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Saleh Says Iraq is Capable  3/28/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Saleh Says Iraq is Capable 3/28/19

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Saleh Says Iraq is Capable  3/28/19 Empty Saleh Says Iraq is Capable 3/28/19

Post by Ssmith on Sun Mar 31, 2019 9:28 am

The President of the Republic Dr. Barham Saleh affirmed that Iraq is capable and qualified to achieve the required benefits because its people Egypt to end the crises it is going through.

In a speech delivered during a meeting with social and cultural elites, tribal leaders and dignitaries in Wasit province on Thursday, 28-3-2019, he pointed out that regional and international openness is important, but the national interest should prevail, and we are proud of our neighbors. This is an indication that he is capable and effective in the regional and international system and will not accept to be a battlefield for other countries.

The President of the Republic pointed out that corruption and terrorism are two sides of a single currency and its fight has not been accomplished. It requires legal measures and support from the community and civil activities to enable the state to end this crisis, praising the determination of the good people to move the country to the stage of construction, reconstruction and stability.

The following is the text of the word:

" In the name of God the Merciful

" Say yourselves Allah will see your work and His Messenger and the believers "great truth of God , ladies and gentlemen .. the

fact that I am honored to be among you , and be among my family in Wasit province , the city of Kut, I am honored to Meeting with you and consult with you about your concerns and worries I have the honor to be among my family in this province, which gave Iraq a lot and did not spare the nation anything, it is the goods of this province of agriculture and water from oil and resources is countless, and this province also gave Iraq the sacrifices of great, gave her children martyrs and Mujahideen And fighters for this country against the tyrannical despotism as well D the tyranny of terrorism and the violation of terrorism to our country.

This province also gave Iraq a model of patience and endurance, a model of social cohesion and harmony among its children, while many areas of Iraq have been subjected to many problems and political tremors and rivalries. This province has remained largely cohesive and maintained its unity and security of society despite many of the problems that have been exposed to it.

The patience of the people of Wasit is a great model for Iraq and the Iraqis. It is my hope that this patience will be the key to Faraj and a new start that will make Wasit a model for a rich region that attracts investment and serves its citizens and its citizens enjoy the free and precious life they deserve.

My brothers and sisters, our country is in a phase of transformation and we look forward to ending the spiral of crises that have plagued our country for decades. The problems of Iraq did not start in 2003, but they have lasted for years and decades of Saddam's tyranny, mass graves, wars, siege, terrorism and other problems that have plagued our country.

Today, we are living in a stage of transformation with all the meanings and meanings of that word. The Iraqis have won the victory and this victory came as a result of perseverance of Iraqis in this epic against terrorism, at a time when many external observers are betting on the failure of Iraq and its end.

The patience of the Iraqis and their determination to win against terrorism has brought us this victory. The sacrifice of the Iraqis and their presence in their sons and brothers in the fight against the dashing and end of the epic record for this country, but these sacrifices must also be crowned with a complete victory, and a serious victory eradicating terrorism and thought and behavior, will not return this phenomenon again and invade our country again.

This is a great benefit and it will not be easy, but we have another important and serious benefit after all these years of suffering and patience. It is time for the Iraqis to enjoy the fruits of their country and to enjoy a decent life. Work, this entitlement to any other country will be huge benefits in it.

What about the devastated Iraq, which has been devastated and exposed to these conflicts for decades, surely this will not be easy and will not be easy, but I am optimistic and confident of the ability of our people to promote the determination of the good to go to Iraq to stability and harmony and reconstruction, Requires radical structural reforms that require exposure to the corruption system that has deepened in the Iraqi state and has become a major threat to our present and our future. Fighting corruption will not be completed and will not be supplemented only by slogans, but requires practical measures that require the empowerment of the judiciary, the support of society and civil activities in order to empower the state and enable it to deal with this serious scourge in our country.

Corruption and terrorism are two sides of a single coin. Our appreciation is that this is a direct benefit that requires us to work hard, and this is also at the core of what the constitution requires from a democratic system that serves its people and expresses the will of its people.

We also have the right to launch urban and service projects in the country. Our government is headed by Dr. Adel Abdul Mahdi, who is engaged in the implementation of its government program, but there is no doubt that the expectations are great, the challenges are serious and the serious and urgent entitlement requires all sectors of society.

Of the implementation of its government program and the speed required.

In my assessment, Iraq is now qualified and able to implement such benefits first and foremost because this people of Egypt to start and end the cycle of crisis that affected our country, and there is an international and regional reading that Iraq is ahead of developments and positive changes.

What you see from the regional and international breakthrough on Iraq is part of it stems from the reading of others as the situation in Iraq is a sign of progress and indications that Iraq will return to active in the regional and international system.

This will certainly support us in the process of reconstruction and launch the required services. This international and regional openness to Iraq is important to us, but from our point of view it must be based on a fundamental principle; it is to give priority to the national interest and the principle of Iraq first.

We cherish our relations with all the countries of the world, with our neighbors, which are important relations for us, but we as an Iraqi leadership and a state, and certainly our people Egypt on that too, to be Iraq first. Our starting point in establishing our relations with others is our interest and we will not accept our country to become the arena of other people's conflicts, and that our children and our resources will be one of the means of others for their interests and agendas. With this logic, we can unite as Iraqis to build our country and remove our country from the dangers and problems of the absurd conflicts that are sweeping the region.

I will soon go to the Arab summit and Iraq will have an important role in reviewing the affairs of the region, restoring the regional and international system to ensure the security of Iraq, in the interests of Iraq.

The Prime Minister was in an important meeting a few days ago with the President of the Republic of Egypt and with the Jordanian King in a tripartite meeting an important indicator of the return of Iraq to this regional system effective, and the return of Iraq is a strong and pivotal state in the affairs of the region.

The visit of the Iranian president has been an important indicator and the influx of other foreign delegations, we also have indicators that emphasize the pivotal role of Iraq. This role will not be achieved if we do not meet the aspirations of our people at home. This requires that in Baghdad we win over our people in Wasit, and win over our people in Basra and our people in Mosul, which was subjected to a painful tragedy. .

It is our duty in Baghdad to enable you to enable the local government, executive and legislative, to play its role and meet its entitlements if it is in Wasit province or elsewhere, but I am optimistic about its cohesion and a comprehensive societal determination to promote your well-deserved province. Of good things, and yes, you gave this country of your children martyrs of our duty in Baghdad to win you, your patience and your burden must be met with real and serious response with your benefits.

Before this meeting I had a meeting with officials of the departments in the province, listened to them, spoke with what they expect from the support of Baghdad, whether for the refinery projects and the airport or other investment projects and also in terms of strengthening the educational reality and the reality of universities and so on, and promised them good, I will visit you today from the website of the President of the Republic, the protector of the Constitution, the symbol of the unity of this country, but I want you to know that I am from you and that, God willing, I will be with you as I will be for all provinces Iraqi help to you and support to enable us to meet the life of free and generous.

For decades, this country has been blessed with natural good deeds from agriculture, water and oil, and God Almighty has blessed these good talents. This country, which has tasted it for decades, deserves better than God willing.

We in Baghdad will be of help to you, and the cycle of crises will end, and I will visit you in Wasit again, and I will see the city full of its people with its elders and scientists with its youth. I was President of the Republic or otherwise among my family as a servant for you and your service.

Thank you very much and God is good luck "


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