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OCT 13 - 11AM - BULLDOG75 - MYSTERY NOVEL DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1


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Post by lexie on Thu Oct 13, 2011 12:01 pm


Mystery Novel Dong & Hour to Hour Watch Continues

[Bulldog75] 11:00 AM CST: This "Mystery Novel Dong & Hour to Hour Watch Continues" and is still in effect with anticipated 'Rate Posts' forthcoming in any combination during the next few hours/days with countries being posted in no particular order or basket over a 4 day period. This is like an Agatha Christie 'Mystery Novel' unfolding with dramatic details, little by little. There is definite major movements 'NOW' as we speak with screens 'ticking' back and forth ready to post rates at any hour/time, I M H O. This is definitely our week. We pray and know that our 'Heavenly Father' has chosen to deliver our Gifts of Love and Currency at this time. WE are in a state of Thanksgiving for His Blessings. Dong comes at .05 Tomorrow/Friday in first Basket; I Q D comes over 4.50 later next week/Monday in 3rd Basket of the latter baskets. Costa Rica comes tomorrow with Dong.  Amen.

[sonnayhwh] Bulldog75 - Hi Bulldog! So, are you thinking no "sucker" rate on the IQD?

[Bulldog75] sonnayhwh : one can have sucker rates on anything. do not be foolish and rush to the bank.

[gloryv] Thank you sir... Bulldog75.... I was hoping for sooner than that... but really appreciate you keeping us informed.... God bless... and God speed to you and the Rvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

[blessedinohio] Bulldog75 Wow - so double dipping allowed? Dong maybe 5 days or so earlier than IQD or did I misunderstand? Thanks for all you DO!!!

[Gary B] Bulldog75 - I like it!!

[Bulldog75] gloryv Gary B papa blessedinohio feda : too many fingers in the pie; double dip maybe.

[johnnyjunk] Bulldog75 <<<<<<<>>>>>>> everyone will be given a copy of the "Mystery Novel" to read on the Magical Mystery Tour once safely boarded in their private compartments in the YELLOW SUBMARINE after we found the Sea of GREEEEEN ...

[Bulldog75] johnnyjunk : you are Good!

[Gary B] Bulldog75 - IMHO I bet they will say the Dong is done, but no cash in until the same day as the IQD is able to cash in..

[Bulldog75] Gary B : Could be; rates go into effect at same time; possible. will see.

[patriot1490] Bulldog75, doesn't having sucker rates create the problem of the big guys buying up more Dinar that is good for iraq?

[Bulldog75] patriot1490 : Mystery Tour; could be; Only God knows. Man projects.

[bama] maybe the UST wants us to double dip and load up on the dinar...it is to their benefit if we do, at least if the classroom post Ghost made last night is accurate

[Bulldog75] dash riprock bama : You are very observant; this was never meant for Tier 3. Best laid plans of mice and men go astray.

[patriot1490] Bulldog75, sucker rates just don't seem plausible.

[Bulldog75] patriot1490 dash riprock : ah, the Mystery continues to Unfold.

[dash riprock] Bulldog75 LOL but ..DASH is a happy man!

[xpdiver] sorry was reading Bulldog75 first part of his chat and it disapeared can someone repost it please

[Bulldog75] dash riprock xpdiver : there is enough money for everyone; God provides for His Children. If we double dip, so be it; God intended it to be so, if it Happens. Does Everyone Believe? This tests one's Faith. Believe for He comes to deliver our Gifts !

[Bulldog75] Your seeds of Faith have been planted in Our Hearts. Let One's Faith and Love live Forever for the 'Only thing Real in the World and Universe is One's Spirit". Our Spirit never changes and Lives Forever. Know this. Amen.

[Bulldog75] We came into this world naked. we never really own anythng. All is on loan from G O D ! Share and care to build His Kingdom. Those who think money will buy them happiness would only fool them self.

[asells] Bulldog75 amen

[Bulldog75] asells : T Y Amen darlin

[Bulldog75] Stay away from people who seem dark and unkind; for they are lost in the wilderness and think money is their treasure. Your treasure is with God and His Love for mankind; for we were made in His image. Pray for the Lost for they will soon find the Light.

[atjlfolk] Bulldog75 Several people God has put on my heart to bang their heads until they woke up to His word. One guy in particular has told many and I firmly believe that it was God's plan as we all have something very special to do for God.

[Bulldog75] atjlfolk : I love You. You are so Blessed and Highly Favored. The Dinar World loves you. Stay strong for U know this in your Heart. You are Chosen to Lead. Do this for you Know this. . Amen.

[feda] Bulldog75 I am ready for a new set of problems though......the ones I got (REALLY up against it) is getting old and unbearable

[Bulldog75] feda : Your problems are O N L Y in your mind. We create our own Universe.

[Bulldog75] What One thinks; so that person will manifest. Think Light & Holiness; for this is God's Way and Truth.

[healthguy] Bulldog75 When u posted this: "I Q D comes over 4.50 later next week/Monday in 3rd Basket of the latter baskets"-- Do u mean IQD rv'ing Monday or latter next week? TYVM!

[Bulldog75] healthguy : True.

[atjlfolk] johnnyjunk Bulldog75 Thank you so much. Many that are in my "group" if you will have such plans to further the Kindom. I just can't wait to begin on the projects that God has put in my heart. I know that we will do our all for Him.

[dinarbull] Bulldog75 AMEN brother

[atjlfolk] Bulldog75 I pray daily that I will not let Him down and ask his guidance in all he wants done. It's like the old addage.... when I say jump I just ask how high? Blessings to all

[Bulldog75] dinarbull atjlfolk : Amen. Your Heart is your Guide.

Oct 13 11:28 AM [Bulldog75] atjlfolk : Its Time for you to relax and know that the Angels hear your voice; God responds to those with Godly Hearts. You are Blessed Forever my Dear Friend. The Lord knows your Good Heart.

[zoegirl] Bulldog75 Thank you for warming my heart on this chilly, rainy day.... Wink

[atjlfolk] Bulldog75 Thanks. johnnyjunk thank you too. I feel honored to meet and be part of a group of God's followers.

[asells] bboy he missed talking to bear yesterday...

[Bulldog75] zoegirl atjlfolk asells blessedseed : Y O U are new Leaders; for you know, see and feel the Light.

[sandie] Bulldog75 so mny people hurting badly..god must know by how much

[Bulldog75] sandie : We need to be on our knees and pray and come from a state of Thankfulness. This is our test. Are we thankful enough. God can give and he can do whatever He plans to do. God has no timetable. Time is manmade.

[ASN] Bulldog75 I appreciate your posts and your faith with this ride. Hopefully this information is different than from the past.

[Bulldog75] ASN : H E has a plan for everything. Divine Intervention is taking place.

[Bulldog75] We share everything. The world and Universe has enough for everyone.

[Bulldog75] We are all Blessed and Highly Favored regardless of race, creed, religion, gender. Amen to everyone for we are all His Children.

[Bulldog75] Thank you all for being here this morning.

[asells] amen bulldog! we are 1 with God! we ALL come from 1 lineage

[johnnyjunk] Bulldog75 shalom and SHALOM !!!

[Bulldog75] It is no mistake that we are here at this opportune moment. We live in the 'now' and know our Gifts come through Him our Father.

[bluestarlite] Thanks Bulldog for your encouragement!

[atjlfolk] johnnyjunk Bulldog75 I just want to thank you for your kind words. Most times I just lurk and read what is being said, but today God told me it was time to share my story. I hope that this helps in some small way.

[dash riprock] Bulldog75 Bulldog75 Tell it

[Bulldog75] we want to take this opportunity to thank our entire staff including sam, okie, elizabeth and all mods and admins for their graciousness and devoted time. Thank you all!

[atjlfolk] One of my close friends had to be literally beat over the head, but once he prayed about it he called me and said that I was right that God had a plan for him and that the only way he could accomplish it was to buy dinar..

[johnnyjunk] atjlfolk I'm just happy to read something that you said! your perspective! thank you ... Smile

[atjlfolk] johnnyjunk What I find amazing, is that we all thought that it would RV about August of 2008. If it had most of my close friends would have been left behind. Do you know of someone that God has put on your heart that should be invested? Think on that one

[Bulldog75] atjlfolk : A very timely event for U to come my Dear and share with Us. Your Heart just makes Us sing with You. Thanks for being You. Let Us know if there is anything we can ever do for you. Contact me at your convenience. Blessings.

[atjlfolk] Bulldog75 Thank you for allowing me to be a part of all of this. I am honored. Blessings

[trishb] Bulldog75 thank you and the Lord bless you for your time and care and for recognizing that it is truly from our Father that all good things come.

[dash riprock] Bulldog75 yep..and you too! Amen

[Bulldog75] There are so many here on this Site and Around the World who have all contributed to O O M. Blessings to those outside the United States. Thanks for being with Us.

[Bulldog75] We salute our Military around the Globe who are serving now: Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine, Coast Guard and other Branches as well; also those in Other Countries who serve ! Amen and Bless U All.

[Bulldog75] We appreciate our Military even more when we are directly affected. We Bless our Military again. Amen.

[TBIZKIT] Bulldog75 : by the post I am seeing, are we pretty much saying this thing is DONE?

[Bulldog75] TBIZKIT : Nothing is complete until God grants this and Blesses it; then we Give 10% of our Gross back to His Kingdom. Everyone needs to search His Heart and give the 10% Gross. The Bible tells the story. One must have the faith to G R O W.

[blessedseed] Bulldog75 Amen thank you God for our military and each person you have chosen to be in this investment. We have a work to do!

[johnnyjunk] Bulldog75 absolutely!!! and it WILL GROW!!!

[trishb] Bulldog75 AMEN, I heard a postor say this morning that the tithe is our warranty on the 90% we keep!! We give the 10% back as worship unto God who gives us all.

[laserdwl] Praise The Lord Bulldog

[integact1] Hi Bulldog75, from reading your posts i was curious, do you have a pastoral background? just curious

[atjlfolk] It's the small things like giving someone a sandwhich they didn't expect... or giving a meal to your neighbor when that person has worked hard all day. It's the little things. To those that give of their hearts more will be given.

[Bulldog75] atjlfolk : Everyone please read A J's testimony above. What one gives out in Goodness, we receive back over 40X in Love, Light, Happiness and Goodwill. this is why A J's Mind and Heart is So Bright. It s not about the physical thngs of the World. What we give out, we get back.

[Bulldog75] sandie loco dash riprock Rangerrick : Let Our Light and Love Shine Forever. There is NO place for EGO in O O M or in the World. E G O (edging God out) is the opposite of L O V E. God intends for us to love. No one can be right and Happy at the Same Time.

[logos12] Bulldog75 are you a preacher

[OKone] Thank you Bulldog, you have a kind,giving,caring sprit. Thanks for all you share..

[blessedseed] thank you Bulldog75 !!!

[Bulldog75] Those who constantly want to be Right come from the E G O. When we love and cooperate with one another, our River of Love flows. Our Dinar comes to those who let their love flow. Amen.

[dash riprock] Bulldog75 Agreed. But He asks us ALL to us wise discernment (not judgement...that is up to Him)...to live our lives by.

[Bulldog75] Our dinar is Blessed by the Father. dash riprock gillsdinar AZDusty dash riprock jsartin113 johnnyjunk : amen to you.

[Bulldog75] wealthnow : Jonny is welcome here as well as anyone. We are all in the same family.


[Bulldog75] Before I go; I want to share one last moment. Our God has placed us here to love and help our Fellow men/women/children. Know that Divine Love is in everyone. Let your Love and Light Shine Forever. Let nothing steal your joy and Happiness. Our Gifts now come thru our Heavenly Father. Know this and appreciate our Gifts. The Door of Gifts is now being opened.

[dinarrv9911] Bulldog75 Thank you for everything you do for us! Very much appreciated!
[evadevad] Bulldog75 -is the rate showing in the back screens fo the banks.
[aldercreek] Bulldog have a blessed day!
[Clarity1] Bulldog75 Amen Bulldog75 Thank you!!
[HunterJumper] Bulldog75 amen
[dessybug] Bulldog75 Thank You kind sir.
[huckneworleans] Bulldog75 AMEN and thank you have a blessed day my friend
[dustyrose] Can ALL sit in SILENT reflection while we wait
[blessedseed] Bulldog75 Amen and thank you for helping me during this crazy time! God bless you!
[airman1] Bulldog75 amen!
[bailey] Amen Bulldog
[MotorCityGuy] Thank you Bulldog75! Great prayers, I receive them!

[Bulldog75] I believe we have info coming from Ghost and Jonny. I Love Each and Everyone One of You. Let Your Light Shine Forever. Amen. See you later.

[doingitwithdinars] Bulldog75 - God Bless You!!!!
[beckybluejeans] Bulldog75 ((((((((((((((((hugss and lots of love)))))))))))))))))))))))))
[HunterJumper] Bulldog75 you are a wonderful being

[Bulldog75] zoegirl MotorCityGuy dash riprock timo bluestarlite sandie Khoregos trishb mcmc408 lyon5 blackdog sandie MotorCityGuy mawbell blessing blessing kord2 dinarchaser dinarchaser evadevad SBM0601 dash riprock doingitwithdinars beckybluejeans beckybluejeans HunterJumper aldercreek doingitwithdinars beckybluejeans HunterJumper bear5642

[Bulldog75] airman1 b-amb jonnywg : Amen . Blessings. see you later.

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