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Differences of Sunni blocs enter the stage of "breaking bones" and attention to the Ministries of Education and Defense DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Differences of Sunni blocs enter the stage of "breaking bones" and attention to the Ministries of Education and Defense

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Differences of Sunni blocs enter the stage of "breaking bones" and attention to the Ministries of Education and Defense Empty Differences of Sunni blocs enter the stage of "breaking bones" and attention to the Ministries of Education and Defense

Post by RamblerNash on Sat May 18, 2019 8:31 pm

Differences of Sunni blocs enter the stage of "breaking bones" and attention to the Ministries of Education and Defense

Differences of Sunni blocs enter the stage of "breaking bones" and attention to the Ministries of Education and Defense D3187b33b873f96506fe1378ebbb0bbe_L

17/05/2019 - 14:19

The differences between the Sunni blocs entered the stage of "breaking the bone" after the election of MP Mansour al-Murad, a new governor of Nineveh, while re-placed the blocks again, amid fears of the impact of those differences on the completion of the composition of the government Adel Abdul Mahdi.

The ministries of education, justice, interior and defense are still vacant because of the political differences that prevented their completion. Two ministries share the Sunni blocs, both from the National Axis coalition or Sunnis affiliated with the Alliance for Reform and Reconstruction.

The differences that broke out between the Sunni blocs and the collapse of the National Axis coalition, which was about 55 deputies, reflected on the postponed ministerial entitlements, such as education and defense, which have been subject for months to understandings and arrangements without a political team being able to resolve them.

Unfair division

The division between the Sunni blocs to the occurrence of the Ministry of Education of the share of the Arab project leader Khamis Khanjar, but that ministry has not been resolved so far, while talking within the coalition of Iraqi forces led by Parliament Speaker Mohammed Halbusi to withdraw the ministry from the dagger, which has about 16 deputies in parliament for the project Arabi.

The Khangs nominated several former figures for the post, but the objections faced by those figures prevented them from passing, both with regard to the characters Al-Hayali and the explosion of the case of her brother or Sfana Al-Hamdani and objections to their administrative and scientific capacity.

But a member of the Arab project said to (Basneoz) that "the coalition of Iraqi forces dissenting from the Axis alliance can not rob the maturity of the Arab project in the Cabinet Cab, there are political benefits and the project has 15 deputies and share of the ministry in the government, there are political blocs less deputies in parliament and got On one or more ministries in the government of Abdul Mahdi. "

"Is it conceivable that Haj Shibl al-Zaidi (commander of the Imam Ali Brigades) has the Ministry of Communications and does not have a political bloc in parliament or deputies, and the Arab project, which includes a good number of deputies, we see today attempts to withdraw his share in the government , In addition to that Asaib Ahl al-Haq, they also have 15 deputies, but two ministries in the government was their share. "

Does the Alliance of Forces demand the Ministries of Defense and Education?

The first was led by Khamis al-Khanjar, the deputy from Salah al-Din Ahmad al-Jubouri Abu Mazen, and the second led by parliament speaker Muhammad al-Halbusi, who re-established the coalition of Iraqi forces, which came in the form of a formula Retaliation of the passing of the pastor governor of Ninevah.

On Monday, the Axis Alliance decided to cancel the membership of Mohammed Al Halbusi and several members of his bloc because of his attempts to disperse the Alliance and its failure to abide by the principles and objectives for which the Alliance is formed.

According to a document issued by the coalition received (Basnioz) a copy, that "the National Axis Alliance stressed the pursuit of alliances and other blocs on the removal of Halabusi from the presidency of the House of Representatives, and the selection of a more balanced personality to lead the legislative authority in the next phase."

With the return of the alliance of forces to the scene, analysts see that his mission will not be limited to the Pinnawi crisis and exacerbated the suffering of citizens there, but will be a new polarization in the political scene, and the Sunnis in particular, and if ratified the figures declared under which were said to be 40 deputies, This would change the map of political benefits, and it would be logical for this coalition to demand the Ministries of Education and Defense, or at least one of them.

Differences do not affect the completion of the government

For his part, believes political analyst Amir Saadi, "The dispute will emerge blocs, but will be within the coalition of construction, and this dispute will not affect the shape of the state, as the Sunni blocs have always been not a key player in the form of the political process in Iraq, and was only for positions, Of the ministerial lineup, which is happening now, as the political arena in the liberated provinces produced political parties seeking to achieve their personal interests away from the interest of the component in general.

Al-Saadi said in a statement to (Basneoz) that "the Sunni blocs now have more than 60 deputies in parliament in general, and this number will not affect in any way to pass the remaining ministries, although the understandings role, but the language of numbers in many cases overcome and have the reins Discount ".

He pointed out that "those differences within the Sunni house, will be coveted big alliances of the polarization of those parties that have disintegrated and became weak, and do not have a unified decision, and is expected to join these blocks to greater alliances, or remain within the construction, but troubled.

Observers attributed the dispute between the dagger and Halbusi precisely to the desire to lead the Sunni house, even at the expense of the public interest.

And between the differences of adults is the final outcome is the delay in the management of ministries, and the disruption of construction projects; to pay the Iraqi citizen the tax of those conflicts to live amid poor services, the recurrence of security breaches, and poor living beyond the extreme poverty in many cases, because of the fondness of many politicians in positions, Let alone dispel the dreams of the Sunni Arab people to form a strong home represents them after conflicts destroyed plowing and offspring throughout their regions.


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