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Alexander Gagin/Yosef "Hell" 10/26/18

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Alexander Gagin/Yosef  "Hell"  10/26/18 Empty Alexander Gagin/Yosef "Hell" 10/26/18

Post by Ssmith on Sat Oct 27, 2018 10:30 am

Alexander Gagin/Yosef  "Hell"  10/26/18 Dzudwx16

Front screen rates are showing for all currencies… these are the new rates… rates that are valued against a gold benchmark out of Shanghai.

They are not what you are viewing on FOREX. And won’t be viewable publicly until after the private redemption period has ended.

The Chinese have placed all necessary liquidity into position for paymasters globally starting October 1, and then again last weekend, but took it away.

We are told they have again placed the liquidity into position, but have replaced account access information and issued completely new access coding to all national paymasters.

So the last few weekends have been more pump fakes to catch even more bad guys. Which it did. American Express and you guessed it, Wells Fargo yet again.

The Draconians just can’t help themselves.

Please don’t go anywhere near Wells Fargo. They don’t deserve anyone's business. Can’t wait until they are announced as being sold and the brand retired.

So what we are waiting on is each national jurisdiction, including the US Treasury, to receive authorization release codes that will begin the hydration of national paymasters including the banks.

All countries are still waiting on this master release code which emanates from Africa (not Asia) that will ultimately trigger the release of all African mineral assets, which will simultaneously release our much anticipated banking contact information.

Yup, the African Elders control the RV, not Chinese. The black man is holding all countries accountable to the GESARA standards which must complete by November 4th (also the Iran oil sanctions deadline and end of Daylight Savings forever).


Completion of GESARA is the true back wall and last checklist item all nations must achieve to get right with the global community.

This turned out to be a two year transition process.

All nine hundred plus Zim redemption centers are waiting to perform, all five thousand plus off site currency exchange centers are waiting to perform, and all fifteen thousand T2, T3, and T4 banks are waiting to perform.

Please do not call the banks. Yes it’s here, and yes staff is ready, but it’s not your birthday until the actual day of your birth. So wait for that actual day to come, don’t leap ahead just because you’re anxious or desperate.

It’s all going to happen. Let it come. It will. Trust.

Again regarding your Zim, you can take whatever rate that makes your comfortable. But 1:1 will be the starting or official conversion value due to the size of the bond note values.

Remember, Zim is not a currency like VND, IQD, IDR, AFA, and IRR. And historic bonds must be legally negotiated per international law, hence why the rate or redemption principal number can go up or down, whereas a currency is simply a conversion to some on screen rate less any negotiation.

So all Zim bond redemptions can either ascend higher or descend lower based on your knowledge, needs and humanitarian desires.

Literally, the NPTB are offering each of us a blank check to do whatever we feel necessary moving forward.

There are no limits except the one’s we place upon ourselves. Humanity is without a ceiling for the very first time in history. You are free.

The banks have prepared dozens of private banking amenities that will be offered exclusively to Zim bond redeemers, but not be offered to currency exchangers. And you won’t believe how many goodies are in that bag. Goodies that you have never seen before.

This is all good news.

But here’s the bad… there’s no more liquidity on the old financial system, like none. Seriously none.

And that began on October 1st or the start of the 2019 fiscal year. No more grease is allowed in the western financial wheel.

That’s the reason for all the recent market fluctuations, as once powerful companies and families are selling off stocks to raise cash and keep their high flying operating costs funded.

The longer they are made to wait for new liquidity, the more the cabal is made to suffer. One step forward, two steps back. The problem now is the more the old guard suffers, so do the innocent scattered about the rest of the world.

That’s the harsh and unforgiving give and take. Duality. Painful. Deadly.

If you live in Yemen, global politics and finances have destroyed your country all because of a little narrow waterway that happens to pass a third of the worlds oil tankers daily.

Really heartbreaking stuff watching beautiful women and children dying of dehydration and starvation. Let alone the endless bombs and bullets.


This is also why the DJIA, S&P 500 and NASDAQ are so inconsistent. Ironically, large hedge funds are staying out of the carnage, and have been for several years now because the really big money players were made to wait for a full restart of the global economy before trading and investing again.

Saudi Arabia, however, is already bankrupt, so much so, they are experiencing a revolt internally and the reason for the false flag event with the Washington Post reporter. He’s not dead and why they can’t find a body. Wink. Wink.

What is true is that the House of Saud is emptying their sovereign wealth accounts of all USD holdings, and either putting them into stocks or venture investments. This is an act of desperation not inspiration, because they will lose all their cash account value because it wouldn’t transfer onto the new quantum financial system value sheet.

Similarly, Japan has agreed to surrender to the BRICS and end their dependency relationship with the USA. Japanese sovereign wealth has shifted long-term partnership back to Asia/China, which means no more US Treasury buying--same goes for Saudi Arabia which kills the petrol dollar—and strategically means the top three US Bond owners have all stopped buying US Bonds.

I’ll repeat that, the three largest American investors are no longer buying US Bonds, which means the fiat financial universe has ended without even a public announcement.

To explain this fact think of a Ponzi scheme, where the “money in” portion feeding the west’s fiduciary dominance has lost its three main suckers. And this means there’s no more money "spitting out” to western banks and corporations at either Treasury bond auctions or Fed discount loan window… all because the world is waiting it out and no longer allowing the USA to write blank checks for itself.

Simple. Here. Non-negotiable. Irreversible.

This means the cash cow money party is officially over for the USD as the world’s de facto currency. As literally the United States of America has run out of credit. Thus, the old financial system is already dead and the new quantum system not only fully operational, but making its public debut soon.

To more deeply illustrate this historic moment, imagine that the old financial system is an automotive assembly line, where no new cars being made on the old line, and all new production is now flowing through the more modern (and morale) quantum line.

Whatever cars are left on the old line, will complete, but no new cars will be started. Ever again. And the world just moves on as if the old line was never there. The people on the street don’t care. They just want cars that work.

So there is literally is no choice for America, or any other country the world over, including the once all mighty United Kingdom and European Union, but to transition to the new system with it’s new money, and why rates appearing on all front screens globally is big deal.

All go or none go. As all must exist now as part of this new GESARA mandated monetary ecosystem or cease to exist financially and be recognized by all nations of the world as sovereign. This is what Trump means by a “fair and level” playing field.

And that’s how you peacefully transition the global financial system.

With that said, the transition will still be very bloody for a very long period of time and an economic recession will result, which is a nice way of saying a slow collapse of the old for the new.

Not necessarily for us holding revaluing bond notes or currencies, in fact quite the opposite, we will thrive as our friends, neighbors, relatives, co-workers and associates all slide backwards a la 1975, 1987, 2001 and 2008.

Thus if you’re not reading this post, it means you can’t and wont’ catch up in your lifetime. Not financially, not intellectually, no emotionally, not even spiritually.

Noah’s new and improved graphene coated ark has sailed and the waters of the second flood released by Yeshua, who HAS entrusted us with designing and funding the future of the world.

Yeah it’s like that. Sobeit. Beitso.

God is with us

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