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The latest developments of the ministerial cab file and the weight of the decision within days DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

The latest developments of the ministerial cab file and the weight of the decision within days

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The latest developments of the ministerial cab file and the weight of the decision within days Empty The latest developments of the ministerial cab file and the weight of the decision within days

Post by claud39 on Wed Mar 13, 2019 3:16 pm


The latest developments of the ministerial cab file and the weight of the decision within days


The latest developments of the ministerial cab file and the weight of the decision within days NB-255368-636806443576935342-1

The leader of the coalition of the lawmaker Raed Fahmi, on Wednesday; there are efforts to resolve the file of vacant ministries in the federal government in the coming days.

Fahmi said in a press statement; "The resolution of the candidate of the Ministry of Justice depends on the agreement of the Kurdish forces and to reach the name of a candidate agreed between them and the other blocs will agree at the time," explaining, "As for the Ministry of the Interior there is movement towards a discount and is supposed in these days to be reached Agreed formula ".

He added that "the Ministry of Defense belongs to the Sunni component and was problematic on the candidate of the Ministry and Fnr al-Jarba and after the decision of the Federal Court to appeal the appeal of the decision of the court refuses to nominate him, the door is open to new candidates," noting that "there is now a trend to submit one candidate for the post of defense minister."

"The candidate is supposed to be presented by the National Coalition, headed by Iyad Allawi, and to have the approval of all," he said. "So far he has no information whether the Sunni parties have agreed or not."

As for the candidate of the Ministry of Education, MP Raed Fahmi pointed out that "there is a problematic, because according to the political consensus and the division of sites, it is supposed to submit a coalition of the decision headed by Osama Nujaifi candidate for the post, but the candidate presented by the Prime Minister for the post belongs to the Arab project in Iraq, Dagger "

"There are several ways to solve this problem, either the two sides concerned agree on one candidate, or leave it to the prime minister or go to vote in the House of Representatives more than one candidate, and the deputies to resolve the matter."

"There is a great effort to resolve this issue in the next few days," Fahmi said, stressing that "it is assumed that the file of vacant ministries will be resolved after the holiday of Nooruz between 10 days to less than a month."
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The latest developments of the ministerial cab file and the weight of the decision within days Empty Re: The latest developments of the ministerial cab file and the weight of the decision within days

Post by claud39 on Wed Mar 13, 2019 3:20 pm


Norouz (in Persian : نوروز nowruz ) is the traditional festival of Iranians celebrating the new year of the Persian calendar (first day of spring). The feast is celebrated by some communities on March 21st and by others on the day of the vernal equinox , the date of which varies between March 20th and 22nd .


Nowruz term appeared for the first time in the documents of the Persian Empire in the ii th  century BC, but there is reason to believe that the celebration is much older and was probably already an important day during the Achaemenid dynasty (around 648 BC - 330 BC). It has been suggested that in the famous palace complex of Persepolis , or at least the palace of the Apadana and "Palace with a hundred columns" had been built to be used especially during the celebrations of Norouz. However, no mention of the term Norouz exists in Achaemenid inscriptions.

The earliest records of Norouz date back to the Parthian / Arsacid period (247 BC - 224 AD). There are specific references to the celebration of Nowruz during the reign of Vologeses I st (51 -. 78 BC), but the details are not mentioned.

The latest developments of the ministerial cab file and the weight of the decision within days 330px-Noruz_-_Persia

Norouz in a recent Persian painting.

Substantial details of the celebration of Nowruz appear after the ascension of Ardashir I st , founder of the dynasty Sassanid (224-650 AD). Under the Sassanid kings, Noruz was celebrated as the most important day of the year. Most of the royal traditions of Noruz, such as the royal audiences in public, the gifts and the pardon of the prisoners, were established during the Sassanid period and remained unchanged until modern times.

Norouz, like Sadeh (which is celebrated in the middle of winter), survived in society after the introduction of Islam in 650 AD. JC. Other celebrations such as Gahanbar  (en) and Mehregan  (en) were either put aside or only continued to be followed by the Zoroastrians , who took them to India . Norouz, however, was a very celebrated holiday, even by those who adopted Islam very early. There are indications that the four great caliphs presided at the celebrations of Norouz, and that the day was a holiday during the Abbasid period .

After the fall of the caliphate and the re-emergence of Persian dynasties like Samanids and Bouyides , Norouz was raised to an even greater level. The Bouyides revived the ancient traditions of the Sassanid era and restored other minor celebrations that had been eliminated by the Caliphate. Even the Ottoman and Mongol invaders did not attempt to abolish Noruz for another celebration. Norouz therefore remained the main party of the Iranians both at the official and popular level. The last remarkable illustration of the stability of this holiday is following the advent of the Islamic Republic. The new regime of religious obedience was angry at a celebration so grand and so popular for a festival whose origin was not Muslim. No effort is made to officially celebrate this day and a systematic parallel is made with the martyrs of revolution and war. After two decades, the popular will has given reason to history. Norouz is again celebrated in Iran even more lavishly than in the past and large Haftsin  (in) have appeared in recent years at the initiative of Tehran mayor in the major squares of the city.

Celebrating the New Year by the Kurds 

The Kurds use the term Newroz. In modern Kurdish, new is 'new' and day is 'ro'. The Kurds celebrate Newroz during the week of March 21st and consider it the most important holiday of the year.

Noruz is also accompanied by the Kurds of the legend of Kawa the blacksmith. "Afflicted to the shoulders of two serpents, King Zohak had two young men sacrificed every morning to feed his monsters with human brains. Legend has it that three knights, disguised as doctors, spared one out of every two victims by replacing their brains with that of a sheep. The survivor fled into the mountains, and from these thousands of fugitives was born the Kurdish people. At the end of Zohak's reign , a blacksmith named Kawa , whose sixteen sons had been sacrificed, revolted when his last child was captured. " 6. According to legend, Kawa revolted on the day of Newroz. Having succeeded in infiltrating Zohak's castle, Kawa killed him and freed his people from the yoke of tyranny. Everywhere fires were lit and people danced around to celebrate the death of the tyrant and celebrate the feat of Kawa. Since then, each year, on the day of Norouz, the Kurds light fires and dance around to celebrate the victory of freedom over tyranny. They gather outside cities to celebrate the coming of spring; women and men wear green, yellow and red clothes which they consider to be the colors of the Kurdish people.

There are several versions of the legend of Kawa according to the regions of Kurdistan, but all make the Norouz the day of the victory of Kawa on Zohak.

With this strong identity, the festivities of Norouz have long been banned in Turkey. Thus, in March 1992, according to two Kurdish deputies, 93 people were killed by the Turkish Air Force during the celebrations of Norouz 7 . Turkey changed its strategy by trying to recover Norouz: renamed "Nevruz" and presented as a Turkish holiday, it was legalized in the late 1990s 8 . A new mythology has even been invented around "Nevruz 9 ". But this recovery did not have the desired effects: the Turks ignored the "Nevruz" organized without conviction by the Turkish authorities while the repression continued against the Kurdish celebrations 10 .

As for the Kurds, despite the recovery of their feast by the state, they continue each year to celebrate this great event popular, become over time a symbol of resistance.

Nowruz in the Turkic world edit change the code ]

In Turkey , it's a tradition and an official holiday. Among the Turks, Norouz means the first migration of the Turkish nomads of Ergenekon and the beginning of spring. The Turks celebrate Norouz every 21st of March .

The Norouz or Nevruz in Turkish Turkey, is a popular festival from Turkey to Kazakhstan, through Iran to Uzbekistan.

In Kazakhstan , spring cleaning, beautiful clothes and food exchanges with neighbors are required. The Kazakhs are jumping on fire to free themselves from diseases and social problems to start a new year on a good foundation.

The latest developments of the ministerial cab file and the weight of the decision within days 330px-Nowruz_2013_in_Tekeli

Norouz in Tekeli in 2013.

The latest developments of the ministerial cab file and the weight of the decision within days 330px-Traditional_costume_for_Nowruz

Traditional Kazakh costumes during the feast of Norouz.

In Uzbekistan , carousels, street vendors and musicians fill the streets of the country for a whole week. Sports and cultural activities are organized: cockfighting, wrestling, horse racing and many others.

In Azerbaijan , Norouz runs from March 21st to 23rd. Azerbaijanis first go to cemeteries to pray for their deaths. Traditional dishes, cooked by women, are offered to the poorest. Moreover, the custom of great cleaning is also found. It is also a party for children, who enjoy going door-to-door singing songs to receive painted eggs of all colors.

In Turkey , the celebration of Norouz is more complex because of the conflict with the Kurds. According to the Turkish government, this festival originates from the legend of the gray wolf, of which the Turkish people is the descendant. Officially, Norouz commemorates the day of rescue when the Turks left the Ergenekon plain, where they had taken refuge in foreign invasions. On March 21 and 23, the Turks celebrate, in their own way, the renewal.

For a long time, this festival was celebrated only by the Kurdish population, very attached to its customs. It was renamed Nevruz by the Turks, while the Kurds call it Newroz.

The Turkish authorities have long banned or even severely repressed the celebration of Noruz. However, the Kurds have always continued to assert their identity through this holiday. Only since 1990 and in some places only, the government allows Kurdish festivities, where any political claim is prohibited.

For the Turks, the customs are very close to what is done in other countries: cleaning and preparation of dishes that will be shared during the many visits between relatives. The second day is dedicated to the dead: people go to the cemetery to collect themselves on the graves. Songs and music accompany this appointment. In the evening, big parties are organized between families and neighbors.

There are variants depending on the location. In the Kars region, for example, a child has to fetch water without ever turning around or talking. Once the bucket is filled, each person throws in the water a colored thread and a needle representing it. The belief is that the two people whose sons are getting married will get married in the year.

In Dêrsim Tunceli , men make up their foreheads in black and go to the water's edge to pray and make vows.
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The latest developments of the ministerial cab file and the weight of the decision within days Empty Sadr bloc fluctuating on Abdul Mahdi: Your government failed and you are unrealistic

Post by claud39 on Wed Mar 13, 2019 3:22 pm


Sadr bloc fluctuating on Abdul Mahdi: Your government failed and you are unrealistic


The latest developments of the ministerial cab file and the weight of the decision within days %D8%B9%D8%A7%D8%AF%D9%84-%D8%B9%D8%A8%D8%AF-%D8%A7%D9%84%D9%85%D9%87%D8%AF%D9%8A-7

"The government has failed to provide services," MP Alaa al-Rubaie said on Wednesday. "The government has failed to provide services," he said, pointing out that Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi is "unrealistic in solving problems." He said.

Al-Rubaie said in a statement that "the current government so far failed to provide services and reflect a positive image of its desire to change the bitter reality," criticizing the Prime Minister for his poor performance in dealing with the crises that caused this decline in the service side and his determination to hold accountable corrupt and unqualified officials To manage some service facilities. "

He pointed out that "the current approach of Abdul-Mahdi was not at the level of ambition and did not change from previous governments; as well as he could not prove that his government are service governments as described; and all what is presented is theoretical and not realistic."

Al-Rubaie warned that "the survival of the administration of Abdul-Mahdi at this weak level will lead to serious problems may cause the collapse of the situation and the return of legitimate demonstrations demanding services," pointing out that "what presented by Abdul-Mahdi in his government program has not applied anything until this moment and remained just ink on paper There is a real desire to apply it. "

He called on the House of Representatives to "take the initiative in the diagnosis of weaknesses in the government of Abdul-Mahdi, specifically the file services and seek to reform through activating the oversight role and activate the interrogations of ministers, who proved in the past days that they are not qualified to manage themselves and not to manage important ministries in the Iraqi state."
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The latest developments of the ministerial cab file and the weight of the decision within days Empty Abdul Mahdi: Determined to resolve the file portfolios by proxy soon

Post by claud39 on Wed Mar 13, 2019 5:12 pm


[size=36][rtl]Abdul Mahdi: Determined to resolve the file portfolios by proxy soon[/rtl][/size]

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

The latest developments of the ministerial cab file and the weight of the decision within days Alsabaah-8329

Baghdad / Mohammed Al-Ansari:
Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi said that the visit of Iranian President Hassan Rowhani to Iraq has achieved good results for the two countries and that the agreements and memorandums of understanding reached between the two parties resulted in the achievement of common interests, especially regarding delineation of borders according to the Algiers Agreement signed in 1975, The international community to give back to the Iraqis in return for the sacrifices they made by standing against the terrorism of al-Da'ashi on behalf of the whole world, reiterating that Iraq will not be within any axis and that the land of convergence and reconciliation is not the land of conflict and fighting. In internal affairs, B proxy soon and away from political pressure.

This comes at a time when the Council of Ministers in its meeting held on Tuesday, several important decisions, notably regarding the mechanisms of land distribution full services among citizens, as well as decisions to support the private sector contractors and meet the demands of teachers, and a decision on the installation of the rest of the contract employees of the Ministry of Electricity, Al - Zawra Sports Club in its participation in the AFC Champions League.

Press conference

"The Cabinet has taken a number of important decisions. We have discussed the issue of provincial elections. We will address the House of Representatives to a questionnaire on the matter, so that the date of elections will be determined in the light of the amendments, whether in the special law," Abdul Mahdi said at his weekly press conference. Because we believe it will definitely affect the date. "

"The council also discussed the demands of the teachers' union and approved its recommendations, as well as the formation of a preparatory committee for the declaration of Samarra as the capital of Islamic culture, supporting Al-Zawra Club for its achievements in the Champions League, And that the two provinces should bear the existence of any violations in this regard ».

Abdul Mahdi pointed to the decision to distribute plots of land among citizens, stressing that «the Cabinet discussed the issue of social security as the responsibility of the state to its citizens through the reduction of class differences, which is related to what we have offered and previously decided to distribute land integrated services in all provinces free of charge for the poor, The mechanisms of implementation and the levels covered by the establishment of modern modern cities in the entirety of its infrastructure, where the distribution of land free of charge at the first level are the poor, and the sale of land to the second groups (middle income) and the third (affluent) we can provide funds to provide services to land And we will start implementing the project soon in one of the provinces and then expand to include all of them ».

Abdul-Mahdi announced that the Ministry of Immigration allocated a financial grant of JD2 million to the 180 million female prisoners who were liberated. He pointed out that the Higher Population Council is organizing the population census, pointing out that "the intention is to conduct the census in 2020, And it will be an important turning point in many areas, "he added." We have held important meetings in the field of investment to discuss the projects stalled. "
Relations with America

"We have received a call from the Secretary of State, Pompeo, where three basic issues were discussed. First, the presence of US forces in Iraq. We affirmed the Iraqi principles on this subject. The American presence is at the request of the Iraqi government. And that there is no American or foreign military bases on our territory, and that the purpose of these forces is limited to fighting the encouragement and training of our armed forces, and that there is no other goal of surveillance or aggression on Iraq's neighboring countries, "noting that" there was a good consensus with the American side on This subject".

He explained that the second issue discussed during the contact with the US Secretary, «is Iraq's relations with neighboring countries and the importance of its openness to all neighboring countries without exception», stressing that «Iraq is a land of convergence and reconciliation, not the land of fighting and trenching and fighting, because we believe that Iraq Peace and security will prevail, and the whole region will be dominated by peace and security. " 

The Prime Minister pointed out that the third issue or issue that we discussed with Pompeo, "is the case of foreigners in Iraq and the Iraqi demands, and we have sent a detailed message on this subject, that we hold the international community and all States responsible for the war against Daqash, Iraq, on its own, is all this destruction and sacrifice. The international community is trying to relax its conscience by providing simple aid. Iraq, through great sacrifices, provides for itself, the region and the world safety, and therefore the entire world must stand with Iraq. Minister Pompeo promised to seek this. The coming days ».

Abdul Mahdi referred to the meeting held by the House of Representatives at the Prime Minister's Office last Saturday, which dealt with the file of combating corruption and the views provided by the executive, judicial and supervisory bodies in this regard, stressing that «the convergence between the Council of Ministers and Representatives has the importance of it increases the atmosphere of cooperation Between the legislative and executive branches ».
Visit Rohani

On the visit of Iranian President Hassan Rowhani to Iraq, Abdul Mahdi said that «the most prominent event this week is this visit, which gave good results, and was discussed in a series of areas», and the Prime Minister presented several maps showing the damage to the territorial waters of Iraq during the years In the past with respect to the Shatt al-Arab and the 1975 Algiers Agreement, pointing out the important steps that will be implemented in this regard with the Iranian side, indicating that «what was agreed with the Iranian side on the return to the (Taluk) set in 1975, is a gain for Iraq, This gain was recognized in the article Ahthat with the Iranian side Avaidah Port Amaya Iraq formally after creep and drift-line studio over the past years towards him », he added,« We have achieved the benefit of the abolition of visa entry fees between us and Iran, which provides a benefit to the citizens of the two countries of this decision. »
Media Questions

The Prime Minister replied to the questions of the media who attended the conference. In an answer to the question of "morning" about the management of the positions of the proxy and whether to choose the figures freely or with political consensus, between Abdul Mahdi, that "the subject two parts, one of the Council of Ministers as Directors General, We will discuss the eligibility of these names in the Council of Ministers, and there is a section relating to the House of Representatives including some of the positions of special grades and agents of the Ministry and so on, as we as the Council of Ministers will submit the names of candidates for the House of Representatives To be ratified within a specified period of time does not exceed the month of June next, and we will be able to accomplish the first paragraph or the first easily. "The Prime Minister,« On freedom of choice or consensus, they are honestly tolerable, but we will try to approach more efficiency and justice and non-quota, but that This happens without pressure !!

"The government pays great attention to the care, rehabilitation and reconstruction of the devastated areas, especially in Nineveh, and not only the issue of compensating the affected people and the return of the displaced," he said. "We have provided great service to the world, we have provided our blood and the millions of victims, what we want is not grants or gratuity or goodwill from anyone, but the world has to respond to the beautiful Iraqis in Iraq," he said. Extent of security and stability R and stop the displacement movement to other countries, in order to deepen Iraq's regions and cities ».    

On his statement last week about the drug network coming from Argentina, Abdul Mahdi said that "it is based on reports, documents and evidence. Drug smuggling from Argentina via Arsal to Syria and then to Iraq is related to heroin." The state has identified and followed an integrated network This deadly article », noting that what he said earlier« tackles a new line of multiple drug smuggling lines ». 
Session of the Council of Ministers

The Cabinet held its regular session on Tuesday under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi. According to a statement to the Prime Minister's Media Office received by «morning», that the Council of Ministers issued the following resolutions: 

1 - Vote on the demands of the teachers union. 
2 - Formation of the Preparatory Committee for the Declaration of Samarra, the capital of Iraq for Islamic civilization according to article (2 / I) of the Samarra law, the capital of Iraq for Islamic civilization.
3 - Support Al - Zawra sports club football in the Asian Champions League.
4 - To approve the appointments of the directorates of education Dhi Qar and Diwaniyah provinces that the two provinces should bear the presence of irregularities.
5 - Vote on the joint industrial city between Iraq and Jordan.
6. Vote on the decision to reflect the concept of social security and the responsibility of the State towards its citizens to reduce class differences in society: 

1- The Ministry of Construction, Housing, Municipalities and Public Works shall:
a. To create suitable areas in all governorates, districts and districts in coordination with all concerned parties for the purpose of expanding the municipal boundaries of cities or implementing the unfinished part of the basic design.

B. Preparing plans and building maps with modern scientific criteria that take into account the future expansions of all the requirements of state institutions, prepare privacy plans using new building materials and reduce energy use.

C. Forming teams in the governorates concerned for expansion purposes in accordance with the law in the case of the need to expand the boundaries of the municipality, including the Amiri lands not burdened with the rights of banking or agricultural contracts until the amendment of the law of acquisition.

2. Sorting and distribution of residential lands for the categories listed below:

a. The category of those covered by the social welfare network and those with special needs shall be granted plots of land with an area of ​​(200 m2), with an allowance of JD (250) only, two hundred and fifty dinars per square meter provided they have not previously benefited from a piece of residential land from the state in accordance with resolution 120 of 1982.

B. The plots of residential land amounting to (300 m2) are sold to the rest of the citizens in an amount of (250) dinars, only two hundred and fifty dinars per square meter, plus the amount of services and the amount of (75000) dinars only seventy five thousand dinars per square meter paid in three installments under the controls Issued by the Ministry of Construction, Housing, Municipalities and Public Works in coordination with the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers. The controls shall be submitted to the Prime Minister for decision.
C. (400 m 2) and above are sold at (250) dinars, only two hundred and fifty dinars plus twice the amount of services mentioned in paragraph (b) above at least under the controls issued by the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Municipalities and Public Works in coordination with the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers , And the controls are submitted to the Prime Minister for decision.

3. All income resulting from sales and other services for the above mentioned areas shall be recorded in a separate account in the municipal or municipal section that is created for those areas for the purpose of establishing the infrastructure and maintenance and development of the municipal sector in the same area and under the supervision of the Ministry of Construction, Housing, Municipalities and Public Works Completion of all design stages. 

4. The Ministry of Finance to lend the Ministry of Construction, Housing, Municipalities and Public Works the amounts necessary for the implementation of basic services until the payment of the amounts of the beneficiaries.

5. The Ministry of Construction, Housing, Municipalities and Public Works shall construct low-cost housing units (33,000), only thirty-three thousand housing units at a price not exceeding JD (30000000), only thirty million dinars per unit of 200 m2, (99000000000000) dinars, only nine hundred and ninety billion dinars are loaned to the Ministry of Construction and Housing and Municipalities and Public Works without interest, to be retrieved during (20) twenty years, and the distribution of units to the provinces under the controls issued by the ministry above as follows:

(2000) housing units, and (1000) housing units for each of the governorates of Maysan, Muthanna, Diwaniyah, Wasit, Najaf, Ashraf and Karbala Holy Babil, Anbar, Salahuddin, Diyala and Kirkuk.

6. The distribution of plots of land in the areas occupied by judges or members of the public prosecution shall continue according to regulations issued by the Ministry of Construction, Housing, Municipalities and Public Works in coordination with the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers. Residential land of the State in accordance with Resolution (120) for the year 1982.

7. Continuing the work of distributing plots of land to the categories covered by the laws and decisions in force, provided that the amounts of services for the aforementioned parts of the budget of the province or the institution concerned.

8. Does not work in any text that conflicts with the provisions of this resolution.

7. With regard to electricity contracts, the decision of the Council of Ministers No. 57 of 2019 has been amended to read:

1. The number covered by the Council of Ministers Resolution No. (57) for the year 2019 (32918) instead of (32787). 
2. The Ministry of Finance shall deal with the cases of Ministry of Electricity contract employees who have converted from self-financing to central funding during 2018 in their consolidation with their employees from public contracting and self-financing.
3. Assignment of the Office of the Inspector-General of the Ministry of Electricity to check the preparation and availability of the conditions specified by law to the contractors.
8 - Amendment of paragraph (3) of the Council of Ministers Resolution No. (352) for the year 2017 on the disposal of collection funds.
9 - Vote to solve the problems and obstacles of the segment contractors.
10. Grant an exemption to the Ministry of Displacement and Migration for the purpose of purchasing tents and providing other needs for sheltering the displaced.
11- Authorize the Ministry of Construction, Housing, Municipalities and Public Works the authority to form work teams in all governorates to carry out the work of gravel, concrete, cladding and tiling.
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