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 "Trump Tweet, ZAP, and RV/GCR in General" by CrazyMonkey - 12/29/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Trump Tweet, ZAP, and RV/GCR in General" by CrazyMonkey - 12/29/18

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 "Trump Tweet, ZAP, and RV/GCR in General" by CrazyMonkey - 12/29/18 Empty "Trump Tweet, ZAP, and RV/GCR in General" by CrazyMonkey - 12/29/18

Post by Ssmith on Sun Dec 30, 2018 9:21 am

Hi all. I bought my first currencies in 2008, so i'm in this a little over a decade. I went to all the chatrooms (and was banned from them for offering different opinions and general common sense), listened to all of the calls, and so on. as of November of last year I got fed up with all the b.s. and walked away from all of the this week, this weekend, tonight, next week, this full moon, this holiday or that, any month that had an 8, or 11 in it, and on and on. I checked idc once a week to see if there was any type of tetelestai notice, but little else. after 13 months I decided to come back and see whats being said. guess what? it's the same drivel as the last 10 years being recycled by the same old gurus and even a couple of new ones. so I thought I would give you my opinion on the latest stuff.

As for the trump tweet stating that he shut down the fed: it cant seem to be found anywhere but this anonymous post. not on any news channel, not on trumps twitter account, nowhere. gotta call obvious b.s.

The image of the tweet doesn't even have the same color scheme as twitter. so please stop trying to stir things up with lies.

As for zap: he has been saying the same thing like a broken record for over 5 years. "release confirmed, funds available next week at the latest, but need donations for someone's oxygen tank or some family living in a car". and then inevitably come next week the banksters pulled one last compliance form that needed to be done. Now, are there dirty bankers? yes ofcourse. can they lock up funds for years? no, absolutely not. only the government can do that and only if crimes are suspected. there are strict regulations regarding banks holding funds, and very specific set of forms that need to be filed with banks. they cannot just keep adding new requirements. the gov't would have been all over that to get their billions in fines from the bank. zap says his lawyers have been all over it. either he is lying or he has the dumbest lawyers on the planet, because they would know the illegality of this and how to fix it. then ofcourse their is the simple fact that if they were constantly trying to block the bank transfers, they could have just mailed him a certified bank check. and yes, cerified and cashier checks can be made out for billions of dollars each. being he is alledgedly in china, they could simply issue him such a check and he could easily deposit it any bank, presumably not the one he seems to be having issues with. so again, gotta call b.s.

As for the Iraq ri/rv: don't expect it this year. former cbi gov. shabibi stated very clearly and backed it up with cbi regulations that reinstatement or revalue of currency can only happen at the beginning of the fiscal year(first 30 days) or the middle 30 days of the year. what people don't seem to realize is that although the western world uses oct1.-sept 30 as the fiscal year, Iraq still uses jan 1- dec 31 as their fiscal year. which means if it doesn't happen by jan 31st, it won't happen before june 15th-july 15th, by their own laws.

For your own sanity, please stop listening to all these so called gurus, and their supposed intel sources. not a single one has been right about a single thing during my ten years in this. why would they be right today, or tomorrow. do I believe in the rv? yes and no. Iraq yes, all the others maybe, zim very unlikely. I hold multiple currencies, even zim (just incase) but since it's a defunct currency (yeah, I know it's a bond) and countries default on bonds all the time, my hopes aren't high. for example Greece defaulted on 98 billion in soverign bonds, Puerto rico 78 billion, Portugal, 55 billion, germany is about to default on over a trillion in bonds, and the u.s. is preparing to default on nearly 5 trillion in bonds. basically, the only way a zim note can be worth millions, billions, or trillions of usd, or ustn, or trn, or whatever, is if the u.s. currency becomes worth far less than the zim is worth right now. which is exactly 0. so, fingers crossed!!!

Of course I expect responses to this post, some agreeing but most calling me a troll, or schill, or a number of other less flattering names, but oh well. but please stop being sheeple. use just a little bit of common sense, and base your statements on facts, not on what someone told you that their super secret sources said. bye for now.

P.S. tnt stated that Kurdistan region citizens were paid back money owed for oil profits, (not the rest of Iraq) and each person was paid in dinar on their qi cards the equivalent of more than $3,000,000 usd. being that there are over 5 million kurds eligible for payment, that would mean that Baghdad paid kurds over $15,000,000,000,000 (15 trillion) usd, yet they don't have electricity or running water. just saying...

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 "Trump Tweet, ZAP, and RV/GCR in General" by CrazyMonkey - 12/29/18 Empty Re: "Trump Tweet, ZAP, and RV/GCR in General" by CrazyMonkey - 12/29/18

Post by Ethel Biscuit on Sun Dec 30, 2018 10:40 am

CRAZYMONKEY wrote:guess what? it's the same drivel as the last 10 years being recycled by the same old gurus and even a couple of new ones.

Yep, it is. And yet:

...do I believe in the rv? yes and no. Iraq yes,


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