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Mountain Goat 2/13/19

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Post by Mountain Goatee on Wed Feb 13, 2019 10:30 am

February 13, 2019 Mnt Goat News Brief

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.

I want everyone to know this will be my last newsletter until March 6, 2019. The hubby and I trying to sneak away on long, much needed and deserved vacation.

See you all then.


I want everyone to know that I monitor all comments. They do not show up until I approve them. I delete many of them too. So this is why you do not see them.

Like I keep saying this Facebook site is not meant to be a forum. It is just a channel to place my newsletter, videos and notes for you to read. So I will delete any rude or unnecessary comments made about me or someone else. Also you should not feel compelled to comment. If you don’t it will not affect me one bit. My job is to put out the info. It is your job to read it and take action if necessary.

You all might also want to read my MISSION STATEMENT.


More news….

In today’s news I have included many past articles. Many of you forget these things and what has taken place in the past. You needed a reminder.

There is also one very juicy article. It is the last article in the articles section today. It talks about the fate of the currency auctions. I consider this the golden nugget today. So, I encourage everyone to read the entire newsletter today but if you are too lazy (as many of you are) then you might want to jump ahead and at least read this article. It fills in all the gaps as to why the dinar has not yet been reinstated and keeps getting postponed. It finally connects the dots and now we clearly can see what is mostly now contributing to the holdup. I said NOW (not before years ago).

Enough said. I can rant and rave more about it but go read the article.

I can see that many of you are sincerely trying to understand the process Iraq is going through to reinstate their currency, however there is still a disconnect. This may be because of two things:

1.you are probably a newbie in this investment and missed all this news in the past, thus you simply do not know it. It is hard to catch up. I am not going to try to bring you to date. You just have to listen and learn;

2.you do not trust those that do know more since you are listening to too many of these FAKE news intel gurus out there. They are confusing you with all their lies and money-making schemes. The solution is simply to shut it off and stop listening to them if you can’t handle the ability to sort it all out.

NO Hype, NO Rumors, NO Opinions……just the FACTS !

At times I do set timelines and RV targets but I ALWAYS show you proof and explain clearly why I am telling you this. It is NEVER just my opinion putting a bunch of trivial information together to make it sound nice and to hype you up for another crazy weekend on the roller coaster.

Do these targets always pan out?

Of course not as we are still sitting here with no RV. But afterwards I do come out and clearly explain to you and show you articles as evidence as to why the target was missed again (as much as I can).

This is all the difference between what I attempt to provide vs the guru idiots out there only there to make a buck $$$$.

I do not sell anything, I make no money off site sponsors or commercials, I do not take donations or need donations. I do not make even one penny yet I provide you the BEST information you can possibly receive on the status of the Iraqi dinar reinstatement. Why then do you go anywhere else for info? Do you think I am lying to you? Do you like all the other lies and to be all hyped up each weekend for absolutely nothing?

So this idiot TNT Tony comes on his 2/11/19 call and hypes everyone up. He tells his listeners that Kuwait is making large donation of millions of dinars to Iraq. Then the article says the value of the dinars in Us dollars. So this idiot takes this info and figures a rate for the dinar. He then takes this rate and says it’s the RV rate for the Iraqi dinar. To debunk this one all I did is go on FOREX and find the rate for the Kuwait dinar and it matched. So the article was solely talking about the Kuwait dinar and not the Iraqi dinar. Why would Kuwait be donating Iraq dinars to Iraq. I don’t get the logic here. But this is TNT Tony logic and his typical idiotic opinion. But the story even gets better.

So a called gets on the Q & A and asked if tried to clarify that maybe it’s the Kuwaiti dinar and not the Iraqi dinar. Tony the refuses to admit his mistake and comes up with some really stupid, idiotic reasoning for sticking to his guns on his first assumption. This is a typical example of why you can’t and should not trust anything he says. The other funny part is the rate he claimed was for the Iraqi dinar $3.23 was not even close to what he just got through convincing everyone of a bank screen rate of $4.43-$4.40. So even a half brained idiot could have seen right off the bat that was not the new Iraqi rate.

So I listen to his calls on M-W-F and really try to figure out his weird logic in coming up with these every day /any day RV stuff. I do not see any of this same logic and I spend many years in the military intelligence corps as a trained information analyzer. His brain is not adjusted to this kind of work. I think also to make things worst he drinks heavily and smokes those nasty cigars. These habits do effect your ability for rational cognitive thinking.

More news….


Oh – its Wednesday already and still no RV. Oh – but the banks are ready….la...la…la…. This of course is all total bullshit from these gurus, especially this TNT and Big(stupid)Call Bruce.

“The Ministry of Justice announced on Monday the issuance of the new issue of the Iraqi Gazette No. (4529) on the Federal Budget Law No. 1 of 2019 approved by the House of Representatives and approved by the President of the Republic.”

Full article below.

So TNT Tony (and other idiotic gurus), it’s now in the Gazette, so where is the RV seeing you are so smart and snug with your ridiculous intel? I told you so. This hype once again looking with expectations for the budget connection to some RV without any other signal from the CBI or Finance committee that they plan to move ahead with the project to delete the zeros. What is it going to take to this message through to all you idiots?

Why must we go through this stupidity every year when the budget comes out? Why haven’t we learned our lessons?

More news….


The departure of former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki from power and a decline in the weight of his parliamentary bloc do not necessarily mean losing his full power. He is still at least may be able to provide immunity against accountability for the outcome of his disastrous reign by being close to holding a position in the May elections in compensation for his bloc from a cabinet seat promised in Adel Abdul Mahdi’s cabin.

“Al-Arabi” learned from informed political sources in Baghdad, that “Maliki is about to renew his term as Vice President of the Republic,” despite the great controversy raised by the presence of this post mainly, almost without any powers.

(Mnt Goat -I find it very hard to believe that Mutada al- Sadr is going to let this happen.)

More news….


A German business delegation, under Economy Minister Peter Altmaier, will visit Iraq soon to discuss means of increasing investments between the two countries in the coming period, German Ambassador to Iraq Serel Non said.

The German envoy made the remarks Sunday during a meeting with Iraqi Planning Minister Nouri Sabah al-Dulaimi at the ministry’s headquarters in Baghdad.

(Mnt Goat – So we see yet another major player as a developed country moving into Iraq to do business. We already witnessed two other major players, the USA, UK and now Germany. Great! What next! )

More news….


The sale of foreign currency - a dollar law ordered by the civil governor Paul Bremer in 2004, the only auction in the Middle East, one of the biggest challenges facing the Iraqi state, distorting public policy and destroying the economy.

These auctions continue to work today until it has now been exploited by influential figures and officials in the political process associated with Iran to smuggle money into Iraq and launder and circulate funds for the Iranian economy in financing terrorism and confronting US sanctions and their own interests.

International sources have reported the waste and looted of tracked $ 312 billion dollars over the past years due to the currency auctions. Yet, the CBI has to go our and borrow money to finance the war with ISIS and take grants and loans to rebuild Iraq. The war has been over since 2003 yet destruction from that war never mind more destruction from the ISIS war (2014-2017) has still not bee rebuilt. What is going on here?

The auction of the currency contributes to the money laundering and recycling process in favor of Iran. He mentioned some analytical financial indicators that explain the systematic destructive role of this auction and its ability to fund the sanctions for Iran. So if the US is really serious on these sanctions put on Iran as of Nov 2018, they will take corrective actions to stop these currency auctions and them help Iraq through any repercussions as a result of stopping them. The IMF and the World Bank should also assist in bringing back (reinstating the Iraqi dinar) and then supporting anti- counterfeiting measures and money laundering. Stiffer penalties must be enforced for Iraqi citizens and politicians involved.

Now we can see why Nori al-Maliki when prime minister did not want the project to delete the zeros and the reinstatement thus the ending of the currency auctions. This is one reason why he raided the CBI in late 2012, to stop this process.

The full article is found in my articles section of today’s newsletter. Go read it! It will amaze you and you will finally see the light, as to why the RV has not been launched and is being held back. 


Formal Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations they do not print my RED colored fonts or italics, so my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I will preface my comments with “Mnt Goat” so you know I am jumping in with observations. Also, I separated the articles with asterisks.


Articles Begin


(Does everyone remember this recent article?)

The revaluation of the Iraqi dinar is ready to be implemented by the country’s Central Bank; however, the Parliamentary Economic and Investment Commission has decided to postpone the revaluation to 2019.

The plan is to eliminate zeros from the value of the Iraqi currency, allowing the dinar to gain value on the global market.

With the anticipation of the Iraqi dinar revaluation, millions of dinars have been bought all over the world by investors. Those investors hope that the revaluation of the dinar will increase the value of the currency, which would make all of their dinars worth significantly more than when they bought them. However, the revaluation continues to get postponed and is set for 2019 as the country faces more pressing political issues.

Currency revaluation refers to a calculated upward adjustment to a nation’s exchange rate relative to its chosen baseline. The process is undertaken by nations with fixed exchange rates to deliberately increase the value of its own currency relative to a single currency, a basket of international currencies or whatever the underlying baseline may be.

Currency revaluation only occurs in fixed currencies, meaning the currency is pegged to a foreign currency, a basket of foreign currencies or a different quantitative benchmark. The process may only be undertaken by the underlying nation’s government or policymakers. The act of altering the value of a nation’s currency relative to other currencies is typically influenced by market pressures. The pressure is now.

A government typically revalues its currency when it wishes to increase the value of its currency relative to its benchmark currency. This maneuver would officially increase the purchasing power of the nation’s residents while decreasing the price of imports.

Revaluation is the inverse of devaluation, which is the official lowering of the value of a nation’s currency within a fixed exchange rate. Under this measure, the underlying government establishes a new fixed rate respective to the benchmark.

The International Monetary Fund encourages governments and policymakers to refrain from manipulating exchange rates to gain unfair competitive advantages over foreign currencies.



(Does everyone remember this article?)

June 2012

The Central Bank decided to adopt some of the landmarks and images to be placed on the new currency after the deletion of zeros.

The agency received a copy of the Central Bank's book, which included cultural and historical landmarks and images to be placed on the currency with the implications of the nearby to the minds of the public and the culture of the Iraqi.


According to the book:

The paper currency included a number of monuments and images, the most important, a picture of the bridge of the imams and the significance of the significance of high value if the bridge reaches between the two sides of the Tigris River and on both sides of the observers Imam Musa Kadhim (p) and Abu Hanifa Numan (Raz).

200 dinar-The book of the bank entitled to the Directorate Nation for issuing cabinets: that this image allocated to the highest class of the new currency,

a category (200) dinars and two hundred dinars on the back of this paper put a picture of the school Mustansiriya in Baghdad.

100 dinar - He added the central bank: (100) dinars, one hundred dinars, pictures of the Zouaiya area in Baghdad, one of the ancient areas in which the bridge was built suspended one of the achievements of the Iraqi state .. Iraq is one of the leading countries in the construction of this type of bridges and shows in the picture building the Central Bank of Iraq , In addition to the building of the University of Baghdad, which is the oldest scientific institution in Iraq in the second half of the twentieth century, while on the back of the paper image (Zaqora), one of the features of the Iraqi architecture at the dawn of history.

50 dinar -The book of the Central Bank: (50) dinars (fifty dinars) picture of King Claudia one of the most famous kings of the dynasty The second pillar (the twelfth king) is the god of growth and fertility, while the back of the paper included a picture of the fortress of Ahkaydir, an archaeological fortress dating back to the Abbasid period and the unique defensive fortresses in a desolate area such as the one built there. This fortress is located to the southwest of the city of Karbala. central bank :

25 dinar - In the face of the paper of the category of (25) dinars (twenty five dinars) put the image of King Hammurabi receives the law .. This son is the father of the spiritual father of human legislation as he wrote the rules governing the life and transactions in his famous Muslim either the back of the paper has included a picture For the agriculture of Kurdistan Iraq contributes with the men in the preparation of the field of agriculture.

10 dinar - The Central Bank: Put on the face of the banknote of the category (10) dinars (ten dinars), the image of the dinar Arab Islamic and represents this dinar, which was minted under the Umayyad state The Islamic state that strikes inside the state is one of the features of the state Sovereignty and economic independence, while the back of the paper has placed a picture of the lighthouse of humpback in Mosul, one of the distinctive features of urban in our beloved Iraq.

5 dinar - In the category of (5) dinars (five dinars) has placed on the face of her paper a picture of a total waterfall on the Iraqi Kurdistan, a reference to the interest of the state water and its sources in addition to interest in tourism and the environment either the back of the paper has been placed a picture of Nakheel Iraq is a sign and property for each land The central bank said in writing:

In line with the best applications and global experiences, decided to stop the basic features of banknotes of the categories (25,000,10,000,5,000) dinars Currently in circulation in the new series (25,10,5) dinars for the public a thousand with it as it was imprinted in his memory.

(Mnt Goat – so the new smaller notes of 5,10 and 25 are replacing the 3 zero notes of 5,000, 10,000 and 25,000 accordingly. This is a 1:1 RV in Iraq. I said within Iraq, did you hear me? In addition they are also issuing a 50, 100, 200 dinar notes of smaller category. Remember they already issued the 50 notes way back in 2015 in the anticipation the reinstatement was going in January of 2016)


The Bank pointed out that it is keen to choose designs for coins that are general and comprehensive and have a positive impact on all the Iraqi people. The coins are shown on the map of Iraq and highlight the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. The map shows a circular area to stabilize the coin coin category.

Of the coins included: there are 4 new coins a 250 and 500 fils, 1 and 2 dinar

2 dinar coin - first category (2) dinars, a picture of (Deir Mti), a historic and spiritual site located in northern Iraq, and taken by the Iraqis from various sects and religions a place of tourism and tourism.

1 dinar coin - While the category (1) dinars picture taken from the fact that the displacement of the Faily Kurds was designed by the Ministry of Culture.

500 fils - (500 fils) was placed on a modern dam on the Euphrates River. It was intended to highlight the importance of water and its storage and organization in Iraq.

250 fils - In the category of (250) fils, pictures of the Kut dam were placed on the Tigris River for the same purpose. ) Fils, a picture of the Lion of Babylon symbol of strength and violence of the Iraqi nation.

(Mnt Goat – article from 2012. We know without doubt that the CBI under Dr Shabibi planned to RV in Jan 2013 and thus was educating the people on the new currency in 2012. This is they type of education we are still looking for – get it? So we know the new smaller categories are all printed and ready to be launched since 2012. So anyone calling me a liar on this information can go to hell. Go read the articles yourself if you don’t believe me. I only print FACTS not Opinions.)



(Does everyone remember this article?)

November 20, 2018

London - Word: The Central Bank of Iraq details the project, "structuring the currency," which aims to delete 3 zeros, to facilitate the circulation of currency.

The Director General of release safes Abdul Karim Hassan in remarks followed the word news website that " the restructuring of the currency project when he put the first time encountered many objections Vtogel to be raised again in 2014 and begin to apply it, but the emergence Daesh was a new reason to postpone it ."

Hassan explained that "the draft currency structure aims to delete three zeros to turn the category of a thousand dinars to one dinar, while replacing the thousand dinars in the place of one million dinars."

He pointed out that "the project allows the printing of new categories of dinar and half dinars down to deal with the bank."

He stressed that "the idea is integrated and there is a comprehensive study and the project does not need to apply," stressing that "this project must be implemented despite the obstacles that led to the postponement."

He noted that "The project allows the printing of new categories of dinar and half dinar down to the deal with the Fils ".

He stressed that "The idea is integrated and there is a comprehensive study and the project needs only the application ", stressing that "This project must be implemented despite the constraints that led to its postponement."

(Mnt Goat – Okay so here is the beginning of the re-education process I said would begin a months before the reinstatement would happen.

Remember the CBI must first wait for the right environment to launch the rest of these lower smaller category notes. Now they are telling us the time is just around the corner. This is exactly what we wanted to hear and needed to hear at this time. So we are moving forward to late 2018 to early 2019 timeframe for a reinstatement. Remember as I said many times we will see a rate change within Iraq as close to 1000 dinars or lower per USD first, then the CBI must launch the smaller notes or the economy will not have any currency they can work with. So now we see the CBI program rate as record lows coming into this week and so we should expect it even much lower and then the launching of first the 25, 50 and 100 dinar notes, as promised would happen at this time. Stay tuned it is all good.

Many of you have VERY SHORT MEMORIES. What does this article say? It is only from Nov of last year not too long ago.)



(Does everyone remember this article?)

November 2017

Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press:

The Central Bank of Iraq called for the need to preserve the local currency, pointing to the strengthening of local banks IN LOCAL CURRENCIES OF SMALL GROUPS.

A source from the Central Bank of "Al-Ghad Press", said on Tuesday that "the bank calls for the preservation of the local currency and the strengthening of banks WITH SMALL GROUPS OF LOCAL CURRENCY," pointing out that "the printing of the Iraqi currency and replace them cost large amounts of money," calling on citizens to maintain bank notes when trading ".


The source said that "the Central Bank TO SHIP CASH FROM SMALL GROUPS TO GOVERNMENT BANKS AND PRIVATE BANKS HAVE BEEN DISTRIBUTED AMOUNTS given to banks during the month of November last year of the current (554,000,000) dinars (one hundred and fifty-four million dinars) category 1000 dinars and the amount of (202,500,000) Dinars (two hundred and two million five hundred thousand dinars) category of 500 dinars, "adding that" the Central Bank of Iraq pays to the Rafidain and Rashid Bank an amount of not less than (200 million) dinars (two hundred million dinars to change) in almost every withdrawal of its own assets.

(Mnt Goat – This is a WOW article. Do you comprehend exactly what the CBI is telling here? Amazing, amazing, amazing…! They are telling us they are launching these new notes to the banks now and have been loading the banks with them since last November. They even gave us the amounts they sold to the banks. Note they did not distribute any 10,000 (10K) or 25,000 (25k) three zero notes (the ones they want to delete) and this is very significant.

Now I know some of you are going to bash me for my explanation of this article, but that is only because you do not understand the entire plan and the process they are following. So let me explain it to you then. Then maybe you too can see it.

And this last sentence to the last paragraph to the article is VERY important. I quote from the article– “The source said that "the Central Bank TO SHIP CASH FROM SMALL GROUPS TO GOVERNMENT BANKS AND PRIVATE BANKS HAVE BEEN DISTRIBUTED AMOUNTS given to banks during the month of November last year of the current”.

So for over years now the CBI has been stocking up the banks with these new currencies. What the CBI is saying is they distributed nearly 200 million dinars monthly to the banks over this last year 2016-2017 in exchange for other assets (remember the CBI is not handing out FREE money when they launch these newer notes…lol..lol…)

This is their way of distributing these newer notes. By lessening the distribution of the 10k and 25k notes by converting to electronic banking the CBI is able to slowly slow down the need for the 10k and 25k notes, thus they are slowly phasing them out.

So what do the people then use for currency?

First – they lessening the need for any currency by the implementation of the new electronic banking practices we have been reading about;

Second – they are launching other notes to use as they told us in this article namely the 1,000, 500 and 250 dinar categories.

Third – We know the set of new notes to be used going forward post RV. They include - 25, 50, 100, .25 and .50 (coins) Dinars. Remember the 50 dinar note was already launched in 2105 and the CBI deliberately held back the launching of the 100 dinar note a that time

All of these categories, mentioned in this article that are being printed, are denominations that are in the final set of currencies that will REMAIN as permanent currency post RV. Do you remember the final set of Iraq currency).



(Does everyone remember this article?)


December 18, 2014

BAGHDAD / JD / .. affected by the project to delete the three zeroes from the currency unchanged if the rest of the major strategic projects, the unstable security situation in the country, where he WAS SUPPOSED TO BE IMPLEMENTED EARLY 2014 AFTER THE CREATION OF THE LOGISTICAL AND TECHNICAL MEASURES BY THE CENTRAL BANK, but the deterioration of the situation security in most parts of the country, which saw control of some terrorist groups.

Sparked fears the government and parliament and the Central Bank of the implementation of this major project, which some have described as possibly exploited by outlaws in achieving their ends despicable, PROMPTING THE CENTRAL BANK AND IN AGREEMENT WITH THE FINANCIAL AND ECONOMIC COMMITTEES TO POSTPONE THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE PROJECT OVER FOUR YEARS to come, until the creation of the appropriate security conditions for its implementation.

Member of the Committee on Economy and Investment Attorney Nora Albjara, attributed the lack of implementation of the project to delete the zeros during 2014 to the unstable security situation in the country, as suggested implemented over the last four years of Maliki administration.


She added: "The reason for the postponement of the implementation of the project and not to be applied in 2014, due to the unstable security situation in most parts of the country, especially in the provinces experiencing control organization (Daash), because it may take advantage of the project by the terrorist groups to achieve their goals currency or manipulation of the price of exchange which affects the economic situation in the country. "

The central bank had announced in 2012 that the application for the project to delete the zeros will be in early 2014, after being able to complete all procedures related to the stages of implementation of the project Ktba currencies and contracting with companies.

As a member of the Finance Committee MP Jamal Joker, stressed that the large project is not affected by the security situation, the fact that the central bank taking all things into consideration, NOTING THAT THE PROCESS WILL BE IN THE FORM OF STAGES, SO DO NOT AFFECT THE MARKET OR CITIZEN.

Some of the House of Representatives and economists Odhu jurisdiction rejecting the idea of postponing the implementation of the project over four years to come, and called on the central bank to apply the project in early 2015, the fact that the project is of strategic projects that need to be implemented because it will overhaul the local currency strengthens.

Joker told / BD /: "The central bank completed all necessary and essential for the implementation of the reform project of the currency measures, which are now ready for implementation, but some parties called for a postponement of this project under the pretext of the security situation."

The member of the Finance Committee, the central bank to implement the project in early 2015 to be implemented in the form of any phases are thrown coins ancient coins and withdraw gradually so do not affect the market and citizens.

The parliamentary finance committee has announced (28 October 2013 ), that 2014 will see the implementation of the project to delete the three zeroes from the Iraqi currency, indicating that the deleted will be in coordination with the Central Bank.

(Mnt Goat – so after reading this old article from 2014 what do you think? It is now already 2019 and so four years plus passed already. Where is the RV?

This project to delete the zeros is so long, long overdue. Each time we go through an election cycle with a new government we have to start convincing everyone all over again to do it and the importance of it. I think we are so close I can hardly wait.)



(Does everyone remember this article?)

December 10, 2014

Said the director of the Rafidain Bank in Dhi Qar Hussein Abbadi in a televised interview broadcast by the local Nasiriyah that the introduction of ATM in the markets and banks ARE SUBJECT TO THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE DECISION TO DELETE ZEROS FROM THE IRAQI CURRENCY, pointing out that the Iraqi currency suffers from large inflation at the present time.


(Mnt Goat – don’t anyone tell me that bringing these ATMs online and filling them with dinar is not part of the plan of project to delete the zeros. Here is the article in black and white. Get it? So those that still refuse to be believers can go to hell. I don’t care anymore!  Here is the proof. No I am not full of Sh_t! )



Economy News _ Baghdad

The Ministry of Justice announced on Monday the issuance of the new issue of the Iraqi Gazette No. (4529) on the Federal Budget Law No. 1 of 2019 approved by the House of Representatives and approved by the President of the Republic.

The Director General of the Iraqi Facts Department Kamel Amin Hashim said in a statement received by “Economy News” that the budget law included the transfer of funds from some ministries to the liberated provinces and the province of Basra and detailed sentences with regard to spending, investment and loans. The law included the request of the Council of Ministers to install all contractors and lecturers In the state institutions, including the employees of the self-financed contracts in the Ministry of Electricity, as well as the continued granting of the five-year leave.

He added that the number also included the law banning the importation of food products, as well as agricultural products that have a similar local product, according to the agricultural calendar.

The Iraqi fact sheet included the details of the budget and its adjustments for the current year 2019.


FORMER IRAQI PRIME MINISTER NURI AL-MALIKI MAY RENEW AS VP (I said May since it is only now talk and rumors)

The departure of former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki from power and a decline in the weight of his parliamentary bloc do not necessarily mean losing his full power. He is still at least able to provide immunity against accountability for the outcome of his disastrous reign, which Iraq does not seem to get rid of its consequences in the long term.

BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Former Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, a leader of a coalition of state law, is close to holding a position in the May elections in compensation for his bloc from a cabinet seat promised in Adel Abdul Mahdi’s cabin.

“Al-Arabi” learned from informed political sources in Baghdad, that “Maliki is about to renew his term as Vice President of the Republic,” despite the great controversy raised by the presence of this post mainly, almost without any powers.

The sources said that “the granting of al-Maliki as vice president comes satisfaction to the coalition of the rule of law, which leads after receiving a promise to obtain a ministry in the government of Abdul-Mahdi, but this was not achieved, because of the conditions of the negotiations.”

According to the sources, the development of this kind will open the door wide to the repetition of the draft “three deputies” to the President of the Republic, a formula imposed by sectarian quotas on the Iraqi political situation, and the existence of three Vice-President of the Republic, representing the main parties in the Iraqi spectrum.

In the event that Maliki received this position, will be open to the leader of the movement of solution Gamal Karbouli to occupy the post of Vice-President of the Republic, while may be available to the Turkmen component to get the position of the third deputy, represented by rational.

Maliki is no longer a difficult figure in the political process, yet there are those who still fear his machinations and conspiracies and try to appease him.

Thus, the image of the national sectarian representation in the presidency will be completed. President Barham Salih Kurdi, Maliki is Shiite and Karbali Sunni, while the leader of the Turkmen Front, Arshad Salhi, appears to be the most prominent candidate for the Turkmen component.

The Iraqi constitution is almost devoid of any effective powers for the President of the Republic, which raises controversy about the naming of three deputies, who have no constitutional duties or executive functions.

Iraqi President Barham Saleh is trying to give his post more momentum than the constitutional frameworks, while observers say the Iraqi president is competing with the foreign minister in the government of Abdul Mahdi for his duties.

Sources said “Arabs” that “Karbouli and Salihi see the political weight that Maliki has in the Iraqi scene, relying on the support of a large Iranian, may repeat his presence in the post of Vice President four more years.

As such, Karbouli does not appear in the scene of the claim for a personal position, while Salhi al-Salhi claims his position, the “oppressor Turkmen component,” the fourth largest component of Iraq, and the lowest presence in executive positions.

The sources said that “the presence of al-Maliki in the post of Vice-President, a guarantee to protect him from any attempts to liquidate any political plan of any party.”

The Iraqi street sees Maliki as the ultimate goal of any crackdown on corrupt people involved in the waste of public money, but his political immunity, provided by the close relationship with Tehran, hinders action against him.

Observers believe that hints made by former Prime Minister Haider Abadi, the need to hit large whales, headed by Maliki, was the most prominent reasons for blocking the way for a second term in office.

An Iraqi politician, who asked not to be identified, said Maliki was no longer that difficult figure, which can not be overcome if it comes to the political process, yet there are those who still fear his machinations and conspiracies and try to appease him, even if appeased by his corner aside as Vice President The republic has no constitutional value, but it offers exceptional privileges, including protection from any legal accountability it may face because of the disastrous policies it adopted during its 2006-2014 term.

“Because Maliki considers himself the godfather of the political process, the maker of governments and the builder of a new Iraq, he managed to surround himself with a halo that no one else has. And as is known to all, it did not reach that position only through the waste of free and random public money, which made him able to attract many of the baptists who praise his praise and call him titles that suggest his sectarian dominance such as the title of the chosen age.

The Iraqi politician, “If Maliki has reached the stage of despair of his return to power, it did not stand between him and the continuation of the management of the secret state, which is a complex network of interests run by his corrupt followers within the public state, and have always been able to To disrupt and thwart any attempt at reform by aborting any idea that calls for such a direction. “

“The fear of Maliki, known for his stupidity, malice and suspicious relations may equate Maliki’s fear of the desire of others to oppress him and get rid of it and create a balance that Maliki could benefit from in pushing others not to anger or harm his interests. As it seems, Maliki’s policy depends on the ability of the ghost of the wolf to spread fear in the hearts of others even after the disappearance of the wolf. No one dares to name al-Maliki corrupt, despite the existence of many files that condemn him. “

Although Maliki lost nearly two-thirds of the parliamentary seats he held in the May elections, he still enjoys Iranian protection and support.

The Shiite political community believes that the leader of a coalition of state law, a red line of Iran, no one will dare to undermine it in the foreseeable future, despite THE ACCUSATIONS OF CORRUPTION THAT SURROUNDS HIM, ESPECIALLY DURING HIS SECOND TERM AS PRIME MINISTER BETWEEN 2010 AND 2014, and hold him responsible for the fall of Mosul and Followed by two-thirds of Iraq’s territory in the hands of elements of a preacher, after the collapse of the security establishment during the last year of Maliki’s second term for reasons directly related to the manner of his administration of various state institutions and the great corruption that leaked to them.



Investor Shatha Khalil

February 12, 2019

The sale of foreign currency - a dollar law ordered by the civil governor Paul Bremer in 2004, the only auction in the Middle East, one of the biggest challenges facing the Iraqi state, distorting public policy and destroying the economy, this auction continued to work until it has now been exploited by influential figures and officials in the political process associated with Iran to smuggle money into Iraq and launder and circulate funds for the Iranian economy in financing terrorism and confronting US sanctions and their own interests.

Many economists have differed about identifying the problem as a major, a new form of economic corruption associated with money laundering in Iraq, which has become a means of smuggling money from Iraq.

In the center of the links where she noted the text "According to the investigation committees of the Iraqi Council of Representatives and international reports have been the waste and looted $ 312 billion dollars over the past years, the proceeds of oil pumped by the Central Bank of Iraq to the markets, and most of them were turned abroad. This is a number that is very large in a country suffering a suffocating economic crisis, the situation in the state of "wealth" borrowed from the IMF to cover its expenses!

Dr. Nabih Nadeem Al-Obaidi summarized the working paper presented at the first conference of the Iraqi-American National Friendship Association on 5 January 2019, the SERIOUSNESS OF THE CURRENCY AUCTION IN THE DESTRUCTION OF THE IRAQI ECONOMY and the extent of Iran's benefit from it.

The auction of the currency contributes to the money laundering and recycling process in favor of Iran. He mentioned some analytical financial indicators that explain the systematic destructive role of this auction:

• The Central Bank of the US dollar sales for the period (1/10/2004 / 10/2016) amounted to (408.875) Billion dollars to cover the needs of imports, while the real value of imports for the same period (61.3) billion dollars, while the value of the remaining difference of the amount (347.5) billion dollars is missing until the moment.

The question of where the money went?

• In 2010, the Central Bank's auction sales amounted to $ 36.2 billion. The report of the Financial Supervision Bureau submitted to the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers indicated that the number of meetings held by the Central Bank for Auction recorded in the Central Report (242) The sales of the auction for the period of (212) only, proving that there are (30) sales of the dollar is missing the statements and amounts and the parties to which the dollar was sold to .. What does that mean? Where did the money go?

• A "model" for measuring the auction on 6/11/2018 with a total value of sales (125,725,602) dollars for a total of (30) banks and financial institutions, and by adopting this figure as a default rate for 2017 to reach (45.252) billion dollars per year, Trade exchange with Iran (6.7) billion dollars, and the remaining (39.4) billion dollars are missing ... Where did all the money go?

• Actual export capacity of Iraqi oil from the ports of Basra increased from 2.9 million barrels per day for the first quarter of the year to (3.560) million barrels, and then to (4,600) million barrels per day in the last months of the year (2018) (according to the announcement of the Minister of Oil) The export price rate for the period (1/530/10/2018) reached about (70.713) dollars per barrel. Therefore, the value of resources for the year will reach about (101.826) billion dollars.

• The rate of the sale of foreign currency (dollar) per day "amounted to (125 - 182) million dollars during the year (2018) and the minimum value of sales will total for the year (45.252) billion dollars, and thus will constitute the dollar sales of the Central Bank (44.44%) of the oil resources, which also constitute a rate of (261%) of the allocation of the Kurdistan region budget (1 y 7%) of oil resources, is this reasonable?

• This does not constitute a drain on resources and smuggling of funds outside of Iraq and sabotage of the Iraqi economic system.

• The documents issued by the Bureau of Financial Supervision - the Department of Finance and Distribution activity sent to the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, revealed that there are individuals and specific banks through which the process of selling and buying and smuggling of currency outside Iraq, including:

1. Al Huda Bank

2. Al Tayeb Finance

Company 3. Iraqna For financial financing

4. Al-Mithaj for financial financing

5. There are also financial and commercial companies do not have a fictitious headquarters in Iraq to carry out crimes of money laundering by enabling them to open accounts in several banks.

The question ... For the benefit of those who continue this sabotage activity, which is subject to the influence of senior officials in the political process linked to Iran? Iran has banking and financial institutions and covers of individuals and institutions supporting and supporting the financing of the economy and the expansionist expansion and Iranian terrorism.

The role of Iran's sabotage and economic player in Iraq has become very clear, after the package of the US blockade of Iran, which is supposed to start the blockade of its mechanisms and procedures from Iraq to impose the ring.


Invoices are not within the jurisdiction of the Bank, but rather within the jurisdiction of the Department of Economic Crime of the Ministry of the Interior. IN THE LIGHT OF THIS CORRUPTION AND THE LOOTING OF PUBLIC MONEY, IT WAS NOT UNLIKELY THAT IRAQ WOULD BE CLASSIFIED FOR TWO CONSECUTIVE YEARS AS THE MOST CORRUPT COUNTRIES and its ill effects on the already weak Iraqi entity. These are some of the negative repercussions that have emerged in political, economic, social and cultural life.

• Destruction of the Iraqi economy.

• Deplete the central bank's reserve of hard currency and gold bullion, which in turn affects local currency exchange.

• The growing phenomenon of money laundering.


• Exchange rate fluctuation.

• The Iraqi economy is subject to the fluctuations of the local market.

• The Central Bank reserve in 2009 declined to 35%.

• Loss of independence of the Central Bank of Iraq.

• The gap between the official exchange rate and the market price widens.

• Unemployment reached 39% and poverty reached 40%.

• Balance of payments deficit and low production capacity.

• The growth and spread of corruption and theft of public funds and weak social ties.

Economists, including Nabih al-Obeidi, STRESS THE NEED TO STOP THE CURRENCY AUCTION, WHICH WEAKENED AND DESTROYED THE IRAQI ECONOMY, and limit the investment and smuggling of sales of the dollar auction from the Central Bank of Iraq to Iran to support its economy in the face of US sanctions imposed on it.

Based on the above, the economic expert Nabih al-Obeidi suggested the following treatments:

 CANCELLATION OF THE DECISION OF THE SALE OF FOREIGN CURRENCY AND THE INSTRUCTIONS issued thereunder, and the appointment of the Office of Financial Supervision as a liquidator to review and check the contents of the auction and settle their accounts by the Office of Financial Supervision in accordance with the general and legal rules in the liquidation of accounts for companies.

 The Central Bank issued a resolution obliging banks and private financial institutions to adopt self-financing in dollars to cover their needs in banking transactions, and to cover bank accounts for documentary credits, remittances, deposits with foreign banks, withdrawals and remittances of companies and individuals and within the limits permitted by the Central Bank.

 Strengthen the control of the Central Bank on private banks and sections of foreign transfers and documentary credits to verify the issuers as accredited companies in the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of their countries, letters of guarantee and exporters banks and certificates of origin and examination of the third party inspection third to verify the authenticity of imports.

 Subjecting the accounts of private banks to the audit and examination of records and documents and financial lists similar to the government sector and ratification of the government and the report to the Central Bank of Iraq an exception to the law of private companies for their connections and financial transactions with banks and foreign financial institutions in order to tighten control and reduce the smuggling of funds to Iran and abroad.

 The central bank should provide private loans to banks in dollars through the bank deposit reserve in dollars, by linking the borrower's bank with the reserve of the other bank (bank loan to a bank) and by informing the lending bank and settling for its account in the reserve.

 Taking all the observations and reservations received from the Office of Financial Supervision on the Central Bank and respond to them and discuss and take action on them by the Council of Ministers and the legislative authority.

Reasons for Iran's fear of stopping the auction of currency in Iraq:

 The CONTINUATION OF THE AUCTION CONTRIBUTES TO REVIVE THE ECONOMIC SITUATION OF IRAN at the expense of Iraq by easing the economic embargo imposed by America on Iran and its failure through banks and companies employed for Iran, whether real or fake.

 The issuance of the new currency by the Central Bank under the supervision of the World Bank and against the cash reserve of hard currency - dollar - a basket of currencies, gold cover for the value of the national currency issued and checks and documents documented the size of the currency and its categories and numbers after examination and receipt by a committee in the Central Bank, The currency is not usually numbered by the printing press, but it is done in the central bank and it is done in the printing press, in the presence of representatives of the Central Bank and documentation.

The reserve allocated to the national currency is subject to an assessment of the World Bank's control and inspection. Thus, what is rumored about the smuggling of part of the new currency into Iran is incorrect; it represents a threat to Iraq by forging the new currency by Iran and pumping it into the Iraqi market through its agents of Islamic party leaders And their militias who, through their real and imaginary companies, will buy the dollar from the dollar sale auction to the CBI.

 The SECOND THREAT IF THE AUCTION IS STOPPED, IRAN AND ITS INFLUENTIAL AGENTS IN THE POLITICAL PROCESS AND THE GOVERNMENT WILL FLOOD THE IRAQI MARKET WITH THE NEW COUNTERFEIT CURRENCY IN ORDER TO REDUCE THE EXCHANGE RATE OF THE IRAQI CURRENCY AGAINST THE DOLLAR as a result of the increased demand for the dollar against the decline in supply on one hand, This is promoted by Iran and inflated for the purpose of preventing the issuance of a decision to stop the auction, and dependence on banks collusive, which will stop financing imports on the pretext of insufficient funding to create economic chaos on the one hand, and pressure on those who are the government complicit with Iran Lack of response to the siege on Iran, on the other hand.

(Mnt Goat – So did you read this article? Okay what have I been telling everyone for years now- these currency auctions are doing more harm to Iraq than good. They are no longer necessary and outlived their usefulness. They were supposed to help Iraq get through the sanctions but apparently now they are helping Iran through their sanctions using Iraqi funds. Read the article as it tells us why the auctions still exists and so when the CBI tells us there is still POLITICAL INSTABILITY and ECONOMIC INSTABILIT this is what they mean. So now we get some insight as to what they have been saying all along. We know know the situation as to why the NSA stopped the RV twice in January. I hope everyone is listening? 

I want to make one other point here too and that is the connection of the RV to the Iranian influence and militias. So how can they stop the auctions and launch the lower denoms and thus raise the rate if the militias are going to cause trouble and spread counterfeit currency only causing a disaster in the dinar rate anyhow. So like I have been saying all along, they must get rid of the Iranian influence if they are ever going to RV.

So TNT Tony (and many other of these intel gurus) can put this in their pipes and smoke it. Iraq may be technically all set to go international with the currency and banking reforms but can they do it right now without first solving these issues as stated in the article? Just saying and asking the right questions. Can Sadr put more pressure on Mahdi to solve these issues?)


Articles End

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ,,,,,

Just the FACTS!

Disclaimer: All information in this newsletter is not intended for investment decisions / purposes. Mnt Goat is not a financial analyst, planner, banker, attorney or associated in any role with giving out professional investment advice.

In ending I want everyone to know your constant prayers in the fight against evil (ISIS) in Iraq have worked. God has guided these young men and women on the battle field. The major war with ISIS has been over since Dec 2017. Let us all know that there is a new battle now to fight. A battle to save our homelands from the corrupt politicians and secret societies who are bent on taking what they want from our current wealth and from future generations without our permission. We must keep praying for the end to the rapid corruption and enslavement of people in Iraq and in the United States. We must pray for our leaders when they are being guided by the Holy Spirit. We must stand by them and let them know we are still there to support them, even after the election is over. I have composed a prayer maybe we can all pray today in our own way and until the reinstatement of the Iraq dinar occurs.


“For the Iraqi Prime Minister and the President of the United States, that all their cabinet members, and deputies may be anointed by the Holy Spirit to do God’s will and bring the free democracies of the Republics of Iraq and of the United States of America to the much-deserved prosperity and abundance.

To do this thru justice and freedom from oppression and corruption. That they may be a shining example for the rest of the middle east and to rest of the world to follow.

In the name of Jesus Christ our King and Savior, Amen”

Auf Wiedersehen

Much love to ya all,

Mnt Goat
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