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 KTFA Dessert Call w/ Frank26 Notes by Sunkissed 10/24/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

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KTFA Dessert Call w/ Frank26 Notes by Sunkissed 10/24/18

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 KTFA Dessert Call w/ Frank26 Notes by Sunkissed 10/24/18 Empty KTFA Dessert Call w/ Frank26 Notes by Sunkissed 10/24/18

Post by Ssmith on Fri Oct 26, 2018 7:31 am


Sunkissed » October 25th, 2018


Frank: If you remember as I told you family, the only thing I want to say to you, every time I meet with you is we’re waiting for Article 2. And by the way I like to play around, I like to laugh. I like being a jokester. I like jocularity. But in this case, this evening, right now,

I’m going to take on a somber mood. Maybe it’s to respect you a little more. Or maybe I should say to offer you a little bit more respect.

Because, this is a very serious situation, in my opinion. And on top of that, the Internet does not realize it. The Internet is not talking about it. The Internet is not aware of it. Some may be, because they come and copy-and-paste us.

Walkingstick today, made a post… actually it was Samson, our Newshound that made a post today. It was post # 148. This is yesterday’s thread (10/23/2018) for those who are members with us. If you’re not a member you should go to KTFAlways.com. Stands for Keep The Faith Always. And be a member.

Yesterday’s thread, post # 148. Samson put it up, and it says the following:

The Central Bank of Iraq confirms the continuation of their reformist approach to achieve financial and monetary stability.

Oh, by the way, before I go into this any deeper, I wish to thank God, then Walkingstick and our Teams, Our admins that scurried around today and did everything they could to prepare YOU for this dessert tonight.

I also want to thank Iobey. Walkingstick asked her to make notes. That’s another reason why I’m taking on a slower and and more somber approach, so she can take notes… for you.

I also want to thank one of our Admins, Aggiedad, Randy. Because he noticed that one of our members, by the name of Sunkissed, took the conversation between me and Walkingstick on post # 202 of yesterday’s thread.

Well, he talked to me. One of the rules we have inside of our Forum, is that when Walkingstick and I are talking, do not interfere until I talk to all of you. And Post # 202, Walkingstick is talking directly to me, off of the post that Samson brought us, Post # 148, that says that the Central Bank of Iraq confirms the continuation of their reformist approach to achieve financial and monetary stability. And he says at the bottom:

Frank… per our conversation, and this is just a SNIPPET, Iraqi Central Bank march over the last 4 years proved. And he says: It was tried. It was tested. And it was successful.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this whole conference call is in my opinion, but:

Tried… is one zero. Tested… is another zero. Successful.. is the last, third zero.

And he says: Tried, tested, successful = REER

Now when I saw that, it felt like releasing a caged animal. It really did in my soul and my spirit. As a matter of fact have you noticed that I’ve been posting lately: You don’t know what you don’t know, Family. In fact, I just posted that yesterday. But you DO know, what you DO know. The things that we have shared with you.

When Sunkissed, took the acronym REER, and defined it for you, gave you the definition on post # 283, in fact, I don’t even know, because Randy, one of my Admins, he removed it right away. Why? Because you are not to interfere in the conversations between me and Walkingstick.

But, Walkingstick had noticed that it had been taken down. And he communicated with us and he says “Why was it taken down?” And I said because that was our conversation, you and I have a standard rule, no one is to interfere. No one is to intercede. No one is to add or subtract, when you and I are talking.

And he said “No. Leave it up there. Go ahead and let them know. Because if I type it in there I want them to start to understand.” And then he said “I’ll call you in an hour and I’ll help you to understand.” I said “Sir. I understand very clearly.”

Family, that wasn’t me being cocky or anything. You know why I understood what he wanted to explain to me REER? Because I already walked through it with him. All of last summer. Every step that we took together was evolving and showing itself to be true - exactly as he was explaining it to us.

I became rather excited to be honest with you… last summer. Because what they were doing family, was testing. Remember what I told you. Here, let me help you once again, so you can refresh your memory, and it will catch you up to what…

Well… I may as well say it. REER.. it sounds like “rear.” Maybe I better stick with REER. lol. I promised to be serious, so let’s get back to being serious.

How did I start with you? Tried. Tested. Successful. One zero. Two zeros. Three zeros.

Do you remember back in June, July, and August of last year when I was telling you, even though the Internet was mocking us, we held strong. You held strong with us and your belief and trust in us, as we go to God with it first.

I told you, in the month of June, my friends firm had been selected by the Government of Iraq, to participate in some “second set of books.” Remember? And in June of last year, we also saw some exchange sites that showed different exchange numbers, which caused a lot of people to scratch their heads.

And we told you, “It’s not a coincidence, but the best I can tell you is that Walkingstick’s firm was selected by the government of Iraq to start a testing, to try to pay these citizens of Iraq - you know the 500 - 600 employees that my friend’s company has. Not at a Program Rate, but at 1:1. Remember that?

On a “second set of books” I said. Remember that?

Calculated in dinars I said… not… in dollars. Remember that?

And we saw the evidence of the first zero causing a fluctuation in the exchange rate of the Iraqi Dinar in the first week of June. Remember that?

You can see all the articles if you want in our Final Article thread… so that you can remember that.

So.. I want to thank Aggiedad for following-through, and obeying our rules and regulations. And I also want to thank Sunkissed. Walkingstick wants to thank Sunkissed.

In this situation we saw what she was trying to do and that is to help; in the same manner that Walkingstick also wants to salute MilitiaMan. Walkingstick, by the way, wants you all to know that he reads your posts when he can. He doesn’t read them all the time. And on top of that, he cannot answer everybody, because of the environment around him. Does that make sense?

This article that came out, that Walkingstick referred to, and drew my attention, and said “Frank. REER” Do you remember? Tested and Tried, and Successful.

So June was the lifting of the first zero on a second set of books where my friend’s firm was selected along with other businesses in Iraq.. and for that matter, other banks to work on a second set of books. Let’s try and test this and see if it can become successful!

In June the first zero was lifted.

What happened in July? A second zero was lifted, and we told you so. And you saw the exchange sites, again with the… wait a minute, where is the 1180? Where is the 1184? Where is the Program Rate? What are these numbers?

June. One zero.

July. Two zeros.

August. The third zero.

You saw the evidence again. On these exchange sites. And we told you the second set of books was calculated in dinars, at 1:1, and turned into the GOI because this. is. what. they. were. meant. to. do.

Today you see an article again: “The Central Bank of Iraq confirms - CONFIRMS! Wait a minute do you have to test this? No. Do you have to try this? No! You’re confirming? Yes! Why? Because we were successful. At what?

“The Central Bank of Iraq confirms the continuation of their reformist approach to achieve financial and monetary stability. The next phase is….”

And it goes on… and it goes on…. and it goes on…….

Mainly aimed at the achieving of the monetary and financial stability through its program and strategic aim at maintaining stability in the exchange of their local currency, against other foreign currencies, and building sufficient foreign currency reserves….

All issued and standard by the International Monetary Fund as they work with…

We know that. Stop it.

Inside of this article, WHY is the KEY of what happened in June, July, and August

KTFA Family, the article tells you that in the last 4 years, the government along with the CBI, has been testing many companies in Iraq, like for example Walkingstick’s firm, many banks in Iraq, many merchant accounts, many businesses, they’ve been testing them with a Dual Exchange Rate. Not only with our currency in the way we pay our people, but with our budget. We’ve been doing this for the last four years.

And you know what? Something came out of it. REER!!!

You’re admitting this? We’re confirming it.

REER… is a change!… within the country’s currency, with denomination or, with the exchange rate of their currency. A change! Yes.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this article has cut itself short in giving you the details of the REER success. It is like a mime. You know those guys who don’t talk and they use their hands and their face to express themselves. The CBI mime, has given us all the signs without saying the word… REER
The CBI told the FAB 4: BIS, World Bank, IMF, UST, Donald Trump, and many many other firms, not just Walkingstick’s, that were selected, back in the summer of last year, and many banks - not just in Iraq - that we told you.. many banks around the WORLD that were in this meeting, that already knew, what what about to be told to them by the CBI: The definition of REER.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Article 2 will define REER in depth.

Yes, you saw the 3-zeros being tested and lifted on multiple sites. Remember? They’re now giving you the report, we did this for four years. We just told you about it last year.

You don’t know what you don’t know… until you know what you know.

This article cuts very short. All it does not say is the acronym REER. But the whole article, is nothing more than a self-confession, a definition of the Tried, Tested, and Success of running their country at 1:1.

Samson Post #148: The Central Bank of Iraq confirms the continuation of his reformist approach to achieve financial and monetary stability

24th October, 2018 by Samir Nusairi

The Board of Directors of the Central Bank today issued an important statement in which it noted the continuation of its efforts during the past years to achieve economic steadfastness in the circumstances of Iraq and faced economic and security shocks. Stressing that the central bank will work with care and dedication in order to achieve stability in the financial system and monetary system in the next phase and maintain the achievements achieved during the economic and financial crisis in support of the national economy as a state bank.

As the central banks in the countries Mainly aimed at achieving monetary and financial stability through its programs and strategy aimed at maintaining stability in the exchange of their local currencies against other foreign currencies and building sufficient foreign reserves in accordance with international standards issued by the International Monetary Fund

The banks are evaluated according to other criteria related to the challenges and economic shocks Control of stable rates of inflation and interest rates, the application of compliance regulations and rules, and the fight against money laundering and terrorism financing. The Iraqi Central Bank's march over the last four years proved that it is progressing steadily to achieve the above objectives.

This proves that Iraq has emerged from the monitoring and follow-up area to the regular follow-up area every two years, like the rest of the world's banks according to FATF. The central bank has managed to maintain the dinar exchange rate against the US dollar during this year despite the economic and security challenges

From an economic and analytical perspective of the state of stability in the exchange rate and from a neutral and transparent point of view, we note that the high independence of the Central Bank and the availability of foreign reserves at an average and for determining the adequacy to cover the cash mass in circulation and to cover imports according to the standards of the International Monetary Fund as the foreign reserve is fully insured and occupies Iraq ranks fourth in the Arab world and is currently about 60 billion dollars and grows day after day in addition to the strength and recovery of the Iraqi dinar and deal with wisdom and responsibility and independence by the Central Bank will prevent the impact of international conditions

and On the other hand, there is a surplus in the budget because of the high oil prices, which will enable the government to pay the internal debt. All this represents the real guarantees for the success of the economic reform platform of the next government and the decree in the axis Third

Economic and banking consultant LINK

Walkingstick has been teaching us that for the past 4 years have used a “tool exchange rate” with a redenomination in mind, when they calculated the budgets.

Every year when they did this we smiled. But we couldn’t tell you. So we decided to start to tell you last summer, because the evidence was FOUND on many counter-sites.

A coincidence? What did I tell ya? I do not believe in coincidences.

Tried, tested, and now successful by utilizing the exchange rate of 1:1 within the last four years.

REER stands for Real Effective Exchange Rate.

REER means equalizing, bringing forth, the REAL EFFECTIVE Exchange Rate, of a countries currency; which by the way, is not a Program Rate.

Walkingstick, his friends, his bank owners, his firm, his employees were selected to do this test and trial run, on a second set of books, that the GOI, using not the Program Rate, but a 1:1 rate, testing in the process of the REER.

Walkingstick’s firm, employees, banks, were part of this testing, without the program rate; instead with a 1:1 on a second set of books.

In my opinion, all these Iraqi banks that were selected to be “in the know” that’s why they knew what they were going to be told at that meeting.

In my opinion, all these Iraqi banks that were selected to be “in the know” of the REER testing, are the ones who, right now, are talking to the Fantastic-4. And many, many more entities at these meetings. Why?

Because these banks, that ran with the testing, and made it successful, are now reporting to them, to say:

All systems are “GO” on our Monetary Reform. The environment: We have maintained the stability in the exchange rate, in foreign currencies.

As students, you know what all that means don’t you? They can’t use the American Dollar. They changed the auctions. They’ve controlled and have more stability from Terrorism, from Iran.

REER is what we are being told by this article that has been accomplished, calculated, and has become successful, without saying the acronym REER. But they will very soon.

The importance of measuring a REER of any countries currency is because it is weighed —- the importance of REER, is because it is weighed —- against a basket of currency! Taking into account many factors like inflation to change their exchange rate. It’s not done for giggles.

By the way, did you see me post to Walkingstick? Ey-ey-ey-ey-ey! I said I would define it to you. On Monday’s Conference Call, two of the bank owners were at my friend’s home and they were in another room, listening to our conference call. Now they had to speak English, by the way, when any business is done.

When things are done, business-wise in Iraq, it has to be done in English. So they understand English. They understood what we were saying on Monday, but, you remember at the very end when we lost 600- 700 people and I said, “Okay.. I want to tell you something else.” Remember that?

And I came in and I said I have more answers but I don’t have the questions. Remember that? And I played Carnac right? I put the envelope to my head, and I said “Here’s the answer.” And I read off the answer. And then I asked Delta “Go ahead… What do you think that the question was?” So when Iobey typed in what the question was, right after the answer, these two guys in Walkingstick’s home, we heard them and they were like “Ey-ey-ey-ey-ey!” He said “What the heck is going on? What’s the commotion?”

He gets up and runs over the other room, where their computers were. And he says “What’s wrong?” And they’re pointing at the computers of Iobey’s chat and there’s like “Ey-ey-ey-ey-ey!” We didn’t say that! He was laughing so hard he couldn’t catch his breath and so was I. Because he had to stop them… “No-no-no-no. It’s okay. Sit down. They’re just projecting what the questions were.” “Ohhhhh!” It was just too funny.

So once again, the Monetary Reform of the IQD, of the Central Bank of Iraq, is no secret. It’s no secret. They are willing. And they are telling anyone who is willing to llisten, that the CBI, that Iraq, is soon to change their exchange rate.

Are you listening? By the way, do you think that anyone is listening? In my opinion Family, even the man on the Moon is listening.

When you look, and you study what happened today at Wall Street, to our Stock Markets today. They crashed. It was really serious. You’re student of this investment, that’s going to help a lot of people. Because right now Donald Trump is fighting with the Federal Reserves.

I never-ever thought I would see a President to have that kind of inner strength. To take us away from Fiat, to have our currency actually backed-up by our assets!

Did you see the way Oil went up dramatically, and I told you it would, remember? It will touch about $100.00. What is it a little over $80.00 right now. Why?

Well, do you see the citizens in Alaska? They have a windfall right now. Their state, their economy is exploding. They have more than 60% increase of their oil rights, from their land, because the price of oil went up. And I told you, you don’t even see it at the gas price at the pump do you?

The Feds don’t wanna go away. And you can’t blame them. My gosh! I mean the Pharisees didn’t want to give up their sugar-money did they? Do you think that the Federal Reserve wants to give up this easy money? No. And I believe that Donald Trump says “Enough of that. We will pay our own bills. We will take care of ourselves. We will even pay you.”

And what does the Federal Reserve do? They come back with a counter move. And they kick the economy between the legs. They hike up the interest rate. Well, that doesn’t help does it?

Tell me housing industry? Are you selling houses?

Many of the tariffs that President Trump has enacted are going into affect now. That could be part of the scare. Part of the instability of our markets. And it could be because of the rate increase from the Federal Reserve. It could be a lot of things.

But in my opinion (and by the way, I shouldn’t be giving you this kind of advice) in my opinion, if you are involved in the Stock Market. If you are right now going through some volatile issues. Don’t panic. Don’t push the panic button.

Apollo 13 did not return back home because the three astronauts went crazy. They returned home, because they stayed focused. And in my opinion, right now for those of you who are suffering through the fall of the Stock Market today: Be strong. And then be stronger. And then get ready to become that much stronger.

I believe it will work itself out. I think it will iron itself out. I believe this severe hiccup — I believe it’s more like heartburn now — will work itself out. There are smart people on Wall Street that will turn their attention to businesses IN America — IN America — that are the foundation of our Americana. They will turn to the stocks that are pillars and strong. And we’ll bounce back, in my opinion.

But in the meantime, do you think that they’re listening? I sure went a long way to come back to that point didn’t I?

My friend’s bank firms. They were there. His business people. They were there. Some of his employees. They were there. At this meeting. At this article that you’re reading about.

So Family, as we shared the introduction of the Second Article approaches us each day. With no fear of the reality of the Monetary Reform. We said at the start of this month, that in my opinion, 4-6 weeks later, we might see Article 2.

In my opinion? It seems to be on course.

I have a lot more to share with you. More thoughts about this REER.

And I also want to emphasize, and make sure that people understand this:

This article is not announcing REER. It is the ADMISSION of REER. What is missing is Article 2, that will define it. Very clearly. The way we’ve been telling you, in our opinion.

4 to 6 weeks I told you at the beginning of this month, and if you looked at your notes, and if you look very carefully, but I believe it will be less than three. Yeah, right on course.

So let’s see what these knuckleheads do next week. Oh and by the way, you’re going to see an article that says “Urgent!” Unless I told our Newshounds not to put it up. But if you see it Newshounds, it's fine with me, because I’m about to tell the Family.

The article will say “Urgent! Abadi has been sworn in as the Prime Minister of Iraq.” No, that’s not true. Abadi has not been sworn in as the Prime Minister of Iraq. As a matter of fact today, you will soon read that Mahdi has just assigned 14 Ministers to his Cabinet.

Here’s another thing: According to their Constitution, the way we understand it, Mahdi is right now officially their Prime Minister, because of the 14 Ministers.

I could talk with you another three hours on this meeting. And I told you there would be many more meetings. Each one of them is getting us closer and closer to Article 2.


Wednesday Night KTFA CC “Dessert” 10-24-18

The first part is business Promo and the second part is Dinar/Iraq Intel

PLAYBACK: 641.715.3579 319183#



What is the 'Real Effective Exchange Rate - REER'

The real effective exchange rate (REER) is the weighted average of a country's currency in relation to an index or basket of other major currencies, adjusted for the effects of inflation. The weights are determined by comparing the relative trade balance of a country's currency against each country within the index.

This exchange rate is used to determine an individual country's currency value relative to the other major currencies in the index, such as the U.S. dollar, Japanese yen and the euro

BREAKING DOWN 'Real Effective Exchange Rate - REER'

The real effective exchange rate (REER) is used to measure the value of a specific currency in relation to an average group of major currencies. The REER takes into account any changes in relative prices and shows what can actually be purchased with a currency. This means that the REER is normally trade-weighted.

How the REER Is Measured

The REER is derived by taking a country's Nominal Effective Exchange Rate (NEER) and adjusting it to include price indices and other trends. The REER, then, is essentially a country's NEER after removing price inflation or labor cost inflation. The REER represents the value that an individual consumer pays for an imported good at the consumer level. This rate includes any tariffs and transaction costs associated with importing the good.

Benefits of Analyzing and Using the REER

A country's REER is an important measure when assessing its trade capabilities and current import/export situation.

The REER can be used to measure the equilibrium value of a country's currency, identify the underlying factors of a country's trade flow, look at any changes in international price or cost competition and allocate incentives between tradable and nontradable sectors.

Understanding a country's REER is extremely important when conducting economic analysis and policymaking. Therefore, the World Bank, the Eurostat, the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) and others all publish various REER indicators.

These world institutions combine to provide the public with REER analysis on 113 countries around the globe.

Link: https://www.investopedia.com/terms/r/reer.asp

Walkingstick » October 25th, 2018

Thanks Sunkissed ... well done.

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