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Alexander Gagin/Yosef  "Punishment"  10/29/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

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Alexander Gagin/Yosef "Punishment" 10/29/18

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Alexander Gagin/Yosef  "Punishment"  10/29/18 Empty Alexander Gagin/Yosef "Punishment" 10/29/18

Post by Ssmith on Mon Oct 29, 2018 6:20 pm

Alexander Gagin/Yosef  "Punishment"  10/29/18 Yosef_14


Don’t shoot the messenger with this one.

This future looks bad, very bad.

Which is great for Human Angels, terrible for the middle and upper classes, merciful for the poor, life preserving for future generations and graceless death for the cabal.

Since October, global markets have lovingly begun their collapse (10% already), right sized down to whatever their true value really is, not what our former slave masters claimed them to be.

Balanced. For the first time in history.

All deceptive liquidity and false hydration schemes are now gone under the new financial system. Lies are disappearing hourly. Breaking.

Another way to say all this is that the swamp has been drained, and there’s no more rain coming. From anywhere.

Sound great?

Depends which side of the transition you’re on I suppose. But when you think about what a 2-3% net market loss each week means to individuals, globally, it’s basically the slow genocide of the privileged and the elite.

Because it’s those same privileged and elites that own the vast majority of stocks and bonds.

Hence why the BRICS nations decided to collapse the markets versus destroying the dollar or treasuries.

Actually it was the most humane way to teach us all a lesson about tangible commerce after centuries of bogus cabal taught lessons in the opposite.

In fact, I’ve read that as many 90% of all market assets are held by just 10% of the population, of which 1% own 90% of all corporate titles.

That’s the 1% of the 1% you hear so much about. This the cabal—their all from a singular bloodline too and yes, they’re not human.

And they’re still fighting even though their heads have been totally severed from their bodies. What’s happening now is them flailing wildly.

Basically the markets are but their glorified casinos, whereby regular folk can participate, but the house always wins because the cabal sets the odds, choose the games and dealers all to control the environment... day in, day out.

Structural nothing ever changes. So power never shifts. And that’s what’s so different about this transition—a new global market structure is now owned by a different power source.

No wonder the Elders felt they needed to sell us used revaluing currencies on-line just to get us the capital we will need to heal the soul of the world.

How else would they have allowed us to assist in our own liberation?

Folks, there’s nothing good financially on the horizon for non-RV-currency holders. Unless we hand it to them.

Companies will go under. Jobs will be lost. Homes will be forfeited, again. Pensions and investment portfolios will be halved over the next few years. Suicides will go way up. Divorces. Addictions. Crime. Decaf.

Moral breakdowns will arise across all facets of society. It’s unavoidable during a recession. But what about a depression? Worse yet, a Great Depression with the most loss of value in human history?

Trump is to be blamed when this does happen without reversal, and he’ll go down with the ship, removed after the mid-terms.

So love or hate him, but Trump has intentionally manifested irreversible negative attention to liberate us and shame America, while destroying our international reputation beyond repair.

Trump is the penalty for sovereign bankruptcy, as the BRICS nations clearly decided to impose pain and suffering on Americans for allowing their country to be overcome with evil.

Is that you fault? My fault? An avoidable outcome? Probably not. But it happened while we were alive, so we are the generation that must absorb the debts of our ancestors.

I call this punishment. And I believe the Zim is the greatest good version of said punishment.

You read that right. Blame duality.

All because we awakened while the masses slept, the Zim is our punishment as blessings become burdens overnight.

We are being punished for caring so much. Punished for preparing so hard. Punished for our loyalty to something miraculous. And now heavenly rewarded for never quitting.

Duality. Duality. Duality.

If tonight your heart is not aching for the suffering masses, then simply dismiss this ranting claim. Yosef is nuts. We all know he’s done lost his mind.

However, if you understand the events of the day as being painfully transitionary and brutally necessary to end our shared human enslavement, then you will silently understand of this punishment I speak.

Grace is hard. And holding Zim is daunting blessing, but redeeming Zim creates a future burden of the highest spiritual calling.

Who among you signed up for that? Not me. No one. We were chosen. No other explanation.

Zim redeemers are willingly engaging in a form of humanitarian bondage that is certain to burden any soul for a lifetime. As well as all the humanitarian souls embedded in their family for generations to come—just like those impoverished African Tribes that passed down the weight of the world by protecting mankind’s wealth for millennia.

Black Panther was their shout out. But until then, nothing.

In essence, the black race’s burdens transition to us or at a minimum are to equal be shared 1:1. As we become our brothers and sisters keepers. Stewards of the species. Human Angels in the flesh.


And these immense responsibilities were either gifted via the mail or acquired by a point-n-click computer purchase that lasted all of five minutes.

Now we are asked to make everlasting reverberations of grace throughout the universe?

Who would believe that? Better question—who else wants do do the same?

Because the weigh of the world is heavy. Just ask the recently defeated cabal elite.

Yeah, the Zim is punishment. Benevolently so maybe, but punishment nonetheless.

Sobeit. Beitso.

God is with us


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