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Artmeister Call Notes   11/18/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Artmeister Call Notes 11/18/18

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Artmeister Call Notes   11/18/18 Empty Artmeister Call Notes 11/18/18

Post by Ssmith on Mon Nov 19, 2018 8:48 am

REPLAY - Artmeister Call from SAT. 11.17.18

with comments by OKIE

Playback: 1-712-770-4169 pin 830296#

1. Art: I have no contacts in the US Government, UST, Pentagon,

Banks, IMF, BIS or anywhere else. My info comes from those who

do have such contacts. We were told that we were very close and

that this would be my last call for sure.

2. The global monetary system was overseen and protected in

Global Collateral Accounts by the Chinese Elders.

3. The global monetary system has been misused by the Cabal

since at least the early 1700s.

4. The Cabal’s privately-owned Federal Reserve System was

located in Chicago, domiciled in Puerto Rico and controlled by

the Catholic Church.

5. Federal Reserve declared Bankruptcy as of Jan. 1 2016

under Barak Obama.

6. Under the GCR the global currencies were returning to their

original value – restoring a country’s currencies according to

their assets and the value of gold.

7. Do not share your RV experience with friends or family

for your own safety.

8. After RV watch for announcements of the (restored) Republic

of America.

9. The UST notes were out.

10. The Chinese Yuan was released, China has RV’d, they were

exchanging right now in China and have been for close to a week.

11. We would receive the 800#s, announce the Republic

and implement GESARA all at the same time.

12. Implementation of the GESARA Law would do away with debt,

the Federal Reserve, IRS and Shadow Government.

13. GESARA would instigate a 14% to 17% flat tax on new

items only.

14. GESARA would return the nation to Constitutional Law.

15. GESARA would instigate new elections within 120 days of

its announcement and would prevent illegal election activities.

16. These changes could instigate Martial Law for a few weeks, so

be prepared with food, water and emergency supplies just in case.

17. They want everyone to have their money before Black Friday

Nov. 23. We all should be liquid by Wed. Nov. 21.

18. The new Quantum Financial System was a foolproof method

of transferring money digitally that was accepted worldwide. Your

money would be tracked and could not be interfered with by the Cabal.

19. There was a written agreement between Trump and China that the US would RV right after China RV’d and went gold backed. China has been exchanging for close to a week.

20. Zim holders would go to a redemption center to exchange/redeem

where HSBC would be represented. If you don’t have Zim you would

likely be sent to a bank to exchange.

21. You would be offered the international rate. You have to ask for the screen rate in order to get above the international rate.

22. Zim holders would be offered the international rate of $100 million

for 100 T Zim.

23. You would be offered 5-10-25 year structured payouts on the Zim. The longer your structured payout the more interest you can receive from it.

24. Zim has to be used for humanitarian needs. They suggest you have a humanitarian project in mind, but they have plans for humanitarian

projects if you don’t have one yourself. Have your humanitarian project

outline written down with an estimate of how much you need to do it.

25. They will open separate accounts for each currency you hold.

26. They will put your money in a trust account. If you don’t have one

yourself they will open a skeleton trust until you can talk to your lawyer

and set up one yourself.

27. There would be no taxes on the exchange. There would be a 2%

Treasury charge (rumor was that the Elders have already paid that 2%

to the bank and would not take it out of your exchange). You could ask

for the 1 ½% bank fee to be wavered.

28. You have eight days to make your exchange appointment before the

higher rates are gone. You would have up to 21 days to make the appointment, but the higher rates might not be there if you waited that long.

29. If you take more than $14,000 cash from your exchange they would

have to report it. They prefer that you take no more than $14,000 and if you do, you'll have to sign a FINCEN report. Take under $10,000 and there will be no report. You will just need a safe.

30. The NDAs may only be for 90 days.

31. If money you give to a recipient was over $15,000 there would be a

Gift tax that would have to be paid.

32. If you were giving money to someone, do it through a trust so no one

would have to pay taxes on it.

33. All Zim notes were redeemable, so take all of your Zim notes as well as all of your other currencies into your appointment

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