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Parliamentary report: Hours of power supply will fall to 12 hours during the summer DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Parliamentary report: Hours of power supply will fall to 12 hours during the summer

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Parliamentary report: Hours of power supply will fall to 12 hours during the summer Empty Parliamentary report: Hours of power supply will fall to 12 hours during the summer

Post by RamblerNash on Tue May 21, 2019 11:17 pm

Parliamentary report: Hours of power supply will fall to 12 hours during the summer

Parliamentary report: Hours of power supply will fall to 12 hours during the summer 11912

A man standing near a power station. "Internet"

Economy News Baghdad

The Committee on Oil and Energy parliamentary that the electricity supply rates this summer will fall to less than 12 hours a day, warning of the collapse of the national system because of problems in the transmission and distribution lines.

The committee's warnings came hours before a date was set for hosting Minister of Electricity Loay Khatib and his aides in parliament on Monday to discuss the issue.

A parliamentary report, seen by "Economy News", reveals that the Ministry of Electricity paid to the investment stations and power transmission lines, including the Iranian line about 250 million dollars a month, accusing the ministry of collusion with these companies at the expense of government stations.

A few days ago, the Ministry of Electricity announced that it was able to access the production of the national electricity system to (17) thousand megawatts, an increase (3500) megawatts, confirming the continuation of the increase capacity of the energy system.

The deputy for the coalition of state law, high Nassif, announced in April last year collected 25 signatures to question the Minister of Electricity, pointing out that the interrogation will be in the summer season so as not to hamper the minister's steps in the challenge of the annual hot season.

The report warned the Committee on oil and energy parliamentary the possibility of deterioration of the processing of electrical power system during the summer season to 12 hours of processing per day in all Iraqi provinces, attributing the reason for the "collusion with the Ministry of investment in the production of electricity.

The report confirms that "members of the Committee on oil and energy parliamentary supervised the monitoring of the performance of the Ministry of Electricity during the past two months and took samples from the National Control Panel to know the actual production, import and investment, and found that there is waste in the production of energy.

The report pointed out that "the Ministry of Electricity contracted with six investment bodies (bus lines) to supply them with electric power The report proved to be a delay in the work of these companies and lines," calling for "re-wording (contracting) in the interest of Iraq."

The report of the parliamentary committee that "the first stop is Basmaya investment station, which has a capacity of design (3000) megawatts, but the actual production of 2400 megawatts and a monthly amount of more than (50) million dollars," adding that the second station is Rumaila investment, (1000) megawatts, of which about 600 megawatts have entered the service with a monthly rent of 14 million dollars. "

The report adds that "Khurmala North lines provide the ministry with a 500-megawatt and barter style of a fuel and at a cost of more than $ 25 million per month." The lines of Kirkuk, Kirkuk range from (100 250) megawatts and 3.5 cents per kilowatt. The report states that "Iran's lines include Karkh, Serebil Zahab, Mersad and Kermanshah. They range from 100-1450 megawatts to 80 megawatts per hour, depending on the amount of clouds of energy," pointing out that "the amounts payable To Iran for this energy ranges from (96 to 160) million dollars per month. "

In a related context, the report pointed out that "

The Diwaniyah station, with a capacity of 4 * 125, produces only 72 megawatts, less than the minimum. The Shatt al-Arab plant with a capacity of 10 * 125 megawatts, with a total production capacity of 1250 megawatts, (321) megawatts. " The report shows that "until 27/3 the total production of the required load to the national grid 9956 megawatts, so the production of power plants of the ministry 5615 while the stations and lines of investment up to 4341."

The Rumaila investment station in full load and the Rumaila gas station (government) with a capacity of 1450, which cost the state millions of dollars to carry does not exceed (2) megawatts, to make room for the station Rumaila investment, which cost the state millions of dollars a month.

The report pointed out "reducing the load of the station Qayara six units and a total capacity of 750 megawatts to 200 megawatts," explaining that "this station was rehabilitated by US $ 63 million by GE."

The report adds that "Basmaa Istmariyah station belongs to the investor (a, l) carrying it up to 2143 megawatts cost the state $ 50 million per month paid in any case, that is, in the case of the withdrawal of energy from the station or not withdraw," wondering "Is it possible to be Corruption and waste of state funds in this strange and strange? "

The report stresses that "these observations confirm the negligence and negligence and waste of public funds and the disbursement of millions of dollars to investors and the private sector for personal and useful purposes and to destroy our stations (government), which cost the state millions of dollars."

"All the people named in this report will be hosted within the committee to make sure this information is correct," said Ahmad al-Aqabi, a member of the parliamentary oil and energy committee.

In a statement to the newspaper "Al-Mada", read the "Economy News", that the "all investment stations operate system take and pay any process of payment of funds be binding on the Ministry of Electricity whether these investment companies committed to equip the Ministry of energy or not," revealing that the Committee "The Minister of Electricity will host his discussions on these contracts."

He explained that "there are investment companies Capsma get gas free of charge from the Iraqi government, while the contract period between the Ministry of Electricity and these companies up to 25 years," pointing out that "everyone thinks of importing in order to get the Couchem."

He pointed out that "the current minister did not change the policy of the Ministry of Electricity current and continues to follow the same plan used in the past," noting that "the Prime Minister and the Ministerial Energy Committee are making contracts with Siemens German."

The member of the Energy Committee that "the rate of energy processing during the summer will be in some provinces 12 hours and some provinces less," believing that "the electrical system will collapse because of the problem of transmission and distribution lines amid the absence of solutions to the Ministry of Electricity."

He pointed out that "there are Turkish lines close to the Iraqi border can be used to equip the national network about 1000 megawatts, as well as Jordanian and Kuwaiti lines close to the Iraqi border," noting that "the steps of the minister is very slow in solving the problem of electricity.


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