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MarkZero: "Isaac appointment is in about an hour in Zurich" (Yea, right...) 10/29/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

MarkZero: "Isaac appointment is in about an hour in Zurich" (Yea, right...) 10/29/19

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MarkZero: "Isaac appointment is in about an hour in Zurich" (Yea, right...) 10/29/19 Empty MarkZero: "Isaac appointment is in about an hour in Zurich" (Yea, right...) 10/29/19

Post by RamblerNash on Tue Oct 29, 2019 10:10 pm

MZ: Heard a lot of tranches of money moved through the treasury…hearing over the weekend they were pinging the central banks and making sure the new system was up and running……..heard there was problems with the European Central Union banks yesterday… ….suppossed to be fixed now. So we are watching closely what happens throughout the day today.

MZ: Isaac appointment is in about an hour in Zurich…He had an appointment yesterday and they booted it until today.

Member:  Isaac's appointment is this afternoon at 4pm his time, 10am CST. Keep him in your prayers.

Member:  Mark if Isaac goes to his appt please let us know maybe on Twitter...

MZ: I will…can

Member:  Issacs appointment seem like o change everyday.... how many times have he seen the people at the bank in Zurich and still seeing them again for another appointments??? Wow

MZ: you imagine how hard it is for people being far from home…waiting day to day as they kick the can…….He is in a different country and its very hard on him imo

MZ: Had news that a paymaster was flown from New York to Zurich with expectations of an appointment for processing this evening

MZ: Reno is very quiet


Member:  Reno IS THE approx location of the us treasury/HYBRID FED


Member: Lots of paymasters and groups allegedly will exchange there

MZ: I am hearing they are trying to get it done this evening. We heard there was problems at European Central Banks this week which are now fixed.

Q: Has Hillary been arrested?

MZ: Big rumors that HRC was arrested yesterday…rumors that all hell broke loose in the Clinton case….…..consider it a rumor …I want to see those arrests on MSM…not just in the underground news sites……everyone needs to see perp walks

Member:  Heard Pelosi and Schiff were arrested in Jordan after they left any truth to that?

Member:  Arrests and RV are synonymous because this is what it’s really all about. Money and control!

Member:  Heard Over 500 Federal Reserve employees were arrested over the weekend.



Member:  Question Mark—Seems logical that more arrests needed. IMO the coming arrests from the release of the FISA docs and the Horowitz report—now part of a full criminal investigation—will happen soon, and then the GCR will happen…

Q: Any idea why they are not arresting and opening all those indictments Mark?

MZ: Wish I knew….maybe its all part of a bigger sting operation?  Maybe they are afraid too?  When is enough- enough?????  Hoping there is a bigger plan.

Member:  Now, Iraq wants a new government ???

MZ: Yes they want another government…..they are tired of waiting for the rv…..hope it happens for them this week

Member:  Frank26 said last night on Ktfa govnt now has to change...

Member:  Walking stick is in Iraq to open banks for his company. Imagine what he is going hrough!

MZ: We have very good contacts in Iraq. Last weekend we heard they were supposed to introduce the Lower Denominations widespread….We were told the US held them off because we weren’t ready. Due to the problem with the European banks..….but they are still expecting the RV at any moment.

Member:  Guys certain things have to be in place for this to go. Its never been about a certain date but about certain things in order...

Q: has the FED been shut down yet?

MZ: I have not seen proof af that yet ….just rumors

Member:  The IRS is being turned over to the Treasury

Member:  The FED needs to stop bailing out the banks and let this stuff happen!!!!

Member:  The first countries to offer an asset-backed alternative to the U.S. dollar will be a combination of Russia and China. They’re working on it already

Member:  Kim Clement Prophesied I believe in 2014 that Trump will do 2 terms. He also Prophesied many will Roar with "Impeach, Impeach, Impeach". Just a thought to consider

MZ: We are still working on the petitions for the whitehouse….will keep you all informed

Q:  Where can we go to sign the petition?

MZ: When its done you will be able to read it and sign it online or on your phones.

Q: Do you really think the PTB listen to your stream?

MZ: Yes…politicians and Interpol have contacted me after some streams……they really listen when Mr. Cottrell and other guests are on.

Member:  I'm sure I speak for everyone here but I'm tired of the lip service we want to see action down at our level and not JUST to hear about it

MZ: I’m with you

Member:  the latest "intel" is that everything will go in 1 basket...to prevent double dipping..

MZ: That is what was told to us as well…..

Q: Are you still looking for it to go by Nov. 1st?

MZ: I am still looking for it to go at any moment.

MZ: There will be a health stream on a product tonight at 7:00PM est with dr. Rich…..

MZ: The next schedules stream will be Wed. 10AM est- but if something big happens I will be back tonight.

Mod:  THANK YOU, SNAKE, PLANNING QUESTIONNAIRE: https://www.mmbb.org/docs/FinancialPlanningQuestionnaire.pdf

Your straw man (Strawman) is an artificial person http://freedom-school.com/aware/your-straw-man-is-an-artificial-person.html

MZ: Video on PP’s and Farm claims: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAL0exvL45Y

Mod:  Dr Shabibi answering questions https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ol8wve53-ME

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MarkZero: "Isaac appointment is in about an hour in Zurich" (Yea, right...) 10/29/19 Empty Re: MarkZero: "Isaac appointment is in about an hour in Zurich" (Yea, right...) 10/29/19

Post by Captain259 on Tue Oct 29, 2019 11:29 pm


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