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 "Only 2 Things" - Fri. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ DELTA 2/15/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

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"Only 2 Things" - Fri. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ DELTA 2/15/19

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 "Only 2 Things" - Fri. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ DELTA 2/15/19 Empty "Only 2 Things" - Fri. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ DELTA 2/15/19

Post by Ssmith on Sat Feb 16, 2019 9:39 am


Customs: The implementation of the agreement signed with Kurdistan as of tomorrow 15-02-2019 08:35 PM link

LyndeeandMadee » February 15th, 2019

Great Article. The question we all have is how is going to help us Dinar Investors? I would assume we would need to see a rate change at the CBI but I really hate to assume anything.

DELTA » February 15th, 2019





Samson » February 15th, 2019

Customs: We will begin the unification of customs procedures at all ports as of tomorrow

15th February, 2019

The customs authority announced on Friday that it will begin the unification of customs procedures at all ports as of Saturday.

The agency said in a statement received by Al-Maaloumah that "the implementation of the agreement concluded between the federal government and the Kurdistan region to cancel the customs points established on the federal border with the region and will begin the unification of customs procedures at all border crossings as of Saturday 2019/2/16.

The Authority added that "the agreement included the unification of all procedures and provisions of the customs tariff law and the adoption of a customs declaration in Arabic and Kurdish to work at all border crossings." LINK

Strongcbm » February 15th, 2019

WOW, Just like Frank has been sayin.... Right before our eyes

Iobey777 » February 15th, 2019

Sounds like the next 24 hours are going to be VERY LOUD from many areas!! BOOOOMMM!!!

Don961 » February 15th, 2019

15-02-2019 08:10 PM

Trump: Great announcements about Syria within 24 hours

BAGHDAD (Reuters)

- US President Donald Trump said on Friday he would make a declaration on Syria within the next 24 hours as European allies and Russia watched how he could implement his decision in December to withdraw US troops from the country.

"We have a lot of great declarations related to Syria and our success in eliminating the caliphate, which will be announced within the next 24 hours," Trump told a White House news conference.

The announcement by the US president to withdraw his troops from Syria surprised the allies, especially Syria's democratic forces, which were among the most effective forces on the ground against a terrorist organization. link

Samson » February 15th, 2019

Barzani Party: Abdul Mahdi is entitled to send the Peshmerga to Basra but Kirkuk is the first

2019/2/14 22:23

A member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party led by Massoud Barzani, the eligibility of the commander of the armed forces, Adel Abdul Mahdi, send Peshmerga forces to Basra. "The return of the Peshmerga forces to Kirkuk was based on the position of the commander-in-chief of the armed forces when he sent a security delegation to Erbil and formed a chamber of operations between the two sides," Emad Barghalan told the {Euphrates News}, noting that "Peshmerga sacrificed its blood so as not to fall Kirkuk, Forget his role in defending a number of provinces. "

He pointed out that "it is the right of Abdul Mahdi to send Peshmerga forces to Basra or any other province; but Kirkuk is the first presence of these forces to protect their areas." Barglan expressed his surprise "of the allegations that prove the illegality of the Peshmerga forces, they are part of the Iraqi defense system and has allocations and salaries as soon as the Iraqi security forces."

He added that "Kirkuk is still within the disputed areas and there is Article 140 did not do for this moment and will work and apply all paragraphs, including normalization and statistics after the allocation of funds for this article in the budget of 2019," stressing "the existence of a security vacuum after the withdrawal of Peshmerga from Kirkuk."

"The security situation in Kirkuk before the entry of Daqash was settled and safe, and now there are areas in the suburbs of Kirkuk, including Riyadh, Hawija, Khankin and Makhmour Mstabha Laddish," adding that "Turkmen and Arabs suffer from the Peshmerga phobia in Kirkuk." "We respect the forces of the popular crowd and his son; but can not underestimate the right of the Peshmerga, and the Turkmen form a force of (Gendarme) like the strength of the Peshmerga and the Iraqi army."

MilitiaMan » February 15th, 2019

This is an event and or communique ahead of the visit that may happen in the short term.. Article 140 is fpr the funds to pay!~ imo And possibly, as in this weekend. Big things are on the table that is set.. imo.. Unification is clear and present, once again.. Lets not forget what is expected by the citizens of all of Iraq.. 140.. imo ~ MM


Dictionary result for prelude/ˈprelˌ(y)o͞od,ˈprāˌl(y)o͞od/


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preliminary, overture, opening, preparation, introduction, start, beginning, curtain-raiser, lead-in, precursor, forerunner, harbinger, herald; More

2. an introductory piece of music, most commonly an orchestral opening to an act of an opera, the first movement of a suite, or a piece preceding a fugue.
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1. serve as a prelude or introduction to.
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Samson » February 15th, 2019

Iraq to build a border crossing with Saudi Arabia

15th February, 2019

Iraqi Reconstruction and Housing Ministry announced starting building a border crossing with Saudi Arabia

The crossing will be built at Ar-Ar border area.

It will consist buildings to all governmental departments related to border business.

Iraq and Saudi Arabia agreed last year to re-start operation of this crossing to facilitate bilateral trade.

During the past years, the Iraqi-Saudi relations were developed on all political and economic levels. LINK

JJimmyJJ » February 15th, 2019

Now isn't this an evocative article? If we accept the premise that the Kuwaitconference was a failure last year because Iraq didn't fulfill their commitment to reinstate their currency (and thus their investment partners didn't live up to their commitments to invest in Iraq), what has changed now that Kuwait is now ready to invest large sums in Iraq? Hmmm... what could it be?

Samson » February 15th, 2019

Start operation in Kuwaiti donation for Iraq

15th February, 2019

Iraqi Fund for the Reconstruction of Terrorism Destroyed areas announced the start of the operation of the Kuwaiti donation next week.

The 100-million dollar donation was made by Kuwait during Washington’s Donation Conference to Support Iraq.

Chairman of the Fund Dr. Mustapha al-Hiti pointed that the first stage will include implementation of 19 health projects, with the cost of 15 million dollars.

This will be followed by the second stage to implement 32 projects with the cost of 85 million dollars.

He pointed that the projects will include reconstruction and rehabilitation a number of hospital and building new hospitals in five province that were affected by Da’ish (ISIS) war.

Dr. al-Hiti added that talks are underway with the Kuwaiti side to see the possibility of merging the two stages as one. LINK

Oil rises to highest level in 2019

2019/2/15 12:40

International crude prices rose Brent to a record high of 2019 above $ 65 a barrel on Friday, supported by OPEC-led production cuts and a partial closure of Saudi Arabia's largest offshore oil field.

Brent rose to $ 65.10, the first time it was above $ 65 this year, before retreating to $ 64.77by 0623 GMT, up about 0.3 percent from the previous settlement. The benchmark is close to a three-month high and is heading for a weekly gain of 4.5 percent this week. US WTI crude futures were $ 54.56 a barrel, up 15 cents, or 0.3 percent, from the previous settlement.

Traders said the price was supported by a partial closure of Saudi Arabia's largest offshore oilfield, the Safaniya, which has a production capacity of over 1 million bpd. The source said the closure took place earlier this week. It was not clear when the field would return to full capacity. LINK

Don961 » February 15th, 2019

9 dollars increase in oil prices approved by the Iraqi budget to achieve one billion and 50 million dollars per month

Friday, 15 February 2019

Baghdad - Writings

The future rise in oil prices on Iraq to be exploited as one of the leading producers of black gold.

On Friday, February 15, 2019, prices rose by about 1%, with Brent crude futures peaking at their 2019 highs, boosted by hopes of ending the Sino-US trade dispute. China's trade data, including crude imports, .

Brent crude futures rose to $ 64.35 a barrel, up 74 cents, or 1.1 percent, from the previous close. Brent hit a peak of 2019 at $ 64.43 a barrel earlier in the session.

Safwan Qusay, an expert in financial matters, pointed out in his statements that he expected oil prices to continue to rise to levels above the $ 70 a barrel, which is the fair price at the moment, while at the same time called the Iraqi government to invest funds to cover the deficit in the budget of 2019
Especially since the Iraqi budget was approved and linked to the price of $ 56 per barrel, which means that there is a difference of at least $ 9 from the $ 64.43 achieved today, a figure that could provide the Iraqi government about $ 35 million a day

if we hit the difference in the size of daily production allocated For export approved in the budget of 2019 estimated at 3 million and 880 thousand barrels per day, despite Western assurances that Iraq is able to produce more than these quantities.

Which means achieving a difference in one month estimated at $ 1 billion and $ 50 million annually and $ 12 billion and $ 600 million of the only $ 9, which has so far achieved less than a month after the adoption of the budget and linking the price of a barrel at $ 56.

Which requires monitoring and follow-up of the Iraqi government headed by Adel Abdul Mahdi to ensure that the funds are directed to the benefit of Iraqis and the services provided to them. link

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