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 Frank, Walkingstick and KTFA Members Sunday PM 10/28/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Frank, Walkingstick and KTFA Members Sunday PM 10/28/18

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 Frank, Walkingstick and KTFA Members Sunday PM 10/28/18 Empty Frank, Walkingstick and KTFA Members Sunday PM 10/28/18

Post by Ssmith on Mon Oct 29, 2018 9:26 am


Walkingstick:   Frank.... note:    

Iraq refuses to provide Iranian visitors with dollars and dinars to avoid Washington's discontent 

According to a report by the Iranian Central Bank posted via their official website, that "Iraq has rejected the suggestion by the Iranian side for delivering foreign and national currencies (Iraqi dinars) for reasons of us sanctions on Iran and others.

According to the Iranian Central Bank Executive Director, Mohamed Reza Hossein Zadeh, Iran was asked by the central opening 250 Iranian ports to convert money drainage in the provinces of Najaf, Karbala and border crossings with Iran, but request that confronted by the Iraqi authorities to avoid penalties American economic against Iran. "

Central, said in a statement that "Iraq has also refused to transfer $200 billion Iraqi dinars, equivalent to us $166 million to Iran to cover all expenses for visitors."

Within that, the Iraqi Trade Bank Branch Manager, Ahmed on brash, through press releases, support for the steps the Central Bank, "a reference to avoid" dangers of us economic sanctions against Iran.

Brash said that "in economic terms, the Iranian money market is suffering from a severe recession, which means that the swap itself financial procedures at this time with Iran do not serve the interests of the Iraqi economy and not worth that risk."

For his part, Professor at the Faculty of management and Economics at the University of Karbala, Amir Moussawi, the "collapse of the Iranian rial exchange rate against the US dollar, which lost its value respectively of the Iraqi dinar, make of the Iranian currency for Iraqis unconscious mind", noting that "even at the level of PDF, selling merchandise with the Iranians don't add anything to the retailers, as they do not serve national economy product. "

The Iranian Central Bank in previous seasons of the 40th ceremony, according to the approval of the Iraqi Centre provides ATM to support financial transfers and switch money in many places between the provinces of Najaf, Karbala and Iraqi border. Link


Walkingstick:   Iran's economic minister: America implemented its ban before November 4
20:56 - 28/10/2018     https://www.almaalomah.com/2018/10/28/359017/

Frank26:  EXCELLENT !!!

MilitiaMan:  Looks like they shut down Iran currency swaps / auctions ??? USA implements sanctions early, thus, Iraq has obliged by not trading dollars and apparently Dinars, as they would more likely loose as the sanctions take effect, thus, they shut it down.. Wow! imo ~ MM    Thanks WS


SO IRAQ TELLS IRAN .......................(stick out tongue)

Walkingstick:  For these reasons .. Iraq refused to hand over Iran foreign currency

Last Updated: Sunday 18 Safar 1440 H - Oct 28 2018 KSA 16:11 - GMT 13:11

The Central Bank of Iraq refused to cooperate financially with Iran to provide funds from the US dollar to the Iraqi dinar to cover the expenses of the Iranian participants at the 40th ceremony, officials said.

A report by the Central Bank of Iran, which was published on its official website, pointed out that Iraq rejected the proposal of the Iranian authority on the extradition of foreign currencies and national "Iraqi dinar" for reasons related to US sanctions on Iran and security.

According to Executive Director of the Central Bank of Iran Mohammad Reza Hosseinzadeh, Iran had asked the Iraqi Central to open 250 Iranian ports to transfer and disbursement of funds in the provinces of Najaf and Karbala and border crossings with Iran, but this request was rejected by the Iraqi authorities to avoid economic sanctions against Iran.

The central statement said that Iraq also refused to transfer 200 billion Iraqi dinars, equivalent to 166 million US dollars to Iran to cover all expenses of Iranian visitors.

In this context, the Director of the Branch of the Iraqi Bank for Trade, Ahmed Ali Scrach in an interview with "Arab.Net", support for the steps of the Central Bank of Iraq, a reference to avoid the risks of US economic sanctions against Iran.

In an economic sense, the Iranian financial market is suffering from a severe recession, which means that at this time the financial swap procedures with Iran do not serve the interest of the Iraqi economy and do not deserve that risk, Scrach said.

For his part, said professor at the Faculty of Management and Economics at the University of Karbala, Dr. Amir al-Moussawi, "the Arab. Net", the collapse of the exchange rate of the Iranian riyal against the US dollar, which was lost in value to the Iraqi dinar, made the Iranian currency for the Iraqis is not considered, Even at the grassroots level, buying and selling goods with Iranians does not add anything to retailers, nor does it serve the product of the national economy.

The Central Bank of Iran in the previous seasons of the fortieth, and according to the approval of the Iraqi Center, was providing ATMs to support financial transfers and exchange of money in many places between the provinces of Najaf and Karbala and the Iraqi border.

The social networking sites were broadcast yesterday by pictures and videos, showing Iranians standing behind the holes of the wall of an old building in the province of Najaf.
According to the report, it is due to be used by the Central Bank of Iran and one of the banks of Iran, "Bank Melli", whose cadres attended an assistant mediator of the Iranian Center, in the process of delivery of foreign currency to visitors to the ceremony of the 40 Iranians.

Iran is taking advantage of the 40th visit to strengthen its media and political influence in Iraq. Senior Iranian officials close to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei considered it a manifestation of the power of the Islamic Republic, which has ruled Iran for 40 years  Link

HoosierGirl:  Well, it just seems to appear IMO with all these articles and especially the ones WS has shared and Frank has commented on, that things are happening "at the speed of light"!!!  This really is happening and it appears IMO that things are in place that we could see this VERY SOOMMMMMM!!!!!

Iobey777:  Hmmm....did anyone else catch what Walkingstick highlighted ? It said “ national Iraqi dinar”!!! 

Frank26:  FINALLY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    WE WONDERED WHEN IT WOULD BE NOTICED.

Walkingstick:  Well done.Yep ....  adopting, the predominant medium of exchange for the purchasing of services, goods.... sovereign ---->1 nation ----> 1 currency       Regards ....





ALLOWING ..............IMO ............. THE IQD'S MR TO COME FORTH ............. NOW. 

Blinkster:  AMEN......Maliki, Smuggling, Counterfeiting, Iran....IRAN....lol all tentacles of the evil octopus...that have been effectively NEUTERED and HAMSTRUNG......this is cherry on top of Security and Stability for the SUITABLE ENVIRONMENT.  Mahdi and almost 2/3 of his Cabinet installed in ONE DAY....but these last things as you have said Frank, are like the KEY that unlocks this baby so it can FLY, and FLY SAFELY! IMO IMO IMO IMO IMO...and National Iraqi Dinar - ie not a PR valued, controlled embarrassment; but a Financial Instrument of VALUE for a Sovereign Nation!!
This is one huge squeeze play going on now imo.. They cease dealing not only in Dollars, but, Dinar's too. They do it during a very religious time frame and there are somewhere close to 1.6 million people that could be effected and all at once by not being able to get their needs met when it comes to currency exchange.

The Iranian Finance minister has his hands full, as tt appears he knows full well the plight of the people and goes so far as acknowledging them too. On the one hand the minister has the mullahs to attend to and the others, is giving respect to the people, as he knows that what just happened early, is going to be painful back home.

Most assuredly the value of the Rial is about ready to take another bath.. That is the squeeze. The people may not stand for much more of their way of doing things. Once the Iranians see the results of the new Dinar and what it means for the Iraqis, even more pressure is going to simmer the frogs.. I'll bet they start jumping out of the pot sooner than later.. jmtc ~ MM

"I believe that the last step of this arch enemy can be curtailed, relying on the high hopes of our people despite the difficulties they will have on this road," he said." ~ Finance Minister Farhad Dej Besend 

"The collapse of the exchange rate for the Iranian Riyal against the US Dollar, which was lost value to the Iraqi Dinar, made the Iranian currency for the Iraqis are not considered." Noting that, "even on the level of popularity, the sale and purchase of goods with the Iranians do not add anything to retailers, nor do they serve the national product." ~ Amir al-Mussawi

Baller:    Iraq is famous for laughing at deadlines. But a huge break in pattern in the last few days are:

1. Prime Minister Mahdi got his position before the deadline.

2. Parliament ministers were voted in before the deadline.

3. Iraq seems to be honoring sanctions imposed on Iran before the deadline. 

I'm lov'in it. Now come out second article and really show us what Iraq is made of proudly with your new rate and pictures of your small denominations to go with your new in county rate.

All eyes are on you Iraq. Time to take your place in the Middle East with all of your rich assets.

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