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Alexander Gagin/Yosef "Markets" 10/28/18

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Alexander Gagin/Yosef  "Markets"  10/28/18 Empty Alexander Gagin/Yosef "Markets" 10/28/18

Post by Ssmith on Mon Oct 29, 2018 9:43 am

Alexander Gagin/Yosef  "Markets"  10/28/18 2018-363


If we get the RV tonight, it will be a horrible thing.

Because it will be clear that the NPTB have decided it was time to give the masses their divine blessing, and thus also time to thrust the great financial burden upon the cabal’s biggest names.

Both must come simultaneously as that is the law of duality. Every action must have an equal and opposite reaction.

Hence why the blessing and burden travel in unison, and will arrive at an accelerated and steady pace until all western markets devalue.

This means equity and bond markets will appear to crash as cabal bankers, government officials and financial portfolio managers that never learned their lesson and were spared in the 2008-2009 housing crisis, will now.

Fake ain’t real, baby. Only real is real. And that’s the deal.

And it comes exactly ten years later. And any civilian market loses will just be the price of doing business with thieves.

Seriously, get your money out of the markets now. Like right now. The end is here.

So this is why if we get this blessing tonight (or whenever we do), it will be horrible as the world’s old financial system will indeed be seen as the giant lie it is, and is now being down sized to an accurate valuation based on ancient financial standards.

And those holding their handful of Zim bond notes will suddenly be in possession of the most valuable assets in the history of the world.

Thus as you ascend, the world around must descend… leaving you with the responsibility of selecting who gets what mercy, medical care and charitable grace… all as a by product of these crazy times.

Problem is you also get moral selection duty for many who will live or die based on your decisions.

Sorry to constantly pepper this community with dire absolutes, but again, it’s a by product of the times in which we live and to the elite, they are dire.

Understand all major militaries of the world are on high combat alert tonight. Hot spots the world over are considered tinder box dangerous right now. The cabal is cornered and thus incredibly volatile. And it’s well known they won’t go down without taking a pound of flesh.

It’s ludicrous to think otherwise. For the longest time I was hopefully they would surrender, but not anymore. No, we’re in a bone on bone transition now—and it’s bloody.

This includes all global markets, which tonight are hanging on by a thread. In fact, there’s no thread left on many, as their room for error is long gone because no new liquidity is coming on line from the buy side to satisfy all the millions of sell orders.

It’s actually just simple math, hidden inside of complex trading algorithms. Nobody’s buying what the cabal has been selling for decades.

Basically, there were so many sell orders that on Friday afternoon, cabal market processors delayed their entries until after the closing bell so they would register over the weekend and wouldn’t post as a loss for this week—which was already in dangerous levels.

The reason: Modern high frequency trading models are executing pre-determined buy/sell orders in split seconds per usual, but as long-term moving averages start going irreversibly negative, these advanced computer models automatically placed sell orders to protect their firm's nest egg (principal) in the very last second of the market close.

So as this market continues to slide lower throughout October, all those advanced algorithms written for high frequency trading firms continue executing trades at a much faster rate than normal, so they’re doomed.

But the sharp down trend triggered other smaller algorithms to also began selling at a much faster rate than normal, and thus began an irreversible downward spiral.

So after nearly four weeks and over 20 trading days, hundreds if not thousands of global algorithms have created an apocalyptic onslaught of sell orders in protection of their respective firm’s nest egg.

Many companies come Monday morning mathematically can no longer pay back all the sell side volume because like banks, corporations function on a fractional reserve liquidity system, whereby they hold less than ten percent of their outstanding stock value in cash.

Now 10% is a strong holding reserve percentage with 20% outstanding. Yet these sell orders have put such tremendous pressure on corporate financial officers who are witnessing massive cash reserves disappearing as more and more sell orders must be honored.

Meaning, they can’t buy back back their stock at an equivalent pace to protect against the steady algorithm sell orders.

Soon outstanding stock balances will blow through even the healthiest corporate cash reserves. And that’s when the bottom drops out of the market and our government traditionally steps in.

Just not this time for the first time in American history.

Trump’s non-sensical global trade wars, escalating interest rates from all Central Banks and political legal uncertainty in the White House… will collapse the markets. There simply won’t be enough cash to service a reciprocal buy side to replenish the cabal's Ponzi scheme inherent sell side and the old fractional reserve financial system will implode before our eyes.

Ironically that’s also when our blessing will arrive.

That’s how the BRICS have decided to deflate the western monetary juggernaut, penalizing the rich as to protect the poor by leaving the USD and UST bonds alone.

And it’s these dying for profit markets that will indirectly collapse western society.

Very subtle. Very smart. And very real.

Folks, these high frequency computer models are right now, tonight, over heating with sell orders, crumbling markets while the world sleeps because money never does; selling equity future positions like mad, forcing individual portfolio managers and corporate finance officers to either remain loyal to their investors and keep up paying the required sell side hydration demands, or remain loyal to the cabal who gave them all life and keep up false reciprocal buy orders knowing full well that is a recipe for certain disaster.

Because this time there will be no government bailout, no Federal Reserve Bank too big to fail regulation easements or Congressional TAARP packages.

That’s not good or bad, it’s just what is.

Remember when the US went bankrupt starting in 2008 and ended in 2012, that’s when the fractional reserve party officially died for its cabal masters, which has set up what we’re witnessing right now in “Red October.”

Trump knows this, and wisely has blamed new Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell; however Trump appointed him. So that dog doesn’t hunt. And anyway, raising interest rates is a good thing when they’ve been hovering near zero for a decade.

Besides, the majority of the FED board has been replaced and all were appointed by Trump as well.

So yes, this market collapse is planned and timed perfectly with the mid-term elections—which btw are not free and fair—but rather controlled and predetermined like in 2016.

Know that your vote won’t matter until the 2020 Presidential cycle. Sorry.

Nor does the current date matter, Sunday October 28, 2018, as the true date the NPTB are working from is actually Sunday October 15, 2018.

That's because the Vatican decided to place the world on a Gregorian calendar less thirteen full days versus the long standing Julian calendar.

This happened in 1591. That’s how long the current cabal families have been working to enslaving humanity. 427 years to be precise.

I bring up all of this financial and historical mumbo-jumbo now because there’s no turning back as a Human Angel… and all reading this and redeeming Zim will have no other life choice but to lead the others out of their darkened enslavement and walk them proudly into the light of the truth.

Know the sleeping masses will fight you. They will abuse you. They will turn away and never turn back. They will spite your name and spit on your success.

Yet they all will need you to ascend. Desperately. Exclusively in many cases. And for some, their survival actually will depends on you. So if you turn your back on them, they will die.

Therefore, be ready for the money script to flip as suddenly you will find yourselves on top of the post RV financial world, and everyone else, literally everyone (not redeeming Zim that is), will be financially beneath you—by a lot—and permanently.

Few will accept this truth. Fewer still will praise your name or lend a hand and help you.

Sadly, none outside the HAS community will know why anything this historic changed.

Most will just be too scared that US markets are crashing, Trump is getting forced out of politics and their 401k’s have been cut in half.

And while it’s great that you have achieved this consciousness and economic sovereignty, it’s also incredibly isolating.

That’s when you should really think about leaning into the Human Angel Services community because only HAS knows what you are going through—and only other Human Angels can offer insight or personal testimony as to how to overcome psychological challenges handling both the blessings and burdens.

Again, I can only share what is to come. Either you’ve made yourself ready, willing and able... or you have not.

Blame duality.

I accept you either way, hopefully you accept me likewise... as there’s no right or wrong way to manage this unprecedented situation, just do the best you can and pray whenever you get anxious.

God is with us

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