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Mountain Goat Reports Numerous Dinar Gurus to the FBI!!!  3/15/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Mountain Goat Reports Numerous Dinar Gurus to the FBI!!! 3/15/19

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Mountain Goat Reports Numerous Dinar Gurus to the FBI!!!  3/15/19 Empty Mountain Goat Reports Numerous Dinar Gurus to the FBI!!! 3/15/19

Post by Mountain Goatee on Fri Mar 15, 2019 12:19 pm

These donation scams have now gone viral and are problematic to our dinar investment community.

Have you ever given a donation or paid a subcription to any of these so-called intel gurus?

Do your really think they are giving you quality and factual information enough to warrant paying for it?

Are you unconsciously taking their information and using it to make investment decisions even though they tell you it’s is only their “opinion”?

Are there any other sources you can go to for FREE information?

I find it very disheartening that I even have to come on to the Mnt Goat Facebook site and post such a video set as this one today. I am really ashamed at many of these intel gurus as they have given all of us a very bad reputation. There are many very good intel providers and we sincerely want to help and promote those trying to bring the TRUTH of this reinstatement process for the Iraqi dinar.

But we have obstacles and these obstacles are within our own intel community. We have scammer infiltrators takiing advantage of people. Many of these people are not very well-educated people. Some even brag about their financial backgrounds and others use religion to get inside you heads.

Many of you know exactly who I am talking about and have already said to me how lucky we are to have the Mnt Goat Facebook site and others like it.

Mnt Goat motto:

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ,,,,,

Just the FACTS!

I think the news media of todays society can learn a thing or two from Mnt Goat. But let us work on what is within our limited sphere of influence to change. We can clean up these FAKE intel providers in our investment community but we must unite and simply NOT visit their sites or connect live or replay their conference calls any longer. Eventually they will get the hiint and simply stop their nonsense.

I thank Mnt Goat each time I talk to her for all the work she has done for us. She brings the most up to date and accurate news three times a week. She is dependable and factual. The best part - it is all FREE to anyone and everyone. Yes, her newsletters can be long but if you truely want to learn about your investment you need to read all of it.

She does not feel having a live conference call is necessary as they only become chat sessions anyway form the real issues and the same old insecure people, stupid people ask the same old stupid questions. Who needs a baby sitter and a hand held call to explain every detail?

Here is the link to her Mission Statement for her Facebook site. Everyone should read it before asking questions or making comments.


She has asked me to compose this set of videos for her and to post it on the site. So this is what I am doing.

I personally can see that these donations are unaccounted for and there is absolutely no transparency as to where all this money is going. There is tens of thousands ifnot millions of dollars being scamed from innocent people in this manner.

Many are so desperate for intel these days on their investment. Many want a date and a rate so bad that they will listen to just about anyone for almost any information they can grab on to. So this pool of charlatans has grown over the years, and like leeches, they hang on to you and want to suck the money right out of your wallet, but only if you let them.

They create FAKE news to satisfy your craving. They sound so convincing too over the phone. Many have lots of prior practice in these phone scams and so they are very good at what they do.

They want donations for their FAKE intel. They claim they have to keep their sites running. Look folks, I too have had internet sites and I know how to manage them and the cost involved. Once the site is up and running it literally takes maybe $10-15 a month to pay for server space to run on the internet. That is it. If it cost anymore than that then why in hell are they running a site in the first place. The FACT is it doesn't.

Sure we all want a date and a rate but giving FALSE news and FAKE news is not going to may it happen any sooner. But this is not really of any consequence to these scammers since they are really not concerned about accuracy or honesty in what they tell you. All they really care about is the donations $$$ taken in or the money made from their sponsors from your clickity clicks on their advertisement links. Seems anyone can do it nowadays. Its easy and we have seen many sleezebags come into our investment intel community with their scams. Some even just compile everyone elses information and present it on a YouTube subscriber site, how about that? I will name a few and have recorded their tactics for you to listen to just incase you doubt me.

This set of recordings has been sent to the FBI attached with a complaint to investigate these people:

Bigcall Bruce in his own universe (gets kickbacks off of Susan’s products and Babyboomers)

Becky McGuire OOOTAH call (supporting herself and laid off IRS worker husband off your donations)

TNT Tony Renfrow and Rayren (uses so-called govt and Iraqi contacts to justify his FAKE intel)

Frank26 and KTFA (using his forum, religion and sponsors to make his $. He has a nice cluck of follows)

Curerncy365 (using his calls to pump bitcoins and others intel. Wants you to subscribe to his channel. Gets $$ off advertisers)

Grace with Glory from Chicago (she is like a playtex bra, with no visible means of support, she is a bum and this is her scam. Your doantions are her only means of support. A self-proclaimed "light worker" that is goiing to save the world from the big bad cabal.)

Benny intel hallucinations (another bible thumper to justify his angelical visions of he future and the intel)

FootForward intel hallucinations (another bible thumper to justify his angelical visions of intel. This guy is a serious druggie)

Wang Dang (pays his legal fees from his divorce and begs for donations to stay alive, insist on a $10 donation or you are not put on his intel list for later. Actually recently demands a donation or won't even talk to you on the Q & A.)

Nanoo and the WatchersEdge (using the Iraqi dinar as his platform for selling crypto currencies and making money off advertisers on his You Tube clicks)

Here are the possible charges: fraud, tax avoidance and tax evasion to mention a few. Many of these currency dealers have already been investigated and so now the FBI is investigating these swindlers of FAKE information sites taking your money through donations. So what is so wrong with taking these donations? it is deception and lies for a start. Next we must look at the ethical and legal ramifications.

These are some of the tactics to be aware of that they use to get you to come to their calls, sites and to scam you:

1.collecting donations/and or sponsor fees - says will provide up to date intel on the RV news, instead provide FAKE news; May tell you they have govt sources or sources in Iraq for their intel;

2.collecting donations and/or sponsor fees using religion as their platform forms internet congregations without forming a legitimate 501 (c) (3) religious not- for- profit organization for that purpose. Praying constantly on their calls usually before and after each call. Claim to be “holly rollers”.

3.collecting donations and/or sponsor fees says it all to help payyou’re your conference calls. We have found they use free conference calling or free blog talk radio so there this is all just a lie;

4.collecting donations and/or sponsor fees to help pay for personal legal fees and living expenses. These people are bums and don’t want to work for living. They are scammers.

5.collecting donations and/or sponsor fees help pay for homeless victims such as hurricane victims or homeless veterans. Yes, some of the money may or may not even go to actual victims. But you can be assured that, if it does, they are skimming off the top and it is found that only about 20% or less actually makes it to the victims;

6.Currency dealers pumping you with FAKE RV information so you run out and buy currencies. Of course, they just happen to be in the business of selling currencies.

7. Use the Iraqi dinar or GCR to get you to come to their calls. Then pump you to visit their site to buy bitcoins or other crypto currencies.

The worst part about these donation scams is that there is no legal platform for doing so. There are no taxes being paid on any of this money and there is tens of thousands, if not millions, being made by these swindlers. There is no accountability or transparency as to what the money is really being used for or how much of the money is collected. If anyone challenges these scammers they simply get arrogant and refuse to talk about it on their calls.

But if you are reading this newsletter today you too may have already been scammed if you pressed the DONATE button.

You can demand a "full" refund and accountability of all money donated so far. If the person refuses then simply report them to the FBI, or your Better Business Bureau and stop donating. Save all banking statements, checks and other proof that you have made such donations. This evidence can be used later in the hearing later to file charges on these fraudulent and fake charitable organizations.

Many Blessings,

George Holowitz

Mountain Goatee
Mountain Goatee
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VIP Member

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Mountain Goat Reports Numerous Dinar Gurus to the FBI!!!  3/15/19 Empty Re: Mountain Goat Reports Numerous Dinar Gurus to the FBI!!! 3/15/19

Post by Ssmith on Fri Mar 15, 2019 12:25 pm

Becky McGee/Oootah doesn't have a husband.....  In her own words:

Mountain Goat Reports Numerous Dinar Gurus to the FBI!!!  3/15/19 Becky_56

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Mountain Goat Reports Numerous Dinar Gurus to the FBI!!!  3/15/19 Empty Re: Mountain Goat Reports Numerous Dinar Gurus to the FBI!!! 3/15/19

Post by Ponee on Fri Mar 15, 2019 12:43 pm

Let's not forget AdminBill and his numerous sales tactics.   I think they have all failed though.

And how about Adam MOntana with his ridiculous VIP MEMBERSHIP FEES!


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Mountain Goat Reports Numerous Dinar Gurus to the FBI!!!  3/15/19 Empty What a twit lol

Post by psalm118v8 on Fri May 31, 2019 10:43 am

so this fraud Mountain Goat Dinar,, who lies, plagiarizes and belittles people, who makes a living off of propaganda and slander, is pointing fingers? Hahaha, good luck little one!!


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Mountain Goat Reports Numerous Dinar Gurus to the FBI!!!  3/15/19 Empty Realy? Goat is an Ass

Post by Kosie on Fri May 31, 2019 11:48 am

Mountain Goat

Can you even spell your own name?

Your an ass.

That is what a goat is, not even a real name.

You are scam!!!!!!!


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Mountain Goat Reports Numerous Dinar Gurus to the FBI!!!  3/15/19 Empty Re: Mountain Goat Reports Numerous Dinar Gurus to the FBI!!! 3/15/19

Post by man in the know on Fri May 31, 2019 12:47 pm

look who is calling the kettle black. goat you should be right on top

man in the know

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