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Bluwolf Chat 5:22 PM edt 10/19/11  DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Bluwolf Chat 5:22 PM edt 10/19/11

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Bluwolf Chat 5:22 PM edt 10/19/11  Empty Bluwolf Chat 5:22 PM edt 10/19/11

Post by czinser on Wed Oct 19, 2011 10:05 pm

Blessings To You Guys, CZ Smile

Bluwolf Chat 5:22 PM edt 10/19/11GET Forum 10/19/2011

Bluwolf Chat 5:22 PM edt 10/19/11
[bluwolf] Ga
[Historian] bluwolf How are you this afternoon?
[turtletrot] bluwolf Hey there friend!
[bluwolf] I am very tired but feeling good
[turtletrot] bluwolf well thanks for coming in even if you're tired. Always glad to see you
[Historian] bluwolf You're very dedicated. Thank you.
[bluwolf] Y w
[Historian] turtletrot Similar to a laundry basket, only you use it for currencies.
[bluwolf] Their is only one basket(156)
[msjeta1] turtletrot I'm trying but one says this country isn't ready so they are going to reduce the countries that aren't so didn't sound right to me if they are all going to affect eachother but what do I know
[Cessie] bluwolf GA my friend
[bluwolf] Ga
[Historian] bluwolf That's interesting! Is there any way of knowing how far along they are in processing the basket?

[Cessie] minister B How long have you had dinar?
[Hisfool] Intel is usually at best a compilation of lies, inuendos and half truths mixed with best guesses based upon experience
[Cessie] Hisfool Not true IMO
[bluwolf] Last I heard around 85 to 90
[minister B] Inquring minds wanna know, how would Iraq in this early stage settle the worlds financial problem, unless those Countries have long term oil contracts with Iraq? I know in the end according to Revelations 17,18,19 chapters, it says, the world was made rich my Babylon's resources, but I dont think thats right now in this stage of the game.
[Historian] Hisfool You’re way off base.
[HAPPYJACK] I don't understand how an rv can be taking place and we not know about it... really don't understand how that can happen
[Historian] bluwolf Better than half way. That's good!
[minister B] Cessie I had it for a minute now. I'm also heavily invested in the Vietnam Dong as well.
[Hisfool] Speaking of intel in general ... there is usually truth ... the trick is finding the grain of truth in the garbage it is mixed with ...
[Cessie] HAPPYJACK The world will know about the RV specifically even after all is done.
[stargate] Hisfool Supposition creates speculation which leads to assumptions which then creates urban legends and misinformation.
[Cessie] minister B If you had been in this for awhile you would not have some of the thoughts you are stating IMO.
[HAPPYJACK] Cessie that is my point exactly....we all will know I think at the same time....around the world...btw hello
more will also go crazy as well when they knew you and I told them about it and they didnt believe us.

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