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Something of the analysis of the post-midnight balance DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Something of the analysis of the post-midnight balance

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Something of the analysis of the post-midnight balance Empty Something of the analysis of the post-midnight balance

Post by claud39 on Tue Jan 29, 2019 6:34 am


Something of the analysis of the post-midnight balance


Something of the analysis of the post-midnight balance 12676

After midnight on Wednesday 23/1/2019 the so-called budget of the Federal Republic of Iraq was approved by the House of Representatives, and here we say thank God who does not praise the other hated, and we find ourselves the competent specialists of the Malians and economists and accountants and administrators in front of two cases do you say good and blessed your efforts to this The achievement is wonderful and so we are closer to the hypocrisy from the truth and this is a recipe we do not satisfy ourselves and we are far away from or away from the economic decision financial accounting administrative appropriate to serve the nation and build its economy on sound foundations and protect the interests of its people and participate in building its future away from the auctions and formal gains Advertising, media and narrow view short limited, while the second case is to continue to approach the discussion and criticism of the purpose of evaluation and development, and here we accuse the pessimists and frustrated and questioning and other charges, most recently to stand against the political process.
Iraq and its history, which is witness to all of the precedent and leadership in the preparation of the budget, and the efficiency of financial and accounting system, which surprised the Americans when they enter Iraq, and the high level of scientific and professional competence of scientists and specialists from the creators at home and abroad, to see what produced from the budget.
It is a political balancing par excellence Unfortunately, it was far from the financial, economic and accounting approach, it has been added paragraphs and canceled the paragraphs of multiple motives combined by a common denominator is the distance from economic planning aimed at building the state.
It is balancing the sharing of spoils, and it is balancing the compatibility of interests, and it is balancing the satisfaction of the parties, and it is balancing the survival of the situation as it is or as it is intended to be.
The brothers in the region achieved their goal in this budget, and the parliamentarians have achieved the completion of the obstacle stood before the end of the legislative term, but what we have achieved for this people present and future.
Is the adoption of a budget that supports higher education as a basis for progress and construction as in the case of developed countries, or did MPs ignore education now when the allocation of resources and allocation to return after a period of series of demands for education to expand acceptance in the preliminary and higher studies and provide a university environment and achieve reliability and increase the number of examination roles to succeed everyone Wow.
Do you achieve an agricultural and investment program that supports the national industries and achieves self-sufficiency and restricts the import of unnecessary luxuries. To achieve this, MPs are demanding the abolition of taxes on malls that have spread dangerously and are depleting Iraq's economy and making it a popular market for the world. The reduction of the real estate tax in the budget of 2019 is aimed at serving the poor and supporting the economy. It is imposed on those who own property other than those who live and are leased in the form of investment, but the tax on the salaries of the employees In the public sector, and who suffer further deductions, fees and other taxes indirectly.
Is the introduction of functional grades for contracts or the mobilization or end of service or retiring bonuses other important requirement for the growth of the Iraqi economy or that the depletion of the wealth of the country and the achievement of temporary goals may lead to God forgive that this approach continued to be unable tomorrow to provide salaries of proud to be appointed today. Is the MP who is proud and the media channels behind him
To extinguish the debts and advances owed by the families of the martyrs has achieved something that satisfies the martyrs and they are in Alayin or achieve the building of the homeland who sacrificed their precious lives to liberate it, we say that the institution of martyrs is concerned and there is no need to squeeze everything in the budget.
The budget in its general sense is not the same as in Iraq, a paper in which we write what we want, but it is a plan and a program to achieve a goal. Tony Blair has put in his campaign one goal is to raise the level of health services from 90 trillion to 128 trillion and has won him based on his program has But it is not achieved in Iraq to the difficulty of achieving one goal or a set of common goals in view of the multiplicity of parties and parties that lead Iraq and have multiple goals and agendas, I have developed plans and strategies for the preparation and implementation of the budget we had a role through the team of advisers, Shelves are as usual with non From research and studies without benefiting from them.
The task of ratification of the budget has been completed and will be forgotten by most of the MPs and are busy with others and there will be no follow-up to what has been achieved or how the disposal of funds and there will be other decisions Reactions and not reform programs as alleged promoters of this unfortunately.
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