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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   1/23/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

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RayRat/Tony Call Notes 1/23/19

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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   1/23/19 Empty RayRat/Tony Call Notes 1/23/19

Post by Ssmith on Thu Jan 24, 2019 8:38 am

(Cliff notes by Sunny) 

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


BREAKING NEWS DURING THE CALL: Parliament is meeting RIGHT NOW and Article 1 of the Budget was passed.

Tony: I think there goal is to get it completed tonight and in the Gazette.

1:35 minutes into the call: Tony they have now voted on 13 points/articles of the budget.

Tish (tishwash) is researching it and staying on top of it.

Ray: . . .(Ray read his updates)

RAY’S TNT WEEKEND UPDATE, posted Sunday, January 20, 2019


Abadi is stating that he will return to Parliament indicating that a vice-president position was likely.

It appears that the Kurds will receive 12.67% according to the new budget (that isn’t public yet big grin ).

Only the Interior Minister is supposed to voted on Saturday’s session.

Release code procedures were reportedly to commence on Friday morning, we’re waiting to hear back from bank sources for any visible activity.


Parliament is reportedly announcing that they will pass the budget before the end of the month.

No votes were taken today during their session.

An un-named Parliament spokesperson stated that there were two individuals holding up the cabinet voting process.


I do not believe the NSA is involved in such a manner as some are suggesting, please DON’T start contacting your elected officials prematurely.

The BIS appears to be a likely reason the “activity” hasn’t commenced yet. Even though banks are closed on Monday for the holiday, it is expected that progress reports may become self-evident on that day.

Iraqi TV is broadcasting that Iraq’s doors are open to the world……..this is considered as an effort to obtain world-wide investors.

Ray: Time Will Tell!!!

Tuesday, Jan 22, 2019

Parliament met today but did not vote on the cabinet positions. They announced that it will take place at the Wednesday session, including the budget.

Completion of the cabinet positions is anticipated for Wednesday. Mahdi has filled two so far.

PM Mahdi will be hosted on Thursday at Parliament’s session. [Hmmmmm, I wonder what THAT’s about?] confuse LOL

US Banks are seeing varying rates on the Zim, the Dong and the Dinar…things are looking good! #wearethepeople

Wed., Jan 23, 2019

Parliament’s morning session was postponed until 7:00 PM.

The budget is now targeted for Thursday’s session.

Alak is on Iraqi TV stating that the budget will be approved indicating verification of its’ content. #wearethepeople

TNT CHAT, Wed., Jan 23, 2019


[Ify]: Ray, should I buy more dong in the next few minutes.




Tony: Goooooooooood Morning, TNT! It was an interesting weekend for us. . .It started last Wed. when the codes were released. Friday morning all codes and over rides were released. Everybody expected it to go through. It was not the NSA but BIS that had issues.

So now here we are. Banks said we were going this week. Banks thought we were going this morning. Iraq did not do the vote because of rioting. Said they will do it tonight, then a new article saying they will do it tomorrow.

Our contacts say they already took the vote and at 7 tonight sign it to make it official ad then into the Gazette. Abadi tomorrow was scheduled to congratulate him on the forming of the GOI, budget passed, etc. That is still scheduled.

Everybody over there is saying the RV should be seen “RIGHT NOW!” Right now. Everything live over there.

CURRENT WINDOW: Tony: We wait to see if they do it tonight in Baghdad. Told us again it is already done. The documents are to be signed tonight ad they have till midnight to get it in the Gazette. At every level in four different countries, “it’s done, It’s done. It’s Done!”

Tony: As of yesterday morning everything was set, live and ready to go! Bank saying this week. Contact saying “live right now.” We are just waiting for a announcement. It could come in the next 24 hours.

I think we are actually, finally here, even if they put it off till Friday.

Tony: “Live” means it’s ready to go to the front screen. We are just waiting on Iraq to make the announcement and then we go. It’s been sitting, live and ready to go since Friday of last week!


CBI: Alak is on TV saying the budget will be approved which Ray said indicated he knew and had verified it’s contents.

Parliament: It is anticipated the cabinet positions will be filled today. PM Mahdi has taken two of the positions. The budget is to be voted on tomorrow. PM Mahdi will be a guest of Parliament on Thursday.

Lower Denom’s flew from Houston to New Jersey to Baghdad in the middle of the night.

Media: Tony: It’s being broadcast to the people right now that everything is done, budget and cabinet


BIS (Bank of International Settlements) had issues and held up the release of the RV this past week.

Davos Economic Forum ends on Friday. So do about three or more other events.

Currencies: US banks are seeing various rates on the Dinar, $3.41 to $6.00, Dong, .47 to $2.37 or $2.47 and ZIM, $1.17- $1.20 is what the banks are seeing. Last Rupiah rate seen was $1.17 – $1.20. Tony: Our committee guy is still telling us the ZIM will not go. I’m not putting too much faith in the ZIM just because of what is going on in the country. China said this morning they will back Zimbabwe.


NSA (National Security Agency/Administration) did not stop the release of the RV this week. It was the BIS who had issues and halted it.

Banks: Banks say this week. Tony: They thought we were going this morning. The codes are live right now.

Taxes: No change in the previous information that it will be a non-taxable event.

800 #’s: No release of the numbers or information regarding their release.

EXCHANGING: Contract rate seekers should rush to the bank as the contract rate is limited and will not last longer. If your not going for the contract rate you can watch the rate of the currency and assess when it gets to a value that is attractive to you. You can also ask for a higher interest rate and priority with investing projects.

Tony will diversify his funds and investments between two strong banks and letting them compete for the best return.

ZIM Information: No update or change in previously given information this call. Tony: I just received an article that says Zimbabwe is going to reinstate (or revalue) their currency. That would be good news.

VEGAS EVENT: If you made a donation in the last 10 years to date, you will get the first opportunity to sign up for the Vegas event. Then Forum members will have next priority. Then everybody outside will follow to register. Tony: I’m paying for this. Absolutely. Every venue everywhere (in Vegas). I’ve got it taken care of. Everybody come have a good time. . . . We’ll give out some awards, dinner, entertainment, give out the Bentleys, just have fun is what it will be about..

Ray has organized 13 FINANCIAL SEMINARS post RV to be held around the US in various metropolitan areas. The information will be made available to those who are unable to attend.

Q & A: TNT Forum
– Ray, regarding a trust for a married couple: if one of them has shown them self as not trustworthy and a poor manager of funds for over 20 years, would it be advisable for them to have separate family trust??? If not, what would you do if you were in such a circumstance?? Ray: A married couple should be involved in a Trust. If they can’t make it work then a third party should be able to intervene.

Q & A: Callers
– Can my son be the beneficiary and the Trustee? Ray: He cannot be the Trustee and Beneficiary at the same time. That defeats the purpose. Your creating the Trust, so your the Grantor. He’s the Trustee drawing a salary and your done with it, whether you die or not. If you don’t pass away, you put it in a Trust and you have nothing more to do with it.
– Monday there was an article by Bloomberg that China will not allow the Dong to RV until the trade agreement is finalized. Can they hold up the Dong from revaluing? Tony: No, as far as I know everything is ready to go today.


Tony . . . Alright guys. It’s a great day to be a Dinarian! Great day! Nothing but good news coming out. They are done, done, DONE! They are passing the budget right now. Hopefully when they are done we will get a call with the news and it will be ready to go.

Tish is staying on it. They rejected article 14, voted on article 15 – 18. Looks like the Kurd’s may get 13%. They were trying to get 14% earlier today and offered 12%. Looks like they are going to split the difference. The good thing about it is it’s still going.

Stabilization vote on all contracts. Nothing but good news coming out and the budget to be announced. It says “Urgent.” So, things are moving over there. Announcements coming out hourly or every 20 to 30 minutes. Looks like it’s going to be a great day.

If your not ready, you better get ready. this thing is about to happen. About to go live. If it’s not today tomorrow. We will let you know as soon as we know. It’s a good day! Stay upbeat. Pay attention to your phone.

If you don’t have anything other than ZIM, I would put $50 together right now and go get some Dong. That is what I would do. Don’t be surprised if you hear from us before Friday.

Ray . . .Stay calm, cool, collected. If your not going after the contract rate wait 24 hours so we can get some information. (played “I Believe.” followed by the, “It’s done, it’s finished. The RV is on it’s way” song.)

Ray: We are just waiting for the call any day . . . or any hour . . .or any minute. Time will tell.

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