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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   10/31/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

RayRat/Tony Call Notes 10/31/18

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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   10/31/18 Empty RayRat/Tony Call Notes 10/31/18

Post by Ssmith on Thu Nov 01, 2018 8:58 am

TNT SHOWTIME CC (Cliff notes by Sunny)

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


Ray: . . .

TNT UPDATE, Tuesday, Oct 30, 2018

Abdul Amir Taiban, deputy of the Fatah alliance, stated that the remaining 8 cabinet selectees will be voted and accepted at the next session of the House of Representatives. #wearethepeople

Tony:   Goooooooooood Morning, TNT!   Supposedly articles this morning, 8 candidates selected, will be voted on and have a full cabinet.  We shall see.

What we are concerned about, some people in Iraq, American citizens, are saying their sources are telling them the CBI wants these 8 names before they act and have declared they will wait for that.  That’s what American citizens in Iraq are being told.  I’m going to say some contractors in Iraq are being told that.

On the other hand, some banks are still expecting it this week and some mid-Nov.  Both are top five banks being told two different things.

My own contacts over there have told me the Dinar is the National currency and using throughout the country.  Very hard to find dollars.  Still usable if you can find them.  The goal is to stop using them at all.  Saying, the dinar is National and will be International in the “coming days.”  We just don’t know what the coming days are.  Nobody, none of these sources, is saying not till 2019.

Continuing to educate the people.  All dollars removed out of ATM’s.  Told them the new category notes would be coming from the ATM’s soon.  Not 2019!  They said “soon.”

I was waiting for the dong rate.  I did not get it.  Some bank screens still grayed out.  Dinar at $3.47, I agree with.  No dong rate yet, which I’m still waiting for.  Next two rates don’t make sense to me but tell you anyway.

Rial at $3.98.  Which I didn’t think the Rial was going because of the sanctions about to go.  The crazy thing is the ZIM is at $1.28!   I don’t know how They didn’t say this was a contract rate.  All information is they are still going to do the ZIM and this is the rate they are going to do it at.  ZIM is still going!  This is the rate currently on their board.  That’s $128 million per 100 trillion note.  I just don’t see how anybody could do that.  It’s just a crazy number for the ZIM.   The dinar yes, $3.47, but the ZIM just doesn’t make sense. . . I know a guy with a thousand of these (ZIM notes) so that number just does not make sense to me.

People keep asking about TNT calls on You Tube.  I know nothing, NOTHING about how TNT calls get on You Tube.

Somebody is really concerned about how many of you new millionaires will be involved with gold-diggers.  They come in male and female.  Check out some of these high profile divorces.  You’ll become very popular, very fast when you become one of these new millionaires.  When they find out nobody will care that your already married.  Somebody has an issue with this because they reminded me this morning to mention it to people and tell you to protect yourself.  Gold-diggers come in both sets.

Ray:  Three words more powerful legally and emotionally than a pre-nup.  LIVE IN TRUST.  What do you own?  Nothing!  Divorce time, what do they get?  NOTHING! . . .You don’t need to create a Trust before you exchange.  It can be done afterwards.

CURRENT WINDOW:  Tony:  One major bank says still expecting it this week and the other bank saying they are being told mid-November.   None of them are saying 2019!  None of them! . . . still pushing to get it done and have all dollars off the street by November 4th.  . . I think they will let it go.  We are not looking at a long time. . .

Tony:  Today is the day they were all shooting for and it got pushed back. . .  Over there they are saying “in the coming days.”  . . . 5-7 days is their term for the “coming days.”  The person who told me “coming days” is not the same person who gave me the 4-7 days definition.

. . . since there are no dollars and no rate change . . . Two garbage bags full of money just to pay for their groceries.  How long do we expect that?

IRAQ:    Saying, the dinar is National and will be International in the “coming days.”  Tony:  We just don’t know what the coming days are.  Nobody, none of these sources, is saying, not till 2019.

CBI:  Unconfirmed reports that the CBI wants the 8 ministers elected and sworn in before they will act.  Tony said some contractors were being told that. Tony: I haven’t seen it anywhere.  Not in news articles.  No one has seen it on TV.  Is it somebody’s opinion or that contractors have to pay citizens over there so they gave them a heads up before it happens. .. I didn’t agree with it because there is no time table.  Now they have come out with the names, so maybe they are going to wait until Tuesday.  As a requirement it doesn’t make sense to me as he could do it whenever he wants to.  ALL USD has been removed from the ATM’s and USD is difficult to find in Iraq but still usable there.  Told the citizens the new category notes would be coming from the ATM’s soon. Tony:  Not 2019!  They said “soon.”

Lower Denom’s are not available or in use . . .YET!

Parliament:  Articles out this morning saying 8 ministerial candidates will be voted on Tuesday and Iraq will have a full cabinet.

Announcement?   Tony: Just state it but no celebrations like planned in the past.


Iran citizens in Iraq for the holy holiday were able to purchase Iraq Dinar.

China brought the Dong into the basket.  Tony:  Absolutely they have something to do with it.  Have they moved a lot of gold to the US, to other countries so they could get this done?  Yes!  Do they have veto power?  No, they do not.


Currency Rates:  Dinar, $3.47; Iran Rial is back in the basket at $3.98; ZIM, $1.28.  No rate available for the Dong.


Banks:  We are tier 4.  Two top five banks are being told two different things.  One major bank says still expecting it this week and the other bank saying they are being told mid-November.   Banks are getting their information from the US Treasury Department.  Tony:  I don’t know which one is right.  Could one bank have one date and another date?  Could they be getting two different things from their sources?  One is higher up than the other one.  What I do know is in between those dates is 16 days.  Over there they are saying “in the coming days.”  My experience in that is 5-7 days is their term for the “coming days.”  The person who told me “coming days” is not the same person who gave me the 5-7 days definition.  They are still pushing to get it done and have all dollars off the street by November 4th.  We know since there are no dollars and no rate change, then everybody has to be walking around with garbage bags full of dinar to buy a loaf of bread and a soda.  Now how long do we expect them to do that?  January?  How long do we expect that to work with everybody trying to buy a pants, shirt, a house?  Two garbage bags full of money just to pay for their groceries.  How long do we expect that?  More likely we will see a change, real soon versus them going Nov, Dec., Jan. carrying garbage bags full of dinar.

Taxes:   No change in previous intel that it will be a non-taxable event.

800 #’s:  No information as when to expect the release of the 800 #’s.

Release Timing:  For years the windows to look at have been early morning hours US, 1 am to 4 am, Monday through Friday and 3:45 pm Friday afternoon to Sunday evening.

NDA for Tony and Ray:  If they have to sign an NDA they will not be able to do conference calls post RV!  Tony:  Get everything you need to get off the website now!   That’s what you should be doing now!

Ray:  We have NO INTENTION of selling your names, contact information; database!

UPDATE ON TONY’S SON:   Tony:  He’s doing well!


ZIM Information:   ZIM will be processed through HSBC.  Wells Fargo will go through HSBC to do it.  Latest rate for the ZIM is $1.28.  That means a 100 trillion note will exchange out at $128 million.  Tony:  Banks have not been told of any limit on the ZIM notes.  I’m sure if there is they will give us the information to give out to you guys.   They know we can reach the biggest audience in Dinar land. . . Caller. – If you have an HSBC bank near you would you go directly there to exchange?   Tony:  Yes, that is where I would go.

Tony:  We were told they would be structured payouts from each bank. . . Go and see what’s the best you can get.  I don’t care if they gave us $3.38 you have to remember it’s all digital.  Just digits on a screen.  You will never physically see that money.   They can create whatever they want.  You don’t have the ability to spend that kind of money.  None of them could spend all that money on anything other than trying to give it all away.

TNT CELEBRATION – 4 EVENTS:  Vegas and three smaller events around the USA.  The small events will be limited to 1500-1600 each.  Vegas, 8400 – 10K.  Tony:  They will fill up real quick.  In 15 minutes.

Q & A: TNT Forum

  1. –  What is your UST contact saying about the RI/RV?   Tony:  I haven’t talked to a UST source in awhile.

  2. – I bought my dinar before getting married.  Can I exchange it by myself?  Ray:   Buying it before you married has nothing to do with it unless you are planning on getting a divorce. Yes, you can exchange.

  3. –  My bank in Phoenix said they will not exchange.  Do you have an Arizona bank on your list?   Ray:  If you can’t find a bank in your area, that might be a blessing in disguise.  Finding a bank 50 miles away might be good for you.  People talk.  You know there are areas all over the US where you will be able to exchange.  Yes, I do have a bank on my list in Arizona.

Tony:  Yes, the tellers don’t know about this.  The banks need to retain their own employees.  No way they can tell them weeks and months in advance and think those employees are not going to spend their paycheck buying dinars and become millionaires and walk off the job.  They are going to lie to their employees.  They are believing what they are being told by their bosses.   Don’t gloat when you go back in the bank as a millionaire and those employees are still getting $10 an hour.  They are in charge of your money!

Q & A: Callers

  1. –  How many currency holders are you being told are still out there, are they telling you now?  Tony:  My last number I got from Washington a few years ago was 8 million people.   Basing it on how many actually bought dinar and on the average how many gave dinar out.  .. at that time there were only a 1,000 with the ZIM, now a million.  Banks had a meeting and they are telling their people to assume 30 million people will come in with foreign currencies based on the Dinar and the ZIM.  That’s the number the banks used.   Caller:  To be processed?  Tony:  Yes.  I can tell you there has not been a million people processed.   Even in the DC area, only about 5,000 including a few senators in their states.  Some groups only had 10-15 people and they were processed with SKR’s (safe keeping receipts) they have been holding for years.  Some of them only got 50 cents (per dinar).  Pending on their accounts ever since.


Tony . . . Okay guys,  all I can tell you is things are absolutely looking good.   Everybody has a date, time frame in mind.  It’s not today.  Tomorrow is the 1st.  The 6th is the day they vote.  We will go day to day.  We get information we will tweet it out to you . . . put it in the forum.  Talk to you Friday if I have too.   Enjoy your day.  I’m going to enjoy mine.

Ray . . . We’ll see what happens on Friday.  Be sure you say focused on protect your principal, POD, COD.  Keep those things fresh and review those principles.

Another one of those principals is “it gets greater later.”  First mouse, second mouse, third mouse.  Some were to teach you how to deal in the present, some in the future.  Haste makes waste so don’t be in a hurry to do anything except get the contract rate.

Keep believing, we sure do. (played “I Believe.”)

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