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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 6/18/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 6/18/19

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The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 6/18/19 Empty The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 6/18/19

Post by RamblerNash on Thu Jun 20, 2019 12:38 am

Bruce: Welcome to the Big Call tonight. The crazy thing about this is since our last call which was Thursday, there hasn’t been much new information. There has been a little bit, and I an tell you what is relevant to us because we are so close to the Go Time.

That was I am mostly focused on. Okay, what will it take to get these numbers to be released? How soon are they coming? When will be start to set our appointments? So, even what we had a few days ago on the bank screens at Redemption Centers was to dates. One date was yesterday, June 17th. The other date was tomorrow, June 19th. I thought to myself what about today, June 18th? What about it? I do not know. I really didn’t get a really good answer. All I know is the screens shows June 17th and June 19th as Go Days for us. So guess what? We didn’t start yesterday. What does that mean? Maybe tomorrow is Go Day. Maybe tomorrow is the first day we start. 

Bruce: Now before we get to go to do exchanges, guess what? We need the toll-free number. We need the toll-free number, we set the appointment, and we go. Will it happen all in one day tomorrow? It is possible. Yes. Let me tell you something. The information I received today is pointing toward things triggered after President Trump’s rally. It maybe hours after the rally. It maybe after midnight. It could be tomorrow, but I think that there is a triggering mechanism that will be looked at very closely after midnight tonight. So, lets see how that works. Let’s see how that goes.

Bruce: Do not worry about rates. Rates are fine. Rates are strong. We are not going to need to worry about Zim rates. They are all good. I know that. Do not worry about limited out on the Zim. Do not worry about being tapped on it. It is not going to happen. It is all very good. 

Bruce: I do not think there is anything majorly that we haven’t already covered on the Big Call. What we will do is keep you informed on the projects that we have planned. Primarily the Number one project is Rebuild America project. Number two is Veterans Retreat Network. Those are my two. We have a few others that will be going in as well.

Bruce: What I am going to end of doing with Bob’s help is put out an email in sort of a questionnaire to everybody after this goes. So please what your email from: bigcalluniverse.om after this goes. I am going to ask you some specific questions about the project. Which one you want to join us in. Where you might want to do that. If you have anything else you want to do regarding some of the things, we have talked about like clean water and desalination plants. There are several people who are doing removal of garbage in the oceans, and then have those plans to go forward especially with recycling the plastic of that into oil type product. I think that is going to be handled by a number of people who are all about that. That is a great project. 

Bruce: Whatever it is you are super interested in we are going to try to create a network of people who might have similar interest even in other projects. Of course we want people to help with Rebuild America, and help us to an extend with the VRN primarily in 3 area. 1) Equine Therapy – If you are a horse woman or horseman, and can help us with the horses, that will be something that would be huge. I want to try to do that on everyone of our VRN sites. 2) Canine Therapy or Puppy Therapy – Help the Vets and their families as well as the children. That will be cool too. I want to do that wherever we can. 3) PTSD Therapy – I want people who have some practical experience with PTSD. Some people have some pretty amazing cures, almost instant cures. I know Bob is good on that. I know he has some stuff that will work beautifully on Vets with PTSD. That is something else I want to work with. Sue will be there to help as well with Neuroplasticity and some things she is working on that I think will apply for our Vets as well. I think that will come together as well.

Bruce: I am excited because you know we are going to try to partner with Dr. Ben Carson with his 8,761 Opportunity Zones. I think that is a great starting place for us to go, and to look at those zones. We are going to create Green Spaces. We are going to create community gardens. We are going to try to clean up areas that look a little bit rough. We are going to try to clean those up and make those neighborhoods great again. Believe me it is going to be an amazing Before and After in a lot of cities and towns in this country.

Bruce: I am looking for 5,000 volunteers though. Can we get 5,000 of you of the Big Call that are interested in helping rebuild America taking one, two, or more cities, towns, or communities in all 50 states? I know Alaska and Hawaii will not need the same attention probably. So don’t all say I want Hawaii or I will take Alaska. No. I do not know if we have any listeners that live in Alaska. I haven’t heard any. If we do great. I bet Anchorage, Juneau, or some of these areas might need some help there too with the indigenous people up in Alaska. What do the people call the indigenous people? First Nation which I think is cool. We do not refer to our Indian population that way. The Native American we call Native Americans. That is cool. That is great, but we can work with a lot of different areas. Let’s get together on that.

Bruce: I hope when I do send that out, I will have a lot of you say: Yes, I want to do Rebuild America as one of my projects. Maybe it is your only project. Whatever it is, it is good. We are going to try to partner with the Urban and Housing Group under Dr. Ben Carson and his people. We will try to get really some cool stuff going with them. I think honestly, we can do that there in 8,761 Opportunity Zones. We are going to go through those and get in touch with Dr. Carson and talk to him about that. I am excited about that. I am very excited where that meeting will go, extremely excited. Dr. Carson is a great man. I always thought he was wise as a Neurosurgeon. He is just an incredible man. He has accomplished so much. Really has a heart for Jesus as well, and I think he is going to be great to work with. I am excited about that. Anybody listening from the Administration, please pass the word on to Dr. Carson office that Bruce from the Big Call is ready to go to work with them. 

Bruce: I think we are right here in the appropriate time where we are thinking everything has been that needs to be done. I have heard that, and we all have heard that before. I am just keying on the dates that were on the computer and I am keying on some information that pointed to some things that will happen after President Trump’s rally tonight. So, keep an eye on things. We will see if we an get the Cores and Groups out west paid possibly overnight. Then we should be right there where they are because we are hearing they should each receive a minimal amount up to $100,000 on a debit card, and then they would get access to 20% of their exchange within the next day or so. They have a lot to look forward as do we. The idea of a shotgun is still in play where basically when we start as T4B, T4A is right with us. We all go at approximately the same time. I am excited about that. The idea of a shotgun start is really where we think we are.

Bruce: That is all I can bring to you tonight of value. I am sure there is more stuff out there, but really things have been quiet over the last 2 to 3 days. I think we are right where we supposed to be right now. I am to thank everybody. I want to start with my team. I want to thank Sue for being here. I want to thank Bob. I want to thank Pastor Steven and speedy full recovery to him. I want to thank all the listeners of the Big Call for all these 8 years for being faithful in tuning in every Tuesday and Thursday night. Thank you all around the globe who are tuned in and listening like Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Canada, Middle East, Iraq, South Korea, and other parts of the world. We are thrilled about that.

Bruce: We want to thank Pinkroses for doing our transcripts of the call notes and getting that out too because a lot of people take those and translate them. Some people will translate the call simultaneously as it is going out with soft ware that they can do that. I am thrilled we are reaching very far all around the globe and that was my hope all along that this would truly be a global call that the Big Call Universe would reach and possibly beyond. You never know where they are getting it out in the Universe.

Bruce: Thank you everybody and be ready for the numbers to come out. I will tell you I will put them out on the website and also email them to 21,000 to 25,000 emails so far of people who have registered on: bigcalluniverse.com. So, if you are not registered yet and you want to get an email, that is how we are going to get in touch with you after the RV. Without calls, we will need to rely on your emails. So, you will need to open them and read them. Open them, read them, and respond if there is a way to respond to that. Thank you everybody again for listening and tuning in. I appreciate you all these years. We will see you on the flip side. Good Bye.


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