Alsumaria News / Baghdad 
revealed an Arab newspaper, the Iraqi government began preparing a paper to negotiate with the United States to exclude Iraq from Iran sanctions, while a source familiar with pointed out that the United States agreed to the terms of it. 

The newspaper said in a report, followed by Alsumaria News, "The Iraqi government began two days ago to prepare a working paper in order to provide the American side includes the current situation in Iraq and the extent of damage it will face due to the interruption of Iranian energy supplies and Iranian gas, as well as the provision of Iran agricultural products and industrial and construction of the Iraqi market Daily".

"The government wants to reach an agreement to completely exclude Iraq from these sanctions," she said, adding that "according to responsible sources, the Americans are holding on to their terms before any exemption, because they consider that Iran has exercised Shell's Iraqi agricultural and industrial capabilities to keep it at the mercy of its market." 

"Iraq has granted an exemption from US sanctions on Iran," said Iran's Special Representative to Iran, Brian Hawke, adding that "Baghdad will be allowed to continue its energy relations with Tehran." 

An Iraqi government source revealed that "Washington's agreement to exclude Iraq from Iranian sanctions was on conditions imposed in return for exception to counter the growing Iranian influence in Iraq, as well as the dissolution of some factions of the popular crowd."

The second package of US sanctions on Iran entered into force on November 5, specifically targeting the energy sector, after Washington withdrew from the international nuclear agreement with Iran in May.