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Alexander Gagin/Yosef "Take the Draw!" 12/15/18

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Alexander Gagin/Yosef "Take the Draw!" 12/15/18

Post by Ssmith on Sun Dec 16, 2018 10:17 am

“Take The Draw”

Normal is dead. So dead. And the funeral is tonight.

Wear black for that African blood that runs through us all because carbon created Rh-positive enzymes began forming into humanity in what’s scientifically known as terra forma (terrestrial formation).


Since August 2018, Zimbabwe has been desperately trying to secure enough physical USD to begin the intake of their bond notes, launch their new currency and start the RV.

They began this process with the BRICS Alliance back in August 2008.

Would you surrender s decade of your life to save the world? They did.

Thank you!

As remaining loyal cabal actors did everything they could possibly do to stall and prevent the death of USD in favor of the gold and diamond backed currencies of Africa.

Russia and China have obviously has been keeping Zimbabwe afloat using their own USD cash reserves.

But this week China said enough, mercifully, and has forced the cabal to settle all remaining outstanding GESARA compliance issues before the new fiscal year begins (January 1, 2019).

This is while we wait to start the RV, but also why this article came out yesterday.


The Chinese and Africans are tired of waiting for the western world to get their shit together, and better yet, won’t anymore.

Results don’t just matter now, hundred of millions and billions of lives depend on economic performance.

The entire planet is hanging on an economic thread. Why? Because if you want peace, prepare for war. And folks, tonight we are on the brink of both.


As a result all the western banks today, Saturday, are scrambling like crazy to prepare for the RV should it be authorized by the negotiators in Beijing and Brussels.

Cabal leadership knows they can no longer delay or prevent this event from happening.

This includes the evil soulless beings hiding in The City of London bowels, attempting to hold up Brexit (European RV).

Burn Dracos burn.

Every bank and corporate board of directors worldwide has been informed the Chinese government is no longer keep physical USD alive anywhere in the world, and thus each emerging market country may now begin using their own national currencies beginning tonight, December 15, 2018 for use January 1, 2019.

In essence, China’s long offered “humanitarian draw” is ending, and the owners of all fiat currencies must get their own houses in order, privately, and ASAP, or be publicly made irrelevant through by default, arrest and war criminal trial.

They must take the humanitarian draw now or destroy themselves. How’s that for a free will choice?


Because just one more Federal Reserve Bank rate hike (scheduled for Wednesday of this week) will crash western world equities markets as all cabal corporations, worldwide, are over leveraged as much as 20:1 by sister cabal banks, and none will be able to manage the increase of payments with fresh stock sales, which will by design collapse the old financial banking system, simultaneously.

The solution therefore is to willingly accept the new system and new clients (us) hold massive fresh supplies deposits (asset backed capital).

So either the cabal banks take the new quantum financial system (asset backed), giving humanity a much deserved Christmas Miracle; or their businesses, banks, governments and empires are brought crashing down as the full Mueller report comes out and they are all legally implicated.

Either way we will get paid. With one way obviously much more optimal for all involved.

The BRICS Alliance and benevolent guides will accept the collateral damage caused by any forced transition of Urantia (the true cosmic name of Earth).

Literally, right now, we’re waiting to see what the cabal chooses. We won’t know until banks close at 8pm EST.

As the witching has come on the Trump and Mueller psy-ops.... one dark one light.

There’s that duality thing again.

Look for the Mueller Report to be released after the newly elected US Congress is sworn in in January 3, 2019 if we don’t see his firing tonight.

As both psy-ops are being orchestrated and controlled by yup, Commander Obama. Making one or the other the RV trigger depending on how the cabal selects to be taken out.

Know Mueller’s report was written by the BRICS Alliance before Trump even ran for President.

They know the cabal better than themselves, and as a result have a full kimono of evidence on all cabal activity, globally; what they did, when, how much, to whom and by whom.

Now in exchange for their public surrender and our safe RV experience, China will replace all fiat USD and Euro with new quantum financial system digital cash called “national currencies,” allowing emerging market currencies and fresh sovereign bond issues to be sold in banks and on markets worldwide for the first time, avoiding a horrific collapse.

And this dear friends is mathematically and structurally what begins the RV. A simple “yes” to accept the new financial system, which has been in place for two years, awaits them whenever they are ready, but now will come even if they are not.

Some corporate and bank boards have not yet taken the draw, but they will now. As China has spent their last greenback in order to keep the peace.

The new asset backed USN must be accepted now or else. Simple as that.

Adapt or die.

Kinda fitting in terms of universal survival of the fittest truth about the sustenance or cellular existence.

Bend or break, baby. Your call.

Might wanna be watching the news around 8pm EST tonight.

But hey, you enjoy your last 3D Saturday night. 5D is here.


God is with us

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