BAGHDAD / Ibrahim Saleh / Anatolia - Deputy Prime Minister Rajai Moasher, said Monday that his country reached an agreement with Iraq, free trade between the two countries. 
This came during a joint press conference with Iraqi Finance Minister Fuad Hussein, who is also deputy prime minister for energy, in Baghdad. 
"We have signed a free trade agreement between the two countries, and have been activated and put forward comments on the competition of goods produced in both countries, to contribute to the movement of trade exchange better," said Muasher at the conference. 
The Jordanian official gave no further details on the terms of the FTA and when it officially began. 
But he said the prime ministers of the two countries would meet on February 2 to finalize agreements between the two countries in various fields.
Muasher pointed out that the energy sector is one of the agreements to reach a final understanding, such as an oil pipeline from Iraq to Aqaba and the electric connection between the two countries. 
In April 2013, Jordan and Iraq signed a framework agreement for a 1,700 km oil pipeline project at a cost of $ 18 billion and a capacity of 1 million barrels per day. 
The proposed pipeline runs from the southern Iraqi province of Basra to Aqaba in southern Jordan on the Red Sea. The Kingdom hopes to meet its energy needs through the pipeline (150,000 barrels per day) and exports the rest through the port of Aqaba.