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Dave "The Douchebag" Schmidt's "Update on the Currency Exchange" 1/2/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Dave "The Douchebag" Schmidt's "Update on the Currency Exchange" 1/2/19

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Dave "The Douchebag" Schmidt's "Update on the Currency Exchange" 1/2/19 Empty Dave "The Douchebag" Schmidt's "Update on the Currency Exchange" 1/2/19

Post by RamblerNash on Wed Jan 02, 2019 11:13 pm

Dave "The Douchebag" Schmidt's "Update on the Currency Exchange" 1/2/19 9925469c-8d03-45d3-bea2-b2896c845f5b

Jan 2, 2018 

Dave "The Douchebag" Schmidt's "Update on the Currency Exchange" 1/2/19 S

Update on the Currency Exchange


Dear Friends, 
Welcome to the new year.  This is a good time for me to give an overall update and to clarify some of my positions on the currency exchange.  If you notice I do not use the term RV or GCR.  Those are terms that are floating around on various blog sites and reports.  I have yet to find anyone who can diligently describe the "how" and "who" of an RV/GCR.  The various sites talk about when and how much money, the rates, but never describe how it is going to happen, i.e, the logistics and who is going to come up with the scores of trillions of dollars to pay for what they describe.  This has been an ongoing process for over a decade for some folks.  We all seemed to start out believing some friends or various reports, but few have been able to get to the bottom of the "how" and "who." 

So it is important to understand there is a private and public perceptive to this process.  I only work with the private side and have nothing to do with those who think there will be a public exchange.

Through my five years of this process I have always worked on diligently making sure my information comes from sources who understand the "how" and "who."  The last thing I want to do is be here in this process without there being solid substance to what I am sharing with you.  

In the last 4 years I have made 4 trips to Hong Kong to meet with various representatives of the Dragon Families, the holders of a vast sum of gold for thousands of years.  Three years ago I was to be taken into the largest gold storage facility in the world located in Hong Kong.  Two days prior, I was in a business meeting with the individual to take me in when he proceeded to have a heart attack.  This was unusual as he was only 39 years old.  We later learned this was an assassination attempt on his life.  It was obvious they did not want us going in there. 

Since then I have been in contact with sources that have direct contact with the top council of elders of the Families.  I have had two meetings with a gentleman who is connected to the top Elder and he described the funds and the bank accounts that are established backed by the gold the Families have.

It is important to understand the Dragon Families are not all the same.  Some are "black hats" that work with the cabal and some are "white hats" wanting to fund a new global financial system for the benefit of humanity.

Some have asked how certain I am of this process and involvement.  Well, I operate at a level where my phones and emails are constantly tapped.  I have had two assassination attempts on my life, been with a man who had one on him and have personally meet with a very high level individual who later was murdered for what he knew and his involvement in this process.  Believe me, I wouldn't stay here involved in this process if I didn't believe it was real and made sense.

It's also important to understand the Families are not the only source of the funds.  There is another source paying for private currency exchanges and bond redemptions with limited groups and individuals.  This source is organized amongst the "white hats" of various countries and have over a couple of decades secured scores of trillions of dollars from a private form of off market trading platforms.

There are other subsidiary funding groups, but all funds start with these two primary sources.  Neither of these sources of funds have ever said they were going to fund a public currency exchange, RV or GCR.  They are only funding limited groups and individuals through private exchanges.  I am involved with both funding sources.  

This has been a scenario that has frequently changed over the years, so nothing in this process is etched in stone until the funds are to be released.  There are thousands of people that have already turned in their currencies through different brokers/dealers, I am one of those.  Those individuals are the ones involved in the term I have described as "round 1."  Remember, if you have not already turned your currency over to a legitimate broker/dealer, you are not involved in round 1.

So many seem to be asking what is taking so long.  Plain and simple, it is about safety and security of moving the funds.  All money moves through the worldwide central banking system.  They control the movement of funds from bank to bank and country to country.  The cable have highly efficient hackers that can hack into certain bank accounts and steal the money off the money wires when funds are moved.  This has happened to the Families bank accounts multiple times.  Because the corruption is so deep and international, it takes a long period of time to weed out the corrupt banks and personnel and make sure the funds can be moved safely.  I have been told multiple times that if the funding sources tried to pay out funds in the private exchanges, there was no guarantee anyone would receive their funds.  

We are being told we are very close to the system being safe.  We will probably see some test cases before large sums are moved to the multiple sources.  

For those who have currencies but have not turned them in, they are placed in the "round 2" group.  Please understand round 1 and round 2 are my terms I use with those on my list.  I have talked about round 2 being paid out after round 1 is completed.  I have also mentioned it will take months to finish the round 1 process.  So it is important for those involved to not be dependent on the release of funds for your living or personal expenses.  This process of releasing funds will go on for a few years.  This is not a one time quick process.

It is also important to understand there is no guarantee for round 2 funding.  Yes, it is highly probable, but no guarantee.

Through  this process of reporting from other sources, there is one I have come to trust, "The White Hats Auxiliary and Facts Check Center."  I am familiar with some of the members, they check their info for accuracy and only report about once every three to four months.  Their recent new year report is very good on both currency exchange and crypto currencies.  Their recent report parallels much of what I have been saying for the last year.  1) It is very unlikely there will be a public exchange, 2) only the private's a high profile groups will be paid the high rates in a private exchange, 3) the Zim is done, no one is buying it, 4) the dinar is done, it was vastly overprinted, 5) the dong is the safe currency to purchase.

The report also gives an excellent analysis on the crypto currency process.  Their perspectives parallel much of my positions.

I would encourage you to read the recent report. 

It can be on their website by clicking here. 

I have over 17,000 names on my email newsletter list.  I only have about 500 people in round 1 which will take 2 to 4 months to process, so you can imagine how long it will take to process everyone in round 2.  This could go on for months if not close to a year.

People ask why it takes so long.  Simple, a security and clearance process in conjunction with national and international laws established by the government agencies controlling the release of funds.   I have to establish a complete file on each individual of private information, signed security agreements, and security clearance inspections in conjunction with the US Bank Security Act (1970), the  US Patriot Act (2001), and international anti-money laundering regulations.  This process has strict rules and compliance requirements before I can release any funds.  It is also required of anyone under me who will be paying out to others under them.  I will have complete instructions and paper work for everyone when it comes time to proceed.

For security reasons I have to be very careful of what I say over the internet.  That is why I do not give periodic updates and will not talk about the issues on my radio programs unless it is pertinent to the moment.  Because my list is so large, each time I put out a newsletter like this or talk about the exchange on my radio program, it raises red flags with those who have attempted to take me and the others out, i.e. those who have attempted to assassinate me and others.  That is why I keep quiet as once something is on the internet you totally lose control of the content.  Software programs are now available for anyone to take something I placed on the internet and change it to make it say whatever they want when it looks like it comes from me.  They can even do that with videos.

I can share so much more at my workshops.  Why?  It is not recorded, the group is small and I have a record of everyone one who was in the room when something was shared.  If someone breaks the NDA agreement of the workshop I can trace it back to the source of who leaked what info and I will delete them form my list.  If you talk to those who have attended they will tell you I give good info and answer the questions to the best of my ability.  I do this as it gives a good feeling of confidence and assurance to a group of people involved in this process. 

Another question people ask, if your list is so large and it may take months or even a year to process, how do you determine who will be paid first?  I have stated many times on my radio programs.  I start with those who attend my most recent workshop.  They will be at the front of the line for the process.  I then work back to past workshops.  I also take into consideration those who have attend multiple workshops.  After that I take the rest of the people on my newsletter list and start with the earliest sign up date and move forward.

So, if you want to save months of time and be in the early part of the funding process that will take months, it behooves you to attend a recent workshop.  Why do I do this?  Simple, those are the people taking the strongest interest in this process and providing the funding for me to be in this position.  I have also stated many times, it is not about being able to afford the full workshop fee.  I provide a scholarship rate for anyone who asks.  I have never denied anyone access to my workshop because of their ability to pay unless we were sold out and there was no more seats in the meeting room.  My workshop locations and dates are always posted in my newsletter and website.  I open the registration for the workshops with a newsletter announcement one at a time about three weeks prior to the event.

Time and space in newsletters does not allow me to go into full detail of the info shared at the workshops.  I spend a full day giving the full complete picture of why we are here, the purpose of the funds and why this is being released to humanity.  I also spend as much time as necessary on Q&A sessions answering all questions anyone brings up.  

Hundreds of people who have attend the workshops will say it is one of the best events they have attended in their lives.  The information gives a complete picture and makes sense about world events and why these are being released to help change our world.  About 20% to 25% of the attendees at each workshop are repeat attenders. 

Please understand I have been careful about what is shared in this newsletter and the timing of its release.  It is important that you not respond with unnecessary questions.  We do not want unneeded or non-urgent info going back and forth with me in emails.  As mentioned, too much correspondence only raises red flags with those who would like to stop this process and shut is down.

So, here is too a new year and the anticipation to upcoming changes.


Dave Schmidt  

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Dave "The Douchebag" Schmidt's "Update on the Currency Exchange" 1/2/19 Empty Re: Dave "The Douchebag" Schmidt's "Update on the Currency Exchange" 1/2/19

Post by RamblerNash on Wed Jan 02, 2019 11:26 pm


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Dave "The Douchebag" Schmidt's "Update on the Currency Exchange" 1/2/19 Empty Re: Dave "The Douchebag" Schmidt's "Update on the Currency Exchange" 1/2/19

Post by RamblerNash on Wed Jan 02, 2019 11:28 pm


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