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Annual Report 2018

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Annual Report 2018 Empty Annual Report 2018

Post by claud39 on Fri Aug 23, 2019 8:06 am

Annual Report 2018

August 20, 2019

Annual Report 2018 News-156629308148831

Annual report of the Department of Total Quality Management and institutional development

»  Annual Report 2018


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Annual Report 2018 Empty Re: Annual Report 2018

Post by claud39 on Fri Aug 23, 2019 8:21 am

Annual Report


• Introduction

• Objectives of the department

• Tasks of the department

• Organizational structure of the department

• Human resources working in the department

• Achievements in 2018

In order to contribute to keep abreast of developments and formulate new frameworks for the vision
The Central Bank of Iraq, towards the sustainability of a successful future for the work environment according to
Variables of the modern world, and to build robust standards in accordance with best practices
International and modern standards applied in leading and distinguished banks, seeks
Form a TQM department to keep up with the latest developments and improve
Continuously streamline work processes in line with the nature of the work of departments
The Bank is in line with its strategic plans.

Ensure that the Central Bank has an internal system that clarifies the functions of each department in addition to
The existence of an approved organizational structure on which the tasks, responsibilities, duties and job descriptions are built
For each job
Develop and improve the Bank's systems, mechanisms and procedures and apply the latest methods
The basis of fairness, transparency, efficiency and institutional performance (Manual of Business Processes).
Participate in the preparation of the long-term strategic plan of the Central Bank in coordination with
Liaison and integration relations with all parties related to the work of the Central Bank. Efforts to allocate and use resources and identify areas of excellence and initiative to develop and take into account the vision, mission and objectives of the Central Bank and internal and external variables
Participate in the preparation of the annual plan that includes the plans and formations of the Central Bank
And the resulting achievements and lessons. In the light of the objectives of the long-term strategic plan and the results of the implementation of previous years' plans
Implementation and lifting
Prepare a program to follow up the implementation of the annual plan and define criteria and indicators to evaluate the results
Periodic reports of implementation and evaluation results. a
And the development of individual performance evaluation mechanisms and evidence

Due to internal audits on procedures and documents required in international administrative systems
ISO 9001 Quality Management System and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System
Like )
Applied in the departments and branches of the central bank and prepare
Business Continuity (ISO 22301, etc.)

Reports to the Board of Directors.

Researching and obtaining certificates of quality, occupational safety, environment and other standard certificates
Global recognized organizations or bodies

Institutional development and indication of solutions required for any obstacles for the purpose of approval by senior management. Present workflow on all work and initiatives proposed and implemented by TQM
Statistical questionnaires to determine the level of satisfaction of collaborators and evaluate these data periodically
Structured and reduce the risk of work and the proportion of its impact on the work and procedures of the bank.
Standardization, strategic planning and institutional evaluation. Implementation of specialized and training workshops on the international standards issued by the Organization



Providing advice and recommendations for the selection of international accreditation bodies and obtaining
With circles seeking to apply standards
Wicca strategically
ISO at the central bank and be evil
And others.
Issued by international organizations for standardization and standards such as (ISO, BSI)

Due to the multiplicity and diversity of the functions of the department, the dual mode of work (matrix structure) was adopted.

According to the nature of the tasks where
In accordance with the department's annual and strategic work plan, exceptional tasks are carried out by the people
And development are implemented by the team system to ensure the highest possible level of performance in addition to the exchange of knowledge
Promote employee integration, foster a spirit of cooperation and teamwork, and consolidate new management concepts
To form a solid base from which the section to carry out the tasks assigned to it with high objectivity.

First: The Division of Systems and Standards: It is responsible for the implementation of the international standards and regulations
In addition, the Bank has established the necessary requirements for obtaining international accreditation certificates issued by
Institutions such as ISO and BSI in addition to take over the tasks of organizational structure adoption and review
Procedures and job descriptions, as well as the development of forms and forms in various departments of the Bank.

Second: Strategic Planning Division: Responsible for preparing and following up the strategic plan and implementation levels
Identify and analyze problems related to them.

Third: Performance Evaluation and Institutional Development Division
Directorates with financial, supervisory and administrative activities and developing them according to international accounting standards
International Standards on Auditing and the European Excellence Model (EFQM).

Multiple divisions and teams work under the direction and direction of the department's management to evaluate the method
The management of the official, the achievements and the difficulties and challenges faced by the members of each team

The department contains young cadres with master's and bachelor's degrees in various disciplines and international professional certificates in quality management and tools to ensure inclusiveness
Knowledge of all operations of the Central Bank of Iraq and the completion of the tasks of the section as shown in the following: -


1) Master and Bachelor of Total Quality Management
2) Master and Bachelor of Business Administration
Master of Management Information Systems
4) Master of Accounting
Strategic planning
5) General Diploma
In Computer Science
6) Diploma p

ISO 9001: 2015 Certificate of Access) 1

Obtained by the Iraqi central bank Alawi Alawi certificate 2015: ISO9001
Cash management as part of its strategic mission of developing and reviewing
ISO 9001 Quality Management System, Sowwah
ISO 45001 and Business Continuity (ISO 22310)

2) Manual matrix efficiency

Development of standard models at the level of the banking circles sufficient for the special competency matrix
Identify training needs where the models have been adequately reviewed for bank departments
Quality assurance management and management services
The Efficiency Matrix Manual is currently in its final stages. The work continues in

- International standard (2012: ISO17024) Conformity assessment - General requirements for granting bodies
Certificate for individuals).

Rehabilitation of the Banking Studies Center according to the requirements of the standard
Conformity Assessment - General Requirements for Individual Certification Authorities (ISO17024: 2012)
In coordination with the Department of Total Quality Management and institutional development to be included in the plan
The strategy for 2019 will enable the department to initiate a study, develop a qualification plan, and work
According to EFQM methodology.

3) Approved specifications that are in the process of preparation, completion and implementation

International Standard (OHSAS 18001: 2007) (Occupational Health and Safety Management System).
The senior management of the Central Bank directed that the recommendations of the study should be implemented
Assessment of the reality of occupational health and safety management in the Central Bank of Iraq
The requirements of the International Standard (2007: OHSAS18001), given the issuance of the International Standard
ISO 45001: 2018 for occupational health and safety management system
Implementation of the requirements of this standard) Occupational Health and Safety Policy and Objectives, Documentation of procedures
Preparation of the implementation plan and the training plan (in coordination with the Health and Safety Section)
Professional in this bank.

Preparation of a manual of policies and procedures for the work of the Central Bank's Compliance Office was initiated
Compliance with ISO 19600: 2014 compliance management system
It is an initiative within the Bank's strategic plan to qualify the office in 2019.

- ISO 19600: 2014 (Compliance Management System)

- International Standard for Business Continuity System (ISO 22301: 2012)
Coordination of the circles of banks with the return of Fukouk branch of the Commission Alawi to prepare the requirements
The subject of a comprehensive business continuity in banks, and the issuance of circuits
The Bank and all departments associated with the governorate to limit the critical processes of departments and divisions
This requires the continuity of commissioning Anoud Houdou Halwa Tawar and limiting the impact
Alaoua suspend business or activity, and Tom Tsolm answers circles and departments and my neighborhood
Work to meet the requirements of the standard.

Tom Iodad Draswa address (the importance of the application of the requirements of the border Moon Bribery Alawi and above
International Bank of Iraq (Ghori)
Alowqoof Alawi Moody Ahmioowah behold Alnwoam and Mowe Howe Manouafi Voi Hawwal
Proposals and recommendations to implement the system and prepare the policy for reporting violations
Preparation of the plan of implementation of the above standard.

- International Standard on Anti-Corruption and Bribery System (ISO: 2016: 37001)

Section Reports (Strategic Plan)

- Annual Report of the Strategic Plan 2017 (with the presentation of the Board of Directors).
- Preparation of the report of the first chapter to follow up the strategic plan 2018), with a presentation to the Board of Directors

- Preparation of the report of chapter II, III and IV of the follow-up to the strategic plan for 2018), with a presentation
Board of Directors).

- Prepare the report of the government program (through follow-up progress with the relevant departments of the Bank, and set the rates of progress
And sent to the concerned authorities, Office of the Prime Minister, Secretariat of the Council of Ministers)
- Develop mechanisms to follow up the strategic plan through the following steps:

• Updating the strategic initiatives follow-up form.
• Create special forms to add and delete strategic initiatives.
• Establish a database and statistical program to follow up the objectives of the strategic plan.

4) Preparation of a plan to prepare the branch of Basra

Mon Agol Upgrading the occurrence of the fore on the asaad Kafwa and equated with the rest of the circles and divisions
In accordance with the strategic plan of the Central Bank of Iraq, 2016-2020, Tom Central Bank
Repatriation step for the development of the bourgeoisie Jodhwood management and staff of the bourgeois and Bswnad Qsoom management
Total quality, and its objectives were implemented during the year 2018, must be completed in a form
Full year 2019.

5) Job Description

In order to prepare the job description manual, technical support was provided to the Bank's departments through a committee
Job Description Headed by the Director General of the Administrative Department, this work was carried out in cooperation
With the management of the department and expected completion of the guide in 2019.

6) Work on documenting the AML / CFT procedures

The work of the Office was reviewed, written, and documented on the progress of the work
Directives of the Deputy Governor which include the receipt of reports of suspicious transactions, preparation
Republic of Iraq Follow-up Report to Fulfill International Commitments, Annual Activity Report
The Office, following up the decisions of the Terrorist Funds Freezing Committee, administering the database, answering
Questionnaires, exchange of information, application for joining international organizations, preparation of training courses).

7) Membership of Dubai Quality Group

A delegation comprised of the Quds Moon Quality Assurance Department and the Administrative Department headed by the Director General of Sweden
The Department of Management held the annual meeting of Dubai Quality Group in Dubai.
- Submit the membership certificate to the Central Bank.
- Meetings with the EFQM Regional Writer and discuss the requirements for implementing the EFQM model.
And their applicability to the Bank in line with the next Strategic Plan 2021-2025.
- Activating the benchmarking program with Dubai Quality Group and EFQM.

8) Quality Management Formations in Banks
Preparation of a study on quality management configurations in the banking sector
In order to select consultants in quality management, awareness was raised in the field of total quality management in
The banking sector.

9) Board Meeting Management System
The Board of Directors' meeting management system has been set up and the approval of Mr.
The Governor shall be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval.

10) Preparation of a questionnaire for the satisfaction of employees and dealers with leadership and senior management
The Employee and Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire was developed for leadership and senior management
It was applied to the Basra branch during the month of April and is applicable to the Bank's departments and sections in
The Center during 2019, pending completion of technical procedures and
Procedures of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to prepare questionnaires.

11) Review Outlet

The draft IT Governance Guide for Banks has been reviewed
Sending by the Department of Information and Communications Technology,
The final output, which in turn integrates with the governance manual prepared by the control department

3) Risk management

For the promotion of Tzamwol and Ettawwar Taawon cooperative Dowawar Almarkowzi banks and Aksowamh, Tom Eudad Godol Yebuin
Potential Risks of Divisors Probability and Impact Ratios and Mitigation Measures
Risk, in addition to the nature of commission fees and its association with internal parties and its relationship with external parties
In coordination with the Risk Management Department.

14) Crisis cells

Quality Assurance and Risk Management Departments have been formed to indicate the guidance of the Secretariat

Of the Council of Ministers for their book number N / 29721 dated 27/8/2018.
15) Annual Plan for 2019

A diagnostic plan for 2019 was prepared for the department which included active and passive tasks
And proposed tasks for 2019 with a statement of functional need.

6) External participation

The department participated in two working papers in the workshop (Quality Management Tools for Solution)
Work Problems) held at the Administrative Technical College / Middle Technical University.
- Working Paper 1: Applying best practices using some quality tools in
Bank to solve business problems (Dania Yahya Kazem & Alaa Alaa Fanar).
- Working Paper 2: Using the swot model and business reengineering as a tool
Quality for continuous improvement (Aya Mohammed Asghar & Khawla Asaad Hashem).

17) External business

- Developing the skills of summer training students based on the principle of cooperation with universities
Colleges The department trained students from Baghdad University / College of Business, Economics and College
Administrative Technology / Baghdad.
- The Department conducted a series of courses entitled (Fundamentals of Quality Management Systems) for the Bank's employees
Central and banking sector at the Center for Banking Studies, and in the Association
Private banks.

8) Develop staff skills

The following courses, workshops and seminars were held to develop the skills of the employees and increase their expertise:
• Workshop) explaining and interpreting the business continuity management in the Iraqi banking sector according to the standard
International (2012: ISO22301) provided by the Association of Private Banks in Iraq.
• Course (financial stability) provided by the Department of Monetary and Financial Stability Department of the Central Bank of Iraq.
• Seminar (foreign reserves of the Central Bank of Iraq in a study on the window of sale of currency).
• Course (Strategic Planning and Strategic Management) offered by the Department of Total Quality Management in collaboration with
Center for Banking Studies.
• Head of Auditors Course on Quality Management System 2018: ISO9001 15 trainees) 13 trainees from management department
And 2 trainees from the Quality Management Division at the Central Bank of Iraq / Basra Branch.
• Obtaining (7 employees) a certificate of accredited internal evaluator issued by the European Organization for Quality Management
• Training course (design and implementation of questionnaires) for the period (8-12 / 10/2018)
• Accounting System Training Course (ICBS.)
• Training course (Banking Risk Management).
• AML / CFT Training and FATF recommendations.
• Institutional transformation in the banking sector.

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