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Hussein Atwan *: Presentation of the book of Professor Dr. Mahmoud Mohammed Dagher tagged "Macroeconomics: theories and policies"

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Hussein Atwan *: Presentation of the book of Professor Dr. Mahmoud Mohammed Dagher tagged "Macroeconomics: theories and policies"

Post by claud39 on Wed Dec 26, 2018 12:00 pm


Hussein Atwan *: Presentation of the book of Professor Dr. Mahmoud Mohammed Dagher tagged "Macroeconomics: theories and policies"

I did not accept the presentation of a book in my life, despite the importance of it, but I was very eager to present this book, which was given to me by my teacher and teachers, Dr. Mahmoud Mohammed Dagher , especially since he is an author in a field of modern economics, and what attracted me to this book It is the product of a long-term effort that has exceeded three decades of continuous research, teaching and supervision, foremost of which is continuous learning. It is also intertwined in its work between the academic and technical fields. It worked in the old monetary institution, the Central Bank of Iraq (Director General of the Department of Financial Operations and Debt Management) Since the beginning of To the shock of the double (security - financial) 2015 and even its abolition in Iraq and is still at the head of this vital and important service.
So we are in front of a book and a writer known to the academic halls and corridors of the bastion of monetary policy making as well as his numerous academic writings.
While the analysis of the economic theory is a sound input into the applied economy of its various branches, while partial analysis addresses microeconomic variables, macro analysis highlights the behavior of aggregate economic variables.
To continue reading please download a simple PDF printable file. Click the link below
Hussein Atwan - Presentation of the book d. Mahmoud Al-Dagher-editor


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Re: Hussein Atwan *: Presentation of the book of Professor Dr. Mahmoud Mohammed Dagher tagged "Macroeconomics: theories and policies"

Post by claud39 on Wed Dec 26, 2018 12:06 pm


Economic Library

Hussein Atwan *: Presentation of the book by Professor Dr. Mahmoud Mohammed Dagher
"Macroeconomics: theories and policies"
I have not accepted the offer of Kata in my life, despite the significance of it, but I b

I hope

Many presented this book, which was dedicated to me by my teacher and teachers, Dr. Mahmoud
Mohammed Al-Dagher, especially since it is
 I hope
As well as some of the fields of modern economics,
This book has attracted me to the effort

E came years long and exceeded three decades of continuous
Research, teaching and supervision, foremost of which is continuous learning
The academic and technical fields (applied)
Central Bank of Iraq (Director General of the Department of Financial Operations and Debt Management) since the beginning of the shock
(Security) -financial (2015) and its eventual withdrawal from Iraq

And is still ongoing
Vital and task cycle.
Kat was introduced to the academic halls and corridors of the policy-making bastion
As well as his numerous academic publications.

To move towards the economy

Economic theory is a sound input
Applied at different branches, while partial analysis is addressed
Partial economic variables, macro analysis highlights the behavior of variables
Economic growth.
The attempt in this book is directed towards macroeconomic analysis, as it is completed
The author has completed his book Microeconomics (2004), with the exception of the chapter
Of the book of microeconomics Equilibrium General
(Using the partial analysis approach), and it was planned to complete the economic theory in its entirety
Macro, which has been accomplished in this author.

Specialists recognize that

Macroeconomic theory requires introductions and tools
Analytical analysis

In accuracy

 And complexity, as well
T this science in more than one study stage) or
And the relative status of its policies and policies
Interestingly, however, attention to macroeconomic analysis has expanded remarkably
Economic and financial specialization towards other disciplines such as strategic studies, science

Policy, government management and many other studies, but policies



On the practical framework for dealing with successive economic crises.
Although macroeconomics is the first aspect

A mother of economic theory, but the succession of crises and their aftermath have become models
Balance, policies and tools

His relations and experiences are evolving

Very quickly.
So try to make a contribution to researchers, students, professors and executives in this
Field, requires the owner to wait and learn from the experience of others, especially that
Anglo-Saxon contributions are distinct in this field, which the author sought
With the help of parents, colleagues, and children over the past three decades,
Only under pressure

Research, teaching, and education, foremost of which is learning that never stopped
Life, work and health.
Macroeconomics are aware that there are two approaches to addressing it:
The first is an introduction to theories and macro policies that derives from economic thought,

Lord many
His followers deal with the theories of total equilibrium and their implications according to the historical context of their emergence
As long as it is consistent with overall events
 V Historical
And major repercussions.
Second: An analytical approach that deals with macro balance mechanisms, tools and policies, without entering into
Details caused by the history of theories and events affecting the success or error

, As it combines
Modernists from various schools argue that much controversy should be left because it is historical
Debate and carries some of the Judgments Value.

Instead, the macro-economy is being tackled with its applicable technical dimension
From school to major schools.
The author has chosen the second entry in this book as the belief in God

What the villagers need
And specialists have access and anchor keys for overall balance and overall policies
For macroeconomic imbalances and crises.
The most important feature of this book is:

1) Select a series of intellectual and interlocking processes that lead each loop to the other and reflect
In total the author's character, this series:
Balance models
Helps to understand and determine stability
Long-term growth
The understanding and understanding of the mechanism of achieving overall balance, analytical tools and balance levels, paves the way
The way to choose the right macro policies in an economy that coexists with the imbalances
And avoids crises.
And economic stability generated by sound macroeconomic policies based on balance management
Is the true incubator for long-term growth and growth

The last entry is a

For luxury.
It is worth mentioning that partial economic theory ends with its educational vocabulary
In the context of the general equilibrium framework,
The macroeconomic theory, as it ends
Ie by targeting well-being through long growth

With specialists recognizing that the short duration is the focus of analysis and attention
Realism and treatment, as if the long term serves as a benchmark for evaluating economic actors
Partial and total economic units (natural, moral).

On the adopted chain, s



A third corresponds to each

Written to one of them
With a loop in the series.

B) in a manner that makes it easier for the specialist and e) with the need for introductions
The possibility of evacuating some of them from the land of higher education and other aspects of primary education.
As in the book chapters of the large number of documents

Executives will find them suitable shops
Applied and experiments in the field of processors.
Which is what


He was not aware that the reader in his follow-up to the parts of the book:
(National Chapter 1) in National Accounts
Accounts, which are difficult to understand overall analysis without, especially since the macro variables are
Framework of analysis, and therefore it is necessary to know how to calculate and measure.

The students are primary and non-specialized students

This chapter is important to know
Professional staff in international economic organizations (WTO, WB, IMF, etc.)
They pay to learn the relationship between the four total accounts:
- Monetary Sector Account (Cash Survey).
- International Account (Balance of Payments).
Government Account (General Budget).
- Monetary account (cash survey).
Inspiring them to recognize the impact and interrelationship between them.
The second chapter (2h) focuses on the center of gravity
(To address and measure total balance counting
Transition to economic stability.
Primary students can take Mabahith 1.2, 2.2, and 3.2, while addressing
Students of higher education.


Include (2) many examples and solutions with detailed diagrams, which help
In promoting the completion of the first episode of the series.
Chapter 3 (3) identifies and measures the overall balance to address the uncertainty

(Powered by
Economic policies through conceptual policies for each policy
These policies, focusing on:
- Financial policy.
- Monetary policy.
- Exchange rate policy.

This chapter is a market for testing the drivers or approximations of the overall balance
Leading to economic stability:
Of each subject

Primary school students may choose to take part,
While policies are in place
Attention of senior and executive students in government institutions (Central Bank and Azra)
(Treasury, Ministry of Commerce, Economic Research Centers), and the nature of policy attention
Cash because it is part of his work transferred to him, so the author tried to give an executive summary
What happens in the cash market as well as government securities auctions and methods
Use of fiscal policy tools to transfer the impact of monetary policy decisions to the sector
And this chapter paves the way for practical experiences and methods.
Chapter IV (4) included an attempt to study practical experiences of policy guidance
In order to enable the reader of the college to connect between the vocabulary of balance and all policy approaches
Following up the establishment of the policy when the crisis or crisis, so the chapter dealt with the five discussions mechanism
Macro-policy direction with emphasis on macro-shocks.
The author endeavored to use sources and references from Arabic and English books and periodicals
Modern in raising his subjects, which will be achieved
For this author.
The introduction of his book B credit to his people who knew
And conclude the words
They responded closely from teachers:
Parents, colleagues, children, or those who have learned from them through their different influences, and those who are
They also took part in the executive work, and thanked his sons from postgraduate students inside Iraq
And beyond.

"Says AP
For the author "A

It is better for him to break away from life than any other
For me, this is the journey of learning that has exceeded the decades of my life
Creator of the Almighty ".
(*) Economist at the Central Bank of Iraq
Copyright ©️ Iraqi Economists Network. Reproduction is permitted on the condition of the indication
To the source. 26 December 2018

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