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 "The Next Phase" - Thurs. AM KTFA Thoughts/News 11/1/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

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"The Next Phase" - Thurs. AM KTFA Thoughts/News 11/1/18

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 "The Next Phase" - Thurs. AM KTFA Thoughts/News 11/1/18 Empty "The Next Phase" - Thurs. AM KTFA Thoughts/News 11/1/18

Post by Ssmith on Fri Nov 02, 2018 9:35 am


MilitiaMan » November 1st, 2018

FA (Final Article) #81

The next phase of currency reform is the conversion from old cash currency to new. The authorities must decide—at first privately—when the currency exchange will begin, when it will end, and whether or not to cap, in absolute terms, the amount to be exchanged.

Then, decisions on the announcement of and publicity for the currency exchange must be made.

Other essential decisions include the conversion rate and how financial assets, resident/nonresident accounts, and existing currency contracts will be treated in the currency exchange.


They tell us above that those in charge of MR must decide when the exchange will begin, when it will end, etc,. They also mention the conversion rate and how it will effect other things like currency contracts and how they are to be treated in the currency exchange. This is at the end of the process as noted in the Turkmenistan model. At this final phase is at the time when they first privately, then eventually publicly say when they will do it and at what conversion rate. Hence, we await the "" 2nd Article"".. So why do I bring this back up again? Well, today we see them talking about contracts.. Part of the final phase, imo.. That is why I do. Look at this below. Notice they have audit teams in place.. ~ MM

Integrity Economy comprises investigative and audit teams to monitor the performance of Abdul Mahdi's government

"The task of auditing and evaluating reconstruction, services and investment projects based on indicators of importance, contracting, financing, achievement, expected benefit, timing or any other indicators is entrusted to a team that performs its functions in coordination with the Federal Audit Bureau and the offices of the public inspectors. A specific mechanism that includes evaluation indicators and the identification of roles and responsibilities of target audiences.

To assess anti-corruption initiatives at the legislative level; to form a team to investigate, audit, evaluate policies and risk corruption in projects

Finally, the task of monitoring government performance and evaluating government policies and programs and the risks of corruption in projects and providing anti-corruption initiatives to a team that performs its functions in coordination with the Federal Audit Office. The offices of public inspectors are committed to implement the requirements of its work. Partnerships with the Commission in order to complete the tasks entrusted to it. As stated in the statement, and authorized the above-mentioned teams to form committees in such circumstances. LINK

Minister of Oil of the Euphrates: So we will deal with the contracts of the region

Ghadban said in a special statement to the {Euphrates News} "has been held discussions between the province and the federal government on these contracts, and without a doubt the region is an integral part of Iraq is a democratic federal country." "These contracts affect and have a significant impact on the national economy and the situation of the country and must be resolved," adding that "all the problems that can be faced by reaching the best solutions." LINK

Kurdistan Region surprised Baghdad by an unprecedented decision !

The are dealing in long term contracts for employees, that couldn't be paid apparently in time past, but subsequently will be adjusted for 2019." LINK


On a slightly different path we see working in conjunction with Iraq, we did see the AMF with Iraq that ended a 10 day meeting on this last Thursday . It was between Iraq and the AMF among others like the IMF, WB, BIS, etc.. Why is this all important.. Contracts. The AMF (22 countries) , Kuwait, USA, Great Britain, Japan, Korea, etc., were working on imo valuation of the REER to use for to adjust contracts. Very important part of the final process.. They need to establish Fair Value for pricing goods and services. ~ MM

"REER tells you how much of one country’s goods you could buy with the goods of the countries it trades with, at the current nominal exchange rate (NER). As such, the REER is a gauge of how competitive an economy is relative to its trading partners." ​


Well look at who has a contract or an agreement with the AMF. Booze Adam Hamilton does.. ~ MM

"A statement issued by the Arab Monetary Fund (AMF) said that "a consulting services contract was signed with Booz Allen Hamilton to provide technical advice to the Fund to help fulfill the requirements of the implementation phase.

Services ". "The Arab clearing system aims at enhancing the use of the Arab currencies in clearing and settling Arab inter-payments, in addition to major international currencies, which helps to reduce the time and cost of clearing Arab financial transactions and enhancing Arab investments and trade."

He pointed out that "the system seeks to link with payment systems of the main trading partners of Arab countries. It will also work on the development of clearing and settlement services of small payments, which will contribute to enhancing the financial coverage in the Arab countries, as well as studying the possibility of providing clearing and settlement services securities between the Arab countries, thus helping to link the Arab capital markets and enhance opportunities for financial integration Regional "level.

It should be noted that the Fund cooperates in the implementation phase with central banks and Arab monetary institutions, and with international financial institutions such as the IMF, the World Bank and the Bank for International Settlements. It also communicates with Arab financial and banking institutions as well as a number of strategic partners from financial and technical institutions. In this context, the Fund continues to work with the central banks of the Arab trading partners. Al-Humaidi also noted "the great support provided by the Board of Governors of the Central Banks and the Arab Monetary Institutions for this project. He also praised the support and support provided by the authorities in the UAE and their keenness to provide all the necessary inputs to complete the establishment and operation of the system.
For his services. " link


So with all that said, we have witnessed them telling us just how far they have come in the process of Iraq being put into the AMF Basket of Currencies which will be an internationally accepted. WS told us last Thursday many of those aforementioned above who value countries currency were all together in Iraq and they were successful in their efforts with the REER. That was ending a four year process with the USD only. On Monday this week (imo) WS said, " Today, weighed to a basket." That basket is with the AMF.. REER is time sensitive to price fluctuations, therefore, since apparently Monday was to a basket, that will have effects or consequences if they set the REER and it is not activated in a short period of time. As the risk becomes greater over time. imo. Something they will manage and watch closely, hence we heard of them having a potential hard peg.. imo ~ MM


Walkingstick » November 1st, 2018

"Frank... per con: SNIPPET:
"Iraqi Central Bank's march over the last four years proved"
Tried, tested.. successful = (reer)" ~ WS

WS post 20 page 1
"ftti ...Yep, keeping in mind... Iraq's (NEER) & (REER) of past... (Both, having appreciated greatly over of the course of 4 years) was weighed, against.... the USD, only... Today, effectively weighed... against, a basket. Regards...." ~ WS


The actual REER is a bit like the price of an asset. It is useful information only when you also have a view on the fair value of the asset. To arrive at an estimate of a fair value to compare against an actual REER, investors must develop a model of how REERs fluctuate over time in response to a range of economic determinants. In analyzing the determinants of long-term emerging-market REERs, it is common to use “panel data” (from multiple representative countries across time) to try to find common denominators.

From a long list of potential variables, one can empirically observe which come out strongly and which don’t.

"What makes valuation so tricky in emerging currencies? Firstly, few investors buy “pure” exposure. For the most part emerging markets currencies are bought as a “package deal” via emerging equities or local-currency bonds, bringing additional exposure to equity risks, sector risks, issuer credit risk and interest rate risk.

Secondly, as we showed in our “Staying Local” paper last year, emerging markets currencies also carry some exposure to the G3 currencies, as many are implicitly or explicitly managed against the dollar or euro, given economic links.

Samson » November 1st, 2018

Deputy: Budget surplus will go to increase the salaries of the crowd and the launch of grades

1st November, 2018

The deputy of the construction coalition Walid Abdul Hassan, on Thursday, that the federal budget surplus for 2019 will increase the salaries of employees of the popular mobilization and the launch of grades for graduates.

"There is a parliamentary movement within the House of Representatives to calculate the surplus of the federal budget for the year 2019 in increasing the salaries of the popular mobilization fighters equal to their peers from the army and police," he said, pointing out that "the other part of the surplus will go towards the launch of grades Career of graduates ".

He added that "the budget surplus will be a large size and able to provide employment opportunities and appointments to reduce unemployment," noting that "the parliament will press heavily on the government for the purpose of allocating grades within the federal budget for 2019."

The MP for the Alliance of Surat Magda Tamimi has revealed, on Thursday, the arrival of the budget in 2019 to the Presidency of the House of Representatives, but did not officially turn to the deputies for the formation of parliamentary committees, especially the Finance Committee.

The MP for the reform alliance Abbas Alioui has revealed, on Wednesday, the determination of the House of Representatives to include 60 thousand additional functional grades to the budget next year, noting that the previous government failed to find jobs for citizens, despite the presence of a significant shortage of movement of the owners. LINK

Iran plans to send 10 million visitors to Iraq

2018/11/1 0:41

Iran is planning to send 10 million visitors to Iraq in the coming years to participate in the 40th visit, Interior Minister Rahmani Fadhli revealed.

"We are planning to build a huge bridge linking Khorramshahr in the province of Basra to facilitate the passage of visitors."

More than two million Iranian visitors participated in the fortieth visit, which ended Tuesday in the holy province of Karbala. LINK

Governor of Dhi Qar calls for the payment of dues of his province of petrodollar

1st November, 2018

The governor of Dhi Qar Yahya al-Nasseri, on Thursday, called on the central government and the House of Representatives to be fair to the province and include its dues in the petrodollar, which has been stalled for years

"We call on the central government and members of parliament, especially representatives of the oil provinces, who have been wronged not to exchange the petrodollar budget for previous years to consolidate their position and work to approve their dues within the budget of 2019," Naciri said in a statement read by the economy news

He added that "the local government in Dhi Qar is still waiting for the remaining amounts of petrodollar balance arrears for the years 2015 - 2016 - 2017 - 2018 so that we can refer the service projects approved by the various administrative units

He added that "Dhi Qar has funds Petrodollar frozen for years and has not received any amount so far within the investment budget, and without any real gesture of the central government to be disbursed or classified at least within the debt quickly funded by the central government

He stressed that "must find solutions and real treatments for the debts of the provinces and seek to overcome the effects of the financial deficit caused by the economic crisis and led to the cessation of most important service projects in all governorates LINK

Iraq is among the developed countries in Snape Chat ads

2018/10/31 22:12

The Digital Media Center said that Iraq is at the forefront of countries with the highest target audience for advertising on Snape Chat.

The Center said in a statement received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it, "According to the statistics of the site HotSot and VRSocial, the United States ranked first in terms of the most targeted audience ads Snab Chat, 109 million users, and France by 20 million users , Britain with 19 million users. He added that "Iraq ranked second in the Middle East after Saudi Arabia, and 15 in the world by 4 million and 600 thousand users."

The center pointed out that "Iraq came in this position despite the difficulties in registration processes within the fields {business accounts} and the use of a local phone number, which prevent users from creating and promoting ads on the Snapehat easily, if available to connect Iraq to the ranks Advanced " LINK

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