar years ago at a programmed rate, we knew or we felt that we would profit more than the citizen would with their national bonds.

But it is the trustthat you had that the citizens now have and this is an important key to make…it is the faith the citizens have in the CBI and GOI – the confidence, the belief, the credence, the reliance, the conviction, the dependence, the assurance, the credibility, the positiveness that is now found in the hearts of the Iraqi citizens because it must not fail with the citizens that is vital to comprehend in this sea of tactic confusion.

Gas is less than $2 at the pump. It’s crazy…No, it’s amazing, Donald Trump. And the sovereign country of Iraq I believe now feels comfortable in their suitable environment to lift the 000’s and to fulfill the promises we have in the Final Article Thread.

In the monetary reform…that is working that’s been tried, tested and now is about to be implemented, IMO…no not in my opinion, in the CBI statements.

Look at all the countries that are conceding to Donald Trump, like I told you, for his plan. A fair trade, a fair currency play. We told you so months ago that this was going to happen because we felt it was part of the monetary reform plan and we knew that the monetary plan and we knew that the monetary reform plan was not going to fail.

In the last few days you have seen a plethora of articles from my news hounds that have confirmed our study’s sharing, and family, guess what? There is more! DELTA, DELTA, DELTA, are you there?

DELTA: Frankie, Frankie!

FRANK: Delta, Delta, I hope you were able to listen to that.

DELTA: Yes, it was a beautiful introduction, Frankie, and it’ really an amazing time for us and the investors and the Iraqi dinar, of course. It’s just amazing.

Frank: What’s really amazing, buddy, is today is the end of our time frame so I need for you, my eyes, my ears, my voice in the middle east, Show me Article 2, my friend. Show me Article 2. The floor is yours. When you are done, then I will join you. Take your time, relax, you have full throttle from WS. Go.

DELTA: I appreciate it. Thank you, thank you very much and I’d like to thank the whole team including Walkingstick, the I-team and everybody who’s on this amazing journey.

Basically it looks like we’re coming to then end here. All of us are waiting for basically Article 2 and what Allak told us a while back and everybody was waiting and I listened to you when he said everybody asked …Where are you Article 2? Where are you? It looks like we’re here and I’m praising WS for what he’s given us and this it’s just amazing…it was unbelievable.

So, basically this is what’s been happening. An article came up today from this gentlemen actually is an economist. He’s someone who has a no position and he works for the Central Bank of Iraq. He’s in charge in the department of issuing notes and all kind of stuff and his name is Abou Kason Shanoun (?) and he’s the guy in charge.

This guy came up with an article and then that was basically sent from a Youtube interview that Don found and sent us the tape and then it was forwarded to me. I had the chance basically to listen to him.

He had, actually, like an interview with one of the channels called “mass” basically meaning “people” in Arabic. Then he went ahead and basically said a lot of good things for us what we’ve been waiting for more confirmation about what’s going on.

Now I’m going to explain to you exactly what he said. I’m going to read it in Arabic exactly what he said and then I’m going to and try to translate it in parts. And now I’ll give you more details on this one because some people who are so confused with the way it was worded.


Basically, what they’re trying to do is the Central the Bank of Iraq basically they’re having details how they’re going to re-construct their currency and why they’re doing that…why the purpose of why they’re doing that.

So, he came out basically, he said.. (Speaking in Arabic)…This project basically to construct (?) their currency and lift the 000’s and then introduce the smaller notes. Basically, this is what the plan is.

He gives examples. He said, for example, a 1,000 dinar is going to become a dinar. This is VERY IMPORTANT. He’s not saying that you’re going to exchange a 1,000 dinar for a new 1 dinar. It’s VERY IMPORTANT.

By lifting the 000’s in the long run the 1 dinar is going to take the value of the 1,000 dinar because remember what they’re going to do is lift the 000’s from the exchange rate and at the same time shave down the 000 notes gradually.

And then he said that basically the million dinar will basically become 1,000 dinar. Nowhe’s talking about the exchange rate, right? But indirectly, he cannot say publically ---

Oh, by the way we’re going to revalue the currency. He cannot say that, but remember, like Frankie told the family, this is for the Iraqi citizens, all right? But in order to do this, they needed to change the rate which I’m going to explain to you.

Then he went again talking about this project. He was talking about a long time ago…..and by the way, this press conference, he stated that the project was basically postponed two times. One time there was basically economists and a lot of people who complained which was a big, big issue. At that time this project was ready or implementation.

And, the second time, basically was in 2014 which is what he was talking about, and he said because of Daash and ISIS, the project was basically had been postponed at that time.

But he said we are continuing with the study and WE ARE BASICALLY DONE and the only thing left for us is IMPLEMENTATION. This IMPLEMENTATION on this project, or whatever you want to call it --HAS TO HAPPEN. They HAVE TO DO IT.

Now, the reason they have to do it is because they explained that the money supply, or the paper notes, has close to 44 Trillion dinars and there’s about 6 Billion paper notes in Iraqwhich is lot of paper.

So, what they’re trying to do, family, is totally different than other countries. Other nations like Turkey --they like that – the reason they love it is because the either the inflation and that was the last result for them to do it with the IMF (?).

Let me give you an example with Turkey. Before lost the 000’s the exchange rate was every dollar…every one dollar was equivalent to 1.6 million lira and the hyper-inflation was 140% at that time.

So basically this is what’s going on here. Then he starts talking about coming out with the Fil – a ½ dinar, a ¼ dinar and even less than that because the market is going to require that when the rates go up higher than that, but this guy gives us the TIME FRAME.

FRANK: Time Frame?

Yes, sir. Remember Frankie I talked to you a little today but it’s amazing how tricky it is.

This is exactly what he said : WE HAVE TO DO IT AND IT HAS TO HAPPEN THIS YEAR OR NEXT OR BEFORE NEXT YEAR! LOL It’s in Arabic but if he says that, he said, it’s like…So, you tell me, Delta…When are you going to come see me? I’m going to tell you, this year, pr next year, or before next year.

Frank: What? That’s the same think knucklehead!! LOL

Delta: Yes, this is what he said. He said we HAVE TO DO IT…and this guy with this press conference…. (interrupted)

Frank: Talk about contradictory denial, possibility, plausible – whatever. You say you’re going to do it this year or ….LOL …go ahead. LOL

Delta: This is what he said: Basically this project is very, very important because the people’s notes – there’s about 6 billion of them worth about 44 Trillion. So what they’re trying to do here is to basically reconstruct the currency. How is Iraq going to do it without them basically lopping the currency.

They need to basically increase the value which is to lift the 000’s #1, and we talked about this a while back, that when they start doing that they’re going to adjust salaries.

Now, here’s the catch here….if you have a million dinar, and you go to the bank they’re not going to give you a 1,000 dinar because that’s a Lop. They’re going to give you a million dinars worth of LOWER DENOMINATIONS because remember what they’re trying to do here is they’re trying to use all this money supply.

The only way you can do that is to raise the value starting with their employees becauseremember they’ll have to go back to 40-50% of the salaries to the government employees and any other employees and then Remember, you’re going to give them a million dinar and get a 1,000 dinar and that’s going to be worth the OLD million dinar which is worth $840 USD. And this is what they basically are trying to do.

So this guy he’s telling everybody that the PROJECT is DONE, the STUDY is DONE is done, the project is done and WE ARE READY and the only thing that’s left is the IMPLEMENTATION and this implementation basically has to BE DONE THIS YEAR – and this is where it’s the confusion part --before next year which is basically this year. They have no choice there.

He is insisting here that DEFINITELY WE HAVE TO DO IT. Even though whatever the obstacle they had before, now it looks like they might do this.

Like I told you, Frank, even if it’s a few weeks, a lot of citizens – and I got this from a lot of people on social media and Facebook that everybody is just begging the CBI to just do it. They need the value to go up and this is what’s exactly what’s going on here.

It’s unbelievable, it’s very huge, and it’s from the horse’s mouth and again they’re not denying this time and this time they’ve got their mind set to do it. I believe why they’re pushing this and they the timing here is because of the incident with what’s going on with the CBI with the 7 billion.

By the way, I did bring you a while back why they’re doing all this kind of attack on the CBI Governor because it’s all politics --you know that.

You’ve got the (inaudible) which he basically rules and you’ve got another group and they’re trying to do a negotiation and they tried to get the vote of the Central Bank of Iraq to go to them. Then the Counsel Minister to go to someone else even though they’re trying to attack the guy.

by Ssmith
on Fri Nov 23, 2018 8:05 am
Topic: KTFA CC Notes w/Frank26 11/19/18
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"RI or RV?" - Thurs. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ DELTA 11/22/18


MilitiaMan » November 22nd, 2018

(Wed. 11-21-18) Now think about what we witnessed today in regard to the Kurds and Customs..Not only did they talk about them in country, they talked about them externally. These items are not fly by night items.. They are about trade, internally and externally. imo.

What is interesting is also that the Iraq Trade Bank is mentioned within regard to the customs and borders and are called to Parliament next session. Why? Well, revenues need to be accounted for.. They need to be checked and balanced. Appropriate accounting and transparency by Audit within international standards is warranted is it not? A level playing field..

Lets not forget some circumstances that are at play here. The kurds are in Baghdad to be in high level talks today and tomorrow, about what? Well they have gone from 250k barrels a day out put of oil through the Ceyan port down to 100k per the failed referendum last summer under Abadi's watch and now back to 500 k output, a double play under Mahdi's watch?

Hmm, or is it just a plain and simple HCL deal before our eyes? Notice the convergence of HCL. Seating of GOI, and the lifting of interior border crossings, National Bonds being sold through CitiBank today, a major global player for high end clients?

When Frank and teams say this must not fail with the citizens of Iraq, that is true, especially with the high end folks that have very deep pockets already, and feel safe coming home with money. imo ! ~ MM



Don961 » November 22nd, 2018

Adel Abdul-Mahdi seems to be in a hurry to accomplish the task even before the completion of his ministry !!

Wednesday, November 21, 2018 - 22:17

- (Adel Abdul Mahdi began to make a number of concessions to the Kurdish leaders in the region, such as agreeing to pay financial allocations to more than forty thousand members of the Kurdish forces «Peshmerga», not under the command of the Iraqi Supreme Command, which the former prime ministers refused to agree to pay.

Leaked news that he agreed to the return of mixed population areas were under the control of the forces «Peshmerga» and restored by the Iraqi forces in the era of his predecessor Haider Abadi in October last year, including Sinjar, which will return to the old administration supported by the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Kurdish media Il. It is known that the sudden withdrawal of its forces and the administration of the judiciary and the control of the militants «Daesh» the cause of the occurrence of the terrible tragedy that happened to its inhabitants)). (Alaa Lami, 20/11/2018)

- Prior to the agreement announced by the Ministry of Oil, Friday, November 16, 2018 on its contract with the Kurdistan Regional Government to resume export from Kirkuk oil fields to export oil only one day Hawrami announced that the export of oil from the region has risen to 400 thousand barrels per day, About 200 thousand barrels per day, according to all sources, that is, the production and export of the region increased by 200 thousand barrels in just one day! Is not this a big question mark for observers?

The southern Iraqi fields that have 12 fields under development by international companies could not raise production during the whole year by 200 thousand barrels, plus five other fields under direct national development, how could the region to raise its production capacity and export by 200 thousand barrels per day in just one day? !

Does not that mean that Abdul Mahdi gave the region the production of Avana and Bai Hassan and baker at once as a gift of friendship? link

MilitiaMan » November 22nd, 2018

Turned on the HCL spigot? Yep,, imo !~ MM

Hazen » November 22nd, 2018

Do you think Iraq has to wait for the other countries that will be in the basket to RI or RV???

MilitiaMan » November 22nd, 2018

No. I do not.

Samson » November 22nd, 2018

Abdulmahdi gives parliamentary blocs 24 hours to nominate candidates vacant portfolios

22nd November, 2018

A parliamentary source reported on Thursday that Prime Minister Adel Abdel Mahdi gave the political blocs 24 hours to choose candidates for vacant ministerial portfolios.

The source said, today (22 November 2018), in an interview with "Nass", that "Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, gave the political blocs, 24 hours to choose candidates, vacant ministerial portfolios."

The source, who preferred not to be named, said that "Saturday will be the deadline for the submission of final names, to vote in the House of Representatives."

The House of Representatives voted on half of the ministerial cabins for the names presented by Adel Abdul-Mahdi,

which has failed to vote on the candidates of several ministries, most notably the Interior, Defense, Culture and Justice. LINK

MilitiaMan » November 22nd, 2018

Looks like it is go time!! Oh, and by the way when your done with that, open the Green Zone and turn on the Atm's! lol ~ MM

Samson » November 22nd, 2018

Al-Rafidain releases the salaries of local employees through MasterCard

MilitiaMan » November 22nd, 2018

This below is a snippet from the CC from Delta . We were told weeks ago that there would be new cards and Master Card is international. The cards can be used just about anywhere in the world.

They are telling us here they are settling salaries with these cards. Just as Delta Points out!

This is where the cards come into play in helping with exchange... imo Load the card with the employees salary, then go to ATM to get some smalls for buying goods and services or just pay electronically for your restaurant bills, getting your hair done, getting your pills at the pharmacy, hospital stays, pipe shop, lol etc, etc.. All electronic and digital into the future. It will make the transition for easier than one might think imo. ~ MM

"Delta: This is what he said: Basically this project is very, very important because the
people’s notes – there’s about 6 billion of them worth about 44 Trillion. So what they’re
trying to do here is to basically reconstruct the currency. How is Iraq going to do it
without them basically lopping the currency. They need to basically increase the value
which is to lift the 000’s #1, and we talked about this a while back, that when they start
doing that they’re going to adjust salaries. ~ Delta

Delta: "Now, here’s the catch here….if you have a million dinar, and you go to the bank they’re not going to give you a 1,000 dinar because that’s a Lop. They’re going to give you a million dinars worth of LOWER DENOMINATIONS because remember what they’re trying to do here is they’re trying to use all this money supply. ~ Delta

Delta: The only way you can do that is to raise the value starting with their employees because remember they’ll have to go back to 40-50% of the salaries to the government employees and any other employees and then Remember, you’re going to give them a million dinar and get a 1,000 dinar and that’s going to be worth the OLD million dinar which is worth $840 USD. And this is what they basically are trying to do." ~ Delta

DELTA » November 22nd, 2018

DELTA: FROM IRAQI SOCIAL MEDIA ….(wink)……..News of an agreement to raise the value of the Iraqi currency to become equal to the US dollar and cancel the 3 zeros as well...….1000 IQD = 1000 USD

Glenn » November 22nd, 2018

Even 1 to 1 in-country does not make much sense without the small notes or fils.

StephenMac63 » November 22nd, 2018

a 1 to 1 in country, meaning a dinar is equal to a dollar. How do we divide our dollar up? With coins. In Iraq coins are being used...other countries coins. They will be weaned off of that eventually. Until then, they have Debit Cards, E Banking, Q Cards...they have plenty of ways to spend. If someone came into my shop and had a 1000 Dinar note and wanted to buy a stick of chewing gum, I wouldn't take the 1000 dinar note, id tell them to bust out the debit card.

Mike100 » November 22nd, 2018

this is the RI 1 to 1 which is a major step in iraq's monetary reform but i got blasted the other week for saying its not what we seek as dinar investors holding dinar, from what Frank has told us an RV is for US not the RI thats for the citizens and people of Iraq. No one will be able to exchange at a 1-1 unless they come out internationally at a 1-1 and it shows up on forex and the banks around the world. By the time it gets international more than likely it wil be much higher than a 1-1 so this is def a great time in our study to see progress for Iraq and its citizens. Lets see what happens next year hoping an RV is right around the corner. If i am way off based please correct me if i am wrong.

Samson » November 22nd, 2018

Abdul Mahdi plans to open the Green Zone as of next Sunday

22nd November, 2018

The commander-in-chief of the armed forces, Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, open the Green Zone in downtown Baghdad to citizens as of next Sunday.

"Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi plans to open the Green Zone in Baghdad to citizens starting from next Sunday," Iraqi News Agency quoted Iraqi sources as saying.

"There is a continuous effort to re-open the Green Zone," Abdul Mahdi said at his weekly press conference on Wednesday (November 21, 2018).

Abdul-Mahdi stressed (on 10 October last), the need to open the Green Zone in front of citizens. LINK
by Ssmith
on Fri Nov 23, 2018 7:57 am
Topic: "RI or RV?" - Thurs. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ DELTA 11/22/18
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Mountain Goat 11/19/18

November 19, 2018 Mnt Goat News Brief

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.

WOW! A ton of news to report today.

I can see from the questions I get that many of you still do not take the time to sit and really read carefully all of my newsletter. You skim over it quickly just looking for a date and a rate for the RV. All I can say is this is your loss since I am trying desperately to educate you about this investment and how and why it is being held up. Why do you keep asking me what is holding it up? Like I have a crystal ball (like some other idiot guru tells you)?

It is hared to inform you about all this information for this ongoing RV saga in very simple terms. It is not possible since it is not that easy and it is multi-faceted. There is so much going on that effect the reinstatement of the dinar. I am of course talking mostly about the happenings within the USA and Iraq and NOT about some madda Wo Wo or this other Dragon family or GCR, GESARA bullshit.

So, it is your loss if you decide not to read it. But don’t come running to me with all the questions, if the answers are right in front of your nose – in my Facebook Newsletter. Read, Read, Read !!!!

Stop searching for a rainbow when it hasn’t even begun to rain yet and the front is still far off.

More news….

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi completed six of the remaining eight portfolios (Defense, Interior, Education, Planning, Migration, Displaced Persons, Justice, Culture and Higher Education), which is expected to be presented DURING PARLIAMENT SESSION ON MONDAY OR WEDNESDAY, an Arab newspaper reported on Sunday.

More news….


IQD/USD Forex “Projection Charts “ Rate of 1157.5 is the highest IQD forex rate of 2018.

Remember that this does NOT mean the IQD is trading of FOREX. The exchange on the charts only gives a rate based on the current program rate and projection charts from the CBI. But it is still all good news. This is even better than the 1166 rate that Dr. Shabibi was able to maintain steady for 2 years prior to getting approval from all entities to reinstate the currency in 2013. Remember?

Can they maintain this rate? I think they will be able to since there is less competition now for US dollars with Iran within the currency auctions. This is nothing more than cause and effect relationship. Remember Iraq is now trading directly with the dinar with Iran. Less demand for the US dollar brings the dinar value up. The dinar is solely pegged to the US dollar. Get it? This has always been a simply Supply and Demand equation…..

But how can Iran pay for anything they buy from Iraq when the Rial is 120,000 Rials to the US dollar? Will they use another currency? Will they use GOLD?

This is still a problem and so Iran must somehow restructure their currency and get back to using their own Rial. But how with such stiff sanctions? They can not stay at this rate for long and succeed in meeting their financial goals.

More news….


Mawazin News

MP Naji Radis al-Saidi, on Sunday, the place where the printing of the Iraqi currency, pointing out that it cost 4 cents per paper.

"The Central Bank was in the past printing the banknotes of the Iraqi currency in Switzerland, but he changed the place of printing and is currently printing at the British Institute in London and it is supposed to be specifications prevent damage," Saidi said in an interview with Mawazine News.

"The cost of printing one banknote is between 4 and 5 US cents, and then the currency is transferred to Iraq," he said.

The director of the issuance in the Central Bank Ihsan al-Yasiri said that the Central Bank of printing a thousand papers of the category of 25 thousand dinars in Arson international companies at less than $ 60, noting that the bank will not spend a lot of liquidity to print the new monetary categories because they cost a few.

(Mnt Goat – this article does NOT mean the CBI is about to print lots of the older 3 zero notes. This article is only a knee jerk reaction to show that the claimed replacement of the 2013, water damaged, 7 billion dinar notes, cost little to nothing to replace. WE know a lot of MP had concerns over this cost and carelessness of the Rafidian Bank. So don’t panic or get excited. You have to see how the news trends out when an issue is exploited in the news. And why they say such things in the news.)

More news….


Today I am compelled to begin this newsletter with a report of news that is so horrendous that, even I could not believe that this could happen in the USA. But the FACT is it did and this is not the first time. What does this have to do with the reinstatement of the Iraqi dinar?

It has everything to do with it because it is this same dark entity that is holding back this wealth from the common citizen who is the investor. They can conduct all kinds of pansy schemes with these crypto currencies and stock trades and crashes but they can’t seem to let this money come to us. Since the elite already exchanged way back in 2012-2013 why would they care about you and me? Besides a dead economy and a heavy debt load is part of their plan anyhow. They are in a catch22 situation since they already exchanged and there is FACTUAL evidence of these exchanges. So they can not ignore us forever and will eventually have to let this RV go.

To continue the story - So, this horrendous news today is all about these recent so called “wild fires” in and around Paradise, California. Did you catch this on the news? Let me tell you something about these recent fires. Please see my complete story within my Facebook NOTES section.

More news….


The leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr has demanded on Wednesday (14 November 2018), the arrest of the culprits sinking more than seven billion dinars immediately, stressing that he supports fair justice in accounting families known for corruption and vice.

(Mnt Goat – So this was not just from accidental water damage?)

The governor of the Central Bank of Iraq and the agency Ali Alak, confirmed in parliament, on Monday, November 12, 2018, more than 7 billion dinars damage due to leakage of rainwater to the coffers of Rafidain government, which sparked public outrage expressed by citizens and activists through social networking sites.


The judiciary announced on Thursday that it would open an investigation into the case of seven billion dinars, due to rainwater in Rafidain Bank, while pledging to hold officials accountable.

(Mnt Goat – we will see about that…lol..lol..) Once again we see evidence left behind of the corruption during the Nori al-Maliki years of his administration. I explain the complete story to you in my Nov 16th Newsletter. I recommend you go read it.)

More news….

(Baghdad Today), Saturday, November 17, 2018, 12 official demand for the budget of 2019 presented by the Kurdistan region of the Iraqi government.

The Kurdish Democratic Party, led by Massoud Barzani, revealed on Friday (November 16, 2018), presented a paper representing the Kurdish demands of 21 points to Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, while he pointed out that the latter pledged to implement.

Complete story and details found in the articles section.

More news….

Let’s please stop all these rumors about the CBI

MP of the coalition of the Majid al-Tamimi, on Saturday, the fact that the news about the nomination of her husband to the post of governor of the Central Bank, denying that.

"The news about my husband's candidacy for the post of central bank governor is baseless," Tamimi said in a statement received by Mawazine News. "This is not strange and is not excluded and comes from trying to defame us, as long as we fight corruption and corruption."

"The news is issued by some of the news sites on the web of the corrupt," he said, calling on media, media and intellectuals to "accurately publish the statements and confirm their owners before publishing them and reserve the right to sue sites that deviate from us and spread lies and slanderous abuse."

(Mnt Goat – maybe the USA news channels should do the same…? I also want to add that Mahdi is NOT going to resign his position. He only stated a threat that he would consider it if the parties did not stop their selections of the remaining post in the cabinet.)

More news….


A senior political source said on Saturday that the post of governor of the Central Bank in the new government formation "resolved" a figure loyal to the leader of the Sadrist movement Moqtada al-Sadr, indicating that the agreement on the post was after talks between the coalition "Ssron" and Fatah.

(Mnt Goat – You have to be an ignorant ass to believe anything in this article. So please stop all the questions regarding this article and ones like it.

First of all the post of governor of the CBI is NOT a government post that Mahdi must nominate. Second the CBI is independent of the government. Third, the wife of Ssron came forward already and denied any allegations that her husband is part of this ridiculous rumor. Forth, this is proven Maliki propaganda to discredit Alaq who he knows is managing the funds at the CBI and is even more strict than Dr Shabibi in allowing anyone from any party to illegally use these funds. This allegation all stems from the recent telling of Maliki and his gang of goons involved in the 2013 raid on the CBI and the Refidian scandal to steal dinar.)

The source said, "the eye of Iraq News," that "the negotiations and recent talks between the coalition and other Fatah led to an agreement between the parties to resolve the post of governor of the Central Bank of Iraq in the new government formation in favor of a close to Muqtada al-Sadr.

More news….


The head of the National Wisdom Movement, Ammar al-Hakim, on Sunday told the Minister of Finance, Fouad Hussein, the need to upgrade financial policy according to modern standards.

A statement issued by al-Hakim's office said that "the head of the wisdom stream received at his office the deputy prime minister for economic affairs and finance minister Fuad Hussein."

Hakim said according to the statement on "the need to upgrade the financial policy of Iraq in accordance with modern standards and leave the administrative bureaucracy repelling of development and creativity."

He stressed the "introduction of modern technology such as electronic governance in banking transactions to eliminate corruption and drying up its sources," noting that "the budget must be balanced programs, plans and priorities."

Al-Hakim renewed his support for the government in achieving its government program, stressing "the importance of completing the government cabinet and commissioning the most efficient and elegant."

Then later out pops this news:

MP of the construction coalition Amer al-Fayez ruled out the possibility of deciding the names of the remaining ministers of Adel Abdul Mahdi's government this week because of the current political disputes.

He feels the Parliament’s Wednesday session will be devoted to the introduction of some secondary topics or to discuss the budget, but it will not address the completion of the cabinet, al-Fayez said.

More news….

I need to clarify the article below since many gurus are using it to justify unwarranted hype about a pending RV.

Begin Article

dated November 18, 2018

{Baghdad: Al-Furat News} The Iraqi market for securities announced the launch of the circulation of national bonds issued by the Central Bank of Iraq category five million dinars.

The Executive Director of the market Taha Ahmed Abdul Salam said in a statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it today, "The deposit of the second national bonds issued by the Central Bank of Iraq in April 2017 of the category of five million dinars, due in April 2019 have been achieved and will be traded in it within the market ".

"These bonds will be launched on Sunday, November 18, 2018, for the first time in the Iraqi securities market," Abdul Salam said.

End of Article

(Mnt Goat – Let’ review this action by the CBI from the article above and clarify all these stupid rumors that started to spread as a result of it.

Rumor #1: “the article is telling us they are going to sell national bonds internationally on 11/18/2018 through the securities markets. “

Mnt Goat: So is the current intent of these bonds to be sold internationally? The article says “national” bonds. To me this means the intent if to be sold to Iraqi investors inside Iraq. It says absolutely NOTHING about selling these bonds on the international securities markets. Read it for yourself. Am I lying to you. So if you want to buy any of these bonds ou will have to go Iraq and trade within the Iraqi Securities Exchange. The exchange is NOT yet international. Get it?

Rumor #2: “They were made in 2017 and they did not sell them. They held them in 2017 until RIGHT NOW... since now they are ready to reinstate the dinar”

Mnt Goat: Yes, these bonds were printed in 2017 and the CBi then held off in selling them until now. This is all this article is saying. Why did they hold off until now? Why does the CBI do a lot of the things they do? It is not all about the RV or a sign the RV is about to happen. We know from the past they sold bonds before and did we get an RV? NO! The significance of it is that they are now trading them directly on their own in-country securities market. Is this good news for us? Yes, yes, and yes, but is only one step closer to what we want. What we need is for their securities exchange market to go international. Then I would agree that this is BIG news. But not quite yet.

So, all these rumors are total bullshit. It is all bullshit once again from idiots like Frank26 and TNT Tony about these bonds is NOT true. How do they get off saying what they say based on this article is a mystery to me. This article does not say they anything about going international with their Security Exchange, at least not yet. Go read the article for yourself. I included the full article above.

Shame, shame and shame on them. More rumors debunked. Idiots all of them.

Oh – most of these rumors are started over on Dinar Recaps and so go figure why they are such nonsense…  They refuse to print actual news and just love spreading all these stupid rumors. I would totally stay away from this site if I were you and I was looking for FACTUAL information.

Now let’s move on to some REAL, TRUTHFUL and HONEST news……. 

More news….

Iraqi President Barham Salih announced on Saturday that his country has agreed to establish a "free-trade zone" along its border with Iran, following a meeting with his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani in Tehran, Al Jazeera reported.

In a joint press conference in Tehran, Salih declared that the relationship between the two neighboring countries is a "fixed principle" that is "rooted in shared history, faith and geography".

"We care about our relationship with Iran," Salih declared. He did not give full details about the free-trade zone.

Rouhani also said that trade ties between Iran and Iraq can increase from the current 12 billion dollars to 20 billion dollars.

Iran is Iraq’s major trade partner after China.

Rouhani also said that the two leaders also talked about electricity and gas swap, as well as cooperation on petroleum products and oil exploration.

According to reports, the two leaders have also discussed building a 35km railway linking the two countries.

(Mnt Goat- Okay this article comes out and then the Iranian Central Bank comes out with this article – “The governor of the Central Bank of Iran Abdul Nasser Hamti, on Saturday, to take measures to speed up the return of hard currency from exports expected to reach 47 billion dollars this year.” )

More news….

Iranian ambassador to Baghdad said Iran and Iraq are weighing plans to eliminate US dollar in trade transactions and also lift visa requirements for citizens of the two countries. Speaking at a TV program on Saturday night, Iraj Masjedi said Tehran and Baghdad are considering plans to use Iraqi dinar for trade transactions or develop barter trade considering the banking problems caused by the US sanctions on Iran.

He also voiced Iran’s willingness to remove visa restrictions for travels between the two countries, saying the idea of lifting visa requirements for merchants and business people was discussed during Iraqi President Barham Salih’s Saturday visit to Tehran.

Masjedi highlighted the ample opportunities available for the Iranian business sector available in the Iraqi market, saying the Baghdad government welcomes foreign investments.

“The government of Iraq is seeking foreign investment in the economic field, and has now offered 1,200 projects worth $100 billion,” the ambassador added.

After high-profile talks between the Iranian and Iraqi delegations, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said the two neighbors can increase their annual trade from the current $12 billion to $20 billion.

Rouhani also noted that the two sides discussed ways for cooperation in the energy, power and oil industry, including the extraction of petroleum, and a plan to connect the two countries’ railroad networks.


Formal Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations they do not print my RED colored fonts or italics, so my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I will preface my comments with “Mnt Goat” so you know I am jumping in with observations. Also, I separated the articles with asterisks.


Articles Begin


“This is a promising first step to return to the 2017 levels,” said John Bolton, US national security adviser, who is pleased with the agreement to resume the export of Kirkuk oil between the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan region.

“We are pleased with the agreement between the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan Regional Government to partially resume Kirkuk oil exports,” Bolton said in a tweet on Twitter. “This is a promising first step back to 2017 levels,” he said.

“Lost revenues and services can be restored to the Iraqi people and Iraq is an independent energy state,” he said.

In the context, the official of the Department of Foreign Relations in the Kurdistan Regional Government, Falah Mustafa with the envoy of US President, Brett McGork, the export of Kirkuk oil and coordination on the security of the region.

“The two sides discussed cooperation between Baghdad and Erbil, and the agenda of the meeting included the resumption of the export of Kirkuk oil through the pipeline of the Kurdistan Region and coordination on enhancing security and supporting minorities,” McGork said in a tweet on Twitter.

He went on to say:

The spokesman of the Ministry of Oil, Assem Jihad, earlier Friday, resume the export of oil from Kirkuk through the pipelines of the Kurdistan Region after a halt for more than a year.

Jihad said in a press statement that “resumed the export of oil from Kirkuk on Friday, to the Turkish port of Ceyhan through the pipelines of the Kurdistan region at the rate of 50-100 thousand barrels per day.”

For its part, announced the Iraqi Oil Ministry, that the export and marketing of Kirkuk oil will be through the company Sumo and the rate of 50-100 thousand barrels per day.

It is noteworthy that the rate of export of Kirkuk oil through the Kurdistan region has reached about 300 thousand barrels per day during 2017.

The United States against the export of Kirkuk oil to Iran, especially after the recent sanctions, and therefore announced its support for the settlement of differences between Erbil and Baghdad and the export of oil through Turkey. is over.

(Mnt Goat – Oh boy! This was music to my ears when I heard this news. We have been waiting for this news. This is article 140 referendum implementation even though parliament has not yet passed it. Wow! Like I keep telling everyone we have been waiting for this to happen.

Okay so let’s now look at HCL. We know the legislation is passed in parliament and the % is stated of “excess oil revenues”. The first payment was supposed to happen in early September but did not due to the new administration. It was postponed again until EARLY 2019. Sleh told us in an article that it would coincide with the release of some money from the billions in the Iraqi sovereign fund.

Many ask me what a “sovereign fund is and so I will do my best to help you understand. The appropriate name is 'Sovereign Wealth Fund or SWF. A sovereign wealth fund is comprised of pools of money derived from a country's reserves, set aside for investment to benefit the country's economy and citizens. Most SWFs are funded by revenues from commodity exports (Iraq oil) or from foreign-exchange reserves held by the central bank. .For instance the 60 billion that Iraq has in reserve is not just money sitting in a safe somewhere in the CBI. It is money invested probably through some SWISS accounts. It is well diversified but readily liquid to a point. For Iraq this means billions of dollars since Dr Shabibi once had the reserves nearing 100 billion and Alaq has kept it steady at nearly 45 billion. I also have to think the UN is getting their share of this SWF money somehow since I noticed they are closely watching this reserves. But they won’t tell you this…will they? )



Policy 2018/11/17

Baghdad today – Arbil

(Baghdad Today), Saturday, November 17, 2018, 12 official demand for the budget of 2019 presented by the Kurdistan region of the Iraqi government.

According to a source familiar with (Baghdad today), the demands included the following:

1- The name of the province of Kurdistan through the provinces is contrary to the Iraqi constitution, especially articles 117 and 121, so the name of the province of Kurdistan should be received instead of the provinces in the budget law.

2 – Participation of the representative of the Kurdistan Regional Government in drafting the budget bill.

3 – Amendment of 17% of the region according to an agreement between the Kurdistan region and Baghdad in 2005.

4 – securing the share of the Peshmerga forces within the framework of the sovereign expenses of salaries, training and armament.

5 – securing the share of the Kurdistan region in the budget for social control within the framework of the budget for the year 2019.

6. Equivalence and payment of financial dues to contractors in the Kurdistan region and Baghdad.

7. Payment of the region’s share by 17% of the basic loans granted to the federal government.

8 – Payment of the share of martyrs and Anfal and political prisoners within the framework of sovereign expenses.

9. Determine the region’s share of the emergency reserve budget.

10. Follow-up of sovereign expenditures in oil, contracts and all other fields.

11- Payment of financial dues to the institutions of the Kurdistan Regional Government of Baghdad within the framework of balancing sovereign expenditures.

12 – Determine the share of the province of the expenses of the Ministry of Oil and contracts that are concluded.

The Kurdish Democratic Party, led by Massoud Barzani, revealed on Friday (November 16, 2018), presented a paper representing the Kurdish demands of 21 points to Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, while he pointed out that the latter pledged to implement.

“The party leader presented a paper to Kurdish demands representing 21 points to Adel Abdul Mahdi,” said the leader of the party, Ribin Salam, in an interview with Baghdad today. “The prime minister pledged to examine and implement them as much as possible.”

He added that “the first point in the paper, including the need to find a quick solution to the situation in Kirkuk and the disputed areas.”

He pointed out that “the government curriculum did not refer to the issue of Kurdish differences in an expanded manner, but referred to it marginally.”

He said, “The Democratic Party deputies in Baghdad continue negotiations and dialogues to ensure the implementation of the paper demands, and this refutes the talk that the Democratic abandoned the demands of the Kurds in return for a number of demands.



The deputy of the National Wisdom Movement Jassim Mohan on Saturday announced a meeting between Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi and US President Donald Trump to discuss Iraq's exclusion from economic sanctions against Iran.

Mohan said in a statement to Al-Maaloumah that Abdul-Mahdi will carry out a number of international visits, including France and America, in the coming days after completing the completion of the remaining ministerial cabin. He added that "these visits will discuss the exclusion of Iraq from the economic sanctions imposed against Tehran ".

He added that "Abdul-Mahdi will meet Trump during his tour to discuss the exclusion of the country from economic sanctions and non-entry as a party to international disputes," noting that "Iraq's commitment to sanctions will expose its economy to significant risks adversely affect foreign trade, as well as affected trade exchange with Tehran estimated at more than 16 Billion dollars a year. "

The newspaper "Okaz" Saudi Arabia has revealed, last week, the notification of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, the US ambassador in Iraq that Baghdad can not dispense with Iranian gas and electricity.


Explicit Violation Of The Sale Of Foreign Currency By The Central Bank Of Iraq In The Sale Auction Of Foreign Currency In 2015

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - The "obelisk" has re-published a document referring to an explicit violation of the sale of foreign currency by the Central Bank of Iraq in the sale auction of foreign currency in 2015 under a letter issued by the Chairman of the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives, Calling on the judiciary to take the necessary action and stressing that the Iraqi people, waiting for the word of the judiciary to maintain Iraq's reserves of hard currency.

The report said that the analysis of the foreign currency sales of the Central Bank of Iraq at the auction of foreign currency sale on 31/5/2015, which amounted to "393,104,332" dollars, is a clear violation of Article "50" of the General Budget Law of the State of 2015, which identified sales of the Central Bank Iraq's $ 75 million a day, and that sales for today only five times the estimated amount specified by law.

According to the book, the government has filed a lawsuit against the Iraqi Council of Representatives on a number of paragraphs of the Federal Budget Law for the year 2015, including the paragraph we referred to above. The government froze the implementation of these paragraphs without right pending the decision of the Court, although the law is in force and the duty to implement.

The late Ahmed Chalabi, has made great efforts in DETECTING THE SMUGGLING OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS OUT OF THE COUNTRY THROUGH FINANCIAL COMPANIES MOSTLY FAKE AND NEW BANKERS HAVE EXHAUSTED THESE BILLIONS OF STATE TREASURY AND THE PEOPLE'S WEALTH, as well as issues related to the so-called "projects faltering", projects spent on it billions and hundreds of millions of dollars, then nothing to little only to show for it.

The late Chalabi succeeded in collecting hundreds of documents prepared by a report submitted to the Committee and other parties, including the Presidency of the Council of Representatives and the Presidency of the Government, and published "obelisk" at the time, details Chalabi blamed the fallout of the collapse of the country's financial structure, THE "GANGS" THAT CONTROL THE MARKET PRICE, and said the cause of the economic collapse was THE LOSS OF ABOUT 312 BILLION DOLLARS BETWEEN 2006 AND 2014.


(Mnt Goat – Yes, there is a solution. Read my lips – GET RID OF THE AUCTIONS!  )


Articles End

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ,,,,,

Just the FACTS!

Disclaimer: All information in this newsletter is not intended for investment decisions / purposes. Mnt Goat is not a financial analyst, planner, banker, attorney or associated in any role with giving out professional investment advice.

In ending I want everyone to know your constant prayers in the fight against evil (ISIS) in Iraq have worked. God has guided these young men and women on the battle field. Let us all now know that there is a new battle now to fight. A battle to save our homelands from the corrupt politicians who are bent on taking what they want from our national wealth and from future generations without our permission. We must keep praying for the end to the rapid corruption in Iraq and in the United States. We must pray for our leaders when they are being guided by the Holy Spirit. We must stand by them and let them know we are still there to support them, even after the election is over. I have composed a prayer maybe we can all pray today in our own way and until the reinstatement and revaluation of the Iraq dinar occurs.


“For the Iraqi Prime Minister and the President of the United States, that all their cabinet members, and deputies may be anointed by the Holy Spirit to do God’s will and bring the free democracies of the Republic of Iraq and the United States of America to the much-deserved prosperity and abundance thru justice and freedom from oppression and corruption. That they may be a shining example for the rest of the middle east and to rest of the world to follow.

In the name of Jesus Christ our King and Savior, Amen”

Auf Wiedersehen

Much love to ya all,

Mnt Goat
by Mountain Goatee
on Mon Nov 19, 2018 10:06 am
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RayRat Update 11/4/18


Iraq has requested permission to ignore some of the US imposed sanctions against Iran in order to continue their import trade relations. US dollars will not be involved in the transactions, only Iraqi Dinars.

PM Madhi only has four candidates for Tuesday's Parliament session. He has postponed selecting the other four to complete a seated cabinet.

Leaders in Baghdad are holding a meeting today (Sunday) demanding that PM Mahdi announce all eight of his cabinet selectees.

Kurdistan regional Parliament will hold it's first official meeting on Tuesday.



The CBI site was down for awhile today, but it's back to normal now.

Apparently, today's leaders meeting in Baghdad garnered two more names to be considered for Madhi's cabinet on Tuesday's voting session. With six names now reported, only two remain to have the government fully seated even though the general thought that it is not necessary for a currency revalue. Time Will Tell!

by Ssmith
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RayRat/Tony Call Notes 10/22/18

Topics tagged under 1 on Dinar Daily Tony_p11

TNT SHOWTIME CC (Cliff notes by Sunny)

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


Tony: Goooooooooood Morning, TNT! We are going to bring somebody else on the call. I want you to hear what he has to say. Then we’ll talk about it.

Person we’ve been hearing from for years.  (at this point Tony’s voice became garbled)

Ray: . . .After that we will do the updates and that will take us into the call.

Guest Caller, Tacoma, Washington:  Approx 10 minutes before closing here in Washington I went in to cash my paycheck and inquired about the IQD.  Teller said wait a minute then she said it will be $1.67 to sell to us.  Then another teller said it’s $1.25 for us to buy it.  They asked how much I wanted to sell them.  I said 300,000 and she went to get assistance.  Then they did the calculation again and the manager calls someone and then she said if you do over 250,000 (notes or $ ?) we can give you a higher rate.  It was WS bank that we trade with.  She said she would get back with me on Monday.

“I was so ecstatic sitting there with thinking I could walk out the door with over $250,000.  That particular day I did not have the IQD with me.  I was inside the bank, with the doors locked, and security in the bank.  It was a good, good experience.  Really I was expecting .84 cents but they said $1.25.  This was on Friday.”

They printed out for me the ??? with rates that indicated $1.25.  I had to sit back in the chair and take a deep breath.  I said I needed to get the dinar and return with it.  While I was sitting there they were standing over me.  It took three of them.  They counted 2-3 times.   They are going to do the math over and over again . . . the key point was anything over 250,000 (notes or dollars ??) of exchange they will give you a higher rate.

Tony:   Why should I believe you?

Caller:  I had the paper showing the rate and the amount.

Tony:  You went back on Saturday.  What happened?

Caller:  When they called back into the system it was grayed out and she was having technical difficulty logging in. Then Saturday morning she tried to reboot it.

Tony:  This morning, 10 minutes ago you tried again this morning.

Caller:   Teller told me the manager was downtown at a meeting and would relay a message to call me back.  Still awaiting to hear from them.  Must be something big taking place right now for her to leave her location and go to it.  She had already told me I would get a small percentage in cash and the rest in cashier checks even though I was not an account holder there.

Tony:   This is where he would normally go to cash his paychecks.  There was some relationship there.

Tony: On Friday, while we were doing our call, we were informed there was a memo going out to at least 7 banks.  We started to verify that even while we were on the call.  Heard that was not supposed to happen before hours of closing.  Some banks said they never received it.

We talked to somebody at Wells at a higher level.  Told rate was $1.25, then Saturday $2.25 but not authorized to do any exchanges until Monday.  Supposed to start on Monday.  Waiting to get more updates from bank.  They are in a meeting.   That’s what was supposed to happen over the weekend.  That’s what is to happen this week.   We are in a good position!

Ray: . . . Updates that went out over the weekend:

TNT UPDATES, Sunday, October 21, 2018

Update #1: Parliament meets today to resolve 70% or more of Mahdi’s cabinet selections amidst assurances that he would not select previous ministers of PM Abadi cabinet or any deputies from the current session.

The intent is to conclude that the votes on the government of Mahdi does not exceed this week.

A memo, intended for banks to arrive late Friday evening, has not appeared with some banks and did with others. The basic emphasis is on expected changes on Forex. Let’s just wait and see what happens later today when it opens. Screens were grayed out over the weekend. #wearethepeople

Update #2:  News reports indicate that cabinet names are to be submitted on Monday and votes taken on Wednesday

Tony:  Articles out this morning saying they will vote on Wednesday. . . Thursday.   Articles out saying ‘don’t believe the articles.’  Articles saying they agreed to let Mahdi select his own.  I do look for it to get done.  Articles out the US going to support the new government as long as they get rid of Iranian military forces and Iran will support them as long as they get the US out of Iraq.

They only thing that can be agreed on is it will not be 2019.  By the end of this month is when they are actually shooting for.

All excitement for today is because the Arab Monetary fund got together, banking boys got together and the President was presented with a gift of the fils and lower denom’s.  That’s the picture we sent out.  They are not on the street or out but you can see it is real and is going to happen.  Putting out articles like these so if you’d been paying attention you should see this. . . or this.  In the article said they are ready to do this and including all of their monetary, financial institutions in the process.

They are including the little guys (small banks) The biggest issue right now is the majority of the banks are government owned and they are trying to change that.  Trying to put some of them together.  Some are crooked and don’t want someone else looking over there shoulder.

Some people tell you they got to clean up the government first.  . . that is a long process.  You cannot get rid of all the corruption in 48 hours. . .

CURRENT WINDOW:  Tony:  banks were ready and trying to do something and then they changed the dates on them.  They are having meetings right now today!

Tony:  They take the vote, pass the ministers.  Then we just wait for this to take affect.  . . I know they are ready but for some reason keep putting it off.


CBI: used the Arab Monetary Fund to release information of the LD’s and fills.   See AMF under Int’l heading.

Parliament:  Vote to take place Wednesday or Thursday.

Media:  Many, many articles out this morning.  Contradictory articles and . . .  Tony:  Articles out saying ‘don’t believe the articles.’ . . . they are putting out information but you have to pick the pieces to find information.


AMF – Arab Monetary Fund:  Photo TNT tweeted out this morning was an announcement showing the presentation of framed IQD lower denom’s and fils to the President of the AMF.  The small Iraq banks were also there to see the presentation.  Tony:  It’s 36″ X 24″.  Rather big.  Four bills and multiple coins.  Actual bills and coins framed as a gift.

Currencies:  Last rates Tony got for the Dong was over $1.50.


Banks: Bank meetings going on today.  Tony:  People from Wells (Fargo) that it was going live Saturday. . . again this morning.

Taxes:   Ray:  No update on taxes today.

800 #’s:  UST and the banks chose who get’s the 800#’s.  They chose five people.  Once they are out they can be copied and published elsewhere.  Tony:  We are on that list.

EXCHANGING:   Tony:  We are looking prior to opening or close of the banks.  I know they are prepared to begin within 1-2 hours. . . no one has been asked for receipts yet.

Now saying 30 million people with dinar.  Banks are acknowledging they will be challenged to have enough wealth managers to service the new wealthy.

ZIM Information:  No update yet.


Tony . . . Okay guys. Basically pay attention to the articles.  The information is definitely coming out, a piece here, piece there so in the end they can say, ‘we put it out there, you just weren’t paying attention.’

Bank meetings today.  Did not go like they wanted last week.  New day, new plan today.  Based on what GOI is doing and when they will take the vote once again.

From others over in Iraq, ready to go.  Everything again at the AMF.  Go read the article.  Says, “We are ready to go!” Put out another article that explains the history of CBI and GOI, Abadi’s accomplishments and their accomplishments since 2003.  In the end it says, “We are ready to go to complete the reforms!”

It has to happen and we know the plan is to get it done one day this month, hopefully by the end of the month so we can go with stage two at TNT.  Enjoy the rest of your day.  We are going to see what happens when the guy comes back from the bank.  We will put out an update.  Whatever it is, we’ll go from there.

Ray . . .This is marvelous Monday.  Between now and Wednesday anything new to pop out we will send out an update. (played “I Believe.”)
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KTFA CC w/ Frank26, DELTA Notes by Sunkissed 10/10/18


Sunkissed » October 11th, 2018


(Part 1 of 4)

FRANK: Me and Delta basically just want to say “Goodbye.”

We are going to start our call. And the way I told you that we’re going to start tonight is two conversations between me and Delta. The reason I do that, is because it allows you to hear the progress of our Teams study, and how we put together the things that come in.

Now if you remember last Monday, when we were with you, we told you that we didn’t care who the Prime Minister was. All we wanted was a seated government. What happened the following day? On Tuesday? The following day. What happened?

They announced the Prime Minister. Mahdi. Interesting, isn’t it?

​Then, we also told you on Wednesday’s Conference Call, after I did my Product Call, we did a little dessert. Remember that? And I told you that the most important thing for us is to see that the Lower Denoms’ get replaced. Because they’re worn and torn. And it’s really important, as part of the Monetary Reform, the redenomination. We told you to go to the Turkmenistan article and you’ll see what’s going on.

Well, Lo and Behold! When we were done with that Wednesday Conference Call, the next day… What did you get? What did you see?

An article that tells you that they have distributed the 250, the 500, the 1000… the Lower Denoms!

You see how we time our Conference Calls? You see how we time our information? Our Study with you? In our opinion, of course.

Today’s your Monday Conference Call. And I want to tell you some things. But they will probably be the last things I ever tell you.

To set up tonight’s Conference Call, please pay close attention, because you’re going to hear information in these recordings that will be valuable to you.

This whole Conference Call is in my opinion, of course. We know that don’t we?

Please enjoy Recording #1.

FRANK: Alright, so you haven’t had the chance to go on the Forum yet?

DELTA: No. I went earlier, but not for the last hour or two hours, I didn’t go.

FRANK: Okay. We’re gonna talk with I-Team, Delta, but first, I just want you to know… Are you on the computer by any chance?

DELTA: No I’m not. Surprise me. (laughing)

FRANK: Okay, start with page 11, and go to post 203. Actually it started with Post # 202. I get the calls this morning, and they’re telling me, “We’ve got the articles up.” And I said “Let me read them.” So I read them and I realize, “My goodness! This is the first part that Walkingstick and I-Team, have told us very clearly, that in this month, and we felt it was this week!

We really felt that it would be this week, that they would release the lower denoms! You know, the 250, the 500, the 1000, and those are going to replace the worn and torn! Okay. That’s nice.

But… if you remember the article, that came out last month, not only said about this happening, but they also said that after that, they would be introducing the new smaller category notes.

So today, I believe they are showing us the first part of what we told the family. That you’re going to see the Lower Denoms that replace the worn and torn. That does not mean a change in the rate.

Today, article:

“The Central Bank raises large amounts of the new form of the category of 1000 dinars.”

They’re talking about the Lower Denoms.

“The Central Bank announces the launch of large amounts of Small Denominations of the currency.”

“The Central Bank decides to put large quantities of Small Groups in a new way.”

​Iraq is being changed to design one of it’s currency and posed a significant quantity.”

“The Central Bank intends to introduce large quantities of Small Groups in a new manner.”

And on top of it, it tells you that this new currency, coming out, in other words, the Lower Denoms, that are going to replace the worn and torn, Lower Denoms, it says that this deal, this new arrangement, will be done in a new and old format without discrimination.

In other words, Delta, in my opinion, right there, they just telegraphed, that next week, or within this month, very shortly, the NEXT GROUP is going to come out!

The Small Notes, the 1, the 5, the 10, the four coins…the one that requires a change in the rate!

Right now, they’re talking about replacing the damaged currency, with the new Lower Denomination that they just reprinted. This is exactly what we told the Family. And now the next thing, is Article 2, that will tell them, and now they’re also going to introduce the 1, the 5, the 10, and the et cetera, and THAT requires a rate change, and that’s going to happen on this date, and this is how you’re going to go pick it up, etc., etc. Article # 2.

Are you looking at it right now?

DELTA: Yes. Actually, it looks like they show basically, one of the notes and it looks like the design is different, which is, we know they’re going to do that. That’s what it looks like. It is… notes. It is 2018 so this is one of the new ones.

FRANK: The new one. And look at the picture. This picture on Post # 203, shows you the new safety features. That fine. But I also got another picture with all the other ones: the 250, the 500, with all their safety features.

This is HAPPENING.. right before our eyes!

The way that it’s been told to us by our Teams, and the way that we have been sharing it with the Family. If this is holding up to be true, the way that we’re interpreting this, and that’s why I needed you to read it, in Arabic. If this is holding up, then NEXT WEEK, Delta, or the week after, sometime in this month, they’re going to introduce the other ones that will exist in a NEW FORMAT, without any discrimination. In other words they will co-exist with no problem. But it requires a rate change, when they introduce the next batch, which is the Small, the new citatory of the small denomination which requires the lifting of the 3 zeros.
This is impressive!

DELTA: It is. And it looks like a target for the release. I’m going to go and probably later, and read it in detail to see what’s going on.

Here’s what’s going on too, what I get out of this too. It looks like the 1000 dinar is going to last for a long time, because for them to spend the money in printing, and this is a new design. So looks like, basically, for all of those denominations are going to be forever, until they phase them out, exactly like the US had before. This is exactly what they told us, and it looks like absolutely, you’re right.

They are going to come up with the 250 and 500,000, but first they’re looking at the other ones, because you all know that the other ones required the rate changes. This is really significant. Really amazing.

FRANK: iTeam told me yesterday, that they were expecting this, this week! Boy they got it right, to the very edge, Thursday and then Friday, and here it is.

I already called Walkingstick and left him a message. I’, waiting for him to get back to me. I know, all he’s going to say is “Yep.” I told you. This is the sequence. This is what would happen, and now, the next thing is that Second Article, and the releasing of those Small Notes.” Wow.

And all because, the Final Suitable Environment has been established within that government. In my opinion.

I’ll tell you what? Do you have any other comments about this?

DELTA: This is actually what we’ve been waiting for. With the Chat and the CC and you and me, and all of us, and I-Teams, and Walkingstick, we told the family that we were expecting them to release this… I was really expecting some news this week. So it looks like we got part of it this week. But, we know that Alak told us he has a plan to modernize the currency in circulation, and delete the zeros. Let’s see what next week is gonna bring us. We’ll see. The other article, did You say there’s more pictures of the 1000?

FRANK: I’m only releasing so much. Starting with 203. It’s got those and maybe tomorrow I’ll release more. What we do now we only release a bit at a time. If you give them too much, they eat it all, get an upset belly, and they ask the wrong questions, so for now, this is what we’re gonna be putting out. I’ll send you the rest of the stuff too if I can. Okay?

DELTA: No problem sir. That may be needed. We know that they are about to make their move. For them to print Lower Denominations, even the 250, 500, and even the 1000, this give you an indication that the rate has to increase. But definitely a lot of stuff going on. It looks like, for the suitable environment, like you said, and that is an excellent point.

It looks like the CBI the rates will start gradually to make their move and we’ll see what the next move is going to be.

FRANK: Let me hand up the recording. Because I know I-Team is dying to talk to us and rub this in. They also got the Prime Minister right with Mahdi. So I’m 2 for Zero with them. But, who cares. Alright. Thank you buddy.

By the way, can I just say it once: Ta-da Freaking Da!

DELTA: And if I can answer back “Yep!”

FRANK: By the way, what I just showed you on the LiveStream camera, I promise that I will show you again (he is referring to the picture of the Money-Changer in Iraq). I’m not teasing anybody. I’ll explain that picture as we talk tonight.

End Recording #1


(Part 2 of 4)


DELTA: Frankie! Frankie!

FRANK: Hey! Brother! How you doing today?

DELTA: I’m good my friend!

FRANK: Isn’t it interesting on Monday, we told the family that we don’t care who the Prime Minister is. All we care about is to have the government seated, because that would be the Final Suitable Environment for the reinstatement of the Iraqi Dinar. The following day, on Tuesday what did we get? A Prime Minister. Mahdi. Perfect! Exactly the way we set it up for them to see it.

Then! Thursday! what did we see? Um.. we’re going to go ahead and replace these notes that are worn and torn, 250, 500, in other words, just like we told ‘em! You are going to see the introduction of the Lower Denoms. It will not see a rate change. And they see that Thursday. Today is Friday.

What did we tell them that they would see next? The Small Notes.

The lifting of the 3 zeros that requires that exchange rate changing, in order to in order to introduce the new category of the Small Notes. And Lo and behold! You find another article last night, EXACTLY saying that! Correct?

DELTA: Absolutely!

FRANK: Are we on schedule or what?

DELTA: Yes. Of course, I mean, they are, and trying to do a very smart and brilliant idea and how to do that, because remember they had a relationship before. And they were questioned a long time ago you know. How are you really going to get all those 3 zero notes. They have trillions and trillions of them. We know that, over there. So they came up with this brilliant idea, that they are going to restrict the currency that they have, which is the 250, 500, and 1000. And then what’s gonna happen is when the rate is going to increase, what are people going to do, they’re going to co-exist. Now you are going to have more change to give back.

FRANK: That is brilliant! That is just brilliant!

DELTA: Basically, it is the smartest way to do that. A lot of people that ask, what are they doing. I’ll be honest with you, a lot of people, basically predictions how is this gonna come out. But nobody knows EXACTLY how they’re gonna do it. But either way, up ahead, it’s going to come to our benefits. And of course, also benefit Iraq.

The plan of the Central Bank of Iraq.. and I do believe they changed the plan, because remember before was the idea, to either way, lift the 3 zeros and phase them out, and come up with 1, 5, 10, 20, but they had an issue with that, because they don’t want to shock the market; they want to make sure that everything comes out gradually, whatever they decide.

And, it’s important, that everything is going to co-exist so that way it does not have any kind of issue that way. Like what happened when Saddam Hussain changed it and only gave 3 months for this situation. Now it’s totally different. And this is really a brilliant idea they’re doing here. And I can see, after yesterday, that article too, that had the pictures of the New 250; it will be the same thing that have the date of 2018. The 1000 dinar note has a lot of questions on the Forum, about it. Remember we did talk about this.

The 1000 Iraqi Dinar, in the middle, they do have a verse from the Quran.

FRANK: And that’s what I responded to you today. You know that was a clue right there! In order for them to remove the verse of the Quran, it has to remove the specific currency that they’re trying to get rid of. That was another hint!

DELTA: Absolutely you’re right. And here’s the good news. The good news is for the New Notes. A lot of people don’t know that. The middle of it, Frankie, that’s basically the Assyrian flag, which is Babylonian. Remember I’m not Assyrian, I’m Babylonian. The origin, the ancestor of Iraq, was Assyrian. That in the middle of it, you’ll see, that basically the rivers running through Iraq, and this is basically the flag of Assyrian and babylonians. Which I see a lot of Assyrians right now, all over the Social Media by the way, and on the 1000 Dinar Notes, is getting a lot of attention from the Assyrians.

Especially in Iraq and outside Iraq, because if you don’t look at it specifically, and you have to know what it is, like they changed that basically to an Assyrian and Babylonian flag. What Assyrian have right now. So this is going on. But the good news again, so the people don’t panic, the Central Bank of Iraq, specifically stated that everything is going to co-exist until they phase them out. And this is what I tried to say yesterday.

And now, with them, of course, coming out with this 1000 dinar note, I should explain to a lot of people, because some of the people still don’t understand how it’s gonna work. A lot of them, they think it’s a LOP and again it’s not a LOP.

For them to place more 1000 dinar notes, this gives you the indication that the 3 zero deletion, is coming off the exchange rate. Not from the currency. Otherwise, they never would have printed these. It’s not even a question now. Why they’re printing the 1000 dinar notes if they are going to get rid of them? Because it’s going to come off the exchange rate, and not from the currency by itself. This is really good news!

I do believe it’s not the 250 to 500,000 because I told you a while back Frankie, they stated that for them to delete the zeros, is gonna cost them about $150 Million Dollars. I showed the proof last time and the financial statements from the CBI, in just two months they printed about 108 million; but from last year they started printing. So this is it.

They spent like $100 Million Dollars to just print the 250 and 500,000. That’s nonsense. No way. That would be stupid. That’s very bad business. We know that’s not the case. What they are trying to do here. This is really a brilliant idea. Even Alak, in his best confidence stated. A lot of countries right now, they’re not printing any more large bills, because of counterfeiting, and people they can see them. Right now they have a lot of Lower Denominations and you increase the rate, It’s going to be hard for Iraqi citizens to store this currency, like all of the 25 and 10 thousand.

This is a brilliant idea. What I expected was gonna be full confirmation, should be coming out from the Central Bank of Iraq, I believe this Sunday, they’re going have more details.

Now for us of course, this is very important, but of course, we are waiting for the events for them to change the rate. We do believe, that along the way, the rate will change before they introduce the other Lower Denomination. That’s what we are looking for right now.

FRANK: I talked with Walkingstick about this. I said “Did you see what happened Thursday?” He said “Yeah. It’s what I told you.” I said “Did you see what Delta put out there this morning?” And he said “Yeah. It’s what’s next.” I said “But, isn’t the second article next?” He says “yes.”

“Alright, well, if they’re telling us about the Lower Denoms, the 250s, the 500s, the 1000s. Those are the Lower Denoms, that are going to replace the worn and torn ones, that part is already done isn’t it?”

He said “Did you look at the article that says that they DID THIS, not that they are going to? Where is has been done?” And I’m going “Yeah. I did see that.”

So the next part we’re looking for Delta, and we already know this, but it’s the second article.

It will give them the date of when the value is going to go up.

It will tell them when they have to go to the bank.

It will have the pictures of all the New Small Category Notes and the Coins, with the descriptions

It’s even going to explain to them why they are reinstating their currency.

I mean, it’s gonna go DEEP! And I said, well when that Second Article comes up, that’s when the rate changes. And he said “No.” And I said “Well, I guess not, because you said there are safety features right?” And he said “That’s correct.” Just because the information comes out, it does not mean that the rate has to go up. It CAN, YES! When the Second Article comes out. But he’s telling me “No. No. Do not expect the rate to go up.” And I said “But they’re already telling you that things are going to come out! I mean the one that Delta brought us, is telling us they’re going to come out!” And he said “That’s right. They’re telling you now, and they are about to tell you more in the Second Article to the citizens. But that does not mean that the rate has to go up at the same time.”

​And then he says “After that… After the Second Article, VERY SHORTLY AFTER that second article, BOOM! Then you can have a change in the rate.” And the reason why, he said “It’s because, shortly after that Second Article, those small notes are going to be released to the citizens of Iraq. The Second Article will tell them where to to and when to go, and pickup these Small Category Notes, because on that date, is when the rate changes.”

I told you! I told you! I told you! They have a date. And they’re shooting for it!

I just wanted to tell you that Manny. I’m going to share that tonight on Friday Team Chat as a Map for what we expect in this month of October.

DELTA: (inaudible)… now if you read this very carefully. Like I said earlier, What is the deletion of the zeros? Deletion of the zeros is lifting the 3 zeros from the exchange rate. It should be one event.

FRANK: I understand. And it can be. He said “When the second article comes out, with all the information, it literally tells you, we’re reinstating our currency. Yesss! They can come out with the rate change at that time.” But he’s telling me “No. This must NOT FAIL with the citizens! This must be perfect with the citizens! They are willing to continue baby-step them, and treat them gently, in introducing what they need to do.”

So, to tell you the truth Manny, I don’t care. Just like I didn’t with the Prime Minister.

We are not waiting for the reinstatement of the Iraqi dinar.

We are now WELCOMING IT!

DELTA: That’s a good point. This is an excellent point and we know that. I mean, we know they’re done. You just think about it, we have a good indiction from the $108 - $110 Million Dollars to print the currency, from them announcing, and coming up with the Lower Denominations. I mean, even if they don’t come up with more than the 250, 500, at this rate, it just doesn’t make any sense. The thousand is not even 0.83 cents. And theres a lot of talk, of course a lot of rumors flying around right now in Iraq. When they come up with the 250 and 500 that we know now, that it is true for some of them, in full-force, starting next Sunday that they might change the rate.

They might change some rate, like they might give us some sucker rate at first, as some call it, and then gradually increase, basically, coming up with different currencies. Because, remember Frankie, they don’t want, here’s the point: If they introduce the 250, 500, and the 1000, and basically, they are. They’re printing more. If they don’t change the rate really fast? Then a lot of people will smuggle those small notes out of the country. And you don’t want them to do that, because you can buy them for cheap, like they say all the time. So they’ve got to act very fast, otherwise those currency, they’re gonna be smuggled to Iran, Turkey, Jordan. And that’s really going to be a problem.

FRANK: Shortly after Article 2, or WITH Article 2. That’s all there is. And that’s the next thing we’re looking for! That’s it! The one about the Lower Denoms replacing the worn and torn currency that they have right now. They did not insinuate. It told you! “Oh! we’ve already done this.” Oh! Okay. That’s good. The Prime Minister, Mahdi, I think he’s the reason why all of these things are happening so fast. I know he’s not the Prime Minister in power… yet. And I’ll be honest with you. I don’t even know, like I said on Wednesday’s Conference Call, I said “I don’t even know how long Mahdi’s gonna be the Prime Minister.” Well, sure enough yesterday, there was an article that said, they are going to give him a year and a half to do everything. Well, that’s interesting.

DELTA: Absolutely. They give it to him because, like I said, there was some kind of issue with Abadi, Maliki, and Iran. So this is someone exactly…

FRANK: It was a smart political move. That’s why it caught us off guard.

DELTA: Absolutely. If he doesn’t succeed… they have no issues with Mahdi. Really very nice. Really a very good guy. Also issue is he’s very weak. That is the only problem. His personality is very weak. He’s not powerful like Abadi. He’s 76 years old. He was supposed to get this a long time ago. They promised him, probably, to give it to him. Sadr wanted Abadi actually. He wanted Abadi so bad. But for some reason, something that happened behind closed doors.

FRANK: Because the United States got their foot stuck in this, and whatever they said to do, is being done. And hey… I’m the first to salute this and say “Sir, yes sir. Let’s do it. Mahdi let’s go!”

DELTA: Absolutely. Because then it’s the only way. Remember they have to go. They have to move on with the plan. They have a date and they have to go with that date. But in order for them to have a 100% suitable environment, they have to make sure that nobody can complain.

Because remember with Abadi, they some people with reservation. But for them to keep going forward with the monetary policy, they have to go with Mahdi for now. And you never know, he might be good. And if he’s good, he’s going to continue. In a year and a half, they might change it.

But for now, the most important part is that they complete the Monetary Reform. The US, the World, and everybody, including Iraq, they want to make sure that this gets finished. They had to put someone ASAP. So with Mahdi, the one that nobody had objection for now, is to keep it going.

Now we have a government. We have a parliament. So they have no issues now. Even though Mahdi, doesn’t have the power like I said, when he forms the new government, which is for us is a done deal: A Suitable Environment.

Number 1: And just look at the timing of the CBI. If the CBI did not have a Suitable Environment, they will never release those notes.

Number 2: Remember, they already released the 25,000, 10,000. 250, 5,000, What’s the difference? Why are you making a big deal all this time? Why spending $150 Million for just 250 and 500,000?

FRANK: That’s funny .. that’s funny. We are going to look back at these days. We’re going to laugh at these days, and I feel that it’s really, really, right next to us. Let’s see what these knuckleheads do. Thanks Manny.

End Recording #2


(Part 3 of 4)

FRANK: Okay Family. Now you have the introduction to the core of our conference call for tonight. And i pray you were able to understand our conversation between me and Delta. When I was first addressing you, this whole conference call is in my opinion. Correct?

When I was first addressing you about 30 minutes ago, I wanted to give you, I suppose a THEME for tonight. I always like to do that. I guess if we’re going to call our Conference Call anything tonight, let’s call it this:

The Mother of all Time Frames

You know we don’t give you dates. You know we don’t give you false hopes. And if we share something with you, we do our very best to support it as much as possible with the articles.
Tonight, yeah, I’d like to call tonight’s Conference Call The Mother of all Time Frames.

KTFA-KONA Family, God brought you to KTFA for a reason that is far far beyond just the study of the Iraqi Dinar. I hope and I pray that in the last years that we’ve been together, that many of the other branches of yourself, have reached out to the world. And I pray that those branches, are chain reaction starts, of nothing but good and positiveness in this world.

The Monetary Reform of the Iraqi Dinar, in my opinion, is at a point where I am not longer waiting for it. I am welcoming it. I am embracing it.

Last Monday’s Conference Call, based on the recordings you just listened to, really walks right into today’s Conference Call door.

The only thing that I seek. The only thing that I sought last Monday, was a government seated. And then you know the rest of the story.

The Lower Denoms introduced, they did.

And the Smaller Notes, with the Coins, they will.

And between that is Article 2. Defining it for the citizens of Iraq.

It has been quite a day. By the way, I know the difference between the word THRU, the word threw, and through. I know the difference between all those words. For those of you that are members of my forum, you know what I’m talking about.

I have a feeling Family, that YOU who study with us, you can tell what is going to happen, with this reform, by the way the notes are being released, by the way our study is being released. By the tempo of our Conference Calls.

When you consider the management of so many different point of views, of so many different people, at KTFA, and how I have communicated with many of you, by our CCs, then you realize that God did it all. Because I certainly could not have. I credit our KTFA staff. I credit our Teams.

Our mission is accomplished family.

I told you that I wouldn’t go through the door of the reinstatement of the dinar with you. I told you that I would meet you on the other side.

Our Mission is accomplished with you. And KTFA now seeks God’s Missionaries next.

I do not offer you a date. I will not tell you it’s going to happen on this date. That would be rude and crude and stupid. Let alone illegal. but, if my Detroit lions could actually beat the Green Bay Packers, that I saw yesterday, then maybe nothing is impossible in our study, huh?

As you heard, very carefully, broken-down, for you, that right after our Conference Call on Monday, a week ago today, the thing that we sought the most, the sitting of the government, the announcement of a Prime Minister, was announced to you on Tuesday. Wasn’t it? That’s pretty good timing, huh? What a coincidence, right?

And then we also told you a week ago, that the most important thing we seek is Article 2. But before you get Article 2, they will replace the worn and torn currency. They will release the Lower Denoms, and replace the 250, 500, 1000. They will replace them.

Well, Lo! and behold! On Thursday - there it was! That article can now be found in our Final Article thread. The Lower Denoms that we told you, that would come, before Article 2, to replace the worn and torn existing currency that is in the hands of the citizens right now, that they’ve had for over 10 years, that is almost transparent pieces of paper now. They told you Thursday they’re disturbing them. Actually they told you that they HAD distributed them.

And… Family, those new ones that have been introduced on Thursday, right on schedule, the way they wanted it, they will co-exist in the market with what? With the next set of currency that is about to be released. That they already told you would be released the month of October. Remember the article? It’s in our Final Article thread. CBI “We intend to introduce the Small New Category Notes next month” I would say they are right on schedule with what they have to do.

So, when they introduce the Small Category Notes, that will require a change of rate.

Those notes will co-exist with the notes they released on Thursday. Now the interesting thing? Is that, the Small Denominations is definitely going to change the rate, add more purchasing power to the citizens. Isn’t that wonderful? It’s a good goal, but it’s also going to do something else.

Very simply let me tell you this….

by Ssmith
on Fri Oct 12, 2018 7:10 am
Topic: KTFA CC w/ Frank26, DELTA Notes by Sunkissed 10/10/18
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@kenlej wrote:Sterling Currency Group’s leaders lived the high-life: mansions in Buckhead and Brookhaven, luxury cars, property along the Florida panhandle. One even flies a private stunt plane, records state.

They trumpeted their good works, too. Tyson Rhame, an Air Force Academy graduate who lives in Brookhaven, ran a family foundation that got notice for its donations to DeKalb County schools. News accounts said his partners in Sterling, Buckhead’s James and Carol Laurette Shaw, donated 100 acres for Savannah College of Art and Design’s equestrian center. The pavilion is named in their honor.

But the business that helped bankroll their lifestyle and largess — dealing in Iraqi currency — is a scam, according to a federal complaint seeking to seize homes, cars and aircraft. And, court documents say, the philanthropists fretted about getting caught.

“We are risking serious jail time as promoters of a Ponzi scheme…” James Shaw wrote Rhame in a 2010 email, according to the complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Atlanta. In the same email, Shaw said his wife had been “very nervous” and “crying” because “she knows we are running an illegal operation.”

Does this mean that they knew that what they were doing was illegal? I would think so!! 

Sterling, also known as Dinar Banker, operated in the obscure and lightly-regulated world of foreign currency trading, where investors take bets on whether the value of a country’s money will rise or fall. On its website, Sterling bills itself as “Your #1 Source for Buying & Selling Iraqi Dinar.”

“We believe in serving our customers with Integrity & Transparency,” it says.

The federal complaint says that Sterling used a well-known scheme. After the Iraq War began in 2003, various promoters began circulating online rumors that the U.S. Department of the Treasury planned to give the country’s currency a massive boost. When the currency was revalued, holders of dinar would get rich cashing out, the scheme goes.

Sterling was wildly successful selling hard currency, according to investigators. Since 2004, the company claimed $600 million in gross sales, the complaint says. In 2011 alone, their gross receipts totaled more than $245 million, according to the court filing

Bundles of dinars would arrive at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport from the Middle East, then were hauled in trucks to an area office. Employees sold them them via phone and online across the U.S. and Canada.

Investors could snap them up on layaway, or cash on delivery.

Dinar promoters ran chat rooms and hosted conference calls to make sure buyers were eager. One pitchmen, identified only as “TerryK” in the complaint, was secretly on Sterling’s payroll to the tune of $150,000, the complaint states.

Dinar trading was poised to go mainstream, the company suggested on its website in 2010, according to the federal complaint. Clients would be able to exchange their Iraqi currency at kiosks and “remote satellite offices” at major airports, including Atlanta, Chicago-O’Hare and New York-JFK.

And Sterling assured investors it would be a trusted supplier in an industry rife with scams. On its website, it states it is registered as a Money Service Business with the Treasury Department, has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau and “supplies a Certificate of Authenticity with every currency order that guarantees in writing that all of our currency is authentic. Our currency is legally obtained, legally transported, legally declared, and from non-criminal origin.”

“We are proud of our ‘Sterling’ reputation and the trust our customers put in us!” the website said.

The predicted currency reset never happened. Currently, it takes 1,200 dinar to equal the value of $1. These promotions have become such a concern to the FBI that it set up a webpage to field tips from possible victims.

On the day of the FBI raid, “TerryK” told investigators he made up claims that he had sources who knew the dinar was about to rise, court documents say. A Sterling executive told the FBI that such rumors were a “mythology.”

The government alleges that Sterling laundered revenues through a complex network of companies and accounts. The complaint names numerous companies and trusts said to be linked.

Alex Rue, a securities attorney and former lawyer with the Securities and Exchange Commission, said investors should be wary of claims of opportunities that are too good to be true.

“There is always an element of, ‘Why am I so lucky?’” Rue said.

This was written when they were raided June 10,2015.

They were criminally indicted Feb 23 2016. 

A federal grand jury has indicted three executive officers of an Atlanta currency exchange firm that at one time was one of the nation's largest sellers and exchangers of Iraqi currency, the U.S. attorney in Atlanta announced Monday.

Tyson Rhame, 51, and James Shaw, 53—co-owners of the Sterling Currency Group—and company COO Frank Bell, 54, were indicted on multiple charges of conspiracy, mail fraud and wire fraud. Rhame and Shaw were also charged with multiple counts of money-laundering.

The indictment also charges Terrence Keller, a 55-year-old Internet promoter, with multiple counts of fraud. Federal prosecutors say Sterling paid Keller to illegally "pump" sales of the Iraqi dinar.

A Kentucky resident also known as TerryK, Keller ran an Internet website and chat room known as "The GET Team" that he used—along with weekly conference calls with potential investors—to promote investments in the Iraqi currency, often with a Sterling representative joining, prosecutors said.

Federal authorities have already seized and are seeking the forfeiture of the defendants' assets, including: millions of dollars held in dozens of financial accounts; millions in foreign currencies; three private airplanes; two Mercedes and an Audi Quatro; real estate in Brookhaven, Atlanta, Panama City Beach, Florida, and Charlotte, North Carolina; and 48 trusts, capital investment groups and limited liability companies in which the defendants had invested.

Sterling Currency Group, a limited liability company, also did business as Sterling Online Processing Services LLC, and Dinar Banker Sterling sold and exchanged so-called "exotic currencies," including most predominantly the Iraqi dinar.

Sterling Currency said in a news release that since federal authorities obtained search warrants and filed a civil forfeiture complaint as part of the investigation of Sterling Currency and what it labeled "the Iraqi dinar industry," Sterling has provided evidence to the U.S. attorney that it believes "demonstrated … that the central fact allegations in the civil forfeiture complaint were inaccurate, and in some instances flatly false." But, the release said, the U.S. attorney secured a criminal indictment anyway.

"From Sterling's perspective, these charges are without any merit. Sterling, a lawful business which sold a lawful product, was owned and operated by law-abiding and conscientious individuals, two of whom served extensively in the United States Armed Forces," the release said. "These executives worked hard to ensure Sterling complied with all state and federal laws and regulations. This included investing enormous resources into its compliance program and maintaining extensive legal and other professional counsel to ensure it was fully compliant with all applicable laws. Sterling and the named individuals strongly deny the U.S. attorney's charges and look forward to vigorously defending themselves throughout this process and at trial."

Mike Brown of Alston & Bird, Rhame's criminal defense attorney, told the Daily Report on Tuesday, "We look forward to defending Mr. Rhame and are confident that when the facts come out there will be a conclusion that he committed no crime.

According to the indictment, a key component of what federal authorities say was the illegal pumping scheme was Keller, who made "materially false" statements to followers of his website that he had information verified by "high-level confidential sources" in the U.S. government, the Iraqi government, major financial institutions and other international organizations. He also told followers that he had no financial motive to promote investments in the dinar but was rather an altruist who shared his knowledge so that others might benefit.

Prosecutors said Keller fueled financial speculation by predicting an imminent "revaluation" of the dinar that would lead to a quick, exponential rise in value over U.S. dollars and other stable foreign currencies. Holders of dinars would realize potentially enormous gains if a revaluation occurred. And the participation of Sterling's executives on Keller's conference calls and chat forums provided validation to Keller's followers that his claims about a revaluation of the dinar were credible, according to the indictment. Keller and his GET Team, prosecutors said, was one of the leading Internet-based proponents of speculation on a dinar revaluation.

Sterling executives didn't make direct representations about the likelihood of a revaluation or offer investment advice to Keller's followers, but the indictment said that Sterling executives "assured listeners" on Keller's conference calls that Sterling was prepared and able to handle the high volume of dinar exchanges that would likely occur once the Iraqi currency was revaluated.

Prosecutors said Keller had a secret financial arrangement with Rhame, Shaw, and Bell and was paid more than $160,000 to fuel speculation in currency sales, particularly the dinar. Keller's promotional activities generated millions of dollars in sales for Sterling Currency, which sold the dinar and other "exotic currencies" as Sterling Online Processing Services and Dinar Banker, prosecutors said.

The indictment also contends that Rhame, Shaw and Bell never believed that Keller had the high-level sources he claimed to have and warned their own employees not to speculate. But, the indictment said, Sterling executives also knew that Keller's alleged pumping activities were essential to their company's financial success and would continue to boost their sales. The dinar has not yet been revalued.

Rhame is alleged to have told colleagues that Keller and his GET Team had generated as much as 80 percent of Sterling's business and was Sterling's single largest referrer, prosecutors added. From 2010 to 2015, prosecutors said that Sterling grossed over $600 million in revenue in currency sales and generated over $180 million in distributions for the company co-owners.

"Investors in the Iraqi dinar, like all investors, are entitled to make an informed choice based on honest and transparent information," U.S. Attorney John Horn in announcing the indictment. "These defendants are alleged to have defrauded investors by spreading misinformation about the investment potential of the Iraqi dinar in order to profit from sale of the currency.

People ask how can they get indicted when any day there will be a Revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar? Well they can't so that proves that the RV is simply a never ending Nigerian scam .

Hey Kenny...



Evidence showed the defendants made investors believe they would get rich by investing in the Iraqi dinar because it was about to revalue. Such a revaluation did not come.
by RamblerNash
on Thu Oct 11, 2018 11:45 pm
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Breitling: "They said they wanted to get back to $1.17 and then after that..."

What a blithering idiot.  Breitling has been saying for nearly ten years that Iraq is going to revalue, and the IQD is worth less now than it was in 2008.  So yes, Breitling is wrong.  He has been wrong for nearly ten years, and if it doesn't revalue by more than a few % he will be proven to be a total fraud, and all of the lemmings who listen to him will be SOL.  That's stupid statement #1.  Stupid statement #2 ..... the ridiculous analogy to a football game with with a 49-0 score with 2 minutes left and the team that is ahead blowing it at the end.  A better analogy would be the team that is behind by 1190 points coming back to win in the last two minutes.  That's about how likely Breitling's RV is.  Then there's stupid statement #3.  They (whether Iraq, CBI, or the Ministry of Planning) never said that they were going to revalue to $1.17.  No country EVER announces a revaluation ahead of time.  If they did that speculators would buy it all up and the citizens would hoard the currency, which would send their economy into a grinding halt.  No, the Ministry of Planning recommended back in the 1980s that the Saddam dinar be devalued from $3.21 to $1.13 because it was grossly overvalued.  This recommendation was made in 1984 and amended in 1990.
This report had precisely ZERO to do with the IQD.  You might as well read a report from the Dow Jones from 1984 to pick a stock to invest in.  It's totally obsolete.  I repeat ... Breitling is a blithering idiot!  Heed his advice at your own peril.
by Sam I Am
on Sun Sep 30, 2018 12:41 am
Topic: Breitling: "They said they wanted to get back to $1.17 and then after that..."
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KTFA CC w/ Frank26 Notes by Cinderella1906 9/24/18


Cinderella1906 » September 26th, 2018



I only transcribed what Frank said. I did not transcribe any calls with Delta


Due to the time factor, let’s get moving right away and move into the next section.

Ladies and gentlemen, when I was last with you, it was about 2 weeks ago. And if you recall I said to you, I don’t want to walk with you through the door of the RI of the RV. Oh and by the way, I see your postings, and even when I give you an answer to a question, you take the answer and you just take it apart, and you try to find other reasons to support YOUR logic. I’m not confusing.

Look… let me try to explain this, one more time, and only one more time, so we can move on. The Central Bank of Iraq, in conjunction with the Government of Iraq, is in the process of going through what is called a “Monetary Reform.” Now that’s an“MR.” Okay?

Now within the MR, consist, some other initials. Three of them in fact. The next one is what’s called the RD, and they’re already done with that. That’s called the redenomination. You know instead of a…a…a…a, $100 dollar bill in your pocket? How about if you had 5 $20 dollar bills in your pocket? Well, you redenominated that $100 bill into 5 $20 dollar bills. In other words, they want to get rid of the 3 zero notes and bring in the small notes; that’s the redenomination process.

And as far as I’m concerned, they are well past that as well too. Not only in the education to the citizens, but also in printing it. And we’ve already shown you the proof; it’s in the Final Article Thread. You saw millions and millions that they spent in printing new currency. Hm. They even told you which category, didn’t they? Very clearly. And we established the difference in the lower denoms, which have a space, a Specimen stamp on the new ones that are leaving the borders of Iraq! And where are they going? Oh yes! To all the other Central Banks in Iraq! This whole conference call is in my opinion by the way. (said with emphasis)

(looking down and praying) Oh God give me the strength. I don’t mean to be angry.

This whole conference call is in my opinion. And for those of you who mock my opinion.. uh, that send us nasty emails… there’s 3 of you. There’s 3 of you.

One of you calls me with an unknown phone number and says some of the foulest, nastiest things that could only be found in a Whore House.

And then I have another person, who sends me an email, and.. so there’s two others that sends me emails, ummm…. And your nasty.

And then there’s another guy that sends me a text, ah, “You should be ashamed of yourself, misleading people. Oh how dare you. God is gonna hurt you.” (said in a low voice mimicking the person) Hurt me? Really? (laughing into the camera) God is gonna hurt me? Alrighty. (serious now…) I can only pray for you. Because I don’t wanna hate ‘chu. I don’t wanna hurt ‘cha. I don’t want to argue with you. I want to love you.

This is what God wants of me to do with you. Even though you throw things at me, because of our statements and because I go on vacation.. because whatever it is that I do… “Oh dear me! Did you see Frank! Frank just breathed! He just breathed! Did you see that? How dare you breathe Frank!” Ah… Am I being silly? Of course I am. I’m stretching this, uh, uh, like Silly Putty, ‘cuz that’s exactly what it is. Very silly!

For those of you that, that, try to hurt us.. let me give you another example (picks up cell phone to show face of phone) See this one right here? This is the one guy. See how it says “No Call ID?” uh… this individual, will call us and just say some nasty and vile things. (gets closer to the camera) But you don’t absorb that pain. You think my life is hunky-dory. I know you have pain too, family. Why do you think I do what I do on the Internet? Yes! To make a living. It is my privilege. It is my right. It is my demand by my Heavenly Father. But it is certainly is not to mislead you.

So let me continue to finish what I was saying, before I deviated myself.

The Iraqi currency by the Central Bank of Iraq and many world entities along and in conjunction with the government of Iraq, are going through a re… are going through a Monetary Reform, “MR.”

Inside the Monetary Reform is a re-denomination. Which I believe is also well established.

Now, after the Re-denomination, and all of this is in your Turkmanistan bi’ah… that you see in the last article thread that we have.

After that comes, the third thing. Actually the third and fourth are in combination, and that might be what would cause some trouble. It is the re-instatement and the revaluazation, of the Iraqi Dinar.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m asking you kindly, please stop calling me. Look at this.. look at all of these calls here. Anyways, that throws me off with my teams. My teams communicate with me in three different ways. (to Tink: “You wanna take it? Thank you.”)

Um, so in conjunction is the RI, the reinstatement, and the revaluazation, because once you reinstate the currency, it’s in position, either at that moment to revalue, or, it’s in position to revalue very shortly afterwards. How is it revalued? By the lifting of the 3 zeros of the exchange rate. Yeah.

So now you know, I hope. Ok. There is the Monetary Reform that is introducing a redenomination and that uh, will bring forth a reinstatement and a revaluazation. The RI, the RV can occur in conjunction, instantly together, or they can occur once and then the other one. But, it would be a Reinstatement first, that would then bring forth an RV.

If you want a sequence, if it really means that much to you, because you cause problems, when you argue about silly things It’s a Monetary Reform. MR. Going into a RD, going into an RI, that goes into a RV instantly or eventually. Okay? Okay.

Now as I was saying… When I left you I said that during this time, we were expecting the second article to come out. Now granted, I told that we’re shooting for the last two weeks of this month for September, correct? Is this month of September over with? (Tink in the background: “Nope.”… Frank started genuinely laughing at that … Im sorry what what that Tink? “Nope” Frank “Nope”) It’s noooot. So we still have a week in my calculations and in my uh teachings with you, (laughing), For those of you who are on the phone, my wife just brought a little silly chicken here. The chicken would say “Nope. It’s not over with.” Okay. Thank you Tink. It’s not.

And back to being serious.. let that week go by. We’ll still hopefully see, uh, that second and final article.

Now, I also wanna say that, while I was gone, while I was gone, in my opinion anyways, I believe that uh, I believe that about three more articles came out. That ah, are what we call the “escort.” Or the “convoy.” Of the second or final article. Oh yeah. Did you get to see those three articles? (smiling) Um, yeah. Did I recognize them for you? No. No. You could walk through it by yourself.

Are they in the Final Article Thread? No. No. Because to me the most important thing is the second and final article. And we’ve already gone over it, haven’t we family? You know exactly what it’s gonna contain. Very descriptive. Very to the point to the citizens. And who to else? To who else? To the World. And as I told you before, don’t worry about that. Oh you’re gonna say “But the Whales and Sharks are gonna buy every dinar.” No. There are security features in place that are going to prevent that. And it started over a year ago.

Do you remember last year, I had to tell you, I’m sorry, we can’t get you dinars right now. Do you remember in February or March, I told you of this year, Sorry we can’t get you dinars right now. The Central Bank of Iraq stopped the letting go of its babies. Of its currency. A long time ago. The safety features to prevent massive buying dinars, is uh, long gone. I’m sorry. Is well in place. So that they don’t take advantage of that.

Now this last week of this month of September, let’s see if that second article comes out.

Inside of this last two weeks, actually while I was gone, something happened. Something happened. Are you interested in knowing what happened in my opinion? Would you like for me to tell you? Of course you do.. that’s why you come. So, together we will study now, that which happened while I was gone.

But before we do, I want to tell you that on our Saturday video that we released. (laughing) Sorry about the second video that you saw me dancing. When I’m happy.. I dance. And it was that time in fact, that day, uh that Walkingstick gave me his report. And I will admit, I released that video of me dancing, because of that report. I’m going to give you part of.. Well I’m going to give you most of that report tonight.

But then on Wednesday, somewhere, mixed in-between our call for the product that I represent, uh, I may do it at the start of the call, I may do it in the middle of the call; I may do it at the end of the call. But I will bring you the dessert… a part 2 of tonight.

But for tonight, it is uh, you’re going to get the majority of it. I would say a good 70% of it.

Something did happen while we were gone. And on that Saturday video that I released to you, Video #1, Um, I sat with you and I said to you “Family, I’d like to talk to you about some things.” By now, I thought we were going to have the second article. And what happened was, I said “Um, the BIS…” Um, something happened with the BIS family. And you know what else? With the WTO. The World Trade Organization. And the Bank of International Settlements. Now if you don’t know, the BIS is the Mother of all Central Banks on this planet Earth. And the Central Bank of Iraq, is one of them. And you know that, that, that Central Bank is trying to what?

Monetary Reform. Redenominate. Reinstate. Revalue. Oh okay. And something happened with them? That’s right. So the BIS, the Mother of all Central Banks, would be very interested isn’t it? Yeah, that’s right. Remember I told you Family, that there’s a date? That there is a date for the lifting of the 3 zeros to add value to the currency? I told you I don’t know it. I told you I don’t know it. But in my opinion, there is a date. Mm-hum. Well, if something happened with the BIS, and CBI, it seems to be it’s because that date is very close.

Is that logical? Does that make sense? Mmm-k. Now with that said, and by the way, I would really appreciate you all focusing, and paying attention, because I’m not going to make the Conference Call long. Right now I have Delta on the wings waiting for me to bring him in live. And he’s gonna talk to you. But first I want him to listen, because he doesn’t even have this report. I want you to listen, because you’ve been wanting this report. (shaking head, huffing)

Okay, something happened with the BIS. Something happened with the WTO. Something happened with the CBI. Did you notice all of the sudden a few days ago, the CBI comes out and they say “Hey look. I’ll tell ya what. We’re just going to push the American Dollar away. We don’t want the American Dollar. We don’t, we’re removing it.” You are? “Yeah! Everything we’re gonna do, we started paying our citizens, ya know, salary, electronically.. and only with the Iraqi Dinar.” Well that’s wonderful. “Yes it is.” “And also, we’re doing some other things with only the Iraqi dinar.” And the article said We don’t want to use the American Dollar. We’re removing it.

Now do you understand what that is? With the MCPs the auctions? Well, you should be jumping for joy! The same amount of energy… The same amount of emotion… The same amount of kinetic and ATP energy that you use… The same perpetual energy that you use to be so negative, use it for the excitement for the things we share with you. Because you’re going to see the evidence very shortly. In my opinion.

It took a long time to get that article 7 to you. Oh! Wow! Frank’s teams was right! Took a long time to get that Prime Minister Abadi to you. Oh! Frank was right! Took a long time to give you Mosul the way you wanted. Oh! Frank was right! It took a long time for them to admit, they have already… that they are already in the process of lifting the 3 zeros… or have done it. Hmm

So I ask you, to please be patient with what we share with you right now. The auctions are in wonderful position, right now, at this moment, for a reinstatement of the Iraqi dinar.

A relationship between the American Dollar and the IQD will develop and, but it will be in a basket. It won’t be in an auction of the CBI. It won’t be get on my back, jump on my back, and let me carry you okay? Yeah uh-huh? NO. it will be in a basket. Hey how you doing IQD? Doing fine USD. (laughing) Wassup? Bump me. Check bump. Gimme 5.. there ya go. Are we equal? Are we equal or what, huh? We working together side-by-side right? I’m not bummin’ off of you anymore am I? No you’re not. We’re working together. Along with these other currencies. Let’s go meet them okay? We shall.

President Trump is doing some amazing things. Historical things. I envision President Trump’s last two years, to the equivalent of landing on the moon! No one’s ever done it. And it took an American to do it. A business American. That put his faith in God. I don’t believe that Donald Trump is a hypocrite. He’ll tell you that God has recently come into his life. I don’t believe in coincidences.

For one day I brought you a man, who sat next to me on our conference call, and I said “Sir, what is you opinion about the Iraqi Dinar?” And he said to you and to me in his voice, in his beautiful, splendid voice “Well Frank, I see the Iraqi Dinar a season of nothing. Nothing. Nothing. And then suddenly.”

There was also a meeting that occurred while I was gone. It was the United Nations meetings. hmm. There was one that was even more powerful that brought forth the United Nation meeting. It was a meeting in Jordan. With many Central Banks. And I told you on that video that there were some decisions that were make. Remember that? And I said that on tonight’s Conference Call, I would explain a little bit more in depth about all of these things that I’ve just re-mentioned.

And I talked to you about Iran. And just briefly. Iran is, uh, Iran is like the spoiled child. But Iran is also like the lost child. I believe there people definitely want to do things the way the rest of the Middle East is doing things with the United States. But I believe that the regime that controls the people doesn’t want to give up that power. And they’ll do everything possible. They’ll slap their Mama if they have to. Just so they can make themselves look better. In a better position with those that support them.

But even those that support Iran are backing away. And moving in a direction that Donald Trump wants. Equal trade. Equal fairness with currencies. You know what happened with the Iranian Rial don’t ya? And you know that sanctions have been put on it don’t ya? So, I’m not going to waste any time really on Iran, and like I told ya, if there’s any problems in the Middle East; If there’s any issues in the Middle East; um, it’s because of Iran.

So. (clearing throat) Let me have my phone Tink. Because it’s already twenty-till, and I don’t want to delay this any further. I’m also coming back, with a new attitude. I know you want things right now. Straight to the point. You could care less about the appetizer. I’m afraid your prayer was kinda quick. You want the meats and potatoes. You don’t even want the dessert. So, I want to go ahead then and walk in and start talking to you, and I’m gonna turn now, to my friend. Here, I’ll show ya. Can you see that?

Walkingstick TEXT In town with Shelly….. helping her uncle, having hard time, should be out of here next couple hours.

On that day, that I released that video where I was dancing and I was so happy, it’s because I received a report from Walkingstick. In fact here, you can see. Give ya the dates:

TEXT: Wednesday 7:03 PM (would have been September 19, 2018)
Frank Testing?

I’m here walkingstick ...
OK…Good… BIS, our understanding as of right now..
And um, he said “Frank” he pinged me, testing. “You there” And I said “Yes Sir, I’m here.” He said “Okay. Good. I need to talk to you.” And I said “Okay. What’s up?” And he said “Frank. It is of our understanding (looking at chat).. it is of our understanding, that um, the Bank of International Settlements, right now, is uh, dealing with ‘debt settlements’ with the Central Bank of Iraq. And it seems to be starting from a certain particular date, that are to be paid in IQDs ONLY!”

TEXT: of right now… debt settlements, starting from a certain particular/date are to be paid in IQD only….
Does that theme sound familiar? (looking at chat) Of course it does. You saw the article. The CBI. And you heard me now explain it to you. No more usage of the American Dollar. Only their currency. I already gave you examples of uh, they’re only using the IQD with the citizens. Now I’m going to read it one more time.

Frank, we have an understanding that the Central Bank of Ir…. excuse me, the Bank of International Settlements, that right now, is dealing with the Central Bank of Iraq, with debt settlements, starting from a certain particular date. Where these debts are going to be paid in IQDs only.

Frank: #2. (holding up phone to camera)

TEXT: #2… trying to clarify this right now… but, it seems that they are being required to do so… WTO, is also in the scope

I am trying to clarify this right now, but, it seems that they are being required to do so. The WTO is also in the scope of this. All I have at this time. It’s slowly coming in. I’ll call you again.

So wait-a-minute-wait-a-minute-wait, (holding phone to camera) here’s my respond to him
TEXT: Do you believe that they would request a rate change or can they use dinars with a program right with the BIS in my opinion I don’t think they can!

Simulating the conversation with Walkingstick:
I said “Do you believe that they would request a rate change or can they use dinars with a program rate right with the BIS? In my opinion, I don’t think that they can do that! I mean, they would have asked for these settlement payments a long time ago!”

WS: “No Frank. They were using American Dollars.”

FRANK: “Oh snap! That’s right! Well, still, they could have asked for this a long time ago with the IQD!”

WS: “No Frank. There was no reason because they did not have a date for the reinstatement to add value to it.”

FRANK: “Oh snap! Again! That’s… wow. Wow. So, they’re making a change to their currency rate. I guess that’s the only reason that they would accept payment for settling all their debts. And it would be the only reason for the BIS to even consider asking for this.”

WS: “Frank, they didn’t ask for it.”

FRANK: “Excuse me?”

WS: “The BIS is not asking for it.”

FRANK: “I’m confused.”

WS: “Let me explain. Frank, our understanding, at this time, is no, they cannot pay at a program rate…”

oh here, I just want to make sure I show you. (Frank holds phone up to camera):

TEXT: Our understanding at this time… no, they can not… but, they have made payments as we spoke of before … that can not be excepted/redeemed as payment until a particular date and time… something

WS: “No. They cannot pay at a program rate. But, they have made payments. You know as we spoke about before. That can not be expected, redeemed as payment until a particular date and time.” That he will not give me family. “ Something different going on with the BIS, likely because it is an international debt settlement, not a local settlement. For example in local contracts.” (Holding phone up to camera)

TEXT: Something different going on with the BIS, likely because it is an international debt settlement, not.. i.e. local contracts…

Well then this is excellent for our investment

FRANK: “Well then Sir, this is excellent for our investment! Thank you. Do I keep this to myself, or is it already out?”

He said that was a two part question, he said “Yes. Very good for our investment. No doubt. And yes, you can share what we have.” And he did.

By the way family, Walkingstick wants me to give a shout out to three people. Ladies first, Manaloa. Manaloa, your work is not uh, ignored. And even though just a handful of people say “thank you for your work” uh, that’s just the way it is. But my teams, are very grateful for the work that you did while I was gone. We also had another individual, I forget who it was, uh, I think it was, well, I better not make a mistake, and give credit to the wrong person, but there was another individual, a lady in fact, that also did word-for-word, transcribing of our conference calls. Of the last one, two weeks ago.

So, um, Manaloa, Walkingstick is literally sending you a salute.

(holding the phone up to the camera) Gotta stop calling us family. Take the phone back away from me Tink.

The second person is DoodleBug. Walkingstick is sending you a shout out, a salute.

And the other person is to Militia Man.

Manaloa, Doodlebug, and Militia Man. We thank you for your contributions.

Now I just noticed that somebody made a post here. Yvonne. Hi Yvonne, how are you? It’s good to have you with us sister. Yvonne says, ah, um, “I’m trying to pick myself up off the floor.”

Yvonne, stay on the floor, because I’m about to floor you again.

This is what I want you to know Ladies and Gentlemen. Delta, Delta, get ready because after I do this, in about 5 - 10 minutes, we’ll bring you in.

This is what I want to tell you, part 2:
While I was gone… and again, it has to be in my opinion. And you all know me. You know what that means. It’s in my opinion okay? (smile) um.. and I bring that to you with dignity and respect. And if you don’t want to believe my opinion, don’t worry about it. Just flush me and my opinion right down that toilet. Okay?

But in my opinion while I was gone, um, Iraq, the Central Bank of Iraq, approached, the Bank of International Settlements. AND THEY SAID TO THEM! I want to talk to you. “What about?” “Our currency.” Mm.

Alright and they met. And the Central Bank of Iraq, turns to the BIS and they said “We have been using our currency for many things.”

The BIS says “Yeah. We noticed. That’s cool. What about it?”

“Well… BIS, we would like to offer you the ability for us now to pay our debts. And we want you the Bank of International Settlements to help us pay our debts. But we want you to know, we’re only going to use our currency.”

“But we don’t want that currency at that rate.”

“We know-we know-we know. And we’re here also to tell you, uh, BIS, uh, we have a date in which we are going to add value to our currency.”

You can get up off the floor now Yvonne. Well no.. wait a minute. Stay on the floor.

“Excuse me?” Says the BIS “You have a date.”

“Yes we do”

“Alight-alright. I’ll tell ya what, uh… somebody, get us a cup of coffee, uh, this is gonna take a little longer. Whatcha-got?

“Well, um, by a certain date, BIS, we will be adding value to our currency. And we will only use our currency from this point onward. Have been for quite a while. To start paying our settlements. Our debts. And we want you to accept our money. To accept our payments. We want the World Trade Organization to know that we are going to do this as well. We want to be members of them. We want World Trade. With our currency. That has a date to add value to it. I mean, we’ve already told everybody. We printed the small notes and coins. I mean we already told everybody that next month, we want to introduce them. I mean, we’ve already told everybody all this stuff.”

(Frank leans into the camera) “We know. You’re telling your citizens and you’re telling the world.

“Well.. yeah-yeah. So BIS, uh, by a certain date, um, we wanna make it formal and we want to make a form of payment to you and to the world in only our currency.”

And in my opinion, Family,… Yvonne, are you still on the floor? Okay. And in my opinion family, the BIS accepted this agreement with them.

“Yes, um, only payments in your currency.” “Yes.”

“You have a date that you’re going to add value to it?” “Yes.”

“I mean you realize that we’ve never asked you for payment before, because, at a program rate you can’t pay your own darn bills. You understand that.” “Yes. We know that.”

“But you’re gonna be able to now right?” “Yeah”

“With your currency right?” “Right.”

“With value to it right?” “Right”

“I’ll tell you what… it’s a deal.” (Lifts palm and spits into it)

“Here, spit in your hand” (He then extends his hand to the camera) “Take my hand”

“Alright… alright”

And in my opinion, BIS turns to the CBI and says “Hey! Whatcha’ doin’ next week?”

“Whatever you want us to.”

“Okay. I’ll tell ya what. Let’s get together in Jordan. Let’s meet with all the other Central Banks. In fact, The Fab-4, you know, the United States Treasury, the IMF, the World Bank, delegates from the United States of America. Let’s all get together with them and tell them what we’ve agreed upon. Ya want to?”

“Okay. I can do that. We can do that. We’ll be there. What time?” “Nine O’clock” “Hey, BYO?”

“No. No.” (giggling) “BYOC?” “What’s that?”

“Bring Your Own Cookies” “Well, now you’re talking” “Okay. We’ll be there.”

And in my opinion they were, and they met, and (looking into the camera) YOU SAW THE ARTICLE DIDN’T YOU! (Fierce face) AND YOU SAW THE IMPORTANCE OF IT DIDN’T YOU! AND MILITIA MAN AND OTHERS TOLD YOU THE IMPORTANCE OF IT, DIDN’T THEY!

Therefore, in my opinion, this is what I wish to share with you family. And the reason why, is because THE CENTRAL BANK OF IRAQ DID THIS ON BEHALF OF THE GOVERNMENT OF IRAQ!


For example: GOI “Uh… we need money. We need funds CBI”

“Okay. Hold on. Wait a minute. IMF? Can we have a loan? Can we have some money?”

“Okay.” Approved. “Great!”

CBI says to the GOI: “We gotcha your money!” “Thank you-thank you-thank you”

Only the CBI could do this. For the citizens of Iraq. For the government of Iraq to pay their own bills in their own darn currency. (Fierce face)

I-OBEY, I need you to be reeaaaal careful. We have a full audience of uh, of important people with us. They are reading every word you’re posting. Do not add to my… and notice I’m talking very slowly because of that. If any of you are going to transcribe, like Manaloa, whoever wants to do it, you’re welcome to. But ya gotta send it to me first and I can approve it, then we release it on the forum. Make sure that you capture every word, if you don’t know it, simply say you missed it and go on.

And by the way, you see why I told you don’t worry about the sitting of the government? (laughing) Well you do now.

Yeah, uh, the BIS, the Fab-4, World Bank, uh, the United State of America, Central Banks, the US Treasury. While I was gone, talked about this and agreed upon this.

So, I’m gonna stop. Well.. (smiling) Can I say one more little thing? One more little thing and I promise I’ll shut up. (holding his hand up in the air) cuz it’s time to bring in Delta. And Delta is hearing this for the first time. I can just imagine when he comes on “Whoaaaaa Frankie!” He’s going to give you his opinion on what he just heard, based on what he knows as well too.

Um.. I do want to tell you this. Uh, We told you that oil prices would go up remember? For this year? Um, yeah. They have haven’t they? You saw the article that said recently, oh my goodness, gonna reach a hundred dollar a barrel pretty soon, huh? “Yeah I guess so”

But here’s what I want ‘chu to notice. That you’re not talking about. When you talk about oil prices going up. Oil prices for Brent Crude, uh, have gone up trem’… a lot. No doubt. Tremendously. More than doubled. But why hasn’t the price at the pump gone up? (looks over at Tink and laughing)

Come on. Let me just say this last part. In my opinion Thank you President Donald Trump. BRILLIANT. I hope history explains uh it a little further later on.

So, now we bring ya… OH! You know.. can I say one more.. Ya know! I better not. (laughing) And that’s not to be some kind of a… okay, here’s what I’ll say, and we’ll leave it for Wednesday, and more by-the-way, I promise you. I knowww, I said I wasn’t gonna do Wednesday calls, because I wanted to dedicate it to uh, to that product. I love that product. It’s helping so many people. I love that product. And um, I just want people to have better health, ya know. I want us to be around. But anyways, um, it looks like now, I’m bleeding in on Wednesday’s to give you a little bit more from Monday. Because Monday’s just go on too long. We go into 10:30 at night and that’s ridiculous. And sometimes, ya know, because of our popularity, many people want to be on our program to advertise their product, so okay, I understand that. I had to turn down three people for today.

But that’s why I take away from Monday, and try not to stretch it out, and I give you the rest of it on Wednesday as well too.

Um.. at the end of our Conference Call here, I’ll give you the phone numbers for Wednesday, because it’s a completely different number. At the end of this Conference Call, I will give you the phone numbers for Wednesday’s Conference Call, it’s a completely different number.

And another thing I wanted to tell you, let me just leave this. I’ll set it up. And then we’ll finish it more on Monday. Do you remember I told you that the Iraqi Dinar, the lower denoms, the ones that they’re printing, the ones they’ve talked about. It’s in our Final Article Thread. Remember I told you they were stamped with SPECIMEN. okay. Do you remember then a few weeks later, or actually the last week we were together, I told you that those SPECIMEN lower denoms are being sent to Central Banks around the world?

At first they were just leaving the borders of Iraq to the nearby Middle Eastern countries. But now they have gone all over to many banks. Mm-yeah.

Well, I’d like to give you a report of that as well on Monday, a little bit deeper. Even though I did point in the right direction for you, our report will cover the Asian Theater.

Alright, Ladies and Gentlemen, that’s enough of me, Delta, Delta, are you there sir?

Frankie! Frankie!!

————- I did not transcribe the call from Delta.

Well, um, what do ya think? Was it well worth the wait for two weeks? We still have about 1300 here and we’ve got about 1200 on the phone. I’m glad that you stuck around. And I’m glad that I’m not dragging it out. I’d still be on for another 45 minutes. But, I’m gonna do my best to clean that up and not drag it out so much anymore on Mondays. We’ll split over into Wednesdays. But wait, isn’t it ironic, my wife and I are thinking about saying Goodbye to LiveStream. Yeah, we were thinking about saying Goodbye to them, because they’re always shutting down on us. They’re always breaking down on us. Aren’t they? Causes frustration for you folks.

I listen to everything. I listen to everybody. I try to help everybody. It would be easy just to stay here with LiveStream, but um we’re thinking about going to YouTube. Yeah. We’re thinking about going to YouTube and you can meet us there and we can do our Conference Calls there, and everything that we do, we can do it there. Now if we don’t, we’ll stay with LiveStream. But isn’t it ironic, the day that we were thinking about it, not once did LiveStream go down.

Tink interrupted: It did.

Frank: oh! It did?

Tink: yes. When you got up to answer the phone. People were saying “I can’t hear anything. I can’t hear anything.” I was playing music.. (inaudible - talking over each other)

Frank: Then you started back up again? Ohhhhhh… so you DID mess up tonight LiveStream??? Let’s see… LiveStream: Zero… YouTube one.

We’ll talk more about that. Who knows, maybe by then this will all be over with. I hope and I pray that it was a good call. I hope and I pray that it was a great call. And I want you to be with me next Wednesday.

Let me give you that phone number. Okay. Get a pencil and paper. Tink, can I have it, or are you gonna put it up? You’re gonna put it up. Okay. You’re about to see it. For those of you that are on the phone, I’m going to go ahead and read it to ya. So get a pencil and paper. And uh give me just a second.

While we wait for it, my name is Frank. I go by Frank26 on the Internet. If you’re interested in talking to me, my phone number is 419-283-2552. I am a Registered Agent with a Registered Broker with the United States Treasury. If you have any interest and need in currency, I can help you with that too. You can’t call me and ask me questions. That’s what this Monday Conference Call is all about. We study it here on an open venue, where I can express my opinion. But if you’re calling me to order the currency, that’s where that information stops. You must be prepared. I’ll simply take your order, pass it on to my Broker who has the license then to send it to you.

How to join the forum….

Then he gave the Wednesday Live number and replay number

Prayer and Andy…..
by Ssmith
on Thu Sep 27, 2018 7:53 am
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KTFA CC Notes w/ Frank26 by TNT Sunny 9/24/18


FRANK26, KTFA CC, Monday, Sept 24, 2018 "CBI to the BIS"

I only heard a small portion of Franks Monday call - Sunny

NOTES: FRANK26, KTFA CC, Monday, Sept 24, 2018

[Frank26]: Something happened in the last two weeks while I was gone. When I’m happy I dance. . . . Walkingstick released his report. I released that video of me dancing because of that report.

On that Saturday video, #1. I said something happened with the BIS and WTO. The BIS is the mother of central banks on this earth. CBI is one of them.

Remember I told you there is a date for the releasing of the three zero’s. I don’t know it but IMO there is a date.

If something happened with the BIS or CBI it seems to me it’s because that date is close. Delta is in the wings but first I want him to listen. He doesn’t even have this report.

CBI came out with an article, “we don’t want the USD.” Doing some other things with only the Iraqi Diner. You should be jumping with joy!

CBI told the BIS they wanted them to pay their debts and only with their currency (the dinar).

You can get up off the floor now Iran!

CBI told the BIS, “By a certain date we will be adding back our currency. We will start paying our debts and want you to accept our payments. We want world trade with our currency.

We already told everybody we printed the small notes and will introduce them. We want to make it formal.”

And IMO opinion family the BIS accepted this agreement with them. BIS agreed to accept Iraq’s payments in their own currency.

Frank then related the BIS set up meeting with the WB, US, WTO, etc.

[Frank26]: IMO they met. The CBI did this on behalf of the GOI because only the CBI can go to the BIS and make this type of a deal for the GOI.. . For the GOI to pay their own bills in their own darn currency!

. . .I love the CBI went to the BIS and said we want to pay our bills with our own currency!
by Ssmith
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Steffen Rowe/Tank "Why you Should Support President Trump, Part 2" 9/23/18

Topics tagged under 1 on Dinar Daily 10103712

23 September, 2018 22:10

Why You Should Support President Trump

Part 2

The Republic of the United States is a victim of a corporate takeover that took place only about five years after the establishment of the constitutional government. This corporate entity has been controlled by an over ruling Monarchy that has maintained chaos through the constant creation of war and division.

To date, if one made it to the office of the President it was because he supported the overarching agenda of the Monarchal ruler, often referred to in international documents as the Great Dictator, or the King of Kings. President Trump is anomaly. He wasn’t supposed to win.

You may remember that Hillary Clinton was the first candidate ever who didn’t come out and concede the election when it was clear she lost. She and her family didn’t wear red or blue when they finally spoke, again taking a stand against honored patriotic traditions. They wore purple. Wearing purple was a demonstration of their loyalty to the royal elite over the United States of America.

As I live in New York and have close ties to various Police Departments filled with officers who haven’t been corrupted yet, and they often ask me about anomalies they recognize and aren’t sure of the meaning they asked why, after the election would Hillary Clinton be burning her own servers in her back yard. In reality, these were the George Sorros vote rigging servers that had a sudden and absolute crash during the voting process. At the time I didn’t have an answer.

This altered the outcome of the elections, and not long after that President Obama initiated the Executive Order that was recently modified to hold anyone accountable who tampered with US elections via the use of technology that could endanger the most sacred aspect of being an American, the right to, and power of our vote.

It seems as if he may have had some knowledge that the election was tampered with and set orders in place that would allow him to go after said party and change the outcome. But he couldn’t make it known that someone interfered with the election rigging devices they had set in place to rig the election so that Hillary Clinton would win.

There was a plan in place for years to ensure Hillary Clinton would have a clear path to become the first female president at this time. The Order has to change their approach after she was elected to adapt to the known uncontrollable nature of Donald Trump. Although part of the “Elite” he couldn’t have been too deeply entrenched in the ritual side of the Order or he’d just be following directions now instead facing so much criticism and resistance. The Order believes it is their Divine Right to rule humanity and be worshipped as Gods.

President Trump has taken action knowing that the Government has been ruled by “unelected bureaucrats”, who as Paul Ryan said, “make the laws, write the laws and enforce the laws”. Most of us thought that was done by the Congressmen and women we elected. But this was a public statement that should have changed the world. But most of us didn’t even notice it happened.

The Order has always been masterful at telling us that something is happening through our “leaders”. We have generally taken comfort knowing that if they know about it then they have it covered. We go back to our daily grind and assume someone else will handle it. This is part of the great deception.

President Trump isn’t a politician which is easy to recognize by his complete lack of political correctness, which is just elite Illuminati etiquette. It’s the masterful art of doing awful things in private, but discussing them with terms that are polite and don’t alert the slaves to the reality of ones true character. It’s very similar to the way parents spell out words in front of their children when they want to say something but don’t want to alarm the child. Somehow, President Trump wasn’t brainwashed to respect these rules of the Order.

President Trump is surrounded by those loyal to the Order and he still presses forward to expose them. He’s on a mission that does not necessarily end with him having a second term. He is for the people. He is for the country. He’s running a business like a business, but he has a plan to turn it back into a Republic.

Take note of the Executive Orders below and read more about the way they can be used to liberate our country and return our Sovereignty at the link below. I’m not sure if that’s the exact plan but it’s important to consider all angles. Regardless, President Trump has not deviated from his mission and this deserves our support.

Right now, his mission is our mission. And it doesn’t matter what party you’re part of, because you are one of the people.


Topics tagged under 1 on Dinar Daily Image1-3

Document #1: Executive Order 13818, signed December 20, 2017. “Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption”

“I therefore determine that serious human rights abuse and corruption around the world constitute an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States, and I hereby declare a national emergency to deal with that threat.”

Document #2: Executive Order 13618, signed July 6, 2012 by President Obama. “Assignment of National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications Functions”

This executive order grants the President absolute control over all U.S. media, including internet tech giants (social media), news networks and news websites. It specifically names:

…communications that support Continuity of Government; Federal, State, local, territorial, and tribal emergency preparedness and response communications; non-military executive branch communications systems; critical infrastructure protection networks; and non-military communications networks, particularly with respect to prioritization and restoration…

Document #3: Executive Order 13825, signed March 1, 2018. “2018 Amendments to the Manual for Courts-Martial, United States”

…this document essentially establishes the preservation of the government’s right to prosecute crimes of treason and deep state collusion against America, all of which may be prosecuted via military tribunals under existing U.S. law.

This would allow deep state traitors to be arrested by military police and subjected to military trials run by the Pentagon, completely bypassing the corrupt court system which has been deliberately stacked with complicit deep state traitors and “resistance” judges.


by Ssmith
on Mon Sep 24, 2018 9:14 am
Topic: Steffen Rowe/Tank "Why you Should Support President Trump, Part 2" 9/23/18
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KTFA Mon. CC Notes w/ Frank26, DELTA by Sunkissed and Dinaridori 9/10/18

We don’t use foreign currency…we don’t have any middle man between us. The GOI and the USA put together the government of Iraq for the HCL. For all the reforms….for the monetary, economic reform and the Hydrocarbon law….for the reinstatement of the IQd.

It’s due to the coming together of the largest bloc these individuals are terrorist-free. There’ll always be some bad apple, but the money taken out for terrorism, to support Iran, Maliki and his purposes…that’s gone! It’s a new era. It’s a magic moment of:

1 – Seating government without terrorism
2 – The Hydrocarbon Law being passed.
3 – The Iraq Stock Exchange – the ESX of Kurdistan right now functioning and trading.
4 - The lower denoms specimen marked from the borders of Iraq into international banks. That’s either the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard or the greatest thing I’ve ever heard for our investment.

These 4 examples I just gave you is the primer for the economic monetary form that’s about to explode in Iraq. And, yes, historically between April and September, have always been the months for a change – especially for a change in their rate, historically.

The GOI put this in place. Donald Trump put this government in place for Sadr and Abadi because they both have turned their backs to Iran and this is what Trump wanted.

Trump, IMO, is also pushing the HCL, hence why he pushed to seat the GOI…not talking about seating the Parliament, the full GOI now. The GOI is the activation for the HCL…

​Also, IMO, President Trump is pushing the monetary reform….the reinstatement of the IQD. That is a fact, IMO.

They got rid of influence of terrorism and many middle eastern countries they were depending not only on stealing from Iraq but using the American dollar. That doesn’t work anymore. It is a new era. GAME IS ON for the RI of the IQD.

The fear tactics that these opposing fascists used to stop the reforms both economic and monetary, they’re gone! GOING, GOING GONE! This was the reason for such a slow methodical approach for the reforms.

The money was being used for corruption, as you may know, IMO, the reform will now move very fast, very fast.

And these people, I’m sorry -- the haig with them for all I care.

GITMO..you gonna get some mo, that’s for sure!

Can you say…what the malo bat? Well, then learn to say, GUANTANEMO BAY.

Trump is investigating Malikithe files. Ha! Maliki came out and said, “I had a vision”. Really? You sure you didn’t have a dream…What did youhave? I had a nightmare…I don’t want any political position. You better believe you had that dream…it was for realistic what was presented to you by the USA.

The RI must NOT FAIL…You are the reason for it. IMO, the GOI is very firmly in place. I would say that the reforms are slated for 2018. Yeah…that’s my opinion.

The HCL is an internal…not an international event….internally, they are moving very fast.

The 4th part of the HCL with the GOI…Wait for it…wait for it…are you ready??
Repeat: The 4th part of the HCL with the GOI can NOW PASS will automatically open bank accounts for all living and breathing Iraqi citizens from the ages of 16 and above because they’ll be paid electronically the national oil company law says so.

Now, you may not understand the importance of that just yet so let me try to explain that. Internally, they tried opening up accounts for these citizens a long time ago. Do you remember when they had the Kuwait conference? They drew in a lot of citizens, but they drew in a lot of companies around the world from a lot of countries and they signed a contract --- internally. That’s good.

Then, about a month later…what happened to that? Are we listening, family? And then about a month after that at the Kuwait Conference. Once again, WS’s firm was involved with another conference. What was it? The CBI…what did they do? They had a conference for all the citizens and all the banks. And what did they tell the citizens….Look at these new ATM machines…these are the new ones and you know those are programmed only for small notes. Are they for coins? I told you, there will be no coins dispensed by the new ATM machines. You’ve gotta go into the banks to get them. Okay.

Now, when they had that conference they also told the citizens we want you to open up a bank account. Bring in your 000’s, your notes, NO! But they did, to a degree. It was somewhat successful with about 35-40% citizens that came in there that opened bank accounts.

The REINSTATEMENT MUST NOT FAIL! Will it fail within the GOI? No…it will fail with the citizens if they do not accept it. Remember those notes?

So, it turns out because now that we have a seated government, the passing of the HCL, automatically allows opening every breathing Iraqi citizen over 16 years old inside and outside of Iraq to receive salaries, retirements, and 7-10% of their oil rights. It automatically opens a checking account for them. GOTCHA! Brilliant, USA!

Internationally, the HCL, the 4th part, will finish this action and open the bank accounts for every citizen that wants their part in the profit sharing of the national sharing law. Do you understand the humungous power of what I just shared with you right now?

WS brought the article on the bank accounts opening for us a few weeks ago …many of you tried to do the math at 1190, but WS only smiled because it’s not about the rate, it’s about the vehicle called the HCL…it’s so important to see past and activate by the new GOI. Abadi had kept saying over and over again..you will open accounts or WE will open accounts for all Iraqi citizens. Darn right, they did! YES!

It was important to seat the government, but not for the RI, but for the HCL and for the birth of the automatic bank accounts for every citizen who participates with this..because it must not fail for the citizens of Iraq, IMO, sitting the GOI and other 4 things that we gave you now are all in position.

1 – The GOI
2 – The Iraq Stock Exchange
3 – The specimens marked leaving the borders
4 - The Hydrocarbon Law (HCL)

The RI is downhill now…it’s faster…there are no delays. What’s next, Frank? You can find things to look for but the best thing is to wait for it.

Family, when tese large blocs sit down to negotiate…tell me something Sastini, tell me USA, tell me Abadi…Why should I support you?

Well, there are certain things on the table….like what? Like the HCL and monetary reform. You want to be left out or a part of it. The HCL – has to be passed and if we see the GOI sit IMO, these two things will come very fast.

Ladies and gentlemen, remember what I said to you IMO, the RI is slated before year’s end and don’t you dare look at me and say, Oh, no! Frank is taking me into Sept, Oct., Nov. Dec…No, I didn’t say that. It could happen at any nano second.
It doesn’t mean that the RI has to wait until the end of the year, you got that? It can come before the end of the year…tomorrow, tonight…I don’t know when. The date IMO was set this far in this year due to the forming of the GOI without corruption to pass an HCL that is needed for the citizens so that the RI does not fail and open bank accounts automatically.

The HCL and the monetary form, yes…and to pass all the stalled laws wut #1 right now with Donald Trump. The HCL and monetary reform of the Iraqi Dinar.

A delegations we told you were coming to the USA to see Donald Trump…I also told you there’s something on Donald Trump’s desk. See how it comes together weeks later. A delegation going to DC…when? They already told you…in 3 days!
There’s some papers on your desk, Donald Trump….yeah, I know.

Also, Iraq has cancelled the American dollar as a form of government usage with Iran…and you heard it with Delta. The IQD only from now on….and we told you about 4 or 5 cc’s ago. Yes, Iran, you’re going to get paid by Iraq but it’s not going to be with American dollars the way you want it…do you remember that?

Family, there’s a 90% chance that all the money in all the foreign banks in the world is coming back to Iraq. All their assets…electronically, solid, everything coming back.

This time line that’s been established with Iran is working…Iran is tightly controlled right now and they were the reason for not having the RI. But there’s a lot of exaggeration coming from Iran and even in the US media…IMO, Iran is very well under control and Iran is conceding and willing to give up their nuclear proliferation, willing to do something different with their currency and trade, willing to cooperate with Donald Trump’s plan. But, IMO, it was the world that was not ready for Article 2 three Saturday’s ago. Are you with me?

That’s why tonight we told you a lot about the BIS two weeks ago they put some numbers up and we talked about it in our recording…and I think that’s enough to talk about it.

When you consider 2 weeks ago with what WS said…that was a Saturday they were going to come and visit Donald Trump and release the 2nd Article and the EIS is on a timetable to give up any information when you consider that….two weeks ago plus the next two weeks equals a window for the BIS to reveal a chance of the rate from the CBI for the IQD, if they decide to do it. And who is they? The global world. If they are ready to change the IQ because IMO, and the Fantastic 4 and Donald Trump are more than ready but keep in mind family…it’s a hand in glove situation…a document of mutual agreements that were actually done in the first quarter of 2018 – 6 months ago.

The GOI agreed on the HCL and that’s why it was put in the Gazette…the HCL…That timeframe is here now with the formation of the GOI.. They had 30 days to vote and approve the passing of the HCL…all of this is in my opinion. The key here is that the RI must not fail with the citizens and that’s why we told you about the conference in Kuwait and the conference with the citizens with the Visa Cards and the importance of why we needed this government formed so they could pass this so automatically for the citizens of Iraq.

They’ve been very cautious and rightfully so. The GOI passes the HCL and automatically opens these accounts. Game on if you want your shares.

What is the BIS? Well, it’s the mother of all central banks on this planet earth.

Where do you think the specimens are coming from when they’re landing in many banks in the world…? The CBI? No. They are not in charge of sending the IQD specimens to every world bank. The BIS is. Now do you understand why you pay attention a little closer?

It comes from a clearing bank…the Bank of International Settlements which is the World Central Bank and it’s gone from the east to the west and that’s why we gave you the example of Thailand.

And, an important point IMO the major economies have to have the specimens for the lower denoms first.

So, a lot of American influence…the USA has great interest in Iraq in the middle east and is influencing a lot, because if not, Iraq will never stand on their own two feet…it’s been 10 years…we’ve been there and what you’re seeing is what you’re getting.

The USA is good because the citizens of Iraq are not free of Iranian terrorism …and I don’t care how much the democrats are pissed off …it worked with Iran, it worked with China…it worked with Russia…Indonesia….we told you you’re just trying to survive…Turkey…we told you…citizens know they’re free of terrorism. That is the key when we said once we go in there and remove all of this, we, the USA, remove the Iranian infouence and it’ll be a better environment…a suitable world…for the world , the citizens of Iraq,let alone the GOI, the CBI and most of all for the citizens…

Sistani made it very clear the citizens are #1 for him. He said okay – burn the consulate down…show them that we are united against them as a country…against this terrorism…all this bullshiat to replace Abadi as the Prime Minister…all this bullshia is a waste of time and that’s why we don’t talk to you about it. You would think we were talking about the democrats…we’re not…we’re talking about the Iranian influnce those going against Abadi and his government.

Sadr wants Abadi to resign? Who said that? Ahhh….We heard it…in the newspaper… Where’d it come from? Iran. Frickin’ unbelievable.

Six months ago, you agreed upon the HCL…you put it in the Gazette and with a fully functioning GOI, we need to see the HCL passed next cause the RI must not fail and failure could only come from the Iraqi citizens at this juncture…not the government nor the CBI.

Remember WS’s Kuwait conference…Remember that their firm also did the conference with the ATM machines and Visa Master Cards and bank accounts. Remember once the HCL is passed, once they tell you that it’s passed, it automatically opens accounts to get their share…electronically internationally has been the whole goal of the monetary reform.

Remind me on Wednesday to see Article 2 on livestream…this document and my notes because it’s kind of important and I really want to go over it.

You heard part of this on the recording….we’ll end and pick up on Wednesday.

Ladies and gentlemen, part of the article you heard on the 3rd recording tonight..Art. 2 that we tell you that’s coming out for the citizens will be very similar to the Article I’m going to be putting in the Final Article thread on the forum.

Pay attention: The articles that are already out, written, are coming off a draft form of Art. 2 that we’re waiting for. The articles we’re talking to you about – the wording will be very similar to Art. 2 …in the same manner.

In fact, IMO, this one article that I’m sorry I don’t have the time to show it you but I’ll make it up to you…it just be a part of Art. 2 that we seek. Why? Because it tells you that they continue to collect and lift the lower denom’s and NEXT MONTH they said we may show the translation is correct…and NEXT MONTH they will replace them with the new small notes.

You heard me talk to Delta to make sure the translation is correct…in other words, BRING ME says the CBI that everyone will have an account soon….Bring me your tired and word 250’s – 500’s and 1000’s and we, the CBI, will give you the NEW 1-5-10-20-100’s and the 1 coins, ½, ¾, coin, and 1 dinar coin next month.

If this article is translated correctly which we believe it is, by Delta, for next month, then what would be the month that everything would be exposed on the RI for the IQD…Next month! If this article translates to what we believe for next month, then that would be the month that everything for the RI would be publically released. – You got that? Understanding that? IMO

Now, this is important…they’re going through a redonomination…they’re removing the lower denom’s and at the same breath they’re going through a revaluation because a redenomination with the lower denom’s will be replaced with the small notes and coins by a revaluation means there’s been a change in the rate…coupled, simultaneously, bring to us this action of an RD and an RV brings to us automatically with a change in the rate of the IQD currency which is of international status. That is the goal of the MR…you can go to the Turkmenistan article of what I just told you they did with their currency that Iraq is doing at the very, very end.

The BIS will get a change of rate and so will many agencies around the world and many central banks…it will no longer be a secret to anyone. This type of note will now be for international usage will be the announcement. Nothing about this can be a secret to the citizens or it will fail with them. – That’s why they”re being massively educated.

We, the USA, is calling…all the shots in Iraq from military to reform with the articles that we have just studied that we believe, IMO, are a partial to the second article then it’s no longer a leakage --- it’s for an intent. It is part of the education to the citizens of Iraq.

Fascinating isn’t it?
by Ssmith
on Mon Sep 17, 2018 8:59 am
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KTFA Mon. CC Notes w/ Frank26, DELTA by Sunkissed and Dinaridori 9/10/18


Cinderella1906 » September 16th, 2018


RECORDING #1 WITH DELTA September 10, 2018

Donald Trump is very blunt, and the reason why is because he is extremely interested in what’s call the Bottom Line: The profit and loss. He doesn’t want to lose money. He wants to gain; and he wants that for the United States, and for the American citizens ,and for the American dollar. And if you look very carefully at what he’s done, he has truly changed the face, of the way the American Dollar is being treated, by many countries… by the way, trade is being treated.

I will admit, it has hurt many Americans as well too. I’m sorry about that. I pray for you. With change does come pain. And I pray that it is a change that will be beneficial for all of us. Politicians will look straight into you face and lie to you, because that’s their profession.

​I’m not telling you nothing new. Businessmen will look at you and be very blunt with you, straight to the point, very frank with you and kind of insulting… and you know why? They want the bottom line of profit and loss to be in their favor. Please remember what I just told you. Donald Trump does not know how to lie to you. He’s not a professional at that. What he is… is a professional at being very very blunt… in order to get the very best. Interesting isn’t it?

Alright, now, what I’m going to do is I’m going to play you some recordings and the first one is going to… now the way we do these recordings, they are in chronological order. You know that ok? That’s the very first thing you want to be aware of. They’re in chronological order. What happens is that me and Walkingstick, because I don’t allow you to listen to any other team member on our Forum, uh, we talk and then I talk with Delta, because Delta, helps us to verify a lot of the information. A lot of the emails. All of the articles, in fact, tonight, you’re going to learn about one article that many people thought it meant something; in fact the internet ran with it.

I was excited about it.. but it turns out that Delta is bringing us a report and telling us that no it’s not what we thought it was. But there is another article that is going to blow you out of the water. If I was you, I would put your seatbelt on. This conference call is going to be once again, in depth, with a lot of information, and if we get bumped, where we’re headed towards 1200 people (we average about 15-1600) when we get to around 2000 we may lose you. And if we do, you know what I do, I stop everything, and try to reboot us and get us back on Livestream. So don’t be panicking and thinking the world is coming to an end and you’re not going to get everything.

Here we go! The first conversation is going to be between me and Delta. It’s 17 minutes long. And what happens is that he and I are talking and, this is Tuesday of last uh last week. This actually covers Tuesday and Wednesday of last week. It’s a conversation that will deal with Iran and some other issues. Now these 3 conversations also have a lot of information that I DO NOT REPEAT. When I’m done with these three conversations, then I’m going to talk with you, but it will be with more information.

Please enjoy. Phone call #1 Tuesday (September 04, 2018)

FRANK Hey Manny!

DELTA How you doin’ buddy? I miss you. How you doing?

FRANK I can’t complain.. I’m uh.. just fascinated by the things going on right now Manny. Walkingstick called me and gave me a pretty long report. We were on for about two hours.


FRANK If I was to summarize it.. um.. the seating of the GOI completely is going to allow the HCL and I don’t care at what rate it is, just the fact that they can pass it, because they are seated as a full government now is the key. The same thing with the Iraqi Stock Exchange, it’s in position. So is the government.. to pass the HCL. So is two other things that he gave me. There’s a total of four. All these things are in position. And what’s really cool about it is that.. you know.. it’s us.. it’s the United States. We’re the ones that made this thing work:

We picked their government.

We picked their Parliament.

We’ll sit them down. iTeam just called and said that they’re 90% sure that all of the money that was in foreign banks that was ever stolen, at least the majority of it, about 90% of it is what they said, is going to be returned.

Even the assets like Gold, Money, Apartments, Houses, Cars, everything.. Planes. And what I really like is when Walkingstick told me that President Donald Trump is pushing the government to be seated so they can pass the HCL. And… so they can pass the Monetary Reform. They’re a… the CBI is going to be sending a delegation to DC for Donald Trump. Donald Trump will meet with them. There’s a lot going down right now Manny. A lot. And I really don’t know how to share it with the family.

DELTA (interrupts in the background) You can now!

FRANK They just want one thing. They just want a date - that’s it.. and the change of rate. They don’t look at the beauty of what’s going on. This is pretty masterful. Iran is about to… you know.. all the influence is about to go away. They’re running away. As soon as they sit their government, that’s it, they are in big trouble.

The key is to sit their government so they can do the Monetary Reform. So they can do the HCL. So the Iraqi Stock Exchange can go International. And like I told you when I called you a couple days ago, he (Walkingstick) told me that um… the lower denims with the specimen marking are now being sent to banks outside of Iraq.

DELTA (Interrupts in the background) Oh Snap!

FRANK And um, he said that it was just in the bordering areas.. but iTeam called and told me today that, uh, Thailand is now seeing the physical denoms. Wow! From the East to the West. Walkingstick said “That’s why I gave you that Asian website.” I said “Yeah, I know.” A lot of good things going on Manny. Thanks for that picture have you heard any more form the television.

Delta begins — Frank stops the recording to say

FRANK I forgot to tell you that everything is strictly in our opinion. Okay with you, right? Delta responds.. it’s alright.

​DELTA: Actually, that was reason I’m calling too because today officially they stopped the dollar between Iran and Iraq. You know we had that, we saw in that article that they’re not going to use that and were going to use the Euro and the Iraqi Dinar, but today was officially. And now the Administrator of Trade of Iran said that from now on, effective basically this day, today’s date, in the morning, they are not going to deal with dollars anymore between both countries.

And this is basically, significant, and will make more demand for the Dinar.. but second this is, uh, for them to cancel, you know the dollar and to use the Euro and the Dinar… First of all you know, Iraq is going to use the Euro, because the Euro is like a dollar for them, just like a reserve.

The second part is that they don’t want to use the Rial, because right now it’s like 110,000 Rial to the dollar, so the only way they can do it is, they have to use Iraqi Dinar for now. But here’s the catch, for them to say they uh, that officially we cancel the dollar and trade between us and Iraq, because as International Nation, uh, Iran, no way they can they accept Iraqi dinar unless the Iraqi dinar HAS to be Article 8.

Because remember, in Article 14 you can’t make payments to any nation, it’s against the regulations of the IMF, that the only time you can accept the other nations, if they are Article 8… but your not a tradable, recognizable currency, so as the government you cannot go over them and do whatever they want.

But as a government they have to cancel that to be able to accept Iraqi dinar as a payment… this is impossible. It doesn’t make any sense, unless the dinar has to go international and they have to be Article 8.

So this announcement to make it official today, you know for Iran to accept that local currency, because remember before they said maybe Euro, maybe… but now they talk about those three currencies. But I don’t think Iraq is going to do that, because they would have to pay a lot of money for that. The Iraqi dinar is not very possible for them to do that.. they have to have value again. You’re not going to pay them with dinars that don’t have value and let them make money out of you. It doesn’t work that way. Definitely something is up.

I do believe the HCL is really very important, but not so that the Reinstatement has to come first, like we said all the time, for the HCL. It’s important for the long run, and of course for investment, and all kinds of stuff we’re waiting for, but I really do believe the Central Bank of Iraq again, what they are waiting for is what the UST, and they are waiting for President Trump.

First of all, they want to make sure that the influence from Iran is not valid anymore. I think they really succeeded this time. I was so happy when I saw the confirmation of the largest block was SIGNED today. And by the way, it’s all over the news in Iraq. The one that was sponsored by Iran, they lost big time. So, they’re gonna seat.

And of course tomorrow, with documentation, it’s going to be legally confirmed that this is largest block. And in my opinion, this is what’s most important to us, and what everybody’s waiting for, because like I said, to sit the government, it might take time, because it’s a process. Because you know it might take a month… they have to announce that Abadi is Prime Minister.

They have the Minister of Finance. they have to go and get the confidence. It might take a month, imo, when the CBI and the US is waiting, and whoever is in charge of pulling the trigger for this investment. They want to make sure that the government is going to sit, which is gonna happen tomorrow.

Then sometimes they confirm that this is the largest block, that way nobody can say anything against Sadr, because Sadr he’s a very powerful man. He’s a very honest man. This is the good thing about it. So I really do believe the Central Bank and the US is waiting for that. They are waiting for this moment. I think this week should be very telling of what’s going on there because the CBI is way overdue to do this.

The the most important is more confirmation as Iran officially canceling the use of the dollar between the two nations. And for them to accept the dinar is truly amazing, because for them, imagine, imports and exports in dinars. This is amazing. This is by itself they know something is up and something very very soon they have to do this. So I do believe ya know, this week is going to be very telling. It’s going to be very important.
We all know the CBI, they are ready to do this.

FRANK Yeah.. there’s a’, many things that are in position. Like I was trying to tell you there’s 4 things that we talked about:

1). Sitting of the government, and with the largest bloc tells you that um, there’ s no way that Iran can interfere; there’s no way any person can interfere, uh, Sadr and Abidi have full control.

2). The initiation of the HCL. We don’t care what the rate is. I will admit, it’s going to BRING a change in the rate, but it doesn’t matter if they pass it, you see now that they have a fully seated government tomorrow, then, they can go ahead and pass the HCL. And even if they do it at 1190, it doesn’t matter … it’s the fact that it is in position for a rate change

LISTEN!! (Frank says into the camera)

3). The ISX and Kurdistan SX. Once again, I don’t care that they’re trading penny stocks. The volume is low. It’s the fact that they are in position INTERNATIONALLY is what matters.

LISTEN!! (Frank says into the camera)

4 The leaving of lower denims with the specimen marked from the borders of Iraq to banks around the world. Although they started with just the banks around them, in the middle east. That’s an International movement of their currency.

Please LISTEN!! (Frank says into the camera)

These four things:
The HCL.
The GOI being initiated.
The ISX.
The leaving of the Lower Denoms with the Specimen marks.

These are EXTREMELY important. They’ve all come together. They are all coming together in this coming week. These four things (imo) is the primer for the EXPLOSION of the Monetary Reform that is going to occur.

I don’t know when I’m going to talk with the family. I don’t know. What is today? Sunday. Tomorrow we’re supposed to have a Conference Call, but I cancelled it. Tomorrow they’re supposed to seat their government, but I don’t want to talk about it with them on Tuesday it’s the 4th, on Wednesday the HCL will be up and about. I might talk with them on Thursday.

I really don’t know when I want to talk, because the closer we come to this explosion of the Monetary and Economic Reform, I really don’t want to be very close to it when it happens. You know what I mean?

DELTA I agree with you. I don’t know how we’re going to act when this happens. I agree with you.

FRANK Let them enjoy it by themselves. They don’t need me. I have to be careful about what we release and when we release it.

DELTA Absolutely. And I do agree with you. That’s why I’m trying to see what we’re going to do, because really it’s going to be the very big, very hardest. Because we don’t know how we’re going to act. It will be very very interesting.

FRANK It’s happening. It’s happening. You know that’s the beauty of it all.

DELTA: Yes. I have had doubt about that. Especially now. We are so, so close right now. I’ve never become this close. And remember I was so happy — this has been a long run for us as investors…you know, Iran is not involved anymore and about 90%… probably 99% of the influence is gone and now…. President Trump, basically, he’s opened everybody’s mind that is with him. Why should I care about Iran? Why should I care about (inaudible).. This is what he did. He planted the seed. This guy is really brilliant. President Trump is brilliant. Look what he did.

I had a talk about this about 2-3 weeks ago. He left Turkey and Iran busy with their internal problems, so that they never interfered with the elections. They purposefully, they agreed to do the manual count so during those three months, they accomplished a lot of things in Turkey and Iran and that area.

So now for the first time ever he wanted the best and honest and very successful government with no interference from Iran and Turkey at the same time. The people of Turkey are very nice, good people. But the government is evil. Erdogan has to go. He’s really very bad. Even their currency is collapsed. It’s like, a while back it used to be 1:1, but now ever dollar is close to 7 or 6 Lira… they are devaluing it very, very, very, very fast. Inflation is at about 16%. This is very dangerous for Turkey. But, Iraq is gonna be the shining place. Just imagine what is going to happen

Very interesting week. We’ll have to wait and see what gonna happen. And we can go from there. The CBI is about to impress everybody I believe.

FRANK: Trump is the one who is demanding now for the reinstatement to occur. And if you remember I told you that Walkingstick and his firm, they were expecting this, remember what was it, two Saturday’s ago? That was the time I told you, remember, they were expecting the Delegation from the CBI to come over, but they didn’t. And, they had to deal with Iran. And boy! They dealt with them quickly! Donald Trump is the one that’s DEMANDING two things right now…

LISTEN!! (Frank says into the camera)

He is DEMANDING the HCL. And the only way you’re going to get it is when you form the government. Ta daaaaaa! They’re going to do it.

This thing about the 15th? That’s a bunch of garbage. This thing about the delay.. it’s all garbage.

The other thing that Donald Trump wants really bad is the reinstatement of the Iraqi dinar. Those two things right now are hot with him and uh.. because they are so hot with him, we’re going to get them. We’re going to get them. He’s doing a good job no doubt. I mean he’s strange. But you know he’d different. Boy oh boy! Ya see.. He doesn’t know how to lie. He’s not a politician.

Politicians know how to lie directly into your face. He’s a businessman. So a businessman looks you right in the face and he demands the truth. Because the bottom line is going to affect him. It’s either a profit or loss. He doesn’t want no losses. He wants profit for the United States for the American Citizens, and for all countries who wish to work with him. Boy oh boy! They’re going to be very profitable. And they know it too.

I mean Iran is actually going out of its way, to say yes. Kurdistan they went out of its way. So many other things. But anyways, yeah Manny, it’s looking good. And I thank you. If you see any-thing on that TV again, you let us know. Grab that camera ok?

DELTA I’ll definitely do that sir. If I see anything I’ll let you know. I’ll get you up in the middle of the night, no problem.

FRANK I hope so. When we make a decision on a video or a Conference Call I’ll let you know. Take care. And thank you.

DELTATake care buddy.

FRANK Yes sir. Bye-bye now.

Okie-dokie.. that’s number one.

Introduction Conference Call Recording Delta #2 September 10, 2018

Frank: Number 2 recording that we are about to hear is Friday, I believe. So you just heard recording on Tuesday, the day after our Conference Call. And now you’re going to hear a recording between me and Delta, still talking about, a little bit of what you heard, but B.. I.. S: that’s the Bank of International Settlements. You’re gonna learn a lot about it tonight. The reason we’re interested in it now… we talked about it just a little bit on Friday Team Chat, just a tiny bit, I think, I can’t even remember. BUT…

BUT… We’re also going to talk about Bluestar and what George Robinson brought us tonight. I was being attacked. And as you can see our attacker just showed up. What was his name Senso? (Jan: Senzo)

You know that’s interesting because in Spanish we call them Senzo.. means stupid. You hacker that brought down our website. We wish that your heart would not serve evil. We’re not your enemy. I can only pray for you. Just leave him also family. Pay attention to what we are offering your tonight. Because There will not be a CC next monday, there will not be a Team Chat, there will not be Saturday Q & A. Ok. So pay close attention to everything being offered to you tonight.

​I was being attacked. So you’ll kinda hear me on my High Horse. I’m sorry. But I thought the information was kinda important for ya’ll to hear. So with that said… here is recording #2 for tonight me and Delta. This one’s 30 minutes long.

Phone call Recording #2 - Friday (September 14, 2018)

DELTA: Hello there Frankie.

FRANK: Hey buddy. Sorry I couldn’t talk when you called. What’s happening?

DELTA: Just ah… I was just looking over the information that Cinderella sent me about the BIS. I’ve been looking at it. This is really great. Now, who did find out that? Is that Linda? Ahhhh, yes.. and they only suggested that because of the position that we’re in right now… with the CBI, reporting to.. you know the people they have to report to right now.. one of them is the BIS.

The BIS being the Mother of all Central Banks, is privy, is getting itself ready to announce that there will be a change in the Iraqi Dinar rate. So that’s why, because of the position that we’re in right now, with the government, mainly, I believe we might hear something from the BIS. Now what happened was a couple of, what was it last week, somebody in chat mentioned the BIS so I took it down. Then our Newshound brought something up on BIS and I took that down too.

(phone interruption) Hold on. Hold on. I’ve just been having a very frustrating week. I’ll tell ya, there are some very rude people in our forum and I’ve had to deal with so many of them, 3 or 4 of them in this week. It’s a good thing that I’m not doing anything, I’m not talking, I’m not saying much of anything cuz, boy I would have said some things I shouldn’t have said. But it’s amazing the rudeness of people sometimes. Anyways, I don’t want to talk about it.

So then, who was it, JJ or newshound, brings up a good point about BIS, but I took it down, I don’t want to talk about it. Two days later, just a couple days ago, yesterday, I can’t remember now, there it was again! And we took it down. But this time somebody said in TC the rate is there. Of course there’s rates there.

Again, how stupid! How inconsiderate. You just throw something out there like that and hope that it’s true and that it makes sense. But.. ya know it’s just the irresponsibility by then it was too late; it had been up for about 5 minutes, and people started to go to BIS.. and they see this .26 or .27 and they don’t know you have to divide that by 1 to get the correct number. So here they were thinking, and they got confused.

And then I got some IDIOT who decides to use a curse - the F word - in Team Chat! And I couldn’t believe it! How dare you do that? You know very well not to use those words. We have young people who read everything, because their Mom and Dad’s let them, because they TRUST KTFA, they trust me and Jan, ya know what I’m sayin’. Unbelievable! Add that one to the frustrations of complete ill-mannered, rude, unappreciated people that got me on my Horse today man, I’ll tell ya! Like I said “Thank GOD I’m not talking to them. I’m beating you up instead.” (laughing)

DELTA: It’s okay Brother. That’s okay.

FRANK: Then you called yesterday and you wanted to know well what’s going on, on BIS. And I told you go check it out. But apparently when you went, the numbers were taken down! Is the correct?

DELTA: When you go to BIS… I mean nobody can access the information. You have to have a subscription. You have to have like special passes, Frank, that’s the thing. And I learned this and I learned this. I tried my best, now I saw the report, but when you click on the daily or the monthly information, you can’t even access it. So from the pictures that we got.. Who sent that to you? Was it Linda or who got the information for that one?

​FRANK: Honestly, I don’t even know. It was somebody in our Forum who sent it to me. It wasn’t her. It was somebody on our Forum that sent it to me.

DELTA: This is really amazing. When you go to the BIS… now remember, we did talk about this and the problem, remember a long time ago that, (inaudible) from the US Treasury, the IMF agree on the rate and what’s got to happen in order for you to go to the Central Bank. It has to go through the (???), the BIS, and the BIS to get their numbers, and then overnight, you’re going to wake up in the morning, and the numbers are all over the Central Banks all over the world.

FRANK: And I’ll bet you it’s the 127 that they’re paired with. They’re going to get the information. Walkingstick said every Central Bank that saw that information representing their country or their currency, they know very well what it means. They understand it. The common person doesn’t!! That’s why they’re saying “Oh It means nothing… it means nothing.” ARE YOU INSANE? IT MEANS A LOT! And now the BIS is preparing to let all of these 127 or more know about a change in the rate of the Iraqi dinar.

DELTA: This is the headquarters. This is the headquarters. So what’s going on, I mean I saw the numbers. You know Cinderella sent it to me and uh, and I looked at it showing 0.35 nobody can access that information. The person who sent you those details, they have a subscription. You have to go there… because nobody has access… I tried to open the file. I could not do anything.

FRANK: I think WS can. But… I’m not going to mess with him. But I’m not going to ask him. I know that he can see, behind.. certain things that we can’t see, and he’ll give it to me as needed. And I’ve got a feeling that tomorrow when I do call him, cuz I’m scheduled to talk with him tomorrow. I’m gonna ask him what do you see that I can’t see on the BIS right now? Cuz it’s important.

This is a crucial step. We have to now consider to listen to the BIS. Ya know, as much as we listen to the CBI, and I love what you said, There’s nothing else to pay attention to, just watch the CBI, but right next to you should have put CBI and BIS.. because they will both do the same action at the same time.

DELTA: Absolutely. No only that but (inaudible).. it’s a done deal. That report came on August the 15th, now remember when I talked with you and we were sure that it’s going to take them 30 days from that date. I think it’s been longer than 30 days… (inaudible -he’s rolling his words together), then to September the 15th.

FRANK: And think about this Manny.. about 2 weeks ago, or a little bit more was when Walkingstick was expecting that second article! And then Iran garbage pops up, and puts a little delay in it.. okay.. so add another 2 more weeks to it and you’re talking about the 30-days!

LISTEN!! Even WS coming out yesterday, or the day before yesterday, and he says “they are 2 weeks behind” Ohhhhhh Snap! He sends me messages. But he was talking to the family — I couldn’t believe how much he was talking to them! I don’t know why he decided to open up to them, but I think he wanted to set them straight about the elections: STOP IT! LEAVE IT ALONE doggone it. Let the smoke clear.

​They pulled the pin on the government of the grenade now let the dust settle and let the smoke clear because smoke gets in your eyes. And boy I’ll tell ya, he did a good job. I went in there and told him, it’s not even paying off, just stop. But I felt guilty and I told him, well if you wanna answer them, and he did, he continued afterwards. I didn’t mean to stop you. Go ahead and continue with your 30-day idea

DELTA: Okay.. so I think what’s going on with… all the progress with the CBI… cause remember when they came out the end of July with the “Specimen” on the currency, that was one of the (inaudible) because every Central Bank will have to have them for the rate to go international. Second of all, when Walkingstick was expecting that… (unfinished thought) .. WS he knew the reinstatement rate was ready.

LISTEN!! That’s why he was expecting that second article to come out on August 20th. This report came out on the 15th (August) from the BIS. For some reason whoever is in charge to pull the last trigger.. it looks like everything’s set and everything’s ready. And remember they do have 30 days, whoever has the final say, that okay, we’re going to do it today or tomorrow. And today, you heard that they just announced it… they are out of the gray, no more auditing for us. They are off of the gray list basically

FRANK: The gray list? Yeah. They actually said that a while ago, BUT, I love the timing of bringing this out and bragging about it again. It’s kinda like cleaning the surface to eat. Oh got dirty. Well clean it again. And they bring out this information. Because, I don’t know when but man o’ man it’s really upon us!

DELTA: Absolutely Frankie, and not only that, if you see this in the BIS, remember this is, this is not a (???? Not a joke not a plan?? Inaudible). That’s why people, economists.. you have the Bank of International Settlements. This bank, they don’t joke around. They are the heart, they are in charge of every Central Bank, and they’re the ones..(he didn’t finish the thought), and it’s very funny, because you and I did talk about this a while back…

FRANK (interrupting): YES WE DID DIDN’T WE!! I remember you bringing this up to me, and I told you “not now. Not now” Well nows the time! Talk all you want! (laughing)

DELTA: ABSOLUTELY! And this is all going on, exactly like when you have a package, when you have mail whats gonna happen. You send it and mail goes to the headquarters main post office. And same thing for UPS, everybody has a center. The headquarters They have to go through the Headquarters first to have the distribution to then go to every city, household, or whatever.

FRANK: That’s why I say combine CBI and BIS, because when they breathe, one’s going to breathe and one’s going to exhale at the same time

DELTA: Absolutely. And that’s what’s going on. I’m exactly like you, because you see, for example Walkingstick, because you see it all of the sudden, you see it it every night on the work side, because he’s expecting this to come out. (Frank shaking his head in the affirmative into the camera) He knows…

FRANK: I know what he’s doing but, you know I’m making a recording with you, so I don’t want to say it.

DELTA: Absolutely. Absolutely, No problem. So this is what’s going on Frankie. I think we are really very very close, and uh, for them to us in the BIS, it doesn’t get more crystal clear than this. And I think it’s amazing, because on September 22, 2004, that was the time when the IQD changed at the IMF. I remember. It was September 22nd, 2004 it went from 2.246-whatever to the 3 zeros. This is very amazing because we’re about the same time in September… it’s gonna be around the same timing Frank. Sometime in the next week. But the numbers are definitely going to happen, they’re just gonna come out as international.

FRANK: The timing. The timing. The timing. You know, without mentioning names, I got an email from an airfare officer, retired and says his commander, who had succeeded in Kuwait, you know what I’m saying? (Frank smiling into camera) told him this year, a few months ago: “Hey. You’ve a mission.” “I’m active reserve, what’s up?” “You’ve got a mission. Go buy the Iraqi Dinar.”

He says “what?” (laughing) I’m gonna give him a call, because I’d like to know more about that story. The reason I bring that up, without mentioning his name is the timing. I think this gentleman was told about it at the right time. A lot of the Whales and Sharks are buying left and right, which is something I’m not talking about either with anybody. The timing. (Frank Smiles big) And to see this government NOW seated.

A suitable environment. Where’s Maliki? Who cares. Where is Iran’s influence? Basically melted. Disintegrated. You’ve got these people, these countries that were leaching off the United States, and now they are scared of the United States! Damned right. That’s the way that it should be!

Did you see that Germany came out today and they said “One of the top three things that you Deutschland, you Germans fear?” You know what was #1? Donald Trump, the President of the United States of America! Good! You better fear us. You better fear us, because you’re not gonna take advantage of us no more. China “Well okay. We’re working with the United States on these tariffs” You better believe you are! North Korea, just this morning comes out, little Kimmy “Yeah, we’re gonna make sure…”

Break from the Recording: Interrupted with his phone ringing.

FRANK (not on recorded call, talking directly to the camera/us)
Little Kimmy we were giving examples of all of those who are bowing to the United States. Actually, to Donald Trump’s policies, and the key thing is here is that the world is listening to Donald Trump. What is it that we are telling you that Donald Trump wants? He wants the reinstatement of the Iraqi dinar! Anyways back to the recording.

FRANK: (Little Kimmy cont): “remove all of our nuclear. I promise. I promise. I promise” You’re gonna jump! You better know you’re gonna jump! And now you’ve got the Democrats! My gosh these guys are sore losers and they won’t let go of it.

They are spending billions and billions of dollars! (Frank covering his mouth with his notepad), literally to try to embarrass what Donald Trump is doing right now! It’s MASTERFUL. It’s BRILLIANT! And every country that I can see left to right: the India Rupee today said, “well I guess we’ll have to make some changes. You’re right United States. You’re right.” No KIDDING! I’m on my Horse right now, I’m sorry. Let me get off of it right now and shut up here. (laughing)

DELTA: No, you’re alright. You’re making a good point. We finally got someone who can make America great again, which he is.

FRANK: He’s goofy. He’s crazy. He’s crazy. But he’s doing it isn’t he?

DELTA: Maybe he’s crazy, but this is what the world wants right now. He’s doing it.

FRANK: What the world wants right now! You know something. I like that! (Fist pump!) Sometimes something that we KNOW that we need requires the discipline of somebody else to shove it down our throats!

DELTA: Absolutely. We don’t want weak people now. We have no time for that. We need someone powerful, someone with Trump’s personality. He’s doing an excellent job. I don’t care about his personal life. He can do whatever he wants.

FRANK: We could have had this RI a LONG TIME AGO if it wasn’t for the stupid, passive, attitude of constantly allowing them to kiss our behinds! Eight years was