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Morning in the eyes of economists and interested

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Morning in the eyes of economists and interested Empty Morning in the eyes of economists and interested

Post by claud39 on Mon May 20, 2019 12:27 pm

[size=36][rtl]Morning in the eyes of economists and interested[/rtl][/size]

Sunday 19 May 2019

Morning in the eyes of economists and interested Alsabaah-12676

Baghdad / Economic morning 
The eyes of the economists did not ignore the media messages of Al-Sabah newspaper. Today, on its sixteenth anniversary, its families share their joy in continuing the successes of this voice that express the lives of the people. No side has ignored and responded to events with all transparency and impartiality, and presented them to the public with precise details that were not available in other media .

Appearance of Mohammed Saleh
The financial advisor to Prime Minister Dr. Mazhar Mohammed Saleh said: "Sincere congratulations to Al Sabah Newspaper and all its employees in their annual memory, especially those on the economic page. This page showed its interactive strength with national, regional and international economic events and with high credibility. Visions and charting the future economic and social prospects. "
"The economic team of Al-Sabah Newspaper has rightly demonstrated the ability to draw up dynamic, continuous interactive links with economic events, to predict them or to counteract the negative phenomena and repercussions. Thus, while the economic page continues its role in reflecting the role and impact of government economic policies In the construction of the foundations of prosperity and economic development, it did not ignore the importance of market economy and the role of the private sector in determining the parameters and foundations of the future economic country, which takes the social market philosophy of ideal and optimal, especially the role of the private sector in the drawing of evidence Ml affecting the emergence of generating forces with institutional character actors and guarantors of the stability and growth of the national market. "

Mustafa Abdel Hussein
International Energy Expert Mustapha Abdul Hussein said: "Since the establishment of Al-Sabah, it has played a good enlightening role by presenting diverse topics and analyzes, sources, experts and all matters of economy, energy, and politics, expressing the views of those concerned about the triangle of progress based on these three ribs The scope of the intellectual product presentation varied to different levels of recipients, which helped spread the newspaper and receive it openly and with an enlightened mind by all popular groups, Which has gained great popularity, especially after the recent changes in the output of a new suit and a number of pages compatible with what is prevalent in the national newspapers deployed in the region was a wonderful breakthrough.
"Perhaps the best feature of (Sabah) economic page, which included articles and interviews of Iraqi economists and energy, with the opening of that page windows of the world economic thought, and reinforced by studies that included tables and numbers have always been a reference to us in the daily knowledge shared by the elite of economic investigators And researchers for the latest scientific research results. "

Bassem Antoine
Vice President of the Baghdad Economic Forum Bassem Antoine warned that "the morning newspaper Abu, fully aware of what this phrase means, find her family working towards standing up at all paths of life and challenges faced without discrimination, and this counts, today bless our newspaper glue her feast and more Of success and development, and remains the voice important to support the process of economic development and continued its important step in the follow-up to the local economic, regional and international in a manner can be described as wonderful. "

Amer Issa Jeweler
A member of the Baghdad Economic Forum, Amer Issa Al-Jawahiri said: "The morning newspaper Al-Glagh contributed through the size of its spread and its official commitment and its management in the course of coverage and participation in the event and in directing public opinion to have a constructive role in the active contribution to its development and prosperity. In this context, it is necessary to increase the monitoring, evaluation and follow-up of all sections and terms of reference of the newspaper on the achievements of the government program and the development plan and the extent of developments and changes in the sides. B socio-economic - cultural - societal - political values ​​".
We also propose that each section of the newspaper organize an expanded semi-annual seminar, including axes to be agreed upon with the stakeholders, aimed at promoting and developing the work policies and methodology of the partnership aimed at prosperity and improving the position of Iraq internally, regionally and internationally.

Ahmed Omar Al Rawi
"I congratulate Al-Sabah on the day of its establishment, and the dear economic page and its cadres all the greetings and appreciation in the hope of further progress and expand the space (economic) to include more tender, and the inclusion of other numbers of readers eager for information in this area, .
"The economic page is distinguished by the diversity of its subjects between the economic column and the vision, and the local, Arab and international reports, in a unique and strong economic manner that raised the interest of those concerned with economic affairs from experts, research centers and economic forums, as well as officials of banks and government and local banks and the Central Bank of Iraq. The Ministry of Water Resources and the Ministry of Water Resources, in addition to the participation of a number of not a few writers specialized in economic affairs from inside and outside the country, God bless the efforts of the staff of the economic page and wish them progress and We are with you to bring the page with all that concerns the national and regional economy
 And international ".

Wafa Al Mahdawi
Dr. Wafaa Al-Mahdawi said: "Congratulations to Al-Sabah Newspaper on its 16th anniversary, and on this occasion we applaud the efforts of the press corps of editors, correspondents and photographers in this distinguished media work at the country level. Greetings to the staff of the economic page represented by the administrator of the page Professor Hussein Thogb and Professor Emad Emirate and Professor Mustafa Hashemi and Professor Farah Al-Khafaf, for their role in providing the page with economic interviews, in addition to reports of economic concern, and their contacts with professors and academics of the faculties of management Economy in Baghdad, Mustansiriya and rivers, and the University College of Economic Sciences and the College of Management and Economics at the University of Anbar and the University of Diwaniyah. "

Jafar al-Hamdani
Chairman of the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce Jafar Al-Hamdani told "Al-Sabah" her 16th birthday and wished her more successes. He said: "Our national newspaper has a prominent role in covering the events with accuracy and credibility, and we found the newspaper the truth through its presence in all forums, And we find the sincere voice of the private sector and its connection with public opinion. There are enough space to address the challenges facing the national economy, and there is another area of ​​economic vision that is an important aspect of the development process. "

Mahmoud Al Jumaa
The researcher Mahmoud Al-Jumaa Al-Mayahi came as "the morning with the beautiful pens .. and the integrity of its themes and true expressions, extinguish with it the sixteenth candle and celebrate the lighting of the seventeenth candle of our glue, which was and is still morning in our lives .. We wish to continue to give, .

Iman al-Alusi
Economist Eman al-Alusi said that "Sabah was born in circumstances of accurate and very important and a historic turning point and the presence of the foundations of a professional press of high credibility and neutrality, representing the whole of Iraq, and the economic page is a newspaper for its varied topics, and observed global economic events and local and focused on the pens A book of their status and reputation in the field of finance and economy, and covered their reports most economic events, a page rich in valuable information, I wish her more brilliance and creativity.
Al-Alusi suggested allocating space for Iraqi banks and their products and their interaction with citizens, and other important events of the economic time in Iraq and the Arab world and international.

Yasser Al Metwally
The founder of the economic page, Yasser Al-Metwalli, said: "I celebrate my beloved Sabah's birthday, which I love in all of her because she is one of my favorite children, how I have not spent a decade and a half of her life between the folds and corridors of one of Her Majesty's princesses. It is a shining candle of light, light of it and in it, a candle is shaded amid the rays of the morning of Baghdad beloved, it enlightens who, the morning remains Anchodti and my beautiful Tigre, because it has completed part of the dream of my life, so I remain my love, including my colleagues and my love and Nasi, and on this occasion I send them kisses printed on the forehead The spotless pens he knew Taha and Tahani Happy to (morning) School of modern journalism committed and successes achieved by steps confident at the hands of my colleagues and their leaders honest. "

Ali Tariq
The Executive Director of the Association of Iraqi Banks Ali Tarek, "The morning with us every morning, it is important in our lives to browse every morning morning newspaper dealing with events in detail and extensive and accurate, and here we can not but congratulate the family of the newspaper in all sections and management , And we wish more success in the performance of this important media house on the local and regional scene. "

Aqil Al Saadi
In turn, the industrial expert Aqeel al-Saadi, the morning newspaper "professional", which proved its presence and presence not only on the Iraqi arena, but in the Arab media.
Saadi stressed that it often affected the economic decision makers or the public opinion, which deals with economic variables, considering the economic pages "important and keep pace with the developments of the economic file."

Thamer Al Azzawi
For his part, the financial expert Thamer al-Azzawi, the efforts of "economic morning" that address issues important to the foundations of the Iraqi economy.
Al-Azzawi pointed to "the need to address the joints of the Iraqi economy in a field and submit proposals and recommendations to the competent bodies and competent, and to identify the areas of imbalance in which the responsible bodies in front of these points, as well as highlighting solutions to how to overcome them, by presenting obstacles and ways to develop and improve the reality of performance, Economically in the true sense. "

Saad Al - Mahmoudawi
On the other hand, the economic expert Saad Al-Muhammadawi praised the role of the morning in terms of the economic aspect over the past 16 years, for its excellence in objectivity and credibility and contribute to the advancement of the economy of the country through its leading role in putting all the aspects of the joints of the economy.
Al-Mahmoudawi praised the economic activities set up by the morning, and accompanied by conferences and seminars in the presence of active and influential, and formed a link between specialists and economic experts and decision-makers to work to promote the economy of the country.
Al-Sabah, the newspaper, promised to publish the distinctive newspaper from the rest of the local newspapers. It contributed to bringing the views of economists and businessmen closer to the governmental bodies, which positively influenced some important decisions and amendments to some laws.

Ghazi Kanani
"The most beautiful congratulations to our professional newspaper and the icon of Sabah Al-Sabah daily, and to the further success and success of its journey in light of the great challenges, especially that the creative industry does not stop with the ability to possess competencies capable of The transfer of information accurately and professionally, and on this occasion we thank all those who stand up to the performance of this newspaper, which represents the people. "

Saad Al Zeidan
In turn, counting the specialist in real estate affairs Saad al-Zaidan, Al-Sabah newspaper "Watan newspaper." "I consider breakfast the best breakfast for me," Zaidan said. "It gives me a lot of news
 And reports. "
He added that "Sabah has recently succeeded in overcoming the task of transferring information that has become within reach with technological development, addressed to the adoption of reports and news stories and investigations, including economic reports that draw a road map of the situation in Iraq and how to achieve progress in various areas in the future."

Abdul Rahman Al Shaikhly
"The page is one of the most important windows in which we paint a real picture of the economy of the country with its advantages and disadvantages, not only that, but it can be through the survey of the opinions of experts and specialists from the economic sectors of academics and those who work in the field such as financial institutions and economic and banking, Since its establishment so far to draw a realistic road map for Iraq's economic future, indicating what could be in the future after overcoming the crises experienced by Iraq at least in recent years, and here was the role of media purpose constructive, which contributed to the Taja The media also highlighted the role of the government in avoiding this through initiatives to allocate very large amounts to finance small and large projects, in addition to issuing loans to government banks, especially their salaries, and highlighting the role and importance of financial coverage and expansion. In electronic banking. "

Abdul Ghani Al Saidi
Journalist Abdul Ghani Saidi pointed out that "the morning newspaper can be described as the task, which was able to prove itself between the Iraqi and Arab newspapers through the sincerity of the word transmitted and reports, both political, economic, heritage, artistic and sports, which could compete with major Arab and international newspapers, Has had a major role in standing up to the challenges of the Iraqi economy through the topics that dealt with, and here it is necessary to mention the role of the press staff supervising this newspaper in the transfer of news and the word of truth and every year and the newspaper morning good.

Abdul-Zahra Mohammed al-Hindawi
The official spokesman of the Ministry of Planning Abdul-Zahra Mohammed al-Hindawi said: "Writing in the newspaper Al-Sabah has a different taste. Every morning, reading the morning newspaper has a distinctive flavor that is like coffee, which gives us a sense of vitality and activity for long hours of the day. The morning newspaper, which shines on us every morning, is like a hot dish filled with delicious food. When I speak with these feelings, I combine my feelings as an addicted reader to the morning, and the other side, my sense of happiness as one of the permanent writers of the morning. "
It is here that I give myself the right to say the word "morning", which still adorns our mornings 16 years ago, and will remain so, as long as such a dedicated family is aware of its role in lighting people's path with information, analysis, news and opinion in all aspects of life in politics and economy. In culture, in sport, in art and in society, without forgetting childhood and women 
And young people.

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