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Post  Scotti G on Mon Oct 24, 2011 7:46 pm


For a couple of months now, Bear and I have mentioned that the most likely window for the full adjustment of currencies to hit would be the end of October to the beginning of November with the very minimal possibility of the very outside window is 30 November. With all that we have received over the last couple of weeks, the confirmations of this week being the most likely are still strong. This is not in any way encouragement for anyone to buy or reserve any Dinar.

In my last post, I mentioned a most important meeting going on in the Middle East. I was very generic about the meeting due to its importance. The meeting is over and apparently a success. There were several key individuals in attendance with commitments of over $350 billion to drilling 3 new wells and the relevance to Iraq’s future looms high. Here is the link to the now published article for your review - http://www.nasdaq.com/aspx/stock-market-news-story.aspx?storyid=201110190442dowjonesdjonline000270&title=exxonmobilbpeni-investing-$100-billion-to-develop-3-iraqi-fields-official Why this is so relevant to the RV is that Exxon, Chevron and a couple of other companies not mentioned in this article are requiring an adjusted currency. The time frame to get these wells done is very early into 2012!

Bear and I have been most diligent to not disclose information that was privileged or confidential. We have respected the request of confidentiality from our contacts. Because of their integrity, positions and connections to the truly key individuals involved in this process, we have been confident with their guidance and timeframes. I would add that not just one of them provided this information but all of them were coming in with a very similar window and this is why we have been so adamant about what we have projected. Sure when we mentioned back in the middle of September that we were looking to the end of October and beginning of November, many wanted to bash us and claim that we did not know what we were talking about……well funny how so many who have predicted for months now that the RV was this week or tomorrow or 3 days from now are still only guessing and now they are guessing that it will be this week into next! I know at times it might have looked like we were arrogant and maybe a little hard on some of the others who were also trying to figure out the right window, but when you know that you know! What is left? Do I know the exact time and date? No. Do Bear and I have a pretty good idea that this is the week? I can say this with all confidence, that our most valued sources (and there are several) are all pointing to this week with the possibility of it dragging into early next week. I am comfortable with this because we know that this process must come to an end and soon. So if it goes a couple of days more then it goes a couple of days more. It will happen when it happens and that is very soon. Add in the speech of Dr. Shabibi a couple of weeks ago addressing that the contractors will be paid in a newly adjusted currency. That time frame was to 3 November.

My fellow investors, I can honestly say that we have not come here week after week and said this is absolutely the week. Now a few months ago I believed that the RV was upon us. I still believe that it could have been. We do not see with any clarity the dealings from behind the scene, so we may never know the truth about that. This process is so involved and has so many elements to factor in that it is like a multi-tiered chess match with four or five matches happening at the same time one right above the other. Consider China, Viet-Nam, Oil, USD, IMF, UN, 120 +/- currencies being adjusted and the many more entities all involved and interested in the outcome. This doesn’t even bring the most important element to the picture……the GOI and the Iraqi people.

Over the last several weeks as I have stepped back from being in the ‘daily grind’ of presenting Dinar info, I have found myself so much more relaxed. Bear and I have not been anxious because we recognize the information we have received comes from the most credible sources. We do not need anyone to reinforce our hopes and desires because we know. We have both made a real effort to relay that to our OOM family. We are close. We are going to see the adjustment of the currency. When? I can’t say with certainty. If we trust some of the other tidbits of info which we have received in the last couple of days then we for certain are looking at this week. Now the one signal which I am really looking for, to the best of my knowledge as of yet, has not gone forth. Some are stating that it has but they are mistaken. If you want to know just where my planning is at then follow my thinking here: For the last week, I have been totally involved with a large project which required my attention for six solid days. I advised the other people involved that if they wanted my help that it had to be then or all bets are off for me committing any time from this week.

Bear and I really value Okie and the family here. This is why we are so careful about what we share. We do not want to get any of you excited and pumped up because of another rumor of numbers on bank screens, some non-relevant code or the many other distractions which continue to present themselves and believe me we hear them too. I am beginning to think that there must be some sort of ‘School of RV Prognostication!

As always, I hope this helps.

In His Mercy and Grace

Scotti G
Scotti G
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