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 "My View of the Current Situation" by Open Mind - 4/5/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

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"My View of the Current Situation" by Open Mind - 4/5/19

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 "My View of the Current Situation" by Open Mind - 4/5/19 Empty "My View of the Current Situation" by Open Mind - 4/5/19

Post by Ssmith on Fri Apr 05, 2019 9:38 am

Since some time I am watching the whole GCR/RV situation with some amusement. To me it is absolutely obvious that PTB (we don't need to call them NPTB anymore , as it is "caput" to the old ones) would do everything as slow and thorough as possible and wouldn't take chance in hurrying things up to get the final outcome quicker. We've been given many clues about the current situation.

The guys who say that it'd happen next day/weekend/month are either dishonest with themselves or lying to us through their teeth. I am really sorry about some people who believe it without any logic or reservation. Many of them sadly and silently watch as this epic battle going on. Unfortunately (or fortunately) it is Sun Tzu's art of war performed in front of our own eyes. Enemy will be totally and thoroughly destroyed but only when it would be to PTB absolute advantage. It is planetary not individual nation gain.

Now we have another guru who's heating things up to some unbelievable proportions. It's all the same insane talk. Some call it "tomorrow game". For me the most memorable Yosef-OWK tandem. Yosef was in my opinion extremely talented and inspirational writer. OWK sang in that duo wery well too. Many people including myself couldn't sleep at night thinking that it is 100% tomorrow.

Now we've got MarkZ, Bruce, Zap, TNT singing the same "tomorrow" song. Sane voices say: it will be when it will be and a lot of people don't like it. Tough luck! If in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 somebody would say that in April of 2019 we would be still where we always been the person would be buried under avalanche of stones. With all my respect for Judy and her great consistency and reliability I'd say that there's really no need to repeat all that's guru's nonsense in her every post because it also helps to promote insane "tomorrow"" game.

I think many people in absolutely desperate life situations getting converted to become currency holders. All right. If you are really about helping in big way in the future to the great number of people then you welcome. But you should remember the other side of the coin. It might be very long time before you'd be able to do that and not exactly the way how you imagine it. So if you think about improving your circumstances first, then think twice. Better to be calm and neutral about that and when everything would be ready including (as the most important component) the safety of all exchanging people only then it would

Open Mind

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 "My View of the Current Situation" by Open Mind - 4/5/19 Empty Re: "My View of the Current Situation" by Open Mind - 4/5/19

Post by Ponee on Fri Apr 05, 2019 6:10 pm

I wonder if this is the OPEN MIND member that was here on Dinar Daily when it was the original Okie Oil Man site in 2011 and a bit of 2012.  If so, I liked him. http://www.dinardaily.net/u7759


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 "My View of the Current Situation" by Open Mind - 4/5/19 Empty Re: "My View of the Current Situation" by Open Mind - 4/5/19

Post by Ssmith on Sat Apr 06, 2019 10:42 am

"Re: My View of the Current Situation" by (Anonymous)

I completely understand this person's view, as it represents the view of most people keeping tabs on this event as it progresses.

Earlier on, the Yosef/OWK duo represented, in large part, semi-professional disinformation campaigns. There was always some truth mixed in but the primary push was fraudulent.

They were used for their creative writing skills. Always beware of those who write skillfully trying to sell you a scenario. Pay more attention to those giving their opinions because at least you get the truth about their opinion, not to be confused with fact.

The current scenario is way different from a few years ago. Two or three years ago we were no where near getting things in place, compared to today. No where near...

The one thing that Yosef did bring to the party was the reality of the Paris Treaty as the intro to GESARA and the setup for GCR/RV. But even that was withdrawn and renegotiated by the Trump Administration from what it was under the treasonous Obama regime.

Clearly Yosef had inside info... but from the wrong side, indicative of who he was really working for.

Today we have people like MarkZ, who was around long before the Yosef/OWK's characters. MarkZ was on the scene and left the scene before DC/OD was around.

He got out once he began working with Mr. Cottrell, who was directly involved in the process. It wasn't until he became an insider that he realized the event was a few years out. He stopped offering intel completely because it wasn't intel at all, but rather baseless speculation.

Now that his work with Mr. C is completed and he still has some of his contacts, he was asked to get back into providing public information because things were actually ready to move forward.

There is a difference between speculation of things moving forward and things actually moving forward. At any kind of a casual distance, it all looks the same. Most people paying attention don't have more time than a casual distance to view from.

On the other side are those paying so close attention that they become myopic in their vision. They are too close to the available information without actually being involved. They continue to offer speculation as almost fact.

Zap/Jerzy has indicated April 15 for something visible to be expected... In the mean time there has been processing of Tiers 1-3 but with no access to funding. They might even allow Tier 4 to begin processing, but perhaps without access until around April 15.

Bruce has indicated April 15 to be the currently expected public exchange release. So clearly April 15 appears to be a new target date. But preprocessing of private redemptions and exchanges will likely continue in preparation for the public release.

This is a whole different situation from years prior. However, from the casual observer it all tends to look like the same old BS...

It isn't. They have moved forward tremendously but the war is still winding up even as it is also winding down. For that reason things get pushed around allot.

That, and the element of surprise, in order to avoid a planned ambush from any remaining deep state players. So just as the deep state players have become disillusioned and despondent trying to anticipate the releases... so have the currency/bond holders, as a result.


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